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[BR-F25] And a Shadow Attend [Labyrinth Boss]

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The passage opened into darkness. Then, as if something from a fever dream, a scene began to play out. A dozen minotaurs, their cloven hooves eerily muffled against the hard-packed earth, worked in tandem. While most grasped battle axes, a small team gathered around a massive ballista. Their horned heads thrown back in roars that came as whispers, they struggled to load and prepare the weapon. The largest among them worked the lever, adding tension until, finally, he fired. The bolt exploded from the ballista with a deafening thwack that shook the entire space. 

The target, positioned in the center of the room, emitted a shriek of pain. Though the sound was again strangely distorted, as if heard underwater, one could not mistake the dragon’s violent agony. Spines protruding from thick reptilian skin stood snapped like jagged rocks. Long gashes criss-crossed the scaled hide, sizable chunks missing altogether. Perhaps most noticeable, however, were the ballista bolts lodged in the beast’s body. They quivered with each struggling breath, clinging like meddlesome burs to keep the magnificent creature from taking flight. 

As the last bolt found its mark, a final nail hammered into a metaphorical coffin, the dragon’s enormous wings spread once more. The single flap produced a gust so mighty that the minotaurs were knocked off their feet, sent sprawling across the dimly lit room. The dragon, however, was able to rise only a few feet in the air before collapsing with a muted crash. With a closing tremble, it lie still.

Before the minotaurs could celebrate their apparent victory, darkness burst from the cooling corpse. Like water from a popped balloon, it rolled in waves to fill the space, crashing against the cavern walls. The newly arrived party felt nothing as the blackness washed over them, but the minotaurs were swallowed by the swells. When the gloom finally sank back into the ground, it left behind only twelve identical glowing orbs. They cast a faint white light, throwing shadows across the dead dragon, and the stage now set for the players.


Thus begins the preparation stage.
The next phase will commence after 72 hours (Saturday 2/1 at 4:07 PM ET), or after all parties have posted.
Be advised, this will only be a few minutes in-game, so do not delay.
Declare your stats, equipment, battle-ready inventory, skills, buffs, and consumed items in your first post. This information should reflect the scouting thread.

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The passage opened into darkness. Then, as if something from a fever dream, a scene began to play out. A dozen minotaurs, their cloven hooves eerily muffled against the hard-packed earth, worked in ta

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They finally did it, they finally arrived. It took them a while with some fighting and some searching, some resting and some confusion among the party, but they finally did it. “Come on guys! We’re soon there!” the knight said as he rushed through the gates to the Labyrinth Guardian … but what he saw as he entered the darkness was not what he had anticipated “Wha ..” he muttered and stopped up with only a few steps into the new scenery “What is this? When had labyrinth bosses become this fancy?” he asked out to the group “Was it as fancy last time?” he asked again, hoping that someone would be able to answer his question.

He would shake his head and look at his status bar “Ok … gotta prepare for a boss like battle, time to get those consumables out of the way.” he  thought and began going through his inventory, making sure all the equipment he might need was at the ready and that he was ready to face a dangerous foe. Macradon could do nothing but to just observe the minotaurs fighting what seemed to be a dragon with their ballista, he would watch and begin to drink potion after potion, meal after meal, snack after snack “It’s like the cinema, like those 4D movies, they’re so immersive.” he said as he finished his last consumable.

< Blank Dungeon Map used to increase Party Size to 6 >
Hearty Seafood Soup consumed >
Carrot Sauerkraut consumed >
Beef Wellington consumed >
< Snack of the Snake consumed >



Macradon - Lvl 86
1885 HP
187 Energy
4 Accuracy
1 Evasion
23 Base Damage
 (35 w/ Holy)
- (1 Base +7 Skill +1 Athletics +9 Familiar +1 Ferocity +2 Protein +2 Potion)
127 Mitigation 
- (35 Skill + 72 Armor + 45 Food + 5 Filling - 30 Protein)

Blade of the Dictator ............ // +12 Holy Damage, Phase
Silverlight ...................... // +72 Mitigation, 36 Frost Thorn(21 on a Crit), 6 Freeze damage(2 turns)
Templar's Necklace ............... // +6 Recovery, +1 Accuracy

Belphegor - Familiar ............. // +9 Damage

Battle Ready Inventory
Teleportation Crystal ............ // Teleports the user to a designated location
Glacial Hide ..................... // +18 Mitigation, Neverfreeze
Flame Shadow ..................... // +1 Evasion, Fireproof
Exiled Requiem ................... // +81 Mitigation
Jack's Flaming Plate ............. // +18 Mitigation, 15 Burn Damage on Hit
Bathrobe ......................... // 

Rested ........................... // -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat.
Filling .......................... // Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Relaxed .......................... // Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Col Deposit ...................... // +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col
from treasure chests.
Dungeon Map ...................... // Party Size can be up to 6
Damage Mitigation ................ // +45 Damage Mitigation, +5 Damage Mitigation (filling)
Accuracy ......................... // +2 Accuracy
Evasion .......................... // +1 Evasion
Protein .......................... // +2 Dase Damage, -30 Damage Mitigation

Antidote ......................... // Less DoT and Status Effect turn by 1

Two Handed Straight Sword  | Rank 5: +7 Damage
Heavy Armor                | Rank 5: +35 Damage Mitigation
Searching                  | Rank 5: +5 LD. +5 Stealth Detection
Battle Healing             | Rank 5: Heal 5%(94) HP each post In-Battle
Fighting Spirit            | +1 Hate generation
Gatherer                   | Obtain additional materials after a successful out of combat gathering based on a natural CD result.
Hiding                   | Rank 5: +5 Stealth roll
Extended Mod Limit       | Rank 2: +3 Mod Slots
Parry                    | Reduce incoming damage by 50%(rounded down)
Energist                 | Add 5xTier(15) Energy to your max pool
Charge                   | Rank 5: +5 on Initial hit

Disguise                   | +1 to your BD and +1 to your opponent’s BD
Survival                   | Heal 45 HP when out of battle
Familiar Mastery: Fighter  | Rank 3: +9(Tier x Rank) Damage
Meditation                 | Recover 3xTier(15) energy with post action. Recover 2xTier(10) energy if you are hit before your next round

Skill Mods
Precision                  | +1 Accuracy
Athletics                  | +1 Damage, +45 Health
Ferocity                   | Increases Base Damage by 1
Finesse                    | Rank 3: Decreases Energy Cost of attacks by 3
Reveal                     | +2 LD when searching for dungeons and labyrinths. You may also search for a sub-dungeon or labyrinth once every 15 posts (instead of 20)
Surprise Attack          | Cannot miss from stealth. +1xTier(3) base damage on first attack

Justified Riposte        | Stun attacker for 1 turn
Vanish                   | In combat post action to stealth. Free action in combat to stealth if mob has been slain
Vengeful Riposte         | Return 50% of damage(mitigatable) to target

