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  1. Almost done. Should be back to posting by tmrw. Miss you guys all so much

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      lookin' forward to it!

  2. Hey guys. Sorry ive been absent the last couple of days. Im having the worst period ive had in a while. Ill be back up in shape soon. 

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      It hurts 。・゚゚*(>д<)*゚゚・。

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      ;n; I cry for you, i hope the little devil goes away soon. Best of luck


    4. Teayre
  3. Hey Guys. Sorry bout my absence. Work has been kicking my butt lately. But all most done for the week. VIVA LOS WEEKEND!


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      Roger. When you get the chance, PM me

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      No worries! Hopefully things ease up for you soon.

  4. Red_Rose

    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    Ill take this quest
  5. HEATHCLIFF AND KIRITO LIED. Dual wielding was used by more than one player

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      I think this discussion had taken place in the past XD. In any case replied to it!

  6. Red entered the forge slowly and carefully. She had never actually stepped foot in a place like this before, and wasn't entirely sure what to expect. This forge belonged to the Grand Master of her guild, Mack. He was supposed to be as legendary with an armorers hammer as he was with a weapon. Inside the forge smelt of sweat and Iron, and smoke and dust. It was rustic and real and for a brief moment Red had to close her eyes and soak it all in. Once satisfied she quickly approached the counter and cleared her throat to get Macks attention. "Excuse me, Grand Master. I have an urgent request. A friend of mine needs items of the highest quality and I think you can make what she needs." Red started without skipping a beat. She was nervous to ask for his services, he had after all done so much for her, and she had not been able to do too much in return. "I have these I can Offer you." She said as she pulled open her inventory and deposited 20 Materials into the Forge Vault. As she had been explained this was a one way transaction. She could technically deposit anything, but never could she take anything out. If the merchant or whomever didnt like they could give it back. She then pulled out a piece of paper with the specs for the armor and shield she wanted. "My friend will come by and pick them up later." she said quickly taking a bow before disappearing out the front door. Transferred 20 Materials to Mack.
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    [F04] «Avalanche»

    Im taking this
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    Has fingers crossed for shield combat. SHIELD BASH FOR THE WIN XD
  9. So are the knights of blood oath no longer running? If thats the case anyone want to help me recreate them? I have a great set of ideas and would love to see them up and running.

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      I bet he used Cheat Engine

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      or the Konami Code

      ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

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      This is my new headcanon.

  10. So... If my Mitigation is 6 does that mean a mob needs to do 7 damage to hurt me or do they have a minimum damage that they do regardless of what mitigation is?

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    2. Kalesh


      Keep in mind that if it crits, your mitigation fails ;) at 10 = -3hp for you!

    3. Red_Rose


      this is true.. but if I hit with a snake bite I win in 1 hit :) Its a gamble but could be Hilarious

    4. Kalesh


      Quick! Exploit it before they fix it!!.... and then spend the 19 other posts dinking around I guess xD

  11. Ok so I just started so I want to ask a question. So if I have Rank 1 in a weapon skill, rather than doing the 2 damage (1 base + 1 Level) I now do the 1 damage, but have access to the sword arts for that level?

    1. Hirru


      No, you still do 2 damage as your base damage is 1, and your rank 1 weapon skill with give you another point.

      And yes, you do have access to the first tier sword arts.

  12. WOOOO.. Approved.... *JOYGASM*...

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      Lol your Mobs might be too big for me.


      If your character can handle a foul mouthed noob Im sure they could get a drink together. I could start a thread that takes place immediately after she finishes her first hunt. She would be a little more confident in her own abilities and might be a little loud. He could possibly tell her off for being too confident?

    3. Zelrius


      You will see. Write the thread, I think you will see how my character's personality is.

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      There ya go. Its nothing too fancy n doesn't need to be too long.


  13. Can hardly wait to get started. I am practically vibrating here. :)

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      And a whole conversation starts without me.

