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  2. As she found her way through the shadows, lurking for any monsters that could be tamed with the food she received from the gypsy, something more sinister lurked through her perception. An entity made of complete shadow and nothing but a ball of mist watched the young girl's stalking from its own perch. A parasitic being that needed help from a host soon to survive any longer, or it would disappear into mist caught it's attention to the food and pheromones that Assassin was carrying and wearing. It floated ominously and quietly over to her, without her noticing. It was ready become one with her. It enveloped her person like an aura and covered over her entire body quickly. Assassin immediately drew her other dagger, but it was too late. She could already feel the ghost trying to merge with her body. "G-Get off me!" The girl whispered angrily as to not allure any monsters nearby. LD: 8+8=16 Familiar found...
  3. Looking up to the black rock of a sky, dotted with lit up mushrooms and some monsters that she could see even crawling on the ceiling, she wondered how long Ariel and Kimba had forged their friendship. That was a good question that she should ask the Lioness the next time they meet. Wagering that Ariel is at least close to max level, or at least Tier three the could have known each other for years now. Would she be able to forge a friendship that Ariel has with her familiar in the same way? Who knew how long they were going to be stuck in this game. It could be years longer now. The front line had only made it through a fourth of the game so far, so what would happen after they cleared it all out? Would Assassin have died by then? If not, what about all the friends she had made so far, and would she ever see those friends again if they didn't die?
  4. Oscar

    The Black Odyssey (R5[Max]/Merchant)

    Oscar had somehow lucked into yet another Reroll Ticket. Rather than continue to push his luck on his jacket, Oscar instead elected to try and make the axe earned by his zombie slaying into a weapon to rival Tesseleth's Fury. It would be quite a challenge considering he had such a long way to go. The Cerberus Etching had been useful in getting rid of the Cursed Enhancement. Now that it was gone, he could take it to Simmone to get one of the damage slots changed. He honestly didn't have very high expectations. But, then again, it would take much to make the weapon at least usable. The stats were rather redundant considering the bonuses that his familiar gave him. Almost anything would be better than damage. Except for Taunt. God he hoped he didn't get Taunt. Oscar strode through the threshold, placing the axe gingerly onto the counter alongside the ticket. "One more try ladies." And then. Finger guns.
  5. She could feel that familiar getting closer and closer. There had to be something in this wide expanse of cavern other than damp mushrooms and countless monsters spawning in and out of existence faster than her eyes could really make out. Certain that this expedition would hold merit, she was not ready to turn back now. Each and every step would get her closer to something cooler for a familiar. Ariel will be so proud of her to hear that she was able to find a familiar all on her own with out any help. Maybe it won't be as cute or cool as Kimba, but still it will be her own and she will love it. The help a familiar could provide for her damage would be extraordinary to her ability to fight as well. After all, the stronger she continued to get, the easier it would be for her to beat up any meanies that decided to try and hurt her.
  6. The mushrooms that lit up around the cavern needed to be avoided. If she was caught out in the open, mobs would over run her before long and she wasn't strong enough to fight against more than two mobs at a time on this floor. They would eat her alive easily. Sticking to the shadows was the best option. Tip-toeing around enemies as the came close and hiding deep in the darkness with the help of her dark black coat was easy enough. Any time anything got close to Assassin, she would just walk slowly and move around them without a sound. This thrilling of an adventure to find a best friend to travel around Aincrad with her was nice. Although she felt fear all around her as she walked through the monsters, she knew that she was safe and wouldn't be caught by anything that she didn't want to see her.
  7. Moving through the large cavern that had opened up in floor 10, Assassin worked her way around hostile mobs looking for any familiar that could be picked up from the crowd and used to help her fight. Nothing yet, though, she was feeling that she would run into something eventually. The fortune she had gotten from the cookie was still bothering her even if it likely wasn't going to come true at all. That could be for just about any time in her life, right? It was incredibly vague just like any other fortune so that it would be easy to relate to when someone read it. 'An Unwelcome Friend.' That could mean anything like a random mob sneaking up on her, or a boss later down the line that would be a difficult fight. No reason to worry over something like that, if she let it get to her too much, she might end up with microwave brain.
  8. The clearing was full of monsters walking around. It seemed like there was everything you could ever dream of down here. Traces of machine work that was pretty much unusable at this point spat out steam from where holes in the pipes and feral looking monsters walked around for anything they could get there slimy hands on. After doing this familiar quest with Kazookie, the crazy spider-loving-girl she met here by chance, she knew this would be a nice place to start looking. A familiar that suited her taste needed to be vicious, which would be easy to find down here, and hopefully sweet enough around her to protect her like Kimba does for Ariel. If she could find a familiar like that, it would be the best. Maybe then people wouldn't have to protect her all the time and her familiar could do enough with her to take the stress off of others. Although she loved the attention that she was getting from the older players of Aincrad, she didn't wanted to be treated like a child.
  9. Oscar

