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  1. *Screeches here as well*
    Why is it when I have the muse to write, all of my threads are quiet...
    Anyone looking for an RP partner? 

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      its because we play the endless cycle of muse hot potato those who hold it have muse, then once its tossed. All muse is gone.

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      That's how I get sucked into SP threads

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      Good thing my muse has been roosting while I had no interwebs. I wanna thread.

  2. Jomei

    <F1-PP> Trial by Fire

    Jomei let out a small sigh, a bit saddened by Willow's shy antics towards him. Coming from the kitchen, the man heard a slight 'wooshing' sound, almost like a swirling, wind gust. Turning his attention towards the noise, he saw two, small orbs for eyes rise above the island counter top, playfully glancing at the ginger before hiding again behind the half wall. Raising a single brow, the man smirked, "So that's how its going to be huh?" Placing a hand on either side of the couch, Jomei slowly pushed himself up to a standing position and began to almost silently walk towards the kitchen. Then, moving all at once, Jomei lunged forward, placing both palms on the counter and leaning over to look past the wall "Gotcha!" he shouted, before realizing the ghost had disappeared, yet again. Another swirling of wind caught his hear from behind him, followed by a noise that almost sounded like a taunting giggle. Turning his chin to look over his shoulder, Jomei saw Willow's tiny head poking from the ceiling above the couch. "Ya know.. that's just cheating." he said with a chuckle, to which Willow responded with smiling eyes and floated from the ceiling to a spot in the center of the room, flipping right side up. Hoping to catch the ghost off guard, Jomei shot forward with his hands extended, nearly forgetting that Willow was, in fact, an etheral being and did not have a solid body. The ginger passed right through the familiar, trying to throw his arms around it in an embrace, and hit the ground with a thud after losing his footing.
  3. By the time Jomei had finished consuming the damage potion, a lot had already gone down in the fight. The raid team seemed to be making quick work of the multiple bosses, even already taking one out within the first round of attacks. The ginger smirked, feeling as though this was going a lot better than the past two boss fights. Remembering that she had gone into fight without him, Jomei began to quickly scan the battlefield for Telrenya. His brows rose when he saw one of the dark elves, wielding a cutlass and a mischievous smirk, took hold of Telrenya's hand and forced her into a small dance-like spin, even making a remark about how these ladies were more his type. Jomei simply chuckled, knowing these elves were just a result of a bunch of code and AI that were just trying to get on their nerves.. He was not about to let another NPC mess with his head again. Rushing forward towards the now stunned elf, who held his fiance's hand in his own, Jomei reached out with his free hand, taking Telrenya's opposite hand. He pulled her back to him, catching her around the waist as her body stopped next to his. "She's already got a dance partner, ye bastard." Jomei's gaze turned to Telrenya for a moment, still keeping that same smirk. "I thought I was a bad dancer.. but at least I don't freeze up like he did." The ginger let his arm out from around Telrenya, allowing the space between them for him to retrieve his own rapier from its scabbard. "Why don't we show him how we dance." he said with a quick wink to the blonde beside him, "Just like Varalys." With Telrenya also readying her own attack, Jomei brought his sword arm across his body and bent his knees. As he activated his Charge skill, the man took off in a blur, rushing at full speed at the paralyzed enemy. Once in range, Jomei brought his arm back to the right, leaving a deep red gash up Rori's chest. The Irishman followed suit with another thirteen strikes, a combination of stabs and slashes, riddling the dark elf with red and white cuts all over his body. With the last, combined strike, the cutlass wielding elf was sent tumbling to the opposite side of the chamber. Jomei's Action Player Stats
  4. Jomei

