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  1. For once during this entire battle, Jomei's lips curled into a small smirk when he noticed the Leviathan had been stunned. Sadly, its head was able to lift up out of their range before hand, but at least it meant a round without worrying about any of its attacks. Things were starting to turn in their favor after all, despite a decent amount of members fleeing and another few nearly biting the dust. Jomei turned to watch Mars, one of the newer, second tier players, dodge attacks from each of the Sahagin before delivering one attack that damaged all of them. "Hell yeah." Jomei said with a chuckle, before taking off with his Charge skill to help. Targeting the first of the fish-men, Jomei's shoulder collided with the minion, knocking it off balance. The ginger followed up with an array of different cuts and stabs, his final strike knocking the small fry back, but also releasing a toxic venom that would deal some extra damage in case his attack did not finish it off. ID 118038 | BD 9 Small Crit! | Over Radiation + Charge 14+26 =364 - 50 = 314 DMG to Sahagin 1. Toxic Venom Activates. 24 Poision Dmg for 3 turns +35 HP
  2. "Not these guys again..." Jomei cursed under his breath as a group of Sahagin began to crawl from behind the Leviathan's body and leaping down to stand between the players and their serpent leader. The fish-men let out low, gurgling noises as they pointed their weapons towards the players, ready to give their life to the Leviathan. While his focus was on the small fry, the small blowholes in the boss' scaled hide opened up, and streams of boiling hot water shot out at the players. The ginger brought up his forearm to take most of the attack, still dealing damage, but not causing any lasting effects. In the same moment, probably to catch the players off guard, the Leviathan lowered its head and released the familiar freezing mist that began to descend on them. "Not this time." Jomei said as he shot forward, zigzagging through the Sahagin, and making his approach towards the big bag itself. The man's speed was enough to keep the frost from clinging to his armor. Jomei skid to a stop in the sand before the serpentine head, thrusting his sword forward and delivering another barrage of attacks from his Over Radiation sword art. Scald: ID 117985 | LD 18 (+3)(+2) -1 DMG for turn Frostbite: ID 117986 | LD 12(+3)(+2) Frostbite does not take effect Over Radiation: ID 117987| BD 3(+5) HIT 14 x 19 = 266(x2) = 532 DMG to Leviathan +71 HP
  3. The ginger looked between his party members with a bit of worry, they were either rendered frozen by the Leviathan's attacks, or failing to strike true at the scaled segment they needed to destroy. As he continued to look around, he noticed that Hikoru was missing. Normally, the man would just be hidden in stealth, waiting to strike.. but he noticed his name had also been removed from the party list. "Guess Hikoru bailed out too.." he said with a sharp breath, knowing that things would be a bit tougher without the Master of Shadows' heavy damage. Taking another look at his party list, he saw that Mars and Neo were both running dangerously low on health. The man bit his lip, not wanting to see either of the players bite the dust during this fight. Hestia, luckily, was able to heal a decent chunk of their health, as well as his own. "Thank you." he said to the woman, before turning to the newly spawned water crystal. "Oh no you don't." Jomei said, spinning his sword in his hand and rushing forward at the strange entity. After dragging his sword through the sand, the blade ignited in a golden light as Over Radiation activated, dealing a good amount of damage to the healing crystal. ID 117948 | BD 7(+5)(-4) 8 HIT | Over Radiation vs. Water Crystal 14 x 20 = 280 DMG to Water Crystal +35 HP
  4. Jomei groaned when he saw just a sliver of health remaining on his group's segment. Despite the damage he had done to it, it still was not nearly enough. The rain continued to pour, each droplet crashing into his body with some unexpected weight to it. "Dammit.." he said with an exhale as he dropped to a knee, feeling a bit hopeless with his own damage output. While the man knelt there, taking in a few deep breaths to calm his nerves, he could feel a cold mist falling on top of his shoulders, causing the hair on the back of his neck to stand, and the bangs in front of his face to begin to turn into icicles. Picking up his head, Jomei could see the mist expelling from the Leviathan's mouth. "No no no.." he said to himself as he quickly got up and began to leap backwards, creating distance from the mist yet again. While he moved, the man used his free hand to brush the frost from his armor and hair. ID 117926 | LD 18 (+3)(+2) Not Frozen ID 117927 | BD 1 | Over Radiation +35 HP
