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  2. "Mmm." Normally, Mari would skirt around the subject, wave it off to protect Freyd - because she'd rather be the villain than to have others villianized. Even if it were rightfully so. Yet, Mari struggled to find the reason to care about that sort of thing anymore. What did it matter if Freyd hated her, or Chaser, or anyone for that matter. Let them hate her - if it kept them pushing forward. If it gave them a single goal or an iota of motivation to get out of here, then let them hate her. "He tricked me." She said simply, shifting to lean against the far wall of the cavern. Perhaps manipulated was a better word. Freyd had shown her some semblance of emotion, weakness. Even going as far as to give her his 'real-name' not that she believed that was true anymore. Still, Mari felt it best to keep things simple. She sighed, glancing at her Energy Bar- They'd need to regain some energy before getting too far ahead. Now was as good of a time as any. So, she continued. "He lured his Gemini-err thing to me. And had it rip out my own. He used that to-" To what? "I'm...not sure what he wanted." Mari said as she shifted her gaze to the ceiling. "I guess I may just have been a test subject for some of his theories." She laughed bitterly. "Congratulations- He said to me." She placed a hand over her chest."I've engineered my own personal descent into oblivion." She repeated the words Freyd had spat at her. Chaser had called her 'Ma' again, shouldn't she correct that? Mari slumped down the wall into a seated position. Indicating that she wasn't going anywhere till her bar had replenished. "Ya shouldn't call me that kid." She added half heartedly. Mari didn't deserve to be called such things. @ChaseR
  3. Crozeph

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    It seemed like Skalaugh will be Ska now since it can't laugh (get it?) with how the players landed some nice blow on it. He took a deep breath and kept his eyes on the Blood Crystals atop the area. "Off Switch, off switch" he began muttering before making his way to it. The only option he has is to climb Skalaugh while it's still paralyzed, not that it can't completely move but it looked like the dragon won't be making any fuss soon. "I'll try hitting one," he told his guild leader. He placed his katana back in its sheath and began climbing by holding on to its wings. He didn't have acrobatics so it was hard for him to climb, he looked like a sickly kid trying to climb a tree to save a cat. "Now it might not be a success but I can at least try," he thought as he unsheathed his katana again. The now tainted crystals looked very ominous to him, it looked liked it might explode or crash down on them. At the same time, Skalaugh looked way more hardened with its return but such intimidation through appearances is nothing to the players before the dragon, including him. Crozeph took a step back and turned his head to look at its wings "now I gotta make sure this dragon stays chill." Crozeph began to slash wildly at Skalaugh's back, crystal clear water flowing out of the katana, and with every hit, the water hardens and crystallized. Skalaugh now had another color added on its back, it may not look so noticeable but Crozeph managed to cover its back down to its shoulder with ice "now to the main target" he thought as he turned his attention back to the crystal. ID:168680 I BD: 9 [critical] I CD: 10 [Recovery proc] +4 EN Crozeph dealt 21 + 1 critical x 15 San Ge =330 - 205 = damage to Skalaugh Freeze Effect on Skalaugh [H: 0] Lessa HP: 974/1210 | EN: 89/112 | 22 DMG | 5 ACC | 1 EVA | 171 MIT | 54 THN | 1 HM | 1 REC | 36 BH [15% Barrier] [H: 1] Haine HP:1128/1270 | EN: 82/124 | 22 DMG | 6 ACC | 3 EVA | 111 MIT | 36 BLD | Antioxidant [15% Barrier] [H: 6] Raidou HP:1625/1625 | EN: 125/144 | 18 DMG | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 176 MIT | TAUNT | 80 BH | Antidote:3/3 | Antioxidant | PARRY [15% Barrier] [H: 1] Freyd HP: 1205/1205 | EN: 85/104 | 25 DMG | 6 ACC | 4 EVA | 79 MIT | KEEN | 6 HLY | 36 BLD | 24 BH [15% Barrier] [H: 1] Mari HP: 1570/1570 | EN: 108/154 | 22 DMG | 6 ACC | 5 EVA | 88 MIT | 24 BLD | 15 FLM-AURA | 72 BH [15% Barrier] [H: 1] Oscar HP: 1370/1370 | EN: 97/134 | 23 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 151 MIT | 12 FLN | 36 BRN | 69 BH | -3 EN Cost [Finesse] | -1 EN Cost [3/3][15% Barrier] [H: 2] Hidden HP: 1210/1210 | EN: 86/118 | 19 DMG | 6 ACC | 5 EVA | 124 MIT | 8 HLY | 121 VAMP-OFF | 60 BH [15% Barrier] [H: 3] Crozeph HP: 1165/1165 | EN: 56/100 | 18 (+3) DMG | 4 (2) ACC | 1 (+2) EVA | 54 (+45) MIT | FRZ | 2 REC | 1 LD [15% Barrier] [H: 2] Zajcica [REND 2/3] HP: 1455/1510 | EN: 117/130 | 6 DMG | 4 ACC | 279 MIT | 54 THN | 30 FLM-AURA | 21 FST-THN | Taunt | 36 BLD | 75 BH | 25% DoT Reduce | [PARRY 0/3] [15% Barrier] [H: 3] Macradon HP: 1475/1805 | EN: 162/189 | 22 DMG | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | 152 MIT | 2 REC | 36 FST-THN | FRZ | 90 BH | 180 VMP-OFF [15% Barrier] [H: 1] Kiluia HP: 930/1050 | EN: 62/102 | 25 DMG | 5 ACC | 4 EVA | 124 MIT | ABS-ACC | 36 BLD | 1 REC | KEEN [15% Barrier] [H: 1] Night HP: 1490/1490 | EN: 124/161 | 23 DMG | 5 ACC | 6 EVA | 124 MIT | 36 BRN | 72 BLI | 36 BLD | 24 TOX-VEN | 4 LD | 4 SD | 7 SR | 74 BH | [15% Barrier] | [QC 0/3] | [VANISH 0/3] [H: 0] Zandra HP: 1495/1805 | EN: 162/191 | 22 DMG | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 197 MIT | 30 FLM-AURA | 90 BH | [15% Barrier] [H: 2] [REND 1/3] Morgenstern HP: 1135/1510 | EN: 97/142 | 22 DMG | 6 ACC | 1 EVA | 171 MIT | PAR-VNM | 25% DoT Reduce | FRPRF | PARA-IMN | BLDCLT | 76 BD [15% Barrier]
  4. The most idiotic thing to do… It might be jealously or simply him being an asshat but somehow, somewhere, he challenged a chill yet dangerous woman to a duel. Night had always been a cool person in his eyes, maybe she's batman or something for him. His admiration was akin to how he met Baldur and when the Gaijin Samurai entered the weird yet united Square One in their travels. Now he had to test if he was good enough, it would be a battle to see if he can match Night now that they are on the same tier and also… Fried ice cream Something he never knew existed Yuki cooked it yet he wasn't permitted To eat fried food for its bad to his health Jealous? He is not Indignant? A little he is He stared at the message he sent to her, trying to be friendly and wording it properly so as Night won't take it as a provocation to hate him. There's a high chance that he'll get clapped by her speed yet he hopes that his blade would hit something. Skadi is strapped on his side, its hilt visible from his waist. The yukata he wore back then is now stored in his inventory and Crozeph looks more like a Japanese military general from the Meiji era, hair still brown and eyes looking tired and weary despite the lively azure color it has. To: @NIGHT Wanna try to duel? Let's just say I want to prove myself to you since you're Yuki's best friend and also fried ice cream. A certain area in Yomi had been cleared, no players visible and a few NPCs looking at what looked like a boxing ring with wood as its fences and Japanese lanterns on four corners "i-is this really necessary?" he asked while two NPCs who arranged the location nodded their heads in approval. Crozeph [Level 51] | HP: 1050/1050 | EN: 102/102 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 18 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 45 | FRZ: 1 | BRN: 1 I REC: 1 | BH: 30 | LD: 1 Total SP: 213 Allocated: 202 Remaining: 11 ** Rank 3 Merchant - The Night's Watch ** WARNING: Mitigation cannot fall below 0! Hide contents [Equipment] Regis Arma: Skadi Alter [T2 