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    Oikawa's Chest

    Items 3, 4, & 5:
  3. (Was too lazy lmao) “Yeah, that’s pretty nice to have around. You’re kind of the first ‘tank’ that I’ve actually met, now that I think about it...” she mumbled, rubbing her chin. “Bah. I’m still pretty basic in the heat that I have,” she sighed and looked down at her armor. “It’s cool though. I don’t plan on doing quests alone, I’ll have some people helping whether they like it or not.” She snickered and buy her lip boyishly. She shook her head defiantly. “I mean, when I said I would do wursts with other people, I wouldn’t want like a huge group of players. I’m not so well with large amounts of people.” She sighed and rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly. “I have been doing a lot of parties recently but I try to keep it at a minimum.” She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and smiled to herself. @Hazado
  4. Mishiro accepted the hand that was offered to her and shook it firmly. Alright. Now she was at least acquainted with the groom. Then he stepped closer and in a voice low enough that only she could hear, he asked the usual question. She had to hold back a laugh. "If she talks to you and teases you in that same manner every day, you sort of develop an immunity to it," she responded, speaking softly so her purple-haired friend wouldn't hear. Then she took a step back and gave a more serious response. This one was loud enough to be heard by Arabelle, and vague enough for the small girl to start overthinking things. "And it has a certain charm to it, I guess. Makes you smile sometimes, doesn't it?" She stepped back and watched Hazado and Arabelle's proceeding interactions with a small smile. Her friend mentioned earlier that they hadn't seen each other in a while, but they still seemed quite close. Like a big brother and a mischievous little sister. Her attention drifted to the other guests. Most having conversations with their friends, and a few simply sitting to the side and waiting for the ceremony to start. She didn't know any of them. They were all unfamiliar, people she had never once encountered in her--wait. Hestia the police chief, conversing with a blonde woman in a black dress. Mishiro considered approaching her, just to say hi and give an update, but then decided to reserve it for later. She seemed busy. Mishiro tapped Arabelle on the shoulder and gestured to the seats on the second-to-the-last row. "I'll be there."
  5. (I feel terrible sorry Kirbs for not posting, Also Why don't you roll to look for a chest, YOu prob going to find one,) Sure it was nice to hear that he was just normal, Kirbs then started to speak about the Familiar she wanted, a buddy that could also fight quite well, but there were a lot of creatures around on this floor. From Item Mimics to Sand Wurms. "Well, sometimes it is good to have a tank or support behind you, well a tank in front of you and the support behind you. But you get the idea, just sometimes you need to fight together with someone else to get what you want, I also found this out quite a bit later on a later level. I may do Damage to a lot of things But I never been more venerable then this." He said looking at his armor he was wearing at the moment. "You may don't join a guild or make one as I did as a leader of the garnet ranger, but I still like to help people like you who don't have a guild, and that is what you call a Party circle, People you party with a lot but you are not in a guild together." He said before looking into the distance a bit thinking about what the hell he was needing to do. @Kirbs
  6. Flames licked at the edge of the furnace as metals sparked and glowed with each entry and exit from the fire. Oikawa looked up as the bell chimed, signifying yet another customer entry. His gaze settled on the intruder. A smile creasing his features as he nodded to the familiar face. As Calrex mentioned the changes in Oikawa's appearance, the noirette materialized <Grand Skypiercer> in response. King excitedly purred at the return of his feathered friend he sat perched upon a ledge before swooping down and landing next to the cub. "Yeah, as they say new year new me. This just seemed more fitting I suppose." Oikawa noticed a small furrow in the bluenette's brow. Somethings not right. But Calrex never mentioned it and instead chimed he needed to test the weapon out. "I have a few more orders to handle here, once they're complete; quest, we shall." Waving each other off, Oikawa turned to restart on his orders when the bell chimed again. This time a very unfamiliar face approached his counter. Seemingly friendly enough, Oikawa waved a soft hello in response to the young lads greeting. Looking over his request, Oikawa responded. "I should have this complete soon enough. I'll Pm you upon completion and approval." With that Oikawa took the payment and began working. Crafts Attempted: New Items:
  7. Pinball

    [PP-F8] Ink Blot

