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  1. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    As Alec and Macradon took their seats, Cerdic began his lecture. Macradon would sit back and relax, because for now, he just had to observe and didn't have to do any work. Cerdic would start by grabbing a large pair of pliers and show it to Alec. "This set of pliers here, you can see they have this square end, this helps blacksmiths handle their materials while they're in the furnace." Cerdic said and would then grab a material from this pile with the pliers, and slide it into the furnace. "When working with any metal, to be able to do anything with it, we need to heat it up to temperature! With our pliers here, we can easily grab the corners of the ingot in the furnace and move it around as we like. Besides the furnace a small gauge will appear and slowly fill up, it shows the current temperature of the material in it without giving a numeric value, so it's a thing you just have to get used to and practice with, but it also makes it a lot of work to learn about a new type of metal you're forging." Cerdic said and pointed at the vertical rectangle that appeared besides the furnace as he put the material into it. As the gauge slowly began to creep upwards, Cerdic would first look at Macradon, who didn't seem to have anything to comment, then over to Alec and asked "Any questions?".
  2. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    Macradon would smile and reply “You’re welcome! I’m glad I’m at least to some use!” Macradon said sarcastically, making it sound like he was quite confident that he wasn’t useless after all, even though he had pretty much laid it up to be so, he even had thought so himself at the start of the day when he was asked to become a mentor. As the two ventured back to the main settlement of the 1st floor, Macradon would quickly reply to Alec “I’ll try to help you as much as I possibly can. A lot of what I do has no real way of just doing, it’s just been through a lot of experience. I’ll try to help you through my thought process when we craft in the smithy, but I’m not sure how well I can help you with what I got.” Macradon said. After a short while of walking, they arrived at the blacksmith shop of Cerdic. Macradon would once again enter and wave at the blacksmith “We’re back!” he exclaimed and ignored much of the dialogue from the NPC, walking straight into the smithy to inspect all the furnaces, mallets, anvils, and all other equipment that Alec was gonna use to learn with. “Master Macradon! Good to see you’re back already -” Cerdic said towards Macradon who walked straight by him “Ah yes, making sure your student has the proper tools today, sharp as always, Grand Master Blacksmith!” Cerdic said as he turned with Macradon walking by him, then turning towards Alec when he would enter “Welcome young master, I believe you have enough materials for us to begin working, come over here to the furnaces and I’ll help you through the basics of crafting!” Cerdic said, gesturing towards Macradon who had gone through a rather thorough inspection of everything in the smithy. “Seems like it’s decent equipment, but I got some better in my shop you can get when we’re done here.” Macradon said and set up two stools facing towards the biggest furnace in the smithy. Macradon would take a seat and gesture for Alec to take the other, for Cerdic was about to do some demonstration.
  3. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    Macradon would nod at the notion of the Fishing skill being good for gathering materials “Aye, fishing can net you some materials, it’s not the best at gathering, but in the right conditions and the right place, Fishing become optimal compared to the regular Gatherer skill, so a professional Fisher might net you a good amount of Materials for you buck instead of hiring a Gatherer or straight out just buy from a merchant, but since Fishing needs so much dedication to make it better than Gathering, people tend to not invest in either and just pay their way out or fight their way out of a bottomless pit of no materials. I’ve usually just fought my way through hordes of monsters and gotten material drops from there, but when I met a special someone, I found it much more calming and soothing to just go out and harvest them by hand instead of having monsters drop them.” Macradon said. He still remembered her, his first love in here, whom he had never seen in quite a while, still glad that that someone wasn’t dead, still out there living their life. Macradon would stand up from his gathering spree as Alec seemed to do so as well “If that’s so, let’s head back and get you that profession!” Macradon said with a thumbs up and a wink at the behemoth of a man compared to the small demeanor of Macradon.
  4. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    Macradon would laugh lightly as he replied “Oh boy, I haven’t heard a Chuck Norris jokes in ages! Thanks for lighting up the mood in such a … I could even say, nostalgic feeling.” Macradon said with a big smile on his face as he kept on looking for materials. “I think 15 materials would be a good head start for the quest completion as well as your shops starting days. If you think it’s enough with what you got currently, we can go back and get your crafts going.” Macradon offered while still walking around the area, looking through every nook and cranny to find anything that would be of use for Alec. Once again, Macradon's odds had balanced themselves out again, he was beginning to really rack in the materials from gathering. His gain was average, small in sizes, but large in numbers, which made this gathering session very efficient, even though it was Macradon doing most of the work. "With time, you will become just as good if not a better material gatherer if you either long for the Fishing skill or the Gatherer skill." Macradon would say as he sent over two materials again. ID: 117996 LD: 11+5+3=19, Material Found! CD: 4, Bonus Material!
  5. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    Macradon would smile as he was humbled by Alec’s comment “I might be perceptive, but it has only become so because of the events that had been following me through this game. It was not just all fun and practice that made me able to spot out things as they are, many bad people hiding in the shadows are what have made me so perceptive of my surroundings, which in turn helps me find materials and things like that on my journey.” Macradon said, somewhat sad that the only reason he’s good at what he’s good as is because of the fear, the paranoia, the defenseless feeling he had during the time of the Azure Brigade. Macradon would shake his head to get those bad memories out of there, and address Alec’s comment “It would be best for you to gather a good handful of materials, that way, you won’t run out that fast of materials when your shop opens and you have to either craft to level up, or craft for customers.” Macradon said and would walk around the area to look for materials. As he followed the different tree roots along the ground, Macradon would find yet another small cluster of materials "Found some more for your small startup!" Macradon said and sent over the two materials he found to Alec. ID: 117994 LD: 15+5+3=23, Material found! CD: 4, Bonus Material!