Perfect] -- Freeze +1 - Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) remove the enemy’s action on their next turn. Frozen opponents lose any evasion properties. Striking a frozen enemy before the effect ends will end Freeze and deal an extra (12 * Tier) unmitigatable damage. [Must hit to activate the status condition. -- ACC +1 -- Burn +1 - Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) deal (12 * Tier) unmitigated burn damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. Burn damage does not stack, but can be refreshed. [Must hit to activate the status condition.] -- A huntress trapped in Dun Scaith, she survived and emerged victorious earning the respect of its ruler, Scathach. A huntress carrying the cold and harsh winter with her yet a ferocity likened to a flame now seen in her eyes. Skadi Alter combines two elements and fires it in one go should the wielder harness the same hunting instinct the huntress has. Either one would freeze in from its fierce flames or burn in its searing coldness. Cloak of the Evening Bells [T3 perfect] -- MIT +1 -- EVA +2 -- "Once worn by a king or a monarch, whichever it was it doesn't matter for anyone who dons this cloak is tasked to take the head of anyone who dares to cross the line and kill, be it humans or monsters." A black cloak with fabric at the collar. It is worn to cover the dominant hand of the wearer and put up an air of monarchy. It can also serve as a protection against attacks though not as efficient as heavy armor but boast its lightweight features to add speed to the wearer. Ars Paulina -- Recovery +1 -- ACC +2 -- Description: "There is a time for everything and to that there is also an end but there is no need to fret for it is to be accepted." A pocket watch made by a powerful mage who possesses ten rings. This silver watch has no intricate designs outside yet its structure inside is powerful enough to restore energy and even make time dilate making its user see things slightly slower than the usual. [Battle-Ready Inventory] Blessed Marble [+1 EVA +1 Life-Mending] Dimensional Backpack Skills Hide contents Mod Count: 3/8 Katana | Passive | RANK 5/5 > Finesse R3 -3 EN on SA > Precision +1 ACC Light Armor | Passive | RANK 4/5 > Athletics +1 base damage I +(10*Tier) HP Battle Healing | Passive | RANK 3/5 [+27 HP regen] > Curved Sword | Passive | RANK 1/5 > First-Aid | Active | RANK 4/5 > Extended Mod Limit | Passive | RANK 3 > Searching | Passive | RANK 1 +1 LD > [Extra] Survival | Passive I +15 Regen OOC Meditation | Active I +10 EN Familiar Mastery: Fighter | Passive | RANK 3/3 +6 base damage Misc. Buffs Hide contents Relaxed | Passive | House buff >
  5. The way she had worded everything indicated she wasn't talking about DAY. That was good. He did well to not outright start talking about her, either. "... Rip..? Did he try to PK you, or did he somehow use his gemini against you? I thought his gemini was killed.", he grunted, trying to make the most sense he could out of Mari's confusing explanation. It was hard to tell what she was trying to relay on to him, but... It was worrying. He knew that something felt off about Freyd, and that's what had set him on the edge so much. "... What is it, Ma?" Another slip-up. This time, he definitely didn't notice. He just had a confused look on his face quickly looking for more Drakeling skin out of the dragon and then turning to look back at Mari. "... What did he try to do?", he asked again and tightened his grip around his own blade, furrowing both brows and frowning. He knew all too well that Freyd was up to no good and now all of his suspicions had been confirmed. The question was what he could have done to hurt her this much? She barely wavered when Chase berated her and attempted to pin the blame on her for every kill she'd made on a player. "And who's them? I can't... understand."
