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[F22 - PP] <<Saying Vows>> Renewing Bield's Vows: A Ship Full of Holes


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Itzal had sat in the seats behind Hestia Calrex and Morgenstern the entire time watching silently.  He came because he was invited and while confused at first, he put two and two together.  He knew the two of them and they didn't seem gay in the slightest.  When he thought about what the two friends could benefit from this, he thought about the marriage devices themselves.  There was the combined inventory space which could have it's uses.  Then of course there was also the new addition of wedding rings which had their own unique powers that could potentially help them in a fight.  At any rate it was so weird to attend this wedding as the npc wedding them both was taking it so seriously.  He leaned in to the person in front of him, which happened to be Hestia, and whispered very softly "This is the weirdest thing I have ever attended...  In my entire life."  He sat back again and just watched quietly and calmly, glad that he didn't take Velnia along.  She may have disrupted the ceremony and made it even harder than it was for them.  At any rate it did seem like it was just about over soooooo.

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Shield took his own ring as well, holding his hand up and slipping the band around it. He was satisfied with the final product. It was sleek and elegant without being unnecessarily ornate. As he held out his hand, Lilith poked her snout from the cuff of his tuxedo, flicking her tongue at the new item before retreating into the confines of his garment once again.

Just be glad you can hide during this train-wreck of a ceremony.

He clenched his fist, admiring the stone on his hand before relaxing it and letting it return to his side. Behind him, he heard the priest clear his throat.

"By the power vested in me by the Cardinal system, I present to all of you, 'Bield'! I ship it!" he proclaimed, holding out his hands to lead the small gathering in a round of applause. The only way Shield could deal with the absurdity of such a sentiment was to pretend he hadn't heard it, which he did. For the first time, he ventured an actual glance into the audience. He regretted it almost immediately. There were far too many familiar faces bearing witness to the fiasco. Not to mention a very particular face. He felt his ears grow hot. In his sleeve, he could almost imagine his familiar mocking him.

Smart-ass snake.

With that, Shield stepped in front of the priest, taking the opportunity to make the important announcement.

"Everyone, take your fill of food," he said, retaking the authority that he had earned by scratching and crawling his way up to the front lines. "We kept our guest list exclusive so that the front liners could take what they need for the upcoming raid. You can stay for the reception, but honestly, Beat and I won't be there. Take care, everyone, and stay alive."

It was an odd sort of sentiment to offer at the end of a wedding, but it was a wedding only in name and facade. Hopefully, those gathered would understand the significance of his parting words. If not, it was no more of an embarrassment than the Valentine's dance had been. He motioned with his head for Beat to follow and the two made their exit.

"Well, I've been through worse," he said, as they exited the temporary safe zone and made for the gate. He checked his gear, making sure he still had his seeking equipment secured.


Searching for Chest:

 ID# 99004 results: Loot: 9+8=17 - Chest Found!

As they crested the hill and lost sight of the ceremony, Shield's earring blazed to life. He had not had great luck with the loot on the twenty second floor, but hopefully his luck was turning.

"Hello there..." he said, closing in on a small overgrown thicket. He parted some shrubbery to find a moss covered chest laying in wait. "Excellent!"

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"Well the wedding was certainly something, even despite not many actually arriving to see the event, it seems as though people either had things to do, or don't care about Shield. While yes, it is odd that two are getting married simply for the benefits of it... however if given the chance, I probably would as well." she had smirked and shook her head as she had stood up from her seat once it was all said an done, she was going to stop by the snack table to take her free as promised snack to gain some extra mitigation, one that she was going to use at the boss raid even if it didn't give her a lot of Mitigation, some is better than none. She thought about it for a moment... she thought that she could save it for usage later down the line depending on what skills she would pick up. Ruby at the end of the day and shrugged it off, she got what she wanted and she got a little bit of entertainment out of it.

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Using Golden Key

Opening Chest:

ID# 99008 LD:17+7=24 CD:11 6,250 Col, 12 T3 Materials, 2 T3 Perfect Consumables, 1 T3 Perfect Weapon, 1 T3 Perfect Armor

Shield knelt down properly, taking out the last of his stashed Golden Keys. He would need to take more out of his shop if he was going to do any serious treasure hunting any time soon. He held out the key which burst in his hand, showering the lock with golden sparks. The lid popped open and an item readout popped into view in front of it.

As he read over it, Shield smirked.

"Looks like we found ourselves his and hers tier three equipment. A perfect weapon, a perfect set of armor, and a couple of perfect consumable for the perfect couple." He snorted to himself and accepted the items, sorting them out between the two of them as they made their way to the settlement. "We only have a little time left before the raid. I suggest taking out some serious consumables if we want to get a good drop. I have a few items stashed away that might help us out..."


[Quest Rewards]

- Shield -

2 SP
3325 Col
6 Tier 3 Materials

Wedding Steak
[Perfect Mitigation Food of recipient's Tier]

2 Perfect Tier 3 Consumables
[99008a] [99008b]

1 Perfect Tier 3 Weapon

1 Perfect Tier 3 Armor

Resilient Ring
[+(Tier x 4) Mitigation]

- Beat -

2 SP
3325 Col
6 Tier 3 Materials
Wedding Steak

[Perfect Mitigation Food of recipient's Tier]

Ring of Strong Will
[+1 Damage]


@Ruby -


@Calypso -

@Calrex -

@Hikoru -

@Macradon -

@Morgenstern -

@Itzal -

1 SP
Wedding Steak

[Perfect Mitigation Food of recipient's Tier]

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