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  1. “Hmm …” he muttered while pondering upon the idea “Not a bad idea, I’d like to have a nice feeling like old days with him, he’d surely be able to stun lock that big wolf if I remember him right.” he replied with a snicker and cast out his line to the eggs in the stream. “I could grab some Teleportation Crystals for the two of you, then you’d be able to quickly get up to the floor?” he proposed, it wouldn’t be cheap, but Macradon was in no position to talk about being poor when he could fund Mari’s house for her if he probably wanted to. He nodded understandingly “Don’t worry about those things, we’ll take it step by step as it comes, no need to rush. This could also build up your anticipation for my place, and give me time to add even more to it!” he said with a grin and reeled up another big clutch of chocolate eggs “I’m at 70 now!” he chuckled and put those away with the rest of his eggs. @Mari ID: 140179 CD: 6 -> Eggs Found, +1 Material LD: 12+5+3=20 -> 8 Eggs Found! Macradon's Loot 13 T3 Materials 70 Chocolate Eggs
  2. Mari had found a chest with her eggs which was nice, you could probably always use some extra stuff, but during these times, Macradon would disregard chests as it was mostly wasted time for him since it took away the amount of time he used on fishing up eggs. He would think, open his mouth, and touch his teeth “I don’t think a few extra would be that detrimental.” he commented with a slight grin. “I don’t have high enough privileges in the guild to kick out someone of higher rank than me unfortunately, if I had I would.” he said, thinking of the “members” of his guild. He shook his head “I he owed me, I don’t think he’ll hate me after what has happened. If he were to hate me, it would be because I didn’t let the monster kill him back then.” he said “And I don’t think anyone’ll hate me because I’m friends with a PK’er, they should know me well enough that that wouldn’t be an issue.” he said with a smile. He shrugged “I dunno, unfair or not, I hear of many orange players entering safe zones a lot, so I can’t really say if it's fair or not, if anything, I don’t care.” he said and sighed “And that’s why I haven’t invited you, you wouldn’t feel right there.”. Another go at the fishing pole and he struck yet another clutch of chocolate eggs, he was on a pretty good roll. @Mari ID: 139997 CD: 9 -> Eggs Found, +3 Materials LD: 18+5+3=26 -> 8 Eggs Found! Macradon's Loot 12 T3 Materials 62 Chocolate Eggs
  3. Macradon chuckled and readied his sword against the shadowy figure “Pleading for my life? Please! Why should I plead to something on a 2 inch pedestal thinking they’re mightier than those that stand 2 inches below it, pathetic!” he roared out as he saw the somewhat whiffed attempt of an attack at Hestia. With three shadowlings targeting the knight in dark steel Macradon would avert his gaze from the shadowlings and the shadow figure as well. He rushed to the light where everyone else were, with three shadowlings up behind him, Macradon merely ignored them as his marks for death weren’t relevant at all. He walked up to the others and tried to speak up for motivation “Oh come light, as we stand in darkness consumed by nothingness. Let this light guide us to the right passage and let not this foul being -” he paused and look over at the shadow figure with one eye closed and his tongue sticking out “- do any harm to innocent folk! Listen to our willpower and let this Luck and Pluck get us through this moment!” he called out to the light, and if SAO had any sound effects, this was where a fart noise would come as his willpower added near to nothing to this light. ID: 139988 LD: 2 Light #1 Total: 34
  4. He nodded excitedly like he was actually making mental notes in a lecture “I can’t wait for my second puberty to hit so I can become a beaver.” he muttered loud enough for Mari to hear him. He kept nodding with everything else Mari said to him, it was very interesting, “Incredible ... “ he said and tried to make a quick note for him to prepare for his sudden beaverization. “Well, yes and no. The guild is mostly dead because the former Vice Commander and the current Commander are both MIA, leaving this Vanguard Commander to do all the work of actually having something happen in it … but I don’t really feel like it at all, if only I could kick out the Commander and take full control of the guild, but I just don’t think he’d let me if he even ever showed up again.” he replied with a heavy sigh. “I’ve wanted to invite you, you were even very close to it when Bahr pulled you into my shop. If you can remember where my shop is, my Estate is right besides it, so come when you want to, but for all I know, you don’t like going into Safe Zones while orange, so I haven’t really invited you because I knew you would just say that you don’t want to venture into safe zones.” he replied. He shook his head “Not someone I can think of at the top of my head. There’s gonna be a lot of enemies, but if I could solo the quest, I should be able to do it with you.” he said with a smile and reeled in another good clutch of eggs. @Mari ID: 139979 CD: 6 -> Eggs Found, +1 Materials LD: 3+5+3=11 -> 6 Eggs Found! Macradon's Loot 9 T3 Materials 54 Chocolate Eggs
