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  1. ID: 110367 BD: 5+2=7, Hit! CD: 8, Recovery Proc! LD: 8+5=13 Sword art used: Galaxy Destroyer - 19x13=247 Damage! ID: 110368 CD: 6, T2 Mat! T2 Rare Weapon! - Health List - < Macradon > 1473/1565 HP || 19 DMG || 116 MIT || 2 ACC || 101/152 NRG (+78)(+7)(-10) < Raiding Ravager > -140/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT < Raiding Ravager > -212/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT < Raiding Ravager > -99/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-247) < Raiding Ravager > -248/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10 T2 Mats: 6 Col: 15200 <Rhaegal’s Emerald> 4x Uncommon T2 Consumable 1x Rare T2 Weapon
  2. - Health List - < Macradon > 1395/1565 HP || 19 DMG || 116 MIT || 2 ACC || 104/152 NRG (-112)(+78)(+1)(-11) < Raiding Ravager > -140/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT < Raiding Ravager > -212/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-228) < Raiding Ravager > 148/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT < Raiding Ravager > -248/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10 T2 Mats: 5 Col: 12920 <Rhaegal’s Emerald> 4x Uncommon T2 Consumable
  3. - Health List - < Macradon > 1429/1565 HP || 19 DMG || 116 MIT || 2 ACC || 114/152 NRG (+78)(+7)(-11) < Raiding Ravager > -140/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT < Raiding Ravager > 16/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT < Raiding Ravager > 148/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-228) < Raiding Ravager > -248/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10 T2 Mats: 5 Col: 9120 <Rhaegal’s Emerald>
  4. The fight was dragging out too long, and Macradon wanted to get this over with as fast as possible so he could get more money for his future, and for his shop. With what he had in his arsenal, he had to expand and become better at. Fighting in broad daylight, being ambushed and just being one big source of light with his shining armor, Macradon was a disadvantage. He would take in a deep breath and unleash yet another Calamity Disaster, cleaving through the savages with his Blade of the Dictator. With that hit, two of the savages were killed, destroyed from their polygonal shape as their leftover pixels would disperse and shatter. Belphegor helped as well, holding down the victims that were to fall by the blade of Macradon. Taking down the savages, Macradon was left with two to fight, which was perfectly fine, less Energy Consumption for Macradon. - Health List - < Macradon > 1351/1565 HP || 19 DMG || 116 MIT || 2 ACC || 118/152 NRG (-112)(+78)(+1)(-17) < Raiding Ravager > -140/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-228) < Raiding Ravager > 16/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-228) < Raiding Ravager > 376/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-384) < Raiding Ravager > -248/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-384) - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10 T2 Mats: 5 Col: 9120 <Rhaegal’s Emerald>
  5. That third humanoid was quite the annoyance. It was more swift than the other, more than capable of evading Macradon’s Area of Effect attack. It was like this was the alpha of this small pack, which was really difficult to handle. The other had been stunned by Macradon’s Bull Rush, but this one was free from that and was capable of retaliating upon Macradon, dealing some good blows at the knight. It was annoying, taking this much damage from so simple monsters like these. Macradon would grit his teeth and go for another attack, taking the enemies lower even further, closing the gap of taking them out for a lucrative income for today, much more lucrative than working in his shop, but this was dangerous for someone who weren’t well versed in the art of fighting one against many without taking too much damage from missteps that can occur when one is focused. - Health List - < Macradon > 1385/1565 HP || 19 DMG || 116 MIT || 2 ACC || 134/152 NRG (-224)(+78)(+7)(-15) < Raiding Ravager > 88/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-228) < Raiding Ravager > 244/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-228) < Raiding Ravager > 760/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT < Raiding Ravager > 136/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-396) - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10 <Rhaegal’s Emerald>
  6. Choosing to use his day on something more productive for once, he would head up to the 16th floor to take care of some col and material farming. It was probably the only thing he was capable of at this time, since the dragon quest was a bit more frustrating that he had hoped. As the arrived at the 16th floor, he would leave the main settlement and walk out into the wild fields. After a few minutes of walking with Belphegor, the sound of wild humanoids charging towards Macradon would emit around him as he walked by a stone pass. 4 humanoids emerged, clad in loincloths and wielding large clubs. Macradon would initiate the combat and Charge in, cleaving into 3 of the four humanoids with Belphegor coming in from behind as well. Taking out a lot of the health of the humanoids, Macradon would feel the heavy attack of a two handed club bashing onto him from the side of his head, knocking him to the side with force more potent that he had experienced in a while. - Health List - < Macradon > 1529/1565 HP || 19 DMG || 116 MIT || 2 ACC || 142/152 NRG (-114)(+78)(+7)(-15) < Raiding Ravager > 316/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-444) - Stunned - < Raiding Ravager > 472/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-288) - Stunned - < Raiding Ravager > 760/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT < Raiding Ravager > 472/760 HP || 228 DMG || 0 MIT (-288) - Stunned - - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10 <Rhaegal’s Emerald>
  7. His calculations were off, something didn’t add up, his damage was lower than expected. He would click his tongue from his incompetence. The event of the frontlines and the event really hit him hard. It was difficult for him, to comprehend his situation right now after the disaster that was the frontlines, and the trigger of the event battle. His rage would grow, consume him slowly, but at the current moment, he was capable of extinguishing this slowly rot from the inside for now and would hit up a three hit sword art and take out the small dragon. It was quick, and little to no loot. It was enough for him, so he wouldn’t have much against it. With this out of the way, he would just think of what to spend the rest of the day on. It would be a waste to use all his pent up energy on just relaxing at his house. ID: 110341 BD: 6+2=8, Hit! CD: 3, No Proc! Sword art used: Scooped - 19x3-25=32 - Health List - < Macradon > 1565/1565 HP || 19 DMG || 116 MIT || 2 ACC || 150/152 NRG (+1)(-1) < Emerald Hatchling > -2/125 HP || 50 DMG || 25 MIT (-32) - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10 <Rhaegal’s Emerald>
  8. Despite it taking this long for the respawning, Macradon would try to pass up the time as much as he could, walking around, exploring the forest so he knew it all the way. Walking through the rays of light that escaped through the treetops, Macradon would try to pinpoint where the small draconic being would spawn, and how he should be able to kill it. He would try to think of how he should tackle this debacle, going through the notes he had gathered, seeing that the Emerald Hatchling was low in health by default with a mid-low mitigation. Macradon would ponder and think “A Back Rush should be able to take it out with Charge …” while trying to look for obvious spawning places. He waited for a few more minutes, for quite the while, eventually became another hour of walking around and looking for places to launch an attack, and suddenly the sound of a shell cracking would emit from the forest ground. A large egg would open with a small emerald hatchling appeared. Having his back turned towards the small dragon, Macradon unleashed his Back Rush sword art. ID: 110340 BD: 6+2=8, Hit! CD: 4, No Proc! Sword art used: Back Rush - 24x5-25=95 - Health List - < Macradon > 1565/1565 HP || 19 DMG || 116 MIT || 2 ACC || 150/152 NRG (-2) < Emerald Hatchling > 30/125 HP || 50 DMG || 25 MIT (-95) - Stunned - - Loot Acquired - T1 Mats: 10
  9. Macradon

