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    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    “Well, I usually eat them with strawberries. . . but yeah,” she said, just barely above a whisper before shaking her head. ”Why don’t we just have marshmallows instead?” She asked, forcing a smile on her face. “You should go socialize. . !” She exclaimed, grabbing a small plate before plopping a few marshmallows on it before she turned to him. “There’s plenty of people here. I’m sure most of them are single,” she sang, nudging him with her shoulder before laughing to herself. “I’m joking, but seriously don’t let me be the person who has to make you socialize,” she deadpanned. “Get out of your shell,” She drawled stabbing her marshmallow with a fork. “Trust me, I’ve been there and t’was not a pretty time,” Cordelia chuckled, dipping the marshmallow under the liquid chocolate. She let out a childlike giggle before plopping the now chocolate covered marshmallow on her plate. “I don’t want you looking at my ugly face when I start pigging out on all of this, too.” @Shinji
  3. Quinn

    [PP-F01] Music starting <TFFLAF>

    Quinn turned to look at Mari as she spoke, She really seemed to miss going into the town, and after that even to Quinn, it was clear. Quinn stood there quiet as Mari asked her if she knew that the orange curser means. Soon after Mari did say it, but that was quite clear on Quinn's part. Quinn stayed quiet for a long bit, a minute or two. At that same moment, Quinn kneeled down to pick up something. It was an orange and diligent flower all alone next to other flowers. Putting it away Quinn looked at Mari and spoke. Her voice sounding soft as always but the most different part about her tone was No fear and a lot of care. "Mari... I have seen your name on the monument. And... Mari, you are my friend" Quinn said slowly walking closer making sure not to make any sudden movements. Standing still about an arm length away from Mari now Quinn smiled right directly at Mari, The first time in ever. "I didn't want to speak up about it after seeing some of your outbursts at the gala," Quinn paused for a bit taking a step closer to Mari showing that she did not fear Mari at all. "But you have helped me more than I could ever ask for." Her voice sounding calm caring and soft, "To say the least, you may be the first person I trust in this game. I owe you a lot so," Quinn stopped and a smile came to her face one not seen before at all, "Sorry!" Quinn said loud and full of energy just as when she saw the swan back then. And before Mari could react Quinn was already putting her hands around Mari and giving her a hug, "I appreciate you for everything you have done so far for me!" Quinn said with energy and a clear sign of happiness. ID# 136126 results: LD 19 Succeded. 3/5 @Mari
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  5. Mari

