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    [F02-PP] <<The Venomous Warg>>

    A message pops up on his HUD. He smiles, then clicks confirm. It parties the two of them up together for this quest, and subsequently, Valentine hands a couple of items over. It's a Damage Potion +3, as well as a Debuff Song. Useful. They're both stuffed away into his inventory, and after a few moments of rearranging his battle gear, he looks up to Valentine and says, "I am a bit nervous to tell you the truth. I've never been on such a difficult quest before. I'm a bit under leveled," but the young adventurer looks far from nervous. He's still smiling as if he's more confident than ever, and then it comes out -- "You're going to have to do most of the work. I hope you know that!" Enryu holds a hand up to his mouth and chuckles softly to himself. "I'll hold them off for as long as I can, though. I promise."
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  4. Katoka

    [PP | F21] Eros <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Kat was getting distracted. At first she was watching Sam periodically, distracted by how beautiful she is. After that she followed a few fireflies around seeing if they would lead her anywhere interesting, sadly they didn't. Next she followed the edge of the water for a bit, trying to see any fish that might be under the surface. After a while she realized that she was getting distracted and attempted to get back on track, until she noticed she was behind Sam. A smug grin spreads across her face as she sneaks up on her and then wraps her arms around her, "Boo!" she says before she kisses her neck. "You find anything good? I uh... Found one so far." she laughs and sits down next to Sam. She leaned her head against her and watched she water while she fished. Her mind began to wander again and her thoughts drifted to this evening. The thought of food and private time with Sam perked her back up and made her want to collect faster. Katoka ID# 175222 LD: 2 FAILED
  5. Lessa

    [F22 - PP] Stars and Galaxies

    His words had the strangest effect on her. Even as they warmed her to the core, they sent shivers dancing like fingertips across her skin. Once he finished, and his final question hung in the space between them, Lessa simply sank into the happiness that swamped her. Surely, the swirling galaxies above cast enough light to reveal the red in her cheeks. In an attempt to hide her embarrassed pleasure, she pressed gently on his shoulder, guiding him back onto the blanket. Once the swordsman was lying down again, she fit herself against him. One long arm draped across his midsection as her cheek nestled in the fold of his jacket. That dang jacket, she thought, even as she turned to breathe in it's familiar scent. He had been wearing it the first time she saw him, fabric spilling like blood across the black, stone floor. Despite the oddness of the situation, Lessa thought of their chance encounter often. It was grief that had brought Bahr to his knees that afternoon, and guilt that had driven her to the Monument of Life day after day. How strangely poetic it was that so much darkness could give way to such light. "I never thought you were the kind of guy to believe in fate," she admitted finally. "But I'm glad you do. It means I'm not the only one who believes this all worked out the way it was supposed to." Letting her blue eyes drift closed, the girl focused only on the steady beat of Bahr's heart. "That all of the crap, and all of the hard stuff, all led here. That makes it all seem a little easier to swallow. And instead of dreading the next couple of years, I'm actually planning for them. I want to fight again. It's cheesy, but I guess I want to live again." She paused, then on a soft sigh, she concluded, "That's largely because of you." With the rustle of fabric, her hand moved to find his, and she interlaced their fingers. "I remember the first time we met, at the Monument. You probably don't remember, but you said something that stuck with me. You said it would all be meaningless once you got out. I- well, I hope you know that's not true now."
  6. Grimm Reaper

    Grimm Reaper Evaluations

    Junking items: Total: 5,101 Col Grimm Reaper, 46,024 Col ChaseR Exp: 64 Post Link:
  7. Grimm Reaper

