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    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    Sunova Is normally standing out by the energetic aura she had with her all the time, but now she was not really standing out apart from having Snow-white hair. As two players walk up to one being a bit smaller than her maybe 8 inches smaller but clearly was younger than her. And the other was bigger maybe one foot higher than her and was clearly older than her. They both introduced them by name as the taller girl called herself Dazia and the smaller girl Called herself Yinangi. Dazia was more of a calmer type while Yinangi was more of the same type as herself as they spoke. "Nice to meet you both, three girls with the same reason and quest, to get out of here. I think we would make a great team us three" Sunova said with a smile. It was nothing new for Sunova to be so of a talker even to new people, she always liked to make new friends."You know what Yinangi And Dazia, Why not stick together in this mission, could be fun and we both can help each other really good." She said with a smile pointing at both of the girls. As they were talking a guy with white hair was dragging another boy with brown hair along with him as the two approached Sunova would just smile but has he introduced himself as Sharr and the other boy as Outlander, as the boy that called himself Sharr said He's here because this is the only legal way he could kill someone!" Sunova did not know how to respond to that and tilted her head a bit and then shucked her shoulders "Whatever he wants to do, he is here now HELPING to find this killer. As long as he doesn't get the wrong ideas I will be alright with him being here HELPING us." She said clearly saying Helping every time she said it. Sunova really didn't care what he wanted to do as long as he joined them in taking this PKer down As this was happening Sunova's eyes fell on a blond girl and the first thing that came to her mind was Kasier. She waved at the players that were standing with her saying "We can talk later I will be right back." As she jumped off to Kasier. She knew how Kasier was and thought about it a bit and then walked up to her. "He There Kasier, Long time no seen, How are you doing." She said with a smile on her face happy to see Kasier again. It was something special and you could definitely see Sunova was happy to see her. She made a small bow to Kasier and then started to talk a bit "I have been thinking about the things you said and so. And I know what to do, kind off. I do want to help people, so I will stick with the skill <first aid> But when you said I could be a DPS as well finally see what you mean" As she said this she took out her Katana to show Kasier, Nice isn't it. As she puts it back away she smiles very happy, even more than before, Kasier what kind of person Sunova could become during combat so she would be very useful if it came to it. @Aereth @Froppy @Sharr @Hikoru @Teion @Jevi @Pinball @Oxand @Kasier @Outlander
  3. Kasier

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    Twenty-seven. Kasier gulped down what seemed to be stuck in her throat at the sound of that. What a drastic amount of people to die to the hands of one individual. Such an act is unacceptable, and should be tracked down immediately. A player killer who has gone on such a rampage cannot be allowed to roam the floors freely without receiving a single punishment, and it's definitely reassuring that some people had decided that the time had come for action to be taken. She sighed, watching the two players in the front finish up before deciding which team that she wanted to join. The team that goes to where this particular player killer had last committed his crime is most likely to catch sight of this player, but she wasn't sure if that's a good thing for her. She had already spotted several strong players with Lessa's team, so there was no point of her joining them, especially since she was no where near their caliber. However, she was also not great at talking to people to the point where she wouldn't join Aereth's team either. She sighed in frustration, walking back and forth, knowing that as a player within the game, it was her obligation to help out with a task such as this. Finally, she came to a conclusion that her safety is far more important than a small bit of embarrassment from talking to some other players. She had done it multiple times in the past, and this should be the same as always. With a serious face, she walked up to Aereth, a player she had never met before, and nodded. "I'll be joining you with the interviews and such. Thanks for having me." She exclaimed, backing off after announcing it to the group leader. Kasier joins Aereth's team
  4. Jevi

