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    1. Vigilon


      *Looks at results*


      "....I'm going to Fire Emblem Awakening to console myself over this humiliating feeling within me...and slaughter every foe that crosses my path. No phantom warrior, nor any risen, will escape me..."

      "Also, I'm getting you next time for sure, Pinball. Just wait 'till the next games......"

      ...Ok, ok, I kid! I never meant any offense or whatever, so, congratulations to @pureblade for your victory! Please disregard what was said in quotation marks above(although I'm still going to go on a Fire Emblem Rampage 'cause I can), We all had fun, right? I can't wait till the next games! ...of course, I admit, I still wouldn't mind another shot against @Pinball in said next games...

    2. Pinball