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  1. It seemed Jomei was wrong about Mari being present, and she had a damn good reason to not be there. Azure Brigade, when they were around, definitely were a group that one would not want to mess with. And Mari had done something to get on their bad side, he didn't want to know what. He was just thankful that the guild was no more, despite some of the members being players they could have relied on now. It was possible, then, that Mari's name was brought up at the meeting, and that was where his memory of her stemmed from. No point in stressing over it, if his memory was failing him, that was on him. Jomei's mention of Lowenthal seemed to have brought up some old memories in Mari's mind as well, reminiscing over his care free, positive attitude. "Yeah.." Jomei said, his voice hinting sadness, "Lowe was my best friend. I was.. away for awhile when he died." The ginger let out a heavy sigh, remembering the zombified form of the man that he had encountered during the Halloween event, "I don't know if its my own mind, or the game playing tricks on me.. but it's trying to make me believe that I am to blame for him dying. I mean.. if I was around, if I was more careful, I could have prevented him from doing something so stupid." He knew it couldn't have been his fault.. but then why was it feeling like it was. Luckily, conversation shifted, slightly, to the frontlines current condition. Another topic that plagued his mind after the disaster that was the last boss fight. Jomei had decided it time to start making their way upwards before touching on the topic. It's dwindling a bit, sadly. After that happened with Ssendom and Zelrius, its just been a slow decline of the top players showing up to fight. We've managed, this far, but things have been a lot tougher since we lost so many people." he chuckled, "The last fight was a disaster.. only maybe four or five of us stayed until the ending. I just barely made it out of there myself.. and I was the one that ran the meeting, and devised the plans. So all of those lives that could have been lost were on me." Jomei looked up towards the sky, overcast clouds had formed above them while in proximity to the tower, "I really gotta stop being so hard on myself.." he said, softly, to himself. Once they were nearing the top, Mari mentioned an item she had used on herself, and if Jomei needed anything of the sort to help him out. Flicking a hand upwards, he took a quick look through his inventory at all of the consumables that were currently housed in there. A few that could come in handy, but nothing he truly needed. "No, I should be fine. Unless you have a spare damage crystal, that could always come in handy." Jomei heard the slowly rising chattering of creatures calling out from the top of the tower, and a piercing screech of an ape. They were not visible yet, but it seemed they would soon have company to deal with. @Mari
  2. Jomei's nose scrunched, remembering the hand in the punch situation. He had not seen it himself, but if it wasn't for Cordelia, he would have consumed a glass of it without thinking twice about it. "Yeah.. Good point." he said with a small chuckle. He couldn't blame her for scarfing down as much food as she could, given her circumstances. Jomei did not mingle much with players who sported an orange crystal, for obvious reasons. He recalled a few of his friends that had one at some point, Ssendom, Zelrius, Lowenthal, Opal, and he trusted them --most of them-- at least. Though, none of them spoke about the fact that they could not enter any settlements, which meant not being able to visit any of the shops, restaurants, or even reap the ability to warp between floors. Half of his lip pursed, feeling a bit bad about the situation, despite what she had done to put herself into this spot. After revealing he had been in her presence before, Mari told Jomei that she did not recall much from back then. Jomei nodded, understandably, "I think it was a meeting on the Tenth floor.. maybe for the raid on the boss guarding the Eleventh. I was merely a representative of my guild at the time, and just tagged along with Lowenthal." he shrugged his shoulders, "I don't even think I actually fought on the frontlines until Floor Twelve." Now that the introductions, and recalling of how they may have once met was out of the way, the two were ready to get down to business. Mari, it seemed, was also ready to take on the Witch and reap the rewards of the quest above them. Jomei looked to her and nodded with a slight smirk, "Ready when you are." The path up the side of the hill was paved, the beaten dirt made it simple to follow in the steps of past travelers who have made their way up to the tower. The road curved like a snake around the side of the hill, the sides becoming rockier and more jagged the higher up they were. Finally, the path widened and straightened out, leading directly to the mouth of the stone structure. Olive eyes scanned the pointed rocks, like small, threatening mountain ranges meant to scare off wandering players. From the large windows at the top of the tower, he could sense the peering eyes of multiple creatures, waiting for the two players to make a move. Jomei's hand cautiously moved across his body towards the pommel of his rapier, "Be ready.. I have a bad feeling about this" @Mari