    Grimm Reaper Evaluations

    Identifying items: Name: Haephastian Cowl Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 174897, 174898, 174899 Roll Result: 13, 1(unique), 17(Unique) Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Evasion | AntiFreeze | Flame Aura Description: Woven to serve as protection against the heat of the Forge for Blacksmiths, this cloak was worn by a warrior who braved Olympus to learn the secrets of his Master's flames. Name: Suit of Flames Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 174912, 174913, 174914 Roll Result: 20(Unique), 17, 9 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Flame Aura | Loot Die | Light Momentum Description: A very tight bodysuit that shifts its appearance at random. What's always constant are the faint yet warm flames that are emitted from it, protecting their user from harm and warding enemies off while lighting the path ahead. Name: Thunderstruck Badge Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 174924, 174925, 1749246 Roll Result: 6(Unique), 20, 17 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Paralytic immunity | Loot Die 2 Description: A blade-like sigil attached to a small shirt collar. When worn, it will ward off any form of paralysis effect by emitting a shield of lightning. Name: Scout's Honor Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 174933, 174934, 1749335 Roll Result: 13, 3, 16(Unique) Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Mitigation | Recovery | Holy Blessing Description: A lightweight cuirass with a dragon emblem to its collar. The emblem glows every so often, imbuing its user with regenerative abilities. Name: Sanguine Sleeve Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 174936, 174937, 174938 Roll Result: 11(Unique), 14, 20 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Vampiric Defense | Evasion | Loot Die Description: A single sleeve to be slipped on one's loadout. However useless it might seem, it enhances the user's potential and allows them to even draw energy from around themselves to heal, albeit it's a rare occurrence. Name: Cerberus' Blessing Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 174942, 1749423, 174944 Roll Result: 3(Unique), 12, 17 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Fireproof | Evasion | Loot Die Description: Black and red armor said to be made from Cerberus' pelt. It will instantly disperse any flames that try to harm the wearer. It's light and easy to wear, making it ideal for swift attackers. Name: Moving Tundra Your Profession: Merchant Your Rank: 5 Roll ID: 174951, 174952, 174953 Roll Result: 19(Unique), 8, 2 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 3 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Frost Aura | Savvy | Evasion Description: cape paired with a cowl that's shaped like a dragon with horns. Its colors are white, with hints of faint light blue, resembling the colors of ice. A comforting frost is emitted from the cowl, and it appears to reflect light in full. Post Link:
  8. Baldur ran his hand slowly across the final chalk marked penguin in the dizzying corridors of the twenty-fifth floor. His fingers lightly smudged a tip of the penguins wings, but not enough that people wouldn't find them. It was the last intersection. They could see the party from here, but for the gaijin samurai, it brought back memories of the fight. It had been a messy, confusing thing. Hestia being banished from the encounter, Mac being chained up and howling in pain. The darkness, the despair. Though they had put on a brave face, it had been too close for comfort for Baldur. He could not have bared it if he had lost his Macradon in that battle. Not due to pride or hubris. This floor had given him 2020 hindsight, and that had guided the central message he had to tried to instill in the boss meeting. Come prepared. The best of us had almost died. He walked slowly behind Shield and the rest of Jacob's Ladder. The path to the boss room was fraught. Wandering monsters were everywhere. Ariel and himself had found Mac, Hestia, Jon, and Zandra mired in the weight of the monsters that constantly lurked here. The labyrinth was a dangerous place. His eyes lighted up with pleasant surprise when he saw Ariel was there waiting as well. "Ariel-san. I'm glad to see you. How many floor bosses does this make fighting side by side? Not nearly enough, but to the point where having you at my back brings me comfort." He turned to the rest of Jacob's Ladder, pride shining like an aura about the gaijin samurai. They had finally done it. He and Shield had brought a guild to the boss fight, and he was proud of the people he brought with him. Not as many as he would have hoped, but they were filling essential roles on multiple parties, and had contributed in a large way to the preparation efforts. "Alright, remember everyone, we've got group heal crystals to hand out. Oscar should be showing up with feasts. I also commissioned from Raidou a full set of performer buffs and debuffs as masterpieces so they can be used effortlessly in battle. I'm sure other groups will have them as well. The number one goal if this mission is keeping everyone alive. Put the lives of yourselves and your teammates first. Second is victory. We can retreat and come back more prepared as long as everyone is alive. If we let people fall... well I don't need to explain the negative spiral. We're here to save lives first and foremost. So, does everyone have a teleport crystal?" Baldur sought out @Crozeph and @Zajcica and gestured for the two of them to come up to him. "You both have given me wings with what you've asked me to do after this, but to that end, I would like you to do something to keep my heart at ease." Baldur held out a potion, one to the each of them. "This is a <<safeguard>> potion. They're extremely rare, and are only for emergencies. However, if you drink this potion, it will negate the next attack against you. If you drink this potion, and then use your <<Teleport Crystal>> then you're sure to get out. Don't drink them now, but if things turn bad and we call for a retreat, this will ensure you both get out of here safely." His eyes fastened on Crow, and then on Yuki. "The tank is always the last one out. They're the bulwark that allows the rest of their team members to retreat. If Yuki calls for a retreat, you have to trust that she's pulling up the rear. If you delay, then you put her in more danger. The sooner the team gets out, the sooner the tank can." Baldur points to the potions he just handed them. "This is your peace of mind." His steel blue eyes met each of theirs, as if his gaze could fasten his words to their heart. "But don't worry!" He patted Yuki and Crow on the shoulders as if he was about to envelope them in a giant bear hug. "I know what Yuki-chan can do. I believe in you both, in the hard work you've put forward, and you're going to do great. If you're nervous, just trust that I would not put you in a position I didn't think you could handle." With that, he turned to his friend and partner in crime, Shield. He held out a fist bump to the man. "You ready for this old man?" His steel eyes shimmered with challenge.
  9. She hummed at his reply. Not many other players would be so bold about their odds, but perhaps there was a human element in social interactions rather than a roll of the random number generator. Mayhaps, this was the tether that kept Kyoto from shying away from the potential pursuit of danger. "I see," NIGHT returned, finally dropping her arms to her side. Her white cloak fluttered as it followed her movements, and the woman tucked her hands into the pockets of her tracksuit once more. "Then, you're the leader here." She nodded towards the exit of town, the blustering sandstorm still sweeping through the alleyways between their position and the gates of Fortaleza. "Lead the way." It wasn't until they'd begun moving that NIGHT began to ruminate about the missing pieces of information her companion had started to drip about the past. Lost, ancient intel. "This guild of yours," she mentioned, picking her words carefully, "if it's run by someone at the head of the pack, why hasn't anyone heard of it before? Some kind of secret cult, you think?"
  10. NIGHT