    Oscar-Meyer Evaluations

    Name: Shining Battleaxe Item Type: Two-Handed Battleaxe Enhancements: Holy | Cursed | DMG | DMG Changed to: Holy | BRN | DMG | DMG Item Used: Cerberus Etching - http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19485-f09-spyou-light-my-mornin-sky-with-burnin-love/?do=findComment&comment=609312
  10. Monsters could be heard around every corner. Assassin wasn't scared of them. Agile was basically in her name, able to hide nearly in plain site and outrun almost anything on two legs, she wouldn't be much of an easy kill. The best thing she could do was ready herself to return back to the safe zone if anything got hectic. Level 10 was a pretty low level, but on the contrary, floor 10 itself wasn't much of a dangerous place if she couldn't be overwhelm by enemies. That definitely wouldn't happen to her, at least not easily. Walking her way through the semi-darkness, she eventually reached a high-ceiling clearing where glowing mushrooms of all kind littered the scenery. It was interesting and beautiful to see, since the ones on the ceiling of the cave actually glowed in the dark, making them look like blue, night time stars from her position.
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  12. After a moment of halt, the Assassin was wondering if it was okay for her to even take another step. Though, she started to remember that fortune cookies hardly ever lived up to their meanings. She crumbled up the tiny paper, threw in on the cavern floor and continued on her way, nibbling the rest of the cookie down without much of a care in the world. She also carried the Antique Dagger she had made in her hand to ensure the effect of it was working. These things were rare to come by and waiting around wasn't her style. The caverns of floor 10 were extremely damp, and her only indication of time was on her HUD. It was late. If she got into to trouble, she realized that she wouldn't be able to call anyone for help unless they were actually up at this hour. Hopefully that wouldn't be necessary.
  13. Everything was in order. Assassin had all her necessary buffs and was ready to continue down the path finding a new best friend. Hopefully she could find a familiar as loving and cute as Ariel's. Kimba always wanted her attention and was ready to give an arm and leg for Assassin if she had to in order to protect Assassin. Not that Ariel would let that happen in the first place. Walking out of the safe zone, Kaya nibbled into the fortune cookie forgetting that there was paper in these things. She bit into it, and pulled it out with her mouth, slowly bring the paper up to her eyes once she realized it was there. It read, 'An Unwelcome Friend Greets You.'. That, sent shivers down her spine. What in the hell did that even mean? The fear halted her legs, terrified to take another step into the caverns of floor 10.
  14. Now that she had everything that she needed on her list for this familiar, she would need to head to an area where some were. Floor ten was the place she wanted to got to search for one, so she stepped on a the teleporter at the Town of Beginnings and called out "Floor 10: Yomi!" Suddenly it was much more damp and dark out. The perfect place to find a wandering familiar. Making sure she had every buff that she needed before heading out, the Assassin opened her menu and confirmed: Song, salve, spyglass, food and her artifact. Hopefully this would make finding a familiar insanely easy for her. She wasn't sure exactly what kind she wanted, but she could find something cool on this floor for sure. If not she could always travel to a different floor and look for one there instead before the buff ran up.
  15. Assassin

    [F01-R9|Alchemist] Cintamani | open

    "Oh, there it is." Assassin said, getting the sack of Col off the counter and over to Bistro. A trade for each item was set up and confirmed by both parties. "500 Col on the dot, that was all I really needed since the other shop keeper couldn't get me the thing I needed. Important quest stuff, y'know?" Packing up the item in her inventory, the Assassin turned to the doors and opened up before saying "Thanks potion-lady!" And running down the street towards her next location. She had gotten almost everything she needed, just two more items to go.
  16. As he approaches the wolves they perk up and begin to mirror his gains, the patter of padded feet tap upon the packed dust. Drawing free his tanking blade, the black star in a cool silver grey that reflects the moonlight above it as its torn free he shifts the blade up. They snarl in response as the gap between them closes, Raidou just as prepared as before steels himself for the incoming bloodlust. Placeholder
  17. Kasumi seems troubled a bit in her facial expression, a soured look painted in a pained loss of smile. Her glance turns to a frown as she asserts the words into her head with a response of "Alright..." It trails longer than she had intended. She watches on as Raidou enters the rounded section where the trees were not present and in response some toothed heads rise from the chilled earth. Slow steps as the swordsman moves toward the litter, as they claim their footing and begin to close the distance in tandem. Kasumi leaps into the treeline, getting off the ground level. She peers down with a hand placed on a wooden trunk, scanning the lot as they move into the clearing looking for the target she was told to focus upon. Obviously bigger than the others, a purpled viscous saliva dripping through its teeth as it furls its snot. Kasumi has found her mark.
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  19. Bahr

