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      Donations and Recognition!   12/22/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Row  Teayre Percival Nezumi Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Baldur Corvo Dominion Genji Ignavus_veneficus Jomei Kaya Lee Lessa Mack Macradon Nocturn Persephone Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Unyeilding Vale To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)
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      [Live] 2.5.0 Patch Notes   10/02/2017

      <<2.5.0 Patch Notes>> Main Guide: The main rules/tutorial section has been rewritten. Resources: A Resources section has been added. This contains reference material such as the SP/Level chart, Skills list, Enhancement list, individual profession stats, and a new FAQ. General Rule Changes: Word count requirement in Merchants & Shops section has been reduced to 100 from 150. Col logs are no longer required to include in journals. The Banker system will be used to track currency/materials going forward. New characters and Rebirth characters may choose a Starter Package containing a variety of basic equipment, col, materials, and/or potions. NK/KE tags have been removed. The table for SP gain based on the number of players in a thread has been removed. SP gain is now issued at 1 SP per 3 posts, up to the number of completed pages. (e.g. 3 SP for three pages, requires at least 9 posts) A Skill Refunding System has been added. Players may now pay a col cost to remove known skills and receive a refund of the invested SP. Rules on vanity items have been clarified. Health regeneration outside of combat has been adjusted to (10 * Tier) per post. Stealth and Stealth Detection no longer have a base rating for players. Both now use a LD roll plus a Stealth Rating/Stealth Detection modifier. NPCs and monsters still utilize a base rating (10 as a baseline for player-created mobs). 'Using cover' no longer adds to Stealth Rating. Low light or darkness conditions grant a +1 to Stealth Rating, down from +2. Switch has been added as a game mechanic (no longer a skill). Players may call for a Switch when landing a successful attack. If the Switching player also lands an attack, a Switch is performed and the two players may immediately swap hate values. Players are required to post their level, stats, equipment, skills, etc., in their first post in a thread. This should be a snapshot of your character and should not be changed after the initial post. Players are still allowed to declare their characters at a lower level or with fewer items than what they currently have, but may not claim items that have not been approved or were obtained in an unlocked thread. Turn order rules have been modified slightly to reflect the leniency of Boss Raid combat. Players may post in any order so long as each player and the enemy has gotten one action in a single round. Outside of Boss Raids, parties may have a maximum of 4 players. Combat with more than 4 players should follow a Group order similar to boss raids. When fighting multiple enemies, players must now make individual rolls for each mob. This applies to both making attacks against multiple enemies and multiple enemies making attacks. One roll no longer applies to/for all targets. The Running Away mechanic has been updated. Running away from combat now uses a LD roll with a set of situational modifiers. The col/material values and frequency in the loot table have been adjusted. Labyrinth searching rules have been adjusted. The map fragment system has been removed. Bonus rewards for scouting and defeating the field boss have been adjusted. Housing and Guild Halls have been completely revamped. PvP rules have been adjusted. Players must make an initiative roll when engaging in combat with other players. The extended Player Killing rules/restrictions have been removed. Rules on player cursor colors have been expanded. There is now a strike system for criminal infractions that would cause a player's cursor to turn orange. Killing a green player outside of a duel now results in a permanent orange cursor. An NPC Guard mechanic has been added. Orange players may now enter safe zones, but must stealth/run from guards in certain safe zones. NPC guards have a Stealth Detection rating equal to (Floor / 3), rounded down. Added more detail to character death rules. The RGQ system has been removed. Crafting Changes: Fishing as a profession has been removed. It is now a skill. The CD result chart has been adjusted across all professions (except Merchant). Good and Bad quality items have been removed from the CD result chart. Salvage chances have been adjusted. Alchemists now have a chance to salvage one or both materials when attempting to craft crystals. Crafting Die tools no longer have an effect. Consumables, familiars, housing, and some items still provide EXP and Crafting Attempt bonuses. The process of crafting Feasts has changed slightly. Cooks may now take 3 identical food items and spend two materials to combine