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  2. The giant snow beast had hit him pretty hard, and he hadn't expected an attack like it, so the last thing he knew was flying through the air. When he could see again, he was coughing and his back and front hurt, he know hurt wasn't the right word, as the game suppressed pain, but he could feel the tingling, that would have been pain. Before he could get back to his feet, Eatos rushed towards him, putting herself in between him and the monster. This wouldn't have any effect, as the monster would still attack him, but the gesture alone made his appreciation for her grow a lot. When she then healed him back up to nearly full life, he knew that she was a really important part of his life. "You're right, I'll kill it." he said in response to her telling him he could do it, and just to show that she was right, he got back to his feet, the spear in hand and turned to the monster again. The monster had come closer while he had laid there. He could see the blank hate in the monsters eyes, and he knew he had to kill it to prevent Eatos from getting into the fight. He didn't know if the monster was able to use any kind of AOE attack, but he wouldn't wait to find out. So with his spear glowing once again, he jumped at the beast, just a few feet between him and his prey, when the monster turned and with a loud roar attacked him with a fury of claws. They hit him multiple times, while he was still getting closer to him, he could see his HP dropping, but he would not stop before he hit the beast. Then he was close enough, and he released the swordskill, hitting the beast multiple times with a speed his own eyes couldn't follow. Then he beast exploded into pixels. Rolls: ID# 100321 Battle: 10 -> crit -> 11*12 = 132 DMG Mob: 9 -> crit -> 161 DMG Stats: Hei: 280/520HP | 27/52 Energy | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 9 DMG | Hate: 4Snow Beast: 0/250 HP | 160 DMG | min 24 DMG through MIT Eatos: 420/420 HP | 42/42 EN | DMG: 7 | MIT: 9 | EVA: 3 | THRNS: 14 | 2 REC
  3. (PP-F10) Mushroom Hunting

    "I can't understand them. This floor is really relaxing with the darkness and the smooth lighting by all those mushrooms, not to forget the water that is everywhere if you just look close enough. I'll try come and grab a bite every now and then. " He said, hoping that Froppy wasn't feeling to bad about her shop not going well. He knew how it was, as his shop hadn't gone well for a long time, it had just lately started to flourish well, as it seemed most other tailors had closed or weren't that active right now. When Froppy then told him, that she liked the idea of gathering a little more mats and dividing them, he stood up, and Tsu then added, that they could get some food at her restaurant before he would leave again. "That's pretty nice of you, so let's do it." He said, and with a last look at the waterfalls, he turned around to go and look for some more mushrooms to gather. ID# 100320 LD: 13+3 -> CD: 12 -> +3 Bonus mats T1 Total: 14
  4. After Hei had lead Elias through his shop, showing him what he had in stock, which had taken longer than expected, as Elias had examined every piece he had with great interest, he had told him, that his wares were good, but nothing was exactly what he was looking for. "Thank you" Hei replied to the compliment, before Elias continued, asking him about a custom piece of armour, and while telling him how it should look and what stats it should have, he added a custom cloak to the order. "Yeah, I got a few orders, but I should be able to craft what you are looking for. I can understand that you'd like a light armour that is agile, so I'll try my best. And about the costs, it's not to much." Hei said, before going over his prices. "You can have one piece of armour for free, as this is my special offer for new customers and to help the players not to die. The second one will be 700 col or six mats." Later the same day, a rough looking guy entered his shop, and after a short moment of looking at the stock items and waiting, he told Hei, that Pinball had sent him over. - that's interesting, haven't heard off Pinnbal for quite some time- he thought, before relieng to Reinholt. "Well, then welcome to the Hanger, let me have a look at that." and he took the orderform Reinholt had brought. "I can try creating it for you, but I have to tell you, that the offer doesn't include custom orders and that items of perfect rarity are quite expensive. It'll be 1100 col, or if you want to get it soo, 12 T1 mats. Besides that, how do you know Pinball?" he asked.
