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    [F1|PP] Nature's Treasure, ft. Cord

    Cordelia's shoulders sagged. She hated gathering. It still amazed her that people did this for fun. What exactly was so fun about looking for materials? Exactly! Nothing! It wasn't like she could just go hunt during this. She physically couldn't. Her level was way too high to have lootable mobs spawn here, which really sucked. So everytime she wants some tier one materials she must stick to. . . gathering. Shame. "Gah, it's so warm," she whined under her breath, shrugging off her jacket and capelet before she folded it her over her arm. She had forgotten how warm this floor could be. She was used to much more. . . chilly weather. She lived on a floor where it was completely ridges and mountains and had a shop on one of the coldest floors to date-- so she supposed it would make sense she would suddenly feel the effects of warm weather as uncomfortable. ID: 138891 LD: 11+6=17, +2 Materials Total Materials: 2 Equipped Gloves of Caerus: +3 LD Consumed Super Lucky Fancy Asian Cheetos: +3 LD
  3. "Doesn't surprise me." Mari said as she approached Yuki, glancing over at her HUD when the information was offered to her. "Weren't they meant to be quite prideful and territorial? At least from memory, Greek Mythology isn't exactly one of my strong suits...that's more so for Ceres." Mari said with a shrug as she placed her hands on her hips. At least it wouldn't be too hard to spot them. Big giant half lion thing flying in the sky? Yeh. Easy. Taming one? Not so much. Especially if it involved climbing hills. Mari grimaced. Part of her wanted to nope on out of there. "I hate climbing..." Mari mumbled as she stepped back and stretched. If she were gonna be moving like that, best make herself feel limber. "So if you're looking for a nest, I assume you're wanting to tame a younger one or a hatchling or whatever the hell baby Griffin's are called, right? Or ya gonna go for big mama or papa?" @Zajcica
  4. Mari recalled their previous strategy. She'd aim for the skeleton with the most health, the last one shambling behind the others. Right...Macradon had only just missed that one, good Mari's turn. She flipped her dagger into its reverse grip and charged toward the 4th Skeleton. Pivoting on her foot as she struck it again and again - each cut striking deeper, till it began to bleed. Even bones bled in Aincrad it seemed. Once she finished her successful attack Mari rolled back so she was in line with Macradon. Mari grinned as she gave him a light 'bap' on his shoulder. "See, you were nice 'n quiet that time - think half of Aincrad would have lost their sh*t knowing how silent you can be." Mari said with a bit of a forced laugh. She still felt a little down, but didn't want to drag Macradon back down, especially when they were in the heat of battle. It was a good distraction. @Macradon [2,3,3,1]< Macradon > 1920/1920 HP | 23 DMG | 122 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | 179/189 NRG [-,-,-,1]< Mari > 1170/1170 HP | 13 DMG | 43 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 103/114 NRG < Skeleton 1 > 510/870 HP | 261 DMG < Skeleton 2 > 342/870 HP | 261 DMG < Skeleton 3 > 354/870 HP | 261 DMG < Skeleton 4 > 623/870 HP | 261 DMG -247 BLEED (-24) 2/2
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  7. An entire group of four, gone in a cloud of blue and white data crystals. Two attacks from her had apparently blasted their health bars to smithereens, and she had to say: she was very pleased at the result. Yet another large haul of col and empty recording crystals for her shop — and maybe she could actually try her luck with unidentifieds this time? she had a fair amount — but her satisfaction easily waned when she looked down. Arabelle almost scowled; the monstrous bugs had been quick to gather their coarse wooden spears and attack her as soon as she was within reach. A large portion of her health bar was missing. There were holes and tears all over her once-pristine armor, revealing the red 3D mesh beneath. All sure to heal up and repair and she'd figured even Bahr's finely-tailored armor would go through some wear and tear as she used it, but feelings weren't easily rid of by logic. She didn't like it when pretty things — pretty things that were hers — got damaged.
  8. Zandra just crossed her arms and looked at the man. As she had used her amphibian war rally, the whole group of player killers had became paralyzed and Itzal had throwed them into a portal. Zandra had no idea where that portals exit was. Was it at the top of a cliff? Right infront of a boss mob? The central plaza in a settlement? Or anywhere else. She didn’t knew, but honestly she also didn’t cared. All she cared about now was Itzal and what he had been doing. And how he greeted her. ‘’Yeah that is true, it have been awhile.’’ She said with a plain voice, stating the fact Itzal just mentioned. She thought for awhile how she would continue. She didn’t wanted to sound like a mother scolding her kid or something like that. ‘’I have actually been looking for you. Where have you been this awhile?’’ she asked with a wondering voice.
  9. Zajcica

