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[F1 - R5 Merchant] Pandora's Wares | CLOSED.

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[Rank Up!]

The sound of victory trumpets(?) followed by a burst of intangible confetti(??) sent An jolting back from her latest identification with a surprised squeak. She knocked aside a small pile of trinkets and they all came tumbling down the workstation like dominoes. "Wait, wait, wait, eeeee--" Crash! Aaaand, they were gone. An sat on the floor of her shop, precious jewels scattered all about her, and her cheeks slightly puffed out in frustration. At least those were just the ones marked out for junk sale.

Had she given the notification another glance, the fanfare in her ears would have lasted a little while longer.

Arabelle arrived not long after to check on the Dragon's Breath potions -- both used up, but thankfully, the player wasn't subject to the sight of another mess. She was, however, curious at the marbles An had placed in a wooden bowl on her counter. After so many failures with larger equipment pieces, the merchant wasn't sure if she liked how her luck seemed to exclusively lie with trinkets. "Pretty things. You're good at finding these, An," remarked the girl she admired more than anything. As a blushing An fumbled for her response, the other's ashen eyes lifted from the pale round glasses to peer thoughtfully into hers. "See if you can buy one of these from her? I doubt she needs more than one... and there's someone I know who might like this as a gift."

Senpai wanted it? Say no more.

"O-of course!"

Across her, Arabelle delightedly clapped her hands together and smiled. "By the way, congratulations on rank five."

The (no longer amateur) merchant sort of stared at her blankly.

"Rank... rank-- what?"


How could her customer have noticed her rank up before her...? 

An was still red-faced when NIGHT came by. Thanks to the convenience of the friendship system, all it took to summon her was a PM. Leagues better than giving her a specific date to visit and then worrying over whether she could meet her own deadline. "Hello!" she chirped. She was obviously very proud about the results of this batch; her smile alone could rival the sun. "As I said in my PM, I found a [Life Mending] on two trinkets. A tier one perfect, and a tier two rare. There is something-- oh wait, junk sale first!"

Right. Now the situation finally took ahold of her. How on earth could she ask NIGHT to let go of a unique? Would her customer want both, after all? How many [Life Mending]s were in circulation anyway? 

Oh, the transaction for the junk sale was done now. And now that she'd hinted at it earlier, there was no running away from it! Eep-- "U-um," the merchant began. "Do you... need both of them? I'd be interested in buying the one you want less from you. Offer's 5,000 col!" 

It took a single moment for her remaining confidence to melt away. An's smile turned hesitant.

"It's fine if you keep them both, of course."



[1] T2 Rare Trinket [143062]
ID: 153221 | BD: 6
ID: 153222 | BD: 8
**Marked for junk selling.

[2] T2 Perfect Trinket [143061]
ID: 153223 | BD: 6
ID: 153224 | BD: 5
ID: 153225 | BD: 3
**Marked for junk selling.

800 + 1,200 = 2,000 col -- sent to Banker.

+10 EXP

General stock:

  • [x100] T1 Materials

300 * 100 = 30,000 col

+300 EXP





Blessed Marble
T2 Rare Trinket -- Life Mending | Evasion
A white round marble with rose gold veins running through its cracks. It's rather small, and yet it has a comforting weight to it. | []

Junk sale:

10,650 * 0.9 = 9,585 + 5,000 (note: buying the second life mending trinket from 06/12/2020's identifications.) 14,585 col -- sent.

+32 EXP


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Buying an identified unique? In all honesty, NIGHT was surprised such an offer hadn't come sooner. Wasn't that the idea of a merchant's trades? Perhaps this time the life-mending trinket had caught the girl's eyes enough for her to speak about it. That made sense to her in a way; while she hadn't pinned Andromeda down for the supportive type, perhaps the enhancement was something to vie for. Maybe it'd be a hot sale.

A sale she wouldn't have time to manage on her own, anyway. Might as well let the masters of trades handle it.

"I could do without the perfect," NIGHT mentioned, looking over the marbles with interest. How she'd managed to pick up such curiosities, the player would never know. To her knowledge, it would've been easier for her friend to work with an item that fitted a majority of the player base. On her end, NIGHT could manage her rare's enhancements given time and an item from one of the quests she hadn't yet done. Perhaps when it came time to spruce the trinket up, she'd check her inbox for its details.

The woman pulled open two examination windows when her hands hovered over the marbles, before she picked out the one she'd wanted. The orb pinched between two fingers, she'd showed it off to An as proof that it was what she'd decided upon.

