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  2. Wandering around, still within sight of Neo, I pushed a little further out. Sunetra’s flame was very helpful keeping a light in the dark cave, and not seeing anything immediately, I bent over to pick up rocks and had them press their paw into the rocks to see if there was anything worthwhile inside. As they did this, I’d carefully pour out the molten rock and hopefully reveal some ore. I found a few things this way but it wasn’t very efficient. Burning myself on some molten rock I dropped one of them and there was a loud clatter. Looking around I hoped I didn’t alert any of the goblins or other denizens of the cavern. I waited a long second and when nothing seemed to react to my presence I looked back down at Sunetra. “Well let’s keep going. Miss Neo might need a break soon and I want to have more to show for our efforts.” Gathering Roll: @Neopolitan
  3. Mortambo

    Mort's Weapons and Armor

    Name: Core Collapse Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 4 ID: 111731 Roll: 11 Item Type: 2H Assault Spear Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: +2 Paralyze Description: A spear with a blue handle. The tip of the spear is rimmed with a sharp point Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shop-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&comment=567775 Name: Ripper Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 4 ID: 111732 Roll: 11 Item Type: 2H Assault Spear Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: +1 Damage, +1 Bleed Description: A large wicked looking spear with a hooked tip designed to rip and tear as it comes out of flesh Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shop-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&comment=567775
  4. Seeing the post on the notice board, I grabbed it and went to meet the merchant Gatsly in the tavern. He gave me the spiel about how dangerous the Warg was and passed over an antidote for the poison. I’m sure that will come in handy but how deadly can this thing really be. I mean it has its whole pack with it, but I’ve pretty much out-leveled this floor so I should be fine. Sunetra and I walked out of the tavern and headed out of Urbus towards the point on the map Gatsly had given us. This will be a walk in the park. No problem. Just a few wolves and I’ve fought plenty of those before. I checked my gear to be sure I had everything I needed as I walked. Seeing I was fine on potions and my armor was repaired and ready to go I just smiled. This pack won’t know what hit them. Quest Objectives: Quest Rewards: Monsters: Combat Stats: USING A YUI'S GRACE FOR +1 SP
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  6. I just nod my head at Stryder's rather calm reply back without much to really go on to reply back as i just go forward once more sticking to a rather calm pace still preparing myself from an attack from anywhere. After more walking through the darkened hallways from the shadows comes creatures flung forward into the way of the hallway from small side passages that looks like they would barely fit even these things. The beings having just pure black pits for eyes as they just turn to the nearest source of sound the two people walking non-stealthily through the hallways as they slowly lumber forward. If one would look behind them they would notice what looks like some kind of tendril attached to the creatures as if puppeteering them. Seeing the red crystals i do what i naturally do when i see monsters coming towards my group of friends. Slamming the pommel of my blade against my shield a loud gong like sound echoes throughout the halls. Come here and face the all around build fighter you stumbling fools! I say thinking of the fly without having much to even go off of for that. Action: Howl #111751 CD:1 no energy regain proct. [3/3/3/3] Hestia: HP: 1710/1710 Energy: 154/162 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [0/0/0/0] Neo [0/0/0/0] Stryder
  7. Mars

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    A grin crosses the katana user's face when he sees the spear come out the weapon that could've easily won the duel between the two DPS users back when they both first initially breached the tier two level gap and it was simple skill and some would say luck that won him the fight against his rival. 'Good one step closer. Now to make sure he keeps using that over and over. Best way to do that. Force him in more difficult situations.' He thinks to himself calmly while glancing towards Pinball before staring forward and seeing what looks like a small horde of enemies slowly making their way forward as he just nods his head seeing the group of four enemies as he crouches low his foot digging against the ground to get a good kick off the ground to sprint into battle without a moment's hesitation. We are here to kill these things and get some good loot to help with ALL of our continued survival. We are all getting paid equally as per the rules when doing quests or killing mobs with me. Now than. Lets kill these bits of code no time like the present as i would like to say. Time to clean these bits of code for the next party that makes their way through here. He says rather confidently until much to his surprise the ground starts to crack and tear itself apart as what looks like a armored figure bursts through it. The creature having pure red eyes and having bone like white armor that does indeed look like it is covered in hardened bone slowly rises to its full height its shoulders having skulls along it as it cracks a grin across its face. The blackened grin greets the group of players. Well than. The first to face off against the apocalypse. You're just delaying the inevitable. It says in a hoarse gravel like voice as it stretches its thin razor like fingers seemingly in a battle like stance before screeching to the skies as the horde of creatures behind this being suddenly stop and just observe for the moment. Well than. New enemy. Same plan. Haz. Meet Pinball's and my luck. We always get the weird strong ones seemingly even when not fishing. #111750 CD:1 Greed incarnate @Neopolitan: Haz: Pin: Mars: HP: 840/840 ENG: 84/84 DMG: 17 MIT:12 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds
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  9. whoa i completely forgot about this website. i hope its still doing well cuz i wanna get back into it...

