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  2. Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

    [SP-F21] <<Nature's Treasure>> Resolved Onto Death

    The amassed forces of the Sundered Spire had spilled forth on floor 22 and been repelled. Their defeat only exposed the depths of their resources and resolve. They were far from gone. Returning to the dark caverns of floor 21, Freyd had set himself to the task of finding and disrupting their chain of command. Something or someone was at the heart of this conspiracy and needed to be rooted out. Cardinal was the prime and most obvious suspect, but there could be other equally nefarious possibilities. He had to know, and to stop them. Winding his way through clusters of green and purple phosphorescent moss, Freyd retraced the supply lines of the enemy's shattered vanguard. More of their forces were swarming throughout this floor and would likely follow up with a fresh assault, unless they could be disrupted. While some players excelled at this sort of thing, many were better suited to straight up hero-fights. This mission required the sneakier-type to get behind enemy lines and cause a little mayhem. Watching a column of heavily armored dark elves with bloodstained weapons march by his latest hideout provided an effective reminder of the price of failure. Perhaps the blood was nothing more than a bit of excessive decor from an overzealous game designer. Regardless, it made its point. Freyd consumes: Yue’s Grace (4/5) Titan’s Strength (DMG 3) [160241] Cinnamon Rounded Stick (Prosperity 3) [148922-1] Lemon Berry Palmiers (LD 3) [157814] (filling +1) Lavender Lemon Bar (EVA 2) [158145-1] Well-Done Steak (Protein 2) [158158-1] Artisan Carrot Cake (ACC 2) [146796]
  3. Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

    [PP-09] <<The Iron Guardian>> Vengeful Victims of Villainy

    They headed west, following vague warnings of further Sundered Spire activity from an information broker Freyd had dealt with in the past. In shady business, one cannot afford to be overly choosy about the options and opportunities provided. Sometimes, you relied on a hunch, or a rumour, or just played the odds. This felt like one of those times. The timing of the man's notice was simply too perfect to be coincidental, and he had no way of knowing how widespread this faction's tendrils might reach. It definitely spread across floors, which already made it noteworthy. "Your gear," Freyd started as they tromped through the ash-covered geyser fields of the hellish volcano floor. "Considering its quality and the moves you pulled back there, I'm guessing that you're not exactly a run of the mill stray. So what's your story, Oscar? How does someone with your talents end up wandering down here?" Freyd was very much aware that he knew nothing of this man, and that his capabilities made him a potential threat - one he could not likely overcome, if it came to that. If any intrigue was at play here, he had to find out through other means. He'd been given no reason to doubt him, but that was exactly what he would expect a potential fifth column agent to do. It's what he would do, in their place. @Oscar Freyd uses Yue's Grace
  4. Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

    [PP-09] Bandit Camp - Red Crystal Machinations

    Freyd grinned wryly, knowing full well that reality was the other way around. It was still a classy move, which seemed to be Oscar's way, and he was cool with that. "Thanks. You fight well too - especially with that." He pointed at Tyrant's Wrath, but his eyes were watching the dissolving forms of the crystalline behemoths and the strange gatekeeper creatures that had spawn from them. No more tokens appeared, but their dissolving digital fragments flared with an unusual crackle of red energy, as if bits of erratic code were somehow laced into their matrix. He wasn't much of a coder, but Freyd knew enough to recognize the oddity of it. A UI window appeared at his side, clearly labeled as important. Freyd scanned and quickly closed it. "More reports of activity have come in from the west." His gloved right hand raised to stroke his chin as he pondered the information broker's message. The timing was a little suspect, but he'd received reliable intel from this one in the past. "I'm going to go check it out before heading up to 21. Had enough heat, or should we scuff those fancy shoes just a little more first?" *** Reward Summary: Oscar and Freyd each receive: 4 SP (1 page, +2 quest, +1 event) 350 col
  5. Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

    [F013 - PP] <<Feeding Your Enemy>> "A Rocky Relationship"

