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  2. "Hey you. . ! With the green cloak!" Cordelia called out, stumbling her way across the sand to catch up with the person she totally hadn't been eavesdropping on. . . and it was pretty damn hard when you have freaking heels on the ends of your boots, if you hadn't guessed. She let out a sligh huff as she finally caught up with the player, all thanks to that stupid sun that was constantly blasting hot rays of light in her face. Thanks for that, sun. Thanks. "I heard you talking to some info-broker about another quest that belongs on this floor." She was going to add another part about how incompetent her own info broker had been but she decided that it probably wasn't the best idea. Bad first impressions were the last thing she wanted when meeting new players. "Do you need an extra pair of hands? I don't think the quest you were talking about is on my completed list. . . plus, I really need the experience," she chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck with her palm.
  3. Benjamin Bookworm

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    "An artist?" Ben asked eagerly, taking in Dazia's explanation of her skills in the art of painting. "That's so cool! I bet you'd even be able to help decorate houses and shops with those skills. Light and darkness in one painting sounds like it would be an interesting style- a Dazia original." his smile blossomed as he saw Dazia open up a bit, seeming to forget about the troubles that always seemed to be weighing on her for a few seconds. "I guess I've never gotten around to seeing your shop before- I bet you kept some of your best just to show off-" he teased, trying to push a bit more out of her. "My hobby is just reading, so a lot less useful around here. Especially since all the books I can find are just game lore or recipes... what I wouldn't give for a new novel to just take in..." he lamented with far more emotion than he meant to as he dropped his head down- he really had read through just about everything he could find on the lower levels. "I'll bet half of the series I was on have finished up while we are in here, and I'm missing out." @Dazia
  4. As Bahr slipped into the shop, he could have sword he saw a cloaked figure literally dissolve into a puddle of ooze and slip past him. But people couldn't actually do that, right? It must have been a trick the lighting of the night played on his eyes. At any rate, despite the late hour, it seemed as though the shopkeep was awake. "Er, hey there," he began, eyes scanning the shop. "Heard there was a new Merchant in town. Gotta say, like what you've done with the space." He approached the counter and laid down a collection of equipment. It was all swords and heavy armor of varying quality. He didn't really need any of it, per se. He was mostly here to see if there was anything work passing along to someone else. "Just a few things. I've been hanging onto them for awhile, and my usual Merchant went AWOL." It was true. He hadn't seen Dagger in quite some time. There were, in fact, still weapons that were tied up in the man's shop. Something that irked Bahr, but not something worth doing anything about. He had all of the equipment he needed. "Think it will be long? My shop isn't far. I've got a few orders I need to get filled, too." 15300 col sent to Ceres.
  5. Wiping the sweat from her brow at a surface comprised of stone, a small outcropping of collecting circular boulders laden with small glimmers of light bouncing sunlight back in gleams of energy. It was early and the sun lay high in the sky, breaking through the blue as a bullet hole punched like a burning yellow reminder of reality. Winds were absent along the field drawing a stillness through the fields and trees, making each exchanged word piercing and the vacuum of such deafening. The guild was hard at work in mass, bumping their vault numbers via provisional collection. Kasumi was taking careful incision on each rock, shifting around a small silver pick between the small spaces between each glowing jewel crammed in nooks across the stone. Shifting the flattened end with decent experience, it slides underneath enough for Kasumi to attain leverage and with a quick downward pull, it snaps free and drops into her palm. With an exuberant grin painted across her lips, she verbally commands the success to the rest of the fold. "I got one!~" ID# 136157 results: Loot: 14+3 Success! 1*T1 Materials Obtained! Total T1 Materials: 1
  6. He scrutinized the armor, not entirely impressed with what they had revealed. "That won't be necessary," he explained as he turned toward the door. "You can either keep these, or junk sell them. I won't have any use for them. I appreciate your help." Perhaps the next batch of loot would reveal something a bit better. There were certain unique enhancements he had his eyes on. Normal enhancements, they had no purpose for him anymore. He'd already collected all of the equipment he needed in that regard. No matter. He couldn't expect all of the pieces to align instantly. Some would require more work than others.
