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  1. Ignore them Nick, just focus on the enemy ahead of you.. the ginger thought to himself as he recovered from his embarrassing miss just moments earlier. This boss fight was a disaster, despite the council of dark elves being one man down with Durares' teleporting from the fight. Would that come back to bite them in the ass..Jomei was not sure, as it was still an NPC boss they had allowed to escape from under their grasp. His teammates arguments that Durares was a child.. mighty assumptions to make about an elf, who could still hold the look of a young boy well past a normal human's expiration date. Jomei would suck his teeth at the though before shaking it from his mind, for it was no matter now, since there was nothing they could do about it. Only two of the council remained in their way, and as long as they all regained a level head and fought like they were supposed to, they would clear this floor in no time. Olive eyes shooting across to the other side of the council's chamber, the duelist caught a glimpse of Telrenya, who seemed completely shaken at the sight of their comrades attacking and screaming at each other. Making sure Isaxi's back was turned, as to not gain an opportunity attack on Jomei as he rushed by, the man picked himself up and ran over to the blonde, placing his hands on her shoulders and lowering his shoulders to look her softly in the eyes. "Estelle, its okay. You can do this. Forget everyone else and everything going on. I believe in you." he ended with a kind smile before turning to stand next to her. "Lets go show Isaxi how to really fight with a rapier." he said with a smirk. "I already exhausted my Charge on her, so I'll head in at normal speed. After I attack, Charge in and catch her off guard. You ready love?" As Zandra distracted the dark elf, Jomei began his approach, picking up speed with each step. After pushing the girl off of her, her axe followed with a powerful area attack, causing Jomei to have to dive over the swinging blade as to not be cut by it. "Gotcha now!" Jomei shouted as he hit the ground and pushed forward, his gold glowing blade piercing the thin armor of the boss, following up with a flurry of devastating cuts and stabs. ID 107668| BD 9 | Over Radiation 14 x 20(+1) = 294 (-75) = 219 dmg to Isaxi
  2. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    Jomei let out a small groan as he pulled, what he hoped was, the last of the strands of web from his ginger hair. However, his skin still crawled and tingled, as if he was still covered by hundreds of tiny little spiders exploring the insides of his green clothing. With arms loosely crossed, somewhat hugging himself, the man continued forward without words in search of some way out of the catacombs. The soft chime of bells that seemed to echo off the walls, accompanied by the small yellow letter icon in the corner of his heads up display, stopped him in his place. Pulling away from his own arm that he clung to, Jomei extended a finger and tapped the small notification to open up the message. His eyes scanned the message from Telrenya, who had safely made her way back to the surface. A huge wave of relief passed through Jomei, erasing the lingering thought of spiders from his mind. "Thank God she's safe.." Jomei said aloud through a sigh and a smile on his face. "Looks like she also found a clue to helping you out.. all the more reason to get out of here and find her." Vaughn shone a small smile in appreciation, yet it soon vanished as he began to look around the particular part of the cavern they stood in. Jomei took notice and turned to the cursed man, "Whats wrong?" The once saint turned back to the player and let out a long sigh of disappointment. "When I.. blacked out earlier.. I don't know what direction we walked in. And I don't recognize this part of the catacombs.." Jomei blinked in shock before turning his full body to his confused companion, "Are you saying we're lost?!" "Look I'm sorry.. I'm just a hopeless cause at this point." The ginger grit his teeth, "No.. We've made it this far. We aren't giving up yet." Jomei said as he began to look around. In the silent caverns, his ears picked up the sound of water dripping from the ceiling nearby, creating a damp spot on the floor below it. It did not take long for the man to find that spot. "If we can't find the exit, we will just have to improvise." Taking his rapier from its scabbard, the ginger dropped to a knee, facing upwards towards the ceiling with the tiny crack in it. The blade of his sword began to glow a brilliant gold color before he thrust the blade upwards into the small space. The force of his attack caused the crack to web out, causing more water to seep in. Pulling his blade out, Jomei rushed away from where he had damaged the stone roof, pushing Vaughn back with him. The ceiling finally gave way under the pressure of the ground water accumulating above it, and piles of cracked stone and moist soil poured in from the ceiling, some of the dirt and dust blowing onto the two as they shielded their faces from the debris. Beams of sunlight followed the rubble, giving the two a new way out. "I... guess that's one way.. to do it..but the sun is still out.. I may not be able to go out there." "Hm.. good point." Jomei replied, "Wait here then, I'll see if I can find Telrenya and see what she found." Thanks to his Acrobatics mod, it was not difficult for the ginger to climb his way out of the catacombs and onto the grassy plain on the surface. "Finally.." he said as he took in a deep breath of fresh air, his green cloak and attire covered in dirt from the hole he had created.