  5. He shrugged “Dunno, haven’t really had my beaver days yet, isn’t that like the second puberty where you just begin to eat trees?” he asked jokingly as a comment towards the bark and leaves. He pondered “Fastfood trees .. what a place if that were to happen.” he thought and smiled, but it was irrelevant, he had to think of somewhere to get some food … that hotdog guy could be a choice … or the noodle girl .... He shook his head “Nah, it’s just regular paper work, I’m thinking of deserting my guild so I can start the school, only the only real reason for me to stay in the guild right now is its few buffs that can affect my farming when I do go farming, but that doesn’t really make much sense right now, as I can just get the same benefits as I would from my estate …” he said and looked at the water. Casting out his line again, Macradon would reel in another good clutch of eggs “We should do Bane of Blood quest, the Last Hit drop is pretty good since it increases Battle Healing by a bit, which could always be useful.” he said. @Mari ID: 139852 CD: 7 -> Eggs Found, +2 Materials LD: 4+5+3=12 -> 6 Eggs Found! Macradon's Loot 9 T3 Materials 48 Chocolate Eggs
  6. “Mhm” he responded and nodded at Mari, planning to meet Oikawa, it’s been quite a while since he last saw him, so this was getting exciting. “Oh, never tried one, so I’ll gladly experience it on the cold fourth floor.” he said with a warm smile thinking about how cozy they could get in that place, even if it wasn’t as big as many other houses, it was still nice to have somewhere you can call home. He chuckled “Always me stuck with getting the food, eh?” he said with a slight laughter, it was always him getting that end of the stick, not that it really mattered at all. “I haven’t really been doing much, just preparing for the oncoming boss raid, planning stuff for the school, just casual paperwork stuff that I’ve been so used to doing for so long.” he said with a smile and went for another fishing streak of a clutch. @Mari ID: 139842 CD: 10 -> Eggs Found, +3 Materials LD: 10+5+3=18 -> 8 Eggs Found! Macradon's Loot 7 T3 Materials 42 Chocolate Eggs
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    Warren's Evals

  8. He nodded his head “I totally understand the rationale of being hunted and then this way too friendly idiot approaches you.” he said and chuckled “I wouldn’t call us wanted, but I’d agree that these infamous strawberry bandits are very not welcome at the next banquet or gala.” he said and chortled at the thought of the two of ‘em walking into the gala ready to raid any table with anything remotely looking like a strawberry. He chuckled “Alright, if you say so, I’m looking forward to it.” he said and continued his fishing “I’m aiming for 300, so I’m still a good way from it, whatabout you?” he asked Mari while reeling in another good clutch of eggs, he was being quite lucky with the steady amount of large clutches of eggs coming his way from this stream of water, it was weird. If it was a stream of chocolate, this might’ve made a bit sense, but right now it just doesn’t. @Mari ID: 139838 CD: 3 -> Eggs Found LD: 3+5+3=11 -> 6 Eggs Found! Macradon's Loot 4 T3 Materials 34 Chocolate Eggs
  9. He chuckled “Even though I kept my sword away, you were still hyper hostile towards me, so yeah, I remember it.” he replied with a broad smile “But hey, it’s only because I’m so confident in my levels and numbers that I can go straight forward into stupid situations like that, not fearing my demise because I’m super cocky, but numbers are too, which I find pleasant that I can be pushed into a stupid situation and still come out alive.” he commented upon himself with a chuckle “But that just puts me back as being a meatshield.”. “It's good to hear the man is still doing well even after all that has happened, I would indeed like to meet him. He wasn’t a close person I knew like that, but he’s someone from my past that I still want to check up upon.” he replied, really wanting to meet the paralyzing god again. "And I'd like to take a gander at your infamous no bedroom house." he cheekily replied. @Mari ID: 139805 CD: 5 -> Eggs Found, +1 T3 Material LD: 15+5+3=23 -> 8 Eggs Found! Macradon's Loot 4 T3 Materials 28 Chocolate Eggs
