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  1. Crafting on the 14th of December Rank 10: 5120/5120 -9 T2 Materials Items Crafted
  2. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    When Mari mentioned her skills, Macradon would propose “Well, I’ve been very active and been somewhat studying the skill system. I could lend a hand. My own build is very basic because I just want to do a good overall job, I don’t need a gimmick … but my equipment says otherwise.” he said with a chortle. “Since you mentioned yourself being a glass cannon, it would make sense to spec into your weapon skill, get some ferocity, precision, Light Armor, Athletics. Perhaps Charge to get some extra oomph on the first hit.” he said and pondered further. Macradon would smile when Mari accepted his friend request “Don’t worry, I won’t bugger you, nor do I expect you to invest in this other than what we’ve already talked about.” he said with a smile. When he got a reply from Hikoru, Macradon would double check it with what Mari had calculated, it checked out. Macradon would shake his head “You underestimate my influence. I may look like an idiot, and I might be an idiot, but for some reason I’ve become a lovable idiot to some, and I’m quite sure I have a few people already in mind that would actually accept to help you.” said with a cheerful tone and sent a few other messages to a few people, asking if they would help one of his friends out.
  3. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    He looked over at Mari, somewhat surprised to what she told him “Huh, what a coincidence.” he said and chuckled lightly through the thought of multiple people wanting her to return. “Hm …” he muttered as he thought of Mari’s lack of in-game skills, which would probably prove very difficult for when she would be facing off against the Redemption quest. “I’d recommend you to spend your SP on skills you think might be useful for when you’re up against the Redemption boss. Without skills, you won’t be able to last long and far from able to succeed.” he commented. Coming with a little chortle, Macradon would talk back “Hey, I may be stupid, but I’m not that stupid. I can get you your stuff no problem.” he said and quickly opened up his HUD, writing down the notes and then sending over a friend invite to Mari “This’ll make it easier to get in contact with you again.” he said and continued “It wouldn’t be fun for me to walk around aimlessly trying to find you when I’m about to hand you your consumables.” he said with a smirk. Nodding his head at her finishing question Macradon would reply “Aye, I’m ready to commit to this. And the amount of consumables you’re requesting won’t really bust my bank.” he said and smiled. The smile turned into a rather stern face when Macradon would ask “Are you sure you don’t want someone to help you with the quest?” making sure she was committed to do it alone.
  4. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    Macradon chortled and nearly went into a laugh “You are so right, quite the arrogant bastard he was.” he agreed and with a broad smile, Ssendom really was that kind of idiot to everyone, even his friends for the most part. ‘Rejoining the frontlines’, those were the words he needed to hear, those were the words he even had to say himself one day … “You don’t need to pay, having you on the frontlines would be more than enough payment for my initial sponsorship. I don’t need money, I don’t need materials. Materialistic things are easy for me to get a hold of, so those usually don’t feel like proper payment anyways. Having someone like you back on the frontlines would be a real help.” he said, trying to be encouraging. He seemed to never be able to actually be encouraging, all he could do in battles was to throw out random battle cries that would get people to take the moment as light hearted as possible without having fear lurking inside them, but that never seemed to work in conversations. When Mari scuttled closer to him, he would stand still at first, but when she handed over the flower chain to him, he would lean forward and accept it “I will keep this as a sign of our promise, then. If you have anything you want to have purchased for your Redemption quest, give me the list and I’ll get it for you in no time.” he said with a smile filled with gratitude.
  5. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    He chortled and shook his head “I’d be pretty confident people would listen to me, even with the rumors and bounties on you. If they head I would stand my ground for you, I’m quite sure they would understand that I meant it and that I didn’t just do it just because.” he said. He tried to stay positive for the matter, but when some kind of suspicion hit and the interrogation started, that was when he wasn’t feeling great. “My mentor, Ssendom, was an orange player, he was assassinated on the frontlines by my old Vice Commander. Ssendom was brutal, cruel and was way too trigger happy about level people with the ground, but he never actually went through with much of it, he never murdered anyone just to murder someone. He was my mentor and I trusted him, no matter what the rumors said about him, I knew better. Talking with you, not matter what the rumors said about you, I seem to begin to know better.” he said and paused for a moment. “I don’t really get anything out of it. You could call it an investment of sorts. When I joined the Knights of the Blood Oath, I gave my words that I would help the people of Aincrad, beginners and veterans alike. That includes you.” he said and gestured with his hand towards Mari. “Since you want to make things right, since you want to fix things, since you need to get through this, I’d see it as an investment for the better of Aincrad.” he said “So if there’s anything I’m getting out of this, then it’d probably be that I’m getting a better Aincrad, even if just slightly.” he said and clenched his necklace with a red and gold cross.