"If you see anything else interesting from what I've brought to you, feel free to let me know." A brief exchange of col, and NIGHT mirrored Andromeda's smile, intensity forgone. The marble vanished into her inventory in a twinkling of lights.

"Thank you for your services once again. And--" Was that a listing for the sale of crafting materials? The artisan's eyes seemed to flicker with excitement for a split second. "--Did you manage to hit max rank? Congratulations. I'll have to stop by for some materials next time..."

She'd shoot An a nod, before dipping through the door. A satisfactory transaction, just like always.


+ Received Blessed Marble.

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Well, that was something that Bahr was never going to allow himself to go through again.

One way or another, he'd made his way to Floor Five. Not a locale he visited often, so he was unfamiliar with the terrain or layouts of the towns. But a cursory glance at his map had revealed the location of a nearby Merchant. Still in need of Teleport Crystals, and this shop being the closest, he plotted a course and set out toward the mysterious storefront.

Once inside, he gave a curt nod to the shopkeep and perused the stock, eyes finally settling on the object of his desire. "Five of these, please," he muttered, in spite of his efforts to sound as cordial as possible. He left the col on the table, collected his bounty, and left without another word.

Purchased (5) Teleport Crystals.
5000 col sent to Andromeda.

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Five… hundred…

An was so gobsmacked that half an hour later, she didn’t even notice the extra amount of col that had slipped into her inventory. Or the new customer’s gruff attitude. Good for both of them. She simply nodded and withdrew a batch of teleport crystals to trade back to the equally pale-haired man. A pleasant ding! finished the transaction, and she gave a polite bow as soon as both windows were minimized.

“Thanks for the purchase, please come by again!”

It was a slow night, but upon viewing her transaction log just before turning in, An nearly choked on her tea. 

“Th…that’s more than half the EXP I had yesterday!”


General stock:

  • [x500] Tier 1 Materials
  • [x5]   Teleport Crystals

(300 * 500) + (800 * 5) = 154,000 col -- sent to Banker.

+1,515 EXP


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Itzal didn't really have much time to search for materials. He was on a serious time crunch. Thankfully, he had tons of col he never really used. So he walked into a merchant's shop and walked to the counter to the owner: Pandora. He was wearing his black cloth and leather armor, his cowl up. As usual, his face was completely covered in a shadow like mist which obscured his face from anyone viewing it. Even light shining into the hood would not pierce the mist. He moved swiftly and placed the bag of col on the counter. "I need twenty four tier one materials as soon as you can provide them. And I may be coming back here sometime in the future as well." He spoke using his American accent as usual, ensuring that he didn't reveal his identity. Once he had the materials he would give a polite nod and quickly walk out the door, closing it without making a sound.

Buying 24 T1 Materials

Payment: 8,400 col


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A handful of weapons for identification, not much more. She'd distinctively remembered Bistro calling dibs on a few items in her recent collection, and the armor had already been set aside for Yuki. It wasn't a fantastic haul, but NIGHT was at least certain her stock wouldn't overwhelm the merchant this time. All she was hoping for was a few occasions of her getting lucky -- maybe she would be able to get the enhancement she was looking for.

"Instructions are in the bag," NIGHT clarified, once the sack had been shafted onto the counter. "And I was hoping to pick up a few select items...?"



Paying for the following:

2,920col = 1,460col * 2 | Tier 3 Rare Equipment Identifications
6,060col = 2,020col * 3 | Tier 3 Perfect Equipment Identifications
1,750col =    350col * 5 | Purchasing Tier 3 Blank Dungeon Maps (5)
   270col =          270col | It's even now.

Total: 11,000col


Roll ID(s): [154785a] | [154785b] | [154785c]
Tier: 3
Quality: Perfect

Roll ID(s): [154784] | [154790]
Tier: 3
Quality: Rare

Item Types: Weapon/2HSS
Preferred Enhancements: Fallen/Holy, Vampiric (Offensive), Absolute Accuracy/Phase
# always on discord! uwu


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Krysta was willing to do her part in terms of making preparations for what she and Vigilon had planned. It would surely be a difficult road, and thus there would need to be some additional defensive measures to take. She had heard of the immolation potions, how they can be found in merchant stores. She knew that they could provide additional defensive measures, similar to thorns, and able to stack with them...but she had only recently heard that they can be more potent with different tiers. She would enter a merchant shop, and my, did Krysta pity the one who must have been so busy to have been unable to organize the place. She would eventually find the shopkeeper. "I am in need of two immolation potions...tier two, which would be the...Immolation potion +1, correct?" Krysta would place the col payment onto the counter as she spoke to her.