    [PP-F01] Music starting <TFFLAF>

    Mari grinned when Quinn found another Material. "Yeh, see? Sometimes its not you. So don't be so hard on yourself. Mostly, its just a bad spawning area. I don't do it much, but back in the day I used to go hunting for materials all the time. Now I don't even bother with my crafts, let alone hunting for ingredients." The ginger haired woman plunged her hand down into the water and wrapped her fingers around some reeds before pulling them up, shaking the water from them. "After this, I got one more to go. Once I have all five I may as well give them to you." Mari shrugged her shoulders. "I can't do the second part of the quest, since it involves me going into town..." Mari trailed off, watching Quinn. She missed the towns, she missed the hustle and bustle of people. Mari used to hate mundane things like that, but now, she found it was those small, bothersome things...that she missed most. As much as she wanted to jump on in and face Redemption she felt she was not ready. Nor was the world. She couldn't just wash herself free of the colour that stained the crystal above her head. "I need to ask, you seem quite timid - and I ain't got no issue with that, but you know what an orange crystal means right?" Mari asked. She was genuinely unsure if Quinn knew of the status. "It means I'm a criminal. You okay with that?" @Quinn ID# 136125 LD:19 =Success 4/5 Materials collected
  6. At long last, it seemed that something was happening. An inordinately large bee emerged from the honeycombed cocoon, buzzed nimbly into his palm, and began feasting on the honey. Clearly, this was the queen. MISERY slowly drew his hand back and beneath the bloody veil. He then peered around, taking note of the way the behavior of the bees changed. To his delight, they did not seem hostile. In fact, they seemed pensive. As though waiting for their orders. MISERY rose one hand, and as though on cue, all of the bees in the area followed his lead and raised with it. As he lowered this hand, so too did the bees hover downward. Perfect. He had acquired their queen, hidden her, and now the rest followed his lead. He had taken her place as their new god, and they buzzed to the whim of his direction. He willed them to come to him, and just like the obedient little insects they were, they obliged. The lot of them filed in under his blood-like cloak, hiding themselves within it as though it were their new hive. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
  7. Still he waited. Still nothing happened. He knew that there was a time limit to how long one could attempt to tame a familiar. Had he passed that limit already? It was difficult to say. He'd been there no less than fifteen minutes already, and he seemed no closer to unearthing the solution to the mystery than when he'd arrived. It truly did seem as though he might have to leave and venture on to the next colony of bees in the hopes that they may be more receptive to his influence. He would give it a bit more time, though. Endure the buzzing for a bit longer. Get a feel for how they moved, behaved, and responded to stimuli. At the very least, they didn't seem to mind having him around. He could use that to his advantage on the next hive, if it came to that. Five more minutes. Then he would move on. He would give them at least that long to decide if they had come to terms with their new ruler. If not, it was unlikely that they would, and he would turn his attention elsewhere. It was the sensible thing to do.
  8. The continued to buzz around him, ignoring his presence, even as he neared their hive and a bony tendril snakes its way from beyond the bloody veil and cradled their honeycombed home. What was it about these creatures that he was failing to understand? He would rather they turn hostile toward him and kill themselves against his thorns than to simply be ignored by them. He'd come this far, and fought off their wretched guards. Did he not deserve some form of recourse? No. It was damaging to think that way. He was not entitled to their fealty, no matter how much he wished he was. He would need to earn it. Prove to their collective, one way or another, that he was their rightful king. Force them to bow down to him rather than their matriarch. There had to be a way, and it didn't just include the food he had brought for them. And why would they seek it, anyway? They had their own source of honey to glean energy from.
  9. Though he had produced the sweet, viscous nectar, the bees still eluded him. Perhaps he'd done something wrong? Procured the wrong item? Failed to garner enough "luck?" The endless possibilities of potential failures stitched together into a mismatched mosaic that blanketed his mind. There were too many "what ifs." Too many variables. It was difficult to discern what exactly it was that was getting in his way at this point. So he stepped closer, into the fray. The bees now buzzed all around him, filling his ears with a sickening cacophony. They all moved in unison, guided by one another in a synchronized dance. Still, they paid him no heed. Perhaps it was due to how mob-like he appeared, and the orange cursor he sported. They may have legitimately perceived him as a monster. In a way, that was perfect. It would make commanding them all the easier if they knew to bow to his might.
  10. Minako