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team B

    What the hell were they doing? I thought they had decided to split up and search the mansion, why were they all here now? "Get out of here!" Jomei shouted. As he looked closer at his friends on either side of the hall, he noticed something strange. None of their eyes were visible to him, shrouded in a dark shadow as if they wore a hood. As he looked to Ryo, the man pointed his blade towards the player killer in front of him, shouting words that Jomei also could not hear. This was all too strange.. there was no way that this could be real. Snap out of it Nick.. its all fake.. none of this is real.. Jomei thought to himself. It didn't matter how much he tried to convince himself that this was not real, and how this was just the mansion playing with his head. The scene that played out in front of him caused Jomei's chest to tighten, as tears immediately pooled in the corners of his eyes. One of Death Adder's shadow-like blades poked Telrenya in the throat, before piercing through the front and out the back. "ESTELLE!" Jomei shouted, as blood began to trickle from the wound and down her neck, coating her white collar with a crimson stain. The ginger tried to pry his eyes form what was going on in front of him, but the moment the lids of his eyes wretched shut and his chin turned away, he was pulled back by some unknown force. Now all of his friends were facing Jomei, on their knees, their facial features completely blurred out. Telrenya had been moved as well, and unlike the rest, Jomei could see the details of her face clearly. She looked as though she had lost all hope, with no tears left to cry, staring nearly lifelessly at the ground before Jomei. "Stop, I get it." Jomei said, his voice shaky as he pleaded, "I know this isn't real I just... I can't look at it anymore.." Tears began to pour down the man's cheeks as he looked up to the vision of Death Adder before him, hoping that the entity that created him was listening. "Its my fault that the old mansion was destroyed, don't blame my friends. If you need to take a life, take mine. Just please, let them go." Jomei's chin dropped as droplets began to hit the floor below him, and all went silent. Death Adder shook his head with a heavy sigh, "Again with the hero antics." Suddenly, starting with the light fixtures down the hall, one by one went out, causing the entire hallway to become pitch black, little by little. Finally, as the last one went out, nothing could be seen but those piercing blue eyes, and a wide, inhuman smile. After what only felt like a quick moment, a single light where Jomei was came to life, illuminating the area where the illusion was, and leaving the rest of the mansion in a dark void. Around Death Adder's feet, were the mangled remains of all of his friends, not shattered data fragments like normal. No, Jomei looked upon the bodies of his entire guild, entry wounds from Death Adder's blades, their clothing soaked in blood. The only one who remained alive was the blonde woman he loved, still on her knees and closer to where Jomei was chained, Death Adder standing behind her with a blade to her throat. "Why..." she said, weakly. "Why didn't you help them...You promised to protect all of them.. you promised to protect me... You really are nothing.." Jomei trembled, not believing what he was hearing "No no no... I- I can't" Slowly, Death Adder's blade began to glide across the woman's throat, and all life from the woman seemed to slowly fade. The flush of her skin fading as she grew pale, yet no blood could be seen pouring. Rage finally took over, an anger that Jomei never would want to unleash upon everyone. The man screamed, pulling with all of his might at the chains that held him in place. As if by some miracle, the chains around Jomei's wrists shattered, allowing him to move once again. Taking a long stride forward, Jomei lunged at the illusion of the man killing Telrenya, letting his fist fly forward with a powerful punch. As his clenched hand made contact with Death Adder, he shattered, Telrenya shattered, and all of the corpses around him shattered. Light came back to the hallway, and all evidence of what Jomei was just witnessed was gone. The man fell to his knees, pressing his palms into the floor. He struggled to catch a breath between sobs, his tears soaking the red carpet below him.
  5. Jomei

