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  1. Baldur listened to Cal-kun as he relayed to the gaijin samurai the outcome of the previous floor boss battle. Zombies were all around them, but the two of them were talking as if they were grocery shopping. The dissonance between what they were doing and what they were saying was almost comical. WIth another crimson arc of light, Baldur struck out with his blade, impaling and slicing several zombies as he moved deftly among them, avoid their blows as if they moved in slow motion. "How did everyone perform? I felt like we had almost achieved something good with teamwork on the Dark Elf Council fight, until people started trying to save the enemy. I was hoping to build on that when we had our council meeting... and unfortunately... we know how that ended up." The loss of Shield, Beat, Hirru, and Anemone were wounds that would take the front line a long time to recover from. If they could recover from them. Anemone and Kataware were people Baldur had scouted out to advance the front line.Where were they at now. "How do you think this 25th floor will go?"
  2. Baldur

    [PP-F19] Sword of Atonement

    Baldur smiled at Jon and the man's eagerness to accept the challenge, though he viewed it as a fight. "We can duel if you would like, but that's only going to teach you how to handle one-v-one PVP combat." Baldur shook his head, "What I am going to teach you is something you can even take out of the game." The samurai bows slightly with his right hand, his left on the handle of his blade as he pushes himself to stand up in what can only be described as a very particular way. He then slowly began to walk around Jon, his steel blue eyes evaluating the man's stance. It was good, perhaps a bit over-exaggerated, but the sword arts in SAO encouraged the more anime style of sword fighting than the real, because it was ultimately a video game. "Your Senpai, Calrex, came to me long ago, because he needed to win a spiritual fight. As you could imagine, he doesn't have much to fear when it comes to a battle of HP and energy, but he didn't want to defeat his enemy, he wanted to use his sword to communicate with an old friend and bring them back to the light." "The stance you've adopted is what's called Iaijutsu, or battojutsu. Everything that comes after drawing the sword, that's called Kenjustu. What I studied outside of SAO, is Iaido, and Kendo. And the language is more than just a historic artifact. Iaijutsu teaches you to draw the sword and kill your opponent in a single move. Iaido doesn't. In the reach world, you can't practice cutting people in half, and the purpose of it isn't to train you into a murderer with amazing reflexes, no matter what that old movie Kill Bill would have you believe. Iai is a maddening concept, because you will practice a single set of moves for two years before they let you test for it, with no regard for how good you are it, that isn't the point." Baldur, from a relaxed standing position and appearing completely casual while teaching Jon, suddenly has his sword drawn and has cut before Jon is even able to register the movements he made. In fact, the ability of the sword to go from point A to point B without using a sword art, seems to defy physics. Baldur then performed the rest of the maneuver is a much slower, sedate pace, flicking imaginary blood off to the side, and then he raised his hand, with the blade pointing down but held at arms length, before slowly returning the blade to its sheath and stepping back into a causal stance. At the moment that his feet return to being next to each other, the katana and the saya make a clicking sound. Baldur then slowly slides his hand down the length of the hand, and makes a gesture as if he were throwing something away. "There are many concepts that Iaido teaches, that Iaijutsu does not, and that's what I'm going to attempt to teach you. They'll help you develop the mentality I spoke of, but it will take time you and I to get to know each other and convey all the concepts. Calrex and I had the advantage of he and I already being very close, so I could tailor my lessons to him." Baldur suddenly had a thought, and pulled out his inventory. After a moment of navigating, two wooden bokken appeared in his hands. He smiled at them and tossed one to Jonathan. The wooden sword was a beautiful darkened wood that seemed carved to look like a katana, though it had no tsuba and with a rounded edge, would deal no damage to either of them. "Come, tell me what brought you here. Share with me your struggles. Tell me of your failures, and I will know how to guide you were you seek to go. But tell me through your sword." Baldur and Jonathan needed to communicate, but where Baldur was intimately familiar with Calrex's struggles, he did not know the young Paladin's. They would need to share their feelings, and to that end, Baldur gave him no change to delay or hesitate, and the Samurai struck. CD: 11 (Counterattack)(Scissors)
  3. fluff (I have not yet rolled for this post) Baldur: Lets them hit him Zombie 4 ID# Zombie 5 ID# Baldur, The Gaijin Samurai: 1230/1230 HP | MIT 124 | 54/120 EN | ACC 4 | DMG 25 | EVA 3 | BH 49 Zombie 4 (of many): 1/400 HP | MIT 75 | DMG 200/250 | Special: LD: 15+ zombie has 1 HP left unless Crit Zombie 5 (of many): 25/400 HP | MIT 75 | DMG 200/250 | Special: LD: 15+ zombie has 1 HP left unless Crit
  4. fluff Baldur: drinks a potion (+90HP), +1 EN Zombie 4 ID#128935 BD:3 (miss) Zombie 5 ID#128935 MD: 7-3 (miss) Baldur, The Gaijin Samurai: 1230/1230 HP | MIT 124 | 53/120 EN | ACC 4 | DMG 25 | EVA 3 | BH 49 Zombie 4 (of many): 1/400 HP | MIT 75 | DMG 200/250 | Special: LD: 15+ zombie has 1 HP left unless Crit Zombie 5 (of many): 25/400 HP | MIT 75 | DMG 200/250 | Special: LD: 15+ zombie has 1 HP left unless Crit
  5. Baldur