    [PP-F5] Coliseum of Sands <BotS>

    Yuki turned to walk out of the arena, but she was stopped by the slamming of the arena door. She was absolutely sure that she had hit deny on the message when it asked her if she wanted to accept the quest. Was she in here alone with the boss now?! That thing will murder her!! She turned around to inspect the area, hiding behind a pillar before the boss got a chance to see her and opened her menu. [censored]! She couldn't use her messages! There was no calling for help now. Around the corner, she peered upon the giant lizard with it's massive glaive. It was terrifying, even compared to the white tiger she'd just dealt with with Hidden. Sitting in a corner would only prolong her time here. It was either fight or die. The pink paladin rushed into the arena and yelled out to the lizard, "Alright lizard, lets get this over wi-!" She started before noticing Hidden on the other side of the monster. "Y-You?! What are you doing here?!" Yuki yelled to her makeshift ally, pretty relieved to find out she wasn't alone.
  10. Hidden

    [PP-F5] Coliseum of Sands <BotS>

    The shadow emerged from the sands, quickly scaling the wall to the coliseum. She peered over its edge for a moment, looking at the surroundings of the battlefield. It was rather small, but for a one on one battle it was almost too perfect. It would be a great spot for player duels if it wasn't for the boss fight. She looked down from her perch, shaking her head at herself from refusing to use the main gate. Her refusal came from the fact that it was easily trapped and with her Acrobatics skill it was quite fun to scale random objects. She dropped down into the battlefield, a menu popping up in front of her asking if she wished to accept the quest. Without hesitation, she pressed the blue button. A loud crash was heard as the entrance door slammed closed, preventing her escape. She walked slowly towards the middle of the arena, finding the boss to appear in a flash of blue light. The lizardman gave her a fearsome hiss before brandishing a half-glaive and crouching down as if preparing to strike. "Let's make this quick. I hate this floor"she said non-chalantly as her dagger fell into her hand. The white demonic dagger beginning to gleam with an orange light.
  11. Lessa