    [F22 - PP] Stars and Galaxies

    The telltale jingle of an incoming message ping-ponged against and through the cave's rocky corridors over the whine of discharged Sword Arts and cries of fallen ghouls. The moist air tickled Bahr's nostrils as he took a deep breath and waited for the post-Sword Art cooldown to expire, then took a few sharp leaps backward. By the time he'd come to a stop, another jingle had signified his opening of the menu, the subsequent tones detailing his navigation to the messaging panel. It was from Lessa. The window was automatically dismissed as a bulbous club smashed into Bahr's shoulder, the impact of which should have sent a normal man sprawling. But in Aincrad, everything was determined by statistics, random number generators, strategy, and a dash of skill. Figures such as damage, mitigation, evasion, accuracy. With the stat advantage Bahr held over the feeble (yet tenacious) goblin that stood before him, its strike offered less bite than it did chagrin. In response, Bahr planted his boot against the creature's chest and shoved, sending it stumbling backward several feet before its heel very unceremoniously caught a rock. The monster fell backward with a pathetic shriek, its club slipping from between its fingers and skittering across the cavern floor a few feet away. With the goblin temporarily incapacitated, perhaps Bahr would be awarded enough time to read the remainder of the message. He drew up the menu once more, made his way to the messaging panel, and began to read. Thwack! What the hell? How had it gotten up, retrieved its club, and attacked him again so quickly? The message was only a single line long! Or, perhaps, it was more likely that Bahr was just too slow a reader to accomplish this while there was an aggressive mob nearby. He never had gotten around to becoming a quick reader, quicker instead to fall behind his peers in class. Having read so few books since somehow graduating high school, it wasn't exactly like he'd honed his skills, either. Regardless, his patience had reached its maximum, and he was no longer willing to tolerate this goblin's foolishness. It was time it met its obliteration. "Alright, you little sh*t," Bahr started as Blinkstrike ignited crimson. "Ol' lady's callin'. Gotta make this quick." Splick! Done. FLOOR TWENTY-TWO Something she wanted to show him? Hopefully it wasn't her cooking. Though, he wasn't sure what could be more splendiferous than the twenty-second floor in spring. The entire expanse was bursting with life, pleasant scents and vibrant colors weaving together in a perfect, cacophonous medley. Every way one turned, their eyes would meet with a flawless tapestry of nature's finest hues and subtle minutiae. Lush leaves lightly scraping, beetles crawling slowly, birds chirping proudly, woodland creatures scuttling stealthily, and rays of light piercing through it all in a heavenly mosaic that seemed to fill everything with the very fire of life itself. A glowing, perfect monument to the majesty that was Pan's design. It seemed only fitting that anything stitched together through his grace would carry with it the perfect soundtrack. Bahr had traded out the war cries and pained screeches of his enemies, the clangs and hisses of crossing blades, and the occasional echoing drip of a fallen droplet into a wayward pool for the hushed whisper of Aeolus as the wind carried his voice through the flora, the rapping of Artemis' fingers against the naturalesque environment as he ran his animals through it, and the pumping blood of Acheron as his streams pulsed through the land. The damp cold of caverns untouched by natural light for the warmth of Helios' touch as his rays of sun kissed every surface. Solitude for the company of countless benign entities, of which one such had stolen his heart as though by Eros' design. The gods had a gentle grip on this place. There was something magical about it. And he experienced that magic as he carefully ascended the winding trail toward Manderly. Swine Bajesus had settled into slothful slacking about atop his shoulder, seemingly similarly soothed by the softness of their surroundings. A mediocre day given up for a fantastic one. Just as he had every time he'd visited before, Bahr wondered what ever compelled him to leave this place. There was everything he needed here to live a fulfilling and satisfactory life. The nature. The calm. The activities. Her. His knuckles knocked against the door.
  20. Bistro

