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  1. Ruby had walked out into the open in the woods as bait toward her true goal, however moving toward two other goals she had in mind... to finally craft, and to finally grow when it comes to levels and skills as she had slacked compared to the other players in the game. Her gloves had lost their glow and mist turning into normal gloves not giving away that her gauntlets we're unique so her nightmares wouldn't be too scared in her mind. Looking around in the snow she had looked for materials that she could use, and with a bit of luck using her enhanced vision with the Searching skill she had managed to find something buried into the snow. Picking up the item and brushing the snow off of it, she had gave the material a quick inspection before cracking a small smile and placing it into her inventory. ID: 112711 - LD: 11+4=15 Loot: 1 T1 Material
  2. Ruby had simply followed Hestia's lead when she had said with confidence that it was in a certain direction, since Ruby's memory is worse than a goldfish she had simply believed Hestia that they were heading in the right direction, it had seemed very familiar so simply she believed it. She had looked to everyone and it had seemed everyone was deep in their own minds rather than conversing amongst themselves... or between two. Ruby had sighed again wishing she had some sort of familiar to interact with to pass the time from being so slow and somewhat boring trying to find back to the boss fight where its possible Shield and the others had still remained in the fray. Ruby had blinked a few times thinking to herself that they potentially had remained back in the fight still continuing, she had only hoped that everyone was still okay and no one had perished. [5/5]
  3. Ruby had looked over when Zandra had mentioned that it was over there, looking toward the area Zandra had mentioned she did seem like she remembered walking down this path with Hestia before... but she couldn't quite remember exactly where they went. Ruby looked over to Hestia and asked her "Do you remember exactly where we went? I don't quite remember myself. But I can sure try to help find where we went off too." she then began to look around entering her scout mode. She had looked around and she only remembered the area vaguely... she looked around and could only remember a few moments to where they walked until she was completely stumped from there. She had sighed and said "I don't know where to go from here..." she dropped herself a little disappointed in not remembering, however she was hoping Neo or Hestia could bring the four back into the fray. [4/5]
  4. Ruby had picked up chest which had the unidentified still inside of it and offered it to Neo saying to her with a smile "Since everyone else is completely okay with you taking it, here its all yours." she offered it with a smile. After Neo had taken the weapon she had dropped the empty chest on the ground and waited for it to despawn out of existance, which it didn't take too long to do so. Ruby had looked over to Hestia and simply just nodded her head, looking over to Zandra she had grown a little concerned over her mental health, however she just shrugged it off hoping that things were okay. Ruby then sighed, there was nothing much else to do or to be said until she could gain some clues back to the original location they had tried to go find, she didn't have a familiar to interact with at the time being, and there was no combat... it was pretty boring for Ruby. [3/3]
  5. Ruby had just shrugged off the silence as letting her open the chest, she did make a comment about her own skills toward opening the chest so... she began to pick the lock. Using her skills and lockpicks she had eventually cracked the lock and opened the chest only to be surprised to what was inside. Typically she either found very little, or a decent amount, never recalling to finding a mimic, but today she opened to find what she thinks is the best loot she possibly found. A handful of Col, and handful of useful materials, and some items. Ruby had with a smile decided to split the findings fairly among-st the others... however she did take the Armor for herself. She looked towards the others and said "Here's a split of the findings, however the three of you gotta decide who's getting the weapon. I'm taking the armor for myself. However if no one wants the weapon I will be more than happy to take it." ID: 112662 - LD: 20+5=25 [Side Note, rolled 10 in BD, 11 in CD. Yeah.] Loot Found: 6000 Col, 12 T3 Materials, 1 T3 Unidentified Perfect Weapon [#112662], 1 T3 Unidentified Armor [#112662], 2 Perfect Consumables that I totally care about. [2/3]