    Easter Egg Extravaganza

    After a long day, all you really want is a big dinner and a soft bed. The mobs have been slain, the mats have been found, and the crafts have been crafted. You’ve completed quests, messaged with friends, and hardly spent any time at all considering the harsh realities of the virtual world you’ve been trapped in. All in all, a good day, and one that you- Wait a minute. Nestled in a tuft of green grass is a vibrant pink ball. As you crouch to examine the object, you realize it isn’t exactly spherical. In fact, upon further inspection, the item is actually quite familiar; nostalgia swamps you as you reach for it. Item Acquired Easter Egg O X Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, Aincrad will be flooded with colorful Easter Eggs. Using a variety of methods, both combat and non-combat related, players will have the opportunity to collect as many eggs as possible. They can then redeem them for fantastic prizes. Eggs will only spawn in threads created on or after April 1st, and only if the title includes an [E3] tag. These eggs will disappear come April 20th, so the last day to collect is Sunday, April 19th. Items and consumables will be allowed, but not certainly required to partake in the event. Grab your gear, form your parties, and prepare yourselves for a little spring-time fun!
  12. No matter how high of a level she became, Yuki always found herself coming back to Floor 1 for something or another. Whether it was to see friends she knew on the floor, to visit shops and check they're stocks, or, for her main purpose today, to gather materials for her crafting. She was beginning to run low after just a week of crafting and in that week, she was able to make strides in the cooking rank. Already halfway to maxing it out, and it's only been about six days since she unlocked it. All those buffs people recommended that she get really helped her level up quickly. While walking through the Town of Beginnings, she was thinking about how bad her luck with materials was. She always seemed to have a difficult time finding them, unless she went and spent time to kill mobs with her thorns and horrible accuracy. Hopefully today she could get a good helping of materials wot ensure she'd be set for another week or two. @Cordelia
  13. Day 22: 138874 CD: 7, Uncommon LD: 20, [2] Duplicate 138875 CD: 8, Uncommon LD: 16, [1] Duplicate 138876 CD: 6, Uncommon LD: 6 138877 CD: 7, Uncommon LD: 1 138878 CD: 9+1=10, Rare LD: 19, [2] Duplicate 138879 CD: 10, Rare LD: 5 138880 CD: 6, Uncommon LD: 18, [2] Duplicate 138881 CD: 7, Uncommon LD: 8 +52 EXP
  14. Yesterday
  15. (its odd because we are roleplaying two separate times it seems lol. I'm just gonna cut the first part from my roleplaying XD) He crouched staring at his own reflection as silence seemed to ensue for an ungodly long amount of time. Then, it was interrupted by a laughter made my Mina, pure joy radiating from the trill sound that she made. "Oh my god I take the maturity bit back, this is F**ing PRICELESS!" Jonathan frowned and his blush deepened even more from sheer embarrassment. He didn't particularly like being laughed at. "That look on your face right now is absolutely precious~! I didn't know that you'd be flustered like that, especially since ya grabbed my butt like that earlier. I'm most definitely never letting you live this down, love~!" The joy coming off her was definitely obvious which just seemed to make him even more embarrassed. "Hey! I was just trying to pick you up and be romantic! Its what they do in some of the movies I have watched back in the real world!" His voice cracked here and there with some of his sentences. All of this was rather difficult for him. His entire life was mostly spent doing studying underneath his father, there wasn't any time or really reason for him to engage in any of the other thoughts that had crept up when he came of age. While he may have been knowledgeable, his experience with even dating was an absolute zero. "It isn't my fault that i'm not 27 and know all there is to life and emotions and crap!" the words came with difficulty, and he frantically searched for some way to get a grasp on the conversation at hand. She was in complete control, leaving him at the mercy of her whim. If there wasn't a way to end her slaughter of embarrassment, then he would have to bring the game to a clean slate. He stood up and turned to her. A grin stamped itself onto his face as an idea flashed over his mind. 'She is going to hate me for this... it was a nice dress' He used his <<Charge>> skill to burst forward towards her, moving over to her within almost a fraction of a second. He swooped her up, cradle style and then quickly ran towards the edge of the waterfall. "You know... People that are hot really just need to cool off." A laugh emitted from his throat as he stepped off the edge, falling several meters before plunging into the cool depths of water that surrounded the player event.
  16. A <<Frantic-looking Memer>> sits hunched atop a computer screen with fear in his eyes. He turns as you approach, a look of hopelessness in his eyes. "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam felis libero, condimentum id vulputate vel, sodales eget nisl. In eget laoreet nunc, ac lacinia diam. Proin scelerisque porta leo. Mauris imperdiet sem a ex pulvinar faucibus. Nullam sagittis risus ac quam scelerisque finibus. Suspendisse elit justo, maximus in magna at, porttitor blandit velit. Curabitur suscipit, velit nec gravida dapibus, nisl metus viverra sem, in commodo risus justo ut urna. Curabitur augue risus, maximus at nisl et, pellentesque luctus tortor. The spaghetti in my pockets fell out. Integer volutpat elementum pulvinar. In sit amet ex sed tortor aliquam maximus ac non turpis. Praesent feugiat, turpis ac rutrum dapibus, nisi sem pretium nulla, at vestibulum nulla velit in ligula. Vivamus ante lacus, pharetra feugiat ligula eu, ullamcorper tempor leo. Morbi sit amet malesuada urna. Cras et lobortis arcu. Nullam maximus est eu leo congue condimentum. Integer sed ante in ante porta tempor. Quisque vitae ex nibh. Phasellus consequat eleifend dignissim. Vivamus eleifend tortor id ex ultricies interdum. Suspendisse ac lectus dignissim, mattis velit sit amet, gravida augue. Pellentesque maximus orci sit amet erat fringilla, porttitor pharetra velit laoreet. Aenean vel hendrerit dolor. And I can't find my memes. Donec maximus velit at nulla faucibus auctor. In vitae commodo mauris. Suspendisse faucibus vestibulum neque at porta. Pellentesque nec nisi sit amet nisl lobortis dapibus sodales quis est. Integer ac massa ut libero ornare fermentum. Ut non ante quis justo dignissim faucibus et eu libero. Ut sollicitudin mauris rutrum imperdiet laoreet. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Maecenas mattis ipsum sit amet erat blandit placerat. Donec iaculis ligula sed libero pharetra eleifend. Suspendisse eget cursus sapien, ac malesuada sapien. In lacinia dui at felis efficitur, in sagittis nisl tincidunt. Quisque neque ex, sagittis nec suscipit eget, rutrum eget orci. Duis consectetur mauris mauris, a iaculis erat posuere vel. Nam varius ultricies nulla, sit amet ullamcorper quam feugiat sit amet. Suspendisse sodales egestas diam. Vivamus imperdiet sagittis nibh, ut egestas augue vehicula in. Please help the danklord. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Donec pellentesque molestie ligula eu porttitor. Phasellus ante metus, sagittis at ornare sagittis, elementum ut nunc. In finibus convallis nisl vel commodo. Integer pellentesque suscipit elit, id egestas augue auctor nec. Vestibulum vitae magna aliquet, mollis augue porttitor, suscipit magna. Donec ut nisi vitae orci blandit volutpat. Sed nulla lectus, commodo id massa auctor, pellentesque interdum lacus. Nam commodo tincidunt risus vitae placerat. Integer eu sem ut velit sagittis iaculis sed id eros. Proin sodales sapien non vehicula imperdiet. Phasellus aliquet nibh nulla, id finibus tellus accumsan faucibus. Nullam condimentum urna fringilla lobortis dignissim. Nulla facilisi. Duis non fermentum odio. Vivamus rutrum et arcu vitae feugiat. Fusce molestie sed elit non tincidunt. In velit nisi, posuere ac ligula vitae, hendrerit interdum lorem. Etiam lectus nibh, dapibus sed velit pulvinar, sodales sollicitudin augue. Maecenas vitae sodales quam. Duis volutpat ex sed erat varius cursus ut id tortor. Sed ultricies lectus felis, vel tincidunt lorem vehicula quis. Cras nec nisi sed augue eleifend facilisis. In condimentum turpis eget tellus sollicitudin, id pretium turpis ultricies. Suspendisse porta, orci a sodales convallis, urna est rutrum turpis, non fringilla dolor nibh quis dui. Integer nec bibendum dolor.” Should you choose to accept, the sailor turns Eastward and points across the water. He tells you the ship was last spotted near <<Ill Man’s Cove>>, a pier with two run-down shacks built into the adjoining cliff face, reputable for its shady dealings. He also shares details of the crew who stole his ship, including that of a burly man wearing a Captain’s hat. He marks the coordinates on your map and tells you to meet him where you stand by nightfall, making brief mention of his uncle’s rowboat.
  17. Zajcica