them into a Feast. A Feast can be used in a thread to provide that enhancement to up to six players. Artisan craftable item types have been modified (Trinkets, Jewelry, Sculptures). The buffs they can provide are largely unchanged. Alchemist craftable item types have been modified (Salves, Potions, Crystals). The buffs they can provide are largely unchanged. Skill Changes: Extended Weight Limit Removed Ranks - 15 SP cost Now adds +3 Battle Ready Inventory slots Adjusted Mod: Large Pockets Now has 3 Ranks Cost set to 5/3/2 SP (10 total for Rank 3) Now increases single Battle Ready Inventory slots to 7/10/15 Removed 'Larger Pockets' and 'Largest Pockets' mods New Skill: Fishing Cost: 10 SP Effect: Use a dice roll to fish something up based on a natural CD result: Gatherer Now has a chance to yield 1-3 bonus materials based on a natural CD result Sneak & Hide Renamed to 'Hiding' Now grants +1 Stealth Rating per rank New Rank 3 Mod: Untraceable Cost: 9 SP Effect: Negates the effect of the Tracking skill against the user. New Rank 3 Mod: Blindside Cost: 9 SP Effect: Gain +2 Stealth Rating. Natural BD rolls of 9-10 reduce the target's accuracy by 1 for one turn when attacking from stealth. New Rank 5 Mod: Vanish Cost: 12 SP Cooldown: 5 Turns Effect: Allows the use of a post action to re-enter stealth while in combat. Getting a killing blow on an enemy allows Vanish to activate without using a post action. Search & Detect Renamed to 'Searching' Now also grants +1 Stealth Detection per rank Mod: Night Vision Now requires Rank 1, down from Rank 3 Cost reduced to 5 SP, from 9 Mod: Reveal Now also grants +2 LD when searching for Labyrinths and allows Labyrinth searches at 15 posts. Mod: Tracking Now requires Rank 3, down from Rank 5 Cost reduced to 12 SP, from 15 Tracking requirements for monsters, players, and NPCs have been clarified. Mod: Detect Cost reduced to 9 SP, from 15 No longer uses or affects Tracking. Now Grants +2 Stealth Detection. Grants +1 LD when searching for sub-dungeons and labyrinths Battle Healing Now recovers 1% of max HP per rank, instead of (Rank * 5 * Tier) Mod: Emergency Recovery Cost reduced to 10 SP, from 15 Now recovers 10% of max HP, down from 25% Block MIT gained is now set per rank: 5/8/12/18/25, down from 1 MIT per SP invested. New Rank 3 Mod: Shield Bash Cost: 10 SP Cooldown: 2 Turns Energy Cost: 10 Energy Effect: Make an attack with an equipped shield. On a hit, deals (Base * 10) damage, stuns the enemy for one turn, and applies paralyze/thorns/flame thorns enhancements present on the shield. Note: When calculating Base Damage for Shield Bash, Weapon Skills do not apply. Mod: Safe Guard Reworked into 'Rampart' Added a 5 turn cooldown Added energy cost of 8 Now uses a post action to reduce final damage that would be dealt to you by 25% (rounded down). Effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn. Energist Removed Ranks - 12 SP cost Now adds (5 * Tier) to total energy, instead of (Rank * 2) Howl Added energy cost of 10 Mod: Focused Howl Added energy cost of 8 Parry Increased SP cost to 12, up from 10 Added a 1 turn cooldown Energy cost has been fixed at 5, instead of (2 * enemies parried) 50% damage reduction has been specified to apply to the final damage (after mitigation). Effect applies to the next attack against the user, and cannot reduce damage from multiple enemies at once. Mod: Vengeful Riposte Increased SP cost to 12, up from 10 Added a 3 turn cooldown Damage reflected is now 50% of raw damage, up from 25% of damage taken. This damage can still be mitigated. Switch Skill has been removed. Two-Handed Weapons The +2 DMG bonus for 2H weapons has been clarified in the first rank of 2H weapon skills. All Weapons The Ferocity and Finesse mods have been condensed into a single description. You must still specify the weapon type when acquiring the mod(s). Mod: Ferocity Rank requirement set to 3, instead of ranging from 1-5 Now increases base damage of all sword arts for the chosen weapon by 1. Mod: Finesse Rank requirement set to 3, instead of ranging from 1-5 Now has 3 Ranks Cost adjusted to 5/3/2 SP (10 total for Rank 3), down from 15 at Rank 5 Now reduces energy cost of all sword arts for the chosen weapon by an amount equal to its rank. Mod: Quick Change Cooldown reduced to 3 turns, down from 5 Now allows the user to swap, equip, or unequip a weapon in their Battle Ready Inventory. Mod: Stamina Now reduces the energy cost of all attacks by 1. Heavy Armor Increased the amount of MIT gained to 8>12>18>25>35, up from 3>7>12>20>30 Mod: Athletics Bonus health increased to (15 * Tier), up from 15 Mod: Stonewall Bonus health has been adjusted to (15 * Tier), instead of equal to mitigation from other skills. Now also grants 10 MIT when wearing heavy armor Now also reduces damage taken from damage over time effects by 25% (rounded down) when wearing heavy armor. Light Armor Adjusted the amount of MIT gained to 5>8>12>18>25, down from 3>7>12>20>30 Mod: Athletics Bonus health adjusted to (10 * Tier), from 15 Familiar Mastery 'Accurate' now has 3 ranks. 