  6. Ruby averted her looks around the location they had been and the environment that had surrounded them, not much else needed Ruby's attention or real statement so she had turned to one of the things she had done best... searching for things as a support. Missing her bomb buddy that helped her find them like pieces of candy on a halloween night she had still managed to spot something as Hestia turned to Neo to speak to her about something. Ruby had stepped over to where she had spotted something and brushed off all the dirt and foliage off of the possible chest she had found, and dug herself up a chest as she thought she found. With a smile she had picked it up from the ground and placed it in front of her looking for the lock where it would be lockpicked, finding it she brought it back to the group and said "I found us a chest, if any of you want to open it feel free. But before you act, please note that I do have Picking and Dismantling." ID: 112661 - LD: 11+7=18 - Found Treasure Chest [1/3]
  7. Ruby had listened in on Hestia’s reply to Ruby, she had chuckled a little bit with the joking tone and then said to her “Hey, if that time ever comes I will always accept free stuff.” she replied back to the joke. Then she had nodded her head and looked toward Hestia and Zandra saying “It sounds like a plan, but again we just can’t let one shaman die, so any form of thorns is just too dangerous for the whole strategy knowing what the boss and all the minions do.” Ruby had then looked over to Neo which had been silent the entire time, at first she was going to ask if she was okay… but she had remembered that she chooses to be mute rather than anything. Opening her messaging system she had sent Neo a message: ID: 112643 - LD: 10+7=17 [43/100] @Neopolitan
  8. Ruby had paid her attention toward Hestia when it came to the plan, she had smiled and said “And where was this planning before hand Hestia?” she giggled then said out “There is a slight problem to the plan however, I cannot keep stunning him over and over, so he’s going to need to act sometimes. However with predictions I believe that we can keep him from healing the boss… but we either need thorns to not be a part of your build to keep aggro, or just have someone else keep the aggro.” she had then said “That’s just me though, don’t know if repeated what you just said, but I am concerned about the stun situation, I can’t keep stunning it over and over.” she then thought how fair it was to have the stun cooldown to prevent her from stunning a target over and over again… but it is kind of vital now because she needed to time it in the boss fights. @Neopolitan @Zandra
  9. Ruby had looked at Zandra as she had spoke out, Ruby had just given her a slight caring smile saying “Well, I know how you feel Zandra. I hope you will feel better though. And for me, besides being responsible for our defeat at the boss, I suppose I am alive and I am alright.” she had looked back over to Neo “It’s been a while since I have last seen you Neo, hope you have grown well? Hope to see you fully in action soon.” she had said with a smile. Then looking back to Hestia and said “So what’s the plan Hestia? Going to head back to the boss itself but doing some other things to pass the time?” She had then sighed, things were a bit boring for her. No other words were needed to be said, and she doesn’t have a familiar to help pass the time, she had just waited for things to begin. @Neopolitan @Zandra
  10. Ruby had grinned a little bit and said “I don’t know if it was necessarily intentional, while it’s cool to have items and stuff, strategy is important and is needed to get through a boss battle.” after accepting the items she had said out to Neo “What? Even if it’s going to be used for a good cause its still your hard work and worth a bit of col.” she then looked over to Zandra who had entered the area and joined the group “Hey Zandra, you feeling alright today?” afterward she had looked back to Hestia which had exclaimed out to the group, Ruby had smiled for once in the past hour and said “Well lead the way then, you brought us all here so I suppose you are the leader for today.” she had giggled. Ruby had looked over to Neo then back over to Zandra, then just thought if Shield and the others would not appear… could they win the battle? @Neopolitan @Zandra
  11. Ruby had accepted the hug Hestia had moved up to give her “But… I just feel like I was responsible for the loss, if I had just hit the shaman and stunned it… we probably could had won that battle… I missed when it was very important...” looking over she had noticed Neo entering the scene, Ruby had sighed and just shook off the negative feelings as now it was no time to be too upset now. Seeing that she had offered free items for them to eat and consume for bonuses she had looked up and blinked a few times asking out to Neo “Are you sure? I didn’t pay for anything. It’s a fair amount just to be handing out you know, could be a handful of col.” however accepting the free gift she had simply thanked Neo for the friendly gifts and swiftly consumed some of them gaining all the bonuses that are within them. Buffs Used: Buffs Not Used / Battle Ready: @Neopolitan @Zandra