  5. The segment that his party was assigned to stood strong against their attacks. "You've gotta be shitting me.." Jomei cursed to himself through a few deep breaths. Lucky for them, the Leviathan's third and final health bar was slowly trickling down after the last round of attacks. If they could just take out their segments and hit the boss with one or two more giant waves of attacks, they would be able to win this. The ginger looked around at his comrades, two of them not looking to great on health. "Another few bad hits on them and they are done for..." Jomei thought to himself, looking at Neo and Mars. The man turned to look at the Leviathan's body yet again, just as a few crevices on its body opened up and sprayed scalding hot water from its body. The liquid crashed into Jomei, burning his skin a bit, but the man was able to shake off any farther burning as he pushed forward. Oathkeeper shone bright as he activated Over Radiation yet again, and his blade went wild cutting into the scaled hide. "Hopefully that did it.." ID 117881 | LD 13(+3)(+2) = 18 ID 117882 | BD 8(+5)(-2) = 11 Hit | Over Radiation 14 x 19 = 266(-50) = 216 DMG to Segment 1 + 35 HP
  6. "Dammit... not again." Jomei cursed under his breath as the Leviathan released the freezing cold mist from its wide open jaw yet again. The man walked backwards through the sand, trying to avoid the attack is it fell over his party and drew closer and closer. Once it finally began to cling to his leg, the man shook it off yet again, "Not this time." he said to himself before jumping backwards, his back hitting the cold, scaled hide of the Leviathan. By then, the mist had done its damage and began to dissipate. The ginger took this as an opportunity to strike. Flaring his blade in his hand, he began to rush forward to the segment his team was assigned to. Thrusting his blade forward to initiate the Over Radiation attack, the point of Oathkeeper just bounced off of the surface of a thicker scale, cancelling his attack. ID 117630 | LD 16 (+3)(+4) 23 Not Frozen ID 117631 | BD 2(+5)(-2) Miss | Over Radiation
  7. The ginger smirked at Symphony's teasing, "Well then, I look forward to it. And don't worry, next monster we find, I'll let you take lead and I'll watch your back for anything else." Allowing Symphony to take the lead, Jomei followed closely behind, keeping his eyes peeled for any other beasts that may have been lurking in the tall grass or murky water. Only inches before them, the ginger noticed a few bubbles rising to the surface of the swamp water in front of what he thought to be a few stones poking out from the waters surface before a bit of shrubbery. His olive eyes went wide as the jaw of a fairly large crocodile opened wide and lunged forward at Symphony. Lucky for her, the beast's rows of razor sharp teeth clamped down on nothing as it missed. "Look out!" Jomei shouted as he took a step forward and running his blade through the top of the swamp creature's snout. From the side of Jomei, he heard another splash of water as another crocodile revealed itself, shooting out from the water and rushing towards the ginger who had attacked its hunting partner. "[censored]." Jomei cursed under his breath before pulling his blade from his first target and stepping out of the way of the second. "Looks like you got what you wanted." Jomei said with a small chuckle, looking over his shoulder at Symphony, "I'll keep the first one off of you if you think you can handle its friend." @Symphony [ 2 | 0 ]Jomei: 1430/1430 HP | 152/153 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 72 B. Healing [ 0 | 0 ]Symphony: 240/240 HP | 24/24 EN | 6 DMG | 14 MIT | +1 ACC | 9-10 PLYZ | +5 REGEN Crocodile 1: 130/160 36 DMG Crocodile 2: 160/160 36 DMG
  8. Damaging effects seemed to come at them from all angles. Not only was the rain still falling from the sky, doing a pestering amount of damage to the ginger, but the constant worry of both scalding water coming from the Leviathan's sides and the wave of a freezing cold mist made him even more cautious. All of a sudden, Jomei heard the sound of rushing water, like a fire hose being turned on. The boiling hot water crashed into his back, soaking his coat and heating up his body. The man grimaced as he stumbled forward a few steps to avoid the full brunt of the attack. Simultaneously, the Leviathan lowered its head and released a freezing cold mist, coating the various players in a bit of frost. Jomei, able to brush off the creeping cold before, had failed this time. He could feel his muscles slow to a stop as he stood in the center of the battlefield, cold and paralyzed. After a few moments of fighting against the frigid cold, Jomei was able to break free from his momentary confinement and shake the icy shard off of him. The ginger shivered, still drenched in the cold rain that poured from above. Seeing that all of the Sahagin had been defeated, and his segment of the Leviathan's body left wide open, he decided to strike. Moving slightly more sluggish than normal, due to his muscles still thawing out, the ginger rushed forward and used all of his might to cut deep into the segment of the boss. ID 117397 | BD 6 (+5)(-2) = 9 Hit | Over Radiation 14 x 17 = 238 (-50) = 188 DMG to Segment 1 + 35 HP Party 1: [H:11] @Calrex: 1783/1850 HP | 140/176 EN | 16 DMG | 126 MIT | (3) 4 ACC | (2) 3 EVA | 0.6 ACH [H:7] Jomei: 1147/1525 HP | 99/151 EN | 17(20) DMG | 5(6) ACC | 5(6) EVA | 97 MIT | 2 SVY | 71 BH | 9-10/24 TV [-1 EVA -1 ACC TR] [Queen's Ire] [H:5] Mars: 461/970 HP | 32/88 EN | 21 DMG | 73 MIT | 6-1TR=5 ACC | 5-1TR= 4 EVA | 2 HM | 9-10 PLZ | 9 PRB [Snowfrost] [Queen's Ire] [H:2] Hikoru: 1001/1550 HP | 106/152 EN | 22 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 94 MIT | 76 BH [Queen's Ire] [H:9] Hestia: 2045/2065 HP | 103/170 EN | 1 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 THN | -2 EVA(-1 EVA due to TR) | 103 BH | 2 HM | 6 REC | 25% STNW [Snowfrost] [20 burn DMG 1/2] [H:7] @Neo: 573/1025 HP | 30/86 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 9 PRB | 4 FLN [Snowfrost] [Queen's Ire] 