'Assistant' now provides bonus EXP (crafting attempts at max profession rank) instead of CD. Meditation Removed Ranks - 8 SP cost Added a 5 turn cooldown Now recovers (3 * Tier) energy. Getting hit by an attack before the beginning of your next turn reduces the energy recovered to (2 * Tier). Survival Added 3 SP cost Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier), instead of 20. Enhancement Changes: Life Steal has been renamed to Vampiric. The Crafting Die enhancement has been removed. Alchemist and Artisan item types for enhancements have been modified. Sword Art Changes: Multipliers have been simplified to a single number (x6) from the two-part formula (2x3). Several descriptions have been updated. Quest Changes: The 'Redemption' quest has been revamped. The level and repeatable restrictions have been adjusted to affect only the bonus SP rewards: The First Few Lessons Are Free The Second Lesson is Also Free The Third Lesson is Just As Free The Fourth Lesson is Actually Free The Venemous Warg Repeating the 'Earning a Living' quest now allows a player to change their profession. Changing professions will reset experience to 0. Repeat completions of the Earning a Living quest will only award bonus materials if the quest-taker is changing their profession. The following quests have been removed: «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.M.H & S.B.» «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.L.C.» «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures «The Falling of Tagas» Housing Changes: The cost and size of Player Housing is now determined by a 'plot size'. The plot size dictates how many room slots, yard slots, and stories a house can have as well as the initial cost when purchasing. Purchasing a PK-accessible home (outside of a safe zone) has an additional cost. Buffs from Guild Halls/Player Housing now comes from the type of room, rather than furniture. Certain rooms for Player Housing have upgrades. Player Housing buffs must be assigned to a player. Home owners may use the Housing Evaluation topic to re-assign a room's player(s) once every 30 days. New/Rebirth Character Changes: Players who have submitted a new or rebirth character journal for approval in the past 30 days are eligible to add one of the starting bundles. <<2.5 Update Survival Guide>> Skills: If you spent more than 15 SP on the Extended Weight Limit skill, refund any SP over 15. If you have spent less than 15 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you spent more than 12 SP on the Energist skill, refund any SP over 12. If you have spent less than 12 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 12 is invested. If you spent more than 8 SP on the Meditation skill, refund any SP over 8. If you have spent less than 8 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 8 is invested. If you have the Parry skill, you must spend 2 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you have the Survival skill, you must spend 3 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 3 is invested. If you had the Switch skill, remove it and refund 10 SP. Mods: If you have the Detect mod, keep it and refund 6 SP. If you have the Tracking mod, keep it and refund 3 SP. If you have the Emergency Recovery mod, keep it and refund 5 SP. If you had Rank 1 or 2 of the Ferocity mod, lose it and receive a refund of the SP spent. If you had Rank 3 or 4 of the Ferocity mod, you must spend 6 or 3 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you spent more than 10 SP on the Finesse mod, refund any SP over 10. If you have the Large Pockets mod, you must spend 1 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 10 is invested. If you had the Larger Pockets mod, it becomes the new Large Pockets mod and you receive a refund of 2 SP. If you had the Largest Pockets mod, it becomes the new Large Pockets mod and you receive a refund of 5 SP. If you have the Night Vision mod, keep it and refund 4 SP. If you have the Vengeful Riposte mod, you must spend 2 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 12 is invested. Professions: If you had the Fishing profession, all EXP may be transferred to any other profession. If you had a Tool with the 'Crafting Die' enhancement, you may post it for re-evaluation with the Ambition or Crafting Attempt enhancement (item name/description may not change). If you retake the Earning a Living quest in order to change professions, your EXP resets to 0 for the new profession. Edit your existing shop thread with your new profession information. Housing: Existing Guild Halls and Player Housing have been removed. They may be repurchased through the Housing Evaluation template. Players who previously bought a home or hall have been reimbursed for the total col cost in their original housing application. If a guild had shared col lost due to the removal of a guild hall, PM the details to @Teion for review/reimbursement.
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      State of the Site Discussion   10/03/2017

