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  1. Following Hestia out of the hut, he began to rack his brain around what used to be part of the quest. This Remington was not apart of the last quest, nor was Sewallus. Whatever happened must have reset quite a few things to a more nature feel. Was that something that could happen? Could a game be made to become something more than it already was. This <<VRMMORPG>> must be something else, if it can build entire civilizations and cultures artificially. Hirru could only fathem the amount of rational information that he could find in just a single quest, but none of it helps him
  2. The man known as Remington sat on a wooden chair of unusual craftsman ship. Not exactly crude, but most of his furniture was roughly made, as if they were all hastily made some time ago. Shuffling around his chair from his desk that held many different documents, probably about his job.. 'What does a zoologist even do?' The thought came to his mind before having a puff of smoke nearly sufficate him. He only knew of a couple NPC's on other floors that would smoke, but always outside. This placed reeked to high heaven! Though, it felt.. it felt.. "So you are here to take car
  3. Coming to the hut of Remington, the zoologist, Hirru was asked by the curious girl beside him. He had forgot that she was just like him, a seeker of knowledge in any corner of the world. Was she like this in the other world too? It seemed from what she said earlier that she was having hard times remembering things from the other side too. "Oh that. I've just been having trouble with some of those details, as well. Terminology and slang that everyone keeps using. At first, I was mostly rolling with it, as sometimes it didn't all matter. Though, as time went on and I got stronger, ev
  4. His grin fell straight to what was being told to him. Baldur had not told him any of what happened after the 24th Labyrinth Guardian. It seemed like there was some heavy complications and consequences for his own actions. There wasn't much that could be now, but he needed to hear from the grand samurai. "Listen.. I.." "Are you strong adventurers?! Please help us, against the ever encrouching Monkey King!" A young elf had shouted out behind Hirru to his dismay. It was a matter of time before the next NPC would come up, but it was for the better. They were both here on a mis
  5. It was definitely her. Although they had only really met once or twice, Hirru could still say that Hestia was one of the few frontliners that he could probably trust. That is to say, if Baldur could trust her, then so could he. The first time he truly met her, he was introduced through Baldur, before the hunter collapsed from exhaustion. Other than that, he mostly knew her from all of their raid battles on the front lines. An excellent tank, and proper leader when the going got rough. It was mostly her that tried to talk the 23rd bosses down, until he.. "I've been.. not so good."
  6. Information gathered seemed to tell that the NPC that gives this quest is some researcher. He will talk to those that answer the call of help from some of the towns people. That was what fascinated Hirru now. From his old knowledge, he could just go out and find the Monkey King on his own. There was no need to talk to anyone, or anything. Now, the world has become quite louder than usual. Voices and conversations could be heard here and there, and NPCs would run to you, out of nowhere, and request aid. Although, they used to do that before, now they seem to have more lively issues about
  7. A great change had taken hold over the floating castle, Aincrad. After the Catastrophe, many floors geography and mapping have changed, or mixed together from other floors. This would be the case in, what used to be, the jungle floor. It has now become a verdant tapestry of elvish fauna and flora. Sprawling towns, once simple tree houses interconnected by wooden bridges, have now become ripe with unusual architecture. Elves, and Treants, now populate this floor, where they once resided together only around the 3rd floor. Was everything thrown back together in haste? Was this someth
  8. Current Level: 57 Current SP: 259 Link to SP Tracking: [Journal] (Note: Heavily Outdated) [SP Record] (Up to date) Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Bulwark Item ID: 102962 | 102963 | 102964 Item Tier: 3 Item Type: Heavy Armor Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: Mitigation / Mitigation / Mitigation Description: A suit of dark steel metal plates which are thick and sturdy. On the left breast plate is an engra
  9. Character Name: Hirru Character Description: Age: 25 Gender: Male Hair: Green Eye: Green Reference: Dart Feld - Legend of Dragoon (Minus the green hair) Character Journal: [link]
  10. Hirru

    3.0 and all its information!

