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    Name: Lexa's Light Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 Roll ID: 131966 Roll Result: 13 (12+1) Item Type: Necklace Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Accuracy // Accuracy // Accuracy Description: A silver angel wing necklace. The artisan's skills are shown in the intricate and precise carvings, which are especially visible on the tiny feathers. The wing is held up by a metal chain. Post Link:
  4. Okay, day three of attempting this necklace. She had the design that was wanted laid out in front of her, and her was going to keep trying. There was a reassuring hoot from above as she saw that Athena was perched on her perch. It was a good thing that Noctua had the habit of bringing that back and forth. But, maybe she should just leave it here anyways, obviously she was still going to come back to craft. Craft, right. She focused on the task at hand then. She knew what she wanted to make and she was going to make it. Salvage. Another Salvage. Uncommon. Another uncommon. Yet another uncommon. Oh, there was the perfect! She quickly sent a message to @Morningstar to let him know that the necklace was done before she attempted one last craft, only for it to become a rare. Not bad.
  5. "And here I was thinking the system was just trying to spare some poor mob from your wrath," she looked at him ad shook her head, faking a frown. "Now that was just plain mean brother. I mean, I'm not as mean as you for leaving Okami back at the shop," there was a smile on her face then as she gently threw the sarcasm back at her dear older brother. Two could always play this game, and it always alternated on who would win. She found it to be fun. "Anything to make our lives more difficult I suppose." There was a small nod as she agreed, "Difficult and slightly miserable." It was true, she was just a tad miserable in the snow. She didn't like it, at all. It was cold and wet, and it just wasn't the heat that she liked. But her mind did jump back to the one question from earlier. Should she continue to act like it was never brought up? She asked herself this as she walked right next to her brother, watching for a wolf of her own to come on out of hiding. "Tell me brother, what do you find so fascinating about your owl?" She was curious and it was going to help with her grand master plan that she had started planning earlier. But, she was also curious as to if this woman was even right for her brother in the first place. @Koga
  6. Tala laughed as Koga complained about never having good item drops. "Probably as much as it would kill to give me a familiar brother," she said. "And here I was thinking the system was just trying to spare some poor mob from your wrath," the older of the two siblings said, voice dripping with sarcasm. Tala would know he was joking. They were always yanking on each other's legs anyways. "Just our luck for the best floor for this to be covered in snow," Tala said as she leaned into Koga's side. "Anything to make our lives more difficult I suppose," Koga agreed as they walked side by side. At least a blizzard hadn't rolled in like when he'd come out onto floor. Now that had been some snow. Koga hadn't been able to see more than a couple feet in front of him. It had been a wonder he'd managed to find and tame Okami in that blizzard. @Tala
  7. Morningstar

    [PP-F3] Golden Hour

    "Sorry pal, wrong choice," Stephen proclaimed, a smirk growing on his face. A tough looking man grunted, dropping a sack of col on top of the table they'd been sitting at. Stephen scooped it up and leaned back in his seat, his gaze fixed on the man who was now stomping out of the building. "Nice doin' business with you," he chuckled. The brunette was dressed in his usual green cloak. Underneath it, he wore dark clothing. As the crowd around him began to grow, Stephen noticed the rowdiness of the tavern. Intrigued players watched as he continuously beat people in a simple game of luck. He listened with a smile as whispers traveled among the spectators. "He must be cheating or something," one said to another. "I don't see any other way for him to be winning this much." By "this much," he meant that Stephen hadn't lost a single round yet. He didn't blame them for being suspicious. Running a hand through his recently-trimmed hair, he stayed silent, as if considering whether or not he was to continue his little game. He fiddled with one of the golden coins that sat in the leather sack next to him, eyeing down the loud people around him. Some looked like they had considered stepping up to the challenge, but reconsidered after watching so many people lose their hard earned col to the cloaked stranger. He flipped the coin into the air, catching it as it fell back down. A man, even bigger in size than the one Stephen had just beaten, moved over to his table with a drink in hand. "If you're going to be doing this in my place, I'll be expecting a cut of the winnings. Don't go losing it all," the bartender warned him. To this, he nodded in agreement and thanked him for the beverage. Then, Stephen picked up three playing cards from the wooden table and reshuffled his deck. "So," he started, "who's next?" @Ceres (-1 Yui's Grace)
  8. Dederick

    [F01 - PP] That's my GODDAMN SOUP

    Dederick took the man's hand appreciatively, giving it a firm shake. "If I'm being honest, it really felt like I would be the one taking the pounding here," he admitted as he bent over to retrieve his fallen equipment. Despite the win, Dederick didn't feel any better about the soup. He'd avenged it, but for what? It still stained the grass between them. "Hey. Let's go get some new soup. That's really the only appropriate way to amend a situation like this. My treat." His sword and shield came to a rest on his back before he turned and began meandering back toward the Town of Beginnings. He hoped that Koga would follow, but whether or not he actually did didn't matter in the end. Chicken dumpling soup. It was the only thing that mattered at the moment. Dederick was absolutely famished after a duel like that. It seemed that the day hadn't been so ruined as he had originally imagined. There would be more soup. Life would go on.
