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  2. Black maintained a sharp and militant composure. He knew that if he had appeared confident and assured that everything would flow smoothly that it would give Crown peace of mind. As long as the dark haired warrior didn't get ahead of himself, he'd make it out okay. He knew this deadly wasp was able to one shot level ones with ease. All it took was a single sting to send them shattering into nothingness. Black's dark eyes reverted back to check on August and make sure he was holding up alright. It seemed the man didn't have any issues following orders which was good. Things should work out well. “You're disciplined. You should be fine. “ Black grunted as noticed the man was tensed up. Black remembered the same feeling when he was in the man's shoes. Black's boots sprung up from the ground as he leaped to his left and entered a soinning vortex as he used the powerful force from his hips. His momentum poured into his sword art as he unleashed the power of yet another rage blow after evading the nimble wasp's attack. “One more hit ought to do it. After I hit it one more time, I want you to go in with everything you've got, but if I say ceasefire don't you dare swing that damn sword, alright? Let me regain control of the situation. I'll guide you through this but you have to do exactly as I say “ Black said firmly with no room for debate on the matter. @Cr0wnS
  3. Cr0wnS

    [F1-PP] Relaxation Station [Kirbs]

    August looked away slightly, "Sorry! I didn't mean to say the name wasn't good! I like Kirby, its just, thats kind of the main mechanic of the old games." August wasn't quite sure what part of his comment might have offended her but he wanted to play it safe. "I quite like food too! Although I haven't actually had anything in this game that tastes anything like my favourite foods. The basic bread you can buy from NPCs doesn't taste good, and there isn't much else you can buy around here. I should get cooking but instead I think I'm going to get blacksmithing. Maybe if I can find someone who gets cooking I'd have to pay them to make me delicious meals." August laughed at the prospect, it was a bit stupid to consider enjoying things in this game like the taste of food, but while they were here, he thought that he might as well try to enjoy the simpler aspects of the system. "So what else do you enjoy doing? I obviously haven't seen you around before, so what have ya been spending your time doing? I've hung around in the town of beginnings for the better part of a year, or however long its been, I've kinda lost track of time." August stared off into space as he said this, his mind yet again wandering off as he lost his train of thought. @Kirbs
  4. Dustin walks into Stryder’s shop and shouts. “Hey boss, you sent a message. It didn’t seem super urgent so I took my... who’s that?” He asks having walked into the room. His eyes open wider and he backs out not saying another word. That was weird, but I can’t live in the past. He sits against the wall and pulls out a cookie. He takes a bite and opens his inventory looking at his gear and stats. This is a damn good cookie. He smiles and lays on his side, closing his eyes. “Would you hurry up bossman?” He asks, moments before falling asleep, using his old tan cloak as a blanket. He uses his sweatshirt rolled up as a pillow. His brown hair messy over his face, for he had woken up and moved away from his spot in the fields and moved all the way up to his guild leader’s house. @Stryder
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  6. The battle had begun and August was starting to get more and more stressed. Black didn't seemed phased at all by the monster and instead charged in headstrong to fight it. His orders were for August to stay back and wait for his signal to attack, which August was prepared to follow religiously given that he didn't want to die. Black stormed the giant bee and struck it with a force that August could only hope to reach, and the beast squealed and screeched as a large red line appeared up its abdomen. The creature appeared to be stunned, so it didn't offer any resistance as Black lined up for his next attack. August, however, still couldn't attack, because if he crit the monster then he would be its primary target. Any hit would kill him so he would rather it die slower than him be at risk of dying. "Just let me know when to attack! Rather be safe than sorry!" August yelled across the heat of battle. Surprisingly, for a semi-boss battle, it was fairly quiet. There wasn't music, or loud noises from the surrounding areas, it was eerily quiet, and it disturbed August slightly. However he re-focussed and drew his sword, ready for when it was his turn to attack. @Black
