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  1. Freyd nearly bowled the tiny child over while his eyes were drawn upward to the grandeur of Palace of the Three Stars. It never occurred that he might stumble across a vendor in its wings, let alone one of such small bearing. Her scarf looked like its was threatening to swallow her, and had already partially succeeded. Between it and her oversized goggles, married with white hair on white skin with white eyes, she reminded him of some kind of critter that might have better belonged in a Nintendo game. "Oh, uh... sorry. Didn't see you. I-" "H-hi! Y-yes, we'retradinggoodsformontoke
  2. "Persi!" A jab to the troll's largest and closest toe unleashed the shadow terror that was his familiar upon the beast. The shadow mongoose mauled as she crawled all over the field boss, slicing at tender bits, biting at where he sits, and the like. Even his rage-like mode, the mob was no match for the ferocity of a roused mongoose. Freyd stood by and watched as Ugzeke's health bar dipped into the depths of crimson. A press of lips and curt nod were offered in recognition of his companion's thanks. He might have felt differently, had he been at the Council battle, but that was neithe
  3. "Eww. Why does this keep... oh, shit!" The odour was indescribable. Freyd wished he could wretch, but the game mechanics - or Cardinal's twisted sense of humour - would not permit it. Holding his breath as best he could while he stumbled to gain some distance, Hirru fortunately moved in and saved the day. Haunted by the scents and sights he'd just experienced, the Whisper launched himself towards their foe, as if driven mad by the need to purge them from this digital existence. Leaping high as he swung, the power of his strike carried a righteous need for vengeance that caught the te
  4. When had he moved? For one so aware of every miniscule action, so precise and methodical in his actions, so acutely aware of self, it seemed implausible to have missed his own motion. Arms wrapped tenderly about her shoulders, Freyd's left arm cradled her back while his right pressed against the back of her head to bury her sadness into nook at his neck. His voice, still absent, could offer no solace. His eyes, pressed shut, could convey nothing. Only the steady pace of his heart and pulse, the slow rise and fall of his breathing against her deeper, desperate gasps, could offer purcha
  5. "I..." Freyd's voice stalled. "Am poorly equipped to judge." That would sound compassionate, right? The statement was true, but spun towards expectations. He had not idea what Hirru had actually done, or the basis for his decision. Data was lacking. It might have also been more accurate to point out that Freyd's moral compass spun by a different pull. His focus was on goals and objectives, not feelings or moral foibles. On the surface, it seemed that Hirru had made a choice that put the entire raid at risk. It it was true, some reason would be required. "By which I mean: I don
  6. Rank 5 Appraiser (Base: BD 10, CD 8+ for unique, 10 identifications per day) +1 to CD from Hermes’ Scale +2 EXP: Hard Working (also +1 IDs per day) +2 EXP: Lucrative (Firm Anima) (also +2 IDs per day) +1 EXP: Custom Ambition Tool (bought from own shop 2020-07-16) Consuming: Crafting Respite [172232] Witch's Brew: none Identifications: 4x T4 Perfect Items (@3040 col) = 12160 col +60,000 col for re-rolls. (4 * 15,000 for 4 rerolls apiece) +16,000 col (X * 16,000 per 5th roll) for 5th reroll on 1 item Total Cost: 88160 col Junking: 3x T4 Perfect
  7. Hirru's story was consistent with the rumours, or at least enough of them to be able to believe. There were only so many witnesses to such events, and always hundreds of stories invented after the fact. Would the same eventually be said of their battle against Shadow? Unlikely. It was a far more straightforward battle. No real ambiguity, save those that had been eager to fell Orgoth in the early stages. Morality was never a crystal clear affair, not matter who said otherwise. Freyd remembered this lesson, and nodded his agreement. Ugzeke was never far, once you reached the underdark.
  8. "Let me guess: someone got all sappy and sentimental, and tried to save the mobs? I've seen the type and heard the rumours." Freyd stood, callously unmoved, his weapon braced against the inner crook of a convenient elbow. He'd stepped back, leaning against his heels to give the hunter some space and also watch. He was good at reading people. Too good, considering how little he actually seemed to understand so many simple concepts. Anger wasn't one of those. Neither were rage or the drive for vengeance. Those were intimate friends and called upon when the occasion suited their mood.
  9. A furrowed brow broke Freyd's interrogation. He spared a turn to gaze at Hirru questioningly. "What's he talking about?" The slightest glimmer of steel caught his eye. Another dagger slid into the elf's hand, with a familiar tint of poison upon the blade. Reactions kicked in. The staff came down on the man's collarbone just as its holy seals repealed themselves, unleashing the hunger of the void within. Samael's Pride carved through the mob's form like it wasn't even there, which, in the aftermath of its passage, it wasn't. Freyd blinked. The assassin had vanished, suct
  10. ph *** Thread Summary: 6386 EXP (1 page [800] + quest [5000] + 2 sand dollars [400] +3% from Paragon 10) 57838 col (1 page [400] + quest [15000] + loot [37800] + 2 sand dollars [4000] + Laurel Wreath [638]) 2 mats (loot [2]) T3 Perfect Weapon [197582] Shore’s Treasure (T4/Unique/Consumable): Doubles a user’s Prosperity buffs for a single thread.
  11. ph Heavy Pockets: ID #197591 | CD: 2 (nothing)
  12. ph *** Search the beach (4/6): ID #197589 | LD: 10+8=18 (Success. 1 <<Sand Dollar>> found)
  13. ph *** Search the beach (3/6): ID #197587 | LD: 1+8=9 (Failure) EN Refreshed
  14. ph *** Search the beach (2/6): ID #197586 | LD: 4+8=12 (Failure) Freyd regains +4 EN
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