Purchased x2 Immolation Potion +1

Payment of 1300 col sent to @Andromeda

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Two customers and a message from Senpai, all after a week of zero activity. Wowzer. Just as she was starting to miss having some business! An exchanged pleasantries as she made quick work of the purchase from the blonde with the cute speech habit before looking down at the weapons she’d divvied into two piles: one for the Perfects, and one for the Rares.

Not that she really needed to– but there was always something about NIGHT’s requests that intimidated her into keeping at least a basic level of organization. If she wasn’t coming in with large packs of unidentifieds and junk sale requests… she was brining in handfuls of tier 3.

Weren’t they super hard to get or something?

An had a feeling she’d screw everything up if her noob T1 hands so much as touched their clouded surfaces–

Oh, there it was. They were all junk sales.

“So so sorry about this one!” Embarrassed, she’d only trade back a small amount of col when NIGHT came by again. “They were so rare and pretty, too…”


General stock:

[x5] [T3] Blank Dungeon Map | 300 * 5 = 1,500
[x2] Immolation Potion +1   | 600 * 2 = 1,200
[x1] Dimensional Backpack   |           5,000

[total:] 7,700 col -- sent to Banker.
+24 EXP


[1] T3 Perfect 2HSS [154785a]
ID: 156281 | BD: 9
ID: 156282 | BD: 4
ID: 156283 | BD: 5
**Marked for junk selling. 

[2] T3 Perfect 2HSS [154785b]
ID: 156284 | BD: 6
ID: 156285 | BD: 8
ID: 156286 | BD: 6
**Marked for junk selling.

[3] T3 Perfect 2HSS [154785c]
ID: 156287 | BD: 4
ID: 156288 | BD: 9
ID: 156289 | BD: 5
**Marked for junk selling.

[4] T3 Rare 2HSS [154784]
ID: 156290 | BD: 6
ID: 156291 | BD: 4
**Marked for junk selling.

[5] T3 Rare 2HSS [154790]
ID: 156292 | BD: 2
ID: 156293 | BD: 2
**Marked for junk selling.

(2,000 * 3) + (1,440 * 2) = 8,880 col -- sent to Banker.
+25 EXP



Junk sale:

5,550 * 0.9 = 4,995 col -- sent to [NIGHT]

+5 EXP


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"Oww!!!"  Freyd reached the back of the shop with a hefty lump growing on his forehead and favouring his left leg after having misjudged how best to work his way around the floor clutter.

"Nice place,"  he said, smiling at the shopkeeper.  "It actually reminds quite a bit of my own.  I'm a merchant myself, but thought I might keep the wealth in amongst us fellow players, rather than just letting the col disappear into the void of Cardinal's bank system.  I'll take two teleport crystals and four blank T2 dungeon maps, please."  He placed the coin on the counter, proving that he was actually serious.  

"If you're ever up in Angel's Point on floor thirteen, look for Freyd Edges in the monastery grounds.  I hope to have it looking as nice as this place, eventually."

(2700 col sent - enjoy the EXP)

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Yuki walked in with her head held high. There was better feeling than this. The feeling of finally own her own unique gear for the boss fight and being just as strong as she had hoped she would be starting out at the wind wasp.

"Oi!" She called to the shop owner with a smile while removing her gear and appearing now in a beautiful, pink kimono. "I recently came into contact with some gear as a gift from someone. So I wasn't able to give you the chance to give me a unique item like I promised. There's just one thing though: My gear has a useless slot on it. Mitigation. I can't use Mitigation on armor and I need it changed. Luckily, I've brought this!" She takes the Easter Bunnies Favor from her inventory and puts it on the counter. "As much as I would swoon and love you for making that mitigation slot another aura, I will take anything that it changes to. That item should make the enhancement unique no matter what. I think you have the best chance of getting me something amazing. Please let me know when it's done. I'm willing to wait here if it wont be long."


Reroll needed for Item(No ID present) - Rerolling Mitigation at 100% chance of Unique enhancement.