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      Welcome back to the site. If you want to update your character, message me here or on discord (Neo on discord) and I can start helping you get everything sorted out. If you just want a fresh start, feel free to make a new account or if you want to keep your username we can transfer it to a new account.

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      Welcome back!

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    Skill Refund Evaluation

  11. Masutado

    [F01-SP] As Good a Start as Any <<TFFLAF>>

    Masutado breathed in the peaceful moment, standing there of the edge of the brook, listening to its soft splashing and babbling. He blew out a long, deep breath and began to follow along the brook. Keeping a weather eye out for mobs, he began to investigate along the banks of the stream and among the foundations of the trees along it. After several minutes of hunched searching, he found a bundle of the same herbs he had seen before. He collected them and stowed them in his inventory. Then he began to backtrack. Along the stream, back through the wood, past the empty clearing, around the broad and thorny shrubbery, and back into the snowfields Masutado trudged. He made good time on the trip back, only taking care to avoid mobs instead of having to stop and search. Before he knew it, he was passing back into the Town of Beginnings and thumping along the cobblestone streets back to Zackariah's workshop.
  12. Mortambo

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Battle Axe Rank 1 Mod(s) Being Dropped: N/A SP Refunded: 5 Cost: 5,000
  13. Neo looked around for Mortambo quickly before seeing that he was doing fine gathereing on his own. She knew she would need to back off on the high cost sword arts soon, but she could go for one more goblin before taking that break. When that happened, she would go over and see what he had collected so far. Hopefully there would be a few thinngs of use that the two of them could use. Neo hadn't found any weapons yet, but that wasn't the end of the world if all she walked away with was some col and some materials. Spotting another goblin, Neo didn't hesitate to quickly attack it and let it start to bleed as it sat there paralyzed. It wouldn't be too much longer before it was dead as well. And then we can kill the man and take everything he has. No need to kill him you stupid weapon, I doubt he even has something we could use if we wanted to kill him. @Mortambo
  14. Looking over the Treasure Chest, I meticulously checked it for traps and then kind of poked at it. Okay, nothing happened, it is probably okay. Opening it up, I looked inside and added the items it distributed to me to my inventory. Turning to Neo, I said “Well, it’s been fun. I guess when there’s a guild meeting or you guys want to go on a quest just shoot me a message. I’ll be looking forward to it.” Giving her a broad smile, I started off towards the teleporter to head home. Whew, it’s been a long action packed few hours. Going from thanking Miss Neo, to joining her guild, to fighting that insane monster. I think I need to head back home for a while and just relax. As I headed back to my house on floor 9, I couldn’t help but keep smiling. At least now I know I have a great group of people at my back. I finally feel like I have somewhere I belong in the this crazy world. Opening Treasure Chest: Thread Summary:
  15. With the fight now over, Neo looked towards Mortambo who seemed to be going on about how he trusteed his life with her. It was honestly a little bit over the top, Neo was just happy she could finally complete this quest. Sheathing her blade within her parasol, which was as black as the energy the blade emitted, Neo shook Mortambo's hand. The gate to the arena was now open and the NPC who was so arrogantly trying to get them killed stood there mouth agape. Taking the token from him, Neo flipped it over to Mortambo. She sent a message to him saying that it was good for redeeming at a local shop for some gear. As she was about to walk away, she noticed that there was something sticking out of the sand. Reaching down to clear it out, she noticed it was a treasure chest. It was rather plain, but it still was in good condition. She waved over Mortambo so he could help in opening it. @Mortambo
  16. Still keeping an eye on Neo so I didn’t get too far away, Sunetra and I kept scouring the area for more materials. They were surprisingly good at finding bits of ore and other things that could be processed, but at least for the moment there wasn’t much around. At least with this new skill I can help out more and feel like I’m contributing. The two materials I added while looking for Sunetra made me feel like MissNeo was getting the raw end of the deal. As she finished the new goblin with a flourish, I chuckled. These goblins really don’t know who they are messing with. I wonder how many will be left when she’s done. I mean I guess they will respawn eventually, but she’s still cutting them down like a hot knife through butter. Turning back to my task, I watched Sunetra bat a rock around for a moment playing with it before motioning for them to follow again. Gathering Roll: @Neopolitan
