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  1. If Kiru threw a, (possibly the last) Holiday Party, who would attend? Reply please, if I get enough interest I'll set it up ; )

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    2. Hestia


      sounds like it would be fun i'm in.

    3. Lessa


      Sure, Lessa'd be up for it.

    4. Kiru


      ill start it sometime, it may end up being a new years party because I got really busy :,) 

  2. Kiru

    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    I closed my eyes for a second and let everything sink in finally. I not only had provoked a murder guild, but I was stupid enough to allow Oikawa to get himself involved in my mess. And that's not to say that he was not capable of defending himself. He could probably end my life in less than thirty seconds, but that was not the point. Oikawa may have killed Zelrius, but I believed that he didn't have the specific reason to kill Opal. He was not available to the voices of murder, even in a game. For myself, I could say otherwise because I was a walking sob story that no one cared about. Hell, I had become so irrelevant that Opal did not even know who I was. In my case, that was for the better as she had no way of knowing what I accomplished or my stats. But it didn't matter. Oikawa was brought into this situation once before, and I was not about to allow it to happen again. "I suppose I am not in the correct mindset to devise a plan. If you hadn't been here I would be dead right now, Opal probably has wayyy more attack damage than I do," I looked down at his hand for a moment. I knew it wasn't a good idea, though it was just a hand, to initiate in this sort of way. He killed Zelrius through an extension of Opal. But he was my friend. I swallowed the small amount of pride I had left in me and took his hand. "Yeah, let's go."
  3. ; )))) someone write with me pls

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    2. Kiru


      @Shi yessssss 

      @Baldur ofc, who else has the nerve? 

      @Dazia PM me ! I love new friends

      @Oikawa ...Oink, we got some unfinished threads buddy. Let's get on those shall we? PM me rn! 

    3. Shi


      i've always been confused about the two of us writing a thread together

      would it be an sp or a pp

    4. Aereth


      Leeeeets go. You don’t know me, I don’t know you, let’s  have some fun. xD

  4. now no one can tell me to change my profile pic because its C H R I S T M A S ; )

  5. Hola so OBVIOUSLY the Azure Brigade Holiday Party did not happen partially because I got extremely caught up in a few things and yeah but I apologize, I kind of dropped the ball there lol. Anyways as you can see I am not very active on this site anymore, however I will try to be! Also happy holidays to everyone since I did not get the chance to say them at the appropriate time! <3 Kiru

    1. Mack


      *Hauls @Michiko off to a safe location*

    2. Azide


      I think Azure is sorta RIP. Happy late holidays though!

    3. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      Technically Zel officially disbanded it. Though I still live in its guild hall with the waifu.

  6. Hey everyone, SO I was thinking about maybe either starting the Azure Brigade Holiday Party either this weekend or the next, please let me know if you're coming. (count this as an "rsvp," lol)

    1. Baldur


      I will try to be there! Maybe we can get @Oikawa to poke his head out from retirement.

    2. Oikawa


      *raises brow* possibly :P

    3. Vargas


      Sounds. Cam get Vargas to interact with people and make more connections/relationships.

  7. Read!!!!!

    Okay, first of all, hello~

    - My Santa hat is finally relevant again after an entire year of keeping it as my user. (thanks zel.) 

    - Zelrius, so sorry I missed your birthday bud, I also missed mine on here lmao

    - I am extremely sorry to anyone that I haven't responded to over the past two months, I've started school again. (uh oh) 

    - Unfortunately I am not back on the site right now UNLESS I get some people (preferably the people I know, but all are welcome) are wanting to come to the Official Azure Brigade Holiday Party. Please let me know if you're interested in this event in it's third year!! 

    <3 Kiru 

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    2. Hakai


      A tiny group with more power than you could possibly imagine.


    3. Kiru


      Thanks everyone! I just may do the third annual AB Holiday Party! ily all <3

    4. Kotori
  8. Kiru

    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    "Yes, well, I'd like to think it's because I'm pretty but we both know why I get into trouble. It's like I'm unintentionally calling anything and everything murderous to me; Death for some reason desires an audience with me I presume. But not you of course. If I see him I'll say hello for you though." I said, slightly gesturing my hair from my eyes, "But back to the common ground thing. I do not see a solution to this odious predicament I'm afraid. I will not let you kill her, but you will not let me die. The only possible way for this to go both our ways is for some elaborate plan. Opal said to come alone and to have nothing up my sleeve," I paused, with a smirk, "But when have I ever listened to anyone?" There was a certain feeling, like temerity, in me. I felt as if I needed to absolutely rebel against Oikawa and fight Opal one on one with no plan. However, this was not going to happen in a million years. The only choices I had were to lie, cheat, or make a plan. The last one seemed more respectable, not that Opal was. "We can further discuss our plans another time, or finish right now if you like, but all I know is that someone is going to get hurt, and I certainly would not like it to be one of my friends. I think that when Opal challenges me to the total loss duel, I should just accept it and try my best. Though you and I both know how that is going to go, I did provoke her," I smiled just a little and focused on his blonde tufts of hair, "Of course, that is unless you would like to do something to aid me in this fight. She has a green cursor, so there's not an option to attack her first, but what if I didn't need a challenge in order to strike? I'm sure there's some loophole to this, I just cannot think of it."
  9. Happy Birthday, Echo! You were one of the most active writers with me two years ago, so thank you!!