  10. He nodded “I’ll be waiting for you up here on the podium with the rest, the more the merrier.” he replied with a smile. Mari was quickly racing up the levels just like Hestia did, it was quite the feat to be able to withstand such a grind for levels and Macradon would applaud her for the sheer force of will to keep her going like this. He nodded “Aye, thanks for reminding me” he said. He shook his head “I don’t have any hard feelings anymore. She did what she thought was right at the moment, and I probably would’ve done the same if it wasn’t because I had to take control of the situation.” he said “Haven’t met Oikawa in a while … hope he’s doing alright.” he said and sighed. “Maybe I should delve into all this meeting people again, been a while since I did that.” he chuckled and cast out his line to get some eggs. @Mari ID: 139789 CD: 6 -> Eggs Found, +1 T3 Material LD: 6+5+3=14 -> 6 Eggs Found! Macradon's Loot 3 T3 Materials 20 Chocolate Eggs
  11. Macradon shrugged “If only I could level up some more, but as it looks like for now, I’ve hit the roof of levels, neither Hestia nor Calrex seem to be leveling anymore above 88, so I guess I’m stuck here until something else happens.” he said and cast out his line again, hoping for bountiful harvest of eggs. The knight chuckled at what Mari pointed out “20 levels, outstanding speed gotta say. Back when we met … I think I was level 84 or something, so I’ve gained 4 levels since then, not that big of a feat to be honest.” he chortled and reeled in a good clutch of eggs again. He looked over at Mari and tilted his head to the side slightly “I’ve heard of Aereth, met him once and never seen him ever again, I think the police force is after him or something. Hidden tried to kill my former Vice Commander, so can’t really say that I know her other than that.” he said and tried to think if he had ever heard of that guild she mentioned. He shook his head and replied “Nope, never heard of ‘em.”. "The only PK society I've known of were the one Opal slowly cut down and the one I swiftly cut down.". @Mari ID: 139783 CD: 6 -> Eggs Found, +1 T3 Material LD: 17+5+3=25 -> 8 Eggs Found! Macradon's Loot 3 T3 Materials 14 Chocolate Eggs
  12. To level up one’s base level was one thing … but this “Wow … all this fishing resulting in a level up. Not something I’ve really seen before, might just be rare that someone would be fishing this much to the point of leveling up, guess this event really is something.” he said with a chuckle. He shook his head “No, haven’t heard about that yet.” he replied and listened carefully to the short lil story Mari would tell. “Sounds interesting. Never been out with my family like that. Parents aren’t together, dad gone out gambling, mom too busy with multiple jobs to keep me alive, it wasn’t a happy little family, but we held on strong.” he said with a smile, remembering what life was a few years ago outside in the real world before starting in high school, college, and then getting stuck in here. He nodded back at Mari “Go for it when you feel like it, don’t feel pressured.” he said with a smile and tried to get some more eggs on the line. @Mari ID: 139776 CD: 8 -> Eggs Found, +2 T3 Materials LD: 4+5+3=12 -> 6 Eggs Found! Macradon's Loot 2 T3 Materials 6 Chocolate Eggs Stats
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    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon

    Name: Pokey Dagger Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: 139713 Roll: 12 Item Type: Dagger Tier:1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Damage 3 Description: A basic dagger made from pristine materials, ready for usage against the lower floor's challenges. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1065-shop-f1the-blazing-typhoon-rank-10-grand-master-blacksmith/?do=findComment&comment=601252
  14. Macradon sat slouched over his counter from boredom and exhaustion, he was getting closer and closer to just falling asleep and taking a nap in his shop, fortunately the bell of the entrance freshened him up as he tried to straighten his back and looked at who was entering. “Hello and welcome to the Blazing Typhoon!” he said to the possible new patron “The name’s Macradon, I’ll be your blacksmith for today, what can I help you with?” he asked and awaited the request to be made. “A Perfect Dagger, I could do that easily. You can wait here or take a stroll and I’ll contact you when the item’s done.” he instructed and went down into his smithy to work. Crafting on the 5th of April Rank 10: 5120/5120 -2 T1 Materials Item Crafted