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    The brunette looked between Aereth and the purple haired girl he had been talking prior to her stepping up. Had she interrupted something important? Nonetheless, Aereth greeted Jevi kindly with a calm voice, keeping his eyes locked with hers. The man seemed a lot less... malicious than one would expect speaking with a player killer. "Jevi," the girl said with a nod, "I dabble a little bit in both Damage and Tanking," adding a small smirk to her comment. Though she was confident in expressing her skill set, her level was still probably light years under Aereth's and some of the other players here. "I'm.. not the highest of levels.. but I should be able to help in protecting any of the squishier players." Hearing a group of familiar voices behind her, the woman looked over her shoulder to see her guild leader, Jomei speaking with Lessa. Maybe it would have been better if she went with her guild, she thought to herself. Soon after, an all too familiar blonde followed after, with her usual flirty self. Jevi shook her head, letting out a small sigh. If Ruby was there, maybe it would have been better if she was not on that team. the woman turned back to Aereth with the same confident smirk from before, "Just let me know what you want me to do." @Aereth
  5. I quickly find another Pup, though this time I'm starting to feel a bit tired after using my first Sword Art, so I clumisily swing my sword, and wildly miss hitting the boar, but despite my tiredness, I'm still able to dodge this boars charge without getting hit. "Alright, Sword Arts take a lot out of you, it seems. I'll have to be careful in their use, and not go wild with them. Good info to know, i suppose. I'll need to rest back in town soon, hopefully I'll get the last Pristine Tusk before I have to call it a day." I ready my blade, and take another deep breath, making sure I'm focused on the fight at hand. The Boar Pup looks like it's about to charge again, and I can't let it best me. I reverse my sword in my hand once more, feeling like the reverse hand grip suits me better in combat at the moment.
  6. Baldur

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    Baldur walked alongside Lessa at the head of the group. The weather seemed to getting to many of the people that had come with her to investigate Wyson's last known location. The second floor was not one he had spent a lot of time on, but the storms overhead while infrequent, were not uncommon. There were no true weather patterns in Aincrad, some floors were perpetually winter, some summer, and some had actual seasons. It was a mixed bag, he supposed, based on where that little petri dish of land came from. He looked back over his shoulders at their rag-tag band of justice seekers and it brought to mind the posses of the old wild west films. The sheriff would wrangle up concerned citizens and bring them along to hunt down the dangerous outlaw. The comparison was almost so good he needed to get Lessa a white cowboy hat. He wanted to look over his shoulder and reassure them that they would be fine, but what would he say? Don't worry guys, I'm a frontliner, there's no one we could find I'd be worried about fighting one on one? He wasn't some character in an anime or saturday morning cartoon.
  7. The Boar Pup charges again, my side step once more a little too slow, but this time, my sword glows red, and I can feel power welling up, just waiting to be released. I find myself launching at the Boar Pup's side, stabbing him 3 times in rapid succession, watching his HP drop all the way to 0. "Woah, what just happened? If I recall, Ourian did that, when he first taught me how to fight in this world. A Sword Art, I believe he called it? Know that I know how to use it myself, I'm sure fights will be much easier." As I think out loud to myself, I realize this boar has also dropped a Pristine Tusk, and I can't refrain from a shout of joy. "A 2nd one, already? I won't argue that, I'm almost done with this quest now. Just need one last Tusk." I sheathe my sword once more, and prepare to find the last Pristine Tusk.
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  9. Baldur

