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    Profile Username: Real name: Age: Gender: Height: About: History/personality Virtues: (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) Flaws: Reference: http://darkworldrpg.com/character-flaws/ (Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)
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    Titan's Journal

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    Warren's Evals

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    [Shop-F10] The Night's Watch [CLOSED]

    As soon as he finished his identification attempts he stood up and grab a few supplies from his shop. "Now for my dungeon hunting shenanigan" he said as he grab one Blank dungeon map and a field ration from his stock. He'll be needing it as he plans to go solo on this expedition. Crozeph opened his UI and placed the items in there while paying for it. He grabbed his katana and secured it on his right side while checking his equipped armor. Crozeph opened the door of his shop and walked out, now his plan has begun. Will this succeed or will he be returning empty handed? purchased the following [Tier 1] Blank Dungeon map [Tier 1] Field Ration Total col: 440 Merchant gain : 40 +6 EXP
  6. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    "I wonder where she resides these days? Last I saw her was what floor ten possibly? I'm honestly not that sure any more. It's been far too long since then and I imagine she wouldn't stick around there if she didn't have to." Oikawa's mind continued to wander. Why did he seek her out of all people? Aside from the fact that she seems on her own path to redemption they had never had a positive interaction between them. Yet he felt drawn to her nonetheless. His focused snapped back to the line as it began to tug once more. King's eyes fixated on the bobble as it bounced in the water. Reeling it in, Oikawa captured the fish with minimal effort; retrieving materials as his reward.
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    Arabelle's Evaluations

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    Arabelle's Evaluations

    Name: Moonlight Sonata Your Profession: Performer Your Rank: 3 Roll ID: 140125 Roll Result: CD: 12 | LD: 10 Item Type: Debuff Song Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Perpetuate Description: [reference] A tragedy, from the beginning to the very end. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16480-f11-r3-performer-magnolia/?do=findComment&comment=601626 Name: Marche Funèbre Your Profession: Performer Your Rank: 3 Roll ID: 140126 Roll Result: CD: 9 | LD: 20 Item Type: Debuff Song Tier: 2 Quality: Uncommon -- Masterpiece Enhancements: [x1] Lullaby -- Masterpiece: Mass Effect Description: [reference] Memento mori. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16480-f11-r3-performer-magnolia/?do=findComment&comment=601626 Name: Le Gibet Your Profession: Performer Your Rank: 3 Roll ID: 140128 Roll Result: CD: 11 | LD: 1 Item Type: Debuff Song Tier: 2 Quality: Rare Enhancements: [x2] Lullaby Description: [reference] The sun sets with another dead man hanging on the gallows. Hearer, the bell tolls for thee. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16480-f11-r3-performer-magnolia/?do=findComment&comment=601626
  9. Arabelle

    [F11 - R3 Performer] Magnolia

    the day Arabelle had exactly 500 EXP. OCD appeased.
  10. Oikawa

    [SP-F21] (Quest) Nature's Treasure

    That being said, his patience was once again being tested. It was as if all the fish had decided to vacant the premises at the same time. The line continued to bobble. Dangling just beneath the surface. Hoping to ensnare something, anything really at this point. Oikawa glanced over. A sigh escaping as he leaned forward and began to think about his next plans. Redemption was a topic currently pinned to the top of his to do list, the materials gathered today would be trivial in that pursuit. He needed to seek out Mari. He had heard what she was beginning to make of herself given her status and frankly put, he wanted to join her in that endeavor.
  11. It was Amisa's first fencing tournament. She'd only been a part of the club for a month or two, but thanks to a sudden cancellation she had been asked to come anyway. Her parents sat to the side, watching what was going on. Her first match was against a second year. The match was over in moments, Amisa beaten thoroughly by her more experienced opponent. She was out, and all she had to show for it was a long road ahead of her. That evening, on their way home, her parents talked about how it was disappointing to see her lose so easily, and how they expected better from her. How, even if she wasn't going to be champion, she should have been able to put up a fight. Amisa nodded and fought back tears. The gemini's hand on her face, pulling it to face her breaks her out of her memories. "Amisa-chan. Don't give up now~ I can't have you die here now, can I?" She held out her hand, en after a moment, Amisa took it. The moment they both stood, the hood fell back into place, even if there were still a familiar pair of legs poking out from it. Amisa nodded, pain overwritten by determination. She'd be back here soon enough. "Let's go."
  12. Hinatao

