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    [PP|F09] Hearts of Fire burn true

    Her punch didn't connect onto its desired target, but if she was honest, that punch rarely worked out the way she wanted it too. While it did pack a serious punch, it was too slow to be used as a leader. It was far better a follow up on a target who was dazed, that's when it really exploded. Still, the fact he deflected her strike, rather than outright dodged it, did show he had some fight within him. And sometimes that's what mattered, the effort....if you were a coward. "You wanna stop, seriously?" Embers couldn't keep the annoyance out of her voice. This fight was finally started to get good, and he wanted to stop! What a damn tease....The growl that emerged from her throat was low, deep and lethal, like an angry wolf. She grabbed her cigar and sucked in a deep breath, it not having left her lips despite the fighting "God and here i was actually getting excited about you. Guess i should have listened to my instincts, you're nothing more than a prep kid. If you're not even willing to fight for what you want, what good are you?" The girl raised her hand, on it was a silver ring. A sentence written over it although it would be difficult to see "See this? This is a promise, to take whatever i want regardless of what stands in my way. That's the way of a true hunter, someone who is worthy of my respect. If you want me, you'd fight me to show me. So, preppy, tell me, are you gunna take what you want or not?"
  3. Sahagin Chieftain

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    tabulating last rounds stats ((Actually, post in the morning. Sorry for the delay, but I'm just having a rough time of things right now))
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  5. The boy realizes what happens as the girl calls him dummy and bring up what she said before. She’s right. But she’s also wrong. I don’t like her. Women are so confusing. He backs away from her, not knowing what to do about What he was thinking. Do I like her? He looks up at the girl with purple hair and tilts his head. “Fine, I’ll tell you.” He spins and starts to walk with her as he begins to talk again. “There is a girl, but I’m not sure if I like her.” He keeps walking his familiar floating by him like it’s trying to annoy him. So he waves the small flame away and he begins to think for a moment. “I definitely don’t...” his hands fidget together as he continues, “not like her.” The poor explanation was the best he could come up with as he isn’t able to emote as well as everyone else in the world. The small flame moves over to the girl and looks back at Huginn, he had forgotten the familiar is a Will-o-wisp, which were like sprites. Plus, the familiar’s name is Felicity, so it was obviously a girl. “You’re right, I’m sorry Felli. Human girls are gross.” He says, looking over at @Arabelle, “You’re not so bad. Still, you should keep your distance.” He spins and walks out further into the woods, a few steps ahead of the girl. His eyes land on a rock, as he bends down and picks it up, getting another material.
  6. Cullen equips his hat once again, and he puts on sunglasses. “So we’re lookin’ in the shallow water?” He asks, moving next to her, when she brings up his taste in women. “I figure if I’m gonna be good at cookin’, my gal better be okay with eatin’. All the high maintenance lasses who never eat, worried about what they wear and which celebrity they look like, they only eat salad.” His hands rake through the wet sand as he begins to form something in the sad, like he’s trying to build something. “I learned to cook at the age of 13, Father told me it’d be a great way to get the attention of ladies. I’m okay with any woman, but if she doesn’t like my cookin’ I won’t be so uppity anymore.” His eyes move up to her again, his hands having made the shape of a house, and the tide running up and tearing it down. “Sorry, didn’t mean to vent like that.” His eyes move back down to where the structure was. That was weird, how am I supposed to explain that one? He looks kind of worriedly at the ground and thinks. The look of introspection holding tightly to his face. @Pleue
