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  1. Is that the legendary Ryujin, I see!


    1. Calrex


      Wholly crud the legendary veteran! *bows*

    2. RyujinSeaLord


      oh gosh guys please stop, my ego is showing lol

    3. Baldur


      Good to see you again Ryujin. Welcome home

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  2. Mini-boss fight!


    1. Hirru


      This is front line activity, so if you can take 350~700 damage out of nowhere.

      It isn't a monthly boss like the one that Mack makes.

    2. Damien


      Yeah I know I was joking XD 

    3. Mack


      I didn't make the monthly boss for February :)

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  3. Happy Birthday, Baldur!

  4. The hunter returned to the blacksmith after receiving the completion message. He didn't respond immediately, nor return for a few days after, as he had to take care of other matters. Most of them having to become the hunter that he wanted to be, and helping those that needed to become that much more stronger. He had not been able to properly hunt either, so most of his time was spent wandering, and gathering information. For the most part, it's a lonely life. He moved to the counter to await his Vanguard Commander. That when he would first notice the new armor that would be set befor
  5. How is it that I just noticed the 10th episode of SAO Abridged?

    1. Paglikha


      It was taken down from youtube due to copyright claims.

    2. Shark


      Thanks for reminding me. I just put it up in the media section for convenience 

    3. Morgenstern





      The wait is finally over.

  6. The hunter nodded in response to Macradon's offer. With them being apart of the same guild, it would be customary to outfit each other with a much of an advantage as they could. The discount would just be an extra bonus, as the business still needed funding. Though, from what the hunter could see, his guild mate wasn't having any problems in that department. Opening his menu, the hunter proceeded to make the trade request with Macradon. On his side, he placed two thousand (2000) col and ten (10) materials. That should be enough to cover him, but he wanted to give a little extra for a
  7. It had been some time since the hunter had come to the first floor. For the most part, he didn't think that he had any reason to do so. That changed when he had to make some changes to his armor set. He had already tried going to one of his more frequent blacksmiths, but she wasn't around. Instead, the hunter had to deal with finding another blacksmith for his cause, but it couldn't be any blacksmith. It had to be someone that he knew well enough. Unfortunately, the hunter knew seven different blacksmiths, so the choices were out there. It was with quick thinking that the hunter fou
  8. Seeing as mobs have become a little too stronk for most players, I'm going to start making large team based dungeon crawls, to better everyone!

    I'll probably put up something in the Player Request Board to help out with groups and what not.

    Taking volunteers for the first group: 3 or 4 players

    1. Rain


      probably not relink if it's already done, but respec, if you want and change hp and energy to the new patch. more hp and energy.

    2. Hakai


      The new mobs arent actually that hard. I just took on one for my level, 220 HP, 37 Mit, and 40 DMG, and didnt even take damage

    3. Hirru


      Alright, I have the thread up!

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  9. So many new things going on, I see.  Anyone wanna give me a refresher?  I've been out of it for a while now.

    1. Hirru


      I see that.  Is that all?

    2. Seul
    3. Hirru


      Hmm.. Alright.

      Also, it seems I've been on this forum for 1 year now.

      Missed that one...

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  10. The Traveling Flame It must have been during your last venture, but you feel tired. The stresses of your latest quest make you weary. It must be for that reason that you see something flickering in the distance, something that shouldn't be there. At least, you don't think it was there before. A low flickering flame that seemed odd, as it's flame was as green as emeralds. For some reason, you feel like you are being drawn towards the green light, beckoning you forward with it's gentle flicks and waves. Before you know it, you're in front of a large wagon. Sever
  11. So, after I got back from work, I got curious to see what a Hunger Games simulation would pan out, if some of the top tier players went against the bosses of the first 12 floors.

    1. Hakai


      I found your first one though. Who knew I was so good at making truces. XD

    2. Hirru


      And killing everyone.  You had the most kills during that session.

    3. Hakai


      Well, I am going to be the best pker. *puffs chest out*

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  12. Welcome to the Hunger Games SAO RPG: Hirru Edition.  Our tributes have been selected by our glorious Macradon, even himself!  They will attempt to survive in our favorite castle in the sky, Aincrad!  First, lets meet all of our tributes.

    Sorry, Macradon!  I took your games.  Also, I couldn't get the images to work, so just deal with text!


