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  2. It was a faith smile on Enna's face for sure, "yeah sorry, Tho I never did agree on taking anyone with me, but I also never said I know if anyone follows me," Enna said with a grin hinting at that Hestia was all clear to move along with Enna if they wanted. "But yeah, I can use food yes but how about we go to this location first and get things going from there," Enna said standing up and waiting to Hestia to follow. "Oh and by the way, what kind of police do you run, one where arrest the orange players or everyone that killed someone, just a question?" Enna asked Hestia wanting to know as blood had already spilled for sure in Enna's hands. Taking the lead a bit Enna came up with an Idea, opening their menu Enna gave a small party invite to Hestia alongside the coordination and some player stats. It was clear Enna was not really scared of death and was even a danger seeker and now with Hestia knowing most of the things Enna did not seem to be bothered to share some partner info, Like weapon style, armor, and level. @Hestia
  3. Symphony

    [PP-F1] Welcome to ze game

    Symphony laughed some more at his joke. To his question, she replied, "Ah, yes! I haven't been doing much today, so I wasn't that hungry. But after a long day of hunting, I do love to have a meal or two." Suddenly, she heard a notification and jumped. "Oh! It seems like I got your request." She quickly swiped and accepted it. "Huh. Surprised I haven't asked other players for friends requests. You see, I collect many of my books from other more experienced players. They write both non-fiction and fiction books, and some really do help as guides and with tips. It would make contacting them again so much easier." She groaned. She always had to wait for those players to return to the lower floors in order to trade items for the books. But now that she had figured out the friending system, she could message them in the future. She made note of this. "Hm, speaking of hunting," she said, her voice becoming excited, "How does a bit of hunting during dusk sound?" She had checked her watch and it was about 6:20 pm, nearly dark already. A certain look came into her eyes. "The beasts are always active and abundant at this time of night. And," she said while patting him on the back, "if I could have you as a hunting partner for tonight, then I'd have nothing to worry about." Since recently starting quests, Symphony had realized how much she loved to hunt and kill the other beasts on her level. Yes, it may have been a bit morbid, but it was like an unquenchable thirst for her -- like a fun game.
  4. Mars

    [F5-PP] Raging storm

    Action: San Ge @Mars: HP: 880/880 ENG: 76/88 DMG: 15 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds Neopolitan: 800/800 HP | 68/80 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 2 ACC | -1 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 4 FLN  Tabaluga: HP: 3/300 - MIT: 55 - ACC: 2 - EVA: 1 - DMG: 85 [Paralyzed - 0/1]
  5. Hokori followed much more slowly through the bushes, knowing that she wouldn't want to be interrupting this little hunt. That and she had a feeling that if the woman got a little too crazy she could end up in the line of sight of them herself. There would be little she could do except defend against their attacks if that were to happen. Of course, they would have to actually try to hit her if they wanted a chance. The little trinket giving her enhanced reflexes had already proved its potency, and that was while she was even weighted down by her two handed sword. She really needed to find a way to be rid of that, but that was going to take some time before she figured out what to do otherwise. There was quite a few options and she didn't want to go down the wrong path twice in a row. That would just mean more wasted col for useless experiments. She needed to know what she wanted before she got it at all. @Symphony
  6. Leru