  7. She shrugged, still recovering from her tiny panic attack. "I'm not looking for much, a tiny familiar will do." Charlotte tugged on her index finger and sighed. The ocean was pretty, too pretty, in fact. You probably couldn't find this many beaches in real life. Smiling softly at Clyde, she shook her head and chuckled. "I'm not too much of a swimmer. My brothers used to tease about that actually, they'd say I would space out in the middle of a swim and drown," she giggled to herself. "You can do that if you want, I'll just be looking for the little rascal." Charlotte kicked some sand with her bare feet and smiled to herself. Looking up at Clyde, she shrugged. "I see... well, I must say you have a very unique taste in women." Charlotte laughed, looking around the beach for any signs of life of some sorts which, if she were to say, was nonexistent. @Clyde
  8. Clyde laughs as she turns red and he looks out towards the ocean. “I reckon that plan’ll work, depending on what you’re looking for.” He turns his attention back to the small girl. She knows a lot, smart people tend to do better. Just like my sister she is also easy to fluster. This is gonna be fun. He slides his hat off and puts it into his inventory. “While we wait, we could always go swimming. I’m sure it’s better than just hanging out on the beach waiting for something to come to you.” He walks towards the water, removing his boots. “It’s up to you kid. But take too long and I’ll decide for you.” He stands and waits for an answer as he spins his legs and looks at her. Maybe I can make a new friend out of this. It’d be nice to have some one to talk to every now and then. The man strokes his facial hair and smiles. “I’m not making jokes if that’s what you mean. I try to lie as little as possible.” He smiles, stroking his facial hair once again. His legs drop out from under him as he sits with his legs stretched out and his arms holding him up from behind him. @Pleue
  9. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat grinned as he watched Hirru successfully stun the shaman, "Nice Hirru!" he shouted, readying his spear and waiting for the rest of the party members to go. With his precision being the highest, it made sense for him to wait until everyone else had gone in case someone failed to execute a crucial part of the strategy. For now, the plan was simple and Beat had no trouble following behind Baldur. "Alright! Let's bring this home!" He said as he ran forward, his spear charging with swordart energy as he eyed his own energy bar. He was doing alright, but they would need to play the next few moments perfectly in order to ensure their success. He delivered his attack with less accuracy than he had hoped, but despite a slight stumble, he managed to keep pace with the chieftain and sink his strongest swordart into it's side, peppering it with red, pixelated wounds. Two more shots barring energy from Shield...okay, this is doable.
  10. Looking towards the group i smile a bit when hearing Ruby repeat the thorns part as i open up my inventory and slides the screen on over towards the blonde haired brawling healer. A small grin across my face as i just show the names of gears that have their enhancements next to them as i just nod my head with a playful grin. “Lets be glad that at one point i considered paralyze a good enchantment to have on my shield Ruby. Seems like having some non thorns armor, and a non thorns shield has come to aid me, and also find myself lucky that there hasn’t been a need to give away this Tier three gear yet.” I say in a joking tone of voice as i than just nod my head with a confident grin across my face. “SO when it comes to thorns i think we’ll be covered in avoiding death by that. Just keep in mind