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  1. NIGHT? ...The English word NIGHT? The man only spoke once, before he turned and his attention was taken up by someone else, so Kali's decided that she's misheard. Aincrad has no lack of diversity in languages, so a word can be pronounced one way but be written and mean another. She follows closely behind 'NIGHT,' and appearing to look about the colorful gathering in mild curiosity, she instead puzzles over this: if you were living in a house with another person, would you or would you not forget about the things within it? The kitchen is just as much of a relief as closing the front
  2. Her answer comes in the form of the... pet slime? bobbing away from the foyer on its own accord. In a very expressive manner. It partly vanishes behind a door, where she can still see part of it visibly deflating, then hops back into sight moments later, now a quarter of its original size. The rest disperse, leaving her with the woman she greeted earlier. "Uh-- come in." "Th-thanks!" Kali gratefully shuts the door behind her. In a somewhat delayed reaction, she shivers. She didn't realize how cold it had been outside until she had actually taken shelter, and the thought s
  3. the world parts at your heel. //escorting only The branch is snapped into a manageable length, shaved, then carved into a thin flat skewer. It's left to soak in a pail of boiled water along with a dozen similarly made implements, a process which is supposed to take half an hour. In the meantime, the meat and vegetables are generously seasoned and cut into uniform slices, and Kali digs through her inventory for a pair of ceramic bowls. One for her, another for the herbalist. NIGHT? ...The English word NIGHT? The man only spoke once, before he turned and his a
  4. //ref. Humans see Christmas. Yue Hua sees a locked door barring her from her objective. It's four hours into the night, tightly packed clouds raining down a heavy snowfall, and the ghost wears a small pout on her lips as she spins around in a small circle – searching for a familiar face she knows isn't there. At some point after she had inquired with the elderly man who lived alone in the corner lot, he must have gotten up, went for dinner at someone else's place, locked all the doors behind him. The pure white snow has since covered
  5. LEVEL 1 (PARAGON 0) | HP 20 | EN 20 | DMG 4 | // | SKILLS USED 4 | UNUSED 1 Straight Sword I ---------------------------------------- | EXTRA | // ----------------------------------------
  6. N O T E S G A L L E R Y //
  7. ||||||||||||| SSF // Relationships //
  8. // "Hua. I also wanted you to be happy."
  9. 若以色见我 以音声求我 是人行邪道 不 不能见如来 一切有为法 如梦幻泡影 如露亦如电 应作如是观 非空非有 亦空亦有 不生法相 无所住 非空非有 亦空亦有 不生法相 无所住 Ch'ang Yue Hua / 常月華 | 19 > 21 YRS OLD. SHE/HER. 5'1". | Born in the early hours of spring. Died seven-odd years later. Grieving, still. ( The younger of a pair of twins. She spent her early childhood with her fingers in her other half’s palm – the two of them inseparable, until one day she walked through the threshold of their home and fell. Short of breath, unable to move her legs. Her mother found her, and spent the drive to t
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