    [PP-F1] Welcome to ze game

    Wait... Was this the first time she discovered the friend's list!? In a long while it seems. Wow... That was actually sort of depressing, even he felt a slight bit sad just hearing that. Perhaps she wasn't really the most social person despite how warm and welcoming she seemed. Unfortunate indeed. How many years has it been since she's seen her lover? Regardless, he chuckled lightly and sent her a request when she gave him permission to do that. The poor thing was buried deep in her little bubble, so he was going to get her out? Seems like it. "You've done nothing for me to break your trust. So I'll just stand and take all the hits until you're satisfied." He boldly declared as he took another bit of gin for himself, laughing lightly when she began to jest with him again. She talked in a somewhat flirty way despite coming off so sweet and kind, nearly two sides of a coin. "Only if it's you, my love~." A joke launched back in return before he turned himself over to see a check. Lovely. An X and an O, the O would deduct the col from his funds annnnd they're set. "There we go, love. Was that all you wanted for your meal?" [OOC: Ayyyyy, same person playing the actual character. I'll forfeit any rewards on my half if necessary.]
  7. I look towards the purple haired girl with flat out disbelief for a moment as i glance towards the purple gem and than think back towards the note and the rather passive comments from the girl as i shake my head for a moment. If this person is not so friendly it might be best for you to maybe at least bring me along. Trust me i may not seem like it due to the whole reputation of being a tank, but i can remain unseen if i ever desire to be. I may not be Hikoru levels of mister ninja, but i can keep up with people like Hidden and Aereth probably. I say with a small shrug of my shoulders as i look towards the girl with a somewhat serious look within my eyes. You can never be to certain that things you walk into can't be traps to try and use you in some fashion, or just a setup. Plus there are monsters on this floor that are well above your pay grade to handle. If you are being told to go out there in the wild on this floor you could get one shot most likely by a stray mob. I say with a hint of concern towards the girl. Also, if you want some food just pick a place and i'll pay for the meal. If you don't know a place i do know one that is inside the coliseum.
  8. Symphony raced through the bushes and trees, breathing deeply as she rushed and searched for another boar pup. She stopped suddenly and froze, listening for movement. Hearing a rustle to her left, she slashed at the boar pup hiding in a bush. She heard it scream as it raced for cover in bushes, crying out with pain and spilling blood across the earth. As she raced after it, she tripped, and the boar pup took the chance to rough her up a little with its short tusks. Symphony scoffed at the weak creature's effort. "Haha, woah there little guy. Don't get too excited now. For your death is soon coming," she said, her eyes gleaming. Her blade gleaming, she let the animal flee, eager and addicted to the chase. She let it run a little bit more, getting some exercise and laughing as she ran. This is too fun! she thought. Why have I never gone hunting before? She would make sure to go hunting often after this.
  9. Takalo

    [SP/F1] <<Training your Friend>>

    The Boar charged at Alec with its head lowered and its tusks like leading the way like two sharp lances protruding from its face. The Boar ducked under Alec's shield as he brought it down to block the charging animal. The Boar slipped under Alec's shield and caught him in the leg jamming a tusk into his leg and opening a small hole there that leaked out a small amount of red pixels from the small hole. Alec swung his Mithril Axe down at the Boar but his swing went wide and harmlessly passed by the Boar ruffling the rough bristly hairs covering its muscled body. The Boar thrashed its head and attempted to gore Alec again since it was already so close. Alec shifted his shield to try and block the Boar further while raising his Mithril Axe and swinging it down on the Boar. The Boar thrashed its head underneath Alec's shield and dug its other tusk into Alec's other leg opening another hole in Alec's other leg and knocking him off balance. The new hole leaked out another trickle of red pixels into the air. Alec's Shield of the Thunderhearts responded instantly by beginning to hum before SNAP static electricity arced from Alec's shield into the Boar zapping it with static electricity. The Boar snorted in anger at the shock as Alec swung his Mithril Axe at the Boar. The Boars attack had knocked Alec off balance and that combined with Alec swinging at the same time threw him even farther off balance forcing him to tumble and fall onto the ground landing on his side with an "Ouff." as he jammed his shoulder.
  10. Enna starts to take out a book and write it down for a bit, it seems whatever Hestia was telling it was sounding good to Enna. going on a bit in the book Enna looked up and gives a smile, as they close the book and look to Hestia. "Well time for mine then, A deal is a deal, but just remember Next time It will be the full price," Enna said before going into their inventory and opening it, as they get out a small box from wood and metal. Pressing the smaller button on the front the box opens and inside was a purple gem, it seems to be shining quite a bit. "Event item right here, First one to be found on this floor know to... maybe everyone. It is said that if this gem is taken to a waterfall on this floor something nice will happen, its also said by NPC's that in the wild there is this tallest waterfall great for fishing and not only that... its also said that this Gem and the waterfall are connected, SO I was about to find out." Enna says with pride a bit before showing Hestia a screenshot of a paper with condensation on them. "Here it is, so yeah that was my plan, just needed to get the Gem and my not so friendly friend got it for me, but I think he will be waiting for me there. I would love to invite you, but he was very clear not to bring anyone at all... and you being the police and all makes it even harder for him to even show up." Enna said with a joking face. "But now past that first, I have time for some food," Enna said with a smile. @Hestia
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  12. Mace

