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  1. Wandering around the many floors incognito wearing his robes to hide his identity and affiliations, Macradon scouted around the different floors for any news, since all that were on billboards, quest boards, and given to people by brokers had somewhat become common knowledge with which questlines were available, as well as which field bosses yielded what rewards and whatnot, but what Macradon was looking for was an event to happen. Within a few days of on- and off searching, Macradon heard the words spreading around an Easter quest happening soon if not already. Someone had spotted different Easter themed monsters around the three tens of floors, each with what seemed like increasing toughness. Hearing of this, Macradon would begin to scout around, focusing on this Event and its information. Over a full days work, Macradon came to the conclusion that if he were to attend this Event, he would have to fight the Tier Three boss. The boss has already be fought as of now, and it seems like it packs a good punch, has a medium amount of health for a field boss, but it also has an array of attacks as well as some heavy buffs against Damage over Time. Feeling like a solo mission would be difficult, Macradon called upon backup that he knew could come to his aide. Macradon would send away the message to both @Hikoru and @Zandra, hoping that this Trio would be able to face the Easter boss without much trouble. Rushing home, Macradon would take some time to think of a strategy. Both Hikoru and Macradon uses Hiding in their strategy for most efficiency of Alpha Strikes, while Zandra and Macradon are both good consistent DPS outputs. Hikoru will have an easy time hopping in and out of his Hiding and deal a good amount of damage while not being heavily targeted, it all seemed like it was gonna work out smoothly. Resting a bit in his bed, Macradon would nap for about an hour and then pack all of his necessary consumables with him, consuming them on the way as well at the rendezvous point. Sitting on a bench in the Town Square, Macradon would finish up his consumable, now wearing his full plated KoB armor with sigil and all, he hasn’t felt like it was time to get rid of this piece of equipment yet, so he had it stay for now. Belphegor was laying under the bench, relaxing while it waited for company. < Damage Potion consumed > < Hearty Seafood Soup consumed > < Carrot Sauerkraut consumed> < Beef Wellington consumed> Stats:
  2. Macradon would chortle at her response “Anime or not, your words are soothing to my ear, like the light leading me through the dark.” he replied. It was a bit awkward as he just were there, staring. He wasn’t used to this kind of relationship, he hadn’t tried anything like this before, it was weird, it was strange, but he liked it, it was entertaining and it had helped him through a lot. “I guess.” he said with a smirk as he went in for a kiss on her lips and closed his eyes. It was a milestone in most relationships, but he wouldn’t really know, he had no experience with “love” this kind of way, and he wasn’t sure how to handle it, but he tried his best to please his love as best as he could, hoping that this was what was supposed to happen. With the lips touching, a spark went down Macradon’s spine, it was … quite the sensation, not what he had anticipated, but it felt great, even though it were just a virtual sensation, the emotional sensation he felt doing this with his love was quite the feeling. After an undisclosed amount of time, Macradon would pull back and look away, somewhat embarrassed from what had just happened and would sneak a glance up at Kairi from time to time “I hope that was ok.” he said.
  3. Looking at a … rather unfamiliar face. Macradon would nod and wave at the new customer. “Hello and welcome to the Blazing Typhoon! Aye, name’s Macradon. What can I do for you?” he greeted and asked. As he saw the boy bring up one of his old stocked items, Macradon was curious as to how he had a Perfect T2 item laying about in his Rare stock. Either way than that, Macradon would nod and accept the payment. Looking at what he got, Macradon would take the exceeding materials and slide it back over the counter “Stocked items are only 5 Materials, you gave me one too many, you can have it back” Macradon said and handed both ownership of the gauntlets as well as the material to @Mars.
  4. Macradon would shrug and lean back onto the stone amphitheater seat and reply “If yah really wanted to now have you presence been presented, you could’ve at least cage your Falidae down instead of having it go around and act like a centerpiece in a zoo or something. But hey, up to you I guess.”. Listening to the words of the lunatic, Macradon would shake his head in disappointment “I am doing a soldier’s work, who knows, a murderer could always plot another assassination, gotta have everyone’s eyes peeled when a murderer is hiding at a raid meeting, ya know.” he would say and just stay put, she wasn’t really worth much more air, as the raid being successful was more important than who were going to betray the frontlines again, if she were to turn, not many would pull their punches. Listening to the words of Jomei, Macradon would nod, as well as to Hestia, both their points stood firmly. He really wanted to participate, but his absent mind and body had a really hard time trying to piece together the frontlines, he had a tactician to do that job, and all he could do now was to listen and absorb as much knowledge he possibly could so he could add to the discussion in the future when he were needed. For now, it seemed like the frontlines had a solid plan A and somewhat solid plan B.