    [PP-F5] Coliseum of Sands <BotS>

    A floor full of sand and desolation. Nothing like the previous floor, which she adored for the snow. Life on the other hand wasn’t thrilled as much as she was over floor 4, she had the same feelings about floor 5. A sandy desert and the heat just annoyed her. If this weren’t a completely digital world she’d have probably sweat off five pounds by now. She approached the quest area, a giant arena. She starred up at the massive structure, knowing that if she were to walk in there it was fight or die. Looking back at the quests level made her cringe. She was not even half the recommended level, so it probably wasn’t best to take on this quest just yet. Perhaps she could invite Mari to help her with it, but the only information on the quest was that you beat it or it beats you. ”This is a pretty terrifying quest, hunh...?” She mumbled to herself, staring at the arena and then back to the quest. It was probably time to turn back, she could comeback with ample levels and prep time. @Hidden
  18. Butcher of the Sands A flash of blue light was emitted as she entered the fifth floor and a shadow set upon the sand. This shadow was a figure, cloaked in black with an orange crystal spiraling above her own head. An unseen look of disgust rested upon her face as she looked at the scene before her. "I hate this floor" the player would grumble as she stepped off the platform. She had put off coming to this floor, but the time had come to finish the Butcher of the Sands quest. It would be easy, but also give her a decent amount of experience. She was quite far off managing to grandmaster Hide, but once she did it would improve her battle performance by a high amount. Increased damage, ability to evade attacks, and to hide away from the players that would bother her. She stepped forward, watching as the guards began to charge her with their spears. She evaded their attacks and sprinted for the exit to the town. The guards could be evaded, but they were invincible and could theoretically be infinite in number. After you attacked them or tried to attack another player enough they would spawn in seemingly hoards. Orange players also were not safe within the Safe Zones which made her vulnerable there. "Let's get to it. The quest is not going to finish itself." she stated as she ventured off into the sands.
  19. Hidden