  3. Jomei chuckled, "Well, you don't have to get a familiar if you don't want to. In terms of stats, they are pretty helpful. But for the most part, its just nice to have a companion that you know will always be there for you, even when no one else is.." With a sharp whistle, the owl spread her wings and soared from the tree to the Irishman's shoulder, where the man would scratch at the feathers on her stomach, "I usually forget that Adere helps out my with accuracy stats, and just see her as a partner in battle." Lifting herself from Jomei's shoulder, the tawny owl moved to the top of the boulder the two were punching. "Probably not the best place to sit lass." he said as he pushed a fist into his open palm, cracking the knuckles. With a step forward, the man punched the boulder again, to which the stationary owl only let out a small hoot. "W-What? That wasn't a weak punch.. of course I did damage to it!" Jomei's focus was brought back to Kyoto, who mentioned about Hikoru. "Huh? Hikoru? Yeah I know him.. Good friends with him actually. Why are others telling you to contact him?" ID#: 107165 BD: 2(+4) Jomei: 986/986 (92/98) @Kyot0 60/60 (3/6) Boulder: 12/50
  4. The ginger's lips curved into a soft smile at Kyoto's mention of being happy to meet new people. "Yeah, you'll meet a lot of people as time goes on. Mostly good, some not so great. But as long as you are cautious, you should be fine. There's a fair amount of bad people out there ... in it for their own, unknown reasons." Jomei pointed at the small green crystal that rotated above his head, that showed his fair standing player status. "I'm sure you already know that criminals and player killers' crystals are orange, rather than green." Jomei pulled a fist back, letting it fly into the rock yet again, knocking out a bit more of its health. "Not every single person with an orange crystal is out to get you.. but you should always be careful. They can't get into the main settlements, so you won't have to worry about that." Jomei noticed the boy looking back at the trees, at the familiar small tawny owl that perched upon one of the lower branches, watching the two players attempt their quest. "Thats Adere, my familiar. We've been together for such a long time.. almost since the beginning of the game. She's been there for everything.. heh.. I'm surprised she's stuck around this long." he said in a playful tone, taunting his feathered friend who responded with a flap of her wings. ID# 107159 BD: 4(+4) Jomei: 986/986 (92/98) @Kyot0: 60/60 (2/6) Boulder: 16/50
  5. Finally, it was looking as though the two players had put a large dent in the boulder. It seemed as if they had gotten past the half way mark, and a few more good hits would shatter the large rock. The ginger chuckled at Kyoto's remark about being bad at this task, "Don't stress about it. We all had that point where we just couldn't hurt this thing.. I mean, how many rocks do you really go around punching in your life." he turned to the boy with a friendly smirk before stepping back up to the boulder himself. Pulling back his fist, the man let a punch fly forward, taking the boulder down by another small notch. If only I could land another critical hit.. he thought to himself. "Skills and damage potions.." he looked back to Kyoto once he had finished his attack, "Or putting some time into training your Martial Arts skill.. once you get it of course. That's the only way you'll make this quest go by quickly." ID# 107016 : BD: 5(+4) Dmg 2 Jomei: 986/986 (92/98) @Kyot0: 60/60 (2/6) Boulder: 18/50
  6. Jomei

    [PP-F11] Mewls & Mistletoe