  9. "Hey, I couldn't have finished that guy off if you hadn't gotten that chip damage in. Literally. I think that was exactly enough damage to off him." She looked at him and nodded lightly before she sighed. She didn't know exactly what was the best thing to say right there. Either way, they were on the hunt again at least, so walking and searching. "You know it, would it really kill RNGesus to just let me have one good item drop?" She laughed lightly, "Probably as much as it would kill to give me a familiar brother." It was just their luck, it was horrible. Someone had something against them, and it showed every time that they actually wanted something. Like right now. There was no sign of a wolf anywhere that she was able to tame. "Not desert rats like us, sis," she snorted at that response. Boy wasn't it the truth. "Just our luck for the best floor for this to be covered in snow." She leaned into her brother and she sighed. She had a feeling that this was a mutual warmth stealing operation now, but that didn't seem to matter as the walk continued. At least, he seemed to have forgotten about the question from earlier that she never answered. @Koga
  10. Noctua

    [F01 - PP] Care For A Dance Partner?

    She was thankful for being able to eat without having to worry about holding a conversation. That is how things always went in the real world for her anyways, but that wasn't the case right now, and that made her happy. Though, Lonzo's sudden stoppage of eating cause her to pause as she looked at him, taking a sip of her drink. Okay, whatever made his stop eating obviously wasn't something to do with anything bad as he talked about dancing. She chuckled though and waved it off, "It's fine. Happens to everyone." She couldn't say that for herself, but if it was going to make him feel better about having so many things in his mind, then she was going to say it. So, he wanted to find himself a familiar? That wasn't a horrible thing, but it also wasn't the best quest in the game either. Boring unless you had the right company. "I remember getting Athena. It can be tedious and horrible if you are on your own, mainly just because it takes so long for the right animal to come around, or in your case, the egg to be found." She was curious as to why he was wanting to keep that animal from going extinct, it wasn't like the game would allow that to happen, right? She thought on that as she started to eat once more, wandering what might happen if an animal was to go extinct. She stopped mid bite though and looked at Lonzo as she put the food down and looked at him again. "I actually have my inn room. Been renting it since the game launched. Thank you for the concern though." Of course, she was wondering why else he was wanting to ask that question, it wasn't like people to truly worry, after all, who would care about someone that they don't know while stuck in the game? Eh, that wasn't the thing to worry about at the moment was it. She took a moment before she started to eat her food once more.
