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  1. Vargas

    [F05] «The Traveler»

    Gonna take this with Eatos
  2. Vargas

    [F02] «Let There Be Light»

    Vargas will go ahead and solo this.
  3. Hey guys! I'm back! At least, I think I am. Trying to get posts out and recover my muse. So if anyone wants to make a thread with Vargas, I'd appreciate it. Need to build up power to catch back up with those that have left me behind and surpass those that surpassed me.

  4. Vargas will be taking this for sure
  5. My connection cause me to double post. Sorry.
  6. Vargas entered the shop that Row had told him about. He looked around for the player named Aereth before spotting him. Waving to him, Vargas walked up to the counter before opening up his menu. "Sorry, Row was apparently too busy to drop these back off to you," Vargas said after removing the two items from his inventory. "I was unable to find anything in Crow but the other," Vargas said pulling it up in front of the player, "I was able to find a Recovery stat inside." He gave both items back to the guy before closing his menu. Turning away to leave Vargas called back to Aereth, "Let me know if you want anything else appraised. It's not a hassle to do, though I can't promise the best of luck when appraising the gear." With that, Vargas exited the shop, leaving Aereth alone with his shop.
  7. Vargas

    [F03] «Worn out Welcome»

    I'll take this for the leather coat so I can some starting armour.
  8. Hey guys. I'm back! At least I hope I'm back for a while. Got busy for almost a year with school and other assortments of problems. Lol.

    1. Teayre


      Welcome back :D

    2. Lessa
    3. Baldur


      But are you STILL back? :P

  9. I was thinking of taking a crack at trying to maybe dev a small game app. I'd appreciate if anyone wants to team up with me and help. I'm still learning of course so it'll be a process but I'd figured it'd be fun to try to learn.

  10. I feel like I've been gone forever. Was so busy and felt to lazy to actually do anything productive that involved this site. Can't wait to start back up and start accomplishing more.

    1. Helios


      Welcome back :D

  11. Apparently my character won't be around for much longer. I decided to do a solo and after the third post I'm likely going to do.


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    2. Calrex


      Note: If you're not in a thread that HAS to be a solo thread, if you're under threat of dying you are allowed to have someone jump in and save you.

    3. Vargas


      Ok, I guess if it's allowed then that'd be awesome.

    4. Calrex


      Ok, I'll jump in in a bit. Be sure to switch it to a PP in the title XD

  12. So I need some suggestions for anime to watch. I've watched so much anime that I'm having trouble finding ones I like. My favorite ones I've watched (long list): SAO, Angel Beats, Gurren Lagann, Bleach, Natuto, One Piece, Toradora, Maid-sama, etc. My favorite genres are normally Ecchi, Harem, Romance (the feels man, the feels!), and slice of life . I hope someone can provide some ideas for my weeboo dilemma (however you spell that).

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    2. Rag


      ^me to. I mean trapped in a virtual world what a cliche. 

    3. Greg Baxen

      Greg Baxen

      Hmm, Fate/Stay Night, maybe?

    4. Seul


      C: The Money of Soul and Possibility is good too.

  13. Vargas

    [F01] «Secret Medicine of the Forest»

    I accept this quest
  14. Vargas

    Vargas's Journal

    Level: 21 HP: 420 Energy: 42 Col: 7,904 Mats: T1 - 18; T2 - 5 Total SP: 60 Used: 45 Unused: 15 SP Col & Mats Transactions
  15. Looking to see if anyone wants to RP with me. I've got an OP going right now that I started. My character is antisocial for reasons. It's also present time for him, so the death game has been going on for awhile and he knew what he was getting in to. If your interested it's here-http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/9743-op-f1-time-to-forget/?do=getNewComment

    1. Koumori


      You should make the open party private cause I think there are plenty people in it now

    2. Vargas


      So make it private for only those already in?

    3. Koumori