    [ET-F1] This Can't Be Gourd... TIER 3 BOSS

    The plan was coming together remarkably well. They could kill the adds easily and without fear. If the final bomb had exploded this turn, then they would have learned something about the damage it could do, but it would die this turn, and they would most likely end this fight close to full hit points. The boss seemed incapable of hurting Hestia more than she could heal herself, and since they figured out the trick of its mitigation, they could easily alternate between bombs and the boss. The boss itself was almost to 50% when they suddenly all attacked it once more. Macradon and Zandra using their AoE, and Jon, Jomei, and Baldur using their sword arts on the boss. It may take a little while, but they would make safe work of this event boss. Just don't let your guard down and don't be cocky. Baldur kept his eyes open, waiting for a variation in the attack pattern, waiting for the boss to pull out a trick they didn't know about. But until then, he would just continue to use <<San Ge>> on the mad king, in the hopes of making all the basic white girls in Aincrad happy when this thing exploded into pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin cake. Or something like that. ID#128931 BD: 3+4=7 (hit) 25*15=375-200=175 Net, -15 EN, +1 EN [3](0) @Morgenstern: 1450/1450 HP | 107/136 EN | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 5 ACC | -1 EVA | 73 BH | 61 THN | 6 Flame Thorns (9-10) | Para. Venom (8-10) [-25% DoT] [7](0) Macradon: 1665/1665 HP | 148/175 EN | 22 DMG | 170 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 12 Holy | 6 REC [-1 EN 2/2] [Barrier 15%] [13](0) Hestia: 1850/1850 HP | 154/176 EN | 17 DMG | 169 MIT | 0 ACC | -1 EVA | 69 THN | 92 BH | 3 REC [-25% DoT] [3](0) Jomei: 1490/1490 HP | 150/159 EN | 20 DMG | 97 MIT | 5 ACC | 4 EVA | 75 BH | 2 Savvy [-1 EN 0/2] [-20% DoT 1/1] [1](0) @Zandra: 1685/1685 HP | 120/164 EN | 22 DMG | 143 MIT | 1 ACC | 0 EVA | 12 Fallen | 84 BH | 30 THN | Paralytic Immunity | Antifreeze [3](0) Baldur: 1230/1230 HP | 92/120 EN | 25 DMG | 124 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 49 BH
  6. Baldur fought off another zombie, seeming to give very little heed to the undead NPC. While the gaijin samurai couldn't be careless, his life was never in any particular danger around these unless he really dropped his guard. He could not be as careless as Calrex, but as long as Baldur was conscious and equipped, then he would not be taken down by these creatures. "I actually haven't spoken with anyone about how the last boss fight went. I saw that the floor was cleared... I actually was pretty concerned with how long the fight lasted. I wasn't in a position where I could come and help either, though." The Samurai spun and and attacked as a whirl of orange and blue and crimson light as his form blurred behind the superhuman speed of the sword arts he was using. "So, how DID the fight go? If you're here grinding for enhancements, I take it that it didn't go well."
  7. Baldur

