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    Wild Rose Forge

    A mysterious cloaked man enters into the shop. His upper part of the face is covered in shadows made by the hood and looks like he was inspecting the shop. After looking for a few seconds around, he goes towards the owner of the shop getting down to business "I need a weapon. A scimitar that is perfectly balanced , being able to cut even the hardest targets . Money are not a problem." Translating what he said: Ranganok wants a perfect quality scimitar which gives the user a bonus of +3 damage.
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    Real Life Picture Thread

    Nice...I never thought you'd also have pink hair in the real life and it looks surprisingly good on you XD...Your avatar resembles your real self pretty much from what I see which it's also pretty cool...I've always wanted an anime version of me like you have but didn't have the luck to find one.
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    Real Life Picture Thread

    Well i guess it won't hurt to put some pictures of me too...considering I decided to stay. This is how I looked when i finished highschool: And this is how I looked when I started college(4 months later or so) Though I won't show you how I currently look...for now...guess I'll leave it a mystery :twisted: .
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    [F01] «Secret Medicine of the Forest»

    Quest Accepted!
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    [F01] «Secret Medicine of the Forest»

    Quest Accepted!
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    Ranganok Profile » Username: Ranganok » Real name: Michael Rugen » Age: 19 » Gender: Male » Height: 178 cm » About: History/personality Personality: In terms of personality Michael is somehow strange having an unique combination of traits but which go well one with each other. If it was to describe him in one world would be cold, and people who know him says that he is no human but rather a monster. The boy has no feelings towards anything making him the perfect killer. He can be cruel and kill mercilessly anyone. Because of his lack of feelings he can think clear and control himself almost totally. So this helps him think clear in a fight or when things get really bad and this gives him an advantage.His clear mind help his intelligence. He never did and will never do anything without thinking...however rarely are exceptions when he purposely doesn't think. He uses his head to outsmart the opponent, find a weak point, an oportunity and exploit it. The bad side of his coldness is that he doesn't attach to anyone so closing to his group(if he ever has one) is very hard. His bond with his group may be weak or even missing. This could give him problems in the future. Also Ranganok is a silent guy. He doesn't talk too much so communication with the others except when it is needed isn't there. Besides these bad sides, Michael learned how to conquer them by his interest. If he is interested in a person he would make him/her part of the group and/or help them. Tough he is a "monster" until now, the boy has also a code of honor, morals that he will die instead of breaking them. He never kills needlessly like an innocent but he may make him unconscious or bind him for different reasons. When Michael makes a promise he tries to accomplish it with the cost of his life, so failure in this is not an option. He protects those who he deems worthy out of respect(group members, innocent people, determined people, courageous people etc.) and he tends to help them and give tips on how to achieve what they want. Another trait of Ranganok is his philosophical side. He can rally people and open their eyes trough his well chosen worlds of wisdom. One example is his philosophy about good and evil:"I don't believe in good or evil...I believe in victory". Tough the worlds and the information looks simple sometime he gives them with a hidden sense. From example this say can be translated that Good and Evil are just some illusions, the perceptions of humans about others but their dreams/goals is the only thing they believe that gets them on their right road in life and this would be their victory. Sometimes Michael seems to be sarcastic saying something that seems like joking but he keeps his serious attitude. Sometimes is hard to say when he is talking seriously and when he's sarcastic. but even if he's joking like this he always treats the things seriously and never lets his guard down. He is always careful with his surroundings. Michael is not pessimistic nor optimistic he tends to see all the options(bad or good) and prepare for everything that might happen. Wolf's greatest strength is his unshakeable determination. His will and determination towards a cause makes him a true warrior. Even if he is weaker than the opponent, overwhelmed by the situation the one who win is not the strongest or those who are more always but the one with the strongest will and determination. This makes Michael push to his limits and beyond for anything important to him and protect it with his life.This is what fuels his power, this makes him get stronger more fast that a typical player and as long as the fire burns in him he will never die. In the social life, if we may consider he's having one, Michael is having a few preferences. From example he likes the cherry pie very much and hates pepper and liver. Many times he doesn't get the jokes and doesn't laugh and at parties he stays somewhere watching the show and occasionally drinking something. He likes music that pumps you up and heightens the morale for a battle(battle songs) and also rock. He hates the excessive heat like on a dessert while he seems comfortable when it's cold. One thing that Michael likes is to find out secrets of the world, ancient stories, legends, mystic and occult secrets and other things like these. History: When Michael was at the age of 7 he went on a trip with his colleagues, other school students and the teacher to the holy ground of Jerusalem. However, things went very bad there and the group along with other people were captured by terrorists. Those were psychopaths and said this was a little game. They took first a bunch of people, colleagues, teachers, and other people and started to "play" with them by torturing, cutting their fingers and other gore things until they got bored and then slowly slitting their throats. The children, along with