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Macradon would stop in his step as he was approaching the exit when he not only heard Shield’s words that regarded him, but also that he forgot something on the battlefield. “Dammit!” he yelled as he let go of Belphegor’s chains and ran by the flock of people, back out into the battlefields of where the frustration of an event battle had been held. “Where is it … where is it …” Macradon muttered as he scouted out the dark yard covered on shadows, and even though his helmet and the shadows would clash and contrast, it was still difficult to spot it out. “Ahh, there!” he said out loud and went down to pick up the helmet he had thrown to the side while fighting Artichoke the Bitter. “Heh, should probably keep this for the time being” he said as he turned back to the church where everyone else were. “Oh yeah, my forge is closed for the time being. I have some work to do before I open it again, but if the frontlines are gonna need some combat gear, I’ll probably start the Infinite Forge again” he said with a snicker towards @Shield, as that guild was long gone, and no members besides him were left at this height of floors. While thinking of the 'work' he had to do, he would rush to the windows to look at the lower tiered players and how they were doing, specifically @Kairi. Macradon would hammer on the windows, hoping to get her to notice his presence, but the noise from the battle and whatever magical himimajig would probably cancel out the noise he made. But while hammering on the window, Macradon would yell out “You go Kairi! Show them who’s boss! You go girl!” he said while Belphegor would howl while Macradon would do his pep cheer.
  10. Macradon

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Howl, Survival, Extended Weight Limit Mod(s) Being Dropped: Focused Howl SP Refunded: 36 Cost: 36000
  11. Macradon