    [PP-F19] Sword of Atonement

    "The stances become more useful the more you are used to moving from position to sword art. The faster and more precise you can be, the more you can throw off your opponent. Even the AI, the longer you fight it, will begin to understand your patterns. At least, until you kill it, then the next one learns from scratch. So the longer the fight goes, the more alternate stances will help you create openings. However, against trash mobs, chudan is the most useful, since we can kill most things in a hit or two." Baldur assumed the jodan stance, the most aggressive stance as if inviting an invisible enemy to strike at his exposed midsection, and then the samurai, rather than bringing the blade down in a powerful slash from on high, he took a step back, moving the sword into <<San Ge>>. Such an imaginary foe would have attacked empty space where the samurai had been, only to find themselves faced with his flurry of attacks, the most devastating x15 sword art. Immediately following the end of the system assisted motion, Baldur was held helpless for a moment, until the system released him, however he had the ending position of San Ge memorize,d and quickly moved his sword directly into an unsheathed <<Iai>>, keeping the time between the two sword arts to the shortest time humanly possible, almost appearing to have chained the two sword arts into one, except for that heartbeat pause before the system disengaged him. "Because of the raw damage difference, and the energy costs, there really aren't a whole lot of options for us. We do have one of the highest damage stuns of any weapon, however the loss in damage between <<Iai>> and <<San Ge>> means that unfortunately it's almost never worth opening with Iai, especially when you consider the accuracy penalty of <<charge>>. So it really falls down to being able to alternate from the tail end of San Ge into whatever strike you want to follow up with." remBaldur smiles, and then relaxes his stance, sheathing his sword once more. "The lock on target and system assist of SAO removes a lot of the skill necessary for successfully attacking a foe, which helps players who don't have a black belt be able to compete with someone like me. However, that means we have to find other ways to be more accurate. If accuracy in attacking the foe is resolved by the system, then we should focus on what is within our control." Baldur slowly sits down in seiza, the traditional sitting position of a samurai and gestures for Jonathan to do as he does. "Shifting from stance to stance to stance as quickly and accurately as possible is something that comes with time and effort. It will set you apart from the average player who hesitates, or someone who has only recently mastered the katana. What will set you at the pinnacle is the sharpness and accuracy of your mind. Your will. Western traditions often have heroes wielding magic swords. Excalibur. Durandal. Gram. The hero gets a sword with power. In the eastern tradition, any weapon became magical in the hands of a master. Sure there are swords like Kusanagi, Muramasa, and the Masamune, but Musashi won his most famous fights with a bokken, a wooden sword. The idea is that one who has trained his mind as a weapon makes any sword magical." Baldur slowly arranged his hands in a specific way, right hand under left, both palms facing up, but with his thumbs touching, making a circular shape. "To really master the sword, you have to master yourself. If you're interested, I will teach you what I taught Calrex. How to master your mind, and your emotions. If you can do it, then you have gained the ultimate weapon of a samurai, which is just as important in SAO as it is in real life." The calm ocean blue eyes once again steeled, and looked up at Jonathan. The look was a challenge.
  8. "I feel bad that I missed the last floor boss fight after everything that happened at the meeting..." Baldur slapped aside the clawing attack of another zombie as he reposted with a small times four sword art that finished off the zombie he had left behind after his last attack, immediately whirling around to shove the blade of his katana in the jaws of another who tried to bite him, dealing no damage but stopping the attack until Baldur could get out of reach.. "But after what Hestia did... everything we had worked for just fell apart. There was so much hopelessness and worthless division, I couldn't muster the will to fight in a mindset like that. So I've taken some time to try and regroup." He didn't take his eyes away from the fight at hand. "I still don't know what I plan to do, but since I don't plan to be away forever, I wanted to make sure I didn't fall further and further behind."
  9. Baldur