Michael were terrified. But this was not over yet...they grouped each prisoner with another, mostly from the other group based on their bonds...so the groups were made from best friends,lovers,etc. Michael and his best friend which was also his classmate got ion the same group. The rules were simple...one of them must die so the other can survive...one will get a knife. If the person kills the other member of the group then he will live, otherwise if he can't do that he would be tortured and killed by the terrorist. Then it was when Michael saw the true colors of people...some prisoners without any remorse or hesitation killed the other so that they can live. His best friend couldn't bring himself to do this, to kill Michael so when the terrorists saw that they took him along with other people. The boy was forced to watch how his best friend was tortured to death.After all this carnage, those who killed their group mate without a hesitation were also killed with a bunch of others so at then end from 70 prisoners only 12 remained. Those 12 in which Michael was included were set free but the scar of what happened would remain in their hearts and minds forever. After 3 weeks from the incident, 5 of the survivors committed suicide and other 4 gone mad. Michael was trough the last 3 that remained sane, however this experience has changed him...he learned what monsters could exist in this world, how cruel it was and this made him become cold, this experience made him the cold person he is today. After this, the boy's father thought it would be a good idea if his son would learn to handle himself so he signed him up for martial arts lessons. From that age the boy started to learn the basics of fighting and how to defend himself. He had a talent and was learning the ropes very fast, the boy felt that this fits him just right so he decided to stay. At the age of ten Michael got a new hobby...computer gaming...he was playing from fantasy rpg's to war shooters, practically anything that was involving fighting...during the years this gaming experience started to become useful because not only that it heightened his time of response but also his attention to the detail and this is the main source for his good strategy and tactics, playing as a soldier on the battlefield, as a king leading his troops, etc. At the age of 15, the boy became one of the best students in the Sato Ryu dojo. Also at this age the boy started to study psychology, take courses and read books, everything to learn about reading humans trough. Michael's father which was a cop took him at his working place, more precisely training area and taught him the basics about how to use a gun. At that age, the boy had a lean towards weapons, techniques, anything which would made him stronger so he was really happy about this. Finally at the age of 17, he won the martial arts tournament in his country, which was held in Transylvania, thus becoming a junior national champion. As a prize, aside from a gold medal he received a wonderful, fully functional black katana. He really started to like that sword. Later Michael was selected to participate in an exchange experience program sending him to Japan, more precisely in Tokyo to learn there for a couple of months. Two years after he learned about a new game...SAO which was a virtual sword fighting game...he felt that this game was calling him...a virtual world where he could use what he learned in the dojo as a game....it sounded just perfect. He applied to be a beta tester and was one of them...getting the hang of it and his martial skills helped him greatly and this is basically how he ended up in SAO. » Virtues: . Great strategist/tactical and analitical skills In every city, every quest and every fight he always has a plan which brings him what he wants. . Psychologist: because all those psychology books and courses he took he is able to understand the human mind and predict their behaviour or even "read their mind" trough their gestures, their words, their facial expressions and their behaviour. . Martial artist: He has extended fighting experience from the real world so devising skills and a fighting style would be easy for him and he could come with some insane skills. He used to take martial arts classes so he has an innate ability for fighting and he could come with very complex moves that most people are unable to do. . Honor: He has a code of honor, some principles which makes him do the things in the right way and not get caught in do that at all costs. As in his personality, he fights with honor, he never kills unless he is obliged or if his moral code dictates this(like killing a killer for example) so he doesn't do any dark schemes to sabotage or hurt others but he might do some tricks in order to draw out those persons. » Flaws: . Unsociable: He is not a sociable person so he doesn't have any friends and doesn't plays in a group...he always was a soloer in games and rarely he played in groups. He doesn't go to social gatherings and is not very talkative with person except when he must say something important. So he's the silent guy who doesn't try to make friends at all and feels better to be alone. . Coldhearted: He is the type of person who doesn't feel anything...like a machine...empty on the inside. He doesn't love anything...emotional things do not affect him...he doesn't know how is to love someone and because he doesn't have feelings sometimes he find it hard to understand others and treats them with his usual coldness which makes people grow distant of him more and more. . Prideful: Ranganok takes prinde in everything he does. He has a high self esteem and sees everything he does as the right thing to do...and sometimes the right thing to do may not be the same with what he wants to do...but he does the right thing regardless. Also he never asks for help in anything...wanting to do everything on his own...however there are rare exceptions when there is something very important and urgent and it doesn'tt give him a choice and also the right thing to do is to get help...but those things are one in a million. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills : » One handed curved sword --> Journeyman Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Scimitar » Simple clothing Col:1350 Roleplays » [sP-F1] (!)Secret Medicine of the Forest(Completed) » [sP-F1](!)Earning a Living (Complete) »[sP-F1]<Earning a Living>(Completed) Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) »