    [F01-PP] Protection is usefull

    Mace looked at Symphony for a bit as she started to talk again, and talk about trust. It may be a bit true as Mace really did not trust anyone at all. Well at least maybe one or three people in the entire world One being her twin brother and the other maybe because Mace looked up to them being Hestia one of the frontliners and the leader of the police force here in the game where Mace was part off. When Symphony spoke a bit Mace listens close, and then at that moment when Symphony that someone has hurt her, Mace her face became red, not from abasement but like a volcano one that was about to explode. "HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW HAVE YOU BEEN FOLLOWING ME!" Mace said quite hostile to Symphony as she could hear her apologies she could also hear her own thoughts a bit and her brothers though saying, this is not my sister, who was always playing nice with the kitten, then Mace made a deep bow, "No... I'm Sorry! I don't care if you won't take my sorry but I will keep saying sorry until you accept it," she paused still bowing, "I'm sorry for yelling," And she kept repeating that. @Symphony
  13. I chuckle a bit as i look towards the purple haired goal and just shakes her hand since it'll be information that gets quickly spread around via the floor boss meeting if anything about who took down the labyrinth guardian. Seems like you might be getting more information out of this deal, but i don't particularly care since at the end of the day we are working together to survive this insane world. I say in a kind tone of voice as i than quickly get into giving her the information that she has requested. I don't know who defeated the quest first, but i do know that at the very least Neo, Haz, and i had done this quest soo there is that. The Labyrinth guardian was found by myself and Ruby first. Than Zandra showed up, and than Shield/Baldur/Hirru/beat showed up. Zandra, myself, Neo, and Ruby were the group who did the killing blow against the creature while team Shield was forced to back off since they were low on energy by that point. I say listing off the two easy things as i than think upon the floor boss and sadly as well the infuriating part of having to deal with everything involving that as i look towards the purple haired girl as i let out a soft sigh. Honestly, i don't know what i am going to do about the floor boss. The frontlines is like a grenade with the pin taken off and we're all just waiting to see when it explodes again. Shield and myself are basically at each others throats. We had to reschedule the meeting because of such tensions, and people are seemingly rather busy as of late so getting people together is becoming rather difficult. If you mean tactically the best we got is going in fully buffed as always, and adding some things that can combat status effects since the labyrinth guardian talked about ice and fire, but the arena is us basically surrounded by water and cliffs. I say towards the purple haired info broker as i just be as blunt as i can with this girl.
  14. Enna goes and sits down with Hestia and as they put down the Col Enna starts to grin, "Okay, that is Col yes, and... Being polite, Well if you don't go around telling then I can share I think. But you would have to give me some things about this floor like who cleared the field boss in the arena first, who cleared some quest first. who hunted the labyrinth boss and what is going to be your plan with the floor boss," Enna held out their hand to shake on the deal as to Ennakai a handshake means you closing the deal and keeping your side o the contract. THo hearing at the moment that stepping on people toes may be in effect already. "I can't promise I piss anyone off... Cuz I think I already did, tho keep it on a short leash and It will do anything for some information and col." Enna said jokingly waiting to get a handshake from Hestia to start talking about things and what they were doing. @Hestia
  15. Hokori watched as the girl was making their way towards finding some more boar pups. Waving her along, she hung back a bit in anticipation of any further antagonization coming from some possibly larger threats. It wouldn't be that surprising, but she had a feeling the ones in the general vicinity were already dead. That wasn't to say she would need to give a bit of help with taking on the boar pups. She could very realistically have to make sure that she was available to help out the woman quite quickly. She also needed to get her name. Probably a sneaky friend request sent before they left would do the trick. She seemed like the type that would accept it, though Hokori hated playing on emotional ticks like that. She always felt so slimy for it. Though if she really looked into it, she could tell that this woman was not going to be one to be trifled with when she got a bit more powerful. There was that same merciless drive behind her eyes that the boar she had just killed had. Perhaps she would be able to be free of it eventually, but there was no telling where her story would lead to from this early moment. @Symphony
  16. Symphony grinned as she made the finishing blow, slicing the boar pup's head off and watching as it disintegrated into pixels. Oh my. I think I'm beginning to enjoy this, she thought to herself as a troubled look came to her face. I hope this doesn't mean I'm becoming a monster or something... Then she looked down at where the boar pup had been. "Ugh, no loot this time," she said to no one in particular, frustrated at her luck. She looked over to watch Kat finish off her enemy. "Nice going, Kat! I'm going to go check these bushes for some more of the little pups. The mom must have had a bigger litter than that." Symphony raced deeper into the brush, trying to find the den. She knew it was reckless to run off alone, but her newfound enjoyment in using her blade and seeing her enemies fall before her eyes was like an alluring drug that she was slowly getting addicted to.
  17. Symphony