    [E3][SP] Beginner Quest 3

    Something unique about this area was that there were trees mixed in. It made it hard to spot things at a distance but she had survived well enough thus far. She walked up to a woman who looked like she had something to say to her and she asked her to find a jewel for her. She was not obligated to do so, but it would add a nice spin onto her boring gathering activities. The jewel was apparently over where there were dangerous enemies. It made sense. She was after stuff guarded by enemies and this was going to put her exactly where she needed to be. Why not kill two birds with one stone? She felt alone without her original sounding forest around her. Life in the village when you didn't have experience in a huge bustling city was quite complicated, and strangely it reminded her of things but that was a topic for another time. She flicked here eyes around and looked for eggs. She hoped she could find a few more in here. 6 eggs 8 total ID# 140121 results: Battle: 2 Craft: 10 Loot: 11 MOB: 7
  13. As Amisa's regaining movement, the gemini tries to attack her again. While she knows that being hit would probably help her - after all, she did drink that immolation potion, her survival instinct causes her to turn away from the blade, causing the gemini to miss. She's trying to get ready to attack herself, when her health bar drops into the red. The moment it hits 1HP, the gemini grins. "That's enough, wouldn't you say, Amisa-chan?" The bleed counter disappears as combat ends, and Amisa drops to her knees. Why... I can't... I have to... "Cheer up, Amisa-chan~. I'll let you live, for now. I'll even help you get back to town." The gemini stood in front of her, sword gone, bending down. Seeing her own face stare back at her was... disconcerting. "And when you can get it right, I'll let you try again~" Tears drop onto the ground underneath Amisa's face as she turned away from her clone. Dice Rolls: Results:
  14. Titan

    Titan's Journal

    Titan, currently a nameless adventurer Profile → Username: Titan → Real name: Ren Tanaka → Age: 26 (24 at the start of the game) → Gender: Male → Height: 6'1" → Profession: No Profession → Level: One → Guild: Guildless → Role: DPS History Ren Tanaka was the youngest son of four who were all extremely successful. His Dad had been an executive at a movie production company and his mother dressed celebrities which meant that they had a certain necessary expectation. He was basically a spoiled brat during the beginning of his life, living in Tokyo and heading to private school. He went to college and somehow found his way working for the Prince Hotels as a seller for groups wishing to come to the region for conferences, events or as a way for their company to incentive their employees. It really was a perfect job for the man as he charmed his way into his client's hearts, social drinking and his logic to showcase the splendor of Tokyo to those looking to head to Japan. It was a boring existence, cushy but a life that he enjoyed. He had a girlfriend, possibly marriage and a baby on the way until his brother decided to buy the family a system to jump into the newest VMMORP out there, Sword Art Online. Ren had been skepitcal, he wasn't a gamer anymore and it was a bit weird for them all to try but as his brother loved video games, he'd do it for the man. They all hadn't had enough time to travel to one another as they lived across the country, this would be the nest best thing, right? So, he logged into the game knowing their plan was to all meet the following day as they had all taken off. He spent the first month looking for his siblings, until he realized they weren't there and that's when his addiction to alcohol kicked in. Now? After spending far too long trying to mimic the buzz of intoxication, he was finally ready to take on the challenges in front of him and climb the tower. It was better late than never, right? Virtues and Flaws → Charmer - Growing up in a sea of family, forcing career growth, Titan knew how to turn on the charisma to get what he wanted. A simple smile, a kind look and it was like putty. In the real world, he had his circle of friends that he could be his absolute self with but it seemed as though it was a different story in a game. Still, it was a trait he relied on a lot when seeking simple pleasures in Aincraid. → Logical - He went to college, has a degree in Sociology and often could use his mind to seek out what was logical and what aligned with his heart's true desires. Despite his own wants, if it veered too far away from what made sense, Titan was one who did what made the most sense while trying to bring it closest to his own desires. He wouldn't sabotage a team for a piece of weapon, despite how pretty it was. But he would try to talk his way with promises and favors to get what he so desired. → Ambitious - It would probably be the truth for most testers who got into the game, using their desires to fight tooth and nail to get into a game. For Titan, he usually accomplished everything he had wanted to if it were on a list. He would obsess over it, never satisfied with his pursuit of the simple pleasures in life. → Ex-Alcoholic- In the real world, Titan was a social alcoholic. While coming to the game and realizing he couldn't get drunk, the man spent far too long wanting to imitate the feeling of being drunk with various herbs and drinks he could make spending more than enough time with his cooking skill to see if it was possible. After two years, it seemed like the time to give up his pursuit and perhaps time to finally finish this to go back to his love of a great glass of pinot grigio. → Treasure Hunter - Combined with his desires of absolute pleasure, a childhood of upper echelon existence gave Titan a slight desire for things that are beautiful and shiny. He slightly looks down to those who do not care for the aesthetic of things, seeing as beauty is rather important to a player like Titan. He will not stop at any length, often willing to do dangerous and courageous things for a piece of tiny loot to help him look a bit more esteemed and privileged. → Distrusting - Especially placed in a world where the idea of player killing is rampant, Titan was charming enough to befriend others but he often allowed them to see a simple facade of who the man is. He still hasn't quite found his groove with friends or comrades and so, he found himself being a solo player seeking pleasure without much more desires. It seems as though his time ignoring the truth was finally coming to an end, and it was time to finally test Titan as a player needing to grow in both skill and ideals. Skills 1-Handed Assault Spear (Rank 1) Inventory Weapon of choice, of Rare or lower quality ( 1H Assault Spear - ACC / DMG ) Vanity Armor of choice ( Leather Armor) (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Stats HP: 20 / 20 EN: 2 / 2 DMG: 2 MIT: 0 ACC 1 EVA: 0 Profession n/a. Relationships tbd. Story Thus Far tbd.
  15. Before Amisa can do anything, her clone is on her, using her rapier as if she'd been born with it. Although she couldn't feel pain in the game, a grunt still escaped her lips. The attack itself hadn't done much, thanks to the potion, but the icons that appeared next to her health bar would be an issue. Instinctively, she still tried to retaliate. The paralysis stopped any chance of that happening, however. So all she could do was stare at her health bar as it ticked down, well into yellow territory. The gemini jumped back after the attack and twirls around, giving Amisa what felt like an almost sickly sweet smile. "What's wrong, Amisa-chan? Didn't practice enough? How will you do well enough if you can't even move?" Amisa's blue eyes go icy cold as she glares at the gemini. She'd only have one move left at this rate. This couldn't be it... could it? Dice Rolls: Results:
  16. Crozeph