  17. Seeing Miss Neo’s final strike on the creature, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I have a feeling that thing could have ripped me in two if it had come for me instead of Neo but she did it. I hopefully showed that I trust her with my life and she got to complete this quest. Walking over to Neo, I said “Thank you for bringing me along. I think that is the strongest creature I’ve faced here but I knew you could handle it. It was…tough to swallow because the stakes were very high. However, I feel that I trust you with my life. I hope you feel like, once I’m stronger, you can trust me with yours.” I offered her my hand to shake. Even though I had already joined the guild, I felt like saying out loud that I trusted her with my life was important so that she would know, without a doubt, I would follow her into the breach. @Neopolitan
  18. Neo's blade wasn't giving this Goblin any breaks to attack her. Not wanting to even wait for its response, Neo quickly let her blade attack it of its own accord. It was a little thrilling to see the Goblin dissolve into a shirveled mass, but also scary to see the power of her bladed when she wasn't even trying to guide it. The loot window popped up for defeating that goblin, and it seemed she had received a few rewards of her own. Nothing too special, but still something to help go level up a few other merchants. Shield was a nice merchant to have around, but it was always good to have multiple options. She didn't care too much for trinkets anyways, so it was good practice for lower ranked merchants. Hopefully Mortambo was doing fine and could get a few materials while she was still killing these goblins. @Mortambo
  19. The fight seemed to be going rather smoothly, and the beast hadn't even noticed Neo's partner just yet. Deciding it would be best to make sure that it was ended quickly, Neo prepared for another strike. Just as she was about to strike, the blade of the allilgator like creature swung at her. Neo saw this comming and flipped her back with an open parasol towards him. The blow sent her skidding across the field, but she didn't appear worse for wear. Turning back around, her blade turned blacker than the night sky as she charged foward. Bolts of pure darkness seemed to erupt from her blade as she stabbed the beast faster than the eye could process. When she was done, the beast was all but ash blowing in the wind. Well, not as much of a challenge as we had hoped. Perhaps we should've let it go after the other. No, they're a friend Is anyone here a friend?
  20. Saphira continued her searching close to the place, where she had found the spotted berries, hoping to find another bush with these berries. Seeking she looked over a tree log which was half in the forest and half on the meadow and close to the other bush. Saphira nearly overlooked the bush with the dark green leaves which covered the black and purple berries. Happy, that she was able to find another one of the bushes she jumped over the log and plucked them as she heared Runas voice. The girl looked up and had to search a moment to find Runa, she told her, that she would head a little bit into the forest, then she asked Saphira if she could protect her if she would get attacked. Saphira nodded - In cause of a creature attacking you I will protect you. - then she changed her scarf with the dragon's eye. With the dagger in her hand and a watchful sight she followed Runa ino the forest, even if she didn't really liked the girl she didn't want her to get hurt. ID# 111741 LD: 14 + 3 ---> found 1 T1 material Total T1 materials: 2
  21. I made it to the lake outside the Town of Beginnings pretty quickly to deliver Hannah’s package. I found the old fisherman packing up his wares for the day, but he took the package and thanked me asking if I’d come back in the morning. Returning bright and early, standing before him he chuckled. “Well, if this package you delivered last night is what I think it is time for me to try for the King fish of this lake again.” He opened Hannah’s package and pulled out a brand new fishing pole. “Yep, just as I thought. Well, if you wouldn’t mind I could use another set of hands to help me reel him in. There will be some good rewards in it for you.” “Yeah sure, I haven’t been fishing before though,” I replied. This should be interesting. I’ve seen Miss Neo fish, I wonder if this is where you learn it? Quest Objectives: Quest Requirements: Quest Rewards: Monsters: Combat Stats: USING 1 YUI'S GRACE ON THIS THREAD FOR +1 SP
  22. Masutado