    [PP-F1] Welcome to ze game

    Symphony blinked for a second. Friends list?, she thought. "Oh my gosh." She facepalmed. "I just realized that we have a friends list. Haha! And sure you can add me," she replied. Jeez, I've been in the game for two years and still haven't had a friend, huh? Wow, she thought to herself. I really need to get out of my books every once in a while. She laughed to herself. "Oh, and going back to the penalties, I've seen players do worse. Some have orange and red things over their head for a reason." She took another sip of her water. "You easily have the stats to overpower me while outside a Safe Zone. But, I trust that you won't." She looked into his eyes. "I can tell you aren't that type of person." Then she giggled. "Though, some enjoy having pain inflicted on them, if that's what you really want." She winked and laughed at her joke.
  18. The woman had managed to take one of the boars out, and Hokori gave a little smile at that. But for now, she needed to focus her attention on the boar in front of her. She had been playing games long enough. As it was wheeling around for another charge, she prepared her sword art. The boar charged headlong at her, a merciless killer stare in its eyes. All she had for it was the grin on her face. As the boar was closing in, she lunged her giant blade forward and straight into the face of the boar. As it shattered in pixels flying past her, she was amazed at the stupidity of the boars. They were built with some of the best reactions she had seen, but were still some of the dumbest creatures that there were to her knowledge. Well, all the easier to take them out with her blade. @Symphony
  19. Symphony glanced over at Kat and watched her leap over the boar, impressed by her agility. However, her attention was again diverted back to the task at hand when another boar pup ran out of the bushes towards its mother. It seemed like the poor thing wanted to try and help. But Symphony couldn't let the little guy get there as she didn't want to distract Kat from her battle nor add another little annoyance to her fight. She quickly cut off the boar pup with her blade, slicing it across the face and angering it, causing it to chase her away from its mother. Good, exactly what I wanted, Symphony thought. She danced around the boar pup, dodging its easy attacks, keeping it occupied so that Kat could deal with her behemoth. Huh, strange that such a harmless small creature could grow up into something so big. Oh well. This one will never know that fate.
  20. Neopolitan

    [F5-PP] Raging storm

    Neo noted the sandstorm whipping up suddenly around them and figured that the fight had begun. As she knew it was a monstrous creature that they were facing, she went ahead and pulled out her weapon so as to be ready. Mars went in for his attack and knocked the creature down into the yellow. Neo quickly followed up with a procession of thrusts to try and take out the creature. She thought she had it, but there was the tinieset slivers of health left over when she felt the last of her sword art leaving her. With a glance towards Mars that she wasn't sure he could see in this sand, she hoped he would realize he should be the one to get that final blow in. It would be plenty enough to kill the creature and stop this little sandstorm. They were getting more sturdy, but still not enough to frighten Neo. --------- ROll ID: #113764 BD: 9 - minor crit (13 * 14 = 182 damage; paralyze proc) CD: 3 - no recovery @Mars: HP: 880/880 ENG: 76/88 DMG: 15 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds @Neopolitan: 800/800 HP | 68/80 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 2 ACC | -1 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 4 FLN  Tabaluga: HP: 3/300 - MIT: 55 - ACC: 2 - EVA: 1 - DMG: 85 [Paralyzed - 0/1]
  21. Hkori continued to keep the beast away from getting to its brood. There was no reason for it to engage in the fight. She looked behind herself real quick to make sure that the fight was going ok as she hadn't gotten anything back from the woman herself. It seemed she had this one nearly dealt with though so Hokori refocused her attention on the boar, which had suddenly started charging at her. With the extra reflexes granted by her necklace, she quickly leaped over the top of the beast and vaulted off the top of its back. She waas unable to get a retaliatory strike as she didn't have the time to prepare that much, but she was able to get a sharp whistle out to bring its attention back over to her. At the very least she could try to keep the larger enemy over by her. @Symphony
  22. Neopolitan

    [PP-F1] Becoming a new.