    "Really, when you're talking about your life, try to sound less dismissive." He didn't really respond to that statement, but his lip kind of curled and he stared into the fire, eyebrows furrowed. But he didn't speak. There were just things you shouldn't say. "No," he said softly, "it's not." He kept talking. "Things almost seemed normal after I came back. But I was scared. Fighting... I- I didn't like it. But I did." He turned to Mishiro with wide eyes, and slowly turned back away. "That's- that's the problem," he mumbled, rubbing his eyes. "I met Dustin after the fight. It was weird." He didn't know he could feel about another guy like that. "He was weird. In a good way, you know? He was a nice guy, and had this thing for carrying tons of food on him. But he loved to fight. Thought it was the best thing was in the world. And it was like he would adapt to other people's personalities. I didn't like either of those things. But I did, actually... get a little bit attached." He felt his heart start to pick up pace. This was it. "I hit a really low point. I went to that mountain - a mountain. There was a mountain I had visited with Froppy, once, see," he explained, "we were hunting this item? It was hanging from a pedestal on one of those nameless mountains. It was worthless, but Sugutsuya had followed us and swiped it before we could grab it.And, um, I.. I visited it there. I-" He paused, his voice starting to shake a little bit, but he was visibly sucking it up. He swallowed the lump in his throat. "I think I knew what I was doing. He was there." Pinball pulled his hand from Mishiro's. "Everything came up at once." He felt like he wanted to puke. "I, uhh.." He couldn't make himself go into detail. He turned his head back to Mishiro then, his face tilted at an angle. His eyes were wide. Scared, horrified, disgusted. He snapped his fingers. "Three hits." Pinball felt something rising in his chest. A feeling, the name of which he couldn't really put a finger on. The overwhelming urge to scream came with it. . He wanted to cry, but he had run out of tears. He stared off blankly into the distance. His voice was almost a whisper. "Three hits and it was over. It... it shouldn't be that easy." He threw himself to his feet, and now, he did scream. "It shouldn't be that easy! I had a choice! I could have stopped myself!" He screamed wordlessly, then continued his rant. "But I didn't! Because I asked myself what would happen?! Because," and he jabbed a thumb into his chest, and his voice got quieter, forcing each word out slowly, "because I enjoyed it. I enjoyed every god... damn... second of it." He sobbed, cupping his face in his hands as he sunk low to the ground. And then he pushed himself to his feet. He started pacing, back and forth, tears rushing down his face in painful waves. "And then I tried to stay away! I tried to mind my own business." He shook his head, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. "I tried, I tried, I tried." "Dustin found me. We get into a fight. Of course we do. Of course we do. Because everybody is obsessed with being the strongest in this [censored] sh*t hole of a game." Pinball whirled around. "What do I do? What do I do? Do I run away?" He kicked up a cloud of dirt, grass and rock, absolutely furious. "No! I cut the [censored] [censored] HAND OFF!" He pointed an angry finger at DawnBringer. "Guess whose sword that is!"
  8. Miraak

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    As he turned to see the players, they were already onto him. The double-hair colored girl pointed a menacing rapier at his throat and he would lift one hand up to show sign of surrender. While he knew his faith alone in the domain of light was enough to protect him from harm, but he also wanted to show compassion. He opened his mouth to speak, but was beaten to the punch. His mouth parted slightly as the faint memory of turning a girl into ashes was brought into his mind. While he wasn't in control, he was still present for the entire fight. It seemed like a bad dream to him.... As the girl wound finish, she would turn to him and introduce herself. He would bow humbly and return the favor. "Greetings, I am Miraak" She told him that to forgive and forget was the key. Then she offered her assistance in turning hi life around. He would shake his head. "I deeply appreciate the offer and the kindness of your heart, but I must decline. After we all leave here today, I must get back to work quickly. I have made many sins, and I must atone for each of them. Many counteractions must be made to my previous work and new work must be done. While a large amount of corruption was lifted from this world, there still remains quite a bit. It is my responsibility to help that push and clear the way for another settlement from which we can work from" He would turn back to the girl that held a rapier in her hand. A flash of a rapier that ended his life moved before his eyes. Smiling, he would speak to her directly. "It is you that I have to thank with the deepest regards. It was you that slain the demons within and taught me my greatest lesson. I see the weapon you carry was once my own. For that, I must warn you. It carries a slight amount of the same malevolence that I had imbued into myself. Without a steady heart, it can guide you down the wrong path as it had me" Afterwards, he would turn to all players to explain himself. "I am terribly sorry for the trouble I have caused today. Had it not been for my previous actions, the Fallen Angel wouldn't have had as much power, and many of you would have been spared a fight. I ask that you each forgive me for these mistakes if you can. I let my heart falter and lose faith in both the Lord and humanity. I followed something that I thought was better for the realm of humanity, and better for myself. I have learned truly of how wrong I was thanks to each of you" He would nod to each of them before looking to @Hestia who was watching and thinking to herself. "There is always more to learn about yourself and about the world, if you look for it. It is thanks to all all of you that I have learned this" @Sunova @Neopolitan