  5. Embers heard a voice addressing her, and opened a single crimson eye at the individual. Tsu appeared in her eye sight, and the girl grinned. She, didn’t mind Frog-Girl, even if she did come across as too sensitive for Embers personal liking. There was something about her, and not the tongue, that Embers found annoying endearing. The same way she wanted to punch every cop she ran into, it was just gut instinct. “The comp? You mean the volleyball, or the eye-bleedin’ staring?” She asked, not sure which one Tsu was referring too “I don’t care too much either way honestly. I’m wearing this because it’s comfortable. Trust me Tsu, if I cared about being stared at by guys, i’d be wearing something very different” Embers knew that if she was trying to get eyes on her, she could. It was just that right now, she didn’t care too. “Honestly, I didn’t have anything better to do” she said closing her eyes as she had seen the people playing in the water, and didn’t care to watch them “I didn’t feel like grinding up some levels, plus I haven’t just sat back and relaxed in forever” Embers let out a groan as she stretched herself out on the towel, flicking her toes in the sand lazily as her long burning red hair spread out wildly. @Froppy
  6. Hei's Items

    Name: Myrmidon's ArmourYour Profession: TailorYour Rank: 7Roll ID: 99401Roll Result: 10Item Type: Light ArmourTier: T1Quality: Rare Enhancements: +1 MIT | +1 EVA Description: A simple, form-fitting, padded black leaver sleeveless vest.Post Link: here Name: Myrmidon's CloakYour Profession: TailorYour Rank: 7Roll ID: 99405Roll Result: 10Item Type: Cloak / Light ArmourTier: T1Quality: Rare Enhancements: +1 EVA | +1 EVADescription: A simple black leather cloak with hood that drapes over the right shoulder.Post Link: here
  7. Today
  8. Arabelle giggled, a bit embarrassed at @Froppy's request. "Volleyball with a tongue? Is that accepted in the rules?" she laughed, imagining Tsu pretty much destroying all her opponents in the court using her tongue. Compared to the people who would be using their hands, the frog girl would have a much greater reach. The purple-haired girl then allowed Tsu to tug her along as she approached @Spangie and @Grimm (finally another guy!), who were both looking out at the ocean. "I'm definitely up for a swim!" Arabelle cheered as Tsu suggested it. Then, as an afterthought, she added, "Oh. Hi, Seb! Didn't expect to see you here." She smirked playfully at his question. "You guys will be watching us. And if I understood everything correctly, you're gonna vote for the MVP." And Arabelle stepped closer so only he could hear and subtly gestured to Angie. "Better vote for the girl that you like, then~." Then she spun around and ran after her blonde friend. As Angie spoke with Seb, Arabelle waded out into the ocean until the water was up to her waist. Then, she heard a splash from behind her. "Awww..." she bent down and looked at an upset Agni. The fox familiar didn't seem to like the water very much. "You okay, buddy?" Arabelle reached down and patted the fox's head before turning around and splashing away to a safe distance. She watched as Agni eventually got to dry land, submerged herself briefly under the water, and followed after the familiar. Arabelle ran a hand through her damp hair and took her place beside Angie. She grinned at @Hazado, the only other person who had gone into the water. "Yeah, the water's nice. The weather's perfect for it, too..." she watched as he almost said something interesting and promptly stuttered, attempting to correct his mistake. Oh, that's definitely suspicious.
  9. feeling really Calm now Hazado walks back out of the water, a bit rilling from the cold wind. as he walks out of the water he stands next to Grimm and Spangie, seeing Spangie throwing her familiars into the water who gets out all growling. Standing next to Spangie he puts his hand on his hip looking into the ocean Saying to @Spangie "That was very nice, but a bit cold somehow ... well, It was a surprise to see anyone else enjoy them self like that ... never thought ... a beaut... " Before stopping mid-sentence "Ignore what... what I just said okay" a bit blushing now Hazado looks a bit away and puts his hands behind his head. " By the way, I didn't catch your name Girl, you seem to know each other well." As he looks over to Grimm. Just before he jumped into the water he heard him saying about him playing many sports before. " @Grimm, I heard you saying you played many sports before, like what if I may ask? I myself did many sports as well, and I never stopped sporting in a gym. Played Basketball most of the time, Apparently, I was the best of my team" as he says this he makes it look like he is throwing a basketball into the hoop. Looking at both Grimm and Spangie "Maybe you can introduce me to the rest of your friends there ... I really don't know anyone here and ... well, I found out the hard way you can't stay alone ... even if I Avoid people most of the time. Maybe just Maybe we can become good friends? " He says with a Smile that gives out a warm feeling to many around them.