  7. Finding out about this was like something Quinn was hopping about to understand. It truly was a great thing to find out players could play musical instruments. And knowing from the past Quinn was open to doing so at any moment. Never really finding an item that could make good music like the violin she owned herself back home. But now it was getting at that point that Quinn was getting ready to start this for the best. Reading up all the information Quinn made her way to the shop where she heard this quest took place. Opening the door and walking and as Quinn does so she can hear a woman singing. Quinn was a bit struck by the song and listened carefully to the woman. Then the woman stops and turns to Quinn. She turns to her and smiles sweetly. "Hello there, I do hope you enjoyed my singing, I love singing for others, and I see you are here, would you like to learn how to bring enjoyment to others in terms of singing? I would love to help you." She smiles and beckons Quinn closer, the studio that she is in is a quaint one, with not much in it. Her modest work station shows in her modest looks, but she is still beautiful. "Now, I will start to record a song, and you can watch me and take notes on how to sing, the vocalization of words is key in making a good product." She smiles and reaches for a crystal, but notices that there are none there. "Oh no! I have completely ran out, would you be a dear and gather five materials for me? I can still sing, but making a recording crystal will only work with materials. Thank you very much." Quinn has no change to speak back before the quest opened and she got her quest started. With her newfound quest, Quinn walked out of the store and looked around for a bit. It was quite busy on the floor and Quinn did not like it at all but for now, she ignored it and slowly walked head down to the exit of the settlement. @Gaius
  8. Quinn

    [PP-F01] Music starting <TFFLAF>

    Quinn let's go of the hug as Mari seemed a bit uncoverable being hugged, and Quinn made a bow, "Sorry again, but I speak out of the heart here. You have helped me and I really appreciate it. That's why I want to help you in return, You are my friend Mari and no matter what happens I will help you whenever I can," Quinn said clear and with joy, compared to how she sounded before you could feel that Quinn warmed up to Mari and spoke out of great hopes. Not only that as well her accent was clear and the girl Mari met at the gala seemed completely different from the girl standing in front of Mari now. "You think you did nothing, but most people don't help me when I have a panic attack in Paris. And keeping away that monster of a bird, well In my book that is enough for me," Quinn said busting out a lot of nowhere and Quinn stopped taking a step back. Getting the question from Mari there was a clear shine in her eyes. "You know how to play the violin!!! THAT IS AMAZING," Quinn said getting out an outburst of energy completely out of nowhere. Quinn stopped as she patted her own legs and tapped on her cheeks, "Sorry!" Quinn said fast before making a small bow to her. "Can I do something before you start playing, I just HAVE to do this. I feel like I owe you it," Quinn said to Mari sounding a bit more mature to then she was letting of this whole beginning. Letting out a smile to Mari Quinn spoke, "Hello, I'm Quinn. Quincy Lévûque," Her last name came out so easy as she spoke it but trust anyone to read it and say it, It would probably break them. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mari, And if you are wondering what is going on..." Quinn stopped a bit before speaking again, "This is the real me. Sorry if its all a bit to take in but I guess I own you it, If I could I would love to play a duet with you if I have an own Violin again," Quinn said to Mari getting a smile on her face as she seemed quite calm and relaxed compared to her sheepish ways before. @Mari
  9. Azhoda