people to focus down the chieftan. Myself and Ruby will deal with the timing of stuns against the healer once we can see where his rhythm is when we arrive. When the shaman can’t be stunned we’ll be focusing the chieftan obviously. I’ll be using my energy restorations on Ruby as mentioned. This is our plan for when we go onto the assault against the labyrinth boss.” I say listing off the plan once more before glancing around the area quickly and than directs my attention towards the direction in which i remember the area being as i redirect myself back towards that direction. #112638 LD:4+5(skill)+3(food)+3(item)=15 27/100
  11. Zandra listened as the others went discussed the plan. ‘’Fan, måste verkligen skaffa en sword art som kan stunna.’’ She mumbled to herself as her brain took in the orders from the leader couple. This time, she was a follower, but it didn’t bothered her at all. Not when these was the leaders. ‘’No thorns? I see. Then I better not use this.’’ She opened her inventory and switched her iconic black dragon armor into just some casual clothes. Instead she equipped her half-mask, increasing her ability to spot details in the environment that she would miss otherwise. She looked down on her hand where the celtic ring was that she had bought so long ago. Felt kind of nostalgic to be back in her old scouting gear. That was when she saw something that she recognized. The path they followed splitted into two. ‘’We should take right here.’’ She said to the tank in the front. At least this meant they was on the right track. LD bonus: +3 (skill) +1 (expertise item) +3 (item) +3 (food) Total: +10 ID: 112637 LD: 2+10=12 Total LD: 12
  12. Hikoru gripped his dagger tightly. Shield went down, paralyzed, and there was nothing he could do to save him except attack. He grits his teeth and charged forward to the weakened bat that had already taken two attacks from him and leaped into the air, giving a scream as he stabbed the creature through the heart. He finished his sword art and watched the bat's health drop, the creature giving a scream of some sorts as the blade went through the body of the creature repeatedly. He leaped back, his back covering the little girl. "Shield, you good? If you need to run I can take a few hits. I can Vanish if I need to, but you need to patch up before you get back into the fight." He said to him, speaking above the bats screaming as best he could. He reversed the grip of his dagger, making sure to keep his fingers loose yet strong. He didn't want to grip the dagger so hard that it fell out of his hands, or too loose that it was knocked free by a stray batwing or claw. He did his best to find that middle ground while protecting the small child behind him. He had more of a reason to fight now, and he wouldn't back down without one.
  13. A date. And revenge on whom...? Arabelle was the only one with relationship problems here. Mishiro chose to ignore that remark and inched back as the small girl leaned too far into her personal space. "A date," she repeated quietly. For some reason, Arabelle's offer caused a different sort of warmth to rise in her chest. Her best friend had called most of the times they spent one-on-one with each other "dates," so there was no reason to assume that this would be any different from the previous instances. Yes, she thought as the purple-haired girl eagerly leaned close. It wouldn't be-- She found her hands had moved to hold Arabelle back by her shoulders. --Any. Different. "The event-limited quest, right?" questioned Mishiro. She inched back, shyly holding Pochi up to function as some sort of barrier between her and the girl who was, and always would be, her best friend. She averted her gaze, finding interest in the scene outside the back room's window. A flock of birds cutting through the tranquil view of a virtual sky painted with the lingering colors of the sunset. "I don't have anything else to do for today, so I can take it with you."
  14. Baldur