  6. He seemed frazzle by her words. Although whatever unease him about what she said...he seemed to cover it up quite quickly. "Did he try that with you too?" Mari asked incredulously, not meaning to sound so harsh with her words. She bit her tongue. Realizing the tone she had used. "I mean..." Mari shook her head. "Freyd didn't try to...." She motioned something being ripped out her own chest. Mari wasn't really good with words, the action illustrated what she meant. The question she had asked without using so many words 'Did Freyd try to rip one out of you' Another blast of fire was aimed at them, but it piltered out - the dragon weakened - perhaps mourning the loss of its bretheren. Mari took a single step forward and thrust her spear into its side. 'schlick, schlick, shlick' over and over she had dug the spear into the exposed underbelly of the dragon only to pull it back out and repeat the process till it finally shattered beneath the brutality of her attack. Mari paused and exhaled. "Don't." She said, a tone of warning and foreboding. "Don't let them, or him get to you." Mari didn't want Freyd to experience that same pain that she had. Mari knew she was being wishy-washy with her words. And that could probably irk the kid. Hell, she was frustrated listening to herself. But Mari wasn't good with words, even at the best of times. Mari turned back to the place where the dragon had perished. @ChaseR Passive: +1 EN [x15] Dimension Stampede (17 Energy) - An attack with four fast stabs, only to be concluded by a jumping slam from above. ID:168677 BD:10 CRITICAL HIT 21 x 17= 357-15=342 2] ChaseR: HP: 1044/1070 (+32) | EN: 80/104 (+1, -2) | DMG: 18 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 3 | MIT: 43 | BH: 32 | FRZ: 24 | BLD: 24 | V.(DEF): 53 | HBS: 16 | LD: 2 [0] Mari: HP: 1510/1610 | EN: 64/158 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 43 | EVA:3 | ACC: 4 | BH: 72 | BRN: 24 | BLEED: 24 | FLAME AURA: 15 -17 EN Drakeling 4: HP: 0/350 | DMG: 200 | MIT: 15 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 2 | [Stun CD; 2/3] | Breath of Fire [1/4]-342 ID: 168678 CD: 8 SUCCESS Total Drakeling Skins: 4
  7. And from there on out, the quest had been finished. Chase talked to the Chief, letting him know of the three assailants that he took down and was rewarded the quest's bounty; a blade that was said to never miss, a fair bit of Col and some juicy amounts of SP- enough to give him two levels, just the way he was. Let alone the skills that he would pick up thanks to them. "Thank you for the rewards, Chief. If you need anything else, let me know.", he dipped his head in and waved him goodbye as he left right for the settlement. The rest of his trip was him pondering about what Uso-Tsuki could have been like, if he were a real human and had followed down a different path. It was truly interesting, the way the game made you think. But by now, this wasn't a game. This had become their new reality and every time that his mind went over that little detail, he thought back to Lily. But he stopped himself this time. He couldn't keep relishing what he had and would get back. He had to live in the present, cherish his friends and Shay, NIGHT, even Yuki. He'd found new people worth surviving for.
  8. Uso began to draw his katana out as Chase took longer and longer to put an end to it, looking at Chase with the same smile unwavering. "Don't falter. You've earned this victory. If you don't make it through, I'll continue with my plan after all. I'm a traitor.". No matter whatever he tried to do, there was little to change their minds or stop them from carrying out whatever Cardinal had them to. It was a shame, but nothing he could truly, ever do about it. He raised his sword up in the air and kissed him farewell before slashing down, only to watch him shatter into those blue shards he had become so familiar with. They looked so pretty, yet they carried a feeling so somber while they scattered about in the air and disappeared into nothingness. "... Goodbye, Uso-Tsuki.", he muttered under his breath and sheathed his blade again, turning around and heading for the Chief's hut.
  9. Chase knew not if he would even keep his memories of acknowledging him as a warrior worth dying from. Regardless, they would carry out their duties- one as an assassin, the other as a guardian for hire. And one of them had to fail. Another strike, but before Uso-Tsuki could return it, the agile blueberry had encased his legs in ice and caused him to start bleeding. A small smile appeared on the samurai's face as he sheathed his blade, acknowledging his defeat already. "... You were a good fighter, Uso-Tsuki.", Chase commented with his sword still raised in front of him, ready to deliver the finishing blow. Uso didn't seem to be panicking, he was just content. "If this is how I should go down, then so be it. Thank you for the battle, swordsman Chase. I'll cherish this memory.". These words were enough. They both knew what had to be done now.
  10. "You promised to fight me to the end, so fight me to the end with everything you've got!", he told him and exchanged more strikes. A gash appeared on the boy's shoulder, and a slash across Uso-Tsuki's chest. Their attacks were both landing as the both of them got serious. It was almost like wherever he went, the boy's eyes let a small blue trail behind. He was too focused to let up the pressure now, wanting to keep his foe on his toes. Despite how friendly and chatty they were with one another, they were both ready to kill one another to get their goals through with. Then again, Chase's only saving grace that let him was that Uso-Tsuki was already a criminal, and an NPC at that. Even if he wasn't a real person, he could come back to his own real world and attempt this assassination over and over again.That meant that despite the outcome of this battle, he would never really die.