  3. The orange bob turned in his direction once she took notice of him. She gazed in his direction for a moment before speaking, recognizing him from the gala a short while ago. Jomei nodded his head, "Yeah, that was me. I saw you there as well." The man recalled seeing her there, and then a small smirk crept onto his face. "I gotta say, I don't think I've ever seen someone eat that many strawberries in one night. An impressive feat." After his small comment, the woman answered his question about the castle, stating it belonged to a witch that was causing trouble for some local players. Jomei's expression turned sour as he glared up at the dark, stone structure. Since as long as he could remember, Jomei always made it a point to help out players in need, or help to get rid of something that was causing problems. "I guess someone should do something about it." Jomei said, looking back down to the other player, his ginger brows raising with another small, but confident smirk. Bringing up her HUD with a swish of her wrist, she shared some of the information she had received about this witch with him. Jomei took a few steps forward to meet her, leaning forward to look over her shoulder to get a better look. He tapped at his chin with his knuckle, his other hand resting on his hip, "Can't say I've seen it. I was never a big fan of the classics." he started, before quickly scanning through the description. "So its a quest, huh? Should have figured.." he rose to a full standing position again and crossed his arms, looking back up at the tower. In a quick manner, the woman introduced herself, and Jomei's ears perked. "Mari?" he looked back to her, "I'm pretty sure I've heard that name before.. in fact, I think we've been in the same presence at a boss raid meeting once." he brought a hand up to rube at the nape of his neck, "But, I think that was a long time ago. Anyway, I'm Jomei. Its nice to formally meet you." he stuck a hand out towards the woman in greeting.
  4. The Twenty Second floor was probably one of the most peaceful floors uncovered in Aincrad so far. The monsters were less vicious, the scenery was beautiful, and the weather just always seemed to be nice. It was the perfect place for Jomei to just relax and mediate. The man had found a dock that lead out onto the floor's largest, central lake. Taking a seat at the very edge, Jomei let his legs dangle over the edge, his boots just barely hovering over the surface of the water. Leaning back, he let his back and shoulders rest on the warm, wooden dock staring up at the blue sky above him. Releasing a small sigh, the man let his eyes close. He listened to the sounds of the environment-- fish breaking the surface of the water, the wind passing through a cluster of nearby trees, a monkey screeching overhead. Wait.. a monkey above him? Jomei's eyes shot open, a bit confused at the sound he heard. In the sky above him, he saw a creature flying, its wings like that of a bats, but the body of a muscular, blue monkey. "What the hell..?" Jomei said to himself, pushing up into a sitting position. He followed the flying ape in the sky until he saw its possible destination, a decrepit tower atop a hill in the distance. Quickly getting to his feet, Jomei let out a sharp whistle, summoning his tawny owl companion from the trees. "Adere, follow that monster. I want to see where it's going. I'll catch up to you." With a quick loop, the owl took to the sky and followed after the monkey, keeping low enough to the trees for Jomei to follow easily. The ginger was able to keep up due to him enhanced speed and agility thanks to a few skill modifications. He zipped past trees and kept his eyes to the skies, making sure to follow the path his familiar was taking. Eventually, as the two approached the hill on which the tower stood, Adere perched in a tree just before the treeline broke and released a small screech to let Jomei know she was there. "Good girl." Jomei said with a smile, stepping outwards from the trees to get a better look at the castle. It looked old and abandoned, but that creature flying to this location said otherwise. As his eyes lowered to where he walked, he saw, just before him, another player. The crystal, which he spotted first, caused him a bit of a start. His hand opened and motioned towards the hilt of his rapier. However, as his vision continued to focus on the figure, he recognized her as the girl from the party he had seen from afar. She seemed harmless then, so he was most likely safe. His stance relaxed as he took a few steps towards her. "Hey," he called out to her, "Any idea whats up with that castle?" @Mari
  5. Jomei

    [PP - F11] More Hallowed Halls

