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  1. With his last strike, the weakened armor of the Leviathan’s hide shattered, lowering the behemoth’s head towards the battlefield once again. As the frontlinere prepared for their onslaught, the scuttered noises of Sahagin could be heard crawling over their master’s body. The ginger’s focus was nearly lost for a moment when the Leviathan shot another powerful blast aimed at Jomei. Fearing for the full damage the attack would bring, Jomei dove out of the way, just missing the possibly devastating strike. Quickly picking himself back up, Jomei rushed at the Leviathan and activated Over Radiation yet again. “Everyone! Nows our chance to do some real damage!” ID 122074 LD 12+6 Scald (-1 dmg) ID 122075 BD 6+6(+2 Savvy) Over Radiation vs Leviathan 14 x 19 = 266 (x2) 532 Dmg [H:13] Calrex: 1774/1850 HP | 159/176 EN | 16 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC |  3 EVA | 0.6 ACH [FRZ 1/2] [1 Strike] [H:14] Jomei: 1525/1525 HP | 105/151 EN | 20 DMG | 6 ACC | 6 EVA | 97 MIT | 2 SVY | 71 BH | 9-10/24 TV [Concentration 3/5] [1 strike] [H:11] [3/3/3/3] Hestia: 1931/2065 HP | 100/170 EN | 1 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 THN | -1 EVA | 103 BH | 2 HM | 6 REC | 25% STNW [Snowfrost] [1 strike] [H:8] @Neopolitan: 617/1025 HP | 73/86 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 9 PRB | 4 FLN [Snowfrost] [1 Strike] [H:6] @Itzal: 1835/1885 HP | 160/160 EN| 21 DMG | 94 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEN | 30THN | 9-10/24 TV | 9-10 PLZ | 8-10/36 BLD | BH 94 [2 Strikes]
  2. Jomei

    [PP/F11] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Jomei smiled, "Just deduced is all. You seemed to ask about Hikoru quite a lot, and you said he makes you happy when you're around him." he placed a hand on the girls head with a small chuckle, "Plus, your face gets as red as a tomato when you talk about him." After picking up his hand from the tousled tuft of blonde hair, the man lowered himself into a squat as he found another four leafed clover growing within the gap in the cobblestone walk way. Gently, the man pulled the weed from the earth and released it to his inventory as before. "Don't worry, I won't say anything." The mischievous smirk of discovering Kit's crush faded when she seemed to freak out a bit more about her status with the man. Jomei placed his hands up and waved them, trying to calm the girl a bit. "Relax Kit, I'm sure it will be fine. Hikoru is a very kind man.. I'm sure he wouldn't give out mixed signals about someone he cared about. All you have to do is just wait and see.. play your cards right." The man's smile returned, kind as it was before, "You're a fine girl, I'm sure if you've made an impact on Hikoru, that you cross his mind just as much as he crossed yours." ID 121783 | LD 18 + 2 _________________________ Total: 16 T2 Mats
  3. The Leviathan released another breath of cold air over the remaining frontliners as the coil it created around them seemed to shrink down to accommodate their smaller size. There was less room to run from the impending freeze, however Jomei was able to anticipate the attack this time and create as much distance as he physically could from the frigid mist as it slowly descended upon the players. Once it had run its course, Jomei turned to the offensive yet again. There was nothing holding him back, no damage reductions or other stat changing effects that lingered on him. It was one of the first times he had a completely open shot for the goal. Pushing off the dark, soaked sand, the ginger pushed forward through his allies, leaping into the air and driving his rapier deep into the hide of the Leviathan once again. With frustration behind each swing, Jomei followed through the sword art, ripping the weakened segment of the Leviathan's body to shreds. "Hopefully that should be enough to make this boss vulnerable again.." he said to himself under his breath. ID 121781 | LD 11 (+6) Frostbite [Success] ID 121782 | BD 4(+6)(-2) 8 Hit | Over Radiation 14 x 20 = 280(-50) = 230 Dmg to Segment 1
  4. Jomei