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team B

    "Yeah..yeah I'm fine." Jomei said, looking up to Telrenya with a small smile. Taking the woman's hand, she helped him back up to his feet, though their hold on each other did not falter, and the blonde's grip only tightened as she spoke. An impressed brow rose over his visible eye as Telrenya formulated a plan, for the group to split up. Despite their dire situation, Jomei could not help but smile wider, seeing just how far she had come from the scared girl pacing in the center of Urbus. "Good idea Tel, we have a much bigger group this time.. so we can afford to split up into smaller groups." With Hestia and Ruby, the couple managed to make their way past the strange bust and up the stairs to the second floor. At the top of the stairs was a hallway that seemed to slit off in both directions and then go around to the opposite side. Looking over his shoulder, Jomei saw that Ruby and Hestia were no longer in sight, figuring they must have split off to the opposite side of the second floor. I didn't even hear them walking the other way.. thats weird.. he thought to himself, before turning back to his front. Before him and Tel was a door that seemed unfinished.. the wood still its natural color, rather than finished with the darker stain as the others were. Saw dust littered the floor just in front of the door, and a sign on the door reading 'Under Construction' was nailed to the center of the entrance way. "We can come back to that, lets see what else is up here." Jomei said softly, before noticing his fiance turn to him with hooded eyes. Her arms loosely wrapped around his neck, pulling him into an embrace moving him slightly down the hall so the two were not standing at the top of the stairs. "Estelle, are you oka-" the woman's face shot forward, her lips softly pressing into Jomei's, stopping him in his speech. She held her kiss for several seconds before separating, a soft pink glow to her cheeks. This doesn't seem like her... she seems overwhelmed from everything.. Jomei moved with her as she brought herself down to the ground, sitting with both knees bent and legs pointing away from her body like a W. Jomei, on the other hand, crouched in front of her, a hand on her shoulder. Concerning eyes looking into the familiar brown orbs that looked back to him loving, wanting eyes. Her sudden renouncing of her love caused a small blush to appear on his cheeks, "I-I know Stel.. and I love you too. Is everything alright?" "Tch Tch Tch... You two really think this is the right place to be doing that lovey dovey s**t?" A familiar, taunting voice spoke out to Jomei from behind him. The Irishman froze up for a moment, before slowly turning to look over his shoulder. Standing tall over him, looking down with pale blue eyes and a wide smirk, was Death Adder. The man, who seemed much taller as Jomei crouched, leaned over to whisper in Jomei's ear, "I thought I told you not to try to be a hero.." the voice followed by a sword slowly being pulled from its scabbard. The screech of the metal revealing itself sent chills down the man's spine. The heavy pounding of multiple sets of boots from the opposite sides of the hall took his attention off of his attacker for a moment, and looking past the man, he saw Ryo, Teion, and Jevi quickly turn the corner, all their weapons drawn. From the opposite side of the corridor, Spencer, Ruby, Hestia, and Kairi appeared as well, all ready to fight. "W..what?" Jomei managed to get out with a gasp, before shooting to his feet and going to pull out his own sword. "Ah ah ah.." Death Adder said, placing a palm on Jomei's chest, "I'll deal with you next." Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the ginger found his wrists and ankles bound by cold, chained cuffs, in a matter that reminded him far too much of his time trapped by the player slavers. "So.. you all want to play hero now huh?" the man taunted, pulling out two blades from his back that were as black as the night.
  6. Jomei shot a quick side glance to Ruby, who teased the fact he had 'won' this mansion. "How was I supposed to know it was going to turn into some secret Halloween event? Better us that could handle the stress of the mansion rather than some lower leveled players who could have gotten killed. Besides.. clearing the event did award me with a house of my own.. so it didn't technically lie." Jomei's attention was taken from Ruby and, with everyone else's, focused on Hestia as she approached the newly established mansion. With Tel's hand still clutching his, the two rushed forward to stop the woman from going any farther into the unexplored area. Suddenly, a deep voice called out to them, specifically the four founding members, welcoming them back to this place. The rumble of the voice sent a chill down Jomei's spine as his eyes widened, slowly turning to look at the tall, dark building as it "spoke" to them. The leaves and branches of the trees behind them began to violently sway.. though there was no wind. Turning around again, the tall trunks began to shift in place as if they were alive, thorns growing from their thick branches. The combined foliage and thorns had created a wall that blocked the dirt path they had taken to get here. The Irishman looked around at the party that remained outside, and then to the players who had moved in. He gripped Tel's hand tight and turned his chin to look at her. With a single nod, the man moved forward into the mansion. The players who had moved inside now stood in the mansion's foyer, looking nothing like the entrance way of the previous mansion they had explored. A grand staircase stood tall in front of them, forking off into two doors on the second floor. Four doors to unknown rooms awaited on the floor they stood on currently, one on each side of them, and two on the wall under the stairs. Jomei let out a heavy sigh, knowing they would need to, once again, find a way to eradicate this monster and find their escape. As Spencer began to formulate a plan similar to their old one, the voice from before spoke out to them, this time from a single spot, and much closer. Behind the dirty blonde haired boy, a creature made