    The ginger brushed dust and small bits of shattered statue off of his clothes as he got back onto his feet. Once he had returned to where Lessa stood, both of their eyes locked onto the spectral figure that hovered in the doorway. It looked back at them with gaping, black holes for eyes.. but its expression was not one of ill intent. She almost seemed as if she was waiting for them. "You have a point.. we might as well follow along." Jomei agreed. Hearing the two players decide to put their trust in the ghost, the figure turned and began to float in a different direction. Lessa took to following the ghostly figure first, and Jomei followed soon in her step. Light quickly faded as the two continued on down the proceeding hallway, and eventually the two continued on in complete darkness. Jomei hurried his step to follow closely behind Lessa before losing sight to her in the blackness. His eyes darted around the corridor, hoping to catch a glimpse of something.. some sort of clue to show them the way to go. It was pointless, however, he might as well be walking with his eyes shut. The man reached a hand forward towards where he believed Lessa to be, cautiously walking so he would not crash into her in case she stopped. Suddenly, a loud thud echoed throughout the corridor, and Jomei felt his hand meet Lessa's back. "You alright?" Jomei asked, taking a step back to allow Lessa to recover from whatever she had bumped into. After listening to her feel around for a moment, she managed to open the door the two stood in front. The corridor was immediately illuminated, and Jomei felt a breeze pass through the open threshold. "Finally." he said to himself, his eyes adjusting to the bright light before them. He had believed they were out of this ... but it would seem they were wrong. On the other side of the door was a graveyard lost to time. Vines and greenery had taken over much of the area. Jomei stepped past Lessa into the old cemetery, "It'll be alright, lets just follow our friend.. maybe there's a reason she led us here." Jomei slowly followed behind the figure as it floated farther into the graveyard, the tips of her feet passing right over the lines of tombstones. Jomei looked up at the ghost and noticed that her head was slowly turning, back and forth. Jomei fell back a bit to walk beside Lessa, "Is it just me, or does it look like she's looking for something?"
  6. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Opening Up

    When Teion revealed that her visit was simply just a check up on her new friends, Jomei could not help but smile sincerely, yet softly. Before he could truly answer the woman, she requested the two talk. The smile slightly faded, his brow cocking in curiosity. "Yeah of course, come in," stepping to the side, he held the door open with one hand, while extending his other arm towards the staircase leading to the second floor; the living room. Once she had entered through the threshold of his abode, he shut the door behind him and followed the purplette up the stairs. "Well, welcome." he said with a small chuckle, "Please, make yourself comfortable. I'll get you something to drink." Excusing himself to the kitchen, which was visible through an open doorway and a large window cut out of the wall, Jomei prepared himself and Teion a glass of water. He heard Teion's question from the other room, and given any other day, he would have taken it simply as a check in on friends. Jomei let out a small sigh as he placed two empty glasses on the counter top before him. "In general, I'd say we are both doing fine," he started as he began to pour water from a pitcher. The man moved himself from the kitchen again and placed one of the glasses of water on the table before Teion, before taking a seat himself that sat perpendicular to Teion. "But.. you're talking about the mansion.. aren't you?"
  7. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Opening Up

    It took a couple of days to adjust, to try and forget the images that the strange demon that occupied that mansion pushed into their head. Jomei had found out that he was not the only one.. they all had experienced some of their darkest fears. Every night since then, the visions replayed in his mind, even if just small freeze frames to remind him of what could be if they weren't careful.. if he wasn't careful. His guild, his closest friends, and his lover, all murdered because he wanted to be the hero. Some sort of sick punishment to keep Jomei in his place. It made his stomach churn just thinking about it. However, that player, Death Adder, he didn't seem to be a problem anymore. No one had sighted him in months, especially after Zelreius' swords shattered during that boss fight. He had been taken down a notch, his power reduced. Jomei didn't know, and he didn't want to think about it. But the images still haunted him. Sitting on their couch, Jomei watched Telrenya descend from their bedroom, smoothing out her ivory colored skirt. Jomei hadn't dared tell Telrenya about the images he had seen, he did not want to plague her mind with the same thoughts. For all he knew, she was still fighting her own demons from that day. The blonde told Jomei she had a few errands to run in town, and that she should not be long. Exchanging a quick goodbye, Telrenya descended the stairs leading to their front door, leaving Jomei alone in their town home. Once he heard the front door close, the man let out a heavy sigh and let his head droop. Not even a few moments later, he heard a knocking at the door. Had Telreyna forgotten her key? Most likely not.. being it was something locked to their inventory. Pushing himself up from the plush cushion, Jomei went to check who was paying them a visit. To his surprise, it was Teion, whom he had a few encounters with more recently. Though, he had not had many personal conversations with her, or any business for that matter. "Oh, Teion, hey." Jomei said, a bit of surprise in his voice, "To what do I owe the pleasure?"