  6. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    It was a tragic story Mari told, something that Macradon couldn't even relate to at all. She had gone through all that hardship, finding her treasure, and then had her treasure taken away from her, it was sad. "Oh ..." he said, he didn't really have many words to react to, he didn't know what to say, this wasn't something he could just learn to handle, and winging it didn't seem to be the best of decisions as of how this conversation has been going up until now. Maybe he should just .. not touch on that subject again. "If that's what you're content with, then there really isn't anything for me to do or say in the matter." he said, trying to close that subject off. Macradon would lean back on his arms again and look into the skies “I suppose you could if you just kept healing yourself … If you want, I could try to collect data on the boss before you go in, just so you can plan ahead? That’d be the least I could do if I weren’t joining you in the fight. I’d be a shame for someone to die trying to go through their redemption.” he said and sighed and sat back up straight and looked towards Mari. “I could probably try to find a small party of some of my friends that could aide you if you were to accept that? I know a few exceptional fighters in the Tier 2 range, which would perhaps be around your level? That would make it easy enough to clear, unless you insist on taking it alone, if so, I’d gladly sponsor some if not all of the consumables you’d need.” he commented. He didn’t want this person to die off just like that, even though she had accepted her possible death, it just didn’t feel right, it felt so wrong. Pondering about what he could do without directly participating in the fight, Macradon came to a thought "Actually ..." he said and quickly scrolled through his friends list trying to find a particular someone. "There." he said and opened up his HUD to write a quick message "I have this friend who has some good contacts inside an unofficial broker guild, I believe he'd be able to get some good info for you." he added and waited for Mari to give any response.
  7. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    Listening to Mari’s small comment about a fiance, Macradon would reply “I feel very lucky having her by my side.” he said. When the second comment would land Macradon frowned lightly “Dangit” he said under his breath. He looked like a ravaged murderer? Weird that no one had commented on it before … perhaps they were too afraid? “Yeah, if I wanted to hide it I probably shouldn’t speak so openly about it to people, but I just seem to need to remind me of what I’ve done so I don’t take life as lightly as I used to.” he commented. Macradon tilted his head to the side slightly as Mari mentioned the Redemption quest. “Yeah … here’s the thing. I’ve never been orange. I’ve been green all my time in here. My mishaps have all been in self defense or only directly targeted against orange players. The only time I actually turned orange was during a quest because I attacked the boss that had hidden itself as an ally and I just began bashing at the supposed ally. Other than that, I’ve been green.” he said and continued “Which means I’ve never actually done the Redemption quest, I’ve only heard of people taking it. From what I hear, it’s very difficult to do alone, it’s a quest you’d really want to be prepared taking. The Redemption Boss’s damage scales by the highest present level, so does its other stats, so if you could rally a small group about your level, you should be able to clear it out. I’de love to help, but my presence would just make it much more difficult than need be.” he said.