Tracking                   | Allows the user to track a previously-encountered monster, NPC, or other player. Negates all bonuses to the target’s Stealth Rating. After tracking, your first attack against the tracked creature cannot miss. Cannot be used in combat


Edited by Macradon
Update the Battle Ready Inventory again
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Baldur | HP 1540/1540 | EN 130/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM5 | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX 23


» Baldur, The Gaijin Samurai

  • Modified HP: 1540 (1330+90+120)
  • Modified EN: 130
  • Modified MIT: 94 (+45-30)
  • Modified ACC: 5 with Muramasa, 6 with Warden's Fury
  • Modified DMG: 27 with Muramasa, 24 with Warden's Fury
  • Modified EVA: 5
  • Battle Heal: 62
  • Search: +0
  • Temp Buff: +3 DMG (Alchemy Pot)
  • Temp Buff: +45 MIT (T3 Perfect Alchemy Pot)
  • Temp Buff: +90 Overhealth (T2 Alchemy Pot)
  • Temp Buff: +2 DMG -30 MIT (Rare Protein Snack)
  • Temp Buff: +120 Max HP (Merchant Rations)
  • Temp Buff: 30 "Thorns" Damage (Merchant Potion)
  • Temp Buff: +2 Accuracy (Cook Snack)
  • Temp Buff: +2 Evasion (Cook Snack)
  • Temp Buff: Antidote (Rare T2 Alchemy, 2 turns of status effect reduction)
  • Temp Buff: Toxic Venom (23 Damage for 3 turns on a crit)

» Base Stats

  • Base HP: 1330
  • Base EN: 130
  • Base MIT: 79
  • Base ACC: 3 (4 and does not automatically miss on 1s with Warden's Fury)
  • Base DMG: 19 (with fighting familiar)
  • Muramasa Base DMG: 22 (No bonus from familiar)
  • Base EVA: 3
  • Battle Heal: 53 HP
  • Search: +0

» Items Equipped:

  • Warden's Fury - Absolute Accuracy/2 Paralyze
  • OR Muramasa - +12 Damage
  • Montsuki haori - 54 DMG MIT/+1 EVASION
  • Emerald Teardrop - +2 ACC/+1 EVASION
  • Hammerspace Backpack (HB) +1 BR item (allows stacks up to 7)

» Battle-Ready Inventory:

  • Medium Health Recovery Crystal x1 | Rare Tier 3 | +120 HP
  • Basic Teleportation Crystal x5 | Good Item | Teleports player to the Town of Beginnings
  • Max Mass HP Recovery Crystal x7 | Perfect T2 Item | +30*Target Tier (30/60/90)
  • Max T2 HP Recovery Crystal II x5 | Perfect T2 Item | +180 HP
  • Safeguard Potion x3 | Perfect Tier 1 | Safeguard
  • HB: Max Vitality Snack x2 | Rare Tier 2 | Grants +12 Energy
  • EWL: Medium Vitality Snack x6 | Rare Tier 2 | Grants +8 Energy
  • EWL: Muramasa or Warden's Fury
  • EWL: Cerberus Soul x1 | Quest Reward | Burn Damage

» Skills:

  • Searching | Rank 0/5 | +0 Bonus to LD, +0 to Stealth Detect
  • Battle Healing | 4 Rank | While in combat, recover 1% per rank (45HP) at the beginning of your turn
  • Charge | 5 ranks | +1 base damage per rank (+5 damage) once per opponent per combat
  • One Handed Curved Sword | Rank 1/5 | Novice
  • Katana | Rank 5/5 | Grand Master
  • Light Armor | 5 Rank | +25 Mitigation
  • Concentration | No Ranks | Gain +1 BD for a single attack | 5 Turn Cooldown
  • Familiar Mastery: Fighter |  3 Ranks | +9 base damage (Does not stack with equipment)
  • Survival | Purchased |  Increases out of combat health regen to (15xTier) 45 per post
  • Extended Weight Limit | Purchased | Increases Battle Ready Inventory by 3
  • Parry | Purchased | 3 Turn Cooldown | 5 Energy | Reduces incoming damage by 50%
  • Quick Change | Purchased | Swap Equipment as a free action | 3 Turn Cooldown

» Mods:

  • Athletics: +1 DMG +30 HP
  • Katana Precision: +1 to Accuracy
  • Katana Ferocity: +1 damage on katana sword arts
  • Sprint & Acrobatics: +1 Evasion
  • Finesse: Rank 3 | -3 Energy cost to sword arts


Baldur finally gave a slight smile of triumph as they pushed open the door to reveal the labyrinth guardian. It seemed the minotaurs of the floor were laying siege to some dark dragon. Perhaps what happened here was a hint of what was to come. Perhaps they needed to use the Ballista to fight the dragon. Who knews. But there was nary a better group to be found to attempt this.

"Alright team Penguin, gather round, I have some supplies for you."

Baldur then handed out a few supplies through trade windows while also consuming his own to refresh his buffs from their scouting attempts.

"I'm going to start out with <<Warden's Fury>>, until we see how tough this thing is. If we need the extra damage and he's easy to land hits on, I'll switch to <<Muramasa>> Does everyone have a teleport crystal in case things go south?"

The gaijin samurai eyed the dragon and the orbs, already on edge from what he had seen, while his left hand rested on the handle of his blade.

"Yea, the last Guardian fight was pretty fancy, but it wasn't quite as boss like an atmosphere. The last one was a very technically challenging fight that punished you if you didn't come prepared for hard fight. Everything about this floor has said we're in for a challenge."

Baldur gives Macradon (1) Teleport Crystal (Merchant), (1) +2 Damage Pot, (1) Field Rations +2 (+120 Max HP), (1) Immolation Potion +2 (50 "thorns" damage)

Baldur gives Zandra (1) Field Rations +2 (+120 Max HP), (1) Immolation Potion +2 (50 "thorns" damage), (1) Teleport Crystal (Merchant)

Baldur gives Ariel (1) Field Rations +2 (+120 Max HP), (1) Immolation Potion +2 (50 "thorns" damage)

Baldur gives Morg (1) Field Rations +2 (+120 Max HP), (1) Immolation Potion +2 (50 "thorns" damage)

@Morgenstern @Hestia @Zandra @Ariel - The Crowned Lion 

Edited by Baldur
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When Baldur said they should all come over to him to get some supplies, Macradon did a penguin waddle over to the group “Yes, Penguins huddle together to keep the heat stable and sometimes exchange spots so everyone would get some heat and not just die out because it’s too cold. I guess we’re doing the same, but instead of heat, we’re doing supplies.” he said in a joking manner as he accepted the supplies. It was all some good stuff, something he could use a lot. Slowly beginning to apply the immolation potion, Macradon would also begin to eat the field-rations and down it with some potions. He felt ready to fight, ready to engage in combat at any second now, he just hoped that the rest of the party had time to prepare for the upcoming battle and that the party wasn’t just some easy walk, it was a challenge like Baldur said, everything on this floor was a challenge.