      Please provide your thoughts and opinions! This discussion will affect the future of the site, so it's important that we get as much feedback as possible.
    • Aereth

      2.5 PK Rules / Thread Tags Discussion   10/16/2017

      Hello Players,
      Once again your feedback is needed, so head over to the thread and tell us what you think. LINK

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  2. [SP-F21] A Broken Beat

    This was the first battle in some time that he had taken a significant amount of damage, and that he was glad for. Being a tank, he hadn't neared death for quite some while, and while he was thankful that he wasn't almost dying every other day, t got rather boring that he did not have competition. Anyway, at the moment he wanted a hard fight, he expected Death Adder to deal close to 400-500 damage with Darkness Blade which was quite high for a player at this time, but with proper buffs, he would be able to take that with some ease and be able to focus on some damage. Death Adder would be an interesting fight, but he would prevail. He was reentered into reality from a hard blow into his shield, staggering him back a bit. He grimaced but then retaliated, his hand on precision point, guiding his blade into his foe several times. He made a great strike several times, mauevering in and out to create a whirlwind of destruction. With one final leap, he moved into the air and brought down all of his might from the top of the machine. The robot made no falter and instead struck forward with its fist, a single blow to the gut. Then it moved quickly, swiping his chest with its blade to. Jonathan rolled back, coming back into a crouch. He stood slowly and pointed his sword forward. He was draining its HP faster than it was draining he. 89536 BD:5 DMG:15*11= 165 (36 Bleed) MD:7 149 DMG. (BH-57, Thorns 21) Morgenstern- Golden Paladin <> 619/1145 <> 70/110 <<T3 Bleed 0/3>> Dwarven Robot Guard <> 557/1500
  3. [PP-F13] Angel Slayer [FoT w/ Morgenstern]

    We still going prepatch (Your Stats are the same) Jonathan watched as Aereth charged forward, attacking with supreme speed and strength. Jonathan nodded his head and stepped forward. "Let's keep moving lively, we don't wish for any unsuspecting visits" Jonathan moved forward, moving to the base of the cathedral. Their welcome was short, and now they had come for the main event. As he stepped into the room a light shined from above and a light rocketed form the sky and into the ground. The boss, Tagas, welcomed them with a sword in hand. Jonathan raised his and he decided he would play it more tank this time around. He had heard from the quest giver that Tagas was still corrupting, but given long and he would be at his most powerful form. He wanted to see that a bit. He moved forward watching as the enemy became closer, its broadsword it carried malevolent in the light. He smirked and the angel swung the blade, its power grazing his shield and sending sparks flying across the battlefield. "I like him, he shows a little bit of promise" Jonathan shared to Aereth. Aereth fought with Martial Arts now, he wondered if hitting the heavily armored angel would feel pain from hitting the hard metal. The angel began to glow a soft warm light, and any sign of the fray they had just had was completely gone, even its sword to a nice coat of shine. "Hmm, heals himself, nice trick" Jon's Action: Focused Howl - 8 EN Cost Tagas Action: 89535 BD:5 CD:10 Morgenstern 1261/1261 <> 88/106 @Aereth 900/900 <> 80/90 <<Tagas- The Corrupted>> 350/350 Corruption 1/2 HP: 350 Damage per Attack: 300 Mitigation: 25 Special Effects: Will mend 30 HP on a CD of a 10+. Full Corruption (If he goes full corruption, his health returns to full and his stats become the following) HP: 650 Damage per Attack: 300 Mitigation: 65 Special Effects: Will blast all enemies for 150 damage that cannot be mitigated with a BD of a 10.
  4. Thanks for all of your input up until now. Since I'll be the one creating this hotfix your ideas really help me out a big time and I hope to get the fix out as soon as possible. From what I was able to gather the majority of players want the patch consisting of something like this: Back to NK per default for every thread. (@Pretty_Much_Everyone) Allowing players to enter threads and "scare" (needs proper definition) others ( @Kisodeth, @Itzal) Also needs to be looked at from a SP gain perspective RP combat only Orange players can ALWAYS be attacked and killed (@Lessa) @Everyone_Who_Likes_2.5_Rules While I also see the RP advantages of this new mechanic, we need to take care of what the majority of the players want. And if you really enjoy the thrilling feeling of getting killed all the time you can put a Killing Enabled Tag into your signature. @Ryo I have to agree with Itzal and the likes on that matter. If you accept a duel and kill your opponent, there is no need to become orange, since both parties agreed on the consequences of that battle. @Thorsten I feel like the ruling for "little" crimes is adequate. If you are a pickpocket, that's no big deal for the first 3 times. But at some point these guys also need to be punished. @Lessa I totally love the idea of Orange players being open to be attacked at all times. It's like you said, their choice if they want to become orange. Entering Cities: Honestly, I feel like being able to enter cities is an important thing for RP. You can go for a drink, have some fun etc. Besides that, it's even canon for orange players to be able to enter safe zones. They can enter, but they get hunted by NPC guards, and thrown out of town if caught. And the implementation of using the Hiding Skill in order to enter and move inside of Save Zones is something I feel is appropriate. (Maybe the numbers need to be tweaked but that's what I'm here for right?)
  5. [PP - F7] Going to Temple