    [ET-F1] This Can't Be Gourd... TIER 3 BOSS

    As Baldur spun away from the Pumpking following his attacks, its vine and roots shot out at them, the Samurai dancing away until he realized that the monster had gone for Hestia, wrapping her up and removing her from the fight for the moment, causing her <<hate>> to drop, and make Macradon the default leader. The man could take whatever the boss threw at them for a while, but they didn't know what would happen to Hestia now, and after some of the absurd abilities that the fallen event had revealed, he didn't trust that even Hestia's overwhelming resilience would be enough. His experience gamed out the possibilities of what would happen. The bombs were either a threat to Hestia that they needed to burst through to save her, or they were a threat to them while Hestia was removed from the fight. The fact that her hate was reduced usually hinted at some kind of follow up, but what was it? The bombs could explode when killed, or they could explode if killed. Therefore, if they killed them all at once, it would be huge burst damage. If they were timed and they didn't take them out, it would burst Hestia. However, as they were all in the green, and Hestia had taken an insignificant amount of damage, Hestia was in a safer place than Jomei and he were. At that point, Jonathan called for them to not attack the boss for a turn, which was a prudent move to check and see how the mitigation worked with the boss, and then Macradon called to test all 3 pumpkin bomb hypothesis at the same time. It was a good plan, and Zandra even played a long in spite of her berzerker nature. It was actually an impressive amount of team work, if only there was something they could do to help out Hestia. The steel blue eyes of the Samurai looked up to where she was suspended and he attempted to get closer to her, but was prevented from doing so, and he could see no way to attack the vines which held her. Baldur takes no action, regains 1 EN [3](0) Morgenstern: 1450/1450 HP | 107/136 EN | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 5 ACC | -1 EVA | 73 BH | 61 THN | 6 Flame Thorns (9-10) | Para. Venom (8-10) [-25% DoT] [5](0) Macradon [0](8) @Hestia: 1819/1850 HP | 159/176 EN | 17 DMG | 169 MIT | 0 ACC | -1 EVA | 69 THN | 92 BH | 3 REC [-25% DoT] [2](0) Jomei: 1490/1490 HP | 159/159 EN | 20 DMG | 97 MIT | 5 ACC | 4 EVA | 75 BH | 2 Savvy [-1 EN 2/2] [-20% DoT 1/1] [1](0) Zandra: 1685/1685 HP | 120/164 EN | 22 DMG | 143 MIT | 1 ACC | 0 EVA | 12 Fallen | 84 BH | 30 THN | Paralytic Immunity | Antifeeze  [2](0) Baldur: 1230/1230 HP | 106/120 EN | 25 DMG | 124 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 49 BH
  10. Baldur had been fighting his own group of zombies on a different area of the first floor when he saw his kouhei run by and engage a different group. WIth a flourishing slash with one of Baldur's lesser sword arts, he ran towards Cal, weaving through zombies until another group sprouted from the ground and blocked his way, forcing the Samurai to deal with them. "Kobanwa, Cal-kun!" The samurai ducked under a clumsy grab attempt by a zombie and then spun around behind it before unleashing his next sword art, always leaving just that tiny sliver of annoying HP left. "I thought I'd see you at the event! Normally you show up for these sorts of things... or at least you seem to when I show up." The gaijin gave the bluenette a playful smile as he finished off the zombie with a cheap and easy sword art he rarely used. The crimson bands of light following the blade that Calrex's wife, Teayre had given to Baldur for safekeeping and judicious use. The cursed blade had been entrusted to Baldur, as the only one with the character required to use the katana and not be corrupted by its influence. "How's the wife?"
  11. Baldur

    [PP-F19] Sword of Atonement

    Baldur smiled when Jonathan took a familiar stance. It seemed the man had gravitated towards Baldur's own style, but instead, Baldur waved the tip of katana at Jon dismissively. "Don't worry, we'll get to that. But for now, it's more important to know what to do after that, since most of our time will be spent with the sword already out and in the midst of battle." Baldur took up a stance in front of Jon, raising the katana high above his head, and the blade slightly curving back almost like a shark fin raised above his head. "In traditional katana fighting, there are three basic stances. This is called Jodan, and in European I believe it's called high guard. Normally, these stances are used for power generation, because we have to rely on momentum and inertia and torsion of the body to generate power. Then you also have Gedan, or Fool's guard." Baldur lowered the tip of his point till it was aimed at the ground, still held with two hands in front of him. His right foot forward. "I usually think of this as a baiting stance, which I like to believe is why it's called Fool's guard." Baldur flashed an amused smile to the blond, "but since we're in sword art online, we don't rely on power generation for the strength of our attacks, we rely on the system assist for the sword arts." Baldur raises the tip of the blade to be almost level with his eyes, but with the sword pointing out towards Jon, creating a lot of space between them. "This is the most neutral guard, the most natural stance, and is called Chudan, or Longpoint guard. This creates space, and gives you the most defensible position because you can move into any other stands easily. It is also, for our intents and purposes, the easiest position to move from into any of our sword arts." Baldur demonstrated by moving swiftly, and with no wasted effort, into the pre-motion of the sword arts, the blade beginning to hum with color before he disengaged the art before it would fire. As he moved from San Ge, to Amatsu no Homura, no an unsheathed Iai, he didn't move a muscle that didn't need to be moved. His movements were quick, but precise. He has obviously memorized and rehearsed these movements thousands of times, until they had becomes second nature to him. "The other stances are really just there if you want to play head games with your opponent, which would be mostly for PvP. You can trip up the AI by using the other stances, because it is continuously trying to learn our fighting style until we kill the NPC, but it takes a lot of practice to move from one stance into the premotion quickly and by muscle memory. Rather than striking the rock, I find it better to practice flowing between Arts. Learning to feel that pull of system, but also how to not engage it unless you want. Riding that line can give you the advantage. Waiting for your opponent to have an opening, and then letting the system snap you into motion."
  12. Baldur