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    And then Chaos, I gave out a sigh and lowered my head is a high disappointment not only in the people being involved but in the total idea of this party. If according to Jomei's story this day should be about love, even If I didn't really have love I could see this turned into a big mess far far away from Love. I looked at what happened and sighed taking a deep breath and letting my own thought fight against each other. On one side I wanted to take out my spear and just duel the chaos but on the other side, it was just wanted to leave this alone and let it die out. I turned a stern look at the younger girl to make clear I was not going to sit by if she made her move now. And then as I did so I turned to the location where the other woman took the girl off to and sighed before leaving. I walked up to Cordelia and Jomei who seemed to be stunned by the discovery of the punch and I smiled acting like a woman of proper standard and dusted off my dress. "Let's move on," I said taking both Cordelia and Jomei to some more privet place away from this chaos to have some normal talk. "So... Hello there Cordelia, Fine to meet you again. Sorry, I got a bit pushy just now just need a normal conversation," I sounded honest and careful placing my words carefully "So have you two met each other, Because, on the way how you warned him, it looked like you two do." I said to them with a smile. I turned to Jomei and gave a small sigh, "Coming back on what you asked, I think I know why I want to get to the front lines... I want to help people get out of here, together." Saying this a great power of determination was good to see in my eyes as well as the fiery passion. "But well what can we talk about now," I said asking them both as I was not really the best at making conversation with people. Still, I tried. @Jomei @Cordelia
  10. “Wail of the banshee huh?” Xion relied, before going silent for a few seconds as he tried to remember the details of that specific quest. “Oh yeah I remember that one. I take it you’re looking to take the banshee on?” The blonde asked, before he noticed the outstretched hand. With a smile he gripped Dustin’s hand firmly and shook it. “I’m Xion, nice to meet you Dustin.” He said, before letting go of the other player’s hand. The blonde then took a swig of the drink that he had ordered, and took a moment to appreciate the taste. Sure, it wasn’t as good as in real life, but the devs had managed to get the taste not too far off the original. He let out a sigh, before turning to Dustin again. “If you’re looking to take on that one, you’ll need some help. Looking at you…you don’t seem like someone that’s set up to take a lot of hits. DPS build I take it?” he asked as he looked the other player over. Xion could have been wrong, of course, looks could often be deceiving in Aincrad, but he was pretty confident of his assessment. He’d spent a fair amount of time among frontline fighters, and knew the general look of different builds pretty well. He went silent for a few moments again as he thought. He could offer the player help, as he was pretty sure that he could tank something like the banshee comfortably with a decent DPS behind him to take her down. What worried him was the fact that he was quite rusty. His reflexes weren’t what they used to be, and he hadn’t engaged in combat since he’d left the frontlines all that time ago. Xion let out a sigh and shook his head. “Don’t know anything until you try eh?” he mumbled under his breath before he opened his menu, and sent Dustin a friend request. “If you need some help, then I can probably lend you a hand. I might not look it but I’m actually a tank, so I can provide some protection, if you want to take me up on my offer that is…”
  11. “So…” Rei looked around at the empty field, devoid of enemies, “Did everyone kill at least 12?” he turned to his friends and asked the question for confirmation’s sake, did they not kill enough? He could see the Queen anywhere, perhaps it only looked like there were enough Wind Wasps to trigger the fight from above, “yeah, pretty sure,” Takuma nodded, “I took a quick headcount of the number of wasps in the area and there was enough,” he looked around and searched specifically for the hill they crossed, now it was much further in the distance, enough to make it simple landscape now rather than a proper point of interest, during the fight they had slowly moved forward to seek new targets, leading them away from the starting area. “I’m amazed you can just make headcounts like that from memory,” Rei sighed, bemoaning his horrible memory, having to check things over and over quite often, he eventually turned his eyes towards Yuta, “So? Did you find out if there’s a specific area it spawns in?”