    [F20 - PP] Simple Math

    Baldur chuckled softly when Lessa mentioned she used to be better at this. She seemed to be flustered over an imagined slight at inviting herself along on his camping trip which was her idea to begin with. I used to be better at this too. Perhaps he had spent too much time on the front line. The tensions were different there. Everyone wanted attention, or to be the star, or the biggest and baddest whatever they felt like they were supposed to be the best at. Everyone wanted to remain with their friends, which was entirely fair because they could all die at any moment. Complacency was death on the frontlines, and no one knew that more than Zelrius and Azide. "I mean, it was your idea, I just figured you wanted to come along. Besides... I've never been camping in Aincrad before. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I've slept in safe zones before, but not where the goal is to... you know... enjoy yourself." Baldur chuckled. A mission to simple go out and enjoy time in this floating castle? Who would have thought! He had briefly considered correcting her on the tea. He had been referring to the coca leaf, mate de coca was a Andean specialty that if he remembered correctly was technically illegal in the United States, but made for an amazing tea. It was what helped get him going every morning when backpacking through the mountains, but he felt like playing that particular umm, actually card made him sound like some hipster d-bag. "I was always a Lucky Charm guys myself. Though after we moved to Japan, I got used to having fruit for breakfast... which... let me tell you, is not something I would have ever believed I'd say 10 years ago." He gave her a rueful smile. Lessa was old enough that she had lived through such upheavals in life expectations. There was a point, he noticed, when you had a long enough life to have the perspective of looking back and seeing how your expectations of what life would be like had been turned upside down. What would his ten years younger self think about where he was at now? He had, more or less, been living his ideal life. He had been, before SAO, doing everything he had imagined it would be like, though just at a slightly later age than he had first thought, but then, being trapped in a death game wasn't on The Plan either. He was going to ask her again what she had planned next, but immediately bit back the words with another sip of lemonade. Things didn't always need to be moving forward towards some ultimate goal. Sometimes, you could just be. And that's what he chose to do no. Just be here in this moment. "You've really managed to find your little slice of sunshine here. It's pretty fantastic. Did you choose this floor because one of the attractions said 'sun-shine forest'?" Baldur had a twinkle of mischief in his eye to give away the tease.
  10. She gave a small chuckle, “Oh thank god. I thought I had to actually kill something,” she turned away for a moment just to roll her her eyes. Not that it would be a problem. Turning back to him, she gave a crooked smile. “Yeah, I am too,” she admitted, accepting the party request. “Okay!” She beamed cheerfully, “sounds like fun,” the player said cooley, twirling a lock of ebony around her fingers. Barf, biting her lip, she stuck out her hand. “I’m Asakku by the way!” She could almost feel the grit coming out of her teeth as she spoke those words. In, out. You just have to be like this for the whole day, no worries, no worries. It’ll. Be. Fine. She gave a sharp breath and gave another artificial grin. “So, what level are you? I haven’t seen you around here before,” she scratched her chin as she said so, not that I would care anyways, she retorted in her head, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. @Woe
  11. As I soon come across my next Boar Pup, I immediately engage it, as I have been, unsheathing and swinging the blade in the same movement, but this boar pup was just a little faster and he evaded my attack, though as he swung his tusks at me, I was able to dodge them and roll away, for a brief moments respite. As I regain my footing, the Boar pup and I gauge each other, readying for the next clash. "Alright then, you seem faster on your feet than that last Pup, I may have to be a bit more careful." *Perhaps I should consider increasing my attack power, and be more of a fighter, instead of trying to be a Treasure Hunter. Or at the very least, try to find a good balance between the two.* I take a deep breath to stem my thoughts, slow my breathing and watch my enemy for his next move.
  12. As the Boar Pup begins it's final charge, I run towards it and jump over, spinning my whole body slashing at the Pup from above as it passes under me. When I land, I quickly make my way over to where the boar fell, and to my immense joy, it dropped the first Pristine Tusk I needed. "Awesome! One down, 2 more to go. If only all my fights could go as well as this one did. I'm really liking the Keen ability on this Sword, when it's active, it feels like it's drawn to the enemies, and I can't miss. If only I could figure out how to kill these things faster. 3 hits seems a bit much, but I suppose without spending the Points to increase my weapon damage, not much I can do about it." I sheath my sword once more, happy with my little bit of luck, and begin my pursuit of the next Tusk.
  13. Aereth

    [PP-F7] No Laughing Matter (Aereth)