  10. Fetu Lagi Tried again once more. He put the materials this time in a different liquid. He then strained out the liquid. The materials all emerged together and became one. It looked completely strange. Fetu Lagi then puts on some gloves and held the substance. It looked like a nugget. It acted as a goo. Fetu Lagi then molded it in the shape of a ring. After about three minutes the goo turned completely solid. The craft looked complete. The ring looked like something from a game CSGO. It had the look of an Amber Fade skin. The ring looked pretty cool it was like a solid mood ring. Malachi said to Fetu Lagi, "Ah... Looks like you got it kinda Petu Lagi. Well, you got the idea! You can Crap-ft!! Well done Petu Lagi!" Fetu Lagi then smiled and grinned at Malachi. "Thank you, well that task is done what now?" Fetu Lagi asked. ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character 100319 7 11 17 1 Fetu Lagi
  11. Tsu watched as Spangie, Grimm, and Hazado all had their fun. Tsu was just about to get in the water when she noticed @Embers lay down on a blanket on the sand. Tsu gave a quick wave bye before walking up to Embers and laying down beside her. "Hey Embers, ribbit. Just saw you alone so I figured I could talk to you. Do you feel confident about the competition, ribbit? I wore this bikini just for the vote, so I hope it pays off. Me and you are about the same size in chest, so I wish you good luck, rrrrribbit." Tsu said as she stared at Embers' chest for a few seconds. "I didn't expect to see you here honestly, ribbit. Can I ask why you came? You don't really seem like the type to come, rrrrrrrribbit."
  12. Malachi put the materials on the workstation and then walked to the side. Malachi waved Fetu Lagi over towards the workbench. "Alight ye wanna v-be an Artisan. Ya must know how to crap-ft. Go do it make whatever you want I need to see ib you can crap-ft an item." Malachi said. Fetu Lagi figured that this guy has somewhat of a Pinoy accent. He talks like a Filippino. "Oh well, Let's go craft something." Fetu said to himself. Fetu thought to himself what to craft. He decided to craft an easy simple ring. He put all the materials in the center of the table and began to experiment. He was building up tension and stress and pressure cause he was being watched. Every move he did Malachi was watching over him on his left. "Hmm.... Ahh..." Fetu Lagi grabbed some tweezers and a hammer. Fetu then grabbed some glue and some strange chemicals that Malachi provided him. Fetu attempted to craft something. He mixed some of the materials in some liquids and the liquids completely dissolved the materials and became so hot that it broke the glass container it was in. The substance went on Malachi's workbench and went straight through the workbench like acid. "HMMM.. Ahh Petu Lagi its okey. Try again." The pressure was building up on Fetu as he attempted to craft something else.