entirely of shadows grew from the ground, grabbing Spencer by the throat and throwing him down a flight of stairs into darkness. "Spencer!!" Jomei shouted, ripping his own rapier out of its scabbard and turning to slash at the creature. The shadow moved with speed matching Jomei's strikes, managing to dodge every one of his attempts to stab at it. The shadow proved to be just a bit faster than Jomei, and much stronger. With an attack that seemed to be impossible to dodge, Jomei thrust his blade forward, only for the creature to put a hand up, blocking the tip of the blade. Despite its mouth not being visible with the rest of its body, he could feel the smirk taunting him. Suddenly, the ginger felt himself being thrown back by an invisible force, away from the shadow creature, flying to the opposite side of the foyer and hitting the ground with a loud thud. "Hng.. damn.." he cursed under his breath, propping himself up onto his elbows.
  7. "Very funny Ruby" Jomei said, sucking his teeth before smirking, "Should have figured you'd be fine." After pounding the second Drakeling for scorching her skin, the two small dragon-like creatures recovered from the attacks and glared across at the two players, releasing small, growl like chirps as they lowered their heads towards the stone floor. "Looks like they are getting ready for another pass, get ready." Olive eyes locked onto the drake's mouth, looking for any signs of smoke or fire. Expecting another fire based attack, the small dragon rushed at Jomei, lifting a clawed hand to swipe across his person. With a quick retreating step, Jomei dodged the claws of the dragon, before thrusting his blade forward and following back in. Oathkeeper pierced the Drake's skin multiple times in quick succession, the last stab causing the monster to shatter like glass. "There's one.. damn, doesn't look like it dropped any of the hides you were talking about." [1|0]Jomei: 1390/1390 HP | 138/151 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 70 B. Healing (+70)[0|1]Ruby: 1000/1100 HP | 95/110 EN | 15 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 0 MIT | +3 Stealth | +6 LD | 20% First Aid HealingDrakelingHP: 0/350 DMG: 200 MIT: 15 ACC: 2 EVA: 1 (BoF 1/4) (-104)DrakelingHP: 140/350 DMG: 200 MIT: 15 ACC: 2 EVA: 1 (BoF 1/4)<< Breath of Fire >> : Each Drakeling will attack with an AoE dealing 100 unmitigatable damage. After a 4 turn cooldown, the Drakeling will use Breath of Fire again. _____________________________________ Drakelings Defeated: 1/10 Drakeling Skins: 0 (CD:8+)
  8. It had been awhile since the entire guild had gotten together. At the most, some of them had participated in the past few boss raids together, and of course Telrenya lived with Jomei now, so he saw her on a daily. Now, however, Jomei stood among the rest of his guild, his friends, all thanks to Spencer's efforts. Being the group had not had an adventure together in a very long time, Spencer had had enough, and demanded they all meet up. Who was Jomei to stop the determined man that Spencer was, and was more than happy to join this meet up. Almost all of their guild, minus a very busy Kimi, and an additional purple-haired axe wielder, stood together as Spencer explained his plans for them. Now that the guild had more than doubled in size, he felt it was only necessary to show the newcomers 'where it all began.' It did not take much imagination for Jomei to know exactly where Spencer was speaking of; the mansion they had all been trapped in. Spencer, expressing his excitement through detailing the story of their first misadventure, left a smile on Jomei's face, taking it all in and remembering it clearly. His fingers gently grazed against Telrenya's hand, who he walked beside, before filling in the gaps between her own fingers, giving her hand a small squeeze. The Irishman chuckled, "I had ran into an NPC in town, having players sign up for a raffle. Turns out the prize was some sort of mansion out of town. With the thought of a guild in mind, I invited Ruby and Telrenya along to explore it. But like Spencer said, some weird stuff started to happen.. almost like a haunted house..." Jomei continued on, filling in some of the blanks in Spencer's story with his own perspective, "But in the end it turned out to just be.. a.." The man's speaking slowed to a halt just as his feet did. Standing tall in front of them, where the scorched ashes of the old mansion stood, was one twice as large, and twice as creepy. All that was missing was the dark clouds, lightning, and 'Toccata and Fugue in D minor' playing in the background. Just as its predecessor stood, the mansion seemed abandoned.. no lights of any kind inside, though the foundation did not seem to show any signs of age or decay. Jomei let out a small sigh, "I expected Cardinal to eventually put the mansion back in place for another group of players to stumble upon.. but this looks like something completely different.." The Irishman took a few small strides towards the building, before Hestia moved past him, wanting immediately to explore. "H-Hestia wait!" Jomei called to her, but she already had the mindset of going inside, with or without the rest of the team.
  9. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    Now, with enough space created between himself and Vaughn, Jomei took a moment to catch his breath. One hand pressed into the cold, stone wall while his other rubbed at the tingling skin of his neck. He felt as though though his neck was actually being crushed by rocks, not by a human hand. Jomei feared the worst for their cursed companion.. had the curse progressed too much to the point of no return? He refrained from thinking about what he would have to do if Vaughn was now out for blood, with no humanity left in him. The gigner's head shook side to side, No.. there had to still be a bit of Vaughn left in there.. Jomei just needed to bring it out. The sudden sound of stone scraping against stone sent a chill down the man's spine. With the now lack of torch in his hands, Jomei could hardly see the cursed man approaching from behind. Frantically, Jomei began to feel around the walls for some sort of escape. Searching revealed a small alcove