    [PP-EV-F10] Dungeon of Eschaton

    Not even the second tick of her DoTs had persisted and the giant fiend was already down for the count. Bummer. Just as NIGHT was entertaining the thought that, with any luck, there would be some tougher boss awaiting them in a future event, the tides that carried their pronged and sharpened vessel started to pick up in strength and rage. Maybe Cardinal had heard her words, and was dead set on showing up the player of its power. But then, the player wondered, wouldn't it have also dropped her figure out of the shadows that she so desperately craved? One look over the edge of their boat -- sure enough, they were heading somewhere, but the vast majority of swarming ghosts that flooded her view gave her no heads up about where to. So only after a good minute did she start to freak out. They were heading into a whirlpool.
  11. NIGHT

    [PP|F22] Want a Sub?

    She'd almost forgotten about tactics. Almost. When her mind was too busy entertaining the idea of restricted use for Teleport Crystals, there was only a fear that pervaded her every step. The treants soon came into view; NIGHT wondered for a quick second, watching them enter her vision, where there might've been a grotto on the twenty-second. If only she recalled the way towards it. Such was the life with exploring Dungeon Maps. Music blocks down. Her footsteps shuffled hesitantly just as ChaseR approached the group of enemies, hoping that even with the adrenaline already persisting in her digital veins she would be able to step into the realm of shadows. Thankfully, Cardinal was a lenient system, already partway through ripping her figure from the ether just as she'd managed to push forth towards her quarry. Everything else from there was on instinct. The air rippled at her fingertips just as Jack's Executioner returned to her side.
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  13. ChaseR

    [PP | FL1 ] Dragons exist

    Chase nodded at Kiluia, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. That was mostly a compliment, but it just so happened to be the truth, too... "I've been going at it non-stop. I'm almost finished with every quest there is by now, so I'll start leveling much slower. Farming monsters or going around towns and ki-", and there he stopped because of the child. It was probably best not to use inappropriate words like that in front of Asmura. He regained his composure and looked to the side, with his eyes squinted and his cheeks slightly puffed. "... Shooing away monsters. Mhm." That was definitely going to go over the girl's head. Watching Asmura though, he began to truly wonder just how old she was. Curious to find out, he coughed to clear his throat and put on another fake, as friendly as possible smile and continued to look at her walk by them. "So, Ash, how old are you? You're very young, right? Like a daughter to white uh... d-dude, or the blue lady~?". Hopes were starting to falter in his own conversational abilities as he looked back ahead of them in embarrassment, sighing and perking up only at the sight of a small lizard with stretched wings crawling about in the distance. The hatchling..!
  14. He looked at her. “I mean I was apart of Itzal’s guild a while ago and Jomei, I stumble across while about to do a quest and he offered to help with it. So I don’t feel to lucky finding them. It just so happens that I’m in the right place at the right time.” It was after that he heard her ask if he’s feeling lucky today. It was the matter of if he feel like she’s willing to help of leave him in his place to face it on his own. But for the time being he decided to go along with it. “To be honest, I do feel kind of lucky today. Seems like I have a tendency to be in the right place at the right time.” With that thought he would continue to walk up to her before he would be standing right next to her waiting to see what she would have to say about anything he just said. @NIGHT
  15. NIGHT