    This is an unexpected surprise.
  11. Hirru didn't even know that this place even existed. Sure, Shield was another merchant, like himself, but the man had turned his business into an enterprise, or so it would seem. The entire building was worth more than his entire cart five times over. In terms of Merchants, he was already at the top. Entering the lavish estate, the hunter would behold the splendors that Shield had accumulated over his seasoned ventures. In the many amounts of quests that they had been on, he figured that it would all come to this. Searching around, the hunter found some particular weapons and armor.
  12. -On the outskirts of town- On a snow covered hill, overlooking the town of Snowfrost, a lone man sat idly by as he watched the merriment from far away. His attire contrasted that of the snow, in a black sleeveless turtleneck, and dark pants. The only thing that looked festive on him, was his green hair. He carried nothing that would be construed as red on him, except the symbol for his guild; one that he wished to temporarily part with. The fourth floor was as beautiful as ever. The snow from the mountain was constantly falling, even more so than ever before. The weather didn't
  13. A sudden flash of light came from Shield which messed with his vision slightly. The darkness was seemingly easing out, but the light which now shone from Shields hand made the farther reaches become that much darker. Though, the bright side of it all was their current vicinity was well lit to a couple mel. Whether or not it would help more with locating this sub-dungeon would be all on how they both were able to interact with their surroundings. The hunter was sure that, by now, Shield would have started to carry his own on search. Luck easily gains more materials and non-invest items, an
  14. "I would agree with you on the darkest areas part, but.." Looking around at his surroundings as they met. "I haven't been to this floor yet, so I wouldn't know about any goings-on up top, or wherever you were talking about. I'm assuming there is more to this floor than another underground area." From what he could understand, this floor was a two parter with the Underdark and another above ground part. The hunter wondered why so many dark elves, as he would so eloquently name them, seemed to be in quite large numbers in this crowded space. One would think that they would sett
  15. The hunter found himself in a rather new area. Although it had the near damp dark feel of the 21st floor, he could tell that it was incredibly different. This time around, everything wasn't as illuminated as it was on the previous floors. It seemed smaller too, like they were all cramped together with the residents of this floor. This also brought the hunter to the notice of the dwellers of the dark. White, nearly silver, hair adorned the heads of people with long sharp ears. He recognized the elven ears from his exploits on the third floor, but he had not seen a single trace of them fro
  16. A yawn crossed the lips of rather worn out hunter. His constant search on the 22nd floor for that bloody quest room has taken him farther out from the original location that he wanted. To find ones memories was beginning to really bog down on a guy. When he really thought about it, around now, someone would be interrupting his search to find this bloody room, to go hunting or something. It was around that time that a ding came up from his hud. "Called it.." A message. It's from Shield, this time. Figuring that they could go on another dungeon run. The hunter sighed while shift
  17. Alright, so this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside-down. Now I'd like for you to take a minute, just sit right there. I'll tell how I became the Jade Hunter of this place called SAO. Memes aside, it was roughly June or July 2015. I've been a fan of SAO since I gained a few friends from it while in the military. Having been an avid forum based role-player before, I was apart of several different SAO roleplay sites before, but they all died from issues. (inactivity, site deletion, Admin forgetting their password...) So, after some time passed, I was bored and w
  18. Image result for majora's mask final day

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      Nuuuu, we still need consumables!  I'm waitin on @Morgenstern ;-;

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      It has been at least a month since the guilds have had their meetings.  It isn't until now that we could finish the main one.  Within that time discussions should have pointed out the need for consumables throughout the month.  If we haven't got the necessary items by now, then we are most certainly lacking in activity.

      (Says the guy who was inactive)

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  19. The blade that came forth from the beats and clangs of the forge that the hunter could not see, he wondered what it would be like. How it would fair in his hands? Would it be lighter, or much more heavy than any of his previous blades. Unfortunately, he could not tell until the Scarlet Templar had come back to him with the finished blade in hand. It seemed much different from the blades that he had wielded before. Most of those blades did not show the wear and tear that would accompany months and years of mistreatment, but this one seemed to have that right out of the box. The hunter won
  20. Start of the Second Day
    ~48 hours remaining~


  21. Start of the First Day
    70 hours remaining ~

  22. Let's summarize a bit: 1.) Leveling Abuse - Some people are too powerful for the floors that we are on. Either we boost the newer players, or f*ck over the older ones. (Let it be known, that most of the older players that are at this point are either gone now, or busy with life.) 2.) Plot Skip? - Autopilot, like that one Adam Saddler move, into the future by a few floors. Did we gain levels? Hell, if I know... (Some people dislike this option because it is a cop out of a good story. To be fair, yes it is. However, we're all roleplayers, so we can make up a good story to have hap
  23. It seemed that the time had finally come for there to come a time of renewal. The hunter's strength was among those that can hurtle through front line, but it was only recently that he could say that he had attained an equal amount of that strength. Before, it was just his resolve getting him through while performing his duties as the tactician and support manager of the guild. Though, things can not continue as they have been. There isn't much that can be done with that, except enlist the aid of his guild brothers and sisters. His first attempt was with his old friend, Xion, but he was s
  24. Col and Material Gross Amounts Spreadsheet (before expenditures) [C2, D2, E2, F2] Col and Material Net Amounts Spreadsheet (after expenditures w/ col and mat transactions) [H2, J2, K2, L2] 51,929 Col 0 Tier 1 Materials 1 Tier 2 Materials 6 Tier 3 Materials
  25. The Boss Room Discussion for Floor 21 is up.

    Please follow the rules set out by the first part.

    If you wish to be invited, please message BOTH myself and Macradon


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