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    "We're cutting it damn close." Baldur said with a glance at his energy gauge. Without the exact numbers available, and without spending too much time trying to read it versus the fight, Baldur couldn't tell, but it looked like he had just enough energy left to finish this fight. "We've got no room for errors anymore." Stepping into the frey, Baldur waited for his opening, and when Zandra fell back, the forlorn chief of the fish people watching her go, provided Baldur his opportunity to activate the <<San Ge>> katana sword art, slashing heavily into the boss. It's new mitigation definitely made things challenging, but now that they were wide open, and not sharing the bridge battleground with 3 other people, they had more room to work and get their attacks off faster. "Let's do this Beat!" ID#112635 BD: 4+3-1=6 (hit) San Ge: 24+3 (Sharpness) = 27x15=405 (raw) -125 (mit)=280 damage dealt
  15. Huginn

    [PP-F2] Lost and Found

    He watches her expression not change at all. In the anime in the real world, a small cartoony Shiro would’ve popped up looking drained behind him, but this was real, for all intents and purposes. Well that expression wasn’t very helpful. All she did was bring up talking to me as a change of pace. His blushing disappeared entirely as he shifts his body, looking at the girl. “So...” He recomposes himself as he thinks on what to ask her. His mind begins to race, flipping between hot, topical questions like “what’s your favorite mathematical equation?” And “what’s your favorite paradox?” Almost like time hadn’t Passed at all, but was really an eternity for the boy, he follows up with, “What do you do for fun?” His tone falling back to emotionless, but inside he genuinely wanted to know. Something was different about her, she wasn’t too loud, she wasn’t too callous, she was dense but so is he. Her presence almost put him at ease, and his attention was drawn to her. Is this what being friends is like? Because this is weird. Next she’ll ask why I decided to join Aincrad. Then my bank account number, or even worse, my birthday. He slides his hands into his pockets despite being more comfortable with them out and looks down, avoiding her gaze even if it wasn’t on him. @Mishiro
  16. Neo just gave a nod towards Shield to let him know that she was ready to move further into the dungeon. Though she was probably going to be tiring the quickest, she was also the one who didn't do much of anything. Sure she had some decent single target numbers, but there was little that couldn't slow her down. They were lucky so far and nothing was mitigating her attacks, but they probably would soon enough and her damage would become nearly useless at that point. Regardless, that didn't mean she couldn't be useless now. Driving her rapier into one of the humanoids as best as she could, she noticed that the bar moved a little ways. At least it was something, even if Morgenstern was going to do that and more to all of them at once soon enough. Well, not completely dead weight at least. And I can get better, at least I hope I can. @Morgenstern
  17. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    Akudo was surprised to hear that the first question had to do with someone's death. Of course, what caught his attention more, was the fact that there were three other eavesdropping cloaked players. He knew none of them, so he had a right to be suspicious...but who to approach first? The female cloaked player noticed that she wasn't the only one listening in to the conversation. Whatever did these players want? Vigilon listened to Dazia's response. "Alright, alright, I get it! It wasn't your fault. ...But that still leaves the reason why he did it in the first place... Oh well, I guess that'll be a mystery for another time. So...You have a question? I think we should ask each other questions until we get to a topic that will last for some time." Vigilon hoped that she would agree, for he had nothing else to ask at the moment. He had something in mind, but he totally forgot it. @Dazia
  18. Neo just went along with the flow of events as best as she could. That attack had felt so real, but at the same time she knew that this had to just be a game. There was no way that a weapon could be controlling her mind. But perhaps it really was. She had experienced the game messing with her in ways she couldn't have imagined just by going to the sixth floor, but this was on a whole different level than before. It seemed like there was no inhibition of that feeling, like it was almost an alter ego begging to be free. Neo just nodded as Hestia mentioned that they should go turn in the quest and then talk a bit more in an inn of some sort. Neo wanted to get out of this area as quickly as possible. Even if the location wasn't the reason for her breakdown, she still knew that it would be best not to have osmething to relate to the breakdown nearby while trying to process everything that has been happening. @Hazado
  19. Neopolitan

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    ((Please just increment the number of the loot minimum mob so we know how many we're at. And a reminder you can only spawn for per combat, but we are in separate combats)) Neo didn't even really care about what was going on with the other three. They were going to be going at it for who knew how long and she just wanted to work on this quest that they came here for. If Haz needed her to come save him, then that would be a different issue. But he could handle his own just fine, at least that's what she thought. Seeing one of the enemies that she would need to face to keep moving forward, Neo popped out of stealth and quickly sent her blade through it. It seemed to do quite a bit of damage, but was definitely of a higher level than she was anticipating. Probably because of either the larger group size or just that there was someone higher level than her in this group. Likely the latter, considering the game seemed to lie to respond to volume of players with volume of mobs. Not surprising she wasn't the highest level here though. Not surprising in the slightest. Party Neo: @Hazado
  20. Listening to everything that was going on, Neo could definitely tell they had the inside scoop. This wasn’t some random mob that they were fighting. Hestia had told her it was the labyrinth boss, but Neo figured it couldn’t have been that bad if they were bringing her along. After all, she was still pretty low of a level. There also seemed to be some feelings of resentment going around the group, probably something to do with the people who were left there. Deciding not to question it too far, Neo just went ahead and made her way towards the front of the group to make sure she wasn’t surprised in case an enemy showed up for some odd reason. Who knew what was on this floor. Well, the other three probably had a good idea, Neo didn’t though. And hopefully that knowledge meant they would be getting back to the fight as quickly as possible. @Zandra
  21. Neopolitan