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      Wait...does your mom watch it with you O.O

      Haha sorry blue

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      No, I told her about the roast XD

  14. Red_Rose

    Red_Rose's Journal

    Username: Red_Rose Title: The Queen of Thorns Guild: The Crimson Blades Real name: Lilliana (Lily) Clark Age: 21 Gender: Female Height: 5'2" Appearance: Lily is your typical average girl, at least appearance wise. She has long blonde hair, usually worn down or loosely tied into a pony tail. For Japan it is considered to be a rare hair color achieved only by bleaching ones own hair to a golden color, but given that she is American it's not so uncommon for After that She has pretty green eyes that people have often said are her most noticeable trait. In fact the green is so pronounced that it is the only really exceptional trait that she seems to posses. Her skin is a light pink, though if she gets a good amount of sunlight it will darken nicely, and her complexion is clear of blemishes. Her build is fairly athletic, giving her a decent tone, and slim form, that is often prized by cheerleaders everywhere. Its not something that comes easily for her however as she has had to spend countless hours molding her self to fit this image. Lily comes in at only 5'2" tall, which some consider to be cute. She on the other hand finds it a burden as she has to struggle to reach things in a normal sized world. Often her short stature has her mistaken as a child or looked down upon. As for Assets Lilly was gifted with the measurements of 41-30-36, giving her a rather generous cup size compared to her body size. Before SAO lily's choice of dress was often very simple, choosing to wear a neat button up shirt and skirt. Occasionally she would dress up her outfit with a tie or other accessories, but she rarely found time or motivation for such things. She did have a need for glasses, or at the very least contact lenses, though she preferred the former over the latter. While In SAO however things are a little different for her now. Rather than her normal buisiness casual attire of the real world, she wears her red and white dress adorned in red trim. (See first picture) She also rarely goes anywhere without her accompanying armor consisting of a set of white and red steel plated boots, her shoulder and neck guards as well as her white plated gauntlets. Recently with her joining of the guild "The Crimson Blades" She has earned a simple crimson cloak to drape over her shoulders. About: Before SAO Lily was a college student with little to no interest in video games. She was an active part of her campus, acting in several clubs and organizations as well as being part of her schools cheer leading squad. She was an active member of the students union, as well as acted as a liaison for various school related functions. On top of that she had a full class load, a part time Job as a waitress, and a long term boyfriend. She had dreams and goals, and there had just been no time for video games. Lily was aside from a young over achiever a very dedicated girlfriend. She was as many would say, much more than her dead beat boyfriend actually deserved. She listened intently to him, supported him both in spirit and financially, as well as tolerated his own gaming obsession. He in turn ran around on her, forced her to care for him and generally took advantage of her. He had also spent the last year and a half explaining to her how awesome the new VRMMO SAO was going to be. Despite not understanding much of what he was talking about she still kept track of the updates as he provided them to her. Despite everything Lily was under no delusion as to her financial situation. She was nearly broke, however she desperately wanted to get this game for her boyfriend. After securing a bank loan she began her search for the appropriate channels to guarantee a copy of the game and needed equipment for release day. The entire process took months but luckily with a little dedication and a few extra bucks Lily was able get herself setup with everything. She had pre booked release day off, so that she could spend the day at home and see her boyfriends face when she gave him his gift. After picking everything up she rushed home only to find him there with another woman. Since the entire thing had been a surprise and she was supposed to be at work, he had not intended for her to come home early. Lily was naturally furious and threw him out of their apartment. In an act of spite she hooked up the Nerve Gear (with a little help from an internet tutorial) and