    After Gray finished the first part of his little speech, the brunette PKKer quietly mouthed "Surprise." as his captor laughed like a stupid maniac. The greed for more power made this man blind. "Just one or two times. I usually don't count. But hey, you might wanna reconsider your perfect plan." Aereth replied calmly. "Girly over there has some powerful friends in some powerful guilds. Disposing her like that could lead to.... let's say "Tensions" between your guild and some others." He sighed. The Laughing Coffin hadn't been bothering him at all lately, so this sudden move was kinda surprising to him. Sure, he knew that he was a constant thorn in the side of that guild, but as he explained it to himself, it seemed like he and the LC came to an silent agreement some time ago. Back in the day when they still sent skilled assassins his way, they almost never made it back to the guild, tearing big gaps in their mid to high tier strike force. When this stopped, he simply assumed that they saw him as something like a initiation test for the rookies. If they managed to get caught by him they weren't worthy of the guild anyways. But if the rookies managed to go under his radar, that meant that only the best of the best would still remain in the guild. It seemed like Aereth turned from a constant pain in the a**, more into kind of a quality control for LC. But he didn't know for sure of course. "It could very well mean that guilds like the Celestial Ascendants, Knights of the Bloodoath, could be on your heels, hell I've even heard that they have connections to the Ultramarine Knight himself. Hmmmm." he paused, looking down on the man with a smile. "That's three unique skill wielders where one is the strongest player in the game... And that may or may not be a thing your 'superiors' would want, think about it, before you go and report to them like the good puppy you are." Only five minutes. That was all it took Aereth to completely understand how that man worked. He was having a major superiority complex, constantly trying to impress his higher ups, like a dog begging for attention. "If he hits me and storms off, my idea is correct..." he thought, still wearing a smug grin. Once everybody was gone, meaning Hidden and Aereth were alone. The girl was broken. She was crying and begging him for forgiveness. "Hidden" His strong and strict voice cut through the air. "You need to down. We need to keep a cool head if we want to survive. Can you do that for me?" he asked, his voice steadily growing softer with every word he spoke. "Tell me how they got you, and how long you have been here." @Hidden
  14. As the Boar Pup charges again, this time I'm ready for it, easily able to side step, and cut it once more. watching it's HP drop into the red and he needs only one more hit to be dealt with. The Boar Pup fell over with the cut, but now is regaining it's footing. "Getting slow with that cut are you? At least that's some good luck for me, now if you'd be so kind as to drop a Pristine Tusk for me, when I finish you off?" The Boar Pup glares at me with it's red eyes, as I sigh. Why am I talking to the boar? Not like it really understands what I'm saying, anyway. I spin the blade in my hands, now holding it in a reverse position, the sword behind my back, with my other hand in front of me, ready to move to either side for the final slash.
  15. As I walk through the forest, I see another Boar Pup. It's looking right at me, so i know stealth isn't an option here, so I merely unsheathe my sword and charge at it. It reciprocates, and as I attempt to side step it's charge, it's tusk scatrches me as I run my blade along it's side. Now it eyes me warily, being injured mid-charge. I ready my blade, expecting another charge. "That's right, come on. I'm getting tired of you little Pups not dying fast. This time, you will give me a pristine Tusk, got it? " This time around, I'm fairly sure that even if I plant my sword again, in this world with HP and damage, that the boar won't die outright like the last one did. Perhaps after I strike it once more, it'll work, but not yet. There's got to be a trick to killing these things fast.
  16. I make my way through the desert keeping my hands within the pockets of the shorts that i am wearing. I glance about the area expecting a mob to pop up and try to attack the group if they viewed themselves as an easy target to try and take out. Eventually i see Pinball come back towards the duo of players and gives a smile at that being glad that he didn't get ambushed by some player killers or rather aggressive mobs. Well you would be surprised what you can find in the strangest of places Pinball. Though yeah lets hurry up back towards the main settlement so we can turn in this quest. I say with a nod of my head as i continue speed walking towards the direction of the main settlement alongside the scorpion fighter and Fae. I then chuckle softly at hearing Pinball's comment. Well it depends on what you view as worth it. Survival is able to help you out a lot possibly in some quests or situations where you need a quick amount of healing.
  17. I make my way through the vast desert of the fifth floor at a relaxed pace. My blue eyes glancing over every little detail that i can manage from it, but finding nothing that i could serve as a rather good source of hiding for long periods of time. Not even a culmination of different rock structures forging together to provide some kind of darkened cave like experience. I sigh softly at such results shaking my head before i quickly fix my gaze back upon the scenery knowing i can't give up now when i have a guild member in need of some place to hide while her orange crystal disappears. I hear the healer's voice as i turn my voice to look back at her and just gives a cheerful smile. The answer is simple as i have told you Ruby. The fact is that we are family, and that is all there is to it. Nothing grand or special to any of this. I defend and protect family and friend with my life, and i am wanting to help as much as i can if it is within my power to do so. I say towards the healer with a shrug of my shoulders.
  18. Sharr