Name: Jack’s Flaming Plate
Item Type: Heavy Armor
Tier: 3
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: Flame Aura | MitigationTaunt
Description: A dark full plate armor that has hot-spot nearly burning and igniting flames. Small sparks fly with each movement of the armor.
Post Link: [Here]


Favor Bought [here]
Favor Acquired [here]


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Krysta knew that there was only one last thing to do before leaving for the trip: purchase items from a merchant's stock. Immolation Potion +1s, and Teleport Crystals. Surely, Vigilon and Krysta would have need of these if they were to take part in large-scale combat, as was anticipated in the plans. Krysta would make her way back to the Merchant Shop, Pandora's Wares, as she had done before. Once again, Krysta would enter a poorly kept shop. It still seemed that the shopkeeper had little time to organize the place...Krysta truly pitied the girl, she must have had her hands full to the point where she was unable to properly manage her shop... Krysta would bring four items to the counter, and place the payment on said counter as well. "I am once again in need of Immolation Potions...as well as two Teleport Crystals this time."



x2 Immolation Potion +1

x2 Teleport Crystal

Total Payment of 3000 col sent to @Andromeda



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A… Another reroll–

As much as An loved the feeling of having the shiny, shiny gold ticket between her fingers and a very pretty girl staring at her eagerly, to add, the merchant had to wonder if her previous luck with NIGHT's DoT greatsword would sway her luck the opposite way. "Flame Aura. I see! I have the counterpart myself," she spoke casually, as if to delay the actual rolling to the last possible second. 

"I-I'll try my best...!" Heat seemed to crawl up her cheeks at the kimono-clad player's words (she couldn't possibly mean it though?), and her obvious want for a single enhancement in a pool of... ten-something... would've had An tempted to do some of her typical gacha rituals had the other not chosen to wait inside her shop.

So without much ceremony, the merchant used the item.

It went poof.

And the polygonal fragments arose to form the results window for both players to see.

[Flame Aura]

Well, look who just did the SAO equivalent of rolling a double SSR in a ten roll--


General stock:

[x4] Teleport Crystal     | 800 * 4 = 3,200
[x4] T2 Blank Dungeon Map | 200 * 4 =   800
[x2] Immolation Potion +1 | 600 * 2 = 1,200

[total:] 5,200 col -- sent to Banker.
+30 EXP


Jack's Flaming Plate -- Flame Aura | Mitigation | Taunt -> Flame Aura II | Taunt


Easter Bunny Favor []
| Rerolling Mitigation. -- ID: 158057 | LD: 20 [flame aura]



Jack's Flaming Plate 
T3 Perfect Heavy Armor -- Flame Aura II | Taunt
A dark full plate armor that has hot-spot nearly burning and igniting flames. Small sparks fly with each movement of the armor. | []



Edited by Andromeda
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As Andromeda started her work, Yuki couldn't help but peer over her shoulder to see the result as soon as possible. A flash of light appeared as the ticket was absorbed by the reroll and send back into the Cardinal as data. The eagerness was barely containable, before her focus honed in on the reversed screen.

Flame Aura.

The girl's jaw dropped to the counter. She hadn't actually expected Andromeda to land that lucky roll but here it was. Her face lit up bright and her eye glistened in response. "Y-You actually got it?! I-I can't believe it!" Yuki grabbed her hand and gave it a good shake, grabbing her armor and transferring every bit of Col that she had on her person to Andromeda.

"Keep this! Thank you so much!" And with a wave, she was gone.

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Back here again. The last time she was here, she had gotten one of the best things to ever happen to her in the entire game, second probably to Crozeph proposing to her. Either way, she was ready to have this item identified. With luck, it would be an insanely good item for her to use on the battlefield and make her feel much less like she was a stationary pillar.

Heading over to the counter where one of her favorite merchants was, she put the item down on the counter. "Oi! Willing to give me another shot here? I have a four slot item here that needs to be identified. You are one of the luckiest people I've met in Aincrad. I entrust it to you."


Roll ID(s): [161658]
Item Type: Weapon
Tier: 3
Quality: Demonic


Offering CD +1 Witch's Brew to Increase odds


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Eh? Yuki was here again. Thankfully, she hadn’t actually followed through on her promise of kissing her last time; An would have just turned into a blubbering mess as soon as the woman stopped before her counter.

“Um. Yes! Th-thanks so much!”

However, that didn’t mean her face wouldn’t instantly warm upon hearing the compliment. Was luck even something she should be proud of? It’s not like it was in her control, right? An cracked a small smile as she accepted the item. Today, it was a single order to identify a katana. A [demonic] katana. ("Whoa...! Where did you even find this?") Yuki had also attached a consumable that gave a much-appreciated buff to her odds.