that, lead nowhere, but could serve as a small spot to hide while Vaughn slipped by. With a deep breath in through his nostrils, Jomei slipped into the space and listened for the NPC to pass. All Jomei could see was darkness, and the pitch black silhouette of Vaugh as he slowly passed by where the ginger hid. His piercing white eyes shone through the dark, the only thing the ginger could truly see. Jomei soon realized that this would simply turn into a game of cat and mouse, trying to find Telrenya, and then an exit, before Vaughn would catch them. He needed to bring the cursed man back from this state, or else it would only get worse. Slowly reaching into his pocket, Jomei took out the rest of the tiny fruits that proved to halt a bit of the progression before. Once Vaughn had moved a few paces past Jomei's position, the ginger sprung into action, rushing at Vaughn's back and wrapping an arm around his shoulder's to pin his arms in place. He then took the fist full of fruits and shoved them into the NPC's mouth, forcing him to eat them. "Work with me here Vaughn" Jomei said through a grunt, as the half monster writhed and squirmed to free himself from Jomei's grasp. The stone arm broke free of Jomei, and swung behind him, cracking Jomei in the head and knocking him to the floor, dropping his HP another few points. Vaughn, however, stumbled and fell to a knee, the white light that took over his eyes draining. Soon, heavy breathing could be heard from the dark silhouette before it began to move "What.. what happened?" he said, rising to his feet. Jomei, his vision still a bit hazy from being hit in the face rose to his feet as well, "It.. doesn't matter.. lets just keep moving."
  10. A soft smile forced its way onto Jomei's lips after Telrenya's reply and confirmation. Before he could open his mouth to say anything else, the large iron wrought doors at the other end of the hall crept open. "W-what? Already?" had they shown up that late to the fight that he had no real time to prepare and use any of the items given to him. Ready or not, the fight had begun. His comrades in the first group rushed past him, dealing massive damage to some of the dark elf council that awaited them on the other side. Olive eyes darted between each player as they entered the room, before swiping a hand up and opening his inventory. Before the fight had began, Zandra had sent some of the group potions for them to use.. so Jomei had a plethora of buffs to choose from; one for mitigation, one for damage, one for overhealth, and some others he already had. "Dammit.. looks like I only have time for one of them. Estelle, go join the fight.." Tapping a finger on the damage potion, the vial appeared in his hands, a familiar strawberry scent filling his nostrils as he popped the cork out of the top. He took one last look at the blonde, a confident smirk on his lips, "This time love, I'll follow you in." Turning the vessel, Jomei poured the contents down his throat, increasing his overall damage for the boss fight. By then, the man had already lost his chance to get a hit on any of the five dark elves that stood before him. However, he knew that with his increased damage, they were in for quite a surprise soon enough. Jomei used +3 DMG potion from Zandra: New damage: 20
  11. The Irishman continued to move through the dark elf cavern, his blonde haired lover at his side. He wore a slightly sour look on his face, partially wishing that they could have avoided this fight entirely.. or at least, that was the front he was putting up when in reality he simply wished he had gotten off of his ass and prepped more for this fight. Olive eyes trailed to the side to look at Telrenya for a short moment, thinking of how they had originally planned to have their wedding shortly before the Bialas fight. Yet, here they were, walking towards another boss that would prove to be the strongest that the frontliners have encountered thus far. The man chuckled, trying to bring his own spirits up from the mud. "So I'm thinking, at this rate, we can see us planning our wedding for after the 75th boss fight? Maybe even before if we get lucky." he looked to her again with a playful smirk before letting out a small sigh, "I just wish we had more time to plan and set it up.. but it seems like when the thought crosses our mind, another boss fight rolls around." Despite the ginger's distaste in already participating in yet another fight as such, he knew that the frontlines could use his and Tel's combined damage. The two finally arrived in the hallway where few other players were gathered, readying their equipment and passing out consumables. Before they stepped closer to any players, Jomei placed a soft hand on his fiance's shoulder with a smile, "After this one." Going into his inventory, the man took out his half mask from the Valentine's Day Masquerade and placed it upon his face, reaping the benefits of fighting with Tel by his side. Scrolling through the rest of his inventory, he let out another sigh, wishing he had gotten the chance to grab some items for this fight. Jomei's Stats:
  12. Of course. Jomei thought, there were not many people he ran into wanting to take this quest that didn't ask for his help. Especially after telling them he had done it, as if there was some secret way to complete the quest. Though that secret, Jomei supposed, was finding someone with the skill to go along with them..The ginger chuckled, "Nah. I'm free for the day. Simply doing some reminiscing about the floor is all." The man stepped past Myth, gesturing with his hand to follow him, "I'll show you where to go, it won't take long." Slipping between some of the cottages that made up the Northern side of Marome Village, Jomei and his new companion made their way through the small forest, in the direction of the mountains he had pointed out before. "Sometimes, to mix things up.. The old man's hut changes location. Keep an eye open to see if you see anything." Jomei turned to the owl on his shoulder, requesting the same thing of her. With a nod of her feathered head, Adere took off into the sky high above the two, scouting the ground below her for any signs of the quest giver. @Myth
  13. Jomei