    [PP-F19] Sword of Atonement

    Baldur listened to Jonathan's expression of his emotions. Part of the gaijin samurai was surprised that Jon opened up to him, even just this little bit, as most believe that stoic masculinity meant hiding your feeling. Such a lack of bravado was refreshing coming from the new samurai. Baldur took a quarter step to turn towards Jonathan, turning his head the rest of the way so that he was almost looking at over his shoulder at Jon. There was a... tenderness in Baldur's normally steel blue eyes. Now, in stead of the steel, they were a serene ocean blue that almost no one ever saw in the samurai. A vulnerability. "None of what we're going through is normal, we're all struggling to be okay." He turned the rest of the way, and put both of his hands on Jonathan's shoulders, "Happy shared, is happiness multiplied. Pain shared, is pain divided." He gave the man a kind of sappy smile, even though Baldur was many years his senior, he only stood slightly taller than Jonathan. Sometimes the breath and... scars of that life experience caused him to seem taller than he was, and sometimes the weight of it shrank him. The wanna-be samurai's recent struggles seemed to have weighed him down more recently, but he hoped that perhaps he could help the boy before him find peace in some way. "I'm glad you've found the strength to push forward. A wise oji-san once said, 'In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.' and it is some of the best advice I've ever heard." Baldur gently released the man from his grasp, but didn't break eye contact. "I was going through a very difficult time in life once, perhaps one of the lowest points I've ever had. I didn't like what I had to do, I didn't like my options, and I didn't like myself. At the time, my wise older friend said to me... "You are currently crossing a river of [censored], and on the opposite bank, you see your future self. Do what you need to do to enable THAT person, to give your future self the tools and things they need so that you'll go on and prosper. Today is just a stepping stone so to enable that person to be anything." He pat the young man on the shoulder. "We are all works in progress, even me, though I have less time left to make progress than you. Repent. Repentance is good, we all need it. Nobility of character isn't being better than someone else, it's being better than we were yesterday. It's never being satisfied with the progress we have made. It is always striving to be a better man." Baldur took a few steps away, and then drew his sword, <<Shukketsu>>, the wicked looking serrated hamon pattern on the blade gave away its bleed enhancement. "If you'd like, I can show you a few tricks I've picked up with the Katana. I'm sure you'd figure them out eventually, but there's no reason to do things the hard way." Alone.
  13. Baldur