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Minako watched as yet another cute girl had walked into the gala, followed by another silver haired man. This entire event was a bust. This wasn't the kind of place a single man would go to in the hopes of mingling. Minako had fully given up. There were no cute boys coming to this event, and the last few people trickling in were the last straw. Minako huffed again before excusing herself for a moment from Jevi. "I'll be right back I swear." She said before scooting away a few inches. "I'm just going to go introduce myself to some people." She said, now darting away. She ran up to the woman in pink, ignoring the elderly gentlemen entirely. "Hi!" Minako said, giving a polite bow. "I'm Minako. Welcome to the gala, event, thing." She said, not quite sure what it was to begin with. Minako rubbed the back of her neck nervously. "I notice that you don't have a man attached to your arm, so I take it that you're single. That's perfect actually." Minako exclaimed. "Over here is where all the single ladies are hanging out at, making sure that any cute boy is immediately matched up with a girl. I'm next in line." Minako said, quickly blurting out the last bit before leading the woman over to Jevi. "Jevi, this is-" Minako thought for a moment. "Oh jeez, I didn't catch your name. You're?" She asked the girl. @Jevi @Zajcica
  11. Something told MISERY that putting the gloves on was a good call. Because as he maneuvered through the brush, he came upon it. A bees nest. Yes, a bees nest. It may have seemed unorthodox to seek out bees as one's familiar, but to MISERY, it made perfect sense. He'd hear rumors that insects could be tamed in small flocks, considering they were much smaller than the average familiar. It was a gamble that he had been willing to bank on, and now he just had to hope that it all panned out. They buzzed and swarmed and oscillated to and fro. It seemed that, thus far, they had not become aware of his presence. Or, they had, but simply ignored him in lieu of their duties. They had a queen to satisfy. But what if MISERY were to take its place? The honey he'd collected from the NPC would provide the answer to that question, as well as many others, before too long.
  12. But there was something else that he needed to do, first. He stopped before he got too far, remembering that there was something else he'd acquired for this very excursion. A shop owner by the name of Bahr had been kind enough to provide MISERY with a luck enhancing light armor known as the Gloves of Caerus - though, MISERY suspected that Bahr still had no idea they were missing yet. How foolish he had been to leave his shop open and unattended like that. Hopefully this would serve as a lesson. He stowed away Ordmordeo in his inventory, and equipped the gloves. It sounds like a strange thing to say, but he could feel that he became luckier the moment that he put them on. It was as though everything breathed a freshness that he hadn't known he was going without. A confidence that things would play out in his favor, no matter the odds. It was an intriguing and beguiling feeling all in one. What would happen if he fought mobs with something like this? He supposed he would find out when this was all over. Ordmordeo [T1 2HBA] (Bleed | Bleed) removed from equipped list. Gloves of Caerus [T1 LA] (LD | LD | LD) equipped.
  13. Finally. It was over. The over sized bee had been defeated. And it seemed as though it had dropped a weapon of some sort. Which was interesting, and quite convenient. Perhaps something with a unique enhancement? A quick trip to a merchant would reveal the details, along with the details of the armor he'd picked up earlier. If a trinket could bear a unique enhancement, certainly one of these could. With the enlarged bees dispatched, MISERY was emboldened to venture deeper into the forest. There was something he was looking for there. Something that he'd longed to find. He could have chosen any familiar in all the floors of Aincrad. The ones that were available, anyways. But he knew exactly what he was looking for, and it was here on the second floor. There was absolutely no reason to venture to a higher floor for something that wouldn't serve him as well. This was what he wanted, and this was what he was going to have.
  14. Another hit, but no bleed proc. Though, it seemed as though his adversary was faring better in the critical hit department. It sank its stinger into him, but took no damage from thorns. How unfair was it that the bee could land a crit, but he could not? Things weren't so bad, though. It had been reduced to the tiniest sliver of health imaginable. One more hit would do the trick for sure. Then he could move onward and forget about this horrible blunder. That was the hope, anyways. One could never be too sure what lurked around the corner. He was confident, though, that these larger bees were hiding something. Something he was after. Something that would make his life moving forward far easier than it was now. Or, at least, that was supposed to be the point of them. Again, there were many uncertainties in Aincrad, and nothing was set in stone.
  15. Tower

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Do I call myself Tower here? John looked out over the cordoned off area. A huge canopy of a tent spread out over the vast majority of the celebrants, it reminded him of those old church tent meetings that traveling revivalists would set up. The place looked crowded, which caused him to purse his lips. He could leave, get back to his place before nightfall and not bother with all of this gala business. He tightened his grip on his walking cane. That would mean an entire evening wasted, and no chance of what some of the other players had called 'event loot', whatever all of that means. His grandson had really left him to learn all of this himself. The players he'd heard discussing the gala didn't mention a dress code, so john brought along a white dress shirt and black slacks, accented by a walking stick, which he gripped by the large knob on one end. He paced forward, tugging at the dense hairs of his silver beard, planting his cane in the cobbles with a quiet clack. his hand moved up to his similarly gray hair, which he pressed back around his ears so it wouldn't be in the way. It was unnecessary, of course, as his body worked perfectly in this world. Despite this, there was a nagging fear that he would falter again, that his disease would chase him no matter how far he ran. He dismissed the thought as he waded through the crowd as it grew denser. He tried to give the other players a wide berth, and found an opening close to the back of one of the refreshment tables, where the crowd was on the other side, chatting and drinking. He had to duck once he reached the tented area. The whole place smelled of perfume and was abuzz with the quiet noise of a party that people think are elegant. From the back side of the drink table he grabbed a mug of something warm and brought it to his lips. He smelled pungent cocoa before he tasted the drink. It felt good to get something warm in him, even if it wasn't a toddy with a little whiskey thrown in for good measure. Drink in hand, he surveyed the crowd, and wondered what benefit there could be to all of this. Andrew had claimed you could do anything in this game, though, so perhaps this was all it needed to be.
  16. "You don't have to," came his steady response as he pulled her closer to him. It would be clear to anyone that the sight of the flock gathered here had had an emotional impact on her. And that was okay. He wouldn't have been so cryptic about it if he'd felt it wouldn't affect her at all. There was a certain magic here that didn't exist anywhere else in Aincrad, and only they could feel it. There was something special about that. "C'mon. Let's see what Benji's up to." He led her through the door of the young boy's shop, and was pleased with what they found. It seemed the youth had taken Bahr's advice to heart on the merchandise arrangements, but had added a flair of his own. Rather than contemporary lighting, he'd gone with crystals from the tenth floor that really sold the mellow ambiance. Natural light flooded the space through the open window, a far cry from Bahr's shop which was always kept in relative darkness. But as the sun would set, and the luminescence of the peculiar minerals would set the room aglow with a signature hue only they could produce, the unique glamour of this place would really start to take hold. Bahr was a little disappointed they wouldn't be around to see it. Bahr whistled, then said, "Damn. Kid's got me wanting to renovate my own place. Those mahogany display cases? Perks of having a woodworker nearby, I suppose." He was a tad jealous, but mostly proud. "Benjamin's become somewhat of a pseudo-protege of mine. I'd love to take credit for what he's done, but all I did was give him a few pointers and help him with his first craft. Everything afterwards is all him. It's pretty amazing what he's accomplished in such a short time." As though on cue, Benjamin emerged from the back of the shop. He carried with him a pair of plushies, sewn together at the hand. It was Bahr and Lessa. "Sorry it took so long! I had to add a few finishing touches," he explained as he gingerly pressed the dolls into Lessa's hands. "This is the prototype, but I'm making them for everyone. A reminder of the ones who gave us the strength to make it here and start anew."
  17. Lessa

