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  1. The blonde placed his hand firmly on the door handle of the Antediluvian Antique, and began to open the door. The voices of those inside began to trickle out as he walked into the wonderful little shop. "Lancy... I dont know if my heart could take you giving another man attention in front of me..." He jested as a smirk crept across his lips while looking at the woman. As he made his way to the counter, he smiled once more noting that there were quite a few people. One being Cygnus whom he had just met and had the pleasure of questing with, and another girl whom he had never met before. "Hey Cygnus!" He stated with a smile as he turned his attention to the raven haired shopkeeper. "Long time beautiful. I was hoping that you could do me a favor and make me up a few new rings." He stated as he opened his HUD and sent over the two requests to the woman along with 10 materials. Looking back over to Cygnus and the orange haired woman, he cocked his head back to Lancelot. "Also, Cygnus is a friend of mine. So make him up a perfect of whatever he needs and if that woman is a friend of his, take care of her as well." He stated as he raised his right hand once more and transferred and additional 13 materials. "Here are another 10 Mats for those and 5 more for your trouble... Finally... For the main reason why I came here... when are you going to let me take you to dinner?" He asked as he let out his trademarked wink. -23 Mats transferred to Lancelot
  2. Anyone want to run a thread with me? I still haven't finished, Let there Be Light! So i figured I would reach out and see if anyone else needs to finish it up.

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      Lets do it! ill start it up and tag you! 

    3. Cygnus


      Awesome man. ^^ I look forward to it.

    4. Rain


      I like SP. :D can i join?

  3. Lawfer

    [F05] <<Arabian Nights>> First Night

    Taking this with Calrex
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    [F06] <<Deforestation>>

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    [F08] <<Monkey King>>

    taking with tak
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    [F06] <<Deforestation>>

    taking with Tak
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    [F07]<<Case of Wurms>>

    taking with Tak
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    [F03] «Escape»

    taking this one
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    [F14] <<The Lich's Calling>>

    Taking this with Takao and Calrex
  10. Having heard of the man's profession, the golden haired dragoon just had to see if there was more to his new equipment than meets the eye. There were plenty of other things that would help the man in his growing pursuit to get stronger. But if there was a possabillity that he was sitting on something better, he knew he had to take it. Meeting up at the designated spot, Lawfer pulled up his map to make sure the meeting place remained the same. "Looks about rig..." He stopped mid sentence as he noticed a faint jade flame approaching. He knew that wagon from questing with the man before. "Hey Hirru! Mind appraising my equipment for me?" The spearman asked, as he raised his hand and transferred 6 Mats and 3k worth of col.
  11. Lawfer

    [F12]<<Lord of the Seas>>

    Taking this with Takao and Calrex
  12. Having returned to the Blazing Typhoon, Lawfer raised his hand and waived to Macradon. "Hey buddy! I got your PM. Thanks for taking that order for me. I'll be able to take a lot more hits now." The spearman said as he looked at the scarlet dragoon armor. It was a full body heavy armor that allowed him to mitigate a whole lot more damage than his current set of borrowed equipment. "I owe you one! If you need some songs Drop by my studio and I'll make whatever you need!" +1 Scarlet Dragoon Plate Mail
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    [F05] «Butcher of the Sands»

    taking this with Takao
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    [F02] «Let There Be Light»