< Immolation Potion consumed >
< Field Rations consumed >
< +2 Damage Potion consumed >

Stat changes:


HP: 1765 -> 1885
BH: 88 -> 94
DMG: 21 -> 23
Immolation "Thorns" Damage: 36 Frost Thorn + 50 Immolation Thorn (21 on a Crit), 6 Freeze damage(2 turns)


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After what felt like hours the group finally arrived to the area that they had searched for during all this time. The entrance to the boss area. And infront of it was a legendary creature, but it was not only a dragon they saw, the mighty beast was pinned downed by what looked like giant arrows. The dragon wasn’t alone thou, around it was a dozen glowing orbs. Zandra took a steadier grip of her axe and looked at who else had arrived, She spotted Macradon and Baldur, already preparing for the coming battle. Zandra quickly opened her menu and placed a total of nine consumables on the ground infront of her. She extra checked so she had everything. Then she started to consume them, one by one. ‘’Baldur, do you have some rations, immolation and teleport crystals?’’ she asked, followed by a quick transaction. Now, she was fully buffed. Or well, fullybuffed by items created by players. For the floor fight she would get some unique stuffs as well. She extra checked her battle ready inventory before facig the others. ‘’Here, take the potions, crystals or salves you need. Im ready when you are.’’ She kept the transaction window open for them to use and placed herself in a combat stance.


Level:  86
Energy: 187 (172(level)+15(Energist))
HP: 2,020 (1,720(level)+45(Athletics)+120(Field rations +2)+135(OH crystal))
DMG: 22 (1(base)+2(2-hand)+5(wpn skill)+9(familiar)+1(Athletics)+1(Ferocity)+3(potion))


Fallen: 33
Charge: 26
Fallen+Charge: 38

ACC: 7 (3(trinket)+3(food)+1(Precision))
EVA: 2 (2(food))
MIT: 144 (35(skill)+27(mit hvy armor)+36(flame aura)+45(potion))
Fallen: 12 (12(weapon)+...)
Thorns: 80 (30(Flame aura)+50(Immolation potion +2))
Burn: 36-2 turns (36(Tesleths fury))
Toxic venom: 24-3 turns (24(salve))
BH: 101 (5% of HP)
Probiotics: -27 dot damage taken

Utility & Mobility:

Grandmaster(rank 5) Search & Detect (50)


Grandmaster(rank 5) First aid (50)
Grandmaster(rank 5) Charge (50)
Grandmaster(rank 5) Heavy armour (50)
Grandmaster(rank 5) Battle Healing (50)

Howl (10)
Energize (15)
Quick Change (12)
Expert Extended Mods (10)
Energist (12)

Weapon skill:
Grandmaster(rank 5) Two-handed Battle-axe (50)

Extra skills:
Concentrate (0)
Survival (3)
Unskilled(rank 0) Martial Arts (0)
Expert mastery: Figther (18)

Purify (10)
Precision (15)
Field medic (15)
Barrier (10)
Athletics (9)
2HBA Finesse rank 3 (10)
Ferocity(Axe 5) (15)
Bull rush (8)


Teseleths fury: t3 2-h battle axe. +12 Fallen damage, +36 Burn 2 turns 8-10

Inferno: t3 heavy armor. +2 flame aura (+30 thorns +36 mit), +27 mit

Handwraps of accuracy: t3 trinket. +3 accuracy

Zita: Fighter familiar rank 3. +9 Dmg

Battle ready inventory:

-Amphibian war rally: Unique item, paralyze all enemies for one turn. 1 use/thread.
-Unicorn horn: Unique item, heals players: 1 player 15% or 2 players 10% each or 3 players 5% each
-Santas cloak: t3 light armor, Life mending (+20% outgoing healing), Antifreeze, Paralyze immunity
-Jacks 2 handed battle axe: t3 2hba 36 Burn, 36 Bleed, 72 Blight
-Teleport crystal
-1x Mass heal crystal
-Mask of the dragoness +54 mit, +15 regen
-Vanity 2hba

House buffs:
-Well rested: -1 energy cost for first 3 expanditures of each combat
-Squeaky clean: First dot damage taken reduced by 25%
-Item stash: +1 battle ready slot
-Relaxed: ooc healing increased by 15 HP and energy refilled reduced to 2 posts
-Col stash: +5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests
-Multipurpose: +1 LD, Stealth detection or prosperity to one post. Can be applied after roll result.

-Field rations +2 (+120 HP)
-Immolation potion +2 (+50 Thorns)
.Superior potion of vicious dragon fang (+3 DMG)
-Superior crystal of the Mighty blood dragon (+135 HP)
-Superior potion of armoured dragonscale(+45 mit)
-Superior venom protection (Antidote-2-)
-Superior dragon venom(Toxic venom 24 (3/3))
Spinach-Artichoke Dip(+2 EVA)
-Hummus Di
p(+3 ACC) -Kitchen enchanted from +2 to +3
-Miso soup (Probiotics 3 (-27 dot taken))
-Small fruit sallad (Antioxidants)

Items offered:

2x Potion of the vicious dragon fang(+3 dmg)
2x Potion of sharp dragon-fang(+2 dmg)
5x Superior potion of armoured dragonscale(+45 mit)
4x Superior potion of hard dragonscale (+30 mit)
6x Superior crystal of the Powerful blood dragon (+90 HP)
4x Superior venom protection (Antidote-2-)
3x Superior venom resistance (Antidote-3-)
4x Superior dragon venom (Toxic venom 24 (3/3))

Edited by Zandra
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I sigh softly having not really been able ot be of assistance during the actual finding. Having mainly just been off in my own world having gotten separated from the group, but luckily found my way just in time to see some weird glowing orbs, and then a dragon corpse of all things upon a floor that has been strictly minotaur so far. Well okay then. A dragon for a labyrinth guardian guess i'll call this thing my missed chance to face whatever floor twenty one was about. I say to myself as i unequip my luck cloak and replace it with my enchanted heavy armor as i just prepare for what is about to go down. Glancing about i find myself rather surprised in seeing Baldur, and some other girl here that wasn't a part of the initial scouting group when it had started. 'wait...i think i've seen that other girl before.' I think to myself with a furrowed brow as i look towards her as my mind tries to connect where i could have seen her before. The sound of the labyrinth guardian getting ready to fight knocking me out of my thoughts as i just nod my head accepting that it'll have to wait if at all for me to know whoever this new girl is. Hestia reporting for healing or tank duty! I shout towards the others before quickly running to try and join for whatever will be the first hit against his thing. Walking past Zandra i take two of the buffs being offered and quickly use them alongside three of my own with a grin upon my face ready to tank this thing head on like always. Shouldn't be that tough. Lab guardian's are usually easy unless they're the last one which had that healing function. I say with a small chuckle and a small shrug of my shoulders as i raise my shield not having a sword in my other hand. Instead wearing double the heavy armor as i just prepare myself for what is about to go down.