  8. "Hm?" Jomei heard an unfamiliar voice call out after him. Stopping in his tracks, Jomei turned to see the face was just as unfamiliar as the voice. A taller, but still shorter than him, woman with long light hair, struggling to make her way through the sandy terrain due to poor choice in foot wear. Out of respect, Jomei brought his hands up and pushed his hood off of his head, letting his unruly, ginger hair bask in the blazing sunlight. "Need something?" She revealed that she had overheard his conversation with the broker about this field boss, and that she was interested in tagging along to help him take it out. The ginger gave her a quick up and down, surveying her equipment, and the overall way she held herself. Without knowing her actual player level, he was able to get a general understanding of her experience, and if she would be able to handle herself. The man smirked, "You look pretty capable, but that's just a guess." The man looked back over his shoulder in the direction of his destination--he hoped at least-- "I hear its a pretty tough field boss, one that's taken down plenty of players before. Definitely no Sand Shark. Might even be stronger than Sando Satsu, the Butcher of Sands..." He turned his head to look at her again, cocking a curious brow over his one, visible eye. "Think you can handle it?" Jomei was, without a doubt, trying to frighten the girl a bit. If she felt she wasn't capable of fighting the boss with him, she would have backed down. Another soul saved. However, if she was confident in her power, and didn't back down, then he knew for a fact that he could rely on her. After letting that small bit of tension hang in the air for a moment, Jomei's demeanor changed from a veteran frontliner to the kind gentleman he truly was. Bringing a hand up to rub the nape of his neck, he took a step towards the woman, "Where are my manners.." the Irishman spoke before reaching out with a hand in proper greeting. "My name is Jomei."
  9. Jomei

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    It all happened in a matter of seconds. Jomei turned around, making his retreat from the punch bowl on the refreshments table to return to his seat and continue his conversation with Shion. Shion, as the ginger could now see upon turning around, was rushing towards him, a pleading look of worry on her face. The satisfied smile that Jomei wore on his face, looking forward to enjoying a refreshing glass of fruit juice, slowly faded. Was there an issue? Was Jomei's life in danger by some force that had escaped Jomei's vision? Before Jomei could question why Shion was quickly moving towards him, a secondary entity intervened. A hand, quick as could be swiped in front of the man, colliding with the hand that gently grasped the clear drinking apparatus that held the fruity goodness he wanted to enjoy. That fruity goodness, however, was no longer in his grasp. The cup twirled into the air, droplets of crimson splashing in each and every direction. Olive orbs followed the glass as it tumbled towards the tiled ground, colliding with the floor and shattering into pixels of white data, rather than glass. Then time seemed to resume. Jomei looked down at the ground for just a moment before looking up at Cordelia, who had been the one to stop him from drinking, "Uhm.. what was that for?" Before she could answer, Shion pushed past the last of the tables and told him what she had seen as well, Macradon feasting on the fruit that was missing from the bowl with his bare hands. Jomei's eyes went from Shion, to Cordelia, to the punch, to Mac, and then back. "Oh. That's unfortunate. Thanks for that then, I suppose." Bringing a hand up to rub at the nape of his neck, he took a quick look around him, "Guess I'll find something different to drink then that's not dry wine." @Azhoda @Cordelia
  10. Jomei

    [OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

    Jomei finished some of the food on his plate and looked at his glass of wine. He had nearly finished most of it, and the dry taste lingered in his mouth. He took a quick look around for a nearby waiter carrying their own tray of various drinks, hoping to grab something a bit more refreshing. His lips pressed into a straight line as his shoulders slouched, guess he would have to get up to get his own drink, he joked to himself internally. "Excuse me a moment." Jomei said to Shion, raising out of the seat and pushing his chair under the table. Turning his attention back to the table of refreshments, Jomei spotted a bowl of liquid with the handle of a ladle sticking out of it. Its brighter pink hue led him to believe it was strawberry, or at least some sort of fruit punch. There were already a few other players gathered near it, so he figured it must at least taste good. The Irishman passed by a few players and exhaled a tiny sigh of relief as he stopped before the table. From the tall stack of small, decorative glasses set up next to the bowl of juice, Jomei took the top cup and turned it upwards in his hand with a small flip. Returning his attention to the punch bowl, he grabbed the ladle and began to scoop a few ounces of the punch into his cup, filling it about three quarters of the way. Furrowing his brows a bit, Jomei fished through the bowl with the utensil, trying to see if there were any bits of fruit mixed into the concoction. When he saw that nothing remained by tiny bits of an unidentifiable fruit, he shrugged and returned the ladle to the side of the bowl. With drink in hand, Jomei turned to make his way back to the table where he came from.