    It only took a few moments for the green of Jomei's health to fill in the dark spaces that represented depleted points, restoring him back to his maximum HP. The man kept moving forward through the dark, moving quickly as to avoid Vaughn taking another turn for the worse. After the close encounter he had with the cursed man just moments earlier, he feared if the NPC suffered from the forsaken illness any farther, that there would be no turning back this time. Turning his chin slightly, the ginger looked over his shoulder at the ex-saint, who limped along behind him at his own pace. "You alright?" Jomei asked out of concern, "Yeah.." Vaughn replied, his voice sounded less weak than before, "I'm fine." "Good, just let me know if you feel like you're going to turn again so I can get a head start." he said with a small chuckle, trying to make light of the situation. As Jomei turned to face forward again, the feeling of dozens of tiny threads tickled at the skin of his face that tore from their place on the wall. The Irishman froze in place as the strands of web settled, sticking to his skin. A slow, trembling hand rose towards his nose, his fingers gripping one of the hair-like threads. The next feeling that Jomei had sent a chill down his spine, as his already pale skin lost any of the color it had. Eight small legs, one after another, angrily scrambled across Jomei's face at the destruction of its home. "Oh yeah, watch where you walk. A lot of spiders made their home down here." A LOT? Jomei thought to himself. The ginger began to flail his arms, swatting at his face to remove both the webs that clung to him and the spider trying to enact its tiny revenge on the giant man. In his blind squabble, Jomei stumbled forward, moving through even more unseen webs. "A-AH!" Jomei shouted, before stumbling over a piece of collapsed ceiling, continuing to brush his face and hair on his fall down to the cavern floor. Vaughn let out a weak small chuckle, "Relax kid, they won't hurt you." Jomei pushed himself back up to a standing position, still trembling and shaking his head, "I don't care just.. help me find the way out!"
  7. Jomei blinked, all hell had broken loose. The reasoning was not because there were multiple enemies in front of them, or they the frontliners were losing the fight. No, it was because of his own teammates actions, giving in to the faux humanity the NPC bosses were radiating. They were sympathizing with the boss; feeling bad for them, talking with them, hell, even helping them at point. Had it been so long that they had been stuck in here that they were forgetting that this was all a video game? And that the elves that stood in front of them were powerful foes meant to act as a hurdle they needed to jump in order to move one step closer to returning to their real lives. He witnessed his own friends, feeling sorry for the monsters they had to cut down, only because they were humanoid and had a voice, unlike prior foes they needed to defeat. However, the reality of the situation was right in front of them, and they all chose to ignore it. "What the hell is even happening?" Jomei said, looking around the room. "Don't you want to get past this, and get closer to clearing this God forsaken game?!" A gloved hand turned to point at the skeleton of the late Queen, hung up on the wall as a warning to those who enter the council's chambers. "You're all saying how sorry you feel for the boss, these NPCs.. yet have any of you even spoken to the dark elves of the Underdark? Do you know of their struggles, and how hopelessly devoted they are to their Queen? Awaiting the news that they won the war so they could return to the surface? In case you haven't noticed, shes dead.. strung up on the wall like some sick trophy by this 'council.' And it doesn't take a lot to realize they are doing this just to keep the dark elves stuck in that hole, so they can continue to rule them with an iron fist under the guise of a dead Queen." Clenching the handle of his rapier a bit too tight, Jomei turned his attention to the dark elf rapier wilder, "Stop letting what they say get to your head, they are still trying to kill us and stop us from getting to the next floor. We are Aincrad's best, don't let this fight bring out the worst in you." Using his Charge skill, Jomei shot forward at Isaxi, driving his weapon forward. However, his speech had only seemed to bring the attention to him, allowing the rapier user to anticipate his attack. Jomei's rapier was easily knocked to the side, causing him to stumble and fall, his shoulder crashing into the stone ground. ID: 106130 | BD: 1 | Charge Activated | Over Radiation vs. Isaxi | Critical Miss
  8. Jomei

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team B