Zandra item taking
Superior poison resistance (Antidote 3)
Armored dragonscale (+45 mit)

Items being used:
1 T3 immolation potion
1 T3 field ration (+120 max)
1 Snowfrost
Superior poison resistance (Antidote 3)
Armored dragonscale (+45 mit)




1x TP crystal
1x Diamond Dusting

battle stats:


Hestia: HP: 1970/1970    Energy: 176/176 DMG:17   MIT:214  Thorns: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1  BH: 98 Rec: Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction  Hate: +2(taunt+fighting spirit) Snowfrost: half fire damage   Antidote: 3





<<Lun'Rael's Insignia>> (Unique Item)A small badge bearing Queen Lun'Rael's seal: a crescent moon with a single twinkle of starlight. The pendant is quite ornate, decorated with a single diamond gemstone.

Magical snowglobe: Life mending x2, Acc 1.

Name: Aegis
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 8
ID: 98814
Roll: 9
Item Type: Shield
Quality: perfect
Tier: 3
Enhancements: +2 Thorns, +1 Recovery
Description: A shield modeled after the Aegis shield of Athena with jagged bits of metal along it in the form of teeth.

Name: Prometheus' Blessing
Tier: 3
Item Type: Heavy Armor
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: Flame Aura / Taunt / Heavy Momentum
Description: A constant light aura of flames wraps around the armor like a cape of flames. The armor depicting Prometheus giving humanity their flames of intelligence and creativity.
Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16227-f17-rank-5-merchant-valkyries-ascension/?do=findComment&amp;comment=572872 

Dimensional Backpack x1





Searching Rank 5  MOD: Reveal +2 LD sub-dungeon once every 15 posts. searching for a labyrinth to 3 posts[-9 SP]  Detect[+1 LD for labyrinth] [-9SP]

Hiding Rank 5

» Rank 5 First Aid- heals 4% per rank of a party member's health (rounded down)    Energy cost: 5% of healing done (rounded down) MOD: (12+3ENG per player CD:2%)[Field Medic mod]   [Purify MOD] [Rank 3 Barrier]

Howl: Active Post command.  Energy Cost: 8    Effect: Adds +2 Hate each against up to 4 targets.  (MOD focused +4 hate -6 ENG  CD:1)

Rank 5 Heavy Armor: +45 Mitigation (MOD: Stone wall 10 MIT, 45 HP) (MOD; atheltics +1 base damage, +45 HP) [2/5]

Fighting Spirit: +1 hate

Rank 5 Block: 25 MIT 

Energize: 8 Energy gain at cost of 10 to myself

Battle Healing: Rank 5 [MOD: Emergency Recovery]

Charge rank 5

Weapon skills:
» Rank 5 Curved Sword  MOD: Ferocity (One handed curved swords)

Extra Skills:

(Extra Skill) Rank 3 Tier 3 Protection Familiar: 81 points of mitigation

MA (no points put into yet)

Concentration: +1 BD cooldown 3 posts

Survival: (Extra Skill) Passive. Effect: Increases the health you regenerate per post to 20 when out of combat. Survival also gives immunity to damage dealing environment effects. 




Edited by Hestia
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Finally Zandra and Hestia came along as well, the party was slowly forming back up into a pretty strong core group of frontliners. If anyone were to be the heroes, this motley crew was definitely what was to be the embassy of the frontlines, a huge chaotic mess that worked better than it was allowed to. Macradon would snicker as he looked at the party and donned his helmet once again. Belphegor would ignite his hellish flames, covering most of its cerberus body, Macradon would tighten his gauntlets to make sure he had all the dexterity needed for whatever situation would come up against them. Warming up his joints with a few quick movements, the knight prepared himself mentally, looking through the visor of his helmet, analyzing the situation, “What are our enemies … the Minotaurs don’t seem to be a threat yet … the dragon is dead, but that darkness does only show ill intent …” he pondered and lokoed at the orb that had been scattered around the battlefield. “Now … you wouldn’t think this huge of a battleground would be in a maze without being too obvious … but it’s a game I guess.” he said with a chuckle to the rest of his party. He drew his sword and prepared himself, it was time, he went into a defensive stance and activated his Parry skill, ready to take any hits that would come his way.

< Justified Riposte Activated >

< Macradon > 1885/1885 HP || 23 DMG || 127 MIT || 4 ACC || 1 EVA || 187/187 NRG

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An uncomfortable tingle went down Baldur's spine when he saw Hestia, but he took a deep breath, and centered himself again. He wouldn't let pettiness interfere in the fight or what they had to do. They would kill this boss, and get everyone out alive. That was their task. Personal squabbles were not part of the equation. Hurt feelings were not part of the equation. They would work together here, because that was the cards they were dealt.

"Mac, I don't think I'm telling you anything you wouldn't already do, but lets get it out into the open. If we go in and we're just fighting the dragon, we're good. If we go in and those orbs somehow become adds, then Mac can you AoE to pick them up? Or do you have howl? You too Zan, if there are more adds than Mac can pick up, can  you give them all a good AoE whack so we control their hate? Ariel, Jon, and I" Baldur gestured between himself and the blonde that Hestia didn't recognize, "Will adapt. If it looks like you guys can AoE the adds down, we'll stick to the main boss target. If the adds have tricks up their sleeves, then we'll help you ween them down."

Baldur turned to Morg and Ariel, "DPS priority is this. If there are adds, and they're threatening, we have two situations. If an add can be one or two shot by one of us, then we each pick up an add from Zandra until they're all dead, then from Mac, then from Hestia. If they are tougher than that, then we all attack the same add until dead until we clear all adds off of Zandra. At that point, one of us will peel off to start putting damage on the boss, while the other two clear the thread off of Mac while Zandra helps us AoE in between healing Hestia. Once the adds are cleared off of Mac, we move to the boss. Hestia can probably tank the boss and a couple adds."

"If for whatever reason there are adds that aren't picked up by the three of them, then that 'loose' add becomes primary target from all three of us until dead."

Baldur turned to Hestia at the end, "If there are a ton of adds, focus on building threat and staying alive. You're a great tank, you know what to do."

Baldur then turned to Hestia and took up one of her T3 Mitigation potions, and a Toxic Venom and consumed them.

"Thanks Z, these will make a big difference."


Baldur consumes: (1) Superior potion of armoured dragonscale, and (1) Superior dragon venom (Stats in my first post have been updated)

Edited by Baldur
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He chuckled at Baldur’s question “Can I AOE? Who do you think I am! I got Rohk’s Talon from AOE’ing so much at that boss raid!” he said confidently and took a step closer towards the battlefield “You can rely on me taking out all those small cretins that will get in our way, let me be the lawnmower, you guys can take care of the weeds, I’ll get the grass out of your way so you guys can surgically get those weed’s roots out of here.” he said with a very confident tone, even if it was slightly muted from his helmet. 