  13. [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Tsu had left the conversation to catch up with another friend, and Dazia looked back at Benjamin. "Well, there are times when I know the feeling, where you just feel...out of place." So many social events, but most of the time, she would feel that she didn't belong. At least speaking with familiar faces could ease her regarding that thought. In hopes of alleviating her returning thoughts of being out of place, she returned to the conversation before she could possibly trail off. She listened to what Benjamin said. "I understand. Sure." He then asked about her crafting preferences. "Well, I'm currently on my way to becoming an Artisan, so I have been seeking out the materials that would be fitting to said profession." Yinangi was thanked for her compliments, and was also given the other names that Auranika went by. Assuming the players were the ones that gave her those other names, she said, "Wow, players must really look up to you, don't they?" Auranika looked at player near her, and, addressing him as Renixx, told him that he didn't need to escort her all over Aincrad, and that he should relax, socialize, and enjoy the party. Judging from Renixx's responses, Yinangi got the feeling that Renixx acted like a loyal warrior from his position, or maybe because of some devoted idolization... Yinangi smirked at the thought, as that would have a different name in layman's terms... "He really seems to idolize you, doesn't he?" Nova got everyone's attention, and announced that there would be a karaoke competition with six tier one materials as the prize. Yinangi then said to Auranika, "Hm, on that note, I'll talk to you later." She then ran over towards Dazia, who was following Benjamin to the food table. "Dazia! Dazia! Did you hear? There's going to be a karaoke competition! The prize for first place is six materials! Why don't you try going for the prize? Come on, you gotta try and sing!" "Whoa whoa whoa, just...let me think about this for a moment..." When this sudden chat about something that Dazia wouldn't normally do would end, it would be obvious that there would be a pretty good chance that Yinangi would be distracted by the sweets and start raiding the tables, if not clearing them out. @Benjamin Bookworm @Vigilon
  14. Fetu shouted to Reinholt and Pinball, "I will kill it! I got this! I won't miss again! This FLYING STINGING PIG is gonna die! I won't fail.The power of Fetu! MAGANDANG GABII QUEEN!!!" Fetu took out his sword from his sheath and grasped it. He charged towards the BEE. Of course, the bee is flying, so Fetu Lagi charged and jumped, lifting his sword above him and slamming it straight down on the Queens' head. Both the Bee and Fetu Lagi fell on to the ground. The sword was stuck firmly in the bees' head. The Bee then twitched on the floor a bit. "Ah, sick! I just killed a yellow, black queen! Yeah! Looks like I killed it." Fetu then took out his sword. He took a close look at the Queen. He then took a closer look at the Queens health bar. "Oh! No, It's still Alive! ONE HP! The flying yellow queens still ALIVE!" As Fetu Lagi yelled this out the Queen woke up and flew up. Fetu ran over to the other players. "Alright your turn guys. You got this!" Queen Bee 1/50 HP {H:1} Reinholt: 138/140 HP | 2/14 ENG | 7 DMG | 18 MIT Fetu Lagi: 20/20 HP [H:3] Pinball: 620/620 HP | 61/62 EN | 7 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character Link Purpose Time 100317 9 6 10 5 Fetu Lagi
  15. how to make a guild

    can I get help to make a guild please
  16. (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    Dazia considered working in a group with a situation like this was the sensible thing to do, so she nodded in agreement. Benjamin looked at Yinangi as he said that he remembered from last time that someone had a tendency to run off on her own. He then offered her a teleport crystal. "Thanks," She said as she took the crystal. "I've got all my gear this time, so I guess I'll use this in case things get too rough, otherwise I'll return it when this is over." Benjamin spoke of the spiders that preferred to attack lone targets, as well as the fact that getting lost would be easy. "Then wherever we end up, we should stay close by to each other, even if we get lost as a group. So that even if a spider does come by, we'll be able to handle them." Benjamin started on the path, and Dazia would follow close by, holding Yinangi's hand just in case. @Benjamin Bookworm
  17. Keep 'er Rolling! ID: 100315 BD: 7+2+1=10 Hit! Hikoru used Swarm: 14x18 = 252 - 50 = 202 Damage to Bialas -1 Tears of Tranquility to Hidden (+120 HP) Bialas' Stats: Players' Stats:
  18. I gaze towards the boss as it has this really pitiful look as i gaze away from it not wanting to stare at the creature as it is clearly within pain as i move over towards Hidden quickly healing her up as much as i can. Not seeing the lightning till it struck Hidden as the electrical charge hits us both as i grit my teeth ignoring the byproduct of the electrical charge that passed into me as i heal up Hidden as best as i could do so. Once that is completed i just nod my head towards the girl with a kind smile figuring i don't need to say to the girl how to do her job as i back away to observe the fight with some curiosity as i wait to see what will occur from the fight. What the end of a boss fight will actually look like when it is defeated, and what occurs after a boss is killed by the gathered players. Only hoping that this boss' death can be quick not liking to see the poor creature within so much clear pain. Even if it is trying to kill them all still feeling that small tug at my heart strings at how natural it looks. First Aid on Hidden: heals 161 Energy Cost: 8 #100313 CD:7 75 DMG #100314 CD:5 Bialas Player Stats
  19. Sky pulled his messages up, seeing one from Eatos, his second. Recently, especially after one of there last adventures, they were in the process of talking about allying themselves with a guild. He had told her to handle it, and it seemed she had. She had already set up a meeting. He knew he should come in some formal attire for once, he was about to be representing his own guild... With a slight rush, he quickly got out of his bed, his wolf jumping off his feet to allow him to move, Sky quickly going to his shop, finding a formal suit he had made a while back for a wedding, well, for someone to buy if they were going to a wedding. With that, he bolted down the mountain, heading for the fourth floor, entering the gate and warping to the snowy home of Eatos. Upon entering it, he started wondering a lot more who they were allying with, she hadn't said who they were allying with... He shook the thoughts out, knowing he would see who when he entered the store. His wolf walked behind him, Silver having realized that this was an important occasion, walked by his side, making it seem like she was well trained. Once at her store, he knocked on the door before opening it, looking around and seeing them by the couch, and who he saw.... Was someone he had only met once or twice, Domarus. This is who we are allying with? I barely know him.... I'l trust her to know what she is doing "Hello, sorry i am late. I was two floors down, took some time to travel from my own home" He said, attempting to be a little formal.
  20. Dazia slowed down a bit when she saw players heading towards her. "I don't mind if you tag along. I'm heading over to one of the small caverns in this floor. I know one with crystalline skylights that is said to contain various materials, usually gemstones. We'll be able to see just fine as long as the sun is up, so there isn't any need to worry. I'm trying to gather materials so that I can learn how to be an Artisan." Another player came by and asked what was with the grouping. "I'm hoping to become an Artisan, so I'm heading over to a cavern in this floor that I heard has plenty of materials to be found, and crystalline skylights that keep the caverns lit during the day." Yinangi jumped into the conversation. "You're welcome to tag along if you'd like!" Dazia sighed inwardly. What a day this might end up being. @Reinka
  21. the might silver equine beast gazes towards the players that mock and glare at it within its weakened state the storm thundering and exploding with electric energy as it slams down upon the third group electrocuting the more fast members of the group proving that speed these players have can't match the speed of lightning. The equine beast slowly gets up onto its feet once more ignoring the wounds done by the green haired one and fixes its gaze firmly upon the loud metallic one as it loud out a loud scream before charging towards the tank slamming its body into the tanks armored form ignoring the pain it felt as electricity jumps from its charged body against the tank getting past the shield and heavy armor to shock the player to its core. After the attack the boss rushes past the tank in question and once more huffing and puffing turns itself slowly towards the third group. Its leg still shaking and the boss seeming to be in more pain then anything else as the electricity around it is becoming less and less while the storm just rampages more and more the bolts striking faster and harder and the electrical discharge spreading out farther leaving the black haired armored figure, and the small black cloaked one with electrical charges around them. Bialas' Attack Bialas Player Stats
  22. DO NOT ENTER That is the sign that is displayed to anyone that stumbles across this hidden place in the corner of the safe zone. No one really knows what is going on down there, or what is being produced, but an evil laughter can be heard occasionally, and glass shatters can be heard at times as well. Besides, it was obvious that the sign was enough evidence that the owner of the place does not wish for anyone to enter the small, poorly made shack. Although it is classified as a shop, the shop is closed 24/7, meaning that whatever was inside is not for sale, but probably for the personal use of whoever was in charge. No one really knows who owns the place, as no one has really seen him or her enter or leave the place. Perhaps there is even a back entrance to the mysterious place. Not that most players really cared about what goes down in there, as long as its not really hurting anyone... but is it really? Is it not? Who knows? There's nothing that can be done about it.