  11. Just as hope seemed lost, the confidence of the Vanguard before them splintered. By some stroke of luck or unforeseen proper action, one of the seemingly unrelenting enemies... relented. Alkor saw the rally coming as the Players carved through more Health bars and sought to bring down yet another of the deranged monstrosities. This is it, he inhaled sharply, and instead of crying out, this time he opted to lead by example. The darkly dressed swordsman lashed out with a series of powerful slashes that took the enemy from multiple angles. Alkor tore around to the other side of the creature, ready to follow through. This war would be theirs. ID# 168671 Battle: 5 (+6) <hit> 14×11= 154-50= 104 damage to Resurgent Berserker [H:1/0/1/0] ChaseR HP: 920/920 | EN: 62/90 | 18 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 73 MIT | 9 BH | FRZ | 24 BLD | 46 V-DEF | 16 HS [H:4/1/2/1] Alkor HP: 650/650 | EN: 35/64 | 14 DMG | 6 ACC | 3 EVA | 78 MIT | 24 BLI [H:0/1/2/0] Gaius HP: 580/580 | EN: 34/58 | 21 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 30 MIT | 2 HM | 2 LM | 1 REC [H:2/2/1/1] Vigilon HP: 820/820 | EN: 59/92 | 20 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 46 MIT | PARA | 24 BLD | SNK-VNM [H:0/1/0/0] Krysta HP: 660/660 | EN: 44/66 | 17 DMG | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 64 MIT | 36 THN | 6 BH | 2 REC | PAR | 24 BLD | FRZ [H:0/0/0/1] Shay HP: 620/620 | EN: 38/62 -(2)+3 | 20 DMG | 6 ACC | 5 EVA | 12 MIT | 24 BLD | 2 REC [H:1/1/0/2] Dazia HP: 560/560 | EN 16/54 | 16 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 58 MIT | 24 BRN [H:8/14/14/8] Eruda HP: 740/750 | EN: 49/72 | 6 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 114 MIT | 24 BLD | TAUNT | 36 THN | 1 REC | 15 BH | DoT -25% [H:0/3/0/0] Griswold HP: 650/650 | EN: 48/62 | 12 DMG | 5 ACC | 114 MIT | 36 THN | 1 REC [H:3/0/0/1] Setsuna HP: 620/620 | EN: 27/62 | 17 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 10 MIT [H:2/0/1/3] Kasumi HP: 620/620 | EN: 17/62 | 18 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 22 MIT | BLD: 24 [H:1/2/2/3] Sam HP: 640/640 | EN: 16/64 | 21 DMG | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 30 MIT | 24 BLD | 2 REC [H:0/0/0/0] Simmone HP: 620/620 | EN: 48/62 | 4 DMG | 5 ACC | 3 EVA | 30 MIT | 12 BLD | 2 REC | KEEN [H:0/0/0/0] Shiina HP: 427/620 [-193] | EN: 54/62 | 4 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 57 MIT | 1 MEND | 2 REC | 3 LD
  12. That would help, acting more unpredictably than usual for a few clean hits to wrap this up. And with that, he opened his eyes. He took another hit without making any efforts to dodge, however it was then that he hit back before Uso-Tsuki could get away. No matter, whether he was getting hurt or not, he could easily take even ten hits from his blade if not more. As long as that meant getting his blade to hit the opponent, he was perfectly fine with it. "Impressive. Willing to take blows in order to take me down, aren't you? Even I couldn't see through that. You're too powerful for me after all.". The comment was true, Chase knew that even he was beyond Uso-Tsuki. "Hey, Uso. Don't give up on me yet, you're not dead yet.", Chase said with a small grin, only to get a nod from the samurai.
  13. And now, the next attack that he launched, the bluehead made little attempts to connect it. He instead loosened his body up and focused on getting himself in the right state of mind, regaining his composure well enough that he would be able to connect the next few strikes. As much as he enjoyed a worthwhile battle, he had to make sure that the chief never got hurt and more than anything, he didn't fall, not here or now. "As worthy of an opponent as he may be, I don't want to yield." That being said... "I can't let this drag on too much either, just in case that the hulk from before manages to get out of the woods and makes his way here to harm the chief. Just relax. Deep breaths. Exhale... Inhale.", he thought, clearing his mind of any other thoughts and focusing it all on trying to predict what movements Uso-Tsuki would make.
  14. And so, the next strike of both missed yet again. His health was halfway regenerated again after the little deficit it took from the strike, and Chase decided it was time enough to answer his question again. "No, I don't. This evasion all stems from my armor and skills. Is there anything else you have, that makes you stronger? Another skill to help you win the battle?", he questioned with a small smile. Despite the stake of the battle, with both potentially risking their lives, they were comfortable talking amongst one another. For Chase, it was because he didn't expect himself to fall by an NPC's hand. Uso-Tsuki on the other hand was fine with whatever outcome. Whether he managed to assassinate the Chief or not didn't matter much if it meant dying by Chase's hand. After all, he had been deemed a worthy opponent by the veteran assassin himself.