Glancing over at the ballista, Macradon chortled “If everything goes as planned … I still want ot fire that thing, I want to see the havoc it can create. If the shockwave of just shooting it rustled the jimmies of those big minotaurs … “ he said … and if he wasn’t wearing a helmet, his face would reveal that he had just come up with the worst idea to date “What if I were fired from it.” he thought for himself with a grin that would scare the bejeezus of most. 

He nodded at Baldur’s plan towards the fight “Sounds good. I don’t have Howl, but I’ve been prone to  get a lot of Hate racking up with my Fighting Spirit, so that’s something we should look at as well. If Hestia gets targeted too much, someone switch with her while I take the brunt for a turn or two, get Hestia up and running again, and then I switch with Hestia. Sounds good?” he asked out loud. 

Looking over at Zandra and the consumables she had at hand just for this small battle, Macradon wanted to grab something, but he had already consumed a lot of his own … he would look through what Zandra had and think of his options. “I probably won’t need this …” he said and let his inventory be as it is. “I’m all set!” he said and stepped out towards the battlefield once again.


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After making a quick stop back to grab the items he left in the supply closet of his home, he returned to find that everyone had already left. "Shoot. Again? Always getting left behind!" He quickly began to move down the trail, out of the city and into the labyrinth, ignoring the man who was offering chalk. If he didn't catch up quickly, they would be too far for a return. After several minutes running down various paths in the labyrinth, he came to a stop, eyes filled with worry. "How could I let this happen?" He slammed his fist in the wall, losing a small fraction of health from the recoil. "Dang it. I've lost them, and now I've lost myself in here! Now how am I going to..." 

His eyes caught a small picture etched in chalk on the wall. 'A penguin?' His eyes followed along the walls and found another. Slowly, he traced his hand along the wall and followed the penguins. 'There isn't any monsters this was and the markings must be fresh because the owner is still within the labyrinth. Could it be the team?' He quickly moved through, following the trail of flightless birds. 

He charged into the area, noticing the dragon lying in a pool of red and the group of players standing before it. "You guys already got it?" He bound up to them. "I noticed the items sent to the party and already took them, but they were a waste to take if the monster is already dead." Though, after a bit of talking, he deduced they had yet to fight. 'Why is the boss already dead then?' He looked over to Hestia, who would be in charge of tanking for the event. He had armor that would be great for tanking, but with her the effect would only matter in the case of Area effect attacks. He stepped over to Hestia with a smile. "If you get hurt too bad, we'll get you get healed so don't worry about it too much!" He knew every time when he used to tank that he would get a bit nervous. 

Morgenstern | 1680/1680 HP | 138/138 EN | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10)


Level: 69 - 357 SP

Equipped Items:
» «Raikiri» DMG III | Paralytic Venom
» «Angel's Pendant» ACC III
» «Hollowed Raikage» Cursed | Flame Thorns | Thorns II 
» *«Dimensional Backpack» (+1 Battle Ready Inventory extra slot)
» *«Celestine» (+81 Mitigation) (Tier 3, Protector Familiar)

Rank 5 - Katana (+7 DMG)
Rank 5 - Charge (+5 DMG on First Attack)

Rank 5 - Heavy Armor (+35 MIT) 
Rank 5 - Battle Healing (5% of Max HP per turn) 
Rank 3 - Search (+3 LD)
Rank 2 - First Aid (8% of Max HP at 5% healing done)
Rank 1 - One-Handed Curved Sword (+1 DMG)
Rank 0 - Howl <<10 EN Cost>> (+3 Hate)
Rank 0 - Fishing

E - Rank 0 - Survival (Immune to Environmental Effects, 45 HP recovered Out of Combat)
E - Rank 0 - Meditation (Inactive)
E - Rank 3 - Protector Familiar (+81 MIT)

Active Mods
Stonewall (+45 HP, +10 MIT, 25% DoT reduced)
Athletics (+45 HP, +1 DMG)
Emergency Recovery (Upon 25% HP, Recover 10%) 
Katana Ferocity (+1 DMG) 

Precision (+1 ACC)
Focused Howl (8 EN Cost>> (+5 Hate)) <<Currently Inactive>>

Active Buffs

  • Field Rations (+120 Max HP)
  • Superior Powerful Blood Dragon Potion (+90 Max HP)
  • Immolation Potions (+30 Thorn Damages)
  • Vicious Dragon Fang Potion (+3 DMG)
  • Superior Armoured Dragonscale Potion (+45 MIT)
  • Superior venom resistance (Antidote-3-)
  • Superior dragon venom (Toxic venom 24 (3/3))

Battle-Ready Inventory

  1. Teleport Crystal x1
  2. Superior HP Potion x2 - Restores 180 HP
  3. Bialas Bindings - T3 HA - Para Immune, 2 HM(+6 HM, Paralytic Immunity)
  4. Vlam Blade Shield - T3 Shield - Flame Thorns, Taunt
  5. Twilight Protector - T3 HA - 2 THRNS, 1 HM (+42 THRNS, +3 HM)
  6. Jack's Candle - T3 Katana - Curse | Burn | Blight

Items Taken

1x Filed Ration from Baldur
1x Immolation potion from Baldur

1x  ... from Zandra

  • Superior Powerful Blood Dragon Potion (+90 Max HP)
  • Immolation Potions (+30 Thorn Damages)
  • Vicious Dragon Fang Potion (+3 DMG)
  • Superior Armoured Dragonscale Potion (+45 MIT)
  • Superior venom resistance (Antidote-3-)
  • Superior dragon venom (Toxic venom 24 (3/3))


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The blonde watched with repulsion as the minotaurs tormented the dragon with the ballista, a faint smile escaping her lips as they meet their end by its last dying act of rebellion. Her fingers danced through the cooling darkness that surrounded them, eyeing their HPs she noticed that it only affected the attacking NPCs. Next her attention went towards the orbs left behind. Curious how only those were left behind, the timing of the events happening as they discovered the entrance.

Taking Mac's example she scavaged her inventory for any leftover items and found but two of them, she'd use one as she listened to the rest strategize. She picked up some extra items from Baldur snf Zandra boosting her stats by a bit. After a few moments she also switched her weapon, seeing this as a good chance to test her new weapon for the first time. She summoned the golden tipped spear and smiled as her free hand caressed the feathered decorations.

She noticed someone looking at her and let a smile as the blonde saw the greek markings on her armor. She got close to @Hestia and slightly turning around, she pointed at her red cape... more specifically at the spartan mark on it. "We match."  She then nodded to Baldur's instruction. "Leave the boss to me! Ready to go!"