  11. Bahr

    [PP-F21] I was just trollin'

    "I know now. I got the answer I wanted." It wasn't a direct response, but Bahr offered a nod of understanding. He'd been there before, in over his head on a floor not completely unlike this one. “Hey, what happened? Did you get fooled to go out here, or are you planning something sinister?” "Nope. Just a noob who got in over his head, apparently. I'd been doing so well on the lower floors that I figured I'd head up here for a bit of a challenge. The wrong move, clearly. Won't be making that mistake again any time soon. Thanks for the assist. Without you, they would have needed to carry me out of here in a dustpan. The name's Bahr." "Huh... Well, you just gotta plan ahead. On higher floors, if you want to solo, you need mitigation. Monsters just hit too hard up here, and if you're not prepared, things go south quickly. Talking from experience." He'd been level seventeen, venturing out into the nineteenth floor for god knows what reason. Probably overconfidence. It was during a time before Bahr had seized Scarecrow's Sickle and plunged himself into the dark with it. In fact, it had been that fateful encounter with Macradon that had facilitated the trajectory-shifting exchange. Bahr had stopped using the blade, but the piece of him that dove in over the edge still remained. It wasn't exactly a good time to stand there idly and reminisce, though. There was still a troll that required slaying. The troll had deflected the ebony swordsman's follow up attack, but still had eyes for Bahr. Which was good - Bahr would have preferred to take the hits, knowing he could eat the damage handily. It wasn't like he needed to worry about feeling any real pain, anyways. Still, he wasn't willing to simply take damage when it wasn't necessary. As the flat side of the troll's clenched fist struck the stony floor where Bahr had been a split-second before, the sound of the crash echoed through the cavern and everything seemed to vibrate with the intensity of the blow. Bahr's sword flicked over and downward in a flash, catching in the creature's wrist and depleting its health bar even further. To Bahr's chagrin, he had failed to actually sever the appendage, which had been the plan. No matter. A couple more good hits like that and the troll would fall.
  12. Morningstar

    [PP-F1] Finding Comfort

    rolling soon, just finishing up another post for some1
  13. The fall was sudden -- as NIGHT continued running circles around the nepent, she finally saw Ceres drop to the floor, a bright red blur in the scenery of greens. She could hear the woman's groans even from far away-- and it sounded like she was in more pain than even NIGHT herself had ever felt. Taking another shot at dismantling the creature with her blade, she placed her faith in the system, careful to arc her blade in the oddest way possible for this movement in particular to begin. A bright light was her only signal -- but it was enough. In an instant, her blade cleaved through the plant's form, tearing down the various vines that waved about distractively, the final blow plunging the sword through the nepent's center, shattering it for good. A distinct shriek and the bone-chilling chattering of teeth was its death call, and NIGHT dropped all combat pretense with the sheathe of her greatsword, rushing over to Ceres' side. "Hey! Hey--" "-- That was a nasty fall," she commented, kneeling down by the woman's side. Now it was her turn to be forward, but for good reason, with the woman struggling to get up. NIGHT hooked Ceres' arm over her shoulder, across her back, doing her best to aid her in standing once more. As best as she could manage, she replied, trying to reassure her friend. "I-I'm here. You doing okay? No... bruises? Cuts? ... Injuries?" @Ceres
  14. Ceres was still being swing wildly around, the world passed her by in dizzying varying colours and motions - she cold barely make sense of what was what? Had NIGHT attacked? DId she miss? Is that why she was apologizing? Ceres wanted to tell her that it was fine - that she wasn't hurt. It was dizzying...and nauseating...but overall Ceres was fine. The Nepent Variant cackled loudly as it stopped swinging her. Ceres drew in a sharp breath - why... had it stopped? BAM The world came crushing down on her hard and fast, her entire body jolted with the mild static zap that was meant to symbolize pain within Aincrad. Ceres coughed and wheezed as the air was forcably removed from her body. The Nepent Variant lifted her again, and in fear of being slammed into the ground a second time Ceres began to clamber up her own body - and only just managed to slice at its strange vine-like tail. The Nepent Variant gave a screech as it let her go. ....Ceres did not fall gracefully. She landed in a lump on the floor. "Urghh...." Shaken arms tried to push her body back up but the world still span around her. "D....Dizzy....NIGHT? W-where you?" @NIGHT