  12. After the first attempt of the boss, Ruby had looked down she had felt bad for missing the shaman when it was very critical to winning the boss battle. Teaming up with Hestia had only made her not want to actually do it because of what had happened, however with a sigh she had made her way to where Hestia had been, knowing that if she didn’t come she would be a little disappointed with her. And in a way… Ruby deep down knew that she wanted redemption from the last fight and prevent some on doing it on their own. Making her way toward her she was determined to redeem herself once again, but she was also still really upset that she had been the prime reason why they had lost the fight. “Hey Hestia… I don’t know why you wanted me back as I was the reason why we failed, but thank you for at least letting me redeem myself in the fight.” @Neopolitan @Zandra
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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had looked over a little upset at the miss she had done, and looked over to the others as they had took their actions... however one just not doing anything. Ruby had sighed, they knew that this fight was practically over with. Ruby had just nodded her head with Hestia and just figured that it was just better right now to regroup to fight the boss again, she had pulled the TP crystal out of her battle ready inventory and looked over to the other group but she had thought for a second... if she had stayed to fight and Zandra had left too, could it still be beatable? However... she just accepted to let the other group take care of it. Ruby had said out to the group "Just make it back safely is all I ask of you, make sure the boss is dead." she had then used the Teleportation Crystal out of the fight. Teleportation Crystal Used
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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had looked up once more toward the boss, then looked toward the Shaman the true thing that Ruby needed to stop desperately, as if the Shaman is able to act in the next turn, basically the fight would be over then and there. Ruby had looked over to Hestia and nodded her head, moving forward she had tried to attack the Shaman with one of her stun arts, however missing and falling onto the ground. At this point Ruby had only got more angered and upset toward herself, she knew she then caused the battle to be impossible to win at this point, it'd heal just too much. Slamming her fist against the ground she had exclaimed out to herself "Typical of me... I failed everyone..." she had sighed knowing she lost everyone the battle, forcing a retreat. Standing up from the ground Ruby had looked into her battle ready inventory and just sighed. ID: 112468 - BD: 3+3-2=4 (i hate my life) Group A [H: 4/0/0/0] @Hestia: 1368/1745 HP | 116/158 EN | DMG:16 | MIT:171 | Thorns: 84 | Eva: -1 | BH: 80 | Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) | Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) | Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [H: 4/0/0/0] @Ruby: 1175/1200 HP | 51/120 EN | DMG: 18 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 35 | LD: 4 Group B Zandra: 1462/1585 HP | 43/154 EN | DMG: 19 | FALLEN: 12 | MIT: 98 | ACC: 3 | Brn-Thorns: 30 | BH: 79 | FAid: 20% | 25% Dot reduction from first Group C [H: 2/0/1/0] Hirru: 710/1065 HP | 83/104 EN | DMG: 17 | MIT: 0 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 2 [H: 2/0/0/0] Baldur: 1388/1400 HP | 59/116 EN | DMG: 24 | MIT: 109 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 3 | BH: 56 [H: 8/6/6/2] Shield: 1925/1925 HP | 110/159 EN | DMG: 1 | MIT: 251 | EVA: -1 | BH: 96 | HBL: 48 | Burn: 45 | LD: 9 | 25% Dot reduction - 50% from first [H: 3/0/0/0] Beat: 1074/1225 HP | 43/106 EN | DMG: 22 [+3] | MIT: 99 | EVA: 0
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    Housing Evaluation

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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had looked over and grinned feeling ignored trying to tell out to Hestia about her energy being as low as it was, she had just sighed, guess everyone was in their own mindset and didn't quite listen in on other things. It was at this point it had got pretty boring as there was really nothing to react toward and everyone sticking with themselves, and if they are talking its not with Ruby. Ruby had just grinned and continued the boss as normal waiting till someone or something happens to her that needs others attention. Ruby wasn't really surprised that the bosses defenses had increased, due to bosses needing tricks up their sleeves to keep the battle interesting. Ruby had simply kept her determination alive and she moved forward with one strong punch to the Chieftan once again dealing as much damage as she can toward it. ID: 112348 - BD: 4+3-1=6 Sword Art Used: All Might [Damage: 18*15=270-125=145 Damage] Group A [H: 4/0/0/0] @Hestia: 1288/1745 HP | 119/158 EN | DMG:16 | MIT:171 | Thorns: 84 | Eva: -1 | BH: 80 | Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) | Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) | Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [H: 4/0/0/0] @Ruby: 1175/1200 HP | 44/120 EN | DMG: 18 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 35 | LD: 4 Group B Zandra: 1383/1585 HP | 58/154 EN | DMG: 19 | FALLEN: 12 | MIT: 98 | ACC: 3 | Brn-Thorns: 30 | BH: 79 | Faid: 20% | 25% Dot reduction from first Group C [H: 2/0/1/0] Hirru: 710/1065 HP | 84/104 EN | DMG: 17 | MIT: 0 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 2 [H: 1/0/0/0] Baldur: 1332/1400 HP | 73/116 EN | DMG: 24 [+3] | MIT: 109 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 3 | BH: 56 [H: 8/6/6/2] Shield: 1822/1925 HP | 122/159 EN | DMG: 1 | MIT: 251 | EVA: -1 | BH: 96 | HBL: 48 | Burn: 45 | LD: 9 | 25% Dot reduction - 50% from first [H: 3/0/0/0] Beat: 1225/1225 HP | 55/106 EN | DMG: 22 [+3] | MIT: 99 | EVA: 0
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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had chuckled a little bit hearing the boss exclaim out saying that it was time for them to learn what the true definition of punishment was, Ruby while not having anything necessarily to say, she figured that she might as well make a joke out of it. Saying out to the boss "Ooo~ are you going harder? Took you long enough, this has been too little for my tastes." Then looking over to Hestia once it was her turn to strike Ruby had moved forward and did the exact same thing Hestia did: absolutely nothing. Ruby had blinked a few times and said "Huh, I guess I got a crit against the air." She had straightened herself and shook her head, she was ready for a attack that were to come her way. Ruby had then said out to Hestia "I don't know about you, but if this boss isn't over in a bit I am probably going to lose all my energy. I can only do roughly 4 more All Mights." ID: 112284 - BD: 2+3-1=4 Group A [H: 2/0/0/0] @Hestia: 1208/1745 HP | 129/158 EN | DMG:16 | MIT:171 | Thorns: 84 | Eva: -1 | BH: 80 | Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) | Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) | Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [H: 4/0/0/0] @Ruby: 1175/1200 HP | 60/120 EN | DMG: 18 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 35 | LD: 4 Group B Zandra 1585/1585 HP | 73/154 EN | DMG: 19 | FALLEN: 12 | MIT: 98 | ACC: 3 | Brn-Thorns: 30 | BH: 79 | Faid: 20% | 25% Dot reduction from first Group C [H: 2/0/0/0] HIrru: 889/1065 HP | 87/104 EN | DMG: 17 | MIT: 0 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 2 [H: 1/0/0/0] Baldur: 1400/1400 HP | 86/116 EN | DMG: 24 [+3] | MIT: 109 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 3 | BH: 56 [H: 8/6/6/2] Shield: 1777/1925 HP | 121/159 EN | DMG: 1 | MIT: 251 | EVA: -1 | BH: 96 | HBL: 48 | Thorns/Burn: 99 | ENV[D]: 18 dmg for 4 turns | LD: 9 | 25% Dot reduction - 50% from first [H: 3/0/0/0] Beat: 1225/1225 HP | 67/106 EN | DMG: 22 [+3] | MIT: 99 | EVA: 0
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    Neo's Items

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    Mort's Weapons and Armor

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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had looked over to the only Shaman that had remained and was surprised at the strategy we had been using to make sure it wasn't healing the Chieftain at all, we had continued to stun it and now made its abilities drained so Ruby's attention could be solely focused on the boss that was at hand. Ruby had smiled looking over to Hestia once her turn had been over and Ruby had moved forward and slammed her fist against the Chieftain getting a critical hit dealing as much damage as she can with her normal build. Ruby had smiled a little bit more and looked over to Zandra and nodded her head stating it was her turn to move. She had looked back over to the boss that was at hand and thought to herself "We're getting one step closer toward our freedom, they are little steps and we need to find more people for boss raids... but they are steps we are taking."
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    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans' [Labyrinth Boss]

    Ruby had paid close attention and looked around at the Shamans as they continued to heal the damage off the Chieftan, Ruby had blinked a few moments and thought that the boss being on a three team rotation with one team only having one was making this boss a tad bit difficult. Ruby had looked over to Hestia and nodded her head saying to her "All we need to do is keep the one shaman stunned for as long as we can, then deal as much damage as we can before it gets a chance to heal... unless it breaks through stuns, which then we'd might be at a impossible boss even with 6 of us." Ruby then looked to the one with the lowest amount of health and striked it where its vital weak points would be at its joints over in succession hoping this lower ranked sword art would be enough to kill to conserve on some energy.