  10. Able

    It's Daeron!!! I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

    1. Kiru



  11. whoops I seem to have disappeared during a plot 

    1. Calrex


      All the plots! XD

    2. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      what kind of plot are we talking about?

    3. Calrex


      The gunpowder kind?

  12. Guys!! Please come and join Zandra's party!! 


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    2. Kiru


      oh whoops @Jomei I guess Kiru's psychic  

    3. Helios


      does that mean i am too?

    4. Kiru


      I would assume so, @Helios

  13. There are so many birthdays today, so I wish you all a good one! (Davros will probably never read this, lol, but happy bday Hikoru and Manta.) 

    1. Amira


      XD Davros is my main account. And thank you. ^~^

    2. Hikoru


      Thank you!!! ^-^

    3. Kiru


      What? @Manta Gaul Omg! I never knew that lol.


      Welc @Hikoru

  14. Kiru

    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    I shifted my weight to the right and crossed my arms over my chest, "As rude as this may sound, I don't care about your promise. I will stay on my selfish route and think of only my own promise. However," I sighed, Oikawa was right. The both of us were way too stubborn to simply let our promise go down the drain for the other. And though I didn't particularly agree with his offer, I couldn't say no. If I did, we would be back to square one again and I would probably do something twice as stupid as what I just did. "I see where you're coming from. I will not go into detail unless you want an explanation, but Zelrius did exactly what I just did for almost an entire year. I believe I told you some parts of it, but to be honest I really did not like it. Your promise and mine counteract with one another, but I think we can reach an agreement if we try. I am not sorry that I went off in the first place, I'm sorry that things went sour and I didn't tell you about it. That's one of my most redeeming traits, right? Running off and doing something stupid without telling anyone," I stifled a chuckle but once again returned to a more serious state. There were many obstacles to go over if we wanted even remotely agree on something. For example, the grounds. As in, in what way would he protect me, how far was he allowed to go before he had to stop? There was also me, how far could I go without interfering with his promise? The guilt of Keith and Zelrius was still in my stomach, but I chose to ignore it and push forward for now. I needed to get through this. I opened my eyes, not realizing I had closed them in the first place, "What about the total loss duel? She told me to come alone, and if you come with then I'm pretty sure that means I'm not alone,." I rambled, not meaning to. "The one thing I know for sure is that I need to attend or else something is going to happen. Whether it may be to you or me or someone else, I can't let that happen. IF you're really still on board with this, we need to figure out a way to settle this." I paused, Oikawa most likely did not want to hear these words, "If I battle with Opal I have a very slim chance of winning, you and I both know that. And it's not like she is going to give me months to prepare. So most likely, if a duel breaks out, I will die," I steadied my stare, but kind of focused on his hair more than his face, I couldn't look him in the eye while basically stating I was going to die, "But that makes your promise invalid doesn't it? So, the question is, how do I win against Opal?"
  15. Kiru

    [PP-NK-F13] Shattered

    The situation I was in required thoughtful planning, and doing so right now would not do much good. In all honesty, I was exhausted from the past two days. Every since my meeting with Oikawa I had been in and out of the guild hall, setting everything up and accounting for anything that could have gone wrong. I had spare weapons, potions, and even a mass PM to send if Opal suddenly were to make a move. Everything had been calculated to the minute exactly, Eleven. Since then maybe a couple hours had passed; it was all the same dark color outside to me. The result of all my work had been ripped to shreds. Yes, I got Opal here to talk, but she left knowing a few things and placing death upon me. She had the upper hand in this situation from the moment she stepped in the door, and I was a fool to think otherwise. Thinking of the time, I looked over to the spots on the floor where the light of the moon spilled inside. It crept through the entire hall from the door and up a few steps, almost illuminating the walk to my bedroom where I could sleep this away and hope tomorrow was the actual day. I could dream that Opal came and I was the one pulling the strings. I could think of what it would be like to have an entire Azure Brigade behind me on the matter. That thought left as quick as it came as I peered through the window above the giant door to the Guild Hall. Finally, I close my eyes for a second and returned to my conversation with Oikawa. Guilt was practically scratching from the inside out. Why did he insist on protecting me when he knew full and well what would happen? Why did he stay when he had a high chance of dying if he stayed by my side? Of course I could take a guess at the answers to those questions, but deep down it all felt wrong. Why did he have such a deep affection for me? Did he merely feel culpable for everything that's happened since the Festival? It all came back to me. He was in this because of me, and it hurt to know that the fault was on me. Suddenly something broke my train of thought. Specifically, Oikawa poked the middle of my forehead, then guided his hand to brush my hair back gently. My feelings from two nights ago suddenly broke through again, forcing a small smile upon my lips as he stared at me. Quickly however, I retracted the smile before he removed his hand from my face. I couldn't keep this up. Oikawa was making it very difficult, but I couldn't keep pulling him closer and closer. Because one day, I knew that something would happen. Whether it be to him or me, it would hurt it I continued on with the blonde. "I remember my promise to you, and I intend to keep it. However, I cannot keep it if you are in any way involved in this with me," I said carefully, knowing he was probably just going to reject my statement. And for a moment, I let something more slip. "I don't want to lose you."