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    "You know I'm a fan of anything that convinces you to stay over," she informed him, barreling through the statement despite the blush that deepened two shades. "But I actually love the idea of hunting your banshee. We'll do it like all the classics. Like Mystery Inc., or the Ghost Busters, or-" her eyes lit up, and Lessa exclaimed, "-or the Winchesters." Then her face fell, her expression immediately darkening. "Actually, no, scratch that. Let's not be like the Winchesters. That would be weird." A pause, and a single blonde eyebrow crept upward. "Though, to be fair, that whole brotherly love thing has quite it's own cult following." The woman relaxed against her date, her arm slipping between his jacket and his crisp white shirt to wrap around his waist. "I can see it now," she told Bahr, a dramatic flare to her voice. "NPCs and players alike will beg for our help, and pay top dollar for our services." Lessa paused to laugh, a quick catch of breath that rolled as naturally as the Sapphire Falls. "Forget the Frontlines, we'll have found our own special purpose." Still grinning, she glanced over her shoulder toward the tent. "Hey, would it be okay if we went back inside for something to drink? All of this scheming has me pretty thirsty." @Bahr
  18. Dustin sat on floor 4, staring at the spot where it all went down. It felt like an eternity since that night, but it also felt like it just happened. Everything inside hurt, the bags under his eyes were full, his stomach was grumbling. He looked like hell. He felt just the same. Still though, he needed to do something. Anything. He decided to go see the tenth floor, he had heard about a quest on that floor he had to try out one day. Now was the best time since he was cutting all ties. He teleported up to the Tenth floor and made his way to the nearest quest board, making sure to hide his face, avoiding eye contact with all players before realizing he might need someone to help him on this little adventure of his. Crap. His hand wraps around his necklace as he stands outside a tavern before making up his mind and finally walking in. He sets down his drink, but sits at the bar by the bulletin board. If someone were to approach it, he could ask them for help. Problem solved. No need to make a big ruckus, or make too much noise. All he’d need is to wait. @Xion
  19. Zajcica

