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  1. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    Telrenya’s voice called out in return, which sent a large wave of relief through Jomei’s body. He feared that she might have gotten caught under the fallen rocks and dirt. “Thank God..” he said to himself under his breath. “I’m alright, Vaughn is fine too.. I’m going to try and find a way around this.. stay -“ Jomei almost requested the girl stay put while he go and rescue her. That would have been the old Telrenya.. the one he saw fend off the waves of Forgotten just as he did proved that she had grown in strength. “Stay safe, love” he said in a slightly softer voice, just loud enough for her to hear. The ginger stepped back from the wall of rock and dirt to Vaughn’s position, where he struggled to stand with his uncooperative cursed appendages. Crouching next to him, Jomei helped the NPC to his feet. Vaughn was not hesitant to finding a way out for Jomei, and began to lead the player in the direction of the exit. “Not without Tel.” Jomei said back in a demanding voice. “We are going to find Tel first, and the we are going to find a way to help you.” The once Saint bore his teeth at Jomei’s stubborness, “I... told you. This curse is.. is not reversible... theres nothing you can do to help.” The Irishman crossed his arms and took a step towards the half-man, “We won’t know unless we try.” Jomei’s continued stubborness left Vaughn lost for words, and after searching for a moment, he simply chuckled and shook his head. “Lets just.. get moving.. before this gets... worse.” Jomei could feel beads of sweat form on his temple, how much worse could this curse progress while down here? Looking to the plant on the wall, he saw that it had been knocked over by the rubble, its few fruits scattered on the floor. Picking them up, Jomei placed them in his coat pocket. “If that curse gets any worse, you’re gonna need these” The duo began to slowly make their way through the empty catacombs, their path unknown to Jomei, but Vaughn seemed fairly knowledged in where they were headed. “Theres... a few paths that.. lead back to.. the other side of that room... hopefully.. your girlfriend doesn’t.. go the opposite way.” Jomei kept silent, but responded with a nod. He needed to be cautious of Vaughn’s outbreaks, so he kept a cautious eye on the NPC. He was just happy that he did not get stuck with Tel, in case anything bad happened.
  2. Jomei

    [PP - F11] More Hallowed Halls

    "Well.." Jomei said taking in a deep breath as his fingers ran over the chain of the necklace, "Only one way to find out." Jomei could feel his heart beating faster as his fingers clenched around the necklace, his eyes going back and forth between the ghost in front of them and the pendant he worked to remove from the skeleton. Clenching his eyes shut, the man pulled the chain the rest of the way, freeing it from the corpse, and holding it in his hands. He crouched there for a moment, waiting for something to happen.. but lucky enough, he was fine, and Lessa was fine. Retracting her extended finger, the ghostly figure turned her hand before following suit with the rest of her body, and floating back the way they came. "A-Alright.. guess she wants us to follow her." Jomei rose to his feet and slowly followed after the ghost, wondering just what was in store for them. The Irishman kept close to Lessa as they slowly continued back the way they came, around the twisted metal cage that fell from above, and the chain that held it up. "Lets just hope that... now that we are following this ghost, that we won't have to deal with any more surprises.." Once they reached the cast iron door that the two originally traveled through, the ghastly figure passed right through. "Tch, figures.. not even going to open the door for us." Jomei said as a joke to ease the tension. Placing a palm on the door, the ginger put his weight against it and pushed the door open, revealing a large hallway that the two had not been in yet. "Great..." escaped his lips through a sigh. The room looked similar to the prior hallway the two had traveled through, but the lights were limited to a dimly lit chandelier that hung above their heads in the center of the corridor. Their ghostly 'friend' moved at a continuous pace to the other side of the room without stopping, and not drawing attention from any sort of unknown figures. "Seems safe enough..." Jomei said in a soft voice before beginning to step forward. The chandelier above slowly began to sway, bringing light to different parts of the corridor. On the opposite side of the room, in each of the corners stood a statue of an angel, its face hidden behind open palms. Turning to look over his shoulder, Jomei saw another two statues of the same type standing in the opposite corers on either side of them.. the only difference was that they were turned to face the two players. "Come on, those things are giving me the creeps.." Turning his attention forward, the man stopped, olive eyes wide in fear. The two statues on the opposite side of the wall had moved, and were now a couple of steps closer to them. The light that continued to swing back and forth over head revealing that their faces were no longer covered, their lifeless eyes staring the two players down. @Lessa
