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  1. The Discussion kept going on while both of them were searching for materials. The questions she had was quite specific. Mikael took a moment to collect his thoughts before responding to the dark haired lady's question. Not because he did not know the answer, but rather because he needed to formulate an explanation for his reason in a way that it can be properly understood. After this moment of contemplation, Ranganok responds with a more serious attitude: "Ever since this whole ordeal started I have been mostly only in the Town of Beginnings. I was in this unknown world, not knowing how a
  2. MIkael was continuing his search, eyes focused on the prize and trying to not let any stone unturned. ------------------------------------- <<Searching for Materials>> Searching results: 202902 | LD12 Material Found: Herb Quest progress: Materials(4/5) -------------------------------------- Once again, Mikael was able to find another material. *Almost done. I only need one more Herb and I will be able to complete the quest. It won't be long.* Then the black haired lady turned to Ranganok and asked him how is his progress. However, before he
  3. Ranganok has continued to do his job while taking a glance at the black haired lady from time to time. If they would make visual contact, he would just smile at her and unless she asked anything he would just focus back to finding herbs. The sun was shining, which would be reflected on his armour. The entire scenery was quite pleasant and serene. It was relaxing, no monster in sight, no disturbances, only they and the nature. This can sometimes make you forget that you are stuck in a literal death game. While he was searching he also started overthinking. He didn't really get a posi
  4. Ranganok was actually surprised that she stood and listened through it all. She actually made the effort to listen, which nowaday can be quite rare. *It seems she is really a good person* thought the man while smiling. *Did she just praised herself by being Patient and Dignified?* This caught Mikael's attention. From this statement, Ranganok drew the conclusion that she could have narcississtic pattern behaviour, but not to the degree where she is completely self-absorbed and selfish. She was quite the unique specimen, this girl. This only increased the man's curiosity. But then he retur
  5. After giving his instructions, the shopkeeper went in the back. He waited for 5 minutes hearing the hammer go. Mikael believed that this was normal and that he was making the items on the go. But then, at the end he heard an explosion which broke him off his tranquility and made him worry. On the door, the blacksmith came like something just exploded in their face. Looking a bit worried he asks: "Are you alright?" Then the black haired man gave him the items. A white window popped up prompting Ranganok to accept the Items. He looked at them and their stats and he was impressed. The
  6. The lady turned around towards him and asked him about his name: "What is that, a bastardization of Ragnarok? That world ending event from Norse mythos?" Mikael, unphased by the question, after all he was expecting this much, replies with tranquility: "Ah. Yes you could say that it is inspired from Ragnarok. But it's real meaning is a bit more than that. Ragnarok is the time when the Great Wolf Fenris, which was unjustly imprisoned by fearful Gods, breaks his shackles and destroys the Old Order of the Gods who have wronged him. Ragnarok does not mean the end of the world, but it means the end
  7. The woman....did not react as Ranganok was hoping. By seeing her squint, Mikael would think that she was suspicious to his behaviour. It was quite a normal reaction which did not give him much in terms of information. But he decided to let it slide and let the girl go in peace to her things. After that, he decided to enter the apothecary. The inside is filled with shelves and shelves of colorful potions in various vials and jars. “Oh, hello," comes the distracted greeting from behind the counter. A man with a long, snow-white beard glances up from a bubbling cup of sweet-smelling purple
  8. Everything went according to plan. The girl headed off and Ranganok walked after her. He was a bit conscious about the fact that he might look like a stalker but he tried his best to not be one. After all, he wanted to just reach the Alchemist, and this black haired girl seemed like she knew exactly where she was going. After a bit of time, his suspicions were confirmed and they actually reached the apothecary where the next quest target was. The girl entered first, and he couldn't get a good look of what happened there, but as he wanted to enter the apothecary himself the girl tried to
  9. Ranganok's thoughts were interrupted abruptly after what seemed like a dark haired short lady came between him and the Mayor NPC. "Shove it" , was all she said before focusing on the NPC. Mikael was surprised for a moment, but then he returned back to his normal smiling face thinking *My, my. What a grumpy little girl.* At a first glance, Mikael thought that this person had anti-social behaviour and possibly coming from some trauma or hate towards people. Not really uncommon nowadays. He was a bit interested in hearing her story and analyzing her further, but he cannot just barge into her life
  10. It was a sunny day, like every other day on the first floor of Aincrad. But today was not an ordinary one. No. It was a very special day for Ranganok, because this was the day when he decided to stop loitering around the Town of Beginnings providing counseling and therapy to traumatized players and start his way up in Aincrad and to work towards clearing the game. As such, he took on his Rare Plate armor, and a normal-quality scimitar which was sheated and strapped to the left side of his waist. Aside from his shining white armor, his face could be seen, brown eyes and brown laid down hair wi
  11. It was a beautiful day outside. Ranganok has decided it was finally time to gear up and start playing his part in this game. He was strolling through the streets in search of a blacksmith shop. One a quieter alley, a shop took his attention. The Ring and Sword was named. The name sounded nice in Ranganok's mind and the logo of the sword with the tree also looked pleasing. He decided to enter the shop and see what they have. Looking around, he saw a diverse range of weapons and armors, and even jewelry at some counters. After all he did have some money. Some more experienced playershave given
  12. Character Name: Ranganok Character Description: Mikael Rugen is a spiritual philosopher gamer who started his journey with SAO. After some time spending hepling traumatized players to accept the reality and balance themselves mentally, he decided to become a tank and play his part in escaping this virtual prison. Character Journal:
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  14. Hey all! I am back. I originally joined this forum in 2014 and I am quite surprised to find out I still have my account and my character. However, from what I see, the forum changed a lot and I have no idea if I have to create a new char, edit the one I have, or simply continue to play like this. I am hoping that you can provide guidance XD. ~R Edit: I have been helped in another thread. Thank you!
  15. Hey all! I am back. I originally joined this forum in 2014 and I am quite surprised to find out I still have my account and my character. However, from what I see, the forum changed a lot and I have no idea if I have to create a new char, edit the one I have, or simply continue to play like this. I am hoping that you can provide guidance XD. I am glad to return and look forward to rp with all of you. :) ~R
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