  9. Hikoru was right, the only way they could be sure the rainstorm would end would be to take out the boss itself. Jomei turned to face the Leviathan as it rose its head out of range of the player's onslaught yet again. His best bet at the moment would be to help get rid of the fish men that guarded his party's segment of the Leviathan's scaled body. The ginger found the one that still had the most health out of the three that remained and focused on it for a moment. He did not want to make the same mistake as last time and miss, so he activated the Concentration skill just to be safe. The man's olive eyes flickered with yellow cross hairs around his pupils for a moment as he chose his target, and once his sight was lined up with the Sahagin, he used his Charge skill to launch forward. Kicking up wet sand as he rushed forward at full speed, the ginger's shoulder collided with the fish person before unleashing the full power of his Over Radiation, riddling the creature of cuts and stab wounds. Concentration + 1 BD ID 116820 | BD 8 (-1 TR)(-1 CH)(-1 EVA)(+1 CON)(+5 ACC) = 11 | Over Radiation + Charge vs Sahagin 3 14 + 20 (+5) = 350 (- 50 MIT) = 300 Dmg to Sahagin 3 + 35 HP Concentration CD: 0/3
  10. Jomei scratched the back of his head, a bit embarrassed that he had taken out the monster with a bit of a stronger sword art, rather than letting Symhpony get a few more hits. "S-Sorry about that. I'm all for hunting larger monsters as long as you be careful of your own limits." the man said with a chuckle. Allowing the woman to take the lead once again, Jomei followed. The two trudged through the thick, swampy waters and mud. His tall, brown boots were completely drenched, his nose crinkling slightly with each slosh as he moved his feet. "I had no idea that this floor was so tough to traverse.." The ginger looked up to see the sky was slowly becoming a darker gray, almost as if a storm was beginning to stir off in the distance. The man turned his attention back to Symphony, he asked about how long it took him to become a front liner. "For the first few months, I did not do much and stayed within the walls of the First Floor.. After that.. maybe it took me another few months.. maybe a year to get to where I could fight on the front lines?" Jomei was not entirely sure, it had been a long time since he thought about it. "Ever since then, I just made sure my level was up to par with whatever we were facing on the next floor. I would just do as many quests that I could, and make a bunch of friends who could help me get there." @Symphony
  11. "Can someone please figure out how to stop this damn rain!" Jomei shouted out to the rest of the frontliners, hoping someone had some idea of how to stop this devastating room effect. Jomei's focus on only the boss left an opening for one of the Sahagin minions, who rushed up to the ginger and dragged its trident clear across Jomei's back, leaving a deep red and white gash. The man grunted as he stumbled forward from the attack, turning to glare at the fish-like beast with daggers for eyes. However, when he heard Sey calling out to the rest of them that the Leviathan was open for attack, he turned his attention back to the boss. If they could take out the big bad, then cleaning up these little guys would be a much easier task. He just hoped that one of his party members that could attack multiple targets can wipe the three of them out before they cause any more damage The man disengaged from the Sahagin to avoid it getting any other sneaky attacks from behind, and then turned and charged towards the Leviathan's lowered head. The rain continued to pelt into Jomei, causing his damage to lower a bit more. However, the damage done was mostly counteracted by his Battle Healing, leaving him with only a sliver depleted from the room effect. Skidding to a stop in front of the serpent's head, Jomei unleashed his strongest sword art yet again. Each slash and stab dug deep into the leathery, scaled skin of the creature, dealing as much damage as he could. ID 116569 | BD 4(+5) = 9 HIT | Over Radiation 14 x 20 = 280x2 = 560 DMG to Leviathan +71 HP
  12. Jomei shot a playful glare up at Symphony who claimed Jomei was not too light on his feet. Normally, being quick and light was what his build was built on... but when fighting something that he knew held no real threat to him, he was a bit lacking in his motions. Now a bit clearer of mud than before, Jomei took Symphony's hand as she went to help him up, only to notice the Boa turning around and making another quick move on the girl. "Look out!" he shouted, giving the player enough time to turn and strike to snake with a stunning blow. "Nice one," he added with a smirk as she helped him up the rest of the way. Jomei pulled his boots from the mud and gripped the handle of Oathkeeper a bit tighter. The blade ignited in a bright, golden light as he stepped forward with a single thrust, the brilliant energy trailing behind as the tip of the blade plunged deep into the Boa Constrictor's body. With one final hiss, the serpent shattered into hundreds of red fragments that rained into the mud at their feet. "Well, that deals with that." @Symphony ID 116497 | BD 7(+4) Neutron vs Giant Boa Constrictor 14 x 5 = 70 Dmg [0]Jomei: 1430/1430 HP | 151/153 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 72 B. Healing [3]Symphony: 240/240 HP | 20/24 EN | 6 DMG | 14 MIT | +1 ACC | 9-10 PLYZ | +5 REGEN vs. Giant Boa Constrictor: 0/120 HP | 36 DMG