  11. Jomei smiled, sending the correct amount of col to his info broker contact. "Thanks. Pleasure doing business with you." he said with a small nod, "I'll contact you again if I go following any more rumors." The hooded woman nodded, taking a couple of steps backwards. "Stay safe out there." and with a quick turn around the corner, she was gone. Jomei let out a huff of air as he turned towards the North. He would need to travel a bit back through the settlement before stepping out of the confides of the safe zone again, but that was fine. It would allow him time to prepare himself with some consumables. The man began to trek through Fortaleza, his brown boots picking up the tan, grainy sand with each step. Retrieving the two items he had purchased from Oscar's Hot Dog Stand, the ginger began to munch on the hot dogs, increasing his stats as he did so. Before long, Jomei stepped to the invisible boundary that marked the safe zone. Placing his hand to his brow to shield his eyes from the blazing sun, he looked out over the horizon in search of any signs of this field boss. "Nothing but sand..." he said to himself under his breath. He felt the heat from the sun began to beat down on him, his long, green coat doing nothing to help. With swift fingers moving through his inventory, Jomei removed the green coat that sat under his armor, leaving him in a sleeveless black turtleneck with his armor placed atop it. Moments later, he equipped his signature olive green cape, which gently flowed down his back its full length. Pulling the hood up to shield his eyes from the sun, the man set out into the desert in search of the rumored monster. Consumed: 1x Focused Chili Dog [1 ACC, 2 Protein] 1x Diamond-Infused Hot Dog [45 MIT] Jomei's New Stats Jomei: 1530/1530 HP | 163/163 EN | 19 DMG | 5 ACC | 4 EVA | 67 MIT | 2 Savvy | 77 B. Healing
  12. Jomei had recalled hearing rumors about new field bosses popping up, ones that would give frontliners a run for their money. More demonic, advanced versions of their predecessors on each floor. Jomei had already encountered the Matriarch, the upgraded version of the Wasp Queen, with Hikoru, and he had heard about Absolute Zero-- Avalanche's counterpart. Now he began hearing rumors of another boss on the fifth floor, one that made the Sand Shark look like nothing but a goldfish. The player had heard rumors of the monster while passing by an outdoor cafe on Floor Eleven, some lower leveled players stumbled upon it while trying to find the Sand Shark, ended up losing one of their comrades. It had been awhile since he had gone out on a hunt for a field boss, and being he wanted to try and gain a few more levels before the quickly approaching boss raid, he figured this was a good time as any to get back into it. However, the player would not be able to work on rumors alone. He would end up searching the vast deserts for hours. Messaging an old friend that he used to depend on for this type of information, Jomei set up a meeting with the info broker. The two players stood beside an old terra cotta hut that rested just inside the safe zone, one that had been overtaken by the elements. Sand from a past sandstorm filled the interior, pouring out of the windows and caved in door. Of course, there was no past sandstorm, and this was just a piece of scenery to add to the lore of Aincrad. But given it was an abandoned location with no real purpose, Jomei felt it was an appropriate place for their meeting. "Given by the fact you asked to meet me here, I assume you're looking for that field boss." the female player spoke, a ragged hood over her head, hiding most of her features. Jomei simply nodded in response, "I want to see it for myself. Test just how strong this thing is. If its killing players trying to find a beginner boss, I think they should be aware of what really lurks out there." The hooded info broker shook her head, "Ya'know, telling players about the location of the boss will just make me lose business.." Jomei crossed his arms and smirked, leaning his body up against the warm wall of the broken down hut, "I'm not gonna tell the masses.. just players I catch wandering out in the sands who aren't ready to take it on." Biting her lip and considering Jomei's words, she finally nodded. "Fine. Just head North out of the settlement. I don't know exactly where it is, but my sources tell me its taken over some long abandoned village. Pretty much nothing left of it, but there's not many like that out there. You find that village, you find your monster." Jomei nodded, swiping a hand up and opening a transaction screen, "Our usual rate?" Jomei's Stats:
  13. After the last boss fight, Jomei felt it might be smart to keep a few items in his battle ready inventory, just in case. Whether it was for a boss fight or just a common monster a little tougher for Jomei to finish off, it would be for the best. Not only that, be he had the col to spare, so why not spend it. Jomei had heard of the first floor location, in a part of town that some players may not want to find themselves in. Being a higher leveled player, however, Jomei figured he would be safe.. that, and it was in the safe zone. He eyed the outside of the location, "This is it..?" The wood was aged and looked as though it had been abandoned for years. Trusting his sources, however, he pushed his way inside. The man was genuinely surprised to see the inside did not match its raggedy exterior. <Oscar's Hot Dog Stand>, as it was called, was incredibly clean. The man smiled and made his way up to the counter, "I haven't had a hot dog in ages.." he said to himself, placing his small order. 1x Focused Chili Dog [1 ACC, 2 Protein] - 1000 Col 1x Diamond-Infused Hot Dog [45 MIT] - 1500 Col
  14. "Woah.." was the only word Jomei was able to say, which came out of his mouth along with a small exhale. He watched in awe as he and Telrenya, the odds highly stacked against them, easily dealt with the nine, armored knights who represented the nine dragonlings that they had slain. The two almost worked in perfect sync, similarly to how they played music together. One took the lead while the other followed, supporting the other. Then they would switch, back and forth. It truly looked like a dance the two had done a thousand times, and before long, it was just the two of them standing in the large octagonal chamber. The two made their way up the long, winding staircase and found themselves in front of a large, ornate door that would lead to the master of this castle. Jomei's smile widened and his cheeks reddened watching the events of their engagement play out from a third person's perspective. He could not help but let out a childlike giggle of his own, glad that he was able to relive this moment, and all of their moments up to this point, together again. Jomei had struggled for a long time figuring out how he wanted to propose to Telrenya -- a nice dinner, a trip to a scenic spot on one of the more picturesque floors -- it was not until after their teary eyed talk within Telrenya's shop that Jomei decided this would be the perfect moment. It was a moment after the two were able to be themselves, not behind some armored guise to be who they wanted to be. Jomei was able to fight alongside Telrenya, something she had wanted to do for a long time without the feeling of Jomei wanting to hold her back to protect her. To him, it was truly the moment when the two fell even deeply for each other. "It was my plan from the beginning." Jomei said jokingly. Thankfully, the memory did not end there, despite it being the perfect ending to any love story. The couple, hand in hand, then walked through the large doors to meet Varalys himself, master of the Dragon Knights. Jomei and Telrenya's expression did not waver as they met the boss in combat, tossing their enemy back and forth like a rag doll. After a surprisingly short bout, the boss had been defeated, and the two lovers came out victorious.. at least, until the castle started crumbling with them still inside. Jomei could not help but let out a mischievous, goblin-like laugh as he sent off Telrenya with his only teleport crystal in an effort to save her, leaving him to rush through the falling castle on his own. "Hehe, you were pretty mad at me after that.." he said with a sly smirk, turning to look at the blonde.
  15. Jomei chuckled, "Well I didn't even know what you looked like under the mask.. well, at least until now." he said, gesturing to the scene where Telrenya needed to remove her mask to breathe life back into Jomei after nearly drowning, "Interesting to see you went with the brunette look," he brought a hand up and gently ruffled the top of Tel's head, "Though I think I'm more into blondes now." Jomei laughed a bit sheepishly when Telrenya brought up the idea of playing out their old characters they created when they first booted up the game, "You know.. come to think of it, I honestly don't remember what my original avatar looked like. I'm pretty sure it still had the red hair and green eyes.. but its been so long that I just don't remember.." Jomei let out another small breath, "Well.. it was a good run up until then, but I guess you are right. With a guy with Erin.. it was only a matter of time before it all fell apart." His eyes remained on the scene, as Jomei entered Telrenya's shop and the two spoke in near silence, the mood slowly shifting as their conversation went along. He was no good at reading lips, but he remembered the conversation quite well. However, he was able to easily recognize the movement of their lips, and the immediate lightening of the mood as the two proclaimed their love to each other for the first time. The man smiled as the vision of the two embraced, "At least something good came out of that argument." The scene faded on the two of them hugging, like a cliche 'happy ending' to a movie. Jomei knew, however, that was far from the end of their journey together. The setting of the next scene, which may have possibly been the final given their proximity to the end of the tunnel, started out quite dark. Jomei and Telrenya moved their way through the tenth floor, where all of the NPCs were undead and there was just an overall feeling of dread. Jomei chuckled and spoke with a sarcastic tone, "Definitely what I had in mind for a romantic getaway."