    [PP - F11] More Hallowed Halls

    Jomei rushed up behind Lessa, also trying too pry the door on the opposite side of the hall open, hoping the door would magically open for him. Of course, it did not. "Dammit.. I knew this all seemed a bit too easy." The man spun around, four statues, all glaring at the two players. At the moment, they were not moving, and seemed lifeless. Jomei knew, however, as soon as the light was off of them, they would just move closer. "I doubt we can fight them..Most likely some sort of trap." Olive eyes frantically moved between each of the stone angels, trying to think of a plan. His hands clenched into tight fists, realizing he still held on tightly to the ghost's amulet. Bringing a hand up, Jomei looked at the object in his hand before taking a deep breath. The chandelier above them continued to sway, allowing the statues to move closer and closer. "Well lady, if you don't want to help us.. then we don't have to help you!" The man shouted to the opposite side of the door, keeping his eyes on the statues. Stepping forward, Jomei chucked the necklace down the hall, back the way they had came. The amulet hit the stone floor on the opposite side of the angels with a clang, and Jomei could only hope the statues were more interested in that than them. The lights above them suddenly went out, leaving the two in pitch black, and silence. In one swift motion, cold, stone fingers wrapped around Jomei's neck, the palm of the statue's hand pressing into his throat. That did not go according to his plan at all, and in moments, the man saw his green health bar slowly deplete as his breathing was cut off. His hands gripped at the angel's hand, choking him, trying to break free. Though it felt as though he was actually trying to break free from a statue.. which was nearly impossible with his bare hands. When all hope seemed lost, the door behind Jomei and Lessa shot open, the scream of a banshee echoing off the walls and piercing their ears. With a hand extended, the ghostly woman from before pushed back the angels with an icy wind, freeing Jomei and Lessa from their grasp. The angel statues began to crack and crumble, until their were nothing but frost covered dust and debris. The ginger fell to the floor, grasping at his throat and coughing. "All.. according to plan.." he joked, looking up to Lessa. Clearing his throat once more, the man retrieved the amulet from the other side of the hall and rejoined Lessa. @Lessa
  14. Jomei