  23. I grin with a smile on my face at seeing Domarus strike all the nemeon beasts knocking them down to almost nothing as i grin even more so at seeing my HP drop more and more with each strike done to me as it actually makes me lose some HP that could put me in some slight danger. Knowing i should be scared because of that fact, but just being excited that for once a greek myth is putting me into danger and making me consider them a actual threat getting me all excited with the biggest grin upon my face because of that. I raise my shield as the male smashes into my sheet quickly followed by his three mates as each one shatters into crystals upon my shield as i gaze towards the nemeon male with a grin on my face. Well beast you have done good for making me drop to around 75%, but i have to tell you that you're dead now. You should've never tried to mess with this group. You fate has been sealed, but you were a worthy adversary i am excited to meet again in the future. i say with the biggest grin on my face as i gaze towards the enemy completely relaxed trusting Pin or Domarus to kill the enemy remaining. Battle Actions: (post edited later when partners edit) Battle stats
  24. The fires rise ID# 100295 BD: 10 ID# 100296 BD: 3+5-2=6 ID# 100297 BD: 9 ID# 100298 BD: 9 15+2x14-82=156 dmg 15x14-47=163 dmg 15+1x14-47=177 dmg
  25. Gonna edit this later tmmrw i have school in the morning lmao The Dice Roller loves me btw, if you cant tell such a lucky goose ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] Miss! [+1 EN, -2 EN] Nemeon Lion: ID# 100294 BD: 1 (Critical Miss!) Battle Stats:
  26. Sharr was just walking around town after stealing a simple sandwhich from a group of players in a gavern nearby. 'It is just a sandwhich, I bet they won't even bat an eye once they find out that I took it.' He was about to take a bite when he heard ruckus from somewhere nearby. It was getting louder as time went by. Soon enough he could hear the words, they were pleading for someone to stop. Then he saw a familiar stop running nearby, Sharr stopped finishing the sandwhich for a while and approached the Nine-tailed fox. "Hey I know-" He was cut short by someone crashing into him, his sandwhich flying from his hand, falling to the familiars head, making a soft "splat" before it shattered and disappeared. "Oww..." Sharr was lying on the ground with someone on him. He tried to get her off but stopped when his hands found its way to her chest, accidentally held them tight them. "Hey you're that girl from that party, Spanky was it?" He tried one more attempt to get her off but stopped once he accidentally held them tight again. 'Who knew they could feel this real in the NerveGear.'
  27. I grin as i look over and see Pinball deal the first attack knocking the king lion down a lot of HP points as i see Domarus follow through knocking each of the lionesses with an attack. I hear his comment before he does so and rolls my eyes. I am a tank if i get in danger of dying i will just heal myself with field medic, or even one of the many potions i have. I say towards the red head player as i then quickly follow up with a howl making them focus back on me having seen one glance towards Domarus as if contemplating attacking the red haired players. Come at me lions! I am the iron wall of Aincrad! You can't topple me ever and if you think otherwise strike me now! I say towards the creatures as they glare at me directly as if understanding my words as the monsters charge towards me right away as i raise my shield in preparation for an attack. I see the male lion slam into the my shield as i dig into the ground taking the hit, but then finds my shield bit into as i grit my teeth still not giving into the attack. A lioness backs the male up slamming into my side as i take a few steps to the side from the strike refusing to fall over from the attacks as the pack of four backs away once more as i remain standing taking some deep breathes. 'They are just weaker venom wargs stay on your feet hest.' I think to myself with a nod of my head as my posture and stance looks like none of the attacks even fazed me as if i was unimpressed with the strikes. Come on i thought you were meant to be stronger! You are pathetic wastes of space if you can't live up to the legends! Come on give me a challenge you weak grecian beasts! I say to antagonize them once more as i prep for the next attack keeping a calm and confident look. The Actions: Battle stats
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