    [Shop-F10] The Night's Watch [OPEN]

    It would've been one thing if she'd only seen the jacket once. But for some reason, it appeared once more, right before her eyes and draped across the counter in absolute, pristine value. She'd have to take it for modifications later, of course. But it was eerie how it kept finding its way to her. Or perhaps, under a less-suspicious MMO player's guess, it was merely a standard drop of the incredibly funk-ridden bunny. "I... uh." A swallow, then a furrowing of brows. Even as her sights darted around its outline, there was no mistaking the jacket to be true. One more final check -- the tag on its collar -- and it said the very same thing as the equipment she was wearing right now. NIGHT looked to Crow with a puzzled look and a tilt of her head. "I'll take it. Just-- give me some time to repay you for this, alright?"
  16. -- Because the rest of the crafts were important, and they were reserved for her. The quiet squeaks down the worn steps of the Cintamani were only accompanied by the opening and closing of the front door, just as NIGHT shuffled into the room with nary a word to utter to her business partner. Standard practice would often beckon a greeting; it was polite to do so, after all. But both the client and their broker knew very much of the stakes that were to be laid out in front of them. Anything that was to be said could be said in silence with well wishes and a focused mind towards their respective duties. A collection of the orbs. NIGHT only raised her gaze to check if Bistro had time to spare a nod or a glance. But she didn't, and so with hurried steps, the player took her leave bounding elsewhere for the day's preparations.
  17. Macradon

    Freyd's Evaluations

  18. Daemien

    [F??-R9|Cook|PK] shop | open.

    [26/10/20] | to sort & eval.
  19. Daemien

    [F01-R10|Alchemist] Cintamani | open

    More than what was initially bargained for. Perhaps, Daemien wondered, Bistro really did seem him as the devil when he'd sauntered into her shop in high spirits and a winning smile. Right as the youth stepped up towards the counter, eyeing the bright colored orbs by the bend of the wood, the alchemist shot him a look from her set of papers splayed out in a wide mess. "Just the bottles," she cautioned. Maybe, had Lucifer caught a glimpse of the venom she'd captured in that stare, he too would have disappeared to depths where no mortals nor gods could find him in the future. The man raised his palms and shook them in a vain attempt to wrest the woman of her suspicion. "As agreed upon. Just the bottles, yes."
  20. Crozeph

    [GM Cook]Yuki Izakaya - PK Accessible

    Crozeph entered Yuki's shop excited, holding some kind of cake but made of marshmallows. He set it down the counter and looked at it, a loot from a really tasty looking dungeon. "Hey, I've got this delicious cake from a dungeon Night helped me with..." he scratched his head as he smiled at her "I don't want to eat this alone, is there a way where you can turn it into a, what do you call it? a feast?" he told her "that way we can both share it and also with others in battle." Perhaps he was just trying to tell Yuki that he wanted to eat the cake with her but knowing this guy, he's probably trying to make it sound like he wasn't so excited. Handing Yuki a demonic consumable: [The Big Peep] OH IV ID: 173315
  21. Bistro

    [F01-R10|Alchemist] Cintamani | open

    [26/10/20] | to sort & eval.
  22. Macradon

    Sam's Evaluations

  23. Griswold

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Charge Rank 1 SP Refunded: 5 Cost: 5,000 col
  24. PH Consumed: Four Course Meal: Gourmet Wine 174524 (LD+4, Filled!) [1/6] -1 Portion Four Course Meal: Full English 174525 (Evasion 2) [1/6] -1 Portion Four Course Meal: Pork Roast 174655 (T2/Overhealth 3) [1/6] -1 Portion Four Course Meal: Surf and Turf 174656 (T2/Mitigation 3) [1/6] -1 Portion Gold Star Sticker (+1 Loot Dice [2/3]) -1 Charge Net Stat Change: +30 Mitigation, +2 Evasion, +5 Loot Dice Simmone | HP:770/770 | EN:68/68 | DMG:1 | MIT:71 | EVA:4 | REC:4 | LD:13
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