  15. Just as he was complimented for his agility, the next strike the two exchanged managed to land just fine, damaging him. Even so though, that was probably just two triggers of his battle healing and it was roughly fully healed up. The vampiric defense buff on its own would be able to take care of it alone. For as evasive as the boss ultimately was, he didn't deal enough damage to offset it. He was about as strong as Chase was back in the second tier. Now he could easily play with him and feel at ease. With all his misses, he'd never run out of energy even if he kept connecting every strike- if anything, Uso would probably be dead by the time that Chase's energy began to get low. He was still no less scary. All Chase had to do was focus and start getting his hits in on the boss, otherwise he'd find himself in trouble soon.
  16. The way that Uso-Tsuki had his own code of honor. He dodged every attack that Chase threw at him, be it a barrage or a simple strike, all the same. He was too agile on his feet and whatever skill had him prepared for every attack Chase launched kept him one step ahead the entire time. "He's good, much better than he lets on. No wonder he picked to be an assassin and carried everything out just fine on his own. I've barely gotten a hit in and his health is very high, too." It was easy to tell that the bodyguards even he had hired were no match for Uso-Tsuki himself. He was leagues above, and his evasive properties allowed him to maneuver even around a skillful player's attacks and best strikes like Chase. "You're just as agile as I, except... you don't have my skill, do you Chase?"
  17. "... I see. You also understand what companions are about. I've had enough of chasing others from the shadows. Since you seem to understand what bonds are about, I've decided. Beating you or losing by your hand is what will determine whether I'm allowed to carry this out or not. That's final. So give me a fight to remember.", he replied shortly before the two dashed at one another, missing another two attacks. Both failed to hit their target, but that was no surprise yet. One was much too agile, the other was already certain of how he'd attack in the first place. "... I don't know whether you did this because of your own free will or because you were forced to by Cardinal, but I see how it is. I'll fight you as best as I can, Uso-Tsuki. So give it your all too.". Just when the fight was going to get dull, the NPC made an interesting proposition. A good one, too. Now it was getting truly immersive.
  18. Their attacks were quite close to hitting one another, but they were too agile. Or rather, that was for Chase. Uso seemed to already know what movements Chase would make in advance, making it hard to call it a 'sophisticated' guess and more so calculated dodges. Another dash at one another and the two of them slashed, missing their strikes once more. It was bothersome, just how easily Uso-Tsuki could dodge Chase's normally accurate attacks one after the other as if they were nothing. "I expected much less of a coward who ran, but... You never ran. You tried to count on your party. Call me naive or whatever, but I admire that. I would never do the same, but you put that much trust in them. I'm sorry things are the way they are.", Chase quietly shared his thoughts with the man who simply smiled in return before wiping his face clean of emotion once more.
  19. The first strike of each landed- or so it seemed, until Chase realised he was unhurt. Uso-Tsuki however had gotten a clean strike right to the side. "I watched your battle with the bodyguards. As much as I may hate the Chief, I admire your tenacity. That's why I stayed behind and allowed you to face me clean. If I win, I'll allow myself to carry this job out to the end. If not, then I'll have failed and died to the blade of a strong warrior.". It was quite an offputting way of thinking that Chase would never get behind, but he nodded. "Even criminals, assassins in this case, seem to have a code of honor... For what they stand for, that's admirable if anything. Hmph.". The two quickly dashed at one another again, but with however much grace they both wielded each of their blades, the both of them missed.
  20. "I see you skillfully dealt with both of my strongest bodyguards. Tell me, what is your name?", Uso-Tsuki called out to the bluehead, to his surprise. As soon as the boy opened his mouth, Uso-Tsuki seemed prepared to start the fight. "Chase. Yours is Uso-Tsuki, isn't it?". Surprisingly enough, his pronounciation was spot-on this time around. With a quick nod, Uso-Tsuki slowly drew out his katana and took a battle-ready stance similar to Shay's. That was probably the best, if not only way that one could wield a katana effectively. "Very well then. I assume your persistence would get me too, so then. Shall we get started?". Surprisingly more respectful than before, but then again, fighting through two bodyguards on his own and breaking through all the same was something to be fairly proud of. Chase could do with that. He nodded in return and with that, the two dashed at one another.