  13. Jomei spun around as soon as he heard Symphony call out to him, pulling the long, thin blade from the scabbard on his hip. A large serpent, about twenty feet long had lunged at Symphony, but just barely missed. The woman's blade caught the snake and jammed into its scaled hide multiple times, dropping its health bar just a little bit. Jomei watched the creatures motions as it crashed back into the mud and began to slither about the tall grass and shrubs that grew here. The creature seemed to keep its focus on his companion as is quickly made its way around them. Jomei's eyes followed the snake before pushing off of the mud to lunge and attack...at least he tried to. Jomei's front foot, which he was putting most of his weight on, had sunk deep into the mud, and the ginger needed to catch himself with his hands to avoid falling flat on his face. The palms of his hands, and his rapier, sunk into the sludge for a second before he affixed himself upright with a groan. "You've gotta be kidding me.." he said under his breath as he shook his hands and sword clean. ID 116423 | BD 1 | Rip Ravine [0]Jomei: 1430/1430 HP | 152/153 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 72 B. Healing [1]Symphony: 240/240 HP | 20/24 EN | 6 DMG | 14 MIT | +1 ACC | 9-10 PLYZ | +5 REGEN vs. Giant Boa Constrictor: 96/120 HP | 36 DMG
  14. "Floor Twelve it is then" Jomei said with a nod before following after Symphony. The two trailed back through the Town of Beginnings to the large central plaza of the town. Before he stepped up onto the platform after Symphony, he took a long glance at the Black Iron Palace in the distance, which served as a major contrast to the bright colored walls of the adjacent buildings. With all this talk of death, he thought of the Monument of Life sitting inside, and all of his friends that had perished. With one final breath, the man stepped onto the platform. "Try not to get sick this time." the man said with a playful smirk. "Warp, Floor Twelve." The main settlement of Floor Twelve was the town of Lazaro, and the two players had appeared on the first floor of a large plantation-like house. The front entryway was wide and without a door, to allow players to easily enter and exit the building. The town was built atop a swamp, and the easiest way to travel through the 'streets' was by catching a ride atop a simple, flat raft. Jomei remained silent for most of the trip, as the two players moved from canal to canal, making their way towards the tall, haggard fence that served as the town's barriers. The swamp water outside of the city was much less clear, and Jomei did not want to know what type of creatures lurked within it. "Alright, lets be a bit weary. Not sure of the last time I was on this floor, so I don't know what type of enemies to expect." Reaching across his body, the ginger wrapped his fingers around the dark purple handle of his rapier, ready to strike the moment an enemy showed themselves. @Symphony
  15. The ginger blinked in surprise when she revealed to him that she had not told anyone else this story before. Lifting his glass and tilting it back, the ginger finished the rest of his drink. "Maybe its because we've been in similar circumstances?" the Irishman replied. "Nonetheless, I appreciate you opening up to me.. and don't worry, I won't tell anyone about your history." Jomei looked down at his empty glass for a moment before shifting his eyes back up to Symphony, "..But you should consider telling him.. before you get married. What you were put through was a terrible.. terrible thing, and the men who did it to you deserved what happened. However.." Jomei placed his elbows on the table and leaned forward, lowering his voice so only she could hear, "Many people do not take kindly to killing other players... despite the circumstances. Make sure to make your future husband understand that you are not a murderer, and that they got what they deserved. As for your ex lover.. well.. I can't stop you from doing what you think is best, just don't let your revenge get to your head. The last thing I want to see is other players hunting you down because your crystal turns orange." he pointed up at the green crystal that rotated above the girl's avatar. When the woman suggested possibly heading out of the city to blow off some steam, Jomei reluctantly nodded. "I'll go with you.. though fighting things on this floor honestly won't due me much good aside from practice with my blade." he added with a small chuckle. As the two stood from their table, Jomei walked to the bartender and summoned his inventory to pay for the two's drinks and food. "Alright, lead the way." @Symphony