  12. Before he knew it, the field was empty and everyone was slowly gathering together, he only realised this when the buzzing sound of the wasps and when he couldn’t see anymore shapes flying around in the sky, knocking him out of his day dream, he looked around and regrouped, “That was rather quick,” Yuta commented somewhat pleased with the pace they had efficiently completed the quest, “I-I guess…” Kenji shrugged, he personal had a hard time, making the mistake of backing away from the enemy only to aggro a second one was a rough time, he was able to use his shield to halt the wasps’ attacks before striking with his sword, meanwhile Takuma was more than happy to let the wasps die on his shield without him needing to actually do anything. Mid battle, Yuta had looked over and saw Rei’s slightly ranged sword art and felt a small tinge of jealously, after all, having a distance attack must be incredibly convenient against flying targets like this,
  13. So, his current schedule was looking like, hunting the Venomous Warg, then the Quartz Hatchling, would he need two separate days for them? It was possible, the Warg required him to hunt and prowl the area dealing with stray wolves until the mutated Warg showed up, the location it was at was probably quite different from the Zone that the Quartz Hatchling would show up in, he would skip over the Return of the Queen and move on to the next floor, if the stats were that exaggeratedly bloated, it would be simply suicide for them to fight it. He mused over his course of actions, counting up the numbers to decide his chances as he fought automatically against the several wind wasps around him, they were not much of a threat, using his Whirlwind, he could cut them out of the air with little effort. The most recent attack even managed to cut down two at the same time, so he was certainly on a roll. ID# 136155 BD: 10 +3 = Crit +2 [Tsuji Kaze] MD: 8= Hit Damage Dealt = 8 + 2 x 4 = 40 Damage Received = 10 - 17 [Mit] - 10 [Regen] = 0 Rei - HP: 420/420| EN: 41 (+1-1) /42| 8 DMG | 17 MIT | 0 EVA| 3 ACC| 1 BLD| 2 REGEN Wind Wasp - HP: 25/25| 10 DMG
  14. It didn’t take long for his mind to wander, just what quest came after this one? If he recalled correctly, there was 3 left on this floor after this one, First was a rematch against the Wasp Queen, she would be around a whopping 8 times stronger and come with her infinitely spawning minions to boot, other than that was the Venomous Warg, it was a beginner quest meant to teach players about the effects of enemy poison, it had a good amount of hp and damage, and lastly was the second part of the dragon hunt, the Quartz Hatchling, Well, it was a Hatchling according to the guide, but it was still older than the last one, this time it would be larger, stronger and tougher, if he recalled, the Return of the Queen would be a ridiculously tough fight, it was only on the second floor, but it was a quest that would be very difficult for them to complete at their current level, seriously, it was something that was going to need to be put on hold as they moved onto the third floor to explore. ID# 136154 BD: 3 +3 = Hit [Tsuji Kaze] MD: 10 = Crit +2 Damage Dealt = 8 x 4 = 32 Damage Received = 10 - 17 [Mit] - 10 [Regen] = 0 Rei - HP: 420/420| EN: 41 (+1-1) /42| 8 DMG | 17 MIT | 0 EVA| 3 ACC| 1 BLD| 2 REGEN Wind Wasp - HP: 25/25| 10 DMG
  15. Jevi

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    As Jevi gave Minako a look, hoping she would not go after the blonde, it seemed Minako interpreted the exact opposite of the message. "Oh no..." Jevi said into her glass as Minako stormed off to give chase. The brunette watched in horror as her friend made a b-line for the refreshment table, grabbing a glass of bright red fruit punch. Jevi already knew what he had planned, and quickly passed off her drink to Yuki, "Hold this for me please, sorry" and then she was off to quickly follow after the little firecracker. It was too late, however, as the contents of the glass were making their way through the air and into the blonde's face. Jevi could not help but wince a bit, feeling bad that this had escalated.. even though she was the one to initiate this entire altercation. Minako was able to share a few loud, angry words with the blonde before Jevi stepped up behind Minako and swung an arm around her abdomen. After pulling the girl back a few feet, still flailing her arms, Jevi turned her body and hoisted Minako up, carrying her under her arm. "Come on, enough of that." Jevi said through a strained voice as she quickly made her way towards the opening in the tent. Once outside, out of earshot of the party, Jevi sat Minako down on the grass. The taller woman lowered herself to a squat beside her and placed her hands on her shoulders. Jevi looked into her eyes, no look of anger or disappointment, just a straight face with a single cocked eyebrow. After a moment of silent starting, she cracked a small smirk. "I thought I had a bad temper." she said with a small chuckle. Then her expression turned a bit more stern, "Thank you, Minako. I appreciate you sticking up for me. I was pretty angry too but, we are at a public event. I wanted to let her know my piece, but I really didn't want to cause a scene..." she looked back over her shoulder at the tent, "Though... it looks like you took care of that just fine. Yes, she was kind of a bitch, and yeah.. she kind of deserved it for hitting me but..." "I knew I shouldn't have come here..." she said to herself under her breath. As she turned back to face Minako, she let out a heavy sigh, "Guess we probably aren't going to have much luck with finding dates here, huh." @Minako @Zajcica @NIGHT @Krysta ((Permission was granted OOC by Minako to forcefully move her))
  16. The moment Rei believed he got into the range limit of his Whirlwind, he let the art rip, lashing out with a glowing blade, he sent out a turbulent wind like it’s name sake, the shockwave shot out like a bullet shaped in the arc of his swing, only visible due to the water that surged around the energy, when it reached the Wind Wasp, it neatly cut it in half in a single hit, killing it immediately causing it to shatter into pieces of light, He expected this to be an easy fight so he didn’t act too surprised by the outcome, just satisfied it went that easily, with things at this rate, he supposed it wouldn’t be too much of a problem for them to wrap this up rather quickly, still, no matter how quickly they finished the quest, he doubted there would be a time for the first third quest in a single day, they’d likely return to the inn and rest up there. ID# 136153 BD: 6 +3 = Hit [Tsuji Kaze] MD: 1= Miss Damage Dealt = 8 x 4 = 32 Damage Received = 10 - 17 [Mit] - 10 [Regen] = 0 Rei - HP: 420/420| EN: 41 (-1) /42| 8 DMG | 17 MIT | 0 EVA| 3 ACC| 1 BLD| 2 REGEN Wind Wasp-- HP: 25/25| 10 DMG
  17. “Oh come on, you might win,” Rei knew the game was off, but he still made a small effort to try, “Nope,” Takuma didn’t even look back as he called his answer over his shoulder, leaving the three of them together, “Then I’ll go this way if you’d like…” Kenji timidly pointed in another direction, asking for permission mainly just for confirmation and Rei had no reason to refuse him, “Sure, then… I’ll take this side I guess,” Rei nodded and gave a small shrug, “Let’s get started then,” As they split off and Rei began to approach his first Wind Wasp he supposed that the things weren’t all that different from any normal wasp, just a whole lot bigger, if normal wasps were smaller than a pebble, then these ones were watermelon class. They had the signature black and yellow stripes but on closer inspection it actually turned out to be some kind of chitin plating, the heads of the wasps were also more alien, elongated and menacing with sharp mandibles, it’s legs also culminated into large awkward, mantis like claws as well, their stinger were like sharp black blades with a barbed hook,
  18. “Dang it,” Rei sighed, if their health was even just one point lower, then with his current attack power, Hi Ougi would be enough to kill them, ah but wait, the next Art up in firepower was Tsuji Kaze, his favourite art, and with the Finesse Mod, it would cost no different than a basic attack, this was indeed the way to go. “Actually no, this is rather good for me…” he mumbled a correction to himself out loud, vexing his friends somewhat, “We should probably spread out,” Yuta advised as they got closer to their targets, he pointed in a direction, “I’ll go over here,” “Ah, wait, how about the first person to kill 13 wasps doesn’t have to fight the Queen?” Rei suggested with a small smile, eager to make a small game out of this for some fun, “It’s obvious you and Yuta will win that, refused.” Takuma rolled his eyes and turned on his heel, turning towards his corner of the field,
  19. “Well then, shall we get going?” Rei drew his katana, a trail of water splashing from it as he glanced over to his friends before he began to walk down the hill towards the field, the others followed, summoning their equipment and double checking themselves, to make sure nothing was out of place and to make themselves comfortable before the fight, there was no sense in charging and wasting stamina after all. If they were going to kill 12 to 13 of them, then the Queen afterwards was going to be a toll on their energy if nothing else, “Yuta, what’s the stats on those wasps?” Rei decided to ask out of curiosity, perhaps they could optimise their energy expenditure, “About 25 health and 10 damage, half of the Queen’s,” Yuta replied with a short moment of pondering, glancing to the side to look at his virtual post it notes on his UI,
  20. The land dipped back into a flat plateau and there on the field was a large number of flying wasps buzzing around, they were at least spaced out individually, enough of a distance that if you were careful you could engage them one by one without aggroing any others, but at the same time, they were close enough that if you moved too much you would attract more. The faint black shapes of all these Wind Wasps fluctuated back and forth down below and the four of them stared down, measuring their chances, distance and imagining how the fight itself would go before it began, they were mentally deciding upon their approach and whether or not they could win, Naturally they could, these were simple mobs several levels below them, they couldn’t even do damage to them so long as they were careful to not get ganged up on, this should pose no problem.