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    The pink-haired knight approached the grandiose tent in awe of its size and grandeur. She had every intention of just marching right in showing her invitation, but unfortunately, she was halted by some men near the entrance. "You may enter ma'am, but the madam insists on black-tie formal attire only. Wearing your armor and weapons just won't do." They reminded her of the note she had received that had told her the dress code, of course, she had forgotten until they refreshed her memory. "Ah, right." She said plainly. "You see, I'm fairly new to floors beyond 1 and don't have anything to change into, to be honest." "No worries, we can provide you with the necessary clothing." "Splendid!" She said being led off to the side where many dresses and suits were kept for those who couldn't provide their own. "Does the ma'am need help getting changed? Some of the female staff could hel-" "No! No need, I'll get into it myself!" She interrupted him, darting into a changing tent with the fancy dress. A deep sigh escaped her lips, and a frustrating amount of minutes later, she stepped out with her armor and weapons in her inventory and in the beautiful black and red dress. Now ready for the Gala, she stepped through into the giant tent, where she was exceptionally fashionably late.
  20. Gladio had shook his head and said out to her "Nah, don't worry about it. It's what life likes to do best, throw punches and see how people respond with events that occur. I'm strong I can get through majority of things, at least eventually." he slightly smiled. "Well, its not necessarily a skill that everyone cannot have its just a matter of repetition, can't expect to be cooking like Gordon Ramsay within minutes of starting. I am sure if you explored more into cooking you'd be surprised on what you can make... eventually of course." he chuckled slightly. He shook his head with a slight smile and said to her "Nah, it is not odd. Do what you like to do in life, just because I am not into it doesn't mean that it's odd. Tell me more about it, you drink light or heavy drinks? What's the music you like?" he said out trying to get to know her a little bit, or do the thing you should do to become friends with other people. @Silver Star
  21. "We're here." But where was 'here,' exactly? As Lessa's gaze combed over the market, the hodgepodge of tents, tables, and storefronts, her initial reaction was confusion. Where had all of this come from? She had walked through this same block right before Christmas, so about two months ago? Back then, there had been nothing but boarded-up windows and empty booths. Now? Now there was a community. Community. The next phase was realization, a spark as sudden and vibrant as flint meeting steel. As the understanding dawned, driven home by the sight of Benjamin's boyish grin, Lessa's blue eyes widened. Nearly every profession was accounted for, and some she had never even considered. It was a mural dedicated to the group's resolve, and their ability to overcome what might have left others drifting. Here was purpose, and direction, and lives not wasted. And community. And love. And all of the things that Lessa had promised them they would find in the 'Otherworld,' if only they took a chance on each other. All of the things Lessa had herself longed for only months before. Now? He took her hand. Well, now she had it all. The emotion that swamped her was so heavy, and so complex, that she felt weak. But unlike the crushing pressure of drowning, the sensation was far more comforting, like a tight hug. Or a heavy jacket in a dark, unfamiliar room. "No," she finally responded, her voice a mere whisper to be carried off by the sound of the market. "We did this. I couldn't have done it without you, Bahr. Any of it. I just-" She tried to speak around the lump in her throat, but it was difficult enough just to swallow back the sob. So Lessa focused on those Christmas eyes, and the infinite patience that burned there. He steadied her, just as easily as he rocked her to her core. "But you did this. This place. I can't believe... I can't thank you..." She squeezed his hand, and as she clung to him, she looked out over their small miracle.
  22. The teleport plaza in the Town of Beginnings was bustling, as usual. No matter how much time he spent away, it seemed as though this place never changed. There were always noobs afoot. Darting from shop to shop. Collecting items. Vowing that today would be the day they would venture into the fields and start their climb to the Frontlines. The enthusiasm was almost annoying, but Bahr couldn't blame them. Had it not been him in their shoes, just a little over half a year ago? He was an example of how quickly one could soar, so long as they first took the leap. He hoped that many of these people would reach the front just as he had, and in comparable time. "It's not far from here, but you know how the Town of Beginnings is. It might take a little bit to reach it." Not that it mattered. She'd seemed content to follow him around all day, so why would it be any different now? And she was almost certainly curious as to what he had in store. They made their way out of the teleport plaza. Down the winding streets, into the less busy areas of town. There were still people running around, but without the frequency, volume or bustle of the town square. Which was a relief, because just as Bahr could hardly tolerate Walmart in the real world, he'd found that the center of the Town of Beginnings had much the same energy. If you weren't paying attention, you'd surely run into someone, because god knows they won't. Finally, they reached it. "We're here," was all Bahr said, because it was all that he needed to say. It was a market of sorts where there hadn't been one a month or two prior. All manner of shops existed here. There were blacksmiths, tailors, cooks, alchemists, merchants, artisans, and performers. But beyond that, there were the less combat-centric professions. Woodworkers, decorators, sports enthusiasts, florists, and even those who seemed to be trying to figure out how to make machines work in Aincrad. A noble endeavor, even if Bahr didn't have much faith in it. To the ordinary onlooker, it would look like just another market. But to the trained eye - to the eyes of Lessa and Bahr, particularly - it was something much more. "Woah! Bahr, Lessa!" Benjamin called out as he emerged from a nearby tailor shop before rushing to meet with them. "I'm so glad you came! We've still got some work to do here... Er... We were hoping to have it all ready by the time we showed you." "What're you talking about? Looks marvelous. You guys have done excellent work. And in such short time, too!" "Yeah, well..." The youth rubbed the back of his head nervously. "We were excited to start our new chapter. Some people went their own way, but we all decided we wanted to come here and do our part for the people." "And you're doing great. I appreciate that you guys have some professions around here that are for just improving quality of life - I think that's something that gets overlooked a lot by people on the Frontlines who take professions. How's the tailoring life treating you?" "Oh man, you were right. It's tough at first, but once you get going, it's really addicting. I've never made so many things out of cloth in my life. I actually had something made for the two of you! Hang on a sec, I'll go get it." As the boy dashed back into his shop, Bahr's hand found Lessa's and gave it a squeeze. By now, most everyone in the market had taken notice of them. Familiar faces from Sanctuary, all pleased to see the woman who'd saved them. They offered waves, and the occasional, "Hi, Lessa!" Some of them even seemed happy to see Bahr. Likely because of the work he'd done getting them placed here. More than a string or two needed to be pulled. "You did this," Bahr reminded her, keeping his eyes glued to the market's denizens. He gave them a wave with his free hand. "They're here, alive, doing something with their lives because you were there. And you protected them, and motivated them. All of them admire you so much." Finally, his eyes flickered to meet with hers. "You're their guardian, and they all appreciate you so much. I just figured you should know, and see it for yourself."
  23. Benjamin Bookworm