  3. Jomei

    <F1-PP> Trial by Fire

    The pressure that built up in Jomei's nose came unexpectedly. The slight tickle in Jomei's nostril's was finally relieved when he let out a sneeze that started his avian companion, who sat perched on the opposite side of the room. The sneeze was just a surprise to Jomei, being getting sick in this world was not a thing. Bringing his hand up to his face, Jomei scratched at the side of his nose with an extended pointer finger, "Sorry Adere, didn't see that one coming. Guess someone, somewhere, must be talking about me." the Irish man said with a small laugh, poking fun at the old superstition. After the owl recovered from the small start, it hopped off of its wooden perch and glided over to where the man sat on the couch, landing on his thigh. With a soft smile, Jomei brushed the brown owl's feathers back with his hand, "Guess its just you and me today girl, at least until Stel gets home." Letting his head fall back to rest on the back edge of his couch, the ginger closed his eyes and took in a long breath, "Guess I could use the day to just relax.." he said in a soft voice as he exhaled. The sudden feeling of eyes peering at him caused him to lift his head again and look down. Poking through his chest was the ethereal figure that was Willow, Telrenya's familiar, with large eyes looking at the man. "Gah!" Jomei shouted, startled at the sight of the small ghost. "W-why are you here? I thought you would have been with Stel.." he spoke to the small ghost as he pat his, hoping it would help his heart rate go down. Despite only having two balls as eyes on its head, Jomei could feel the mischievous, mouth-less smile looking up to him. With a slowly growing smirk on his own lips, Jomei reached out a hand from his chest and tried to lay it on Willow's head. Jomei's palm went right through the ghost's head, and the small figure disappeared just as quickly. "Heh, still playing the shy game huh.."
  4. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    The ginger hummed in defeat at Vaughn's response, using the fruit to heal the damage that had been done to his body did seem too good to be true. Then again, it did not seem as though he had tried to consume the fruit in a large enough amount to do anything, let alone been able to find a plant that bore enough of it to even try it. Reversing the curse of a goddess seemed nearly impossible now, especially taking into account the mindless creature he would turn into. Those Forgotten on the surface, they seemed to have no ties to their past humanity.. it made Jomei sick to his stomach to know that those him and Tel had struck down were once citizens of this very village. Men, woman, and children cursed by a spiteful deity, to live forever as mindless, stone zombies. His shoulder's trembled as he rose a palm to his lips, taking in a deep breath through his nostrils as he tried to rid the thought. With everything going on.. and how real SAO is.. you really forget that this is just a game and not real.. Jomei's eyes snapped to a small, grey screen that appeared in front of his person. A quest invitation, that would only calm his nerves a bit more about striking down monsters that were once human. Its vague contents only gave the two players two words, Help Vaughn. The man's gaze met brown eyes, looking for confirmation if this was what they wanted to do. Hesitant at first, Jomei could not help but force out a small smirk, before confidently nodding and pressing the small circular button that would accept the quest. "Alright Vaughn, we will see what we can do about helping you. I'd hate to see you turn into one of those things above that tried to kill us." The ginger took a few short steps to the other side of the cavern, where the plant grew from the wall. With gentle fingers, Jomei observed the plant and the environment it grew in. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary, for the walls were carved the same as they were in the catacombs, save for the skeletal remains and open spots for coffins. A hand rose to his chin as he touched the base of the stem that just poked from the cracks in the floor. To his surprise, it was slightly damp, not much, but enough to barely keep it alive. "Vaughn, have you been watering the plant to keep it alive.. or-" Jomei's sentence was cut short as a thick droplet of water pushed out from the crack in the wall, slowly trickling into the similar crack in the floor. A small leak, coming from an unknown water source, was providing just enough water to eventually erode the stone and barely sustain the life of the plant. "I don't know where that water is coming from.. but maybe if we can find the source, there could be more plants there.." The attention was drawn back to their new companion, as he rose to his feet, pressing a palm into the side of his head and groaning. "V-Vaughn, whats wrong?" Jomei questioned in a concerned voice. "The.. fruit's effects are.. wearing off and.. and I think the curse is getting worse." The man stumbled into an adjacent wall once he got to his feet. "Come on.. you can fight it..." he said to himself in a desperate voice before letting out a loud growl. "Get the hell out of my head!!" he shouted before punched the wall with his stoned over fist. The strike against the stone wall caused the walls to shudder, and the sequential strikes made it even worse. "Stop you're going to-" the rumbling continued without the man's strikes, and before they could react, the wall and ceiling above them crumpled and caved in on them. Jomei caught one last glimpse of fearful, brown eyes before they were separated by a wall of debris "Estelle!!" Jomei shouted out, but it was too late, the cave in had separated them. "Dammit!" Jomei growled, trying to pull pieces of rock from in front of them, only for another to fall and take its place. "Stel, are you okay?!" Jomei shouted from the other side of the wall, hoping that she had not been caught under the rocks. The girl's health bar that lingered in the corner of his vision revealed she had not been hurt, but the ginger could still not help but worry.
  5. "I agree," the ginger responded in a soft voice to Telrenya's comment about enjoying the scenes from their past replaying in front of them. The chocolate brown eyes he gazed into were darkened by the lack of light in the tunnel. Only mere moments later, the glistening of another screen just out of his peripheral vision brought light to her eyes yet again.Turning his attention to the screen, the man let out a short chuckle as he immediately remembered this day. It was that the quest giving NPC Jomei was looking for had found Telrenya first, and was asking for her assistance in clearing their homeland of giant tree-creatures. "Heh.. I really was happy to see you again. Thats for sure." the man said with a smirk, as he watched the face of his past self light up upon spotting Tel in the distance. Jomei let out a small sigh of relief when Tel reminded him about their difference in level at the time, and how much trouble she would have had were she to adventure out to help the elves on her own. "Yeah, I'm happy I caught you when I did. I felt really bad about taking you out on that quest.. I knew you had some trouble with taking on the wind wasps, and this one was more difficult than that. I really didn't want to put you in that kind of danger.." His frown only lingered for a moment, before he turned his chin to Telrenya and planted a small kiss on her temple, "Like I said, I'm happy I caught you when I did." Just as the first memory played out, the second did the same, skipping irrelevant moments of combat and focusing mainly on their interactions together. Despite not showing much of their bout with the treants, Jomei remembered the two fighting together very well. He could not believe the progress Tel made in level and power over just a few months. Now, the two worked together in almost perfect sync. One scene in particular caught Tel's attention, to which she asked about. Jomei's sentence was cut short by Adere's return, warning them of the commanding treants. Jomei's cheeks took a slight pink hue again, remembering all too well what he was going to say in that moment. "Actually.." he said with a bashful half-chuckle, "I was going to ask you to dinner.. A-After we were all finished with the quest." A free hand rose up to slip past his neck, gently rubbing at the skin under his orange hair. "We had gotten so caught up in fighting the boss that I forgot to bring it up after we got back to Delilah." The ginger noticed two floating pink lights on the opposite wall, swirling around each other and moving in their direction. Two pink, fairy like creatures, that gave off a brilliant light, playfully circled the boat a few times before disappearing into the ceiling above them. The man's blush and smile remained, as he pulled his right hand from Telrenya's grasp and gently slipped his arm around the woman's shoulder, pulling her close into a comforting hug.