    "Watch the edge," Genji called out in warning. "That's a nasty fall, and the ground is uneven." He knew Lessa was more keenly aware than anyone about her surroundings, but it paid to remind people of things in these situations. More undamaged path lay just a stone's throw ahead, so she could utilize that if she moved carefully. Another loud shriek tore through the heavens, and Genji glared skyward at high alert. If something was up there and wanted to take them by surprise, it had a golden opportunity. He saw something like a shadow fall over one of the clouds, but nothing else moved along his vision. Keep it together, Kotarou! As the woman and her familiar danced with the warg rider, Genji took the opportunity to glance across stats. For now, Lessa would be fine- he would play support if she dipped too low. It was only because of her that he made it this far, after all. "It's not interested in me at all," he replied when she inquired about his condition. "You can focus on yourself for now. I'll let you know if anything comes up." He rushed quickly toward the beast's flank again as it circled Lessa, seemingly oblivious to his movements. Genji could see the Warg eyeing him, though. He knew he had relevance somewhere on it's threat meter. It took one sturdy hit for him to outaggro Lessa, and the mob would turn on him in an instant. If that meant winning this fight, it was a risk he was willing to take. As if to mock him, the wolfkin danced away from his wild slash near effortlessly, carrying its diminutive green rider well out of harm's way. "Well, no one was expecting this to be easy," he muttered under his breath. Genji: 180/180 HP // 13/18 E (2 H) Lessa: 661/700 HP // 53/70 E (5 H) Goblin Raider: 3232/3500 HP
  6. [F1-PP] A more refreshing beverage

    "I was a front-liner for a while, but now I just run the tavern," Hiro piped up in response to Lessa's question. "and Dave here until recently spent all his time drinking me out of business. A few days ago however he opened up a shop in Tolbana called Black's Books and Baubles. Fancies himself an artist now. Personally I think he should be helping the children trapped in this game keep up on their education, but what do I know. I'm just a guy who sells fake beer to nerds." There was venom in Hiro's words, and while he was talking to Lessa he never once broke eye contact with David. Shrugging, he let the anger fade from his face, and went round to the other side of the bar to pour himself a drink. David on the other hand played everything off very calmly. "Yeah, I know buddy. It's just with everything going on in Sword Art Online I wouldn't be sure how to even begin. There is only so much I can teach them as well. I'm no math whiz, and I know nothing of history. Plus these kids are from all over the world. How on earth am I supposed to know, and cater to each individual curriculum? It's impossible for one man. The best thing I can do for them is record what knowledge I do have into my books, and give away the Vanity quality copies." He finished before taking another massive gulp of his root beer. Wiping the foam from his face he looked Lessa in the eye. "What about you? What do you do?" He asked with great interest.
  7. We'll accept your quest mister elf after this night you'll hear not a single scream come from that forest since they will be put down by my blade. No more screams will come since justice will be served upon those with the wicked intent to torture the people every night. I reassure the NPC. Oh Thank You! you have my eternal gratitude! He tells me before closing his door as i grey menu prompt appears before me asking if i wish to accept the quest of the <<Search for the Hoya>> i accept it right away having no fear in that regard. Knowing and trusting the fact that i can take care of any minotaur that could come to fight me, and can outlast the Minotaur with mitigations, and thorns if anything if my blade won't land against the Minotaur to kill it. Kuro flaps his wings once and strongly showing his strong acceptance and eagerness at me accepting the quest. Apparently liking the idea of my bravery for facing something that is known to be terrifying.
  8. Well you see every night for the last week. I've been hearing scream coming from the forest. The one with the real thick mist. The screams sounding like the haunted wails of tormented souls. I would like for you to investigate this noise and try to silence them since you seem like a adventurer i'm trusting you'd be able to accomplish such a task. The elf creature tells me having seen my armor, and weapons and assumed i came to him to help him out. Well you would be correct mister elf my name is Hestia, and i have come to help slay what has been plaguing your night, and most likely your dreams if those screams don't awaken you. I tell him with a nod of my head. Having a serious look ready to help out this elf with slaying this great Minotaur. I look down to my familiar Kuro who just flaps his wings once. Ready to take down the foe that awaits us.
  9. [PP-F4] Recovery of the Broken (Telrenya)