  15. The player watched as her acquaintance catch herself in her forward actions, thinking hard and trying to recall where she'd messed up at, and had her attraction been suppressed, she would've found it hilarious. The jumping between links quickly turned into genuine care, as NIGHT lowered her head, and Ceres responded with a soft, sweet voice. Ceres was nice. Incredibly so. Patient, kind and understanding, and perhaps if it was anyone else she had told this to, she would've faced some amount of backlash from her companion. NIGHT sunk deep into relief when realized this. With her hands, she tried patting her cheeks down, in an attempt to soothe the warmth from them, before she could look up again. When that time came, she lifted her gaze at her companion's requests, and finally -- finally managed to meet the woman's eyes with her own. She knew Ceres didn't mean any harm, or had any intention of leading her thoughts astray. NIGHT quickly understood and registered, that every action from before was a result of a cruel amount of obliviousness. People had their quirks, and NIGHT was resolute in wanting to accept them, especially for who they were, if it didn't hurt anybody. The adventurer nodded back to her friend, wearing a small, genuine smile, and with the gentlest of voices, she returned a heartfelt "Thank you." Yeah, well, the forest had other plans? Some rude plant in the god forsaken distance was chattering away like a loud, rude maniac, pulling the two away from their heart-to-heart conversation. NIGHT's face still stayed a smile, immersing herself in the joy of being accepted, right up until the blooming variant creature showed up, knocking down everyone's expectations for the events up ahead. Her smile drooped to a deadpanned frown, half sulking in its nature. As it continued to cackle further, Ceres pulled out her dagger -- oh right NIGHT forgot she had that -- and rushed headfirst into the creature. Expecting the blow to land, the woman hung back, pulling out her blade much more carefully this time, awaiting the results of her strike. Things did not go as planned. Her attack had failed, leaving no traces of damage on the enemy itself. As its tail wrapped around Ceres, it brought her high into the air, waving the player around rhythmically, enjoying its incredibly disgusting dance. "PUT ME DOWN YOU ASSHAT!" Okay! Time for her to step in. NIGHT had hoped to finish off the variant with a single sword art, just like with the pack from before, but even with a prepared blow, the variant's dances were a little to chaotic to even tell what she would be striking at. While she winded up a hit with her blade, her sword hit nothing but air, leaving Ceres still waving in the air, and NIGHT herself feeling incredibly sheepish, and frankly dissatisfied with the turn of events. Careful not to step or trip on any of the other waving vines, she continued to dance around the nepent in hops, calling out to her friend. "S-sorry! Gimmie a moment..." @Ceres
  16. The final day was over, and Basuke quickly washed his face off with some water from a nearby creek, clearing the whisker marks from his cheeks as the quest log had instructed him. He heaved the heaviest of sighs, feeling the most relieved he'd ever felt in his life. The great rock burden had finally been lifted, and he had never felt so free, so thankful for his being before this singular moment. He would have so much to be able to do. He'd be able to go seeking new friends again. Find some new shops and see what they had in store. An adventure -- a proper one, this time, where he'd be able to help out other players in their time of need. Just the thought of it made his heart race, a brilliant, shining smile returning to his face, a great big smile pulling his cheek bones up higher than he'd ever thought they'd been. With a spring in his step, he made his way over to the teleporter, the sky overhead still a bright azure blue. And with a flash of white, he was gone, on his way, finally, back to Floor 1. - End. - - - - - Thread Summary
  17. Goodbye, Miyagi thought in response, watching the boy's form fade into the distance. I hope you never have to deal with antics like these ever again. And good luck on your journey, boy. Because I think you'll need it. When the wind blustered past him, finally setting the environment around him in motion, the old man began retreating into his hut to make himself a cup of hot, green tea. He'd prepare the futon, of course, for himself to enjoy and ravel in his delight. Watching a colorful paper pinwheel by his window, and lazing down on the wooden floor, waiting patiently for another set of willing adventurers came to him to beat up his large, towering rock. Tonight, he would rest, dreaming a pleasant dream, where he was able to enjoy the open space in front of his yard, made clear for all his needs. He wouldn't have to stay cooped up in his hut any further. It would be what he had always wanted for himself. It would be the most pleasant of dreams for him. And in his morning prayers, when the day had only barely begun to break, he'd squat down on his cottony mattress, whispering to the gods he believed were up above... ... Adding in an extra person to rain their blessings down on. Basuke.