    [F01-SP] As Good a Start as Any <<TFFLAF>>

    Thinking of the blazing hearth waiting for him, Masutado again became acutely aware of the cold wind cutting through the trees like a dagger. He pulled his heavy cloak close to his bulk, bundling himself up and blowing hot breath on his hands. He was certainly ready to be back inside, but he took a moment to collect himself and rest while trying to gain some warmth. Masutado's breath was like that of a smoking dragon when he set out at last; the tiny drops of water crystallizing into little clouds of fog. He did a once over the immediate area before moving on to another location. It was then that he noticed a soft gurgling, like that of a brook, and began to follow the noise. Before long, he came upon a small stream cutting it's way through the snow covered ground. The water did not sparkle or shine, there wan't nearly enough sun breaking through the cloud for that, but he found the scene altogether pleasant despite that.
  23. Masutado

    [F01-SP] As Good a Start as Any <<TFFLAF>>

    After gathering up the herbs, Masutado quickly made his way back into the trees from the dell. Unsurprisingly, he did not enjoy the feeling of such an open space surrounded by the shadowy wood. It made him feel awfully vulnerable. He proceeded with his search, feeling positive about being so close to finishing the first goal of his quest. Snaking his way through the thick trunks of the timber, he returned to the method of investigating at the base of the trees' less snowy side. Masutado spotted a hint of yellow through a crack in the trunks for a moment and stopped. That seemed promising and he moved towards where he thought he had seen it. He happened upon another of the golden flowers he had found before. He smiled to himself, and picked the flower. He was nearly done gathering up ingredients, and he was looking forward to the warmth of the fire once again.
  24. Masutado

    [F01-SP] As Good a Start as Any <<TFFLAF>>

    Masutado continued his urgent search of the area and before came upon a broad patch of thorny shrubbery. His thick gloves provided protection for his large hands as he pulled the branches this way and that, searching for some hidden gem in the plot of prickly bush. After a little thought, he abandoned the search in that particular spot, preferring not to wade into the waste deep sea of thorns. He took a moment to stretch his limbs and take stock of the area, glancing about staying aware of any mobs and his position. The last thing he wanted was to get lost. After a few moments of this, Masutado began his search again. Shortly he found a small clearing in the trees, a round glade that was empty save for snow and a small plant in it's center. He cautiously looked around, this seemed like some sort of set up. After a minute or so of waiting and listening, he felt confident that was it just luck. He inched his way into the clearing and found another bundle of herbs there in the middle. He happily collected and stowed them away.
  25. Masutado

    [F01-SP] As Good a Start as Any <<TFFLAF>>

    Masutado confidently crossed the threshold of the treeline, convinced that moving to a new area further from the Town of Beginnings would be more profitable for his search. Once he had passed a few trees, his pursuit of flowers and herbs began anew. The blanket of snow was bit thinner here among the trees in most areas, but drifts seemed to form along one side of the trees. This allowed him to narrow his inspection to particular areas as he avoided where the snowfall was thickest. He meandered around the clearer side of the base of the trees in the immediate area, focusing on the ground nearest the trunks. And before long, this method payed off. He soon found a sweet and earthy smelling herb growing along the foundation of a particularly large tree with branches like clawed hands stretched skywards. "Success!" Masutado said aloud to himself, taking a moment to enjoy a second triumph.
  26. Jun smiled at Ghost, knowing that he should really be more gentle with her. "Oh no! I really do need to learn to speak properly, it seems like I usually come out as blunt.." He laughs nervously before turning away and walks over to a brush nearby. He crouched down and placed his fingers, taking a deep breath. 'Okay.. I know I can just gather some materials while Ghost is doing her quest.. Maybe try and take a few swings at some monsters..' He took clenched his fist and slowed his breathing. The brush shattered before his very eyes and he stood up and took a step back. "Yeah.. I think I rather test out my combat.. But then again.. I don't even know what to do with this sword and this chestplate.." He said to himself, before walking over to Ghost and smiled at her. "Well.. I failed my own search, let's continue down the path!" He commented. ID: 111736 LD: 12 (Failed..) @Ghost
  27. Having fulfilled the current orders I could, I was still waiting to get enough skill to create Runa's shield. She said she would understand it would take me a while but I still wanted to build a reputation as someone who tried to get his orders done quickly and efficiently. What could I make today to push my skills more? Two handed weapons always seemed like a bigger challenge. I set about crafting for the day attempting to create a bunch of Assault Spears to sell in the shop. I successfully created two, and my other attempts to salvage my materials failed miserably. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow. Crafting Attempts (1/18/19): TOTAL EXP: 96 + 25 = 121/160 Created Items:
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