  5. The ordeal had turned to quite the pickle, and Macradon would think of the possibilities since a really big slice of the frontlines had been cut off, it seemed like a really dark time for the frontlines, like when the entire Azure Brigade fell apart, many assets were lost, but the frontlines kept on fighting, and are still fighting today, so maybe this dark time is just one of many that has been and are to come, they will overcome it just like before. Though, he had not enough of a full picture of the plan to really know the teams and how well they would work together. Macradon would just sit and wait for others replies to see how this plays out, as they were somewhat stuck with two sub-par groups, which wouldn’t be efficient, but when the high leveled players just all said “Naw fam” and chose not to join, Macradon was even part of the group, which he wasn’t too comfortable with, since he could've probably take the spot of tank for this raid as well … but he just couldn’t get himself into the fray.
  6. It has seemed like after the nuisance had left the scene, things were returning to normal … but the raid meeting had gone a bit stale, a bit slow. Macradon could do nothing but sit and listen, trying to analyze the decisions being made at this very moment, it was quite vital that he learned as much as possible from this, he had to improve before he would be willing, before he would be worthy, of returning to the frontlines as a fighter, perhaps a leader if they would want him to again, even though it did go quite bad last time. Listening to the different teams that were made, Macradon was quite intrigued by this newcomer, Are, who wanted to be in a specific team, Hestia already raised the question, so Macradon would keep shut, as it would be an annoyance to just blurt out the same question again for someone we don’t know of. While this was going on, a familiar face appeared, Sey, who had chosen to appear at the meeting “Was he at the first one as well? ... Doesn't seem like so, at least not with his last line.” Macradon thought for himself as he looked upon the other snow blonde person. [ Passive Stealth Detection 15, @Ariel - The Crowned Lion Spotted by Macradon ] What would come to Macradon as a surprise was … another her type of incident. Ariel had returned, and something seemed fishy. The way she moved up close to the walls, it was like she were hiding, but Macradon wasn't sure, he just spotted her when she entered the scene despite her trying to hide behind the scenery. He wasn't sure if he should point it out or if she would just reveal herself later, at the very least, there was no danger of her being here, it was a safe zone either way, so no assassination attempts were to be executed today at least, and it would be quite the suicide mission to do it at the presence of all these players. Macradon would look over at Ariel, sigh, and slump down a bit more, trying to stay focused on the discussion, which he couldn't because this drama queen wanted to make an entrance. Macradon slumped even more down and just began to clap at Ariel "Good job, it's not like we're doing anything serious and you're interrupting, Ariel." he would say slightly irritated, it was bad blood from long ago, and he still wasn't sure as to why she murdered Lowe. Macradon would try to hold his composure, and would sit up a bit straighter, but still in a relaxed position not to be too tense. It was finally time for the newcomer to speak ... and it puzzled Macradon quite the bit. Sitting back up, Macradon would raise a hand towards the Are(@Itzal) "Oi oi oi. You didn't even answer the question. Why should we comfort to your needs? It's like Hestia said, we already have it tough as is, and having another random person just joining with specific requirements feels really weird, especially when we don't know you. I might not be able to speak for the entire frontline, but I at least don't know who you are or why I should trust you." Macradon questioned, since this was just another stranger meddling with the frontlines again.
  7. As the “veteran” newbie ranted on, Macradon could not think of anything useful of what he said. Nothing he said was useful for the frontlines, the experience he wanted to give had nothing to do with the current frontlines, the battles he fought were not like these. Back in those days, Zel and Dom told Macradon, that a whole raid battle could be fought with just a small handful, not even a full party of people. If that’s the kind of experience this “veteran” wanted to share, it would be like spraying a bottle of water on a forest fire. As the player left, Macradon would shrug his shoulders and mumble a bit “If they really were that great, maybe they would still be here.”. As Alec @Takalo came back after leaving, Macradon would smile and nod in reply of his decision "Wise decision. At least you're smart enough to stay and learn about what you don't know.". Looking over at @Jomei, Macradon would shake his head and reply "Nay, I'm not coming to the fight, at least not for a little while. For now, I'll just join the meetings and give what ever cents I can.".
  8. Macradon would nod and smile, but would shake his head “I’m happy for you intention, but I’d rather not take any tip. I’ve already gotten a monopoly on the market for blacksmiths, and I don’t intend to hold it like this, I never intended to get a monopoly like this. It would be a “waste” to give me free materials for just doing my job, I would suggest keeping those two materials for something else in the future for you, it might come in handy when you don’t suddenly need 2 materials for a project” Macradon would reply, staying stern on not taking the tip from Alec @Takalo.