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Even though he kept his morale high and his self esteem higher, trying to maintain this calmness was for naught, at least that’s what it seemed liked. Adorning a big smile, Macradon would see the reset of his party, slowly lashing out and dealing the damage they could to the winged beast, but something was wrong, something didn’t go as planned. “No …” he thought as he saw the falling health bar halt “NO!” he began to mutter, slowly beginning to understand what was going on “NO NO NO NO!” he roared, but it was too late. As he turned around to look at both Hestia and Morgenstern, two he had been fighting with for a while on the frontlines, being engulfed in the darkness of Artamiel, Macradon would drop his sword and try to reach out a hand to them both, but it was way too late. The darkness spread, dealing more damage than the frontlines had ever experienced, being shown something that was probably coded for the higher floors, but was for some reason released into the frey at this time for the non-adequately equipped, level wise and equipment wise. "NOOOO!" he yelled in frustration as the two frontliners would disperse from the avatar, disappear from the battlefield in crystalline polygons, like a freshly slain monster in the field, these two were ... gone. Falling to his hands and knees, Macradon would stare into the ground. The confused cerberus would circle around its master, not fully understanding what just happened despite its master's frustration. His frustrtion grew to anger, and with a clenched fist Macradon would punch the ground below him and yell "Damn you!" as he got back up on his feet, grabbing his sword in the process and would face the beast, but while he was incapacitated by his own mind reacting to the situation, the rest of the battle parties had finished off the great evil that was a way too strong event boss that was not meant to be fielded like this. Watching the rest unfold, Macradon would would grit his teeth in agony and rage, but as the scene would slowly unfold, and the deus ex machinegun would arrive, Macradon would look in awe, this game was stupid, this game was dumb. It made no sense. It was like playing a game of DnD, and all that happened were NPC's interacting. Your character had little to no meaning in this fight, you were but a bystander, watching someone else's story take place. He would stare in pure awe as this theatre would close its curtain. Everyone receiving what they had "deserved" from this "fight". Macradon would walk back to the church, seeing that Hestia and Morgenstern indeed were fine. Walking through the church, Macradon would nod at both @Hestia and @Morgenstern, them acknowledging it or not, and would say out loud to them both "I'm glad you're safe, I can't be bothered with this f***ing *h*t game anymore" he said and would proceed to the exit of the church.
  12. It wasn’t a normal day for Macradon, everything had gone by so fast. What he had anticipated to be just another boss fight, be it a council of AI or a small group of mobs with a big pack leader didn’t cross his mind as anything else than normal RPG standards. What really threw him off what he understood as the game Sword Art Online had changed. He of should’ve known how unstable the minds of people were in this game, he had encountered it multiple times, experienced it himself, second hand watching it slowly grow into despair, killing people, actual people, slowly but surely. A loud crash could be heard as the still armor clad warrior came home from the frontliners successful boss raid. No one were hurt badly, no one were killed by the boss, everything went as a raid should, at least in broad terms. Despite the success of the frontlines, the assigned leader, Macrad, came crying home, rushing into his room with his confused familiar following suit. The clang of his armor with each heavy step he took would echo in his mind, the sound of him sobbing, close to a breaking point, would begin to fill the house. Running into his own room, Macradon would slam the door behind him, blocking his cerberus, Belphegor, from entering, but just for a short while, as his slam would throw the door ajar and not shut close. He was barely able to take more steps before he collapsed, one knee at a time, ending with his upper body leaning over his bed, his eyes filled with tears flowing over his sheets, his helmet thrown to the side, both of his knees kneeling before his bed. Nearly lifeless, Macradon would lay on his bed like this and sob, trying to hold in the rest of his tears in an effort to comfort himself. He felt everything went bad, everything went worse, everything went inefficient because of him, his poor decisions and his failure as a leader.
  13. Does anyone have a Glittering Snowflake for sale?

  14. Macradon

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    The battle was closing in and the frontliners were far beyond the endgame beginning. Sacrifices has been made, voluntarily or not, Beat and Seul had left the battle, coccuning into spheres of darkness that Artichoke siphoned energy from. Macradon would grit his teeth as things were getting difficult, a lot of players had reached the lower yellow zone, and one even hit the red zone. Things were getting critical, Macradon wasn’t too sure of what to do now, but his instincts kicked in with a ferocious roar of Belphegor’s three heads, echoing throughout the battlefield. With a roar, puny in comparison to the hellish beast, but loud enough to boost his own morale, and would rush up towards the the winged best. "Ok everyone, let's land the last few punches on this guy, he's getting low, we should be able to do it! @Hestia if you feel like flying off, do it for your own safety, if you feel like pushing through, stand together with the rest of us and show this boss who's boss!" Macradon said, shouting to his party to get them heated for these final minutes of the fight. As Macradon got close, Macradon woud mutter “I’m Sorry Dom, I have to go all out, just this ONCE!” and turned it into a battle roar as he jumped up into the air. Replying to the winged beast’s "...BE MY GUEST!!!" Macradon would continue the song while executing his sword art <Galaxy Destroyer> "Be our guest! Be our guest! Put my damage to the test! Try the Holy Damage, hey a buff, and I'll do the rest! It's plus six, on my blade, times the hits I will phase! Times the times I will hit, cutting through your darkest mist!" he sang while cleaving into the Artichoke with the Blade of the Dictator, with its Holy and Phase properties shining through, dealing a good chunk of damage compared to his steady damage flow over time. Attack Player Stats