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    Hermit's Crafts (Raidou) [Needs Evaluation]

    The Above has been approved!
  2. He nodded “Aye, those that need rest should rest.” he said and looked over at Zandra. The two had been fighting somewhat evenly throughout their expedition, but Macradon was always healthy in his energy reserves, something that come in handy during longer skirmishes like these. Macradon raised his shoulders in a shrug and shook his head towards Ariel “I’ve been off the grid regarding the frontlines as well, so I don’t really know if we can even set up two parties of players without putting anyone in danger.” he said and began approaching the entryway they came in from back into the labyrinth, “I’ll be heading back in. Just follow the penguins, I should be able to take care of myself.” he said and began his stride into the labyrinths. He would walk around for minutes, no monsters were appearing, but no proper showcase of any indication of him walking on the right was showed up either. He would sigh and just keep on drawing penguins as he walked along the tall walls of the labyrinth. LD (Zandra): 49 LD (Macradon): 38 LD Baldur: 20 LD (Total): 107
  3. He chuckled lightly at the message he got back from Kairi “Of course I wouldn’t, it’s not like I went to this festival thinking to enjoy it without you.” he just thought and stayed put on the bench. He didn’t have to wait long, she was there in an instant, with a big hug, Macradon would lean to the side from the momentum and hug back his fiance “Heyo~.” he said and embraced the one he loved “Sorry for not inviting you sooner. Had a lot of work at the guild and this just began right when I walked out.” he said trying to excuse his late invitation. “Don’t you worry, we’re gonna find each other again no matter what, it won’t be that hard.” he said and held Kairi’s hand “Now, let’s go out and see what’s going on, I’ve only seen a few things, I haven’t really gone out and discovered all the other stands, so let’s experience them together.” he said and tugged at Kairi.
  4. Macradon shrugged his shoulders “No one I know can wear it, my fiance and I, most of the frontliners I know, already have adequate armor to protect themselves, I guess since you want to return to the frontlines, it would be best for you to have something as well. And since you just hit Tier 3, I guess it was fitting to give you some good Tier 3 equipment.” he said with a snicker. “In my perspective, it isn’t much. I think I’m getting too used to getting Unique enhancements on stuff, my sword, my armor, and soon my wedding ring, all will have some kind of Unique enhancements, and only one of the items are Demonic.” he said “I guess the longer you are on the frontlines, the more Unique and Demonic equipment you begin to haul, and with the use of Merchants, Unique enhancements are beginning to really pop up everywhere.”. Macradon shook his head “You don’t need to do anything, remember, we’re friends, we help each other, this isn’t just some gift from one person to another, this is me helping you get back into shape for the frontlines, and your Redemption.” he said and began to walk “Aye, let’s go find that dragon. Its location isn’t fully described, just vaguely, so if we just walk in the direction stated, we should be able to find some clues to it.” he said and walked as the quest details that had been shared told. @Mari
  5. A quick stop by his shop, Macradon would go through his chests where he left most of the stuff he didn’t really need at hand, but since he didn’t really know that many that could have use of this, he would give it to Mari, that would probably be for the best, since she could probably use it. “Could work well for a Glass Cannon.” he thought as he grabbed the armor and went out of his shop again. He would walk to the plaza, teleport up to the second floor and begin his fast walk out towards the path from the first floor, hoping he would meet Mari at some point. After a while of walking towards the exit from the first floor’s boss room exit. With Belphegor in tow, Macradon wandered out into the plains of the second floor. It shouldn’t be too long before his path would cross with Mari’s, so he would just walk until he would meet the redhead. With every step, Macradon would think of how to tackle the whole dragon debacle, he would be able to take care of it, but he wondered if Mari could handle killing all the baby dragons over and over again. Eventually he would spot the redhead in the distance, he would lift up his hand to greet his friend, “Hey Mari!” he said as he approached her, “I brought your gift.” he said and shuffled through his inventory. “I have no real use of it, and no one else I know have any use, so I guess you could use it now” he said and extracted pieces of leather armor that was hot to the touch on the outside. “For you.” he said and handed it over. @Mari Handed over:
  6. After a while of walking around the plaza for a bit by himself after totally nailing the ring toss game, Macradon would find a bench and take a seat. As he sat there, he was missing someone, a special someone “Doesn’t seem like she’ll appear all by herself, perhaps I should invite her, then.” the knight thought and opened up his HUD to send a private message to his fiance. Sending the message away, all he could do now was to wait for her to appear at some time, might be a few minutes, might even be an hour … maybe multiple of those. Stats
  7. Macradon nodded his head towards the shopkeeper as he described the process of return of materials after the requests had been made “Quite the honorable approach towards customer satisfaction.” he said with a smile, agreeing to how the handling of this huge request was gonna go. “With this set, I’ll be on my way again.” he said and was about to leave when he turned back towards the shopkeeper “I never got your name, actually.” he said with an awkward smile “It would’ve been nice to know who’s making my stuff.” he said with a light chortle. After receiving the name if the shopkeeper were to disclose his, Macradon would exit the shop “You can throw a message at me or drop them off at the Blazing Typhoon on the first floor in the Town of Beginnings, that’s my shop.” he said and went his way out of the shop.
  8. Something happened … something … triggered this man, he was very different from before. He was timid, but now … he was more energetic than his former display of person could ever think of achieving. The man mumbled, doing some calculations and finally came to a conclusion “Huh. 175 materials over 35 days … I guess I could siphon you materials over time.” he said and opened up his inventory “But if that’s the case, here’s the starting payment, I’ll pay you more if you need to, do tell me when you’re running low on materials and I’ll be there in a jiffy.” he said and extracted a sack of 50 Tier 1 materials and 20 Tier 3 materials, and handed it over to the shopkeeper.
  9. Looking down confused at the seemingly confused shopkeeper, Macradon would nod “Aye, I need potions, a lot of ‘em.” he said “To make things easier for you, let me just write the numbers I need down on the requests, then you don’t have to remember everything I just said, it’ll be much easier to just be able to look at the request form and know how many you need to make of it.” he said with a smile and noted down the needed numbers of each potion and crystal. "What would the price be for this haul?” he would ask.
  10. It had been a while since Macradon had last set foot in any other player’s shop, it had been a while since he had gone out shopping for consumables, but with the floor raid creeping nearer and nearer, all the Knight could do now was to prepare himself. He had stumbled upon a shop on the third floor, an alchemist shop, not something he had seen much of, and it was a nice change of pace instead of having to go to Zandra for his alchemic needs, supporting the ones that could use a boost would certainly be better and more aligned with his oath. Wearing only his casual attire, Macradon would sat foot into the shop. As he entered, he certainly felt like it was a totally different atmosphere from the other alchemist shops he had visited, this one felt more … lively, less … dark laboratory. “Excuse me, anyone here?” he asked out and waited for a response. When the shopkeeper finally appeared in Macradon’s field of view, the knight sent over a friendly smile. “Hey, name’s Macradon, I’m here for a big order, I hope you’re ready for this.” he said with a light chortle at the end. He would begin to fill out a few forms, not many, but he needed multiples of each. “Yeah, I’d like 15 of these Iron Will potions, 8 Major Bulk potions and finally 5 Teleportation Crystals.” he said, listing off all the items he needed for his future endeavors. “Would this be a feasible task? I would be able to pay in both materials and col, if we could make it split somewhat evenly, that would be favorable.” he said and handed over the three forms for crafting.
  11. Macradon

    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon

    Name: Mizuha Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: 134382 Roll: 11+1=12 Item Type: Weapon - Katana Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Damage 2, Bleed 1 Description: A strangely coloured katana made from radiantly azure metal, the weapon appears in various shades of blue that is reminiscent of the summer ocean, when the sword is drawn, there is the illusion of water dripping from it's blade, giving it a calm, gentle and sharp disposition. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1065-shop-f1the-blazing-typhoon-rank-10-grand-master-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=594477
  12. Crafting on the 13th of January Rank 10: 5120/5120 -2 T1 Materials Item Crafted
  13. He face palmed “Oh yeah … right …” he said, “I keep forgetting actual useful information at times like these … you have first hand knowledge of it even.”. He shook his head in his own self-disaprovement “You know what, if you make your way back up to the second floor by the boss room, I’ll be running back to town, grab your gift, run up by the teleportation plaza, run out towards the boss exit on the second floor so we can meet in the middle. Is that fine by you?” he asked rhetorically and already began to take a few steps towards the Town of Beginnings. “Nah, don’t worry, Bahr is that type of person, he wouldn’t hate me after I saved his butt and gave him something to work with. He might hold a grudge towards you because of rumors, but I don’t think he dislikes me that much, probably just indifferent to me.” he said, thinking about how it went down during the latest timed event. “But yeah, let’s meet on the half way there!” he said and began to make his strut back to his shop to grab the gift. Thread Completed Acquired +2 Sp to Macradon (Thread +Yui's Grace) +2 Sp to Mari (Thread +Quest) 450 Col to Each <Rhaegal’s Emerald> to Mari
  14. He nodded “Aye, teammate, let’s do this together then.” he said with a big smile. “It’s nice seeing Mari this comfortable, it’s nice not seeing her erupt at everything that was happening, it was nice not seeing her as the murderer people feared, she might’ve changed … or this was perhaps the real her?” he pondered but wandered from the thought. With Mari’s small exclamation, Macradon would look over at her hand do a posh golf clap “Damn, congratulations! Tier 3!” he said “You know what … I might have something you can use. Whenever you have the time, stop by my shop, it’s in my safe there, a special “get well” gift if you can say so.” he said and chuckled. He nodded “If you’re ready, then I’m ready. Let’s go!” he said and began to walk towards the first floor’s boss room so they could get up to the third floor without having to enter a town, a safe space for green players. @Mari
  15. Chortling at Mari’s witty jokes Macradon would reply “Hehe, thanks.”. He raised his shoulders “Up to you.” he said and continued “I’m used to doing all the dirty work, so it won’t bother me. But since you’re so determined on finishing this quest line, I guess we just have to kill all the babies.” he said with a light chortle. Remembering the boss fight, there was this one dark elf “One of the bosses was a young boy, actually. 4 seemingly adult dark elves, and then the young boy behind them, doing some support work. People did not like him to be killed, so we didn’t, we only murdered all of his friends and sent the boy away with a teleportation crystal, it somehow worked, but if he’s still alive is a mystery.” he said. He smiled at Mari’s comment about him “Thanks.” he said with a small smirk, it actually felt great to hear that, to be reminded that he wasn’t alone. “I’ll do my best to not let it happen!” he said with a clenched fist and a grin on his face. Quickly bringing his HUD back up, Macradon would go over the notes he had written about the quest line “Next hatchling is on the second floor, green-ish quartz, slightly stronger than this one, we should be able to take it out quickly like this one.” he said, ensuring that they were gonna roll through the quest line at a reasonable pace. @Mari