  21. And that he did. He was ready to give chase to the grandmaster, and just like that he'd thwart their plan completely. By now, he knew that he was repeating himself inside of his head. However, he still had to do something about it, the quest was just that straightforward. The biggest problem was that the enemies, unlike the quest's objective, were not quite as simple. If anything, they were what gave him the most trouble. What two bosses would have been an easy deal ended up taking him more than the bane of blood fiasco did with NIGHT. He was either much too weak, or Kaiba was obviously partying and having a hell of a time creating this quest for the players to take on. And what was to come would only show, Kaiba had no mercy for the lot whatsoever. He reached the top of the bridge, finding Uso-Tsuki with a sharp glare right his way. "... He was waiting for me?"
  22. Maybe keeping Blizz right next to him too, petting him while trying to fall asleep... He had one final duty before he got to that part, of course, but now he was resting. Without rest, he couldn't get on with the end of it all, even if he tried his hardest. Now that his energy was almost half replenished, he began to slowly walk up the bridge. He held his sword by his side, not sheathing it and keeping his guard up just in case Uso-Tsuki somehow got the jump on him instead. He didn't appear to be around any though. Sure, Chase wasn't the best at detecting stealth granted he'd barely noticed NIGHT when they were in the same party and she was ambushing their opponents, but he could tell nobody was trying to sneak past him as of right now. Regardless, with the infuriating fight now over, he was starting to calm down and get in the right mindset.
  23. Now, it was the end. He slashed sideways, letting himself spin a few times on the back of his heel and damaging Purotekuta just enough that his body shattered into the beautiful, blue crystals, planting his sword into the ground right after, Finally, it took a fair while but the two bodyguards had been taken care of at long last. Now he could rest, recover his energy and move on with the traitor. It had been such a tedious and long fight, he had gone mad at the fact he managed to somehow, even at this level against that weak and pathetic enemies, almost get into a stalemate. Thankfully, he somehow avoided that and was able to move right on. He leaned his weight onto the guard of his blade and took deep breaths, feeling his energy bar beginning to regenerate. The best reward after how bothersome this quest had been thus far, would be a relaxing trip back to his home and rest over in his bedroom.
  24. Just when he thought this next attack would connect, he tried to strike the bodyguard down once more, infuriated to find out that somehow, his own eyes had deceived him and he'd missed his attack. It was bothersome, even more bothersome than he initially expected. "Damn it, is this the result of running out of energy..? I've never literally emptied out this way, how can monsters just go on endlessly?", he grunted, starting to get miffed by how invincible monsters appeared to be in that way, NPCs or not. Of course, Purotekuta tried to attack him once more, failing horribly despite his best attempts. A sigh was all that he got, as Chase tried to relax his body. Because his energy gauge was empty, he felt his body strained and every attack was taking just that much more out of him to perform. Still, he had to finish this all the same.
  25. Just enough for Chase to finish him off and put an end to this farce for once. That meant he could rush over to the Chief's help and stop their leader. At first, he wasn't quite certain whether Uso-Tsuki would go for the Chief right away or if he was going to flee. But by now, it had been so long he might as well have started trying to carry out the assassination and then flee the scene. Seeing as the quest hadn't failed and Purotekuta hadn't withdrawn yet, he knew that the chief must have still been alive. If he failed to stop the plan, then he would have failed the conditions for the mission and been stripped of his reward, and possibly another chance at getting it. However, nothing such for now. He was safe, even if this encounter had taken as long as it had. It was about time that the show ended and Chase pulled the curtains on whatever this was supposed to be.
  26. Despite Purotekuta getting frozen repeatedly, time and time again, Chase knew that he would start to prepare another parry. The moment the ice broke, the bleeding continued but Chase stood still and didn't do anything. The bodyguard was trying to fight as best as he could, essentially for his life, but Chase didn't pay him any mind. If he had more time to waste, he could stand there all day and his health wouldn't even ever near close to zero. With his battle healing, holy blessing and vampiric defense, it would go up almost double the amount it went down every attack the next turn. There was nothing for the bodyguard to parry however, and just like that, he was left in a daze almost with a missed attack and a weak growl coming for him. The bleeding wound disappeared, and so, he was left with quite literally barely a few pixels worth of his health bars.
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