  7. Black would begin to wash the dishes in the back. With the digital functions it was a very simple tasks, much like how much of the cooking was a digital exercise. The ebony skinned shinobi felt at peace as he tended to the patrons that poured in one after another. Today seemed to be a pretty relaxing day. He came from the back to check how everything out from was going. That's when he discovered that Kyoto was in the area and stopped by to visit. He appeared to be still wearing that black jacket. “Oh yeah? I'm glad word is getting around man. I'm sure once I hit rank 7, I'll be recognized as one of the best chefs in all of Aincrad!” He beams with delight. “And you know the best spots to eat are normally in some hole in the wall joint. “ Black cracks back with a refreshing grin. “Come slide up a chair and I’ll bring out something for you. You know what you want to order?” Black slides him a menu from his restaurant. He then looks curiously at the dark haired swordsman as he suggests the idea of them doing a quest together. “Sure, why not. I’m just a few points shy of being a Tier 2 player. Might as well make today the day I earn my stripes.” @Kyot0
  8. Fae was in a more lighthearted mood today. She had woken up and done her usual morning routine at her little hideout like normal and all, but today she wanted to spend some time with one of her favorite people. Opening her menu, Fae quickly found the red head who had once been an ally to her Fae sent the message to Embers and got dressed by putting on her cloak. Walking out of her tent and over to the snowman she had kept in tact for over a year now, Fae looked over it and patted it on the head. Tapping the sword beside it to ensure it wouldn't despawn, Fae started building up a snow fort. Nibbling on the cookie Pin had made for her before eating it all and gaining the stat boost, Fae patiently waited for Embers. It was a little more chilly than usual, so Fae curled up as she waited, pulling her hood over her head. @Embers Fae's Stats: Lvl: 10 | HP: 200 | DMG: 3 | MIT: 4 (1+3 from Double Fudge Cookie) Skills: Rank 2 1H Daggers
  9. (Placeholder) (597/639) EXP -7 T1 Mats
  10. Black began to loot the treasure chest. He took everything of value that he could muster. It was filled with col and other valuable items. "Great more materials for cooking. I really could use those. " Black began to rub his eyes again. He had grown weary. He looked to two unidentifiable rare consumables. "Hm..wonder what these are..." He pursed his lips staring at the item for a few moments. He lifted his feet to walk in the opposite direction. Things seemed to be fine until he heard something in the distance near a near the back of the tunnel "What the hell is that?" He muttered as he advanced toward the exit with caution. He took several small steps towards it's direction. The sound of the noise grew louder and louder as if someone was digging around for food. That's when he saw it. It was a large wolf that hadn't noticed him. The pelt it had was an ebony color with a white underbelly. The dog had a Ravenguard black and grey outfit adorned across it and it ceases from digging through the ground. The beast turned it's head away from Black and started walking away. "Phew..that was a close one" The Black Swordsman stated as he ran out and completed the quest. Summary: 200 Col - Kyot0 200 Col - Black 1 T1 Mat gathered - Black 2 SP - Black 1 SP - Kyot0 Black - Treasure Chest: 200 Col, 5 T1 Mats, 1 unidentifiable rare weapon, 2 unidentifiable rare potions
  11. Kyoto stops by at floor 6 hearing by everyone that Black has some good food and he wanted to check it out for himself. Walking around in floor 6 Kyoto sees all kind of strange things. Walking near one of the few buildings around he see’s that it is Black restaurant. Walks in hoping Black hears him. “Hey man people been requesting me to try your food so I figured I’d stop by before heading to another quest.” Kyoto looks around as he then sits down somewhere. “By the way you pick the shadiest area in this floor for a place to eat you know that?” Kyoto just messing around as he looks at what he offers. “By the way are you doing anything at the moment? Been wanting to do another quest figured if you’re not doing anything we can do a quest.” Kyoto smirks as he then looks around the place some more. @Black
  12. “Yeah I hope this is the last time. I mean..I bet some asshole might just kill the girl. I've been hearing about those creepy ass PKers who don’t care about nobody. They just want to do sick twisted [censored]. “ He shrugs as they continue to travel through the darkness. Something catches his foot and he falls over on top of it, making a loud noise. He watches as Kyoto continues on and he begins to rub across the figure he tripped over. “It’s all good man. I'll catch up with you. “ The sneaky sable skinned rogue said to the black swordsman. He then noticed that there was a familiar object in front of him. “Hm..he trips over rocks...I trip over treasure chests. Nice. I guess my luck just never runs out then. “ Black states as he begins to hover his menu near it for a little bit of better lighting.