    [ET-F1] This Can't Be Gourd... TIER 3 BOSS

    After the blow Mac had landed last time, Baldur was amazed to see that the Knight was unable to get more than the minimum amount of damage off. Had the mans impressive array of Procs landed, it would have been a different story, but Baldur also remembered the Fallen battle where it was not reliable to count on them. Baldur was built for reliable damage, which is why it annoyed him so much that his charge had been blocked. Watching how the the vines moved, Baldur found his opening and leapt through, dodging them until he was close enough to activate <<San Ge>> and the crimson bands of light tore into the rind and hide of the giant pumpkin. It wasn't much, but he may have been one of the few left who was capable of still dealing damage at this stage. The red health bar slowly began to slide down a tiny amount. If Jonathan hit with his San Ge, he may be able to do decent damage as well. Still, the little damage it dealt to Hestia made Baldur wonder if the boss wasn't going to absorb their damage and then turn it back on them. He wanted to warn the others, but bit his tongue instead. They were all unharmed and they were all big boys. They could handle what came just as well as he. They didn't need him barking unnecessary orders. This boss had almost taken Calrex, so Baldur wasn't sure what it had in store for them next, but hopefully it wasn't adds or a damage explosion. The samurai would have to rely on his unbuffed defensive stats... but this was why he mixed mitigation and evasion. ID:128172 BD: 9 (Crit) Baldur (San Ge) 25+1=26x15=390-300(mit) =90 DMG dealt, -15 energy, +1 energy regen [1] @Morgenstern: 1450/1450 HP | 121/136 EN | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 5 ACC | -1 EVA | 73 BH | 61 THN | 6 Flame Thorns (9-10) | Para. Venom (8-10) [-25% DoT] [Barrier 15%] [5] Macradon: 1665/1665 HP | 160/175 EN | 22 DMG | 170 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 12 Holy | 6 REC [-1 EN 2/2] [Barrier 15%] (+7)(-9) [4] @Hestia: 1819/1850 HP | 166/176 EN | 17 DMG | 169 MIT | 0 ACC | -1 EVA | 69 THN | 92 BH | 3 REC [-25% DoT] [Barrier 15%] [2] @Jomei: 1490/1490 HP | 150/159 EN | 20 DMG | 97 MIT | 5 ACC | 4 EVA | 45 BH | 2 Savvy [-1 EN 2/2] [-20% DoT 1/1] [Barrier 15%] [1] @Zandra: 1685/1685 HP | 135/164 EN | 22 DMG | 143 MIT | 1 ACC | 0 EVA | 12 Fallen | 84 BH | 30 THN | Paralytic Immunity | Antifeeze [Barrier 15%] [2] Baldur: 1230/1230 HP | 105/120 EN | 25 DMG | 124 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 49 BH [Barrier 15%]
  14. Baldur

    [PP-F19] Sword of Atonement

    Baldur listened to Jonathan's comments with a curious ear, but found nothing that would give him cause to be on edge. The way the man had been attacking the stone was not normal. In fact, it reminded Baldur of something that had happened to him in his childhood, when he had first started to study the katana. He had not yet been trusted with a blade, though he probably close to Jonathan's age at the time, and his sensei had laid out exercise mats in a long row up until they were chest high. The practice was simple, to learn to strike through the opponent, since so often with a partner you stopped before you hit them. Baldur, for reasons that were lost to time, had struck the mats with his bokken with everything he had, and so quickly you might have thought he was using a sword art in real life. So ferocious were his blows, that the people around him had become frightened, and the Sensei had to intervene. Baldur had kept the bokken, broken as it was, as a reminder. It seemed to the gaijin samurai, that Jon was doing something similar here now. "Well, Calrex doesn't consider himself a tank either." Baldur and Jon would let the conversation lapse, while Jon left the sentence hanging in the air, and the samurai pondered the mans words. I switched to the katana to try and change what I had become. Baldur opened his mouth to retort, something sage and witty at the same time, when Jon asked him another question. "Me? Well, I just happened to be in the neighborhood." At this, Baldur finally pushed off from the rock and dropped down to where Jonathan stood, no longer forcing the younger man to crane his neck up to look at the samurai. "How satisfying has it been to attack the rock? I can't imagine it's much for witty repartee." Baldur took a few steps past Jonathan, but paused once again and turned around. "Hey Jon... are you... doing ok?"
  15. Baldur

    [PP-F19] Sword of Atonement

    "Oho, your rock is it?" Baldur said with a smile and a slight chuckle before sitting down on the edge of the giant head, looking down at the blond swordsman. "I thought Macradon was the one who finished this thing off?" He patted the giant stone, bits of moss covering it, either from before the fight or after was no different to Baldur. The gaijin samurai was dressed as he always was, his twin katana at his left hip, and the traditional japanese haori about his shoulders, trailing down over his hakama pants, and little bits of armor covering his chest and shins and arms. "I noticed at the zombie halloween event that you had switched the Katana. Is there a reason you made the change? You've come a winding way from when I thought you were going to be a tank." How long had it been? Baldur vaguely remembered meeting Jonathan on the side of the Volcano, and then he had had a meteoric rise to become a tank from the frontline, but then all Baldur remembered was some kind of animosity between he and Shield. There was often competition between tanks. Everyone wanted to be the MAIN tank, and tanks were not something parties tended to need more than 1 or 2 of. The steel blue eyes of the gaijin samurai watched the blond knight, evaluating him and his headspace. Baldur didn't remember him being orange, but when he had shown up at the event, the former Paladin had born the crystal. What would have caused him to go orange? Baldur trusted Jonathan, but there was just enough caution in Baldur to be wary of what might have changed in the man.