  6. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    The darkness of Vaughn's half stone skin blended in with the cavern walls behind him, his pale, human features illuminated by the fire that flickered to life between them. He explained his tale of woe to the Irishman and Telrenya the same, a story of an angry goddess smiting her subjects with this curse, turning them all to mindless stone savages.The once Saint deduced that it was the sun itself that sped up the transformation, so he and a few others had escaped the sun's rays by hiding out in the catacombs of this cathedral. Over the years, however, it sounded as though the others that came down with him were not able to keep their sanity, leaving Vaughn alone. The ginger frowned at Vaughn's story, and by Telrenya's reassuring squeeze of his hand, he knew she had felt the same way about it. After expressing Tel's own curiosity to reverse this curse, the man in front of them regrettably informed them that he was not sure of any way to save himself from the inevitable transformation. Jomei's olive eyes shied away from looking at the man, wishing there was more they could do to help him. That was when he remembered the plant on the other side of the room, and the effects that consuming the fruit did to regress the progress a bit. "Wait." Jomei spoke out, "What about those fruits? When you ate the one.. it looked like it healed a little bit of the curse." The man looked back at the plant again, realizing its withered state and lack of fruit. "I mean.. I know it looks like that one plant looks a little rough around the edges, but maybe we could find more? Maybe a large enough batch of it could help to heal you."
  7. Shining the blonde a soft smile, Jomei helped her into the boat. The Irishman shifted his weight as the vessel bobbed a bit more as Telrenya added her weight, the man keeping his body steady as not to fall back into the water. Once the couple both found themselves safely inside of the boat, they took their seats. Almost immediately after sitting down, the two person boat gently began to float forward. The smile that lingered on Jomei's face brightened when he felt the gentle squeeze of Tel's hand upon his own. Nodding, the man agreed with the serenity of the boat ride, "Yeah. It's not very often you find a calming boat ride in Aincrad." the man said with a small chuckle. Just ahead of them, the dimly lit maroon walls of the tunnel ahead of them did not seem to hold any sort of decorations, or anything of interest for that matter. That thought, however, was soon diminished as the image of a very familiar blonde appeared. She stood alone, pacing back and forth as her mind seemed to race through different thoughts. What is... Jomei thought to himself, before his own voice spoke out, and his image appeared on the screen, walking up to Telrenya. Olive eyes went wide, realizing that what they were watching was their first interaction in Aincrad. "This.. this is.." Jomei managed to get out, as the couple's past selves continued their conversation on the screen ahead of them. A warmness filled Jomei as the introductions between the two filled his ears, a small chuckle escaping his slightly parted lips. "Miss Telrenya." Jomei mirrored his on screen counterpart in a light voice, before turning to the blonde beside him with rosy cheeks and a bright smile. The recap seemed to skip through most of the quest that the two had gone on together, most likely saving time and just showing the two the more meaningful parts of their encounter. "We were such dorks.." Jomei said with a smirk as he watched their past selves stumble over their own words when expressing their openness to meet up again in the future. And as the two parted, the blush on Jomei's cheeks only deepened when he watched the two walk away, only for the vision of himself to turn around with a small smile to get one last look at the girl he had just quested with. Once the screen had faded from in front of them, the Irishman turned his chin to look at the blonde beside him, "S-So.. I guess we aren't just going to be floating through a dark tunnel after all."
  8. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    The figure beckoned for the two players to follow it forward into the darkness that the torch Jomei held did not reach. The man gnawed at the skin inside of his cheek, before he felt Telrenya's soft eyes casting him a glance from beside him. Turning his chin slightly, he could see that she seemed alright with following the half-man to see where he would lead them. After all, the crystal above the figure's head revealed them to be an NPC, rather than a monster.. and a monster would have attacked the two of them by now. This man still seemed to be in somewhat control of his body, despite more than half of him being turned to that strange stone-like substance found on the Forgotten above ground. With a small nod in Telrenya's direction, and his hand lowering to let his finger's intertwine with the blonde's, the man took cautious strides forward to follow the NPC into the darkness. The catacombs the group traversed through eventually led out into a small clearing, free of any skeletal remains or other eerie sights. The cave's walls held small bunches of crystals that gave off light, similar to some of the cavernous floors below. The center of the room sat a circle of stones, scorched sticks set up like a small pyramid. The ginger turned himself to face Telrenya, to try and gauge how she was feeling about their predicament. She did not seem nervous, and her attention was locked on an object on the other side of the room. Following her gaze, Jomei noticed a small plant growing out of the cracks in the stone floor and wall, bearing strange, grape sized fruits. With the fire slowly beginning to come back to life, the man retreated to the plant, consuming the juices of one of the fruits he plucked from the withering stem. Almost immediately, the man seemed to improve from his half-stone state; what was left of his skin looked much healthier, and even the film over his eye faded slightly. Moving back to where Jomei and Telrenya stood, even his motions seemed a bit more natural. He introduced himself as Vaughn, a man who was once known as a Saint 'hundreds of years ago.' "Hundreds of years..?" Jomei mirrored with wide eyes, shocked that this man had lived so long. "What happened to you? How have you kept the curse from taking you over for so long?"
  9. Jomei nodded his head a few times as the young player questioned what the ginger had already told him, "There is no danger in the quest.. I guess aside from possibly running into a monster on the way to the quest I suppose. Basically.. you'll have to break a boulder with your bare hands." Jomei chuckled, bringing his arms up and crossing them about his check as he shifted his weight, "Its tedious... very very tedious work.. but it unlocks the Martial Arts skill.. which can come in handy from time to time," his shoulders rose and fell with a small shrug, "Or, in most cases, you just do it for the extra experience and Skill points." Olive eyes widened a bit when the red head accused him of hiding something from him, was Jomei making any sort of face (aside from his dislike of the quest itself) that would make him think so? The ginger shook his head, "I'm not hiding anything from you. Nothing of importance at least." Finally learning the player's name, Myth, Jomei figured he would introduce himself as well. "Jomei. Pleasure to meet you." he said with a slight bow of his head. He was not being quick to rid himself of Myth, but he also was not too fond of going to help yet another player with this quest.. though judging by his introduction, and the hopeful look on his face.. Jomei knew exactly what he wanted. "You.. want me to go with you, don't you." the Irishman said as he brought a hand up, rubbing the nape of his neck. @Myth
  10. The ginger's search for a place to sit down and have a drink was interrupted by a player rushing up to him, calling out to him. Jomei quickly halted and looked at the other redhead, who was slightly shorter than him, and seemed quite a few years younger as well. Who was Jomei to deny a player in need, so as a friendly smile crept onto Jomei's lips, he nodded, "Sure, what can I do for you?" he asked curiously. The warm smile that Jomei wore slowly faded when he heard mention of "Breaking the Unbreakable" .. not that damn quest again. It was almost as if the ginger was cursed by that quest, always around when players needed help with it, or even just mentioned it. Closing his eyes for a moment, Jomei took in a sharp breath through his nostrils before returning his attention to the player. Jomei nodded, before pointing towards the outskirts of town, a couple of short mountains poking out from behind a forest, "There's an old man that lives in a small hut in the mountains, just over that way. Usually once you enter the radius of his hut, he will end up coming to you when you least expect it." The ginger chuckled, "Just.. don't be surprised when he takes your weapon." He felt the need to give the player the small bit of information about not being able to use a weapon... however, as a joke, he kept the 'whiskers' to himself. @Myth
  11. Olive eyes scanned the horizon of the second floor, getting a perfect view of the stone walls surrounding Urbus and the rooftops of all of the buildings inside. A small smile crept onto the man's lips as he looked out at the town he once called home, enjoying the reminiscing site. Now, the man fought on the front lines, and lived in his own home on the eleventh floor (rather than just sleeping inside of his shop), with his soon to be wife. Life really had taken a turn for the better in recent months, and Jomei could not be any happier. Pressing his gloved hands against the grass he sat on, the ginger rose to his feet and stood atop the tall hill that stood tall over Marome village. "Hm.. I don't think I've ever been there before.." Jomei said to himself before turning his chin to look at the brown owl that sat on his shoulder, "Why don't we head down there and check it out, then we can head back home." With slow, careful steps, Jomei made his way down the side of the hill until he was on level ground, where he moved directly into the small, unfamiliar village. Not many players walked the streets, and any that did had the starting armor equipped and did not look as though they were planning to go out into the crossing fields anytime soon. The Irishman stroked his chin, looking from building to building, "I wonder if there's a place to grab a pint in this town.." @Myth
  12. Jomei

    [PP - F11] More Hallowed Halls

    Every muscle in Jomei's body tensed when he felt his rapier shift forward, accompanied the loud click of the locking mechanism shifting out of place. A tiny sigh passed through his partially parted lips as he removed the tip of the thin blade from the lock and rose to his feet, the barred, cell door swinging slightly open as he did so. The ginger chuckled at Lessa's remark, "Well.. first time breaking into a cell like this.. can't say the same about breaking out-" the man looked back over his shoulders at the blonde with a small shrug and a smirk, "Those times, I ended up kicking the door down though." Wrapping a gloved hand around one of the old, grime covered bars, Jomei pulled the door open with a loud creak, allowing Lessa to pass by and get a better look at the skeletal remains of the girl. Jomei stood over Lessa as she observed the skeleton and what she wore. It did not take long for his blonde companion to speak out his name, a bit of fear and realization behind her voice. The weight of her claymore caused the weapon to slid through her trembling fingers, crashing to the floor with a loud clang. "Wh-what is it?" Jomei responded, looking towards Lessa with concern in his eyes. Her blue eyes, however, were not fixated on Jomei, but seemed to look past him, as she shared what she believed; the dress the skeleton wore bore many similarities to the one their ghost stalker had been wearing. The cold chill from before ran down Jomei's spine, and the breath he released was visible in a thin, misty cloud. The air had grown much, much colder, as if Jomei's back was mere inches from an open freezer, or block of ice. Slowly, the man turned to look over his shoulder, to see the thin, lifeless figure floating behind him. "[censored]!" Jomei shouted, stumbling forward towards Lessa. The man quickly spun on his heel and stood in between the ghost and the blonde, extending an arm out to the side as if to protect Lessa in some way from the apparition in front of them. "What do you want from us?" Jomei responded, trying to hide the shivering fear in his voice. Lifting bony, thin arm from its side, the ghost extended a finger towards the lifeless body on the floor. Hesitantly, the man broke his gaze from the ghost to look down at the skeletal remains, noticing the one thing that made the corpse stand out from the ghost in front of them. Around its neck was a pendant, a red ruby with a distinct engraving on the face of the gem. "This..?" Jomei asked as he slowly crouched down next to the skeleton, taking the pendant from its neck. "What.. what do you want us to do with it?" @Lessa
  13. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    It had been a long couple of minutes and another multiple turns through the catacombs as they seemingly moved forward towards something, anything. Hell, even finding the door that led them here would have been better than wandering around with cold, eyeless skulls staring at them as they passed. With one hand holding onto Telrenya, the other held the torch forward that lit their path. Jomei wondered if there even was another door that would lead them out of the catacombs, or if they were simply wandering in circles until they stumbled upon their initial entrance. The man's mind had nearly wiped the thought of whatever else was down here from his mind and the sound it caused. Turning one last corner, however, he was reminded very quickly that they were not alone. A humanoid figure stumbled forward, the same moment the couple took a step towards it. It's body half of human flesh, and half weathered stone, just as the accursed Fallen they had ran into above ground. Its steps were heavy, as its legs were blackened and had already made the transformation. He moved forward like a young child learning to walk, still getting used to the new legs made of stone. Only one of his arms were made of the same substance, and was being used to hold him up by pressing into the wall. His exposed chest and other arm were still pale, though any visible veins seemed darker as the black curse of the Fallen ran through his blood. Half of his face had also been corrupted, one of his eyes shut and completely stoned over, while the other was only beginning the process; an opaque grey film over his still human eye, which frantically moved between the two players who stood in front of him, shocked at his appearance. The sight of the Fallen's strange antlers poked through both sides of his head, the transformation looking much more painful, seeing them jutting out of the skin of his forehead. Telrenya's short start was quickly followed by the drawing of her rapier. Jomei, on the other hand, did not think to react as quickly to pull out his weapon. Jomei quickly clenched a fist and pulled it back, his gloved hand glowing a gold hue as he readied a Martial Arts attack. Though the half transformed man's reaction caused the ginger to falter and not attack, for this one was not looking to attack either of the players, and was just as shocked at their sudden appearance as they were of him. Telrenya seemed to back down as well, noticing the yellow cursor that hovered over his head, rather than the red ones associated with monsters. "Who are you? What.. happened?" Jomei asked, lowering his hand back to his side
  14. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    Jomei's slender fingers instinctively clenched the hand he was holding a bit more as Tel's soft voice broke the eerie silence of the cathedral's catacombs. Her comment about puzzles and cultists spawned a smirk of his own. "I think I'd rather a few deranged, dragon worshipers than whatever the hell we ran into before.." the man chuckled, turning to look at the girl's face coated in orange and yellows from the blazing flame atop the torch he held, "As long as I get to see you knock one in the face again." His nerves slightly quelled with their talk of past adventures, the couple continued on, following whichever path they deemed best... despite all of them looking exactly the same, rotting corpses and all. Despite his weary legs feeling as though they had made a great distance since entering the dark caverns, the surroundings made it seem as if they had not. Slowing his pace to a halt, the man used the torch to scan the surrounding walls, looking for anything that would give them an idea of where they were going, and how close they were to getting out of here. Telrenya's hopes of finding something broke the silence yet again, ridding his worries for a few short moments. That is, until the sound of something crashing to the floor pierced their ears. The ginger took a sharp breath in as Telrenya's grasp on his hand strengthened. Olive eyes looked off into the darkness, searching for anything that could have made that sound, before checking their own feet to see if anything had fallen. Of course, both of their weapons and any items the two carried on their persons were still in place. "Great..." Jomei thought to himself, before looking over at Tel, "Stel.. be ready. I don't think we are alone down here.." The thought of just who, or what, would be down their with them filled his mind. Could the fallen somehow have found another way into the innards of the cathedral, leaving the two trapped from escaping? Or maybe some already lurked in the darkness down here. Closing his eyes, Jomei slowly let the breath he had been holding pass through his slightly parted lips. "Lets find a way out of here.. fast."
  15. Jomei

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Jomei continued to stand off to the side, simply listening. Honestly, his mind was too enveloped in other things to think too much on what to input. Not only that, but it seemed everyone else's heads were where they needed to be, quick to reply any chance they got about their own thoughts on this boss. From what it sounded like, this would be one of the most intricate and unique bosses yet. Five different entities to fight? It was unheard of, unless you could the Hydra that the frontliners fought before his own time. Taking a quick look around, he did not know of many players who would have been present at that fight, due to the lack of mentions of it. If the ginger knew any mechanics from that fight himself, he would have already brought them up. "Shield's right." Jomei finally spoke up. "We may have to depend a lot on extra buffs for this one, since we have no idea what to expect. For all we know.. we might only be fighting one thing, and the room just led us to think there were five people.. We won't know until that door opens day of. Until then, all we can do is prepare for the worst case; fighting five different things at once. Antidotes, Safeguards.. anything we could use to keep everyone alive. And then for the heavy hitters, as much extra juice as they can get. We want to make sure to cut down their numbers as quickly as possible, or else would could see our tanks getting flanked by multiple enemies."