  9. Mishiro

    [PP-F8] Ink Blot

    Pinball was a terrible storyteller. They'd come up to the happenings in the last boss battle, and still there was no explanation from him regarding his sudden disappearance from her friend list and those months without contact. But if Mishiro had to guess, it had to have occurred around the time period when he said he'd distanced himself from the guild. "I've heard of that fight," she commented quietly. She needed to talk more - just to assure him she was still listening. "From a friend, who's known for exaggerating things. Is it really true that one of the frontliners protected the boss?" He mentioned that he enjoyed fighting. There was nothing wrong with that. Many players still enjoyed fighting. The game's main feature was its combat system and Mishiro herself was drawn in for that very reason. However, she wasn't sure if she still related to him. Did she enjoy fighting? Definitely not as much as she did on the first day. For the past three years, she'd stayed true to her role as a crafter and hardly engaged in combat aside from that one instance with the silver-haired shielder and the Laughing Coffin. She saved a girl named Jinx. But she still remembered how it felt. That fear. That feeling of helplessness as her teammates' - Roman, he wasn't even meant to be there - HP trickled down to the yellow zones. That feeling of disgust when he explained to her what the Laughing Coffin recruits were doing. She'd saved a life. But she didn't want to go through that experience ever again. "Don't disregard it," she warned, referring to Hidden and Aereth's threats. Threatening someone just for defending another player... why would they even...? People couldn't be that shallow. There had to be another reason. "I mean, if they go after you... there's two of them, both at frontline-level, and only one of you." Well, it was obvious. He would have thought about it already. "Really, when you're talking about your life, try to sound less dismissive," Mishiro sighed, turning in his direction but not quite looking directly at him. He stopped talking. Was he going to continue? Should she push further? If she did, what was the probability that their conversation would... take a turn for the worse? What was the best option for these types of situations? For some reason, she couldn't decide. "That can't be all, Pin," was all she said.
  10. 'She's not wrong.. I will be walking into uncharted territories.. But if I want to get a weapon that will help me defeat anything.. Or anyone who cross my path.. I will have to risk it.. But if I head to some novice blacksmith, it would be safer.. Just would take longer..' Jun looks over at Sunova and nods his head. He could take the safer route and not have to worry about a red player slaying him before he could even do something with his life. He sat back against his arms and began to think about how he should approach his problem. "If I am able to create my weapon, I can probably go explore dungeons and take on even dangerous monsters!" He blurted out loud and when he caught himself, he sat up and looks over at Sunova. "You're not wrong there, Sun.. I hope you're okay with me calling you that." He clears his throat. "I believe we have to change a little bit to progress.. I mean.. Those red players.. Don't they believe that they are murdering players.. What if they were not bad to begin with, but that is just how they slowly develop as a person to cope with the situation that we are in." He clenches his fit and slowly release them. 'M--Maybe I might turn out to be a red player as well.. What if I start to change in that way..? I need to be careful with what I am doing..' He sighs and pouts, before scratching the back of his head with frustration. @Sunova
  11. Well, by the looks of it, Neo didn't have any intention of returning to his field of vision. "By the looks of it" was a funny thing to think when he couldn't actually see the thing in question. Pinball blinked. He was tired. If he wasn't in the middle of fighting, he'd probably fall asleep if he just sat down for a moment. He really needed more sleep - but he didn't have a safe place to do it, and the... dreams made it hard to even when he did. He shook off the thought, though, since it probably wasn't in his best interests to get distracted in the middle of a fight. He threw himself into his attack. ROLLING Action Taken: Sword Art - [Weeping Moon] [-14 EN / +1 EN] Cave Goblin 1: ID#110539 BD: 7 (Hit!) MD: Dead ~ 20*9= 180 DMG Cave Goblin 2: ID#110540 BD: 5+5= 10 (Hit!) MD: Dead ~ 20*9= 180 DMG Cave Goblin 3: ID#110541 BD: 8 (Hit!) MD: Dead ~20*9= 180 DMG Cave Goblin 4: ID#110542 BD: 9 (Crit+1) MD: Dead ~ 21*9= 189 DMG Pinball: 815/960 HP | 69/96 EN | 5 ACC | 3 EVA | 20 DMG Neopolitan: 680/680 HP | 56/68 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 4 FLN | 8-10 PLZ [Stealth: 22] Cave Goblin 1: 0/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 2: 0/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 3: 0/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 4: 0/585 HP | 144 DMG  Loot Pool: 22,040 Col 12 T3 Materials [x2] Perfect Trinket [#110543a] [#110544a] Rare Trinket [#110546] [x2] Rare Consumable [#110543b] [#110544b]