  21. Jomei

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    It all happened in a matter of seconds. Jomei turned around, making his retreat from the punch bowl on the refreshments table to return to his seat and continue his conversation with Shion. Shion, as the ginger could now see upon turning around, was rushing towards him, a pleading look of worry on her face. The satisfied smile that Jomei wore on his face, looking forward to enjoying a refreshing glass of fruit juice, slowly faded. Was there an issue? Was Jomei's life in danger by some force that had escaped Jomei's vision? Before Jomei could question why Shion was quickly moving towards him, a secondary entity intervened. A hand, quick as could be swiped in front of the man, colliding with the hand that gently grasped the clear drinking apparatus that held the fruity goodness he wanted to enjoy. That fruity goodness, however, was no longer in his grasp. The cup twirled into the air, droplets of crimson splashing in each and every direction. Olive orbs followed the glass as it tumbled towards the tiled ground, colliding with the floor and shattering into pixels of white data, rather than glass. Then time seemed to resume. Jomei looked down at the ground for just a moment before looking up at Cordelia, who had been the one to stop him from drinking, "Uhm.. what was that for?" Before she could answer, Shion pushed past the last of the tables and told him what she had seen as well, Macradon feasting on the fruit that was missing from the bowl with his bare hands. Jomei's eyes went from Shion, to Cordelia, to the punch, to Mac, and then back. "Oh. That's unfortunate. Thanks for that then, I suppose." Bringing a hand up to rub at the nape of his neck, he took a quick look around him, "Guess I'll find something different to drink then that's not dry wine." @Azhoda @Cordelia
  22. Not long after Dustin had sat down, a man approached the board. Turn, come on, just do it. He could be the one to help you... But alas he could not turn. Something held his eyes on the bar. Perhaps what he had done was heavier than he thought. Still, he had to do something or he was going to die of guilt. The other player spoke and pulled Dustin’s eyes up to him. He seemed interesting and Dustin thought it might be cool to do this with him. ”I’m not lost at all, thanks. But I do need a little help.” He says, turning around and facing the player entirely. “Have you ever heard of the quest ‘Wail of the Banshee’?” He asked as he looked the other player in the eyes. “Name’s Dustin by the way, who are you?” The tall boy would ask as he reached out for a handshake for the introduction.
  23. Minako

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    "Yes." Minako chuckled in her mind as Jevi walked over to Vigilon. Jevi was strong, commanding, and powerful. Even a brat such as that buffoon would see that much. She manhandled the guy, gave him a stern talking too, and marched back over to the group. Minako tilted her head in response to the butlers answer. It was a bit confusing as to why she wanted to blend in, let alone blend in as an NPC. But those thoughts went away when she asked if they single. Minako's face flushed with a hint of red. "Yes. But we're taking turns matching us up to cute boys our age as they come in. I'm next in line." She said, again adding on the last bit a bit too fast. Then another woman approached Vigilon before making her way to the group. She then turned Jevi around surprising both Jevi and Minako, and slapped her across the face before spouting some nonsense and turning around. Did that just happen. Her boyfriends dragon attacks her, Mari, and several other people. Causes a scene at a fancy party. And when called out on his idiocy, she defends that and hits her friend? Oh, hell no. Jevi followed, and retorted but Minako was already red in the face from anger. She took in a deep breath through her nostrils. "Excuse me a moment, will you?" She said to the two women beside her. She marched her way over to the woman, grabbing a cup of punch from off a table as she stepped by. "Hi excuse me. A moment of your time?" Minako said, forcing herself to be in front of the red haired woman, Jevi and the assaulter. She quickly tossed the cup of strawberry punch at the woman. "Now listen here, [censored]!" Minako screamed out. "I have no idea, who the hell you think you are but let me give you a life lesson, right now." She said, jabbing a small finger into the chest of the woman. "From what I can see, that idiot has two pets. You and that dragon. And from what I can tell, the dragon is far more trained than the dog." Miako spat, ready to throw down in the middle of this party. No one [censored] with her friends. @Jevi @Krysta @Zajcica @NIGHT @Azhoda
  24. Dazia

