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      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

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      Hello players of Aincrad! I created two threads in the support ticket section with the interest in having the community involved in the development of Aincrad in floor development, and even systems through your thoughts, concerns, and other forms of communication.  There are two separate threads for players to look at and share their opinions.  One is specifically for floors which is mainly helping by sharing ideas on what we could add/change/improve as far as our current floors go.  Come up with your own floors and share them with us for the chance of seeing that floor one day.  Or coming up with a quest and sharing it with us!  The other is specifically for systems, which is things like the rules, skill and level system, dungeon and combat systems, etc. I'm hoping people will be willing to share their opinion and thoughts for the purpose of helping to further this site further.
      Can't wait to see what you have in mind! Floor Development Suggestion Thread http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16352-a-helping-hand/
        Systems Development Suggestion Thread http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16347-a-helping-hand/  


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  1. [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    Thank you to all who participated Couples Contest Results: 1st Place: Jomei and Telrenya 2x Masks of the Lovers (Unique Item, Cannot be traded. Grants +1 LD, +(30*Tier) Overhealth. Does not take up an equipment slot. Masks of the Lovers' enhancements are only active when both players are in a thread together and both are equipped.) 15,000 Col to be shared 4 extra Red Velvet Cakes to be shared 2nd Place: Kimi and Hestia 10,000 Col to be shared 2 extra Red Velvet Cakes to be shared 3rd Place: Beat and Shield 5,000 Col to be shared 1 extra Red Velvet Cake to be given to one player Every player receives 1 Red Velvet Cake for participating Unique Consumable: +1 LD, +1 Prosperity for the thread Hestia 10 SP Kimi 9 SP Telrenya 2 SP Macradon 8 SP Froppy 3 SP Jomei 3 SP Spencer 2 SP Kairi 8 SP Ruby 1 SP Itzal 3 SP Eatos 2 SP Pinball 1 SP Simba 0 SP Krysta 5 SP Jevi 1 SP Hidden 0 SP Vigilon 5 SP Dazia 3 SP Minako 1 SP Hei 2 SP Fae 1 SP Saphira 1 SP Lee 2 SP Kaiser 0 SP Piera 2 SP Shield 6 SP Benjamin Bookworm 3 SP H3LLO 1 SP Steel 2 SP The Black-White Human 5 SP Beat 4 SP Paglikha 1 SP Illure 9 SP Calypso 2 SP Zandra 2 SP Avilon 2 SP Sey 0 SP Reinka 3 SP Hikoru 2 SP Sorra 1 SP Jiro 0 SP Spangie 0 SP Domarus 0 SP
  2. The <<Nature's Treasure>> quest has been temporarily removed for re-balancing. Any existing quest threads can be continued, but at this time no new threads should be created until the quest has been re-released.

  3. [F22] «What We Fight For»

    Floor 22 <<What We Fight For>> Recommended Level: Any Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 2 Credit: @Hestia Rewards: A framed picture containing the player(s) most missed memory from the real world. Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Must roll LD: 17+ to find the memory Chamber Summary: Within the Forest of Memories, there have been hazy anomalies all throughout the forest that provide a feeling of familiarity. If the player would travel deeper into the forest, they will discover a set of stairs that lead down into the ground. The stairs eventually level out into a simple stone chamber, the doors creaking as they close behind them. The walls of the chamber soon reveal to be lined with reflective mirrors that show the player what they miss most from the real world. If the person has a strong connection with this desire, a scene pertaining to that memory will show itself upon the mirror they look into. After that the player will then receive a picture of the thing they miss most about the real world.
  4. [F22] «King of Lakes»

    Floor 22 << The King of Lakes >> Recommended Level: 35 Repeatable for "Filet of King" Only | Party Limit: 4 Credit: @Jomei Rewards: 2 SP Filet of King: T3 Perfect Meal Over Health Adds +135 HP to your maximum health points for a single thread. Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Must role play hunting down the "Red Salamander" and bringing it back to Lake of Reflections Must fish up and defeat the "King of Lakes" Players with the Fishing skill will receive +3 LD when fishing up the King of Lakes. Summary: Upon a small, wooden dock stretching from the shore along the Lake of Reflections, a middle-aged man sits with a line cast out into the lake, trying to fish up his dinner. He tells you that most of the fish he brings home are large, but he had heard stories of an even bigger fish that lurks around the bottom of the lake, one that could be called monstrosity. However, where fishing up this beast is rare in itself, it will only be attracted to a certain type of bait found along the base of a nearby mountain. The fisherman tells you that if you can find the "Red Salamander" and bring it back to use as bait, that anything the King of Lakes drops is yours to keep. Outline: From receiving the quest from the fisherman at the Lake of Reflections, the player(s) must write three posts (combined) of travel to the base of the mountain. The player(s) then take turns rolling the LD to find the Red Salamander. (LD 13+) Once the Red Salamander is discovered, it will try to run from you. Roll a CD (6+) to capture it alive before it gets away (5 Posts) Travel back to the Lake of Reflections with the Red Salamander, and take turns rolling the LD (15+) to fish up the King of Lakes. << The King of Lakes >>Statistics:HP: 1200DMG: 125MIT: 20Abilities: <<Body Slam>> On an MD of 9, the boss will jump high into the air and crash down in the center of the players, sending out a shock-wave dealing 120 AoE damage. <<Dive>> On an MD of 10, the King of Lakes will take the player with the highest hate in its teeth and drag it back into the lake. The player will take 150 unmitigatable damage and need to swim back to the shore, missing their next attack.
  5. [F19] «Keep Calm and Ki'Raion»

    Floor 19 <<Keep Calm and Ki'Raion>> Recommended Level: 40 Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 4 Credit Goes to: @Birdie Rewards: 2 SP if it's Daytime / 1 SP if it's Nighttime 8000 Col 15 T3 Materials Daytime Last Hit Reward: Ki'Raion's Tail [Perfect T2 or T3 Weapon of Choice] - Enhancements: Accuracy/Accuracy/Paralyze Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Defeat "Ki'Raion" Summary: Rumour spreads of an exceedingly powerful monster, hidden deep in the far Eastern reaches of the 19th floor. Locals say that the beast roams high hills and barren plains, laying waste to entire settlements and demolishing every cursed fauna that stands in its path. The scouting party who encountered <<Ki'Raion>> have reported escaping with their health points in tatters and the beast’s untouched, dubbing it extremely aggressive, territorial and dangerous. For fear of the <<Ki'Raion>>'s true strength, it's suggested no lone player trek within a thousand yards of the floral lion’s territory and that parties remain vigilant in an encounter. Outline: << Ki'Raion >> [Note: Ki'Raion uses his own dice roller for this fight] Statistics:HP: 850DMG: 175MIT: 100ACC: 3EVA: 2Abilities:<< Tail Swipe >> : If BD 9-10 and MD 1-5 is rolled simultaneously, "Ki’Raion" unleashes a powerful tail swipe that can strike a whole party. Deals 150 AoE damage to all party members as well as normal damage to the player with the most hate.<< Venus Fly Trap >> : If BD of 9-10 and MD of 6-10 is rolled simultaneously, "Ki’Raion" lunges at the player with the most hate and encases them in its floral mane. They experience 150 additional damage and will take 100 additional damage for each following turn that they're trapped. They are freed when at least 200 HP damage has been dealt to "Ki’Raion" or another player achieves greater hate. A trapped player may still attack.<< Photosynthesize >> : Absorbing the Sun’s energy, every second attack "Ki’Raion" makes will be damage boosted by 150. << Moonlight Aversion >> : During nighttime, the boss does not use Photosynthesize and its damage-boosting conditions deal half as much damage. However, the quest rewards are significantly poorer.
  6. [F16] «The Swashbuckling Buccaneer»