  6. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    Macradon would sigh, it was a bit annoying that it was taking this long for two people to gather materials out here in the open, it shouldn’t be this hard, but maybe the spawn rate of materials had changed since he last used this spot for harvesting materials for his shop, maybe he had to find another spot, but for today, he would empty it out as much as possible. And just like that, after two successful harvests from both Alec and Macradon, they finally managed something. “Oh, I found something!” Macradon said as he went down on one knee to examine the ore he has seemingly found. Pushing aside dirt, roots and rocks, Macradon would unveil a big cluster of materials, 4 to be in fact. “I think this is already enough for you to begin your crafting at Cerdic’s shop if you’d like, but if you want to gather a few more materials, you’re welcome to do so.” Macradon told Alec, now confident that they were not only able to get back and clear the quest, but also give Alec some time to find good harvesting techniques when it was about ores and minerals hiding below ground. With a swift flick of the wrist, Macradon would open up the trade prompt and send over the four materials to Alec. ID: 117992 LD: 16+8, Material Found! CD: 12, 3 Bonus Materials!
  7. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    Macradon smiled as Alec replied back to him that he had found at least on material “Awesome! Just 4 more and we’re pretty set on making this quest a success for you!” Macradon said, now eager to help Alec get this gathering task done, alone it could take a while, but with Macradon here, it probably wouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes to find all 5 materials, and perhaps even more if he were to just randomly spot some surfaced materials in the corner of his eyes. At least that was what Macradon usually encountered, but somehow, he fell short on his gathering capabilities. He should’ve at least have gotten an average of 3 materials by now, but he had nothing at all, he would only hope that Alec would be able to gather a bit and find what he needed, not relying too much on Macradon because of how ill Macradon was doing with his material searches. ID: 117990 LD: 5+3+5=13, no material found.
  8. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    Macradon crossed his arms and leaned up against a nearby wall as Alec and Cerdic had their little back and forth, and as their conversation came to an end when Alec and Macradon met eyes, Macradon would nod with a smile, it was time to get some labor done. It wasn’t too noticeable, but if you really looked hard at it, Alec seemed to be … somewhat smiling, close enough to a smile for Macradon to accept. “Seems like he’s ready to begin this, I’m eager to see what he might be able to do in the fields for gathering as well as his skills as a blacksmith.” Macradon thought for himself as he exited the blacksmith shop “See you later, Cerdic.” Macradon said as he went outside “Farewell, Master Macradon, and yes, we will accompany each other soon!” Cerdic said. Macradon would look over at Alec as the two would venture out of the Town of Beginnings “So, we’re just supposed to find a few materials, doesn’t need to be any specific, everything can be used for everything, so even if you find a particular flower, it can still be used to craft some equipment … somehow.” Macradon said with a smile as he muttered the last word. “So, let’s get to it!” Macradon said and walked to the nearest forest, that’s where he usually found materials to begin with back in the days, hopefully the spawn rate of these were still going strong. But as Macradon walked around the forest floor, he found nothing, absolutely nothing. Confused by this turn of events, Macradon would stand up tall and look over towards Alec to see if he had had any luck. ID: 117940 LD: 2+5+3=10, Nothing Found.
  9. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    Macradon would do his usual when closing down his shop, making she everything looked neat and tidy. As he went over to the back door leading to the yard, Macradon was about to announce his leave, but it seemed Belphegor was too busy chasing simmering again, so he would let the cerberus be for now. On his way out of the shop, Macradon would grab his formal jacket and throw it over his shoulder while sliding his arms into their sleeves, he was fully ready to leave. Macradon listened to Alec's question and would answer honestly "There were quests to gain a profession, but they were much more convoluted and you really had no help other than to ask others of what to do. Back then, you were just approached by an NPC that instructed you to gather materials for creating, and then you just mimicked the NPC until you got a successful craft. I wasn't taught his to, it just kinda happened." Macradon replied as they would walk towards the NPC quest initiator. Walking into the smaller Blacksmith shoppe, Macradon would knock on the door as he entered "Cerdic, I have someone to introduce you to." Macradon said and walked up to the counter, gesturing a hand towards Alec. "Ah, Master Macradon, how may I be of help? There's nothing I can do that you can't." The blacksmith replied. "This man, he wants to become a blacksmith, and you're the best Blacksmith instructor in Aincrad, why not give him a helping hand?" Macradon suggested to the blacksmith.
  10. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    Macradon would listen to Alec’s reasoning and nod. He would stay silent for a few second while looking down into the counter desk with his hand on his chin, trying to find a good way to do this. “Alright then, if you haven’t already gotten your profession, then let’s get that first, that should be main priority. After that, we can take a look at what can help you with your crafts, like bonuses, consumables and the likes, and then you should find a way to reliably get materials for your crafts for customers. Crafting Perfects might take multiple days for you in the beginning, mostly because of the rate you have to craft at per day, but that limiter will expand, so you should over time be able to craft enough to maybe get a perfect or two a day.” Macradon explained and would open up a note sheet on his HUD and begin writing those points down for himself. “The quest to give you a profession is called «Earning a Living», it’s situated here on the first floor. The NPC Master Blacksmith Cerdic Leighton will be the one to give you the quest. He acts much like a person, and it seems like he even recognize people who had taken his quest, but he appeared much later after I had become a blacksmith from learning by myself, seems like stuff has happened over time from the start. Either way, he should be seeing me as his senior, but don’t mind that, he will be the one to help you start out.” Macradon said and would reach down under his counter to grab a wooden sign with the words “Closed” written on them. “Ready to go?” Macradon asked Alec.
  11. Macradon