    'Mmmm...' Telrenya resisted the urge to mumble her dissatisfaction out loud. Her mind was still worn for wear, and she had nothing in mind herself to give the pair a distraction from their own thoughts. At least, seeing Spencer out here by himself had given her the impression that he had more than a lot weighing on his mind since the incident. Although she was a bit surprised by it, the woman simply gave a nod to agree with his suggestion of exploration and adventure. "C'mon then, let's go see if there's anything interesting around her." She tilted her head to the side with a tiny smile as her legs began to carry her forward. Even though the causal clothes she wore provided no less benefit than her normal white and gold battle attire, she couldn't help but feel ill-prepared for anything remotely dangerous they might encounter out in the wild. Both for that sake and for their mental well-being, she hoped that their excursion would be a relatively peaceful one. After exploring the snowy forest a bit, looking for materials or anything else that might be of interest, Telrenya's foot caught on something hidden beneath the piled snow, causing the girl to trip forward and nearly fall into the white powder. She was able to regain her balance after a start, turning and looking back for whatever had been hiding beneath the snow. The small glint of metal appeared and Telrenya was drawn to investigate, giving Spencer a curious look before leaning over the area. As she pushed away some of the piled snow with her foot, she unburied a polished golden knob. It was fastened to what looked like a plain wooden door, light in color and forming a square shape similar to something like a trap door. She stared at the structure for a short moment, never seeing anything like it, before looking back up to Spencer with a puzzled expression. "Should... Should we open it?"
  10. I get up from my spot and heads over to a place where i can start the quest within this town. I wander around town looking for the house that fit the description of what i'm looking for. It takes me an hour but i find the house and where it is located. A little shack near the edge of town that is occupied by a singular elf. Ca-ca-can y-y-y-you-you he-help -m-me-me-m-me The elven creature asks with a slight stutter. yes i can what is the matter? I ask him in some slight concern. Not having the full concern i would otherwise have do to the fact of me knowing the reason of what is causing this elf distress, so it is difficult to form the same level of distress and worry for a situation i'm already privy to. I look upon the elf and waits to hear what he has to say more of about his situation. Having an idea beforehand of what it could be do to it being fairly predictable from what i know.
  11. I look around the town of Dililah resting up from the quest for the overstayed welcome quest. After two hours of resting up i get up and looks towards the forest of the Wavering Mist i grin knowing that when night falls. I shall enter that forest and shall rise up above it all a killer of a Minotaur. I grin a bit loving the perfection of such a statement. A greek goddess killing off a greek monster that is the minotaur. I double check my current items to make sure i'm ready for the challenge ahead. Counting off what i have with me. Healing potions to survive. Check. My equipment to fight back. Check. My familiar to not take as much damage. Check. I grin at the remembrance of my familiar knowing that will allow me lots of town in slaying the beast. Especially since i had just put in my recently gained Skill Points into my curved sword so i can deal some quick and easy damage against the monster that lies within this tomb i've heard of from other players who have gotten ahead of me.
  12. [PP-F8] True to Heart

    Ruby's laugh was contaegeous, and she found herself chuckling at her statment as well. "No no," She smiled down at her hands and lifted her glass to take a short drink. "We both had a share of being bullied. I think my brother probably got a lot more of it, but he always tried to keep me out of it. Aaand, when he got them to stop bothering him, they turned to me next. I think that just made him more mad." Her next chuckle was bittersweet, reminiscing about the blonde-haired man with a small smile resting on her lips. "I really do love him, though. We've always kind of gotten each other through stuff, as weird as that might sound. I mean, he even worked to help me pay for school so I could go to university." She took in a breath, letting out a small sigh and leaning back slightly in her seat as she curbed the topic. "But we should take turns." A small, almost teasing smile curled her lips. "Do you have any siblings? What's your home life like?" Normally the blonde wouldn't have been so quick to pry, but she asked in hopes that the woman across from her might feel some sense of comfort in opening up about her life.
  13. [F11 - PP] Always (Telrenya)