    [F01-R9|Alchemist] Cintamani | open

    Another customer, or just another window-shopper? Neither, Bistro had guessed, noticing how cute and small the player strolling in was, a young child somehow lost in the great castle of Aincrad. But Bistro wasn't exactly ready to play babysitter. "Pheromones. You're looking for a familiar, aren't you?" Given her customer's height, it made sense how she may not have seen The Stars Collide at first glance. Though, what a kid was doing wandering about shop to shop alone was another question to be asked entirely. The shop keeper stepped past the counter, picking up a small ointment jar from her display shelves. Daybreak coated her room in hard shadows, so when Bistro slid her product out from the dark, it managed to sparkle wonderfully under the morning light, laid back against leather gloved hands when she showed it to her tiny patron. "500col." With a tilt of her head, she added, "You have the money on you, don't you?" @Assassin
  21. The rabbits starting picking at Xin armor with their teeth, eventually proc'ing her immolation and sending fireballs into three of their tiny faces. "C'mon, attack faster. I need your cash. I need your loot. This is a robbery." She sat silently for a second before suddenly shouting out, "Oh my goodness! I forgot to buy something with thorns! AH!". All the rabbits jumped back for a moment. They quickly realized that Xin wasn't doing much besides being weird so they returned to their gnawing. "This could have been so much faster, ugh!" Xin complained even though she had literally just started her farming. She sighed. "Oh well. I can't leave now since I have all these buffs on me. And...I wouldn't be able to buy anything else anyway." She pulled out a pencil and a small booklet titled Logic Riddles! and split it open. "Hopefully my brain can handle these puzzle."
  22. Eventually, after speaking with the NPC quest giver, Kasumi shows up in tow. Raidou explains further the specifics "There is 4 total, 3 standard wolves and a single alpha. The leader needs to be destroyed first and foremost and that lies to you. You are not allowed to strike the others until the main one falls, move in on the flank and strike when there is an opening. This is the task you are required to undertake to continue your progression with Firm Anima, the hesitation ends here. I cannot have you risk your life and the lives of those around you when the situation is dire. Fail to act but one time and your journey ends. Strike fast and clean without pause, and prove you can stand with the others." he speaks firmly, in a required tone. This difficulty she had needed to stop if she ever hoped of not becoming a liability when creatures became less forgiving to such issues. With the ground rules set, Raidou begins into the clearing.
  23. Iron_Lion

    [SP-F1] Wait, this Looks Familiar <<TTLIJAF>>

    Wait, the frontliners... They were the strongest players, but were they even trustworthy?... What did mom say in her creed? 'Always learn everything you can on your competition, enemy or no. Know their strengths and weaknesses, know their patterns, know their personalities. And above all, always expect them to betray you at a moment's notice.' He nodded. Even if they were 'allies', he needed to ensure he was ready if they betrayed him. So, he'd start by tracking down and hearing any and all rumors regarding the frontliners. Even myths would do. Once he had enough col, he'd start buying all the info he could from info brokers about the frontliners... If he wasn't careful, people could buy information about him. He needed to ensure he was more careful from now on... He needed to get the hiding skill as quickly as he could too. If he learned any tips or tricks, or even discovered any glitches, he needed to keep those a secret too. He wanted to have an advantage over the other players as much as possible. And he'd lose that advantage if anyone discovered it's existence. In fact, if he believed it was a secret, and someone was prepared for it, it could easily turn into a disadvantage. [Iron_Lion] [DMG:_04//EVA:_03] HP: [ ] (100/100) EN: [ ] (10/10) XP: [ ] (0/2) [0/1 Dual Jewel]
  24. Looking on to Raidou who simply points to the tanned skin gentleman propped against the side of a tavern. Her gaze shifts to meet his and as soon as it does he starts to speak. "You've got to help me. Those damned wolves won't leave my caravans alone! How am I supposed to feed my family." Gatsby pleads to the orange haired girl in earnest, taking her hands in his own. "I will take care of the problem." Kasumi comments with a smile, as Gatsby's expression turns to delight. "Thank you! Thank you kindly girl, take this." he remarks as he shuffles in his pockets retracting a bottle and passing it to her, a vial of liquid under cork. She bows and accepts the fluid, as silence draws between them she moves to catch up with Raidou. He was keeping a steady but manageable pace which allowed her to bring up the rear without too much difficulty.
  25. A simple point to Gatsby with no words spoken, for he could not accept the quest she had to undertake for her as he had already completed it. A shift of his menus as he redirects some of it to the forefront into segments with planning. A scratch upon the paper removes Kasumi from the list of awaiting members as her exam was about to begin. Adjusting the glasses on his nose as he targets his kin, sending her a party invite in haste as he begins to trail away as she should have no trouble keeping up with him after speaking to the NPC as required of her. A slide into the canopy he proceeds on toward the clearing that the wolves had taken fancy to, although he had not a marker to show him where to head he had a concrete memory of its location from repeated travel to and from.
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