Ariel | 1630/1630 HP | 140/140 EN | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | AA +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRN +4 Fallen (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10)  | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2


[Battle Stats]:

  • 1,630 HP (70 x20 +30[athletics] +120 +90)
  • 140 Energy (70 x2)
  • 103 Mitigation (25 +63[armor] +45 -30)
  • +3 Accuracy (1[precision] +2[trinket])
  • +1 Evasion (1[Sprint & Acrobatics])
  • 24 Base Damage (1[base] +7[weapon skill] +1[athletics] +9[familiar] +1[ferocity] +2[food] +3[potion])
  • +4 Fallen Damage (Successful attack rolls of 6-8 (before modifiers) gain (2 per slot * Tier) fallen damage to your total base damage.)
  • +16 HP While in combat, recover 1% of your maximum HP (rounded down) at the beginning of your turn.
  • +24 HP Holy Blessing (After taking damage, heal [8 per slot * Tier] HP at the beginning of your next turn. Damage over time effects (Bleed, Poison) will not trigger Holy Blessing. Can only trigger once per round.)
  • +5 LD +2 LD more when searching for sub-dungeons and labyrinths. Labyrinth search cooldown: 3 posts)
  • Life Mending (Increases the user’s healing done to other targets through skills and use of consumable items by 10% of the initial heal (rounded down) per slot.)
  • Absolute Accuracy (Attack rolls of 1 no longer automatically miss. Gain +1 to the BD when attacking. Cannot be used to trigger a critical hit.)
  • Keen (After a successful attack, gain +2 BD until your next successful attack, at which point this bonus is removed. Another successful attack will reactivate this)

» ≪Shi’s Talon# 134787≫


T2: Absolute Accuracy | Keen | Fallen
 A long two handed assault spear made of polished maple. Its tip is a brilliant golden colour and is surrounded by tufts of white feathers.

» ≪Leonidas' Strength#134785≫ 


T3: Life Mending | Holy Blessing | Damage Mitigation+ | Damage Mitigation+
 A blood red cape with a black inverted V design in the middle of the back, if worn as light armor; one of the trademark items worn by the Spartans that fought until the last man.

» ≪Keen Eye#75489≫


T1: Accuracy | Accuracy | Keen
 A obsidian ring with thin parallel silver linings, that is said to increase one's eyesight.

» ≪Dimensional Backpack≫


  • ≪Vicious Dragon Fang Potion≫ | +3 Dmg [Potion]
  • ≪Brew#76531≫ | +2 Dmg | -15 Mit [Food]
  • Superior potion of hard dragonscale≫ | +30 Mit [Potion]
  • ≪Field Rations +2≫ | +120 Max HP [Consumable]
  • Superior crystal of the Powerful blood dragon≫ | +90 Max HP [Potion]
  • ≪Immolation Potion +2≫ | 50 "Thorns" Damage [Consumable]
  • ≪Superior venom protection≫ | Antidote | Antidote [Salve]
  •  ≪Superior dragon venom≫ | T3 Toxic Venom

[Battle Ready Inventory]:
» Basic Teleport [Crystal]
» ≪Codex Shake#86847≫ | +3 LD [Food]
» ≪Mothra’s Antenna#84766≫


T3: Vampiric (Offensive) | Vampiric (Offensive) | Accuracy | Accuracy
An Antenna that has been sharpened to a point and was taken from the corpse of Mothra to be used as a Two-Handed Assault Spear. The pole is a orange and yellow-like color, and the spear tip itself is white with tiny specs of black near the pole of the blade.

» ≪Firm Resolve# 134713-5≫


T3: Recovery | Recovery | Accuracy
A pair of crimson red earrings that slightly glow when the recovery enchantment procs.

» ≪Holy Sovereign Orb of Antioch#54988≫


+4 Prosperity, Bloodclot 
A golden orb around held by a chain to be worn, said to have protected heroes from the rabbit. An inscription on it says 'Count to Three, no less'

» ≪Guardian Cloak#65787 


 +3 LD
A gray cloak with silver trims, on its backside lay four guild icons all crossed with a blood red X. (pic.)


Items from Baldur:

  • ≪Field Rations +2≫ | +120 Max HP [Consumable]
  • ≪Immolation Potion +2≫ | 50 "Thorns" Damage [Consumable]

Items from Zandra:

  • ≪Vicious Dragon Fang Potion≫ | +3 Dmg [Potion]
  • ≪Superior potion of hard dragonscale≫ | +30 Mit [Potion]
  • Superior crystal of the Powerful blood dragon≫ | +90 Max HP [Potion]
  • ≪Superior venom protection≫ | Antidote | Antidote [Salve]
  • ≪Superior dragon venom≫ | T3 Toxic Venom

Ariel Joins The Fight!




Edited by Ariel - The Crowned Lion
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It’s the third time Macradon would have to turn back around to his group after trying to look epic at the start of the battle, but alas it was futile. Morgenstern … Jonathan … finally arrived “Oh, good to see you. You found the penguins I presume?” he asked as he turned back over towards the new samurai. He would untie his gauntlet again so he could do his pose when he went back to the battlefield again for the third time, trying to look cool … in which he had been failing for a while.

“The dragon?” he asked and continued “No it died when we arrived. Theses orbs here … they seem spooky, but right now they’re not posing any threat towards us. There was this funky shadowy darkness thing that spread around the battlefield originating from the dragon … but it doesn’t seem like that was the boss fight … I only think it was the introduction for what was to come. I’m glad we’ll have this team set up, it’s a pretty solid group, so let’s show Aincrad who the frontlines are!” he said with an enthusiastic tone, turned back towards the battlefield, took a few steps while he tied his gauntlet again, fastening it to his armor, arm and hand.


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Zandra looked at the two males in silence as Baldur went thru some strategy. She couldnt avoid to pick up that Baldur always thinked they should cover for jeer first then go Macradon and lastly, of course Hestia last since she was the tankiest of them all. Didnt he thinled that Zandra could hold them back? Was she only good for damage and healing for him? Sje looked at her health, that for the first time she got here, reached above two thousand.
"Dont you worry Bal." she hid her sad and angry feelings behind a smile and happy tone. "I will be able to handle a few adds. I also have howl by the way. Also have some gear ready to swap to if I shall take up tanking duty." Then she opened her menu and picked out the war rally. "I hv this, it will paralyze all enemies for a few secondd. Can only be used once a fight thou." Then she putted it back, walked up to Macradon. She planted the bottom of her axe in the ground and gave a quick smile towards him. Thou it was hidden behind her mouthguard. Then she looked forward, to the area infront of them that would probably be their battlefield.
She kept smiling and her eyes was filled with excitement as she herd a migthy cry from above. A quick glance confirmed that Zita, the kingseagle, was circling above them with her sharp, clear eyes darting across the field, ready to alert them of any danger. "Mac is right, Im not sure if there is anyone else I would prefer to fight this fight with except you five." She felt her heartbeats hard in her chest and her armors burning was pulsating faster and brigther. "Lets do this." she said and tried to look as cool as Macradon that looked badass.

Zandra 2,020/2,020 HP | 187/187 EN | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants | Well rested 3/3


Edited by Zandra
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The orbs began to tremble. It was a slight movement at first, and easy to overlook entirely. But as the seconds passed, the shaking grew more violent until they hummed with an angry, pent-up energy. The tipping point was reached when the twelve lights finally shot toward the dragon's corpse, piercing the tough hide with the force of a bullet. Now plunged into darkness, everything remained still. Then, the silence was shattered by a blood-curdling roar.