But, look– the liquid bubbling inside was a very suspicious and unappetizing green, and it was aptly named a [Witch’s Brew].

An looked at the vial.

Then An looked at the buff in an open stats window.

Hahaha, no– she totally hadn’t forgotten that it was common sense that there was a menu option that allowed a player to ‘consume’ a buff without actually… consuming the item itself. An totally did not have a very long pause where she tried to figure out how to politely ask Yuki if there was something else that looked less like it could kill her instantly from food poisoning. As the last fragments of the vial dissipated at her fingertips, she pulled up the katana’s identification window.

Four slots, here goes nothing–


> Witch's Brew | +1 CD

[1] T3 Demonic Weapon [161658]
ID: 167289 | LD: 13                  [bleed]
ID: 167290 | LD: 4                   [keen]
ID: 167291 | BD: 10 | CD: 9 | LD: 10 [freeze]
ID: 167292 | LD: 16                  [accuracy]

2560 col.



T3 Demonic Katana -- FREEZE I | ACC I | BLEED I | KEEN I
A sinister looking blade that is said to eat away at the victim’s soul. One can feel its malevolent energy just holding it. []


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Yuki scratched the back of her head upon the request for something a little more aesthetically pleasing. "Unfortunately, it's a quest type item and I can't alter how it looks. It took quite a bit of effort to get a hold of but it's best used in this situation." An downed the potion the conventional way for the game, by using the menu - She probably would have done the same - then took a look down to the weapon.

As the glow over took the weapon and showed its shape more clearly, Yuki realized that what she saw wasn't a spear - It was a katana. How could she even have missed that detail? The Unique enhancement was amazing, but she couldn't make use of it with her build. There wasn't any way she was going to invest in Katana. Just not her style.

"Its... a katana. Shit. I can't use this. Ah well, I know someone who would love this weapon." Pulling up her menu, she pulled out the necessary col and dropped it into the girls hand. "I appreciate you. Still as lucky as ever getting yet another unique. Man you are such a good luck charm, I wish I could take you home with me." She joked with a slight giggle in her tone. "Have a good day!"


Paying for Yatsufusa - 2580 Col


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“Five teleport crystals.”

“Eh...? Did something happen?”

“Nothing at all.” She moved to lean on the cabinet adjacent to the counter as she was accustomed to, lazily twirling a finger through her hair. It had been months since her last visit and upon stepping in, she’d found that she long accepted that Pandora’s Wares would always be cluttered – somewhere along the line, that had turned into its unique charm. “Since one already takes up an entire battle-ready slot, I figured just filling it up with duplicates should save me a couple of trips.”

Behind the trade window, the merchant blinked twice then quickly averted her gaze as if stung. “Makes sense–”

Arabelle was no stranger to that expression. 

“You’re still my favorite merchant.” 


Purchasing from general stock:

  • 800 * 5 = 4,000 | Teleport Crystal.

4,000 col -- sent.






Liquor of Light
T1 Perfect Potion -- [x3] Damage
A signature concoction of the Cintamani. The vial seems to glow a warm yellow, filled to the brim with translucent liquid sunshine. It tastes sweet when downed, reminiscent of maple syrup, though its flavour is diluted. Flows as easily as water.

Crazy Lucky Hot Dog
T1 Perfect Consumable -- [x3] Loot Die


[x1] Eggnog
T1 Demonic Consumable -- Safeguard | Mitigation
A hearty drink that warms even the coldest soul, and seems to give a blanket of warmth to those who drink it.

[x5] Lacrimosa
T1 Perfect Support Song -- [x3] HP Recovery (Instant Effect)

[reference] "Qua resurget ex favilla / Judicandus homo reus / Huic ergo parce, Deus." Hymn from Mozart's Requiem. The day of judgment is inevitable, yet mercy is all that shall descend for this hour.
[152478] [169952] [170252] [170255] [170261]

[x7] Lacrimosa
T1 Perfect Support Song -- [x3] HP Recovery

[reference] "Qua resurget ex favilla / Judicandus homo reus / Huic ergo parce, Deus." Hymn from Mozart's Requiem. The day of judgment is inevitable, yet mercy is all that shall descend for this hour.
[169941] [169942] [169951] [170250] [170260] [170551] [170556]