    His words of reassurance brought her comfort, and his vow warmed her heart, but Telrenya already felt the tears spilling over. She simply nodded her head against his frame, as if to tell Jomei that she wanted the same thing. Her arms wrapped around his waist and she held him tightly. No mater how many times she tried to push them from her mind, the recent memories came back in different places--Ruby's despair, Spencer's fear, the man's twisted expression, the health bar that hovered beside Jomei inching lower and lower. Each frame of the scene seemed to have burned itself into her memory, as much as she tried to reject them. Her shoulders bobbed lightly as her quiet sobs continued. It would have been different if it were only her pain she had to push through and heal from. But it wasn't so simple. All of her friends were involved, left with their own scars from the attack. Some wounds were more deep than others, but they hurt all the same. She sniffled a bit, turning her head to the side as Jomei's embrace and continued comfort would slowly quell her outburst. "I just...don't want anyone to get attacked again." She got the words out once her breathing had steadied a bit. A few days ago, she would never even have thought they were at risk of such a thing. Then again, Ruby and Jomei had both shared their experiences of how they were far from safe in this world, especially from other players. It was naive of her to think that they were invincible. But what could they do besides hide in the safe zones for the rest of their existences here? "What do you think we should do?" She shakily offered the question to him, as if there was any 'right' answer.
  14. After a few hours I grin a little bit seeing the blacksmith come out holding a dragon bone cuirass that is made of a lighter material then the heavier set that i would prefer. I walk up towards the counter with a smile on my face. here is your armor with the mitigation enhancement as requested. Griswold tells me as i nod my head with a smile. Thank you so much! i'm sure this is going to be very useful above everything else! i say excitedly as i take the armor as it pops into my inventory as i look up at Griswold. Well sir i guess that is it then. It's been nice talking with you. I say politely with a wave. yeah whatever get out of my shop i have more customers to get to. He orders me as i nod my head and exits his shop. The instance that i do so i get the quest completion reward. I smile seeing that i got rewarded another skill point besides the armor for completing this quest. Another point added, another level will be gained. I say optimistically not caring for the what is to me low amount of points awarded for my want of gaining levels to be more useful. Summary: 400 COL 2 SP (Light) Dragon Bone Cuirass (+1 mitigation)
  15. I smile as i go and sits down on a nearby chair awaiting the completion of my request for the armor. Having the armor forged the way it is as a gift to a player that i had met a few days ago who figured wouldn't mind a little armor protection, and with the sword i have in mind for her. It would be better then nothing which is what she has right now sadly. I smile a bit sadly at that knowing she could use much more then what she has currently since i would wish for her to survive a little big longer then going into the last two quests without some kind of improvement for protection. Ayame is going to enjoy this gift. I'm sure of it more then anything i've ever been sure of. I say in a cheerful tone to myself. Kuro just flaps his wings once agreeing with me on that regard thinking Ayame would enjoy the gift also.
  16. I make my way through the forest of thick fog as i slowly see it lightening up, and in the distance a even more lightened town that has lights, warmth, and even more a blacksmith ready to make armor for a adventurer who went out of their troubles to get the materials. I make my way back towards the town quickly with a grin on my face with my familiar Kuro keeping up by doing some speed that is between a run, and a jog alongside me. As we reach the entrance into the town i start walking at a normal relaxed pace with Kuro quickly matching the pace i set. Eager to get a small rest between quests that i had promised him. As i see the shop in question i grin and enter the shop and calls out. I Got The Materials! As i call that out the surly Blacksmith Griswold comes out and sees me and nods his head. Alright just hand me the materials and i'll make the armor. He takes the materials and heads back down into his forge to craft it into the light metal armor i requested.
  17. I look down to the pond that the hill lead down to and shakes my head figuring that getting to town was the most important thing first and foremost above all else. I enter the forest again, and have to navigate through the thick fog of everything. I make my way through what i'm traversing slowly and carefully to make sure i don't bump into a rather unfriendly enemy, or another player who could mistake me as some kind of monster they need to kill for survival. Just the thought of that scenario running shivers down my spine since i don't want to end up a player killer do to just a simple misunderstanding. As my mind gets onto player killers i can only just frown wondering what must go through the minds of such monsters in my eyes. Why did they do what they did? to kill another human being for one thing or the other. Do they kill out of jealousy? Fame? some sense of power? Whatever it is i can't imagine the intentions that they killed people with were anything but pure when it came down to it.
  18. I continue down my way through the Wavering Mist forest with a smile on my face as i look down at my sword and shield. Glad that these two have helped me get ahead in that regard. I smile and unequips them since i won't be needing them on my return trip to Dalilah. Having seen no monsters on the way here making me calm enough to know that i won't have to face any on the way back to town. I think back and wonder if that Drow had any reason for stealing the materials he did from that couple. Was it the fact he needed to survive by getting money and the couple was well off? It's a possibility, but not one i'm willing to place money onto. The fact being that the Drow was most likely corrupt in everyway possible since this is a video game quest. The morality of such things is probably not going to be that high in terms of these things do to that fact.
  19. Skill Refund Evaluation

  20. As i kill the Dark elf a little menu pops up and shows that i got all the materials that i needed from this. I can't help but grin from that. Knowing i got that in the back, and that i took very little damage as usual do the fact of my familiar providing mitigation damage to help me survive. I smile and pets Kuro's head affectionately for being around to help me live as per usual when it comes to these things. I then turn around and starts to make my way back towards the town of Dalilah. Deciding to take my time on the return trip since their is no huge rush when it comes to going back to town. While on the other hand i rushed over here to make sure the Drow couldn't get to far away from town in his escape. Since if i didn't it's possible he could've moved onto another town.
  21. (PP-F21) Evening Dip