Nihilim had awakened.

Crystals set into the walls themselves began to glow a warm yellow, illuminating the boss room. The new light revealed the area's massive size. It was impossible to make out the cavern's ceiling, as it was so far above, and cloaked in darkness. Yet the enormous dragon still dwarfed the expansive space as it found it's feet once more. All previous injuries shimmered, then disappeared entirely. Bolts fell away, clinking to the hard floor to bounce once, then lay motionless. The discarded projectiles collected like bones at the beast's feet. The look in it's piercing black eyes suggested he planned to make skeletons of the newest arrivals.

With yet another furious scream, Nihilim swept upward. It's powerful wings now carried it's bulk easily, and in seconds, it was positioned above the party. A line of crimson traced its way from the dragon's stomach to it's mouth, the color a stark contrast to the hard, black scales. Something was coming - the players would have to work together, and quickly, to avoid certain destruction.


<<Nihilim the Dragon>>
[               ]
[               ]
150 MIT | 4 ACC | 0 EVA

Death From Above:
Nihilim is flying high above the party. It cannot be attacked this turn.

Dragonslayer Ballista [Player Mechanic]:
Players must work as a team to load, aim, and fire the ballista. Bolts are scattered about the boss room. A collective LD of 48 is required to successfully fire the weapon. LD boosts of any kind will not affect this roll. If successful, Death From Above is canceled and Nihilim falls to the ground, stunned, taking a penalty of 75 MIT.

The deadline for this round is 72 hours [Feb 3rd at 7:25 PM ET], or when all players have posted.
As in a standard rotation, each player may post once.

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Baldur watched as the dragon came back to life, consuming the essence of what had once been the minotaurs who had brought it down. What prevents us from following the same fate as the minotaur? Nothing, his gut said to him, and everything. The onrush of darkness had not consumed nor hurt them the first time. Perhaps that was it? Whatever the truth, they would soon learn it. Instead, Baldur let go of his katana with his right hand, and grabbed it with his left to hold it steady as he ran forward to where the dragon had once stood. This was akin to the last dragon they had fought, and the Rohk before that.

"Let's see if we can make use of the Balista. Someone help be grab one of the bolts, the rest of you, get the thing set up for a shot! It looked like it took several minotaur to get that thing into position."

The gaijin samurai darted across the immense battlefield. This labyrinth boss seemed more like a small scale boss fight.

It's only small scale because there's six of us. Should we have gone back and gotten even more reinforcements?

As he reached the pile of discarded bolts, he grabbed one of the heavy metal quarrels and tried to move it, but it was tangled up in the pile with the others, the barbs at the head instead of keeping it lodged in the dragon, instead kept them lodged in the pile.

As he was pulling the bolt, he noticed that Ariel had come up to help him.

"See if you can get the barb free and I can pull it lose!"

Ariel seemed to have the magic touch and Baldur was able to pull the bolt free, but it was too large and awkward for him to carry, so he and Ariel dragged it towards the Ballista.

"We're on our way!"

ID#135329 LD: 19 (Woot!)

Baldur  HP 1540/1540 | EN 130/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM5 | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX (9-10) 23
Hestia: HP:
1970/1970    EN: 176/176 DMG:17   MIT:214  THRN: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1  BH: 98 Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT redux  Hate: +2 Snowfrost: 1/2 fire dmg   Antidote: 3
Ariel HP
1630/1630  | EN 140/140 | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | AA +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRNS +4 Fallen (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10)  | 2 Antidote Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2
Morgenstern HP 
1680/1680 | EN 138/138 | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10)
Macradon HP 1885/1885  || 23 DMG || 127 MIT || 4 ACC || 1 EVA || 187/187 NRG
Zandra HP 
2,020/2,020 | EN 187/187 | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants Well rested 3/3


Group Total: 19


Edited by Baldur
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As she was getting closer to examine one of the crystals, it suddenly caught a life of its on, emanating some somber energy. Sensing something amiss, the blonde started running towards the nearest one but failed to grab onto it as it seemed to be pulled towards the dragon's corpse. She watched with gritted teeth as the rest followed suit and merged? with the corpse. The blonde stared as the dragon reanimated itself, roaring a warning showing its intent towards them. 

"Kore wa mazui....." she muttered as she balled her hand in a fist, the blonde's gaze trailing the dragon. The red marker showing that there was no way they could try to reason with the flying beast. She nodded to Baldur with only a quick glance behind at the ballista and bolded to help him. "I'm with you!" said the blonde as she helped him list a bold and bring it next to the medieval contraption. 

"Just so we are on the same page... Are we really gonna try and slay a dragon with this?" she asked reluctantly as they carried the bolt.

TL Note: "Kore wa mazui....." - 'This is bad. (We are in a difficult situation.)'

ID#135329 LD: 2 ( I cri everytim)

Baldur  HP 1540/1540 | EN 130/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM5 | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX (9-10) 23
Hestia: HP1970/1970 | EN: 176/176 DMG:17   MIT:214  THRN: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1  BH: 98 Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT redux  Hate: +2 Snowfrost: 1/2 fire dmg   Antidote: 3
Ariel HP:    1630/1630  | EN 140/140 | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | AA +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRNS | +4 Fallen (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10)  | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2
Morgenstern HP 1680/1680 | EN 138/138 | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10)
Macradon HP 1885/1885 | EN 187/187 | 23 DMG | 127 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA |
Zandra HP 2,020/2,020 | EN 187/187 | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS | Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants | Well rested 3/3

Group Total: 21 LD

Edited by Ariel - The Crowned Lion
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I smile towards the woman as they had come towards me as i give a polite wave and then grins a bit seeing the spartan mark upon their armor as a grin forms upon my face something that i can't help but let show fully upon my face. I guess we do match then. Hopefully we both make it out of whatever this fight is going ot be. I say cheerfully as after awhile the fight begin with a small pause as the sound and sight of the dragon taking flight and healing up comes into view. As i view the sight of the dragon's red line appearing from it's throat to it's stomach form as well as my mind is only able to come up with a singular decision in this exact moment of what is going to happen. Oh that thing is going to shoot us with the power of a flamethrower if we aren't careful. I really wish i had some fireproof armor. I say outloud. The sight of the flying beast prepping something being rather terrifying and saying something rather immediate about the fight ahead. 'tanking means very little in this fight if it plans to just stay in the air. Well...hopefully being able to wield heavy armor lets me help with these stupid bolts.' I think to myself as i just listen to the commands of Baldur and make myself quick to follow them without hesitation. Seeing Ariel help baldur with the bolt i quickly get next to the ballista and tries to move it with whatever strength i can muster to aim it at least in the general direction of where the thing is going to be not where it is.