  18. "It's not you, sir." "I know it isn't," Miyagi barked back, almost nonchalantly, seemingly insulted. "I just..." Basuke paused, slowly regaining his composure. "...I hate you. Two years of seeing your ugly mug in this godforsaken clearing is more than enough to drive someone crazy." "Your antics always make me feel like I'm the insane one. And I don't need any more of your scolding, only barely wrapped up in niceties to seem that you don't mean to be mean," he added, tilting his head. "But you are. You're the meanest goddamned person I've ever met, I've ever known, I've ever lived with for this long in my life." "And I hate you for it." Silence. Miyagi didn't know what else to say in a situation like this. But then he didn't have to, as Basuke began to turn around, calling out to him behind his shoulder as he walked. "Goodbye, old man. I hope I never have to see you again."
  19. As the man began to shuffle back into his hut, making it just past the bend of the cliffs that surrounded his home-- "No." It took the man by surprise -- the boy's resistance came to him as incredible stubbornness. "No," he repeated himself, when Miyagi's expression betrayed his own thoughts. "I'm not going in there." "I'm-" Basuke gestured with an open hand on his chest, fingers spread out. "-I'm finally free, old man." The quest giver looked on solemnly, looking at his stance up and down. "That you are." "Right. That means I can finally choose what I can and want to do." His tone was gentle, but firm at the same time. Clearly, there was some hatred sprinkled in there... but his body language told Miyagi otherwise. Basuke was really trying hard not to hurt the man's feelings. "So, my first act of freedom... Is to deny spending more time with you, sir."
  20. There was no fanfare when the boy was done. He was trembling, shaking like a rabid feral animal. If he was willing to froth from his mouth, there would be absolute certainty that that's what the boy would do to show how much ferocity he still had in him. Against the rock. Against Miyagi. Against Cardinal for cursing him like this. When the old man dropped the paper mache rock in his hands, Basuke hissed on instinct, bent and hunched over, a picturesque image of absolute agony. Instead of mockery, the man just... clapped for him. His first and only modicum of praise after all this time... came from the man he detested the most. Mr Miyagi... I hate you so much. "Basuke," he finally managed to say, pushing up his old, loose glasses. The other arm of his was tucked behind his back, in the politest stance the boy had seen the man take. "Why don't you come into my house for a cup of tea?"
  21. Ceres blinked, as usual, completely oblivious as to what her own actions were doing to others around her. "Did you want to abandon the quest and rest?" She asked- as much as Ceres didn't like leaving things half finished - if the heavy hitter in the party was having issues then it wouldn't be right to push her past what she was comfortable with, and if Ceres were being honest -NIGHT looked very uncomfortable. "Well, hey - at least I'm good for getting rid of a little dirt then, eh?" Ceres offered to try and cheer up NIGHT. It was then, that the other woman tried to calm herself down with some deep breaths - Ceres could relate, she often did the same thing when she felt frustrated, anxious, or nervous. So Ceres took a half step back and patiently waited, lilac eyes staring at NIGHT as she rubbed her hand against her forehead. NIGHT started talking, mumbling at first - and it was difficult to hear - so Ceres had to step in close again - What would she say that I would take offense to? Ceres was confused, and it showed on her face. Her brows knitted together and her lips pursed. Finally - NIGHT said what she had been trying to say. "Huh? Gay? That's it?" Ceres asked incredulously. There was a brief moment of silence before Ceres realized how that may have sounded. "I mean - it's not a big deal. Err...." She glanced away. She really didn't know how to talk to others, did she? "It's not a big deal to me, I mean. I personally never really saw gender as an issue. It doesn't matter what someone identifies themselves as - If I like them. I like them because they make me smile, or feel warmth in my chest." Ceres hoped that answer helped because it was probably the best one she could give NIGHT. "You being gay doesn't