    [PP|06]The White Tiger?<<Deforestation>>

    Hidden was definitely confused by the girl's statement, it seemed to her that more Japanese players were in this game then English. She remained silent until they reached the Safe zone barrier in which she stopped at, not budging anymore. The pink-haired player would thank her again and bound off towards the teleporter. As she watched the girl go, she would smirk. The girl didn't have much use to her currently, but someday she'd definitely be a handful. Chuckling, she would crouch down and activate her <<Hide>> skill. Dashing forward, she would slip through the guards, many of them unable to spot her. Once they finally had, she was already at the teleporter and whispering "Floor five" With speed and hiding, on could easily find their way into a town and able to use its teleporter. Many other players traveled from floor to floor with the sue of stairs, but there was no way in hell that she was going to waste that much time just getting somewhere. With a flash of blue light, she was being whisked away to the desert floor. Rewards Each player recieves: 4 SP 200 Col Hidden Additionally recieves: Tiger's Rage: +2 DMG Potion
  20. She had uh... failed to mention that she was one of these "problem" players. She was one of these players who fought only for her own gain, for her personal improvement. Did she feel bad about that fact? No. This world was every man or woman for themselves. She averted her own eyes as she listened to him, he said something about an old guild. Who could he be talking about? The Azure Brigade? That was a guild from a while back that was still talked about. "Wonder how long it'd take before I get back stabbed in a boss fight though." She recoiled at the thought of stabbing Hirru, even though he did deserve it. Helping out the bosses was not cool in a boss fight. The man now seemed to be lost in his own thoughts or memories. Realizing the meaning behind his last sentence she frowned, deciding that she would pick some fun at this sentiment. "Race to the frontlines and unite everyone huh? Who are you? The Aincrad Ambassador? Unless you are, you are no different than those who have tried and endlessly failed. You're going to have to think different and bring something else to the table." She scoffed and turned. She wondered if her words would put an end to the self-righteousness of the player in front of her. She was tired to seeing people believing they were fighting for "justice" or "what's right". If that was the case, she was the darkness in almost every case, the villain, the enemy. The antagonist. The player who sought only things for themselves. In her mind though, her mindset was the only one with a hint of sanity. Self-preservation was the only way to keep going. Hidden smiled as she thought of something overly cringey, a line that could only be well-delivered in some movie or anime. She slowly turned back to Life, letting her own expression darken. "If you honestly believe yourself to be a bringer of light, than we must be enemies for I walk among the shadows." It was hard to stop herself from laughing. She whispered under her breath sounds that may have been heard by the other player. "dun dun dun"
  21. Yuki laughed happily after Life's comment about him being a twig. She knew he would probably be back to full health when they got out within a few weeks, or well, maybe a month. He'd be one of those boys pushing people off him when they try to make him sit down because he hasn't fully recovered. "You won't be held down long, I'm sure. You'll be back in the fields in a month or two I'm sure. I think it'll take me at least 3 to recuperate since my body is on synthetic hormone treatment. I wonder if I'm even getting that medicine I need. I'm sure my parents are making sure that my medical needs are being met." Yuki turned to give him another smile, the glare of the snow seemed to make her teeth shine even brighter. She perked up at his mention of getting this quest finished. "Y-Yeah! We get stronger, we clear the bosses and everyone is free to live their actual lives again! That's what I want to see." The girl continued her lead. It wouldn't be much longer before they found themselves face to face with their fourth dragon. @Life
  22. Pinball