With some difficulty i nudge the ballista in the direction of where the thing is flying keeping my eyes trained to keep the ballista ahead enough, but managing to fail in doing it fully since the thing is rather heavy compared to what i could muster up. We might need a few more people to maneuver this thing Baldur. I say towards the samurai with a small grin as i look the man in the eye and say in a mix of joking and serious tone of voice. Should i add field commander to that as a title or is that Macradon? I ask the samurai with just this amused grin upon my face to try and brighten the situation immediately.



Baldur  HP 1540/1540 | EN 130/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM5 | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX (9-10) 23
Hestia: HP1970/1970 | EN: 176/176 DMG:17   MIT:214  THRN: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1  BH: 98 Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT redux  Hate: +2 Snowfrost: 1/2 fire dmg   Antidote: 3
Ariel HP:    1630/1630  | EN 140/140 | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | AA +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRNS | +4 Fallen (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10)  | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2
@MorgensternHP 1680/1680 | EN 138/138 | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10)
@Macradon HP 1885/1885 | EN 187/187 | 23 DMG | 127 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA |
@Zandra HP 2,020/2,020 | EN 187/187 | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS | Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants | Well rested 3/3

LD:11 #135350

total: 32/48

Edited by Hestia
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Macradon watched in awe as the great dragon once raised again from the darkness with a mighty roar, the rings of the beast had healed and it fled up into the huge caverns. A red light was slowly beginning to show itself as it seemed like the dragon was charging something, it felt wrong to just wait it out “It has fire damage, perhaps …” he thought and got ready to do his job to switch to his Fireproof armor if it were to show that as its big quirk, but he deemed helping the others a higher priority than to think of himself first.

With its great wings flapping in the wind, blowing streams of wind everywhere in this enclosed space, Macradon began to get flashbacks of the Rohk fight, the first fight where he saw someone die, but she was a level 1, she deserved what was coming … but Azide … he did not deserve to die … With slight sorrow and High School Musical going through the mind of the knight, he shook his head and threw off his helmet to reveal his alabaster hair and crimson eyes, “I need as much perception for this job …” he thought for himself and approached the others.

Look over at Ariel and Baldur that were hauling over the giant bolt and mount it upon the ballista, Macradon would look back over at Hestia “I don’t mind the title, nor do I want it … it has only brought me sorrow, and it seems like Baldur is taking the lead on this one.” he said and began helping to pull back the string with the heavy levers. “Let’s show this dragon that mere humans can do a better job than minotaurs!” he said while he did his best at properly pulling the string back to a suitable position. “I think the idea is to shoot that thing down before it shoots at us, I wouldn’t like that burn damage before I’ve switched over ..” he replied back to Ariel and the rest of the team.

With every pull he did, it seemed like it was getting very close to lodging into place for the string to be fully loaded and ready to be released. “Jonathan, Zandra! One of you, help us pull that string back and point it at the thing in the air! I don’t know how gravity has been made in this game regarding projectiles, as I haven’t studied that at all, but let’s see if there’s any physics parameters in this game!.”. The plan was going smooth, they were quickly and somewhat easily able to get the ballista into place, all they needed was the sweat release of death the bolt and they were ready to wreck havoc on that dragon.

Needed 1 LD more



ID: 135379
LD: 15

Total: 47/48 so close



Baldur  HP 1540/1540 | EN 130/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM5 | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX (9-10) 23
Hestia: HP1970/1970 | EN: 176/176 DMG:17   MIT:214  THRN: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1  BH: 98 Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT redux  Hate: +2 Snowfrost: 1/2 fire dmg   Antidote: 3
Ariel HP:    1630/1630  | EN 140/140 | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | AA +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRNS | +4 Fallen (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10)  | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2
@MorgensternHP 1680/1680 | EN 138/138 | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10)
Macradon HP 1885/1885 | EN 187/187 | 23 DMG | 127 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA |  94 BH | 50 Immolation THRNS | 36 Frost THRNS (21 on crit) | 6 Freeze 0/2 | Antidote 1 | Justified Riposte | +12 Holy | Phase | Disguise | +1 Hate | -1 Energy Cost 0/2 | -3 Energy Cost | 6 Recovery
@Zandra HP 2,020/2,020 | EN 187/187 | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS | Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants | Well rested 3/3


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He watched open-mouthed as the dragon came back to life with the help from several glowing orbs. The dragon quickly swept upward, taking to the skies of the large cavern. The target was far too high for their melee-ranged attacks. He looked in awe at the battlefiled, almost stunned for a moment. He heard his allies calling, them gathering around one of the balistae that the Minotaur had left behind. "So we're going to be using what was left to us huh?" Joining the rest of the team, he would help draw draw the string back with the team. His knuckles whitened has he pulled against the string, bringing it back far enough that it would hit their target. "Alrighty, Put the bolt in and then on the count of three, lets release this thing!" He shouted to the rest of them, eager to bring the second coming of the dragon in front of them to a swift end. As soon as they managed to bring it back to the ground, they could attack with their weapons. 

135399 LD:19 - Goal Met!

Baldur  HP 1540/1540 | EN 130/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM5 | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX (9-10) 23
Hestia: HP1970/1970 | EN: 176/176 DMG:17   MIT:214  THRN: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1  BH: 98 Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT redux  Hate: +2 Snowfrost: 1/2 fire dmg   Antidote: 3
Ariel HP:    1630/1630  | EN 140/140 | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | AA +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRNS | +4 Fallen (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10)  | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2
Morgenstern HP 1680/1680 | EN 138/138 | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10)
Macradon HP 1885/1885 | EN 187/187 | 23 DMG | 127 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA |  94 BH | 50 Immolation THRNS | 36 Frost THRNS (21 on crit) | 6 Freeze 0/2 | Antidote 1 | Justified Riposte | +12 Holy | Phase | Disguise | +1 Hate | -1 Energy Cost 0/2 | -3 Energy Cost | 6 Recovery
@Zandra HP 2,020/2,020 | EN 187/187 | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS | Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants | Well rested 3/3

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Zandra had to blink a few times totake in what happened next. The glowing orbs flew into the dragon and it, awoke. She couldnt stop a smile to appear on her lips. Thou she quickly removed it as she realised this would be their enemy. This would be the thing that will block their way to progress upwards. As she had been standing thinking that, the others had already picked up the big bolt and was moving it towards the siege engine. Zandra only needed one quick breath to gather herself and turn into combat mode. Her face got a smirk as she headed over to the giant crossbow and started to lower the back end so it was pointing a bit upwards. Then as the others loaded the bolt, she carefully turned it around, slowly, slowly to get the right aim. "I am ready!" she let out when she got the dragon right in the crosshair.
As she herd the others starting to count down, she let out a giggle and whispered to herself. "Hehe, this arena is only big enough for one dragon." a moment after she herd the other say three. Zandra pulled the trigger, which was harder then she expected. She pulled even harder and finally, it fired!

ID: 1354848

LD: 6

Edited by Zandra
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