  8. Macradon raised his shoulders and replied “Dunno, we just have to kill these skelebois before more of them appear, then we’ll be able to get this scouting done quick, but they seem to culminate a lot faster than last time I went in here.” he said and positioned his blade and got into stance “But let’s see if we can get rid of these guys!” he exclaimed and rushed in. Belphegor grabbed the two skeleton warriors and pushed them back towards the archer for Macradon to land a good hit all across the board, dealing a good chunk of damage to all three. One was destroyed, another was crippled and the third was hit with such holy force that it would probably be easy for Zandra to take out the last ones “Alright, you can finish them off and we’ll go search!” he said and made room for Zandra. ID: 131801 CD: 5, No Mob Spawn. - Health List - [-,2,3]<Macradon> 1586/1665 HP | 23 DMG | 122 MIT | 156/175 EN | 4 ACC | 0 EVA | 36(21) FRZTHN (-124)(+83)(+1)(-14) [-,1,0]<Zandra> 1805/1805 HP | 22 DMG | 143 MIT | 132/164 EN | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 36(2) BURN | 12 FALLEN | 30 THN <Skeleton Swordsman> 0/820 HP | 246 DMG | 0 MIT (-276) <Skeleton Spearman> 120/810 HP | 243 DMG | 0 MIT -STUN- (-276) <Skeleton Archer> 352/820 HP | 246 DMG | 0 MIT (-432)(-36)
  9. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    Nodding his head, Macradon could really understand that sentiment “I get that, it really infuriates me, and that was what really put my drive on trying to get rid of those fickle beings … but it doesn’t solve anything, it was a stupid self righteous way of thinking, and it only brought more distress to me and my closest … so I’ve obviously veered from that wrong path … “ he said, even though Mari didn’t ask for his story. “Some people just seem to need an antagonist to get themselves going no matter the hypocrisy they pose with that mentality, I know I did, I had a few … but I’ve realized that you don’t need an opposite driving force as motivation, and I hope people would realize that sooner rather than later as well.” he said, sighing heavily. Macradon shook his head at her final question but posed the comment “Nah, you don’t look like a ravaged murderer, but I am not really one to judge, do I look like one? All the rumors going around, they’re just that, rumors, I guess. I just found a fiance in here, and she has been a driving force for me to escape from this hellhole of a game, to rush through the floors and finally feel the freedom of real life again, with her.” he said, clenching his fist.
  10. Macradon

    [F1-PP] Filtered Sunlight

    As Yukiro agreed to take a stroll, Macradon would reply with a broad smile “This is how it should feel like in this game, it shouldn’t be gloomy, it shouldn’t be solitary, it should be with people, It’s a Massive MULTIPLAYER Online Game. Glad that this is possible.” Macradon thought as he quickly checked his pockets if he had forgotten anything, but luckily he hadn’t “Let’s go then!” he said with a cheerful attitude and began walking out towards the grassy fields of the first floor. “What have you been wasting - that’s not the proper word - enjoying your time with here after the big announcement? It hit me pretty hard at first, but I met a lot of new acquaintances, so I’ve been able to keep on going.” he asked and said, trying to get a glimpse of who Yukiro were as a person, who he was as a player, who he was as a human being trapped in here. @Yukiro
  11. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    “Yeah …” he replied “The back and forth with apologizing isn’t really that great … let’s try not to bee to apologetic to each other, at least just short and quick apologies if necessary.” he replied with a chuckle. It had gone on for way too long, and it was probably for the best to not speak of it again. “I’d agree, a killer is a killer, no matter if it was for a good cause or not … I thought I did it for a good cause, for the greater good, for the safety of the innocent players of Aincrad … but all I did was fuel the flames of rebels that knew of the players I have ridden off of this place. I somewhat regret my decisions … but I can’t turn back time and erase what has already happened, so I guess I’ll just have to drag it with me, shape me into a better person. At least I hope so.” he said with a sigh, implying that he was indeed a murderer. Nodding towards Mari, Macradon agreed “Aye, we should all be behind bars for our crimes … but what good is there to that. I don’t even know what the police force does to their prisoners, perhaps something to look into at a later date …” he said, half mumbling like he was making mental notes. “They never told much about you, they mostly just mentioned their time on the frontlines, with how you presence was a menace, not because it wasn’t good you were there, you just sparked fear in everyone, the highest kill count, the infamous killer … but those friends of mine were orange players as well, and they were beginning to get the same treatment as they had shown towards the Mari they talked about.” he said and continued “I was curious. Just who was this menace of a person, how frightening could this murderer be.” he said and looked at Mari “And I guess this is as frightening it is … Maybe it’s because of my overestimated self confidence, or you’re not that wild of a murderer as they might’ve seen you as.” he said “Heck, people wouldn’t look at me and think I’ve taken the lives of 7 people either.” he commented at himself.