  12. Ryo laughed aloud. "Ha ha, gnomes. The creepiest of lawn decorations. No idea why Pennyworth wants to have one so badly either." Ryo said going from carefree to just confused in a matter of mere seconds. "No matter. Let's go spelunking." Ryo said shaking the odd thought from his mind. The cave was lit dimly, not enough to trigger the negative to his accuracy but enough to just be annoying. Ryo's foot caught a slick portion of the cave, and slid out from under him. Reacting quickly, Ryo was able catch himself and not fall over. "Careful, it's pretty slick here. With your armor I can only imagine how hard it is to move around." He said, laughing nervously at his near fall. Deep into the cave, the small flicker of fire could be seen. Upon closer inspection Ryo could make out about four shapes within its light. Ryo crouched down, and assed the situation. "Looks like goblins. Just our luck, some more easy kills." Ryo said, relaying information to Hestia. "On your move." Ryo said, waiting behind for Hestia to gather some agro before striking. [2/3] for energy recovery.
  13. Neo watched as Pinball continued to whittle down the goblins. There was still no need for her intervention, but she was going to be there in the chance that pinball missed. She knew he probably had a lot of accuracy stacked up, so it was going to be a small wonder for him to miss. It would happen eventually though, which is where Neo would come from and take the advantage. Knowing how wary pinball was, he was probably a little freaked out by her sudden vanishing. She had no intention to harm him, but she would never say as much. Leaving him on his toes was a bit of fun after all. And perhaps if he did decide it was best to kill any witnesses, Neo was ready to run away if he started looking for her instead of fighting monsters. That was certainly a two way street of course. there wasn't much one could do to stop the other from getting away.
  14. Reacting Mars gets back up onto the stage quickly and slams his shoulders into the stone golem pushed it off the edge as Mars just secures the victory by kicking it further away once it had been knocked off the edge to fall towards its doom as Mars quickly jumps towards the next platform where the next one is as it just stares down at him. With a shrug Mars goes to punch the golem out of the ring only to have his arm grabbed in a instant and quickly slammed onto the ground behind the golem as he just glares at the creature as it lets go of his arm and just stands there once more just staring down at him. With a low growl of aggression he lunges forward with a low sweeping kick to knock the golem off of its feet only for it to move its leg out and strike against the offending limb stopping it in its track before quickly and suddenly slamming its foot down towards the martial arts user as he can only push himself underneath the golem to get towards its backside. 'reactionary good to know' he thinks to himself.
  15. Neopolitan

    [F21] The Cloak's Corner Rank 4 Merchant

    Once again, Neo found herself in the shop of another merchant. It was strange being back here, but it seemed as though the place had grown a bit since she was last here. hopefully that meant she could fetch a decent price for things. Though if this was anything like Shield, they may jack up the prices once they didn't need experience for it. Regardless, prices were good right now. Hopefully, she could make sure it stayed that way. Perhaps selling off all of the stuff she didn't need from her shop was a bad idea, but items were going stale and she didn't want to hold onto them any longer. She dropped off the items, waited to receive the Col for them, bought an item or two, and then left. Selling: Buying: Net Col for Neo: 6500 - 6090 = 410 Col
  16. He watches his leg connect against the creatures as it slams into the bottom of his leg right where the knee is as he just grits his teeth as he can only imagine the pain he would be experiencing if this was the real world as he forces himself towards the back of the golem thinking he would have the advantage in that scenario. However, to his surprise the golem as if always knowing of what to do swings around with impressive burst of movement and slams into his side causing Mars to get off-balanced threatening his ability to stay upon the platform as the creature then slams downwards with its elbow knocking mars off of the platform to leave him to plummet to his doom. A burst of flame shoots out from the familiar striking against the golem who had attacked the king of the pride as Mars grips the edge of teh stage for dear life as he just glares upwards wondering what this is meant to test at all if this is a test.
  17. Mars enters into the next part of the cave that seems more like a series of tests rather quickly as he can see a few golems standing upon small platforms as once more his familiar as if following a pre-programmed response on what to do jumps from one platform to the next without triggering the hostile creatures within the room. With a sigh Mars crouches low and jumps towards the first platform where the first golem is as it quickly goes for a head strike as he bends back low to avoid the strike only to see the thing aiming for his feet as he hops over the attack and uses his hand to hold onto the platform before jumping up and goes for a spinning strike. Getting into the habit of his sword art only to see nothing happen for a glow as he is reminded what he has payed for in terms of strength. That in terms of trading what he is used to he is gaining the use of a sword that he would be unfamiliar with by every account of such a thing.
  18. The black haired martial artist kicks off of the falling ground as he lands upon another platform only to kick off of that quickly as it starts to fall as he jumps from one platform to the next as he glances down to see that it isn't a bottomless traphole but instead a series of large big ol spikes that would be threatening to pierce his body through entirely a bit away down into the pit. Mars can only keep reacting and acting pushing himself to move faster and faster as seemingly the floor follows suit as he is just reacting slowly but surely within moment split second making decisions to get across the room. Eventually Mars reach the other side exhausted physically from having to do that both physically and mentally from the stress that accompanied that as he looks up and pushes himself forward into the next part of the cave not going to let himself stop from just something as mundane as a death trap stop him from pushing forward.
  19. As he slowly makes his descent into the cave in a controlled manner he just looks down and waits patiently as his hand presses against the rock as a way to force momentum slow down if need be if he starts falling to fast for his liking. His familiar right beside him as the duo kick up dirt along the way until they hit the bottom of the slope that leads into just a open cave with the area opening immediately up to just a large open area with a door on the other side of the room from where he is standing. He glances towards his familiar who starts making its way across the room running at top neck speeds as the ground underneath it crumbles away and falls into a bottomless trap hole as Mars just nods his head and bends low to the ground in a runner's stance preparing to just sprint across the distance as he focuses upon the goal before sprinting forward and as soon as his first foot hit the ground with a thunderous strength of pushing against it. The ground quickly start collapsing as it becomes a game of less so running across the ground and more so pushing against falling debris and having to act fast on his feet and react quickly in his mind to keep him afloat.
  20. Traveling across the plains and through the forests of the 1st floor he pays no attention towards the details or the things that he comes across viewing them as just a waste of his time to look at since there is only one prize to focus upon and he is going to acquire it at all costs. As he would arrive at the location that the old man NPC had told him he looks towards the cave that opens downwards towards something that is dark and hard to see into but his familiar's flames cast a light downwards to reveal what lies inside which is just more cave. 'At the very least i won't trip or anything of that nature from what i can see.' He thinks to himself as he slowly enters the cave at a slow pace since it slopes downwards at a rather drastic angle preventing him from running to avoid just falling flat on his face and rolling down the hill with the risk of dying by the falling mechanic that the world of Aincrad has as part of its death trap for those who jump.
  21. Moving forward the martial artist could only push himself further in physical athleticism to move swifter once the crowds of players thinned out the closer that he had got towards the exit of the town of beginnings as he rushes forward with a grin upon his face all the while doing so. He moves through the streets of the town of beginnings running more so than anything else as the familiar that mars has the fire liger keeps up with the man with practices ease as the duo of owner and pet exit the town of beginnings into the large open plains of boars and other creatures that are meant to terrify the lower levels quiver in fear towards the powerful duo. Rushing his way towards the location his familiar instead takes the time out of its day to torture the local wildlife with flames of fire to burn away at the creatures causing them to shatter and dispense minuscule amounts of EXP that barely affect his bar that it would barely be worth the breathe and milisecond to look at the destroyed creatures.
  22. He took another step back. As usual, his Stun didn't last too long. Pinball glanced around his shoulder, but found Neopolitan nowhere. He found himself glaring at nothing. I swear to God, if she tries to... Pinball gave his staff an angry twirl, catching it mid-flip, and then threw himself into Weeping Moon again. There was the sound of his boots hitting the stone, and then there was a grunt as Pinball lashed out with his weapon, surely striking fear in whatever little hearts those virtual goblins had. His spear hit each one of the goblins in rapid succession. Two took swings at him, and Pinball hopped back twice too, their claws or daggers or whatever those little pointy things they gripped were missing him by a long shot... but the last one jumped at him, and before Pinball could move swung that sharp point into his shoulder. Pinball cursed, throwing the monster off. "Bastard," he grumbled, taking another step back. He murmured to himself. "Out of practice." Action Taken: Sword Art - [Weeping Moon] [-14 EN / +1 EN] Cave Goblin 1: ID#110521 BD: 6 (Hit!) MD: 4 (Miss!) ~ 20*9= 180 DMG Cave Goblin 2: ID#110522 BD: 10 (Crit+2) MD: 7-5= 2 (Miss!) ~ 22*9= 198 DMG Cave Goblin 3: ID#110523 BD: 3+5= 8 (Hit!) MD: 6-5= 1 (Miss!) ~ 20*9= 180 DMG Cave Goblin 4: ID#110524 BD: 3+5= 8 (Hit!) MD: 9 (Crit+1) ~ 20*9= 180 DMG // 145 DMG [H:2/3/2/2] Pinball: 815/960 HP | 69/96 EN | 5 ACC | 3 EVA | 20 DMG [H:0/0/0/0] Neopolitan: 680/680 HP | 68/68 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 4 FLN | 8-10 PLZ [Stealth: 13 LD] Cave Goblin 1: 180/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 2: 162/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 3: 180/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 4: 180/585 HP | 144 DMG
  23. He makes his way through the town at a quickened speed moving through the hail of players with the fleet footedness of a trained fisticuffs fighter that has been within fights against other opponents. He moves his body left and right and weaving in and out of the crowd while moving forward the movements of a hand to hand fighter rather than that of a master of the blade the black haired man a martial artist at heart and enjoying the fact he can always just punch an enemy into pieces before anything else now having to move past that to gather more strength. 'I need this blade for strength martial arts has been surpassed by the katana so i must get that katana to stay relevant within fights if it can do everything that martial arts can but even better.' He thinks to himself with a small grin across his face at the idea of having more strength of using less energy, more varied options for moves with such a blade the only thing that will be needed is training with the attacks, and he already has a perfect partner to do it with.
  24. Finally after long bits of walking he watches a man with a wizened look to himself and a beard to match the stereotype approaches him as he just looks towards the creature that is a NPC from the way that it has a yellow crystal above its head as he hears the creature out so he can get his katana. Well than young lad you must be that of a adventurer in need of some help getting the weapon that he is in need of. How about this if i can help you like my teacher had helped me once before. Go towards the north of the woods deep within a cave is creatures who will test your might, will, and savvy, and other delicate things needed for the power of this blade. Only than will you be able to retrieve it and learn the true secrets that hide within the blade that you will acquire. It is a blade that has been passed on through generations and i expect you to treat it with the respect of having such a blade. The man says as Mars himself just nods his head in a calm manner with a kind smile to give ease towards the man who nods and than points in the direction of the cave with only a parting wave goodbye from the player before he heads towards the cave. jackpot.
  25. With that in mind he continues moving forward through the area taking his time as he does so walking at a slow pace just observing his surroundings as he sees mixes of fear, worry, and pride from some of the more well equipped players those who think themselves heroes an warriors that can take down any sort of criminal that walks among them. 'Yet they don't even know when somebody supports such killers and will misdirect them to the far reaches of Aincrad far away from the killers in question without so much as a possibility of getting away from them.' He thinks to himself in amusement at those thoughts before looking away from the scared people upon the first floor and more importantly the overly arrogant the ones who have confidence in their skills with no proof of them being sufficient enough to actually aid them when the coins are cast and the dice are rolled for their fates to be determined by the end.
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