[x5] Für Elise
T1 Rare Support Song -- HP Recovery II (Instant Effect)
[reference] Lingering sentiments. Wilted flowers, and a love that never came to be.
[156275] [156276] [169947] [170254] [170265]

[x21] Für Elise
T1 Rare Support Song -- HP Recovery II
[reference] Lingering sentiments. Wilted flowers, and a love that never came to be.
[145557] [145558] [145560] [145878] [145881] [156260] [156262] [169943] [169944] [169953]
  [169954] [169956] [169958] [170246] [170248] [170253] [170257] [170549] [170553] [170555]

[x5] Liebestraum No. 3
T1 Uncommon Support Song -- [x1] HP Recovery (Instant Effect)

[reference] "O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst." 
[155067] [152472] [152662] [152790] [169949]

[x18] Liebestraum No. 3
T1 Uncommon Support Song -- [x1] HP Recovery

[reference] "O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst." 
[147461] [147464] [147466] [145308] [145879] [148590] [148592] [152475] [152481] [169939]
  [169946] [169948] [169957] [170247] [170259] [170548] [170558] [170562]




[x3] Le Gibet
TX Rare Debuff Song -- [x2] Lullaby (Instant Effect)

[reference] The sun sets on a dead man hanging from the gallows. Hearer, the bell tolls for thee.
[153244] [154814] [155206]




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She nearly dropped Arabelle’s crystals.


"It's not just that you try your hardest every time I send an order in, but you're like a lucky charm too. Hardly an acquired skill, you know? I wish I could keep you all to myself." 

Andromeda was actually internally combusting. Right then and there, with a trade halfway done.

"Anyways, that was a fancier manner of saying I'll count on only you for identifications."

Her rational thought processes were crashing. Error. Error. Error. “Do you need some now?she blurted.

"Something else." Another screen appeared beside their open trade window on the counter as Arabelle lightly pushed off the support and made her way over. "We have quite a lot to talk about tonight."

Then her brain stopped short-circuiting at the seriousness of the other's tone, only to spontaneously shove the memory of that night in Coral to the forefront of her mind.

--I have something I've been losing my bloody mind over for the past few months.

Pouches rained down from somewhere above her head, landing on her counter with heavy thunks. She immediately identified their contents as Arabelle's song crystals. One bag of violet debuffs, another of blue supports. Her confusion was enough to yank her out of the clouded ball of unwrapped emotions that had completely killed her earlier mood.

"Consider them yours," Arabelle said, that same silky voice An could listen to over and over again. "Now, have you heard about Aincrad's newest spectacle?"


General stock:

  • 4,000 | (5) Teleport Crystal.
  • 300 | Field Rations.
  • 300 | Immolation Potion.
  • 5,000 | Dimensional Backpack.

9,600 col -- sent to Banker.



T2 Perfect Salve -- Toxic Venom
A bundle of toxin shaped into a block, wrapped around in a white paper. Instructions are paired with each purchase of this item: "After unveiling the purple paste, immediately apply it to the tip of a weapon, using its packaging to maneuver where best to apply the poison to its best point of contact against foes. Do not be surprised when the substance fades away in colour after a time. Handle with great care."

(10) Dragon's Breath
TX Perfect Potion -- Crafter's Respite
A signature concoction of the Cintamani. There are no signs of liquid in this vial, only a swirl of periwinkle smoke seems to sit at the flask's center. When taken, however, it tastes of cool air, revitalizing the drinker's wakefulness and urges them to continue crafting; an alluring call from a foreign muse.
[160639] | [160640] | [160647] | [160816] | [160833] | [162646] | [162659] | [162664] | [167297] | [167299]



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This was important. A matter of life and death sort of important.

When NIGHT entered the shop, it was with her back turned towards the door, shoving herself into the confines of Pandora's Wares, eyes melded to a small piece of scrap paper pinched tightly between her fingers. A few paces forward, and she slipped the parchment onto the counter.

"Boss fight's soon," she revealed. It was a mix of concern and suspicion that haunted the woman's gaze, as she scanned around the rest of the shop, hoping that something might stick out to her as necessary -- a consumable or equipment piece that might've slipped her mind.


"I'll just take what's on this paper. Thanks, An."



Purchasing the following:

        250col =     1 * 250col | Glowstone (1)
     4,250col =     5 * 850col | Teleportation Crystal (5)
105,000col = 300 * 350col | Tier 1 Materials (300)
        500col =           500col | $

Total: 110,000col

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