  13. Black smirks at Kyoto as he laughs at the man's response. Black just loved screwing around and doesn't seem to care since nothing in the area can really do him much harm. He knew he didn't do much damage so he had to celebrate the small victories when he got them. He loved utilizing his paralytic abilities or using them for his finishers. He felt like a star player on the team when paired up with Kyoto. He watched as Kyoto threw the girl over his shoulder and gave him a dubious expression. “I don't know man...she look a little young for you. Don't you think?” Black smirks teasingly as he walks of beside him. He squints at the girl. “And you young lady! Your mom is pissed! No cell phones for a whole month! Yeah! And we're cutting off the wifi, too!” He knitted his brows with a serious expression. Black then tilts his head at Kyoto. “Looks like your little sister? Whoa, man, keep your fetishes to yourself. I know I might be from the south, but that's taboo around here. “
  14. Kyoto laughs as he hears what Black says after he finishes the bat. “Well man lets get her back so we can finish this damn thing.” Kyoto grabs the girl as he throws her over his shoulder. “You know this girl reminds me of my little sister when we were younger. I use to have her over my shoulder’s but the difference was I didn’t have to save her over and over again.” Kyoto keeps walking as they head to the mother. “Hopefully this the last time I’ll have to do this quest. I’m sure after this I’ll just be one hitting the damn bats now.” Kyoto continues to walk as the girl keeps scrawling around. “Will you stop moving before I set you down and you can walk.” Kyoto sounds little upset because the fact he had to take care of this child again and again and again. “I swear man." @Black
  15. Black would be practicing his sword arts in his dojo, swinging his sword and getting an understanding on how to better use his japanese styled curved sword in tandem with his wakizashi. The short blade was used for parrying while the lengthy Japanese curved sword was utilized for offensive strikes. Black felt confident in his training and decided to head over to his shop to do some work. In his kitchen he began to continue cooking and prepping meals at the Ichiban Restaurant. He was a Rank 6 Chef and was well on his way to becoming a Rank 7 chef so he was pulling in a lot of customers. He began to prepare sushi rolls and lay them out for customers to enjoy samples. “Everything looks good to go.” Black says as he wipes his brow. He begins to wash his hands and looks out at the patrons that came into his shop as he began taking orders. @Kyot0
  16. Black looks to Kyoto expectantly as he pushes the animal off him. “Wait. Where are you running off to?” Black said looking concerned for a moment? “What happened to no man left behind! Traitor!!!!” Black calls out as the boy runs off to leave him behind. He orders Black to kill it before the girl gets injured. Black’s brown eyes mold into a demonic squint. “Feel the power of chocolate thunder!” Black cries out as he holds up his electric blade to the roof as it illuminates the room. “Feel the almighty power of Gilthunder! Destruction is our only path to victory!” He shouts out as he rips his sword through the enemy and lets out a wild battle cry. He checks the status of Kyoto and the girl. “Come on, let's get the little wench out of here and back to her trifling a** mother. But if she gets caught running away again. We are gonna let the bats suck her dry. I don't give a [censored].”