  12. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    “Ouch.” he said, commenting on the fake pleasantries, that hurt. “Oh … I’m not that perceptive … at least not when it counts … Sorry.” he said, lifting himself a bit away from the woman while staying low. He should’ve noticed, he should’ve seen the surroundings, he shouldn’t just have rushed in, “Sh*t, I did a bad thing again. I should get back into shape, I should be able to understand stuff like this … but I don’t. Why am I still like this …” he thought and shook his head at himself, looking down into the ground, then back up at the woman. “I really am sorry, and really do want to apologize.” he said and lowered his head towards the woman, nearly touching the ground while still sitting in the cross legged position. “Wasn’t my intention, and I am sorry for bothering you like this. And whom this grave must be for, I apologize for disturbing their peace as well.” he said, still having his head lowered while pleading for forgiveness. Lifting up his head slightly at the woman’s question “At least that’s how people act around them.” he said, his head still low, but not as low as before. Listening to her story about the past, he did agree to it. Even though he wasn’t as active in the start, he still knew the prejudice against orange players, one of his closest friends, his mentor, was an orange player after all. He would just nod at what she said, since he could see himself in those situations as well, just like Opal, one he feared just because she was orange, not because she was actually any danger to anyone. "I recognize a lot of what you've experienced, it was like so as well back when I started frontlining, but I haven't ventured to any floor boss raids in a while now, and the last one I went to, quite a lot of orange players were there to help, so I guess times have changed." he said. “M-Mari?” he said, a bit dumbfounded. He had heard the name before. He knew the name. Quickly opening his inventory, Macradon would grab his notebook and scroll through it until he came to the page with Mari and the notes associated “Ah … yeah …” he said. Most of the notes, heck all of the notes, were of the names associated with her, the names she had taken the lives of on the monument of life. It it wasn’t because Macradon knew how it was to be on the monument of life, he would’ve reacted differently. “I’ve heard about you. Mostly from second hand mentions. My mentor, Ssendom, said something about you, my old team mates mentioned you. You were quite infamous.” he said and straightened his back up again, leaning backwards slightly and using his arms as support behind him “With all those names on the monument … you could call me a colleague then.” he said and sighed.
  13. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    Barking back at Macradon, he halted back up and held both his hands up about shoulder height “Sorry for me to ask, then, maybe I should’ve just barged in and ignored your possibly privacy? I may be a jerk, but I’m no a**hole.” he said with a faint smile. No matter who it was, oranger player or not, he would try to start out friendly and slowly take it from there, just because they were orange players doesn’t mean they were bad … many orange players he had met were bad, but not because they were orange. Even though this individual acted quite rash to begin with, it seemed like she eased up a little afterwards, perhaps she was just startled or way too defensive, who would know. Shaking his head, Macradon would reply “No need to apologize, Ii’m the one intruding anyways, I should pretty much just give another apology.” he said, trying to ease the conversation. Listening to the few words she did seem to say speak, it didn’t seem like she was in the best of moods … at all. Opening up his inventory, Macradon doffed his armor down to his casual clothes again. Red and gold linen adorned on his body with a light orange cloak behind his back, he didn’t need his armor, it wasn’t important, only for fighting. The only piece of armor he kept on himself was his vambrace on his right left arm, he never wanted to forget about it. “I can see that the place is very well kept, like a wild sanctuary. It’s a beautiful place, the entire floor even.” he commented. Sitting down in a cross-legged position, trying to be as comfortable as possible since armor wasn’t really comfortable to wear in its entirety, and especially not when sitting down. “Why?” he asked her, and she quickly replied, like she wasn’t waiting for his question, she just knew she had to continue. “I dunno. I’ve seen way too many orange players around, and many have been taken into custody by the established player police force, others have fled because they don’t wanna live in cells, and others have joined the frontlines. Judging someone by their cursor doesn’t really help much. Just look at me, Green cursor, but I wouldn't be comfortable knowing what I’ve done if I met myself as a stranger, well, I would now, but I’ve experienced quite a lot to understand orange players a tiny bit more.” he said “People aren’t too suspicious of orange players, at least not as much as it used to be. Aereth, an orange player, still active and helping the people of Aincrad. Morgenstern, orange, active, frontliner. They’re everywhere, and since it’s a game with some weird gibberish behind all the logic going on, nothing is set in stone just because of a color.” he said and laid down on the light mossy forest floor. “The name’s Macradon, by the way. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier.” he added with a slight chortle to keep the conversation light.