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    2. Macradon


      Gerd dermmit Hirru, It was my thing! I EVEN MADE A THREAD FOR IT D:

    3. Grave


      @Takao Thanks for remembering -_-

    4. Hakai


      My truce game was on point. XD

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  13. The jade haired hunter laughed as he walked in to find Macradon fully heated in getting in on the sale, that was announced not too long ago. While the hunter didn't need them as often, it was good to have some potions on stand by. With that, he decided to come in and procure some of her wares. Walking up to the counter which didn't seem busy at all, despite the sale announcement, Hirru stated his order. "Just four Tier One plus two damage potions, please." He would say as he gave the materials required. When given the potions in exchange, the hunter would nod his head to Zandra b
  14. Alright!

    Let's get back into the swing of things!  Posts for threads!  Mats for people!  That other thing for other reasons!

    1. Calrex


      Dark...unmentionable...I hope you sanitized this thing before selling it to me XD

    2. Hirru


      I did.

      Unfortunately, it did so back.

      Have fun!

      *gets pulled into shadows*

    3. Calrex
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  15. Alright!  Obvious posts need posting!  Getting on that, while I'm still awake to consciously do things. 

  16. The Jade Hunter would enter the quaint shop. It had been some time since he needed additional help, and that was an understatement. There were many monsters that required assistance, especially the ones from the higher floors. He needed to become more powerful, but the process was becoming too slow for him. Looking around, he would find a listing of what kinds of potions were in stock and their price. When addressed, the hunter would give a slight bow for courtesy, before starting. "Good day, I require two +2 Damage (rare) potions and two +6 (rare) Mitigation potions. Solo hunts hav
  17. [Thread] (-14 Snowflakes) The hunter returns from the hunt on the fourth floor. A fruitful venture to be sure as he had killed fourteen (14) creatures within that icy cavern. Approaching the weird elf creature, the hunter would sigh wondering how he had gotten on the "Nice" list. Though, he had not done anything bad to warrant being on the "Naughty" list, he felt that both were weird for him. "Mission Complete! Fourteen monsters slain." "Please, outstretch your hand! Palm down, now!" Doing as the elf said, a number of snowflakes began to fall from the hunter's ha
  18. The jade hunter was annoyed by the appearance of something foreign to the first floor, a strange little humanoid creature that seemed to be very jolly. It annoyed him because it was something that he didn't know would happen, and from the look of it, he had been enveloped into it by just being there. That being said, he didn't mind a change of pace. The hunt has become long and arduous. This event would probably give him a fresh new meaning to it all, as doing it for more than just the cause of materials would be... fun? He didn't know, but it made him feel a little better inside. "I
  19. Warning:  This is only a Suggestion!

    So.. that ALO Conquest Mode..

    Still working on some kinks in my idea.. but that's what I got so far.

    Looking for some critiques and questions while I'm awake.

    1. Vargas


      Ok. What about the attack chances? Also why the differences in Officer attack and army attack? Why not do it as a whole since you did Opal as a ranked player therefore her troops would be ranged.

    2. Hirru


      There is a reason for that:

      Officers and Armies attack using their respective Dice (Officers using BD; Army using MD).  That gives two (2) respective chances to cause damage to the enemies Morale.  (As we all know, the dice like to miss)

      Attack chance is again, the luck of the dice and their respective stats.  Officers can use their respective enhancements to their advantage, but can still miss due to the other officers enhancements.  Armies don't have that as they use the MD (I'm thinking of having the racial bonuses improve the Army with the four main stats DMG, MIT, ACC, EVA, which would mitigate their use of the MD.)

    3. Zelrius


      While I like it and it is fairly good: 'Morale' Over-complicates an already fairly complex system

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  20. Off to work!

    I'll be posting more around 7am EST.

    ...Don't anyone start a war without me.. as the wind is always at your backs...

  21. So, what have I missed?

    1. Abalasster


      Nothing too much. People have come and gone. An updates gone down and leveling is totally different

    2. Amira


      ^ And a bunch of unique skills got released.

    3. Hirru


      I'm not surprised by the skills, but it looks like some good friends are already gone.

      Good to see that you're still around Abalasster.

  22. So, I've recently got a part time job, which mostly describes my lack of activity here.

    I'll try to get to all the threads that need a post after work as its mostly third shifts for the next two weeks.

    Sorry for the wait everyone, and lets get some adventure on!

    ~your friendly neighborhood hunter,


  23. @Azide

    This is going to be interesting.  Too bad we couldn't get that connect 4 board made.  Maybe, I would actually stand a chance with that.

    1. Hirru


      That match was broken, if you don't remember!

    2. Azide


      Edited my second post!

    3. Hirru


      Posted on my end!

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