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    Yinangi would listen to Benjamin and Dazia. "Ok, let's get out of here!" Dazia would be close behind the two, looking back every once in a while to make sure there was nothing following. She would hear the booming sound of the stone falling at last, followed by a distorted shout... They had to get a far enough distance away as to avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous combat. Dazia and Yinangi did their best to recall the path they took as they ran, which sounded easier than it actually was. Half the time, the two players would suggest the same direction, and they would sometimes say different directions, leading to the two having to agree on one of them at random, as time was of the essence as to avoid getting attacked by a monster that might be chasing after them, or possibly even the minotaurs that they had battled earlier on the way. @Benjamin Bookworm
  25. Azhoda

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    It got a bit clearer to me as Jomei explained to him about the few things of 'valentines day' it was still a bit useless to me as I only saw love as something given by family. "I see I understand but why is a bigger question for real," I said to him as we had a small conversation about the chaos behind us. True sure they could have fun but this seemed to effect a few more people than just being there. I wanted to help the girl but so far it seemed that this other woman was great. It shined some great light on her as the girl seemed in a real panic even if her marker was orange she still went out of her way. I gave her a smile of appreciation if she looked my way just making sure that I was happy someone came up for the girl. @Mari speaking of a few things as I ran out of the ideas I wanted to talk about. But Jomei came with a question I didn't suspect in a long time. Why am I so eager to join the front lines. "Ah... Well. To be honest, I think I want to get out of this game to go back to my job as an engineer, but I believe that has become a bit of a cover-up for something I really want," I told him falling a bit quest for sure. I was so keen on getting out before but now at this moment I truly didn't know why I wanted to get out of this game. It was clear I wanted to get out but why was at this moment really just my greatest guess. "I... I don't know why I want to join, Let me get back to that as soon as I know it, alright." I said to Jomei being a bit determinant as a fire sparked in my eyes. Seeing as Jomei excused himself for a second I guessed I would follow as my drink was also already gone. Follow him a bit behind I looked to my side and saw some heated argument jump out with two players, nothing too important yet. As I came behind Jomei he seemed to want to take the punch... WAIT the punch. I made my way to him a bit faster but it seemed a familiar voice was ahead of me and said to Jomei not to drink it. Turning to the voice I saw Cord and gave her a smile, "Yeah you should probably listen to Cordelia. Your friend we spoke about placed his hand in it." I said to him with a smile being a bit disgusted by it. @Jomei @Cordelia Then from the side, a sound came and I looked at what it was and of for crying out loud really. Getting the explanation from Jomei helped me understand this day a bit more but knowing at least what love it I was not really okay with this. "I'm sorry Cordelia, Jomei... Got to do something. Also, Cordelia, can you make sure Jomei doesn't take the punch." Saying this I walked over to the two girls who now seemed in a bit of a battle over nothing. with a Sigh. One was clearly smaller AND younger than me, while the other seemed just as tall and old like me. Then there as strong as her words where I made it clear to not get to into this but also no way to out of it as this seemed a bit too dumb of action for sure. I stood behind the smaller girl and placed my hand on her shoulder, A steady and strong grip for sure. "Listen, don't... I would give you advice to not drag this party further into chaos then it already has, Look around you. I am proud to say you got at least everyone's attention at the party. You don't slap people because there is a small hiccup. No, you just talk it out and don't start a fight. And on this day even come on... Its a day of love not only for your boyfriend there but for the people that made sure we are all still here," I said looking a bit to Jomei to see if he agreed on how I said it. Then with a look back to the girl I spoke again, "So let's not fight the once who we need the most. We are all here together in this world, and fighting each other will get us nowhere. I must be honest I don't like some action people take, but I grow up and move around it to make sure we all get out of this world even the once I hate." That was a lie, I had nobody to hate in this world but still. I turned to the other woman who was involved in this as well and spoke her direction a bit to make sure she heard me, "It is very simple, don't fight your allies. They and you need to get out of here together, I would say to either say sorry for acting so hastly before reading the situation. Or throw sand over it and move on as people who fight side by side to get everyone out of this world," I said making it clear to stand between the two even if they were not close to each other any more. @Krysta @Jevi
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