  17. Kyoto looks over at black then over at the child. Seeing the bat flying over to the child about to attack it Kyoto quickly gets up and darted towards the girl. “Black quick finish it before it hit the girl!” he yells as then Kyoto jumps on top of the girl protecting her from the bat. “Don’t worry little girl I’ll protect you.” Kyoto looks back not able to see Black anywhere. “Come on man I got the girl lets get out of here.” Kyoto smirks as he quickly gets up hoping the bat doesn’t get him. Kyoto know Black will kill it as he is the tank after all. The girl replies. “Where’s my mommy? I want my Mommy!” Kyoto didn’t know he had to babysit the child too. Stopping at the entrance of the cave he looks over and see if he can see Black. Knowing that Black is okay he smiles as he waits for the man to walk near the light. @Black
  18. Black bobs his head as he starts to get in the zone feeling the adrenaline of combat. “Hell yeah, this is over soon. We're going to wreck this bats man!” He shouts out to his partner in crime. He watches as the dark haired swordsman darts forward and charges up a sword art. “A swing and a miss!” Black laughs as he taunts the poor kid. “Come on get up and dust yourself of before this damn thing turns me into a vampire!” Black laughs as he talks about tripping over a rock. “How the hell did you trip man?” He shakes his head as he renders his sword black with a sword art then does a diagonal swipe from left to right and makes the bat screech out again. It rammed into Blacks armor, but the ethereal red thorns penetrated it's digital flesh. “Yeah, come on jackass keep hitting me. I'm loving it!” Further down the tunnel the team could hear a girl weeping. “M-mommy! I want my mommy! Please help me! @Kyot0
  19. Black watched as the ladies chatted each other up. Hydra seemed to be pretty affectionate in a friendly manner with Mutsu which made Black guess that their affinity grew from years of knowing each other. She seemed to be more pleasant and mature which was refreshing. Black was used to being around a bunch of teenagers. Black snickered in amusement at how the woman pronounced homegirl. Black gave Mutsu a impish grin as she spoke of Hyrda not handing out hugs. “Hey, but that's discrimination! All I ever wanted…” Black rubbed his eyes and mock sniffled. “Was a little hug to get through the day...tough times...tough times…” He then flashed a smile after his theatrics. He then followed her eyes down to the fountain. He suspected a terrible prank, but obliged. “Alright, let's go!” He said as he begins to follow Vally over. “Yeah, well, you got to craft to make a living. It also helps out other players. You and Hydra got any idea what you might be interested in for crafting? I make food that gives boosts for that too..and once you're rank 2, there is a good quest you can do on floor 17. “ He then agrees with Vally. “Yeah, smart move. As long as you follow my callouts, you should be good. “ He then giggles in response to her joke as he takes a seat on the fountain and relaxes his shoulders.
  20. Kyoto smirks as he turns around and sees Black right behind him. “Good Keep it up.” As he when to go and charges at the bat once again using another sword art he goes and attacks the bat once again but misses by tumbling over some hidden rocks that he couldn’t see. “ Jesus wasn’t expecting to run into rock in the dark.” He says sarcastically as he then gets up and quickly jumps out of the way just in case Black was right behind him. “Hey watch it there’s some hidden rocks in front of you don’t trip on them like I did.” Kyoto smirk as he knows that Black will hit the bat. He can feel it in him. Kyoto looks around seeing if he can find the little girl and as she was just sitting there waiting on them to save her. “Man what wont I do to get more col from saving her.” He says as he then looks back over near Black.
  21. He nods his head at hearing how Pinball had wasted a safeguard not being that surprised since he had seen the status effects on his allies health that had stated the use of a safeguard. Well it was better safe than sorry at he very least we know what we're capable of. He says towards his ally before grinning at he mentions of possibly doing something stupid as he shakes his head in a negative manner at such a claim. It can't be stupid if we go into that quest knowing victory will be ours Pinball. He says with a smirk going across his face as he looks towards the two handed assault spear user with confidence practically etched across his face. I guess that means lets go and take down those nemeon lions Pinball. He says in calm confidence towards his fellow DPS as he looks around the area taking in the factor of how much time has passed and how much time it would take to do the quest. lets starts heading back now, or we can go and kill one mob before doing so. offering two options that would be equally beneficial for the duo of DPS.