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    'A better love story than Twilight? I can't believe such thing exists in this world.' Sharr thought upon hearing the child's explanation. He then listened as the kid boasted of her level and skills, which was actually a bad idea because it made him feel useless after knowing that all of the children he knew were way stronger than he was. He then felt a light tap on his shoulder making him jump upon recognizing what it was. "What the hell?" Sharr exclaimed surprised by the girl she called Kermit's tongue. 'A tongue that could stretch, of course why not.' The girl then turned away, while Sharr quietly followed, not knowing what else to do. He then overheard her call them "Daz and "Yin". The frog girl then left to greet the other members of their group. "Daz and Yin then? You and Kermie must be close." A girl with white hair then introduced herself to the group as Sunova. Daz and Yin approached her to introduce themselves. Sharr was about to go too, when he realized that his leader was walking up to him. He listened as Outlander expressed his reason for being here before answering. "The whole Pact's in here? Oh, then that would mean Fae is with Lessa with the both of us with Aereth, and as you can see I'm busy making some friends who's gonna have my back against Laughing Coffin" He said with a sincere smile. "Lemme guess, you came here because it was the only legal way you could kill someone and get away with it. That's totally why I’m here.” Outlander finished Sharr grinned. "Me? Naah, I honestly came here for the Col and-" Sharr cleared his throat before continuing. "-my sense of justice." Sharr then grabbed Outlander's forearm and ran to Sunova, Daz and Yin. "And I'm Sharr! This here is Outlander. He's here because this is the only legal way he could kill someone!" (Btw @Outlander tag me next time you interact with me, I almost missed your post.) @Dazia @Sunova
  19. Saphira

    (PP-F6) Leap Frogs

    The last time Saphira had a mango was a long time ago, so it took her some time to eat up her whole mango half. It was a really sweet one and it reminded her at the time after living on the street, as she was able to get back to a normal life, more or less. As she had finished eating up her mango part, she looked up to the sky, followed some of the many insects in the air with her eyes, then she looked back at Froppy. - So...what do we want to do now? Since you need some time to rest we could do something without moving. We could just sit around and talk about something. - she stopped and start to think about a good theme to talk about as she felt something falling on her head. She cringed a little bit before she tried to have a look on ehat ever it was, as she heared a well known sound. ribbit. It wasn´t Tsu who had made this sound so... - Is ther a frog on my head? - Saphira asked Tsu with a little smile on her face.
  20. I do like Text Based RP's, the only problem is that this is an RP based on an RPG; so numbers are imminent. Problems with text based RP's in this case would be power scaling, if there are no numbers, who's stopping someone from landing every single hit no matter what, who's stopping someone from triggering a critical hit no matter what, who's stopping someone from triggering a status condition and so on. Of course, we could have more Text based and less number based but still have numbers, but we have had that before, and it just didn't work that great.
  21. Macradon had near to no time to react when multiple people, slowly one after the other, would enter his ship. One he knew and a bunch of people he didn’t know. Standing up from his rocking chair, Macradon would smile and greet the first person who entered as the bell rang. “Hello and welcome to the Blazing Typhoon! I’ll be your blacksmith, Macradon, and what can I do for you today?” he asked with a smile, but instead of any reply he only got a small wave, didn’t even seem like a proper greeting. Macradon wasn’t too sure how to take this, but customers are customers. “S-sure …” he replied as he was handed the request form. He would sigh lightly before another customer entered, it was Ruby, one of the fellow frontliners. “Ohey Ruby. Good to see you, what can I do for you?” Macradon would ask his fellow frontliner. Looking at Ruby, Macradon would get a question thrown at him, he would smile and reply “Of course, no problem there” he said with a slight chortle. “I’ll contact you when it’s done, no need to sit and wait unless you want to” he said and then looked at the next person entering the shop “Oh boy, lots of customers today” he thought for himself as he would do his usual greeting for newcomers. “Hello and welcome to the Blazing Typhoon! I’ll be your blacksmith, Macradon, and what can I do for you today?” he asked with a smile. Listening to his request, Macradon would have to disappoint him “Yes, I can make it with a Beginner’s Discount, the problem is …” he said and pointed at the small text underneath “The Beginner’s Discount only counts when paying in materials, which then would be 4 Tier 1 Materials” he said, awaiting the players response. @Woe
  22. Froppy

    (PP-F6) Leap Frogs

    Once Saph had finished tickling her, Tsu slowly sat up and caught her breath. Saph apologized and said that she didn't know that Tsu didn't like being tickled and that she should have asked. Tsu shook her head and laughed tiredly. "It's okay, ribbit. I shouldn't have stripped you down. I had that coming, rrrrrrribbit." Tsu apologized, patting Saph on the shoulder with her tongue. After regaining her breath, Tsu got back up, but collasped back down immediately. She was too tired to get back up. Tsu laid down on the ground and watched as Saph got her a mango. Saph then cut it and gave it to Tsu, to which she cut it in half and gave half back to Saph. "Thanks, ribbit. You didn't have to get me this. But I might be stuck here for a while. All that tickling has got me too tired to get up, rrrrrrrrribbit." Tsu said before taking a bite of her mango half. It was sweet.
  23. Eatos

