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      Donations and Recognition!   12/22/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Percival Row  Teayre Nezumi Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Baldur Claim Corvo Dominion Genji Ignavus_veneficus Jomei Kaya Kimi Lee Lessa Mack Macradon Nocturn Persephone Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Shi Unyeilding Vale To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)


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  1. In development; RP's to the sequels of SAO are found on The World Seed. GunGaleOnline is currently progressing well. http://worldseed.sao-rpg.com/forum/6-gun-gale-online/

  2. Discord chat moved https://discord.gg/p2zsGGJ

    1. Shizua


      Do people get autobanned from this one, too?

  3. If you haven't read the current announcements, we'd like to remind you that we do manage a Podcast and YouTube channel for obviously podcasts. If you have iTunes, alternatively an iOS or Android app that allows you to subscribe to a podcast you may subscribe to the podcast with the official page here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/sword-art-podcast/id843641559 And of course the direct link to the XML feed file here: http://sao-rpg.com/podcast/feed.xml Either option works, however the second link is always most up-to-date compared to Apple's website. Now for YouTube you can subscribe by going the link here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8hosl5eRf22L6Q3NGuoy2A Alternatively you should be able to search and find the channel on your mobile or console devices by searching for SAO-RPG. To stay up-to-date for the YouTube channel; be sure to subscribe by pressing the red button. After you subscribe, press that bell icon to receive a notification. And thank you all for support and liking our content! We'll always be sure to provide you with even more content on a regular basis!
  4. Salutations again my Tormented Souls.

    What's the dom that could happen?
  5. Hello!

    Aloha Airi, welcome to SAO! The game with no exit!
  6. Greetings

  7. As of now you can use your SAO-RPG account username/password to log onto The World Seed without having to create new accounts.

  8. Hi Everyone!

    Aloha @Necryptonix, nice to meet you!
  9. Happy New Year from Seattle, WA! Best one of them all!

  10. Where are you from?

    Does it have an In-N-Out Burger, Jack-in-the-Box, Whataburger, Shake Shack, Souplantation?
  11. Wanting to test out Discord https://discord.gg/p2zsGGJ

    1. Fynn


      Well this seems cool

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      I have joined, mighty Overlord

  12. Cyn's Greeting!

    Welcome Cyn! Glad to have you here joining us!