    Moving around behind him, Elora could see that he was working on an image of a stocky crystalline humanoid. Various symbols surrounded it, all variations on a theme: a blood red tower with a black sword laid over it. The tower itself seemed reminiscent of Aincrad's profile, and the sword was depicted with its blade aimed downward, as if shattering the tower through its core. Freyd had a small collection of tokens laid out in a patch of long grass, each one bearing a variation on this symbol. One had a tower of shimmering flame on a smooth onyx stone with an embossed portion for the blade. Another was set into sandstone and seemed to be stained with blood. He had at least half a dozen different types. "Hey." His voice was barely a whisper, but it was the first and only sign of his acknowledgement to her presence. Finishing his sketch by adding a deep black shadow through the thing's core, he shut the book and started collecting the scattered tokens. Pausing, mid-grab, he blinked and looked up at Elora. "Hey," he repeated, with a bit more life and awareness. "Sorry, I come here to focus, and guess I got lost in my thoughts." He smiled, weakly. Something had definitely snared his attention, and seemed to have him worried.
  6. Oscar

    [PP-09] Bandit Camp - Red Crystal Machinations

    Seizing the sudden opportunity that Freyd had created for him, Oscar spun his weapon around and sliced at the distracted Gatekeeper. He was more than happy to suffer a little damage if it meant it opened his team mate up for a counterattack. In that, he had been quite successful. Freyd succeeded in dropping the Guardian who'd had the misfortune of suffering the brunt of the Tyrant's Wrath. The second would avoid that. It would be a small mercy as Oscar didn't need to invoke the power of the Tyrant to dispatch it. A critical hit ended the creature's time on Aincrad, insuring that this floor would be safe for anyone else traveling it. With their enemies dispatched and the crystals destroyed, Oscar was able to breathe a sigh of relief. He put away his weapon as his Battle Healing kicked in. A touch too late to do any good, but he was thankful for the small boon of HP. "Good hustle out there kid. Would've been a bit of a headache to deal with if you hadn't been here."
  7. Kiluia Seiko

    [PP/F2] The Venomous Warg

    The message came as soon as he reached the teleport gate at floor 6. He opened the message immediately coming to a halt a little bit before the structure. Pingu, who was not paying attention, collided into the back of the man’s legs. Eyes looked down at her and he flashed a smile. “Pay attention, Pingu. You might run into something bad.” He commented before reading over the contents of the message. He hit the reply button and sent his message just as quick. With that moment, he was in a different scenery of floor 2. The weather was 90 times better than the one he was at earlier and he took a deep breath. He had always admired this floor but he enjoyed his home since it was close to the tropical fruits he needed for his daily ingredients. Amber eyes washed around the NPC’s and adventurer’s alike as they trotted along doing their daily engagements. Urbus was always a good place to be. The fresh crisp air, the fresh ingredients and the food of course. Garbed in his new items, he had broken the threshold of the tier rated system in the game. Of course, he was bottom line at the time. Footsteps traversed toward the coordinates that were given to him through Vie. It was a pub that he had not been to very much but had seen various times through his travels. Footsteps creaked up the wooden case and he pushed open the heavy doors looking for Vie. When he caught a glimpse of her, he waved to her from where he was standing. “Hey, Vie.” He flashed a warm smile to her.
  8. Arabelle

    Eruda's Evaluations

  9. Like a phantom, the familiar pass through the girl, producing blue swell of fire as it does that permeates out from its nexus as Raserei lands. With his hammer still ablaze, Griswold begins to grind away at the now cooling ingot as it gains heat from the mallet. It gains temperature after a couple of blows, causing it to light up white as the plate forged starts to bend and twist. "Nice, it acts as I would expect." Griswold remarks with a spin of it in his grasp tightening it straight, before more strikes begin to bend and twist the plate of quicksilver. Elda seemed worried without a reason to be such, given the shop itself was meant to deal in the fire. "Aye girl keep it up." Griswold would offer her daughter words of encouragement, trying to allow her the incentive to keep on going despite how shocking it could be.
  10. Urbus- a settlement essentially serving as her temporary home away from home at this point. Vie stretches awake, her arms grasping for the sky and her legs adjusting to land on the floorboards. Her mouth widens for a lethargic yawn that makes her eyes water. Shooting a message to Kiluia, a superior she cared dearly for at this point- practically family. Clicking at the send button, she checks the time to see half an hour remaining. Rushing to the ground-level coffee bar to grab a disposable cup she gazes out of the window at the vast mountainous landscape for a split second, appreciating it with the caffeinated beverage in hand for a moment. Lost in thought she catches herself and brings her mind back to Earth. Gulping the drink down, she disposes of the waste and dashes out the door to meet the white-haired male at a nearby pub. This time they would definitely eliminate Yogi while finishing the quest of course.
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