  9. Delighted by his customer’s satisfaction, Macradon would smile and gladly accept the payment for his work. Looking at the contents, Macradon would shake his head at Alec @Takalo. “You got it wrong, this is too much.” Macradon said and would slide two materials back over the counter to his customer “The Beginner’s Discount is still in effect until you reach level 15.” Macradon said and pointed at the sign with the discount written on it “It’s not just a one time thing.” he said with a smile and returned the overshoot in estimate of payment, just so he didn’t rip off any customer. < 2 T1 Mats sent back to Alec >
  10. Macradon

    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon

    Name: Adamantine Pauldrons Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 10 ID: 113711 Roll: 12 Item Type: Heavy Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: MIT II, Recovery I Description: These shoulder guards are made of a super dense metal that is resistant to nearly all damage. The metal is a deep green so dark as to appear black. They rest on top of the shoulders with straps that wrap from behind to secure the armor in the front and to a wide belt with a large metal disc that provides protection to the abdomen. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1065-shop-f1the-blazing-typhoon-rank-10-grand-master-blacksmith/?do=findComment&amp;comment=570194
  11. It hadn’t even been that long since this particular customer had visited Macradon’s blacksmith shop, and it was nice having a faithful customer that would keep showing up at his shop. It was pretty sad that everyone came to him for blacksmith work, but the competition might’ve been scared away because of Macradon’s unintentional monopoly, even after he raised his prices. As Alec walked into the shop, Macradon would wave and get up from his rocking chair “Hey, good to see you. What can I do for you today?” he asked Alec. Listening to the request, Macradon would nod and reply “I’ll have it done ASAP.” as he went down into his smithy to do the work. Crafting on the 24th of March Rank 10: 5120/5120 -6 T1 Mats Item Crafted
  12. - Health List - <Macradon> 1292/1575 HP | 131 MIT | 23 DMG | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 91/156 NRG (+78)(+1)(-16) <Phoenix> 1 -300/780 HP | 75 MIT | 234 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA (-432) <Phoenix> 2 -36/780 HP | 75 MIT | 234 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA <Phoenix> 3 -144/780 HP | 75 MIT | 234 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA <Phoenix> 4 -24/780 HP | 75 MIT | 234 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA (-432) - Loot Acquired - Mats: 0 Col: 22620 T1 Uncommon Potion T1 Rare Potion T1 Rare Snack 2x T1 Rare Shield T1 Rare Light Armor T1 Rare Two-Handed Battle Axe T1 Perfect Light Armor T1 Perfect Heavy Armor T1 Perfect Katana T1 Perfect Two-Handed Assault Spear
  13. - Health List - <Macradon> 1214/1575 HP | 131 MIT | 23 DMG | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 106/156 NRG (+78)(+1)(-16) <Phoenix> 1 132/780 HP | 75 MIT | 234 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA <Phoenix> 2 -36/780 HP | 75 MIT | 234 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA (-444) <Phoenix> 3 -144/780 HP | 75 MIT | 234 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA (-276) <Phoenix> 4 408/780 HP | 75 MIT | 234 DMG | 2 ACC | 2 EVA - Loot Acquired - Mats: 0 Col: 16380 T1 Rare Potion T1 Rare Snack 2x T1 Rare Shield T1 Rare Two-Handed Battle Axe T1 Perfect Light Armor T1 Perfect Heavy Armor T1 Perfect Katana T1 Perfect Two-Handed Assault Spear
  14. With Kairi’s soothing words of comfort, Macradon pulled together and would do the final push to get over this sobbing excuse of a man he was. Opening up the HUD, Macradon would change clothes to his normal clothes again and bring up his arm to wipe away all the tears on his face. “Thanks, I’m glad you came into my life. I don’t know how I would’ve handled this if you hadn’t been here to comfort me.” he said while sniffing a few last time and wiping away any excess tears from his face. Going in for a proper hug this time, he would hold his beloved close to him and just stay calm and silent for a while, cooling his mind and nerves down after what had happened before. “You’re good with words,” Macradon said with a chortle as he continued “feels like you know what to say and when to say it, wish I had that ability as well.” he said, laughing somewhat after uttering those words. Pulling away from Kairi, Macradon would have both his hands on her shoulders and just at the moment stare into her eyes. He wasn’t sure what he was doing, and it felt … strange. He wanted to do something, but he wasn’t sure as to what.
  15. Seems like things were deescalating in a good pace. People slowly trying to ignore the the banter and slowly deescalate with everyone’s efforts. Sighing in relief that it wouldn’t turn into a big thing, even after his sudden outburst, Macradon would look to the side as someone touched his hand, it was his girlfriend @Kairi. Leaning towards her, Macradon would reply “Nay, not yet at least, and I don’t think it would be appropriate at the current time, since there is something stirring up that I don’t want to stir up even more. We might save it for later, for a better time to announce it.”. When Alec @Takalo seemed to be out of place, Macradon would try to reach out to him, but hesitated slightly, enough for the big man to make his escape from the meeting. Trying not to interrupt the discussions, Macradon would try to say discrete “Hey, you can stay if you want to, get some experience on how meetings can be held, and learn a bit about the frontliners, it’s an opportunity not many get or have available. It's of course up to you.”.