    I smile sadly a bit hearing what happened. Hearing that someone would dare to try and attack you, and even worse try to kill you. I quickly wrap an arm around you in a hug, and holds you a bit close to me in a protective manner. My big sister instincts kicking in to comfort you as best as i can. These instincts being their do to the fact of having a little sister in the real world. As i remember her i smile a bit sadly before focusing quickly back on the matter at hand. Well know Fae that you shouldn't feel that guilty. The person who did so probably, as you put earlier, crazy. She couldn't the pressure of this game, and decided to try and either get herself killed, or try to do something to get as many enemies of possible. I say softly as i run my hand gently through your hair. If you ever need to talk, or someone who can help you out with anything feel free to come to me Fae. I'll always be ready to help you out as best i can. I say with a nod of my head as i look down at you.
  22. Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Block Rank 1, Searching Rank 1Mod(s) Being Dropped: N/ASP Refunded: 10Cost: 10,000
  23. I grin at the elf as he charges at me again as i stand my ground knowing that justice will prevail. Murderers, and thieves, and all the rest like them will have their sentence given to them in do time. Justice always prevails in the end. That being a universal law to myself. The good will punish the evil that is just how life works. I look towards the dark elf as he quickly dashes at me with another quick strike plan to hit me, and deal damage. BD:7 MD: 7 I slash up my sword quickly as he gets within range slashing at his face making him unable to see for that brief moment. During that moment i adjust myself taking the slice across my arm as i grunt softly from the pain, but i grin see him hitting some of the spiked points of the armors, and killing himself on the thorns enhancements that is in my armor. 3+14(thorns)=17 damage 9-27(mitigation)=1 (minimum) Hestia: 158/160 Dark elf: 0/0 I smile as i see the body of the dark elf shatter into crystals as i pat myself down knowing everything will be just fine for myself since i'll heal in time for my next fight. Something called the minotaur or at least something that looks like one apparently being around which sounds like a fun challenge that i could take part in.
  24. After a minute of doing this the dark elf runs for and goes to try and slash me across the chest with his dagger. #89531 MD: 9 Crit BD: 8 Hit! I grunt as the dagger hits me as i can feel the impact against me. However, i grin seeing this as a perfect opportunity to strike back at this dark elf. As he elf is back peddling away to try and make some distance i quickly move in and slashes him across the chest with my curved sword. Grinning as i can see the red slash mark appear when doing so. I quickly then move away and smiles as i see the injury having been inflicted onto the dark elf. You'll pay for that you know! you won't be leaving here alive! The dark elf screams at me as he has a hand over his chest. Well i would say otherwise mister dark elf, but if that is what you believe. You can take that belief with you to the grave. Where all that will remain is the silence of the void. I say with a grin on my face as the image of the dark elf fades, and is instead replaced with my image of the man who i assumed killed my father. Crimes will be judged, and all will be sentenced guilty. Judgement declared! I say fiercely. 9+1 (crit) -27 (mitigation)=1 (minimum) [H:2] Hestia: 159/160 Energy: 16/16 Dark Elf: 9/12
  25. (PP-F21) Evening Dip

    Fae stared up at the cavern ceiling and looked at the glowing stalactites, all in different colors. It was just such a relaxing sight, and combined with the water it felt wonderful. Fae looked back at Hestia when she said she loved this and how she missed hot baths and things like this. "Fae misses those too. They felt awesome." Fae said as she started to scoot a little bit close to Hestia. "What guild did Fae join? Fae is in the Guardians of the New Dawn. It's run by mister Stryder. They are good people." Fae said as she scooted right up next to Hestia. Fae was tired, she had a long day, and she was already a little bit sleepy. When Hestia asked if something happened to Fae, she looked down at the water, then back up at Hestia. "Fae was attacked by someone. Fae had to kill her, otherwise Fae would have died. After that, Fae felt guilty and isolated herself for a bit. Things just went downhill, and Fae couldn't control herself. Fae just wanted to see her mommy again. Fae started talking in third person after that. It helped Fae keep calm, and it still does." Fae explained as she closed her eyes and leaned against Hestia. @Hestia
  26. You think i'm going to give any of this up? you're mad woman and i'm going to show you how wrong you are to face me the master thief! The dark elf says as he goes to strike at me with his blade that he pulls out a holster at his back near the back. The blade being a dagger that he lunges at me while holding to try and get a hit in. I just grin and takes out my curved sword ready to attack this dark elf in kind with my attack. #89530 MD: 2 miss! BD: 2 miss! I swing at the elf where i think he is going to land and hit me. However, the elf overestimated and ended up lunging right past me. I quickly turn to face him ready again for whatever attacks he could end up trying to hit me with. Ready to react with my blade the moment he tries to get close to me. The Dark elf slowly moves in the circle in a counter clockwise fashion as i do the same. I study his moves waiting for the moment to strike. the Dark elf doing the same. Both of us waiting for the other to blink first.
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