    [PP/F 1+] <<In search of a Mentor>>

    Sitting in his rocking chair, Macradon was half asleep and half awake. Belphegor was cheerfully using up all his energy in the backyard linked to the shop and Macradon’s estate, running around in circles, chasing wild life that had somehow jumped into the grassy terrain. Macradon rocked back and forth, it was a slow day today, not much had happened, and not much was planned to be worked on for now. As he slowly began to get closer to sleep, the small bell rang as the door to his shop opened. Somewhat startled by the sudden entrance, Macradon got up from his chair and looked over at the entrance with a smile, ready to welcome a customer. “Hello and Welcome to th- …” Macradon said, still a bit dreary from his near sleep experience. “Oh, Alec! Good afternoon!” Macradon exclaimed as he saw who had just entered; the behemoth of a man, Alec. “What can I do for you today? Already need some new armor?” Macradon said jokingly. As he listened to what Alec had to say, Macradon would nod. “A request? Is there a quest you can’t take yourself that you need the drop off?” Macradon would ask, not really knowing what this request really was. Macradon would firstly take a look at the item Alec had come with, he had indeed completed the bounty “Well how’bout that!” Macradon said with a smile and opened up his inventory. “You did a good job, and fast as well, here’s the labeled reward on the bounty, I hope you can put some good use for it!” Macradon said and handed over a pouch, sectioned up in 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd Tier materials, as well as a healthy amount of Col. As Alec then came to the request, Macradon went silent for a bit, a bit dumbfounded. There really wasn’t anyone who wanted to ever be his mentee like this. He had had people he had trained in the start and then let them take care of themselves, but he hadn’t seem to be able to see them in quite a while, that being Bell and Comet, both people he had trained, both people he hadn’t seen anywhere since, luckily their names weren’t on the monument of life, so at least they had something going. "Hm ..." Macradon began as he pondered the idea. "I guess I could take you in as a mentee under my wings, but I've never been good at teaching, so bare with me on this." Macradon said with a smile.
  12. Macradon

    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon

    Name: [Open_For_Opinions] Your Profession: [Blacksmith] Your Rank: [||||||||||] {10} ID: [Leaving_Blank] Roll: [Leaving_Blank] Item Type: [Weapon:_Dagger] Tier: [||||||||||] {1} Quality: [Perfect] Enhancements: [Damage_#3] Description: Post Link: [http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1065-shop-f1the-blazing-typhoon-rank-10-grand-master-blacksmith/?do=findComment&amp;comment=574623]
  13. Macradon

    Bounty for a Tag!

    Macradon accepts the bounty Name Tag, and sends over: - 10 T1 Materials - 10 T2 Materials - 10 T3 Materials - 10 000 Col
  14. Macradon would look at the newcomer, someone who were walking around his shop, taking a good look of what was to offer from the Blacksmith of this shop. As the boy approached Macradon, Macradon would wave slightly with his hand and greet the boy “Hello and welcome to the Blazing Typhoon! The name’s Macradon, what can I help you with?” he asked and listened. “Aye, I can do that, just a single dagger with a few damage enhancements, not gonna be a problem!” Macradon said and grabbed the request “I’ll be done in a few!” he said and went down into his smithy to work on the dagger. Crafting on the 25th of May Rank 10: 5120/5120 -5 T1 Materials Item Crafted
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