    Eatos' Blacksmithing Evaluations

    Upgrading Item: Name: Trishula Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: Rank 6 Roll ID: 96529 Roll: 10 Item Type: One Handed Assault Spear Tier: T2 Quality: Rare Enhancements: Damage (2 Slots) Description: An ancient looking trident, made of bronze and the essence of a god. One says that the user of this weapon can form water to his will. Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15168-floor-4-rank-6-a-heroes-infinite-arsenal/?do=findComment&comment=541505 Payment Method: <Combination (5 mats, 500 col) > Item used: Essence of Steel: Name: Trishula Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: Rank 6 Roll ID: 96529 Roll: 10 Item Type: One Handed Assault Spear Tier: T2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Damage (3 Slots) Description: An ancient looking trident, made of bronze and the essence of a god. One says that the user of this weapon can form water to his will. Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15168-floor-4-rank-6-a-heroes-infinite-arsenal/?do=findComment&comment=541505 Payment Method: <Combination (5 mats, 500 col) >
  24. I would appreciate if anyone online could take 1 minute to answer my poll 


  25. Dazia

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    A white haired male player came and introduced himself to Aereth as Sharr. He then looked to the players on the team, mentioning them with names he'd probably decided to call them. Yinangi had a few words to say on the first name that was said. "Ahaha, I'm not sure she would be Kermit, even if she had a banjo. In fact, I'd say she's more of a frog princess in dire need of a prince." Upon what Dazia was called, Dazia said, "I'm sorry...what?" with an intimidating tone as she glared at him. The naming stopped when he realized Yinangi was but a young girl. Aereth commented on the statement Sharr made, and Yinangi would add to that with, "Yup, and pulverizing a boulder with my bare hands was but the first step! I may be three levels under my friend Dazia here, but I'm definitely getting stronger!" Yinangi brought her fists together. Her black handwraps, Fists of Yin, were already equipped. Dazia then said to Yinangi, "Which reminds me, once this is all over, we should find a time to add sparring to our routine. It'll help us grow stronger, and keep our skills sharp." A player with quite a few allies then came and spoke to Aereth. From what it seemed like, that was quite a few more players for the group Dazia would be working with. Then a female player with white hair came to the group, introducing herself as Sunova. "Hello Sunova, I am Dazia. My only goal is to survive, by any means necessary. Clearly, if this player isn't brought to justice there are chances I might be a potential victim if I'm not careful, so...better safe than sorry, I guess." Yinangi walked up to Sunova. "Nice to meet you Sunova! I'm Yinangi! I'm a Martial Arts user, and I can't wait to stop a killer from tipping the scales!" Soon, a violet-haired player asked to join the team. It wasn't long before a brown-haired player arrived, asking to join as well, followed by a black haired boy, also asking to join. There may have been one more...my, how large this group was becoming. @Aereth @Froppy @Sharr @Hikoru @Sunova @Teion @Jevi @Pinball @Oxand
  26. Fae

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    Fae had pulled her hood over head as the team walked through the forest, just in case it rained as Lessa said it would. The last thing Fae wanted to was to get wet in a storm, it would mess up her hair and everything else. But even if she would have to get wet, it would all be worth to meet Wyson. Outlander and Sharr had went with Aereth, so they had their own assignment to take care of. All Fae had to do was meet the guy. If he seemed cool enough, maybe they could be friends. Fae liked having as many friends as she could at this time. Because right now Fae wasn't exactly the most popular person with a good amount of the players. So making allies was kind of necessary. As they walked, Vigilon, Krysta, and a girl that Fae didn't recognize all seemed to be sharing the same feelings of dread. Fae ran and caught up with them, before skipping beside them. "C'mon guys! There's no need to be worried! With all of us together, we can take down Wyson! Fae believes in all of us as a team!" Fae exclaimed, trying to cheer everyone up before the storm. @Vigilon @Krysta
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