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  1. Thread anyone?? Feel free to message me here or in discord. :)

    1. NIGHT


      im down if you'll have me!
      [writing here because a. im too shy to dm you on discord/on-site or to poke at you in the discord server. b. its late at night and i will have delayed replies about the thread idea if you have any. c. leave me a message on discord whenever you're free! ><)bbb]

    2. Seraphina


      Hey NIGHT! Of course I'll have you. :) Thank you for being willing to journey along with me. (I tired to message on discord, but it said something along the lines of me not being able to add you as a friend and I am also too shy to DM you in 'general'. LOL) I'll shoot you a message on here!

    3. Alkor


      If you're still looking, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

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