    Log Book

    Pending, see message for details
  22. Yinangi could hardly hear a thing. "Ugh, why did I think I could listen from here? Guess I'll have to get closer without drawing any attention to myself..." She would start slow, and move from one table to the next, but with enough time distance to keep anyone from noticing. The cloaked player who had yet to say or mutter anything wasn't very interested in the ongoing conversation...until the name Wardege was mentioned. His head perked up slightly, and he began to eavesdrop on the conversation. Dazia was surprised that Vigilon would ask this question...because at this point it would be such a stupid question to ask. "Are you seriously still thinking that it was my fault that the fool is dead? No, it was definitely his fault. He started it, and despite that he regretted his reckless decision, he never ended the duel. I was the defending player in the situation, so I didn't think I could end it without ending him. He brought it upon himself." @Vigilon
  23. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    Akudo took a look around, noticing three other players...who were all cloaked. "I can't tell who's with who here...three cloaked players, excluding myself...wonder why they're here..." One of the cloaked players kept her eyes over on Vigilon. "Why is he talking to her, and what is this about? I'm a bit curious..." She muttered inaudibly. Dazia asked Vigilon to get straight to the point. "Well all right then. First off, I want to ask a second time, this time, less emotional and reactive, and, let's be honest in this conversation, if you will, but...are you sure it was Wardege's fault that he died at the edge of your blade? I know that there was a hint that he hadn't been himself late in his life, judging by his actions and expressions, but I honestly doubt that he'd go that far." Vigilon hoped that she would answer the question honestly, and that this matter, as well as a few others, could be settled at last. @Dazia
  24. @Pinball Changing from True Neutral to Chaotic Good? Now that's interesting... Then again, every test is different, so I guess you never know!
  25. As the players were entering, Yinangi poked her head out from the staircase slightly, and saw them enter. She walked down the stairs slowly and carefully, for she did not want to make any sound. She took a seat at the table opposite of the table that Dazia intended to hold the conversation at, and held the two ends of her cloak together, as to not reveal her light armor that would be a dead giveaway to her identity if she was spotted. She gave her surroundings a quick once-over, taking note of the amount of player cursors in sight. "One, two, three, four, five...heh, including me, there seem to be a total of six players in here..." She quietly muttered to herself. Dazia knew that Vigilon probably didn't know of her usual spot in this tavern. "Over here." She said as she gestured for him to follow. It was an unoccupied corner table, her usual seating whenever the tavern wasn't too busy. She looked around her as she walked towards the table. She spotted about three players in cloaks, and there were a bunch of NPCs at the bar, probably drinking away their sorrows of being alone. They should be fine as long as the conversation didn't get too loud. Once she and Vigilon had taken their seats, she was ready. "Alright, let's get straight to the point. What do you have to say to or ask me?" @Vigilon
  26. So, I'm surprised I didn't see this! This is really cool tbh :0 I took the test twice - once for Pinball before he killed, and one for Pinball after. I was kind of surprised by the results?? Pre-Killer Pinball got True Neutral. Post-Killer Pinball, to my surprise, got Chaotic Good. Chaotic Neutral was a very close second. Very, very surprising - but in a weird, almost twisted way, I think I can see it? I don't know. Maybe on a different test he would have scored differently? I don't really know what to expect, but I know Pinball is a character that's definitely on the fence when it comes to that kind of thing. I'd be really into it if @Baldur threw together that SAO version of the test. That'd be really cool to see, but I know that kind of thing takes a lot of time, and that people have busy lives away from site.
  27. Vigilon

    [PP-F8] Shadowed Pasts and Unspoken Truths

    Dazia came up to Vigilon, calling him an idiot and saying they were going to talk in the tavern. She also mentioned something about few players being there at the most. "Honestly, I kind of expected such a response. However...what about NPC's? They do as they please. If this is supposes to be a 'secret' conversation, a tavern would be one of the worst options to begin with, so look who's talking!" He didn't know how much he could trust her words, so he had earlier asked a minor friend(and informant) of his to let him know if there's anything suspicious. "Don't slip up, Akudo... I paid you the col in advance, so don't let me down..." Once the two players had entered the building, he looked around, then looked to Dazia, who probably would rather be the one to choose where they sat for this conversation. "Well then, where to?" Vigilon then realized he'd forgotten to name the location when he was speaking with Akudo earlier, but he was relieved to hear a familiar voice saying, "Excuse me," right before a player in a cloak walked by. Vigilon did what he could to not pay attention, as to not give the slightest clue that the he and that cloaked player were in cahoots with each other. @Dazia
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