  22. Kyoto looks over at his teammates and see’s them fighting the other 3 thieves. “Huh looks likes I’m going to be fighting you. So be it!” Kyoto looks around as he then charges towards the thieve using one of his sword art. “I got you now you [Censored]!!” He smirks as he lands the strike on the thieve watching the thieve move back a good few meters. “You’ll pay for that kid” The Thieve charges at Kyoto but actually misses. “What how did I manage to miss you?” Kyoto gives him a bigger smirk. “You see unlike you I have speed and I can dodge your attacks.” Kyoto sounds a little cocky but at the same time he looks confidence. Kyoto smirks even more as he gets into an attack position again. “Bring it on you piece of [Censored]”. Kyoto keeps looking like a cocky Son of a [Censored] but at least he can hit the sucker. @Black @tricolor_mina
  23. Black seemed focused on the fight until he realizes that Kyoto had left his position and was standing there with his hand in the air. Black knew that the beast could barely hurt him, so he shrugged and gave the man a high five. “Ain't no thang. Holding aggro is was I do. I love being skilled with the sword and damaging enemies when they attack me. “ Black boasted as he tapped his sword against his shield. “Come on out you freaky bat. We got some slicing and dicing to do!” Black shouted out. It seemed the young warrior Kyoto found their perp. “Alright, time to show that bat some police brutality! Get him!” Black shouted out as he joined him in beating the enemy with swords. “Go for it's eyes! Rip then out with your sword!” @Kyot0
  24. Mars

    [F3-PP] Hunting Opal <<DHA 3>>

    He grins over towards his rival who starts to follow him as he nods over towards Neo as well to acknowledge both of them. Well than i guess their is only the path upwards to go so lets go and kill that small dragon. he says in a calm tone of voice as he moves forward through the floor once more as her passes by multiple different trees spotting some wandering mobs of treants and elves that he avoid as the area slowly starts becoming more filled with foliage the closer to the questing area they go. The signs of treants or even other mobs being present as their can be heard some silent rustling of some creature through the different bushes and other foliage soft mutterings of words that are not understandable from being from a different language entirely. Sounding similar to the language that the eleven people usually speak around the floor.
  25. Kyoto walks up to Black and gives him a high five. “That’s what I call team work. Now Let me see if I can find the other Bat.” He smiles as he listens carefully. Hearing the bat trying to call out to his partner Kyoto then turns around and acts quickly and uses his sword art again and attack the second bat with a direct hit. Watching the Bat fly back after the impact of the sword slashing at him. Kyoto smiles as he knows that the Bat is feeling it. Even though he didn’t crit it he knows the Bat is defiantly feeling it. “Alright Black your turn. Let’s finish this so we can get the girl back to her mother.!” He smiles as he then looks over his shoulder finally able to see the little girl safely behind both him and Black. He looks in front of him once more as the bat is getting ready for the next combat it will face.
  26. Black begins to valiantly charge forward. He gallantly exercised extreme bravery in the path of danger. This was the day for the ebony skinned tank to defend his comrade. “Today we knock on the devil's door brother! We don't come bearing any other gift but the gift of death! I am your shield-brother. I am sworn to shield and protect those under my vigil. I have trained for this day and my nerves are unshakeable.” He says as he stands firmly next beside Mars as the three headed dog raged. “ I will keep it stunned. We won't give it the chance to defeat us! “ Black looks over to Mars as he charges forth with a dynamic kick. “Hang on, I'm com…..ing? “ Black slowed his charge to a halt. “Damn. Already dead.” Black blinked. “Well….cue the music.” Black snapped his fingers and the victory song from Final Fantasy VII would begin to play from a vanity song crystal. @Mars
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