    Crozeph's identified items

    Name: Carrot Snack Bar Profession: Merchant Rank: 1 Roll ID: 140097 Roll Result: 11 Item Type: consumable Tier: 2 Quality: rare Enhancements: +2 accuracy Description: a consumable that enhances one's eyesight for better aim. Tastes like a carrot but doesn't look like one item acquisition: Link Identification post: Link Name: Paladins ration Profession: Merchant Rank: 1 Roll ID: 140107 Roll Result: 20 Item Type: Meal Tier: 2 Quality: rare Enhancements: +2 over-health Description: A go to snack for when you quickly need to sack heretics but can't stand the hunger. item acquisition: Link identification post: Link
  17. Placeholder Opening Chest: ID# 140118 results: Loot: 18 3150*Col 8*T3 Materials T3 Unidentified Perfect Shield #140118a T3 Unidentified Rare Consumable #140118b T3 Unidentified Rare Consumable #140118c
  18. Placeholder Looking for Chest ID# 140117 results: Loot: 12+[2/3/5]=22, Success! Opening Chest:
  19. Placeholder ID# 140116 results: Craft: 11, Loot: 1+[2/3/5]=11, Success! Gathering with Full Energy: CD1-3: 2 Eggs CD4-6: 3 Eggs CD7-9: 5 Eggs CD10-12: 6 Eggs [Gatherer Activated!] +3 Bonus Materials [Eggs Collected!] +6 Eggs 4*T3 Materials Obtained! Total T3 Materials: 71 Total Eggs: 84
  20. Placeholder ID# 140115 results: Craft: 11, Loot: 14+[2/3/5]=24, Success! Gathering with Full Energy: CD1-3: 2 Eggs CD4-6: 3 Eggs CD7-9: 5 Eggs CD10-12: 6 Eggs [Gatherer Activated!] +3 Bonus Materials [Eggs Collected!] +6 Eggs 5*T3 Materials Obtained! Total T3 Materials: 67 Total Eggs: 78
  21. Placeholder ID# 140114 results: Craft: 7, Loot: 18+[2/3/5]=28, Success! Gathering with Full Energy: CD1-3: 2 Eggs CD4-6: 3 Eggs CD7-9: 5 Eggs CD10-12: 6 Eggs [Gatherer Activated!] +2 Bonus Materials [Eggs Collected!] +5 Eggs 4*T3 Materials Obtained! Total T3 Materials: 62 Total Eggs: 72
  22. Placeholder ID# 140113 results: Craft: 3, Loot: 19+[2/3/5]=29, Success! Gathering with Full Energy: CD1-3: 2 Eggs CD4-6: 3 Eggs CD7-9: 5 Eggs CD10-12: 6 Eggs [Gatherer Activated!] +1 Bonus Materials [Eggs Collected!] +2 Eggs 3*T3 Materials Obtained! Total T3 Materials: 58 Total Eggs: 67
  23. Placeholder ID# 140112 results: Craft: 12, Loot: 11+[2/3/5]=21, Success! Gathering with Full Energy: CD1-3: 2 Eggs CD4-6: 3 Eggs CD7-9: 5 Eggs CD10-12: 6 Eggs [Gatherer Activated!] +3 Bonus Materials [Eggs Collected!] +6 Eggs 5*T3 Materials Obtained! Total T3 Materials: 55 Total Eggs: 65
  24. Placeholder ID# 140111 results: Craft: 9, Loot: 15+[2/3/5]=25, Success! Gathering with Full Energy: CD1-3: 2 Eggs CD4-6: 3 Eggs CD7-9: 5 Eggs CD10-12: 6 Eggs [Gatherer Activated!] +2 Bonus Materials [Eggs Collected!] +5 Eggs 4*T3 Materials Obtained! Total T3 Materials: 50 Total Eggs: 59
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