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    The dark clouds above their heads lit up as an even louder crack of thunder boomed. The ginger player's eyes turned towards the sky as the rain immediately followed, large droplets of water pelting his face. The sound of Lessa calling out to the group could be heard from behind him, as all the players began rushing towards a small cavern they had found. Calling off his own search in the trees, Jomei followed with a quick pace. As he stepped up to the mouth of the cavern, a small frown formed on his face when he realized how tight the space was for someone of his size. With a heavy sigh, the man ducked his head and shoulders, and carefully made his way into the cave. The group was met with an interesting find, an abandoned camp ground, still all of its provisions remaining in their place. Jomei, now able to stand up straight, walked to the sheets and pillows that were left there, checking them to see if they had just been used or not. His attention was brought away from his search as Lessa began to read through a book she had found, with the name Wyson written inside. The journal discussed various stories that made no difference to them, yet some of the newer entries deemed more interesting. The information they now had left them with two decisions, follow the coordinates to the "x" as the older entry states, or follow the newer entry and find The Fortress in Taran Village. The others began to discuss, Baldur believing it best to go to the village, while Hestia thought they should follow the coordinates. A third player, one who Jomei did not recognize, disagreed with Hestia, and essentially called her plan a waste of time. A sharp brow rose above Jomei's eye at the rude choice of words thrown at his friend, yet he held his tongue on the matter. "I actually have to agree.. if the newest entry in the journal talks about going to The Fortress.. we should be heading there. It would be safer in case we do run into him, being we will be inside a safe zone.. For the sake for much of the group, it may be smarter to do this without confrontation. Not only that, but from the sound of it.. it could be a spot he frequented." the Irishman continued, "Even if he is not there, I'm sure someone there knows more about him than us." (Votes to go to The Fortress)
  15. Jomei

    [OP - F2][MM] Bloodhounds

    Both Hesita and Ruby responded to Jomei's concern about how they were holding up. The group was searching for a serial killer.. something that fell under the jurisdiction of the Holy Dragon Alliance, but a feat that the ever growing guild had yet to actually attempt, let alone accomplish. Each of the women seemed fine, not letting the pressure or thought of actually spotting the man that sported the orange crystal so proudly get to them. With a small smile, the ginger nodded, and his attention was soon brought elsewhere to a player, donned in samurai like armor. He addressed him as Jomei-chan, the ginger recognizing the dialect as Japanese, and introduced himself as @Baldur. Jomei knew he had seen his face before, as well as heard his name, yet a formal meeting or introduction always managed to slip by them. The words the samurai spoke of Jomei and the respect he already seemed to hold for him were more than kind, and actually brought a flustered blush to his cheeks. According to him, others had kind things to say about him as well, and Jomei could only reply with a bashful chuckle, rubbing the nape of his neck that currently hid behind a hood. "Thanks." he managed to get out through the small laughs, before clearing his throat, "I cannot take all the credit for this guild. It wouldn't be what it is today without some of the members. And to all of them, I am truly grateful." The storm only seemed to worsen as they moved along, and Lessa halted the group to begin searching for signs of Wyson, as they currently stood at his last known location. The ginger responded with a nod before taking a quick look around. Watching where he stepped, Jomei walked towards the tree line, where the forest became more and more dense. His gloved hand ran along the bark of the first tree he found, looking for any nicks or damage to the tree. Olive eyes turned up to the sky before letting out a sigh, "Would have been a lot easier if Adere was with me.. but with this weather she could get hurt." As another powerful gust of cold wind bit at his cheeks, the man yanked his hood forward and continued scanning the trees alone, one at a time. LD: 13ID# 102039100/150 Total Current Progress: 67%