    [PP/F11] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Jomei listened with a small smile on his face as Kityuisa described how she felt about this mysterious boy that she liked. The ginger already had a feeling, since her body expressions when talking about a certain other player made it a little bit more obvious... and that nickname. No one gives another person a cutesy nickname like that unless there's some sort of feelings involved. The ginger looked to his side and bent forwards, pushing a few blades of tall grass out of the way to pick up a small pink flower that he placed into his inventory after twirling it in his fingers. After raising back up to his full height and seeing Kit's red cheeks, he chuckled. "He makes you smile a lot huh? Kind of like how Hikoru does?" he finished with a smirk. ID 121656 | LD 13 + 1 T2 Mat _________________________ Total: 14 T2 Mats
  5. Jomei

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    The entity that was the Rain King let out a weak, yet still mighty, roar as Hikoru appeared from the shadows and delivered the final blow. Flailing tentacles went limp as the towering creature fell backwards towards the water, only to shatter into thousands of colorful data fragments before crashing into the earth. The ginger let out a small sigh of relief, letting his body relax for a moment. His eyes turned to the bridge to see if the defeating of the Rain King would signal the end of the event. However, he saw that NPCs and civilian players were still standing at the ready. Another battle was still going on with the second tier players. Macradon, taking note of this first, shouted out to the rest of their team that they should go and assist their fellow players. With a confident nod, Jomei followed suit. Arriving at the scene, Jomei saw that they were looking a little worn from the battle, their enemy was an army of creatures, rather than a single boss. The duelist skid to a stop before the team that included Stryder and two other players, "You guys alright?" he questioned before turning back to their enemy. "Don't worry, help is on the way." <<Jomei has entered the battle>> Skills/Mods: Inventory:
  6. Jomei felt a wave of relief as he finally broke from the ice that encased him. The Leviathan still circled the players, leaving them all wondering who was going to be its next target. As it began to slow, Jomei realized its piercing red eyes were traced on him. Rows of sharp teeth peaked from the corners of its mouth, where water began to accumulate and drop to the sand. "[censored]" Jomei cursed under his breath, turning around and running in the opposite direction as the Leviathan lowered its head and released a powerful stream of water in the ginger's direction. Rushing to the other end of the battle field, Jomei planted his foot into the boss' scaled body and ran up a couple of feet to avoid the attack. With a back flip, the man landed in the sand again with a three point landing, his blade held out to the side. Pushing off of his knee, Jomei shot forward and began to strike at the weakened segment of the Leviathan once again, hoping to do just enough damage to make their enemy targetable again. ID 121548 | BD 3(+6)(+1 Savvy)(-2) 8 | Over Radiation 14 x 17 = 238(-50) = 188 Dmg to Segment 1
  7. "Dammit", Jomei cursed to himself under his breath as he saw another round of attacks went by without taking out the Water Crystal. Despite being so close to finish this fight, luck was just not on their side with either landing attacks or dodging this paralyzing frostbite. Just as Jomei was thinking on it, his shoulder was smacked with another stream of hot water, which quickly cooled down at frostbite took over. The sheet of ice slowly covered his body until, once again, he was frozen in place. The man's eyes being the only thing he could move, he watched in horror as the monster began to circle around the players, intimidating them with every move. ID 121452 LD 14(+6) Scald ID 121453 LD 8(+6) Frostbite [Frozen]
  8. Jomei