logged into SAO. The idea being to become some amazing adventurer and send spiteful pictures of her adventures to her boyfriend. Virtues: Loyalty - Lily is for lack of a better term Loyal to a fault. She will stand by anyone who she lets get close to her, even if they are wrong. to her friendship and loyalty are the marks of true life achievements. Up until SAO she faithfully retained friendships with childhood friends that predated even school. Driven - Lily has always lived her life in the fast lane. She understands how important it is to take life by the horns and achieve all you can in the time you have. Naturally this drive has allowed her to maintain a full course load as well as a job, and club related activities while in college. She would often end her days exhausted but satisfied knowing she had achieved something. Blank Slate - This is both a curse and a blessing to Lily. Having never played MMO's before she has no bad habits from other games to inhibit her game play here in Aincrad. This gives her an advantage over other players as she is simple able to learn this game as she goes. Yes there are things that could help if she had played other games, but given that SAO is a new and unique game unlike any other, so too must its game play be unique and new, so she does not have to unlearn any unneeded ideals or styles of play. Flaws: Foul Language - One thing that has always impacted Lily's life as a whole has been her use of foul and often inappropriate language. Despite having never played many games in her life, she had picked up a vocabulary that would put the average XBOX live subscriber to shame. This of course came from her time spent around her boyfriend, and to this day has made it difficult for her to make new friends. Spiteful - Even with her good natured side, Lily has always possessed a temper. This of course allows her to act in hateful ways simply out of spite. If you make her mad she will still be your friend, but she will make your life difficult, and will act out on her anger. Often her temper simmers quickly, but in most cases the damage is done, either she has acted in a manner detrimental to herself of her relationships with others. Total Noob - To say that Lily is inexperienced in such games is an understatement. In truth she is the living body equivalent of the perfect noob. She has no experience what so ever, and only logged into SAO to spite her cheating boyfriend. Now she is trapped with no idea how to even open her menu. Fighting experience falls along the same line as well, having never needed to fight in real life she has not much of an idea as to what is required let alone how to do it. Given the realistic nature of this game she could become spooked by things that would appear as normal or low key to others. Lack of Trust - Lily is as of this point a not easily trusting person. The business with her boyfriend has left her scarred emotionally and is going to inhibit her ability to make friends for fear of being hurt again. This trust issue will be greater when dealing with males than with females, and in a world where the core population (As in most MMO games) is male this can and will put her at a greater disadvantage. Profession: None as of yet Skills: Non-combat: » Passive: » Concentration (Unlocked) Combat: » Block Rank 1 (5 points) Weapon skills: » One-Handed Spear Rank 1 (5 points) SP: 4/14 Remaining Current Move List: (I) Focused Strike - 1x1 - A basic starter skill which strikes the opponent. (I) Snake Bite - 2x1 - Two high speed thrusts aimed at the neck. (I) Haymaker - 1x2 & AOE - A skill where the spear sweeps with strength in a wide area. (I) Maiming Blow - 2x1 & Stun - Attack both feet of the opponent, locking down their movement. Inventory: Weapons/Tools: » Hair Tie, Boots, Gloves, Belt (Equipped) Vanity Item » Crimson Blades Cloak (Equipped) Vanity Item » Crimson Blades Medallion (Equipped) Vanity Item » 7 Health Potions (Recover 5 HP) » 1 Field Ration Kits (+2 HP for thread) » 2 Teleport Crystals » Snowfrost Potion - 1400 col +20 Crafting Materials -20 to Mack +18 Crafting Materials -18 to Jevi Roleplays: » [PP-F1]Brave New World -Completed- »[PP-F2]The Sin of Pride »[SP-F6]The Geminot <Quest: The Gemini> -Completed- »[PP-F1]Another Day, Another Member »[SP-F1]Did someone call for an exterminator -Completed- »Helping out II <Quest: Avalanche> -Completed- »[SP-F1]Wasp Killer -Completed- »[PP-F2]A Night of Freedom »[PP-F3]This Side of Paradise »[PP-F3]Mingling in the Maze Relationships: Friends: Takao Zelrius Guild Members: Mack Shirosu Lawfer Other Guild Relations: Ariel - Guardians of Aincrad Story Thus Far: