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  1. Macradon

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Macradon would shrug off his first puny attack against the supposed rain Commanders. It was a bad start, but Macradon had more to him than just hitting them until they die. Revving up for another attack, Macradon went for the same group of monsters as he did last time. He wasn’t aware of the situation of the battle, and no one was asking him to do anything, so he just did like the other T3 players and just attacked. If only there was someone who could guide him and tell which monsters he should target, but to no avail, as no one seemed to be willing to do that. As he was now fully prepared to attack, Macradon lunged forward to strike four rain commanders with his blade, cleaving into them all with holy light radiating from his sword dealing massive damage to the two it procced on. Not only did the damage itself increase, it somehow tore through whatever natural or unnatural armor it might’ve worn without destroying it, only digging deep into the virtual flesh of the monstrosity. Party 3: [H: 1/1/0/1/0] @Zandra: 1920/1920 HP | 61/162| 22 DMG | 155 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 8 LD | 84 THN | 36 BRN THN | 6-8/12 FLN | 8-10/36 BRN | 96 BH | 9-10/24 TV | 27 PRB [Antidote 3/3][Squeaky Clean] [H:0/0/0/0/2/3/2/3/2] Macradon: 1645/1645 97/175 | 21 DMG | 131 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | Phase | 2 Holy Damage | 82 Battle Healing (-14)(+7) @Jomei: 1565/1565 HP | 86/153 | 17 DMG | 6 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 78 B. Healing [H:0/0/0/0/0/0/0/1/0/0] @Itzal: 1,750/1,750 | 96/160 | 19 DMG | 0 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEEN | 2 BLD | 1 TXV
  2. Macradon

    [PP/F22] <<King of Lakes>>

    While walking around in the shadows of the trees, Macradon would try to see if he could find anything that would be worthy of being prey for Macradon’s level. Just like before, all normal creatures has left the premise, only the strongest would stay in the area, seeking their opponent. Macradon found a small pack of moose, three brownish greyish moose … and then a single albino moose “Well that’s something new.” Macradon muttered as he went into battle stance. Going in, Macradon quickly startled the moose with a call for Kit “It’s time to hunt!”, making them incapable of attacking him as he was allowed to go all out, cleaving into the big beasts with his sword, dropping some of their health, but not by too much, only a third of their health “Maybe I should’ve used some damage enhancing consumables, my damage is lacking a bit here …” he thought and waited for Kit to do her thing. Party ♥ [0,0,0,0]Kityuisa | 400/400 HP | 40/40 EN | 9 DMG | 18 MIT | 5 ACC | 1 EVA ♥ [2,2,2,2]Macradon | 1450/1645 HP | 161/175 EN | 19 DMG | 161 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA Enemies ♥ Wild Moose 1 | 536/800 HP | 240 DMG ♥ Wild Moose 2 | 536/800 HP | 240 DMG ♥ Wild Moose 3 | 536/800 HP | 240 DMG ♥ Wild Moose 4 | 536/800 HP | 240 DMG
  3. Macradon shrugged “I don't know … I like the cool feeling of my legs slowly losing its heat in the water. Reminds me that I’m still alive, that I still feel alive at the least.” Macradon said and stayed in the water for a while longer. “I floor’s pretty bad, but maybe I can find a hidden gem somewhere on here, just like Mack once did. Whadya say, buddy?” Macradon asked his cerberus. The hellhound wasn’t too fond of the water since it didn’t really go well with his flames, but since his master was eager enough to continue a search on this floor, the cerberus was as well. “Maybe we’ll see each other some time!” Macradon said as he walked in the opposite direction from Kirbs and held up a hand to wave goodbye. It was quite the … encounter … Macradon had today, Kirbs didn’t really strike him as the suicidal type to be with ... but they do say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.
  4. Macradon

    [F19-SP] The Hunters to become the hunted

    “I really don’t know!” the man replied in fear. Macradon crouched down to take his pouch bag, took out a bit col and threw it at the ground “That’s what you information is worth.” Macradon said and exited the building. “Up …” Macradon thought and looked up at the bottom of the 20th floor. A cloaked person walked by Macradon with a slip of paper. Macradon looked upon the slip of paper, all it had was the number 22 and some kind of logo, Macradon wasn’t sure what the logo was about, but since it was the only lead he has, Macradon quickly went to the teleportation plaza “Floor 22.” Macradon said as he was engulfed in blue light, teleported from one place to another in an instant. Getting out of the teleportation circle, Macradon rushed towards the former floor entrance to see if he could find Arang around there.
  5. Macradon

    [F19-SP] The Hunters to become the hunted

    Macradon held a hand up to his temple and sighed heavily, sheathing his sword while Belphegor’s flames disappeared. “Where.” Macradon asked and kicked the table so it flew closer to the man. With a small squeak of fright, the man jumped back a bit and looked up at Macradon “I-I-I-I don’t know. He could be o-” the man replied but was interrupted by Macradon kicking the table even harder, making it fly over the man who had formerly been hiding behind it “Be on any floor above this. Well congratu-føcking-lations you dipshit. What floor is he on?” Macradon asked, this time much more angry than before “I already handed you the money, now tell me.” Macradon demanded.
  6. Macradon

    [F19-SP] The Hunters to become the hunted

    Slamming his own hand into the counter, Macradon roared at the owner “Who do I need to pay for information around here!”. The owner fell backwards, startled by the stranger who had just come without any obvious reason to be mad. “M-me .. I know a lot around here.” a man said, Macradon looked over in the direction of the voice. A young man who had pushed over a table to use as cover from Macradon held his hand up so Macradon could identify him. “Alright. I need to find a hooded person, dark clothes, purple details. Looks like middle-eastern descendant. Wields a dagger.” Macradon said and threw a small pouch of Col to the man. “Where is he?” Macradon asked as he got all up close to the table so it wasn’t much cover anymore. “H-h-h-he went to the boss room, he seemed to be going upwards, he’s heading for a higher floor.” the man replied to Macradon.
  7. Macradon

    [F19-SP] The Hunters to become the hunted

    Rushing to the nearest settlement, which was pretty far away from the meeting location, Macradon managed to get there before it went dark, finding a good meeting place for travelers. Rushing into the large building that seemed like some kind of ancient greek tavern, Macradon, still clad in his dark armor with his cerberus in tow seemed like he was Death incarnate to the native inhabitants. Shocked, people would look over at the entrance as Macradon just stood there “Who do I need to pay to get information?” Macradon asked out in the open, waiting for someone to reply to him “It’s a matter of life and death! Who do I need to pay!?” Macradon yelled. A slam was heard from the counter as the owner of the establishment looked over at Macradon angrily “Don’t you dare just barge in here and expe-” the owner said but was interrupted when Macradon drew his sword which triggered Belphegor to ignite his flames. The customers in the tavern screamed in horror and terror from the display while Macradon quickly went up to the owner who was standing by the counter.
  8. Taking the item, Macradon would place it in his inventory “I’m preparing for a meetup with a few people, and I will probably be in need of this when I get there.” Macradon said and glanced at his vambrace on his left arm. His entire suit of armor was dark metallic grey, while his vambrace on his left arm was black and gold, it stood out, but it was like a design choice. What people didn’t know, the scratches on the side of the vambrace was not just some cool scribbles, it was the amount of people Macradon have had to kill. It was chilling, but they wouldn’t be the last. With that now out of his mind, Macradon let out a sigh of relief “The experience is quite nice from this quest … but I’d suggest you level up and Do. Research. before going after bosses like these, they’re dangerous and can do a lot of harm as you must’ve experienced. Better safe than sorry.” Macradon said and tightened his vambrace.
  9. 22nd floor once again, why was he for some reason being dragged to this floor all the time recently. First Kit and her fight with the big fish and their monster grinding, then Arang and his execution. Things were getting out of hand, and Macradon needed to have more control over his actions, so this was what he needed to survive in his hectic life, at least until his relation with Kairi had settled to an agreement, hopefully it would happen soon, but no one would know, Kairi had been really down for a while now. This shop was quite the place, but Macradon always wanted to support newer crafters, it made it much easier to have a diverse team of crafters to give each other some healthy competition … if only he had it so. Trees scattered around the area, giving the place a lively aesthetic, a single staircase leading up to what seems to be the actual shop. Macradon would walk up in his casual clothes and entered the shop. “Hey Kit. Got an order for you” Macradon said as he opened up his HUD. “I’m in need of damage potions, just tier one would be enough." he said and handed over the pouch with Col “Two Dozen Perfect Tier 1 damage potions please. This should be enough for the listed price.” Macradon said. -12000 Col handed over to Kityuisa
  10. Macradon would grumble at Kirbs’s reply, he sheathed his sword and held up a hand to his head, palming his face in disbelief of this player. “How come you aren’t dead yet …” Macradon mumbled at the girl. Macradon walked over to Kirbs right after she had dealt the final blow to the wyvern and grabbed her by the shoulders, looking her straight into her eyes “Did you know how afraid you just made me? How much anxiety went over me? How much guilt I was about to feel put onto my shoulders?!” Macradon said, yelling at Kirbs, not with an angry expression, but a scared one. “Please don’t do this kind of reckless stuff, I can’t handle it anymore.” Macradon said “I can’t let someone die in front of me again.” he mumbled as he turned away from Kirbs, trembling in fear of the memories. Sniffing a few times, Macradon walked away from the girl and dried out some of his tears with his hand as he tried to compose himself. Taking in a deep breath, Macradon would turn towards Kirbs again and exhale deeply “Can I at least have the Lightning Rod then?” Macradon asked, requesting the boss last hit drop.
  11. Macradon

    [PP/F22] <<King of Lakes>>

    As he was getting consuming his meal for buffs, Kit posed a question towards him “Just the usual, Damage Mitigation, Evasion, and Accuracy. It’ll help me stay in the fight for longer, being able to hold the hate while not taking too much damage.” Macradon replied. Nodding his head at Kit Macradon affirmed her thoughts “Aye, stealth is what helps me guarantee the first hit to grab as much hate as I can so they focus on me. I used to do this with Tracking, but then it was nerfed to the ground in a hotfix, as well as charge, it just didn’t go that well, and stealth got an unneeded buff which made it objectively better. It feels a bit weird having to go out of sight all the time, but since it's the safest and now the only way to do it, that’s all I gotta do if I want to keep my teammates safe.” Macradon said and walked back out into the woods, hiding away once again. ID: 122318 LD: 6+5=11 Stealth Rating
  12. Macradon

    [F19-SP] The Hunters to become the hunted

    “Damn, I need to get this over with quickly!” Macradon thought as he sat up straight again, Belphegor was still asleep besides his master, Macradon just pet the dog as he opened up his Tracking HUD, but something was off. He couldn’t, it wouldn’t allow him “What the føck?” he thought as he tried to access his tracking menu, but nothing was responding. “God føcking dammit.” Macradon muttered as he got up and tugged at Belphegor to wake up the Cerberus “We need to track the old way, unfortunately.” Macradon said to his familiar. As the two got up, Macradon would try to remember which way Arang ran so he could run the same way and hope to find out about his current whereabouts, but he was probably way off gone now since Macradon had probably been out for more time than would be reasonable for someone to escape perhaps the entire floor.
  13. Macradon

    [F19-SP] The Hunters to become the hunted

    Huffing and puffing, Macradon tried to regain control of his breathing, but this was way more exhausting than anything he had experienced before. It wasn’t as deadly as boss raids, nor as strategized as boss raids, but it was somehow even worse. He was slowly dozing away, too tired to continue his hunt for the last member of the Player Killer Guild. He just … needed a bit more time to relax and regain energy, then he would be able to track down Arang and finish it once and for all. All the time he needed was to just close his eyes for a second, maybe a minute, maybe an hour … Several hours later, Macradon woke up, his energy was getting close to its peak again, but the floor’s weather had gone from clear to dark from the grey clouds over the floor, it was like it was beginning to rain.
  14. Macradon

    [F19-SP] The Hunters to become the hunted

    Was this truly the vengeance he sought for? Was this the righteous way of the knight he was supposed to follow? Was this a way of protecting those who could not protect himself? Wasn’t this a violation of his own oath? These player killers could not protect themselves against Macradon, he was the unstoppable force whereas he should’ve been the immovable object … Was this truly the way he should’ve been acting. Was this how he should move on thinking forward? Macradon fell to the ground in exhaustion, his energy reserves nearing 0, he was nearly out cold, but he had to find shelter and cover so he couldn’t be found, he needed rest, but he also needed safety, none of which he could give himself at the same time. “Here boy.” Macradon said, having Belphegor help him over to a collapsed building that could give him some shelter while he rested. Unequipping his armor into his regular clothes, Macradon turned over on his back.
  15. Macradon

    [PP/F22] <<King of Lakes>>

    Macradon raised his shoulders as he replied “Sure. It’s gotta take a short while, but if you want to, you could go out and scout for some monsters to fight against?”. Walking over to the nearest tree to lean up against, Macradon would take out a few consumables from his inventory. A single bowl of soup to be consumed, mostly for his own safety, as more mitigation meant more time capable of handling attacks from monsters, as well as a small pickled carrot salad to finish things off. It was like he was having a nice picnic by himself, preparing for the fight to come. Finish his meal, Macradon stood back up and stretched his body, now ready to engage in combat again. “Alright, let’s get some loot!” Macradon said with a smile as he went in for some monster hunting that would surely not go wrong as long as he did his stealth routine to make sure all the hate was on him. < Hearty Seafood Soup consumed > < Carrot Sauerkraut consumed >