    [PP/F11] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Jomei's normally freckled, pale cheeks turned a slightly pinker hue once Kit commented on the story Jomei had told about the two's engagement. A hum of a chuckle sounded out as he smiled. "She is working on becoming an Artisan. There's not too many of them around much nowadays, so hopefully she will get plenty of customers. She actually has her shop on the Third Floor as well." The man huffed a small breath from his nostrils, his wide smile fading slightly as he did so, "She's been putting a lot of time into trying to get the place up and running.. so I'm hoping everything is going well. She took a break from the frontlines to do so.. Hoping we could save up that extra Col to have a better wedding. Sadly, I haven't had the chance to go out together as much.. and I mainly only see her towards the end of the day.. But I guess thats better than nothing, eh?" he ended with a hopeful shrug of his shoulders. "How about you? Anyone special in your life?" ID 121045 | LD 7 + 0 _________________________ Total: 13 T2 Mats
  9. The ice around Jomei began to crack, releasing the man from the freezing cold bindings yet again. After shaking some of the excess frost from his ginger hair, he heard Hestia shout out another plan of attack, which included him striking at the healing crystal that had just recently spawned. The ginger nodded and his eyes locked onto the floating entity. Activating his Concentration skill, yellow crosshairs flickered around his pupils before closing together into a cross, meaning his target had been locked onto. One foot after another, the player rushed forward to attack the crystal, his blade pulled back to his chest. Once he was in range, his feet skid to a stop in the sand, and his rapier plunged forward. However, the crystal was much faster than anticipated. The metal of his rapier screeched as it merely scratched against the surface of the crystal, doing nothing but leaving a scuff mark on the entity. "Dammit! Neo, you're up!" ID 121041 | BD 2 (+6)(+1)(-4) = 5... | Concentration | Over Radiation
  10. “Okay..okay..” Jomei said to himself over and over again, preparing for the next wave of attacks. The group was making slow progress, but because they were all one group now, Hestia was easily able to keep their health nearly maxxed out. With the last of the Sahagin destroyed, it was time to focus their efforts on the segment again.. and eventually the Leviathan himself. Except for the fact that Jomei found himself, once again, caught in the freezing mist of the Leviathan, locking up his body in a sheet of ice. The ginger growled as he tried to push his body forward, but his feet would not carry him any farther. “Take..it..out!” ID 123591 LD 6 (+3)(+3) Frozen +71 BH
  11. Jomei groaned when he noticed Itzal, Neo, and Calrex were not able to follow through with their attacks, being that they were now frozen in ice. "Dammit. That definitely didn't go according to plan..." The ginger turned to look at the remaining two fish monsters, one trying to deal a bit of damage to Calrex, while another slashed into Neo's armor. Calrex should be fine.. he thought to himself. Neo on the other hand could use some assistance. Barely dodging out of the way of another blast of scalding hot water, Jomei used to Charge skill to quickly clear the distance between himself and the fourth Sahagin. His shoulder collided with the beast, causing it to stumble backwards towards the Leviathan's coiled body. The player followed suit, his blade splitting the body of the Sahagin with each slice until it was no more. "Just one more!" he called out to the rest of the group. ID 120886 | LD 19(+3)(+3) ID 120886 | BD 6(+6)(-1)(-1) | Charge | Over Radiation vs Sahagin 4 14 x 19(+5) = 336(-50) 286 Dmg to Sahagin 4 +71 BH
  12. Jomei

    [PP/F11] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    The ginger's lips could not help but part as he shone a cheesy grin when Kit asked to hear more about the two's relationship. "Its perfectly fine.. Sometimes I think back on the journey we've taken together so far and think it would make for an excellent story." He thought for a moment about what to tell Kityuisa about..the cave in where they first revealed their feelings for each other, the followers of Tesseleth that overpowered and imprisoned them.. there were so many amazing adventures the two had shared. However, he felt the one that carried higher that the rest was Telrenya's escapade as her alter ego. "Well.. given I was already a frontliner when I met Tel, she was no where near ready to fight on the front lines. I was on hiatus from fighting in boss raids for a bit, but eventually, I knew that time would come to an end. I have to admit I was a little.. controlling with her going to dangerous places. Her fighting on the frontlines and fighting off powerful monsters without me there scared me.. I guess she felt I was holding her back a bit at times. So, she came up with an elaborate ruse to go questing under a guise named Erin. Even found a player with that same name to join the guild to make it less suspicious. I had ran into her while running the Dragon Hunter questline.. and, because of the quest's rules, I convinced her to finish it with me. Towards the end of the quest line, her true identity was revealed and, well, that caused a bit of a hiccup in our relationship. We spent a bit of time apart after that.. but I finally convinced her to join me on the final part of the quest as a means to get to talk to her. Well.. that quest is not exactly the easiest, and the final part of it really puts your skills to the test, fighting eight or nine knights about as strong as all the dragons we fought one after another.. as well as one final boss that puts all the others to shame." The ginger took a breath, realizing he was babbling on more about the quest, rather than what it meant for their relationship. "Anyway.. we had truly reconnected during that final quest up to that boss.. and we forgave each other for the wrong we had done. Finally, before entering that final doorway to the last boss at the top of the tower, I proposed to her. And I think it was that connection.. that surge of trust and love for each other..that we crushed that final boss like he was nothing." The man crossed his arms and smiled, but from happiness at reminiscing, but also a bit proud from the fight the two had put up. "From that day forward, she joined me on the frontlines, and helped clear a floor or two, and thinks have been pretty great ever since." ID 120853 | LD 7 + 0 _________________________ Total: 13 T2 Mats
  13. Leviathan's health dropped down into the red.. it didn't seem like a sizable drop, but it was red now. That was a good sign that they were getting close to the end. With only the five of them, Jomei was getting a little worried that someone could be killed before the end of the fight. However, Hestia was on top of things with her first aid abilities, healing members of the party left and right, keeping their HP in the green and high above vital levels. "Hestia" Jomei called out to her with a smile, "I don't think we would have survived if you didn't decide to come to this fight. I owe you one." Looking forward towards the three Sahagin that remained, he spoke to the rest of his party, "Now lets finish this.. Are, Neo. Attack the other two Sahagin, I'll take this one. Then Calrex, come in with an area attack to finish them off if need be... Then we can focus on taking down this boss again." Flicking his rapier out to the side, Jomei rushed forward into the group of Sahagin, who were ready to lay down their lives for their serpentine leader. Jomei's blade met his target, plunging deep into its shoulder, when another of the fish-men struck Jomei in the back with a critical strike. Jomei growled and kicked backwards, trying to keep the second monster off of his back. Ripping his rapier from the first Sahagin, Jomei continued to back it up, cutting into its scales with each strike from Over Radiation. ID 120850 LD 12(+3)(+3) Not Frozen ID 120851 BD 2(+6)(-1) = 7 | Over Radiation vs. Sahagin 2 14 x 20 = 280(-50) = 230 Dmg +71 BH
  14. Jomei

    [PP/F11] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    "Well.." Jomei started, accompanied by a small exhale, "We actually met on Floor Two. She wanted to take on a quest, but did not think she was strong enough. Lucky for her, she made it very apparent that she was nervous." he said with a laugh, recalling the memory. "After that, and another few chance meetings, we began to see each other. We've had our share of ups and downs.. some crazy adventures.. but it's been an amazing ride." The ginger gently dropped down to a knee, picking another two flowers that matched the first one he had picked. Placing them into his inventory, he rose to his full height and continued. "She is a very kind and gentle person with an urge for adventure that you would not except when you first see her. She's one of the strongest women I know who has been through quite a lot.. but all of that in the past made her stronger." When a question about their possible wedding in the future, Jomei furrowed his brow. "I.. honestly haven't thought about it." he chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. "Nothing too extravagant, but large enough to invite everyone we want. I know there's an actual 'quest' that we need to take where we can plan everything. That, and we haven't even had the chance to talk over what exactly we want." He looked to Kit with a smile, "Well, if things work out, I will be sure to send you an invitation." ID 120557 | LD 15 +2 Mats _________________________ Total: 13 T2 Mats
  15. Jomei

    [PP/F11] <<Nature's Treasure>>

    The ginger let out a small breath of relief when he heard Kit was willing to wait until level 60 to actually attempt to fight on the front lines. "Good good.. I've seen too many players get into a lot of trouble thinking they were strong enough... Even many players who were strong enough, but the Cardinal system was just not in their favor." Realizing he had been looking at the ground a bit morbidly, he looked up to Kityuisa with an embarrassed smile, "Sorry, didn't mean to get serious there." After placing the flower into his inventory, Kit had called him out for smiling like an idiot while staring at the plant. "H-Huh?" the man exclaimed, snapping back into reality. "Oh, I was just thinking about someone." his smile returned to him. "Her name is Telrenya.. We've been together for..quite a bit now actually." he scratched at his chin with his pointer finger, trying to gauge an actual amount of time that the two had been together for. "We actually are planning on getting married soon.. It's just, she's been a bit busy with getting her shop up and running lately.. and every time I think about doing some planning, another boss raid comes up." The man sighed again, a mix of exhaustion and disappointment, "I'm hoping this next one will be my last one, then we can take care of wedding planning." ID 120461 | LD 3 _________________________ Total: 11 T2 Mats