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      Its not dead, its just around the weekends, a lot of people dont post.

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  4. Minnie grabbed the animal and squeezed it tight. She finally let go and laid him on her lap. "Hello Nix, my name is Minnie. Do you like mice? I do too." The brunette yapped. Minnie looked up to the boy. Hr big eyes were open clearly. "Hello Evac. I'm sure you heard my name in there somewhere," The high voice rang out "But...In case you didn't, I'm Minnie." She smiled widely. She observed the boy. Blonde, blue eyes. She rubbed Nix and hugged him again. "I hope I'm not hurting you, little Nix." She whispered to Nix and rubbed behind his ear.
  5. Minnie Mouse

    [PP-F4] That One Day <<Worn out welcome>> (Sey)

    Minnie climbed down and jumped on one foot at a time, trying to dodge hits that would hurt her. "Stop talking, concentrate! If you do die, I'm stuck here on my own in the woods with this thing. So stop explaining and save yourself!" Minnie shouted to him, considering slapping him across the face but climbing back up the tree, still trying to dodge hits. If she slapped him, he'd not be able to fight and she would have again been on her own. She continued watching but had to turn away at some points in fear she would hear a shatter and see him die, right in front of her.
  6. Minnie Mouse

    [PP-F1] Relaxing on the first floor (Itzal)

    Itzal told her what he knew. She instantly blushed. "Hey! Don't blame me for stealing. I've never seen a ring like that in my life. You shouldn't go around blaming people." Minnie yelled, crossing her arms and turning away. She did feel bad, a pang of guilt started turning into a shaking body of guilt. She started walking away, trying to avoid him but she could hardly move. She was shaking, scared out of her life. Maybe He'd meet her in a different floor, maybe he'd kill her for being such a brat. She thought about turning back but stopped and kept slowly moving.
  7. Minnie Mouse

    [PP-F4] That One Day <<Worn out welcome>> (Sey)

    Minnie hung her head, listening to everything he had to say. Once he finished, she looked up and her big eyes turned away straight away. Minnie saw the creature and once it snarled, she screamed out loudly. Sey told her to stay back, so pretending to walk away, she climbed up a tree, her eyes wide watching. She couldn't believe it. ow could he take on....that? It seemed like a simply TERRIBLE idea. She crossed her fingers. "Please don't die!" She whispered to herself. It felt like she was an audience watching a torture show. It didn't feel good.
  8. Minnie Mouse

    [PP-F1] Relaxing on the first floor (Itzal)

    "I-It was my sister.." Minnie mumbled quietly. He said he wanted to befriend her, would he want to befriend her after he finds out she stole his ring? "Yeah, I'd like to be friends." The brunette grinned. Se always liked new friends, even if they were distant or they wouldn't be friends forever. "So, why you running around this town?" Minnie asked, expecting an immediate answer, such as I was messing or I was chasing something. Before he could answer the first question, she began on another one. "What did the ring look like? I saw a red one, with gold lining, yes I remember it clearly. It was rolling down and someone...That man! picked it up." Minnie lied again, pointing to an innocent passer.
  9. Minnie Mouse

    [PP-F4] That One Day <<Worn out welcome>> (Sey)

    Once Minnie was ready she looked to Sey. "I wanted to come here for a few hours, get away from everything, then go hang with Akiko, forget my crying parents. But like us all, I got trapped here like the rest of us, no way about it." Minnie said without rest. Her eyes were narrowed, looking for things. She leaned against a tree, waiting for Sey's answer. She used common sense, a good virtue but sometimes her sense got her into trouble. "Maybe I just wanted to spend time in a game with my friend who happened to not be allowed play the game. Maybe I want to be at home right now!" Minnie said, her voice rising. When she to frustrated, which was very easily done, she exaggerated. This was one of those times.
  10. Minnie Mouse

    [PP-F4] That One Day <<Worn out welcome>> (Sey)

    Minnie didn't realise the conversation would get so personal. She's usually so goofy, nothing seemed so personal apart from Lindsey's death in her life. Even when she wasn't asked for started speaking. "Before this game, my family were on a trip to Japan...My sister...Lindsey...Got hit by a (Rather rude word 11 year olds should never use) drunk driver. Nothing seemed meaningful after that." Minnie explained. She didn't even care she used a word most children and adults would avoid. Her mother, ith her formal dresses and pearl jewelry used the word when talking to Minnie's father about Lindsey after that dreadful night, and Minnie's father, with his clean suits and combed backed hair, became one of them. A drunk driver potentially killing some innocent child like Lindsey.
  11. Minnie Mouse

    [PP-F1] Relaxing on the first floor (Itzal)

    Minnie waited for him to accuse her for lying, [censored] the ring of of her and maybe slap her. It never came. Instead, He introduced himself as Itzal. "Minnie Mouse, Nice to meet'cha." She said as casual as possible and shaking his hand with a loose grip. She was only 11, not strong at all. At the mention of family, her head dropped. "Eh...No...Not exactly. You see, I was on holiday in Japan and my sister died so my friend Akiko said to play this game but she couldn't play it and now...now I'm on my own." Minnie said in a quiet voice. Tears came to her eyes. The goofy red head was a big part in her life and now everything seemed meaningless.
  12. Minnie Mouse

    [PP-F4] That One Day <<Worn out welcome>> (Sey)

    Minnie skipped along beside Sey. She was curious, and bubbly but she could get annoying very quick. She liked to ask questions. She got a little frustrated by the lady who claimed weapons were dangerous for her and she should get an adult to help her. Minnie was very capable of those things at her age. Lindsey had taught her. At the thought of Lindsey, a sigh creeped out of Minnie and she thought about the funny red head. "So, How's your family life?" Minnie asked outright to the man. Minnie didn't care if these questions were personal. She only wanted answers.
  13. Minnie Mouse

    [PP-F1] Relaxing on the first floor (Itzal)

    A metal object had hit Minnie's small foot, and as she looked down, she saw a detailed ruby ring had hit her foot. She quickly snatched it, and with a devious smirk on her face, hid it in her pocket. She didn't usually steal, she was brought up to be a nice sweet girl, but this was a do what you can to survive or die game. She could easily sell it for a bit of col. It looked worth a lot. A man came running over and Minnie looked down to her foot. He said his ring rolled over here. "Ring? No ring rolled over here." She said, not meeting his eyes. If you knew her, you would be easily able to tell she was lying. Her voice went high-pitched and her cheeks the colour of the ring. But he didn't know her. He was a complete stranger.
  14. Minnie Mouse

    [PP-F4] That One Day <<Worn out welcome>> (Sey)

    Minnie looked up to him with concentrated face on, and walked confidently to the counter. She wasn't the most confident person, but once she was pushed to the edge of either falling off for being shy or escape for being confident, she always took the second option. The NPC's weren't there to hurt her, they were there to help her in her journey back to her parents, and she had to trust them or she wouldn't escape. Every step she took could be heard in the silence her hyper-active self always made. She rested her arms on the countertop, as her facial expression relaxed. "Could I have a weapon please?" She asked loudly.