    Neo was at the door of her house and waited for the response from Su. It took some time, yes, but it came eventually. Reading the message, she decided. To just let her be for the moment afte sending off some quick words to her as well. Going back in to the house, she waited with the front door in sight so she could check to see if Su left that way. Better to at least know how she was coping rather than just leave it be entirely. She made a bare attempt to stay kind of hidden off to the side so at the very least Su could ignore that she was there if she just wanted to leave instead of try to talk it through. Her own pain was nothing to take precedent over Neo trying to fix everything. She wanted to let her get through it on her own rather than Neo fix everything. She would be help though if she caame to her. Confirming that the message had been sent, she sipped quietly on some tea that she had brought from the kitchen. @Sunova
  23. Hazado

    Leru's Journal

    Approve, welcome to the world of HELL, please keep your hands and feet inside the cart and please stay seated.
  24. "I'm sorry" that's all he could muster to say as he just looked at his feet. He knew she deserved an explanation but to be honest he had no idea what was happening to himself either all he knew was that he had lost control and his emotions took over. He was just about ready to just leave that was until Inanna spoke up she had asked if he wanted to move it to a bed 'wait is she not angry with me and on another note did she actually like that' he thought to himself as she said that it was interesting "um, hey Inanna im really sorry about that I don't know what came over me there I just couldn't stop myself" he paused for a moment to let that sink in while he watched her go and pick up two flowers before continuing "I mean I just lost control but that kinda of thing has only ever happened when I get extremely angry, I just hope you can forgive me" he clamed up when she walked over to him and stuck one in his shirt and said he was handsome and she was cute "haha, thanks and you are very cute" he stopped to think about what he had just said. 'i guess I'm getting the hang of detecting this flirting thing because of her' he thought and looked back at Inanna "I guess that means you only have one more to go and then we are finished" @Inanna
  25. Damn it, Kirbs was so whimsical with her topics! Sey had to think, hmmmm. Regardless, the sands blew as they walked, but neither health bar was threatened. It won't make a difference to his health bar since he obtained the skill, but Kirbs seemed to be in a commendable position. Still though, she needed her mind to be kept off of the sands, it seems like that was working! "Bored!? Mmmmmmm, wait. What do you do in your shop? Think you can hook a mate up with some items~?" Joking with her, that was bound to get them some progress, right!? If she happened to say yes... He would be dumbfounded and actually turn it down. But likely not, and he added a little chuckle at the end of it with a smile before pointing forward. "The cargo is this way. Onward, gamer!" Sey declared with an extended pointer finger, looking to portray himself to be like a captain navigating a one-man crew. Come on, the imagination had to count for something. [Environmental Effects Negated by Survival]
  26. Takalo

    [SP/F1] <<Training your Friend>>

    Alec swung his Mithril Battle Axe at the paralyzed Boar. As he swung he overextended himself and slipped causing him the land prone flat on the ground. As Alec lay there he took the time to take a deep breath to calm himself. He needed to relax, he was trying to put too much into this. Alec stood up and brushed off the dirt and tried to calm himself . He raised his shield in front of him and brought his Mithril Axe up and prepared to swing at the Boar after he received its attack first. The Boar overcame the electrical current course through his body and shook its head snorting in protest. The Boar charged at Alec driving its tusks at him searching for an unprotected spot in Alec’s body. Alec swung his Mithril Axe down at the Boar. The Boar charged in thrusting its tusks at Alec. Alec lowered his shield but was too slow and the Boar ducked under the shield and caught Alec in the with its tusk opening a small hole there. Alec swung his MIthril Axe down but missed as he swung missing the Boar as his swing went wide.
  27. Takalo

    [SP/F1] <<Training your Friend>>

    The Boar charged at Alec its tusks lowered and aimed at Alec. As it rammed Alec and his shield it began to twist and turn reaching for a gap in Alec’s defenses until finally it broke through and caught Alec’s arm opening a scratch there. Alec Shield of the Tunderhearts responded to the Boars contact and began to hum deeply before CRACK it expelled a burst of static electricity into the Boar causing it to seize up and its muscles lock paralyzing it. Alec then slammed his Mithril Axe down into the Boar opening a large cut in its body that jetted red pixels. The Boar stood locked in place its muscles contracting and locking up. Alec took the opportunity to attack while the Boar was paralyzed raising his Mithril Axe high over his head and swinging down onto the paralyzed Boar. Alec put too much behind his swing at the paralyzed Boar and slipped and fell tumbling over and landing flat on the ground prone. Alec took a deep breath to calm himself and stood up dusting dirt off himself and shaking his head. Alec raised his shield in front of him and brought his axe up to swing at the Boar again.
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