change anything." Ceres added as she reached out to give NIGHT a reassuring squeeze on her shoulder. It was then - NIGHT blurted out that Ceres had been incredibly forward. "Wait...what?" Ceres looked dumbfounded. She had? When? Her eyes shifted from NIGHT to her hand then back to NIGHT, then back to her hand...that was resting on her shoulder. "Oh....OH..." Ceres pulled away. "I didn't realize." a deep hue of pink began to heat up Ceres' cheeks. She didn't think she had been flirting, hell - she had only just met the other woman. "I'm sorry I didn't - when did I....uhmmm...." She tried to think of any time where it may have seemed like she was flirting with the other woman but Ceres was oblivious, and the only thing that came to mind - was calling their trip to the 17th floor a date. NIGHT seemed to be struggling though, Ceres had never really had an issue with being 'out' because she had only ever dated the one person - and that was in her young teenage years and lasted all of a week. Anything beyond that had been flings. But she knew the struggles that people faced with it, the prejudice, the hate, and the bullying. "Hey..." Ceres began, her voice calm. "It's ok. Really." Ceres reached out again, a little more tentative this time - because now she was aware of her actions and didn't want to hurt NIGHT or lead her on, and placed a hand on either one of her shoulders. "Just close your eyes and take a few more deep breaths. There's no need to lower your head like that." Ceres waited then, when she felt NIGHT had enough time to calm herself down she spoke softly. "Don't apologize when it comes to matters of the heart. I'm sorry if I lead you on - I'm not good with social interaction - and we have just met - but you're a pretty woman, and I'd be ok if we got to know each other a little better. But I want to let you know that I will make mistakes - and if I say or do things that are forward - then please tell me because I won't understand otherwise. Is that ok?" NIGHT wouldn't have time to answer; KekEKKEK KKEkkekek KEKEKKEkekek Kke kKEkeKEKEkeke The sudden sound jolted Ceres. A Nepent - bigger than the last burst through the trees. This one had a slight variation - a single red flower bloomed on its head. It must have been the boss one that spawned. Ceres expected it to come sooner. It was probably a good thing that it hadn't - it gave NIGHT time to calm down. The creature scuttled toward the two players as it continued its maddened laugh. way to ruin a moment for someone Ceres thought - she grabbed her dagger - forgetting that there was someone there that could probably completely decimate it and charged at the creature. But her attack failed - The Nepent instead wrapped its tail around Ceres and pulled her high off the ground. "W-whaaaat?" Ceres cried out as she was hung upside down. Thankful she was wearing loose pants rather than a dress or skirt. "PUT ME DOWN YOU ASSHAT!" Instead of putting her down, the Nepent Varient began to shake Ceres wildly to and fro. @NIGHT
  22. Living every day like this... It was rough. Miyagi took the time to enjoy teasing Basuke, bullying him to gain his joy where the prospect of having a nice empty clearing just wouldn't anymore. And the old man wasn't a fool, either. He had noticed the scowling, fiesty anger the player had for the other packs, when they broke the rock down in a single day where he couldn't. From the bushes to the trees, Miyagi could see his pained expressions. And pity began to well up inside him. There was no way he could show it to the boy. He was certain he hated him, for what misfortune he'd brought onto the boy. Basuke would earn nothing for his troubles, except the standard reward and maybe a sense of freedom, finally, after beating the rock for two years. And it would be time for Miyagi to learn to bear with the burden of having the rock as a permanent fixture in his front yard from now on. He'd really hoped that Basuke would leave as the rock was growing smaller. Just give up one day and go, and leave his yard only occupied for when larger groups came in to receive his skill. But as the boy delivered the final blow, scattering the rubble into nothing but ashes and dust, Miyagi took a deep breath. The two year journey of the boy had finally ended. It was about time he received what he was due all those years ago.
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