  14. Macradon

    [PP-F2] Conundrums of the past

    Slamming his fist into the closest tree to him, Macradon angrily exclaimed “You gotta be kidding me! Next time I’LL be the one to mark where we meet …” he said and tugged on the chain connected to his cerberus familiar, Belphegor. “We gotta relocate, it’s the wrong Wargs, this isn’t it chief.” he said to the three headed doberman and went his way from the designated spot. “Seems like a miscommunication from either me or her." he thought. It is wargs there were going to kill, and it was very much on a whim for them to go warg hunting, but Macradon being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it felt weird. It should’ve been obvious that it was on the higher floors … so why did he even go to the second floor to find wargs? Sighing deeply through the visor of his mask, his voice getting the slight metallic sound as it exited the slits of his helmet, Macradon looked down upon his familiar “Let’s take a detour, since we’re already here we can take a good look at the scenery, it’s usually nice around here.” he said with a smile, doffing his helmet since he didn’t really need it for protection anyways. The tail of the cerberus wagged while it was taking a good stroll with its master, just happy to be, not really contempt with anything. Like the tail going back and forth, the wind blew in the woods, not harsh but just slightly, at least enough to be felt. The wind would make Macradon’s hair flow from side to side as the direction of the wind would change between all the trees, his alabaster hair and his scarlet eyes stuck out like a sore thumb. It clashed with his armor, but used to match a lot. The red and white paired with the now dark greys of his armor, the only thing lighting up his armory were his new layer of protection upon his already strong steel plate. Light blue, nearly silvery, pieces of armor were strapped onto the outside of the darkened metallic plates, having a dew form on the larger surfaces as time went by. This bright metal had some kind of frozen materials in its components, which was visible as mist would slowly fall from his bright armor pieces, like a ghost wandering through the forest. After walking from the wrong rendezvous point for a few minutes, Belphegor caught sense of something non familiar, it wasn’t a monster, since every monster on this floor would flee by the presence of Macradon, something … someone were close by. “Found something?” he asked his familiar, who seemed to want to go towards the scent “Alright alright.” he said and let his familiar take charge of which direction they were heading for. After walking for not that long, they arrived at some kind of clearing, a lone person were sitting at a trunk with a bunch of flowers, braiding them in many different ways. “Pink?” he thought “It’s like her, back then, Sakura.”, he remembered someone he held dear from long ago who also donned the pink hair, but it didn’t seem to be this person, this was someone else. Something else that stood out to him was the orange cursor, it was a player killer, but she wasn’t armed, she wasn’t clad in any armor, she didn’t seem to be in any hostile position at all. Drawing his sword, Macradon would stick it into the soft soil, making sure that his presence wasn’t threatening in any way. With his sword into the ground, Macradon would tie Belpehgor’s chains down, making sure the hell hound wouldn’t do anything to disturb anyone. “Greetings.” he said to the girl “I haven’t seemed to have seen you here before, but it’s not like I’ve been here a lot. Do you frequent this place?” he asked “Sorry if I’m disturbing you in any way.” he said, not really sure if she were doing anything important or just enjoying the weather. @Mari Stats
  15. Macradon

    [ET-F1] This Can't Be Gourd... TIER 3 BOSS

    Finally, it was finally over. The boss was dead, much faster than they had anticipated. It was exhilarating that he was finished with the battle, and it was crazy how much they actually had to think during this fight, it made it difficult in the start, but when they got the hang of it, it wasn’t that bad and felt like a proper boss battle again, which was a nice pace since he last ventured to any boss events, like floor bosses and event bosses. This event was quite something, and it felt like it was actually challenging in a way that didn’t feel like it was too difficult because it tried to stall, it was challenging because everyone had to rely on critical thinking without any formal planning beforehand, this was exciting and Macradon perhaps found a reason to fight again, perhaps a reason to really give it his all in the frontlines if battles were to become like this. As he was about to exit, he remembered one thing “Hey @Baldur! Think fast!” he said and threw over a greatsword in its scabbard to the samurai “I heard you could use it for something cool. Show me at the floor boss what you can do with a weapon like that!” he exclaimed, ready to continue his path. ID: 131549 LD: 16, Damage Dealt x 2 Col Gave Baldur Warden's Fury