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  1. Almost done. Should be back to posting by tmrw. Miss you guys all so much

    1. Takao


      lookin' forward to it!

  2. Hey guys. Sorry ive been absent the last couple of days. Im having the worst period ive had in a while. Ill be back up in shape soon. 

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    2. Red_Rose


      It hurts 。・゚゚*(>д<)*゚゚・。

    3. Shirosu


      ;n; I cry for you, i hope the little devil goes away soon. Best of luck


    4. Teayre
  3. Hey Guys. Sorry bout my absence. Work has been kicking my butt lately. But all most done for the week. VIVA LOS WEEKEND!


    1. Zelrius


      Roger. When you get the chance, PM me

    2. Takao


      No worries! Hopefully things ease up for you soon.

  4. Red_Rose

    [F03]«Search for the Hoya»

    Ill take this quest
  5. Red's eyes widened as Jevi removed the gauntlet from the display case and brought it over. When she had been asked to gather the item she had had no idea what it would look like, but seeing it now was amazing. As the item was brought closer she pulled open her appraisal skill to see the stats of the item. Sure enough it matched her needs perfectly. It was glorious in its own right. The single gauntlet alone offered 6 points of regeneration, Which in an item was almost unheard of. She had also been told that there was an entire set, and each piece did the same thing. Regardless this was an item that she needed to get. "I'll take it." She said quickly pulling up her inventory. "18 materials for this, and yer discretion." She said as she transferred the many items to Jevi, before accepting the gauntlet. She took a moment admiring the item, turning it around in the dim light. Once satisfied she pulled open her menu, and sent the Item to the player in question, and smiled at the shop keeper. "I hope we can continue doing business in the future." She said before promptly leaving the store. There was still much to do and a few more items to find. -Items Gained Sanguine Gauntlet -Items Lost 18 Mats -Items Sent Sanguine Gauntlet to Nikki Styx
  6. Red entered the forge with her mind set. She had been asked by a friend to track down a very special Item. A heavy armor Gauntlet that would grant the user incredible regenerative properties. he had been to several shops today, and so far no one had what she was looking for. It seemed more and more that this item would go unfound for the time being. Amorous Armors and Armaments was the last shop of the day, and from what Red had heard, the Smith working here was of a lower level. This of course gave her reservations about whether or not she would find it here or not. She sighed before smiling and approaching the counter. "Good evening miss." She started as she placed a neatly folded paper on the counter. "Would you happen to have this item in stock?" She continued smiling as she expected a no to her question and subsequently an end to her day. "I'll pay generously if you do."
  7. HEATHCLIFF AND KIRITO LIED. Dual wielding was used by more than one player

    1. Red_Rose
    2. Calrex


      I think this discussion had taken place in the past XD. In any case replied to it!

  8. Red entered the forge slowly and carefully. She had never actually stepped foot in a place like this before, and wasn't entirely sure what to expect. This forge belonged to the Grand Master of her guild, Mack. He was supposed to be as legendary with an armorers hammer as he was with a weapon. Inside the forge smelt of sweat and Iron, and smoke and dust. It was rustic and real and for a brief moment Red had to close her eyes and soak it all in. Once satisfied she quickly approached the counter and cleared her throat to get Macks attention. "Excuse me, Grand Master. I have an urgent request. A friend of mine needs items of the highest quality and I think you can make what she needs." Red started without skipping a beat. She was nervous to ask for his services, he had after all done so much for her, and she had not been able to do too much in return. "I have these I can Offer you." She said as she pulled open her inventory and deposited 20 Materials into the Forge Vault. As she had been explained this was a one way transaction. She could technically deposit anything, but never could she take anything out. If the merchant or whomever didnt like they could give it back. She then pulled out a piece of paper with the specs for the armor and shield she wanted. "My friend will come by and pick them up later." she said quickly taking a bow before disappearing out the front door. Transferred 20 Materials to Mack.
  9. Red_Rose

    [F04] «Avalanche»

    Im taking this
  10. Red_Rose



    Has fingers crossed for shield combat. SHIELD BASH FOR THE WIN XD
  11. So are the knights of blood oath no longer running? If thats the case anyone want to help me recreate them? I have a great set of ideas and would love to see them up and running.

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    2. Lowenthal


      I bet he used Cheat Engine

    3. Red_Rose


      or the Konami Code

      ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

    4. Azide


      This is my new headcanon.

  12. So... If my Mitigation is 6 does that mean a mob needs to do 7 damage to hurt me or do they have a minimum damage that they do regardless of what mitigation is?

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    2. Kalesh


      Keep in mind that if it crits, your mitigation fails ;) at 10 = -3hp for you!

    3. Red_Rose


      this is true.. but if I hit with a snake bite I win in 1 hit :) Its a gamble but could be Hilarious

    4. Kalesh


      Quick! Exploit it before they fix it!!.... and then spend the 19 other posts dinking around I guess xD

  13. Ok so I just started so I want to ask a question. So if I have Rank 1 in a weapon skill, rather than doing the 2 damage (1 base + 1 Level) I now do the 1 damage, but have access to the sword arts for that level?

    1. Hirru


      No, you still do 2 damage as your base damage is 1, and your rank 1 weapon skill with give you another point.

      And yes, you do have access to the first tier sword arts.

  14. WOOOO.. Approved.... *JOYGASM*...

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    2. Red_Rose


      Lol your Mobs might be too big for me.


      If your character can handle a foul mouthed noob Im sure they could get a drink together. I could start a thread that takes place immediately after she finishes her first hunt. She would be a little more confident in her own abilities and might be a little loud. He could possibly tell her off for being too confident?

    3. Zelrius


      You will see. Write the thread, I think you will see how my character's personality is.

    4. Red_Rose


      There ya go. Its nothing too fancy n doesn't need to be too long.