    It was the pressure and stress of being the 'fearless' leader of the Holy Dragon Alliance that finally caused Jomei to snap and break down after his encounter with the shadow's illusion. The great lengths he would go to to protect his guildmates, his best friends, and the woman he loved so dearly.. he never realized how great a toll it took on his mind, the constant worry that some monsters, or a boss.. or worse, another player, would take their lives. The man took in a deep breath, calming his nerves and trying to shake the images from his mind.. but Telrenya's haunting stare as the vision of her throat being slit in front of him plagued his head, replaying over and over. "It's not real.. you know its not." he said to himself as he took in a much slower breath, his trembling limbs calming. His thoughts had distracted him, making the "Whoo" of an owl almost unnoticeable. It was not until he felt the gentle tapping on the back of his gloved hand did he look up to see the brown, tawny owl looking up to him, black orbs filled with concern. The corner of Jomei's lip twitched into a tiny smirk at the sight of his familiar, bringing up his hand to run through the feathers on her head in greeting. "Don't worry" he said weakly, "I'll be okay." With a flap of her wings, Adere perched on the Irishman's shoulder as he rose up to a standing position, "Lets go find the others.." he began to say, before a dark creature began to form on the opposite side of the room. Jomei expected to see the tall, almost feminine looking shadow that had first greeted the group upon arriving. However, this was not the case, as the creature looked much different than that. This monster was much larger, and did not possess a humanoid shape. Instead, the darkness floated above the ground, twelve arms sprouting from its body extending to different lengths to grab onto anything it could. Its face, Jomei remembered all too clearly, several skulls bound together, all of their jaws open and producing multiple deathly screams that played on repeat in Jomei's head. The female voice of the original shadow, however, spoke to Jomei clearly over the sounds of the screams which he believed only he could hear. It threatened him with death, to which he shook his head. "I won't be going that easily. I'm finished with your games" Reaching a hand across his body, Jomei grabbed the hilt of his rapier, ready to stand his ground. "You won't catch me running or crying anymore.. and if you strike me down, then I'm sure as hell taking you down with me."
  9. *Screeches here as well*
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  10. Jomei

    <F1-PP> Trial by Fire

    Jomei let out a small sigh, a bit saddened by Willow's shy antics towards him. Coming from the kitchen, the man heard a slight 'wooshing' sound, almost like a swirling, wind gust. Turning his attention towards the noise, he saw two, small orbs for eyes rise above the island counter top, playfully glancing at the ginger before hiding again behind the half wall. Raising a single brow, the man smirked, "So that's how its going to be huh?" Placing a hand on either side of the couch, Jomei slowly pushed himself up to a standing position and began to almost silently walk towards the kitchen. Then, moving all at once, Jomei lunged forward, placing both palms on the counter and leaning over to look past the wall "Gotcha!" he shouted, before realizing the ghost had disappeared, yet again. Another swirling of wind caught his hear from behind him, followed by a noise that almost sounded like a taunting giggle. Turning his chin to look over his shoulder, Jomei saw Willow's tiny head poking from the ceiling above the couch. "Ya know.. that's just cheating." he said with a chuckle, to which Willow responded with smiling eyes and floated from the ceiling to a spot in the center of the room, flipping right side up. Hoping to catch the ghost off guard, Jomei shot forward with his hands extended, nearly forgetting that Willow was, in fact, an etheral being and did not have a solid body. The ginger passed right through the familiar, trying to throw his arms around it in an embrace, and hit the ground with a thud after losing his footing.
  11. By the time Jomei had finished consuming the damage potion, a lot had already gone down in the fight. The raid team seemed to be making quick work of the multiple bosses, even already taking one out within the first round of attacks. The ginger smirked, feeling as though this was going a lot better than the past two boss fights. Remembering that she had gone into fight without him, Jomei began to quickly scan the battlefield for Telrenya. His brows rose when he saw one of the dark elves, wielding a cutlass and a mischievous smirk, took hold of Telrenya's hand and forced her into a small dance-like spin, even making a remark about how these ladies were more his type. Jomei simply chuckled, knowing these elves were just a result of a bunch of code and AI that were just trying to get on their nerves.. He was not about to let another NPC mess with his head again. Rushing forward towards the now stunned elf, who held his fiance's hand in his own, Jomei reached out with his free hand, taking Telrenya's opposite hand. He pulled her back to him, catching her around the waist as her body stopped next to his. "She's already got a dance partner, ye bastard." Jomei's gaze turned to Telrenya for a moment, still keeping that same smirk. "I thought I was a bad dancer.. but at least I don't freeze up like he did." The ginger let his arm out from around Telrenya, allowing the space between them for him to retrieve his own rapier from its scabbard. "Why don't we show him how we dance." he said with a quick wink to the blonde beside him, "Just like Varalys." With Telrenya also readying her own attack, Jomei brought his sword arm across his body and bent his knees. As he activated his Charge skill, the man took off in a blur, rushing at full speed at the paralyzed enemy. Once in range, Jomei brought his arm back to the right, leaving a deep red gash up Rori's chest. The Irishman followed suit with another thirteen strikes, a combination of stabs and slashes, riddling the dark elf with red and white cuts all over his body. With the last, combined strike, the cutlass wielding elf was sent tumbling to the opposite side of the chamber. Jomei's Action Player Stats
  12. Jomei

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team B

    What the hell were they doing? I thought they had decided to split up and search the mansion, why were they all here now? "Get out of here!" Jomei shouted. As he looked closer at his friends on either side of the hall, he noticed something strange. None of their eyes were visible to him, shrouded in a dark shadow as if they wore a hood. As he looked to Ryo, the man pointed his blade towards the player killer in front of him, shouting words that Jomei also could not hear. This was all too strange.. there was no way that this could be real. Snap out of it Nick.. its all fake.. none of this is real.. Jomei thought to himself. It didn't matter how much he tried to convince himself that this was not real, and how this was just the mansion playing with his head. The scene that played out in front of him caused Jomei's chest to tighten, as tears immediately pooled in the corners of his eyes. One of Death Adder's shadow-like blades poked Telrenya in the throat, before piercing through the front and out the back. "ESTELLE!" Jomei shouted, as blood began to trickle from the wound and down her neck, coating her white collar with a crimson stain. The ginger tried to pry his eyes form what was going on in front of him, but the moment the lids of his eyes wretched shut and his chin turned away, he was pulled back by some unknown force. Now all of his friends were facing Jomei, on their knees, their facial features completely blurred out. Telrenya had been moved as well, and unlike the rest, Jomei could see the details of her face clearly. She looked as though she had lost all hope, with no tears left to cry, staring nearly lifelessly at the ground before Jomei. "Stop, I get it." Jomei said, his voice shaky as he pleaded, "I know this isn't real I just... I can't look at it anymore.." Tears began to pour down the man's cheeks as he looked up to the vision of Death Adder before him, hoping that the entity that created him was listening. "Its my fault that the old mansion was destroyed, don't blame my friends. If you need to take a life, take mine. Just please, let them go." Jomei's chin dropped as droplets began to hit the floor below him, and all went silent. Death Adder shook his head with a heavy sigh, "Again with the hero antics." Suddenly, starting with the light fixtures down the hall, one by one went out, causing the entire hallway to become pitch black, little by little. Finally, as the last one went out, nothing could be seen but those piercing blue eyes, and a wide, inhuman smile. After what only felt like a quick moment, a single light where Jomei was came to life, illuminating the area where the illusion was, and leaving the rest of the mansion in a dark void. Around Death Adder's feet, were the mangled remains of all of his friends, not shattered data fragments like normal. No, Jomei looked upon the bodies of his entire guild, entry wounds from Death Adder's blades, their clothing soaked in blood. The only one who remained alive was the blonde woman he loved, still on her knees and closer to where Jomei was chained, Death Adder standing behind her with a blade to her throat. "Why..." she said, weakly. "Why didn't you help them...You promised to protect all of them.. you promised to protect me... You really are nothing.." Jomei trembled, not believing what he was hearing "No no no... I- I can't" Slowly, Death Adder's blade began to glide across the woman's throat, and all life from the woman seemed to slowly fade. The flush of her skin fading as she grew pale, yet no blood could be seen pouring. Rage finally took over, an anger that Jomei never would want to unleash upon everyone. The man screamed, pulling with all of his might at the chains that held him in place. As if by some miracle, the chains around Jomei's wrists shattered, allowing him to move once again. Taking a long stride forward, Jomei lunged at the illusion of the man killing Telrenya, letting his fist fly forward with a powerful punch. As his clenched hand made contact with Death Adder, he shattered, Telrenya shattered, and all of the corpses around him shattered. Light came back to the hallway, and all evidence of what Jomei was just witnessed was gone. The man fell to his knees, pressing his palms into the floor. He struggled to catch a breath between sobs, his tears soaking the red carpet below him.
  13. Jomei

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team B

    "Yeah..yeah I'm fine." Jomei said, looking up to Telrenya with a small smile. Taking the woman's hand, she helped him back up to his feet, though their hold on each other did not falter, and the blonde's grip only tightened as she spoke. An impressed brow rose over his visible eye as Telrenya formulated a plan, for the group to split up. Despite their dire situation, Jomei could not help but smile wider, seeing just how far she had come from the scared girl pacing in the center of Urbus. "Good idea Tel, we have a much bigger group this time.. so we can afford to split up into smaller groups." With Hestia and Ruby, the couple managed to make their way past the strange bust and up the stairs to the second floor. At the top of the stairs was a hallway that seemed to slit off in both directions and then go around to the opposite side. Looking over his shoulder, Jomei saw that Ruby and Hestia were no longer in sight, figuring they must have split off to the opposite side of the second floor. I didn't even hear them walking the other way.. thats weird.. he thought to himself, before turning back to his front. Before him and Tel was a door that seemed unfinished.. the wood still its natural color, rather than finished with the darker stain as the others were. Saw dust littered the floor just in front of the door, and a sign on the door reading 'Under Construction' was nailed to the center of the entrance way. "We can come back to that, lets see what else is up here." Jomei said softly, before noticing his fiance turn to him with hooded eyes. Her arms loosely wrapped around his neck, pulling him into an embrace moving him slightly down the hall so the two were not standing at the top of the stairs. "Estelle, are you oka-" the woman's face shot forward, her lips softly pressing into Jomei's, stopping him in his speech. She held her kiss for several seconds before separating, a soft pink glow to her cheeks. This doesn't seem like her... she seems overwhelmed from everything.. Jomei moved with her as she brought herself down to the ground, sitting with both knees bent and legs pointing away from her body like a W. Jomei, on the other hand, crouched in front of her, a hand on her shoulder. Concerning eyes looking into the familiar brown orbs that looked back to him loving, wanting eyes. Her sudden renouncing of her love caused a small blush to appear on his cheeks, "I-I know Stel.. and I love you too. Is everything alright?" "Tch Tch Tch... You two really think this is the right place to be doing that lovey dovey s**t?" A familiar, taunting voice spoke out to Jomei from behind him. The Irishman froze up for a moment, before slowly turning to look over his shoulder. Standing tall over him, looking down with pale blue eyes and a wide smirk, was Death Adder. The man, who seemed much taller as Jomei crouched, leaned over to whisper in Jomei's ear, "I thought I told you not to try to be a hero.." the voice followed by a sword slowly being pulled from its scabbard. The screech of the metal revealing itself sent chills down the man's spine. The heavy pounding of multiple sets of boots from the opposite sides of the hall took his attention off of his attacker for a moment, and looking past the man, he saw Ryo, Teion, and Jevi quickly turn the corner, all their weapons drawn. From the opposite side of the corridor, Spencer, Ruby, Hestia, and Kairi appeared as well, all ready to fight. "W..what?" Jomei managed to get out with a gasp, before shooting to his feet and going to pull out his own sword. "Ah ah ah.." Death Adder said, placing a palm on Jomei's chest, "I'll deal with you next." Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the ginger found his wrists and ankles bound by cold, chained cuffs, in a matter that reminded him far too much of his time trapped by the player slavers. "So.. you all want to play hero now huh?" the man taunted, pulling out two blades from his back that were as black as the night.
  14. Jomei shot a quick side glance to Ruby, who teased the fact he had 'won' this mansion. "How was I supposed to know it was going to turn into some secret Halloween event? Better us that could handle the stress of the mansion rather than some lower leveled players who could have gotten killed. Besides.. clearing the event did award me with a house of my own.. so it didn't technically lie." Jomei's attention was taken from Ruby and, with everyone else's, focused on Hestia as she approached the newly established mansion. With Tel's hand still clutching his, the two rushed forward to stop the woman from going any farther into the unexplored area. Suddenly, a deep voice called out to them, specifically the four founding members, welcoming them back to this place. The rumble of the voice sent a chill down Jomei's spine as his eyes widened, slowly turning to look at the tall, dark building as it "spoke" to them. The leaves and branches of the trees behind them began to violently sway.. though there was no wind. Turning around again, the tall trunks began to shift in place as if they were alive, thorns growing from their thick branches. The combined foliage and thorns had created a wall that blocked the dirt path they had taken to get here. The Irishman looked around at the party that remained outside, and then to the players who had moved in. He gripped Tel's hand tight and turned his chin to look at her. With a single nod, the man moved forward into the mansion. The players who had moved inside now stood in the mansion's foyer, looking nothing like the entrance way of the previous mansion they had explored. A grand staircase stood tall in front of them, forking off into two doors on the second floor. Four doors to unknown rooms awaited on the floor they stood on currently, one on each side of them, and two on the wall under the stairs. Jomei let out a heavy sigh, knowing they would need to, once again, find a way to eradicate this monster and find their escape. As Spencer began to formulate a plan similar to their old one, the voice from before spoke out to them, this time from a single spot, and much closer. Behind the dirty blonde haired boy, a creature made entirely of shadows grew from the ground, grabbing Spencer by the throat and throwing him down a flight of stairs into darkness. "Spencer!!" Jomei shouted, ripping his own rapier out of its scabbard and turning to slash at the creature. The shadow moved with speed matching Jomei's strikes, managing to dodge every one of his attempts to stab at it. The shadow proved to be just a bit faster than Jomei, and much stronger. With an attack that seemed to be impossible to dodge, Jomei thrust his blade forward, only for the creature to put a hand up, blocking the tip of the blade. Despite its mouth not being visible with the rest of its body, he could feel the smirk taunting him. Suddenly, the ginger felt himself being thrown back by an invisible force, away from the shadow creature, flying to the opposite side of the foyer and hitting the ground with a loud thud. "Hng.. damn.." he cursed under his breath, propping himself up onto his elbows.
  15. "Very funny Ruby" Jomei said, sucking his teeth before smirking, "Should have figured you'd be fine." After pounding the second Drakeling for scorching her skin, the two small dragon-like creatures recovered from the attacks and glared across at the two players, releasing small, growl like chirps as they lowered their heads towards the stone floor. "Looks like they are getting ready for another pass, get ready." Olive eyes locked onto the drake's mouth, looking for any signs of smoke or fire. Expecting another fire based attack, the small dragon rushed at Jomei, lifting a clawed hand to swipe across his person. With a quick retreating step, Jomei dodged the claws of the dragon, before thrusting his blade forward and following back in. Oathkeeper pierced the Drake's skin multiple times in quick succession, the last stab causing the monster to shatter like glass. "There's one.. damn, doesn't look like it dropped any of the hides you were talking about." [1|0]Jomei: 1390/1390 HP | 138/151 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 70 B. Healing (+70)[0|1]Ruby: 1000/1100 HP | 95/110 EN | 15 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 0 MIT | +3 Stealth | +6 LD | 20% First Aid HealingDrakelingHP: 0/350 DMG: 200 MIT: 15 ACC: 2 EVA: 1 (BoF 1/4) (-104)DrakelingHP: 140/350 DMG: 200 MIT: 15 ACC: 2 EVA: 1 (BoF 1/4)<< Breath of Fire >> : Each Drakeling will attack with an AoE dealing 100 unmitigatable damage. After a 4 turn cooldown, the Drakeling will use Breath of Fire again. _____________________________________ Drakelings Defeated: 1/10 Drakeling Skins: 0 (CD:8+)