    [PP-F9] Through Fire

    Action Taken: Sword Art - [Imperial Southern Cross] Hell Hound 1: ID# [2] Arabelle: 258/560 HP | 33/56 EN | 14 DMG | 46 MIT | 3 Probiotics | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | Fallen | 2 Recovery | Regen [BRN: 1/2] [Regen: 1/3] [1] Pinball: 998/1240 HP | 104/124 EN | 20 DMG | 5 ACC | 6 EVA | 62 BH | 8-10/36 FRZ | Phase [BRN: 2/2] Infernal Hell Hound 1: 36/350 HP | 125 DMG | 45 MIT | 25 Thorns | 2 ACC | 2 EVA Abilities << Burning Bite >> : On successful attacks, the player is inflicted with "Burn" at Tier 3 maximum cap. [36 Unmitigatable Damage for 2 turns.] << Infernal Soul >> : On a critical attacks, this monster gains additional damage. [9 = 25 | 10 = 50]
  23. Barely able to dodge the urge to start crying, Yuki rubbed her eyes to get the welling of tears off her face. Mari was harsh, she knew that. Many people could easily hate someone for just being brash, but even when she nearly brought Yuki to a full-blown bawl, she liked that about Mari. She was real and not afraid to give her own opinion. And not only that, she presented good reason. Yuki took a deep breath and pulled open her HUD to pull up the notes about Gryphons she had made before she started the quest. "Um...It seems like they usually spawn in a group of two or by themselves near nests on sharp hills. Might have to do a bit of climbing to find a nest." The pinkette read off her notes, allowing Mari to peak on them if she needed to. Yuki tried to smile to her to amend the heavy feelings. @Mari
  24. He shrugged “Don’t hesitate, if you want to, just ask me. I don’t have anything better to do while waiting for the boss raid planning to begin. I’m nearing max level, and it’s getting boring trying to compete with nothing, so having someone I can tag along feels nice.” he said with a smile before he just slithered into the shadows. From his past mistakes in this cave, Macradon had thought of ways to silence his presence traversing over the rocky bottom of the cavernous battlefield they were in. Even though he kept himself silent, he didn’t keep his speed down. He would take long strides with every step, making sure that he wouldn’t fall behind anyone even if he tried to stay silent. Cornering different stalactites and stalagmites, Macradon finally found a group of four skeletal warriors like before, this time he wouldn’t be noticed. In the blink of an eye Macradon charged into the group of warriors in an instant. His blade, though glowing, swept through the air silently like an owl moving in on its prey. As he quickly ambushed the group, Macradon got down into a low stance and flew in at them. From bright orange to holy white, Blade of the Dictator glowed brightly as holy light struck down on the undead creatures, locking on on three of the four, the knight cleaved 6 times in rapid succession, leaving only Mari to jump in to join the frey at this point. Hit attack had done massive damage overall apart from the single one he missed beforehand, it was just a matter of keeping hate that would be his focus not, so if Mari attacked either of the ones he had taken down to the yellow zone, the party of two would be safe for a few rounds. @Mari ID: 138854 LD: 12+5=17 Stealth Rating -> Surprise Attack succeeded [2,3,3,1]< Macradon > 1920/1920 HP | 23 DMG | 122 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | 179/189 NRG (-16)(+6) [-,-,-,-]< Mari > 1170/1170 HP | 13 DMG | 43 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 114/114 NRG < Skeleton 1 > 510/870 HP | 261 DMG (-360) < Skeleton 2 > 342/870 HP | 261 DMG (-528) < Skeleton 3 > 354/870 HP | 261 DMG (-516) < Skeleton 4 > 870/870 HP | 261 DMG
  25. Life smirked, it seemed despite his visual dislike for the floor she was still rather cheery about it. Oh well guess that was it on that topic. It was good to see her happy like this, her smile was almost infectious. Then came her following statements... They weren't great to think about to say the least. The idea of both of them withering away always made him squeamish. Life looked down at his own body, clenching his hands into fists, tensing his body to feel his abs and body muscles. He sighed. "Yeah... well. This is how my body would have looked like before coming here. Lean, athletic... Something you'd expect from a farmer boy that spent most of his days heavy lifting, plowing for hours with the water buffalo... even longer for harvesting by hand with a sickle... Threshing them to separate the grains. Yeah.. I'm probably a stick by now too. All my muscles have probably shrunk. Doubt I'd be very useful to my father.." He gave a lopsided frown before recomposing himself. "Well, all the more reason to hurry towards this next quest huh." @Zajcica
  26. Mari didn't address Yuki's sad voice; if Mari were to console her now; she wouldn't learn that what she did was wrong - and she was just chastised- so she had every right to feel upset. Besides, Mari had a feeling if she did try to console her Yuki would probably burst into tears and Mari would probably just get annoyed if she did. Not to say Mari wouldn't feel bad about having someone cry in front of her - just the reasoning behind it. "I appreciate the apology." Mari said simply. "That's all I ask really, thank you for your offer." And that's all that had to be said, yuki apologized - and in turn Mari accepted that Yuki was there if she needed. Mari cleared her throat when Yuki bowed formally toward her; a lotta people were doing that lately - how awkward. "Really, it's fine. Ya better lead me the way to the Griffin then. Do they spawn in groups or just on its own?" @Zajcica
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