    Benjamin Bookworm's Evaluations

    2/18/20 crafting
  24. Benjamin Bookworm

    [F1] Bookworm Laboratories - Alchemist Rank 8

    "All right Sebastian, ready to try again today?" -17 [T3] Materials, +8 [T3] Uncommon Crystals, +2 [T3] Rare Crystals, +3 [T3] Perfect Crystals, +101 XP
  25. What in the? Mari tilted her head with a brow raised in confused curiosity. Did he take her jest seriously? Mari may not have been good at social interactions, but she thought she had made it fairly clear she was joking. He kept flip flopping between answers which made Mari suspicious. Why couldn't this guy keep his story straight? Did he want to fight the boss? OR did he want to collect materials? Now it sounded like he was after the same item she was. Right after she mentioned it. When he had no mention of it before. She inwardly grumbled. This whole 'being nice to others' thing was becoming a bit of a pain. She wanted to try, and she wanted to give the benefit of the doubt but it was shady. Mari didn't trust him. "Mmm...." Mari thought, did she really want him around? She could easily do this on her own - but having two people would be quicker. She didn't trust that he'd just give her the item - not after that whole spiel of wanting it for himself to settle deals and bonds or what have you. "If you want." Mari said finally. She wouldn't tell him to go away. "I don't get how calling someone sweetheart is poking fun." Mari said earnestly. "To me, its a term of either endearment or condescension. I can't tell you how many times I was called 'sweetheart' in the office by men below their and my pay-grade because I was a woman." Mari said as they began to walk, wanting to explain why she didn't like the term. As he told her to lead the way, Mari stepped past him, following the map. "It's really not too far, once we hit the wastelands at the forests edge - we'll be able to see it." she turned to glance at Gladiator and offered him a wry smile. "I doubt either of us would miss a giant f**k off skull like that." @Gladiator
  26. Gladiator

    [PP - F04] Daddy-Gladdy << Essence of Steel >>

    Gladio had frowned a little bit and threw his hands upward below his head then said to her "Hey, never said that you were incompetent, just said that I should give you at least a little bit more credit. My apologies." then looking back he placed a hand on one hip and said to her "Mhm, a boss. I got a valuable item I am looking out to get, a lot of players are looking to get their hands on one of them, me on the other hand not really. Maybe I'll find someone to give it to even, its a good item to settle a deal or just settle a bond of some sort I guess. Either way I also stopped by here to get the type of wood that's around, it reminds me a bit of home." he went on a tangent about. After a moment he looked over and said to her "Oh, well I'd be more than happy to help you out there. That is of course you'd like to have me around." he smiled at her slightly. "If you are needing the item, I am more than happy to just come for the SP more than anything. If I want to get one of my own, I suppose I could just redo it on my own." He said once again to her "Ah my apologies, thought I could poke a little fun or maybe get a smile of some sort from you. That being said-" he turned around toward where they needed to go "Lead the way Mari." @Mari
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