    Floor 16<< The Swashbuckling Buccaneer >>Recommended Level: 35Repeatable only for "Pirate's Treasure" | Party Limit: 4 Credit Goes to: @Birdie Rewards: 2 Additional SP 10,500 Col Pirate's Treasure (Unique Consumable): A lucky coin that will give the user +2 Prosperity, for the duration of a thread. One time use! Objectives: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Defeat all 5 <<Pirate Deckhands>> Defeat <<Boatswain Amir>> and <<Boatswain Jessamine>> Defeat <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>> Summary: A <<Frantic-looking Sailor>> sits hunched atop a wooden crate, his feet dangling idly over the pier’s edge. He turns as you approach, a look of hopelessness in his eyes. "Y-you there! Have you the heart to aid a foolish sailor? You see, this shipment is due for departure come morn… and my ship’s been thieved! It’s those purloinin’ pirates, Greybeard’s lot or something-or-other. I would lead an effort to retrieve it but folks round ‘ere pay no mind to the business of others. Don’t suppose you could lend a hand?” Should you choose to accept, the sailor turns Eastward and points across the water. He tells you the ship was last spotted near <<Ill Man’s Cove>>, a pier with two run-down shacks built into the adjoining cliff face, reputable for its shady dealings. He also shares details of the crew who stole his ship, including that of a burly man wearing a Captain’s hat. He marks the coordinates on your map and tells you to meet him where you stand by nightfall, making brief mention of his uncle’s rowboat. Outline: Participants may choose to roleplay meeting the <<Frantic-looking Sailor>> and his uncle at the docks, but must roleplay arriving at <<Ill Man’s Cove>> on the uncle’s rowboat. The sailor’s uncle will leave after dropping off the participants and the sailor. Participants may choose where and how to combat the pirates; however, 2 Deckhands will always try to fight alongside each Boatswain. Boatswains receive individual BD rolls, Deckhands may share (though they still require a separate roll from the player). Once all Deckhands and Boatswains have been defeated, <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>> bursts out from below deck of the stolen ship and howls “Arrggh! Who dares provoke the ire of Greybeard’s Quartermaster?!” Upon defeating <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>>, the sailor climbs aboard his reclaimed ship and imparts a word of thanks, and offers the participants transport back to port. All mobs below receive separate dice rolls each! <<Pirate Deckhand>> HP: 250 DMG: 85 MIT: 40 Hornswaggle: On a nat. CD of 11-12, stuns the player for one turn and the pirate's attack bypasses 1/2(rounded up) of the target's mitigation. <<Boatswain Amir>> HP: 400 DMG: 125 MIT: 60 EVA: 2 Chain of Command: When first engaged upon by a player, two <<Pirate Deckhands>> will instantly spawn and attack the player once regardless of Hate. If all 5 <<Pirate Deckhands>> have already been previously spawned (and/or defeated), none will spawn upon engaging the <<Boatswain>>. Freebooter: On nat. BD rolls of 9-10, <<Boatswain Amir>> raises his boot. If the CD is 1-6, he kicks high and hits with 150 AoE damage. If the CD is 7-12, he sweeps low and knocks the target's party off their feet, lowering their Evasion by 2 for their next turn. <<Boatswain Jessamine>> HP: 350 DMG: 175 MIT: 50 ACC: 2 Chain of Command: When first engaged upon by a player, two <<Pirate Deckhands>> will instantly spawn and attack the player once regardless of Hate. If all 5 <<Pirate Deckhands>> have already been previously spawned (and/or defeated), none will spawn upon engaging the <<Boatswain>>. Crow’s Nest: On nat. BD rolls of 9-10, <<Boatswain Jessamine>> rears her boot. If the CD is 1-6, she sweeps low and knocks the target over, lowering their Accuracy by 3 for one turn. If the CD is 7-12, she aims high and launches an attack that bypasses 2/3(rounded up) of the target's mitigation. <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>>'s Stats HP: 600 DMG: 165 MIT: 80 EVA: 2 ACC: 2 All Hands On Deck!: Immune to Paralysis/Stun. Black Spot: Burlock’s cutlass is coated with a thin poison. On a successful hit, with a nat. CD rolls of 10-12, the target suffers 30 Poison Damage for their next two turns. Davy’ Jones Locker: On nat. BD rolls of 9, Burlock deals 50 additional damage. On nat. BD rolls of 10, Burlock deals 100 additional damage.
  7. [F15] «Bane of Blood»

    Floor 15 <<Bane of Blood>> Recommended Level: 35 Repeatable only for "Bane of Blood" | Party Limit: 4 Credit Goes to: @Morgenstern Rewards: 3 SP 5000 Col 15 T3 Materials Last Hit Drop: Bane Of Blood - Vial of blood received from <"Blood Bane". Upon Consumption, the Player will regenerate 15 HP per turn for the rest of the thread. Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Must defeat 2 "Warg Wolves" per player before challenging "Blood Bane" Must defeat "Blood Bane" and 3 "Warg Wolves" in the same fight. Summary: Word has been received that upon the fifteenth floor, a new more vicious wolf alpha has been terrorizing travelers and merchants. Bulletins of the beast are posted on exits to the city. Many merchants are fearful to travel around, and the city is becoming more afraid of not being able to get the supplies they need. Towns have gathered col and a few other rewards for the person or party who hunts down these powerful beasts and returns for the reward alive. Outline: << Warg Wolves >>Statistics:HP: 500DMG: 175MIT: 20ACC: 2EVA: 1Abilities:<< Sonic Fangs >> : Many Rapid Bites inflicted on the Player with the most hate. Deals 225 DMG on CD:10+ << Protect the Alpha! >> : Warg Wolves place themselves in a position to protect their leader. <<BloodBane>> [if present] may not be targeted or hit while at least 1 <<Warg Wolf>> still lives. << Blood Bane >> [Note: Blood Bane receives his own dice roll]Statistics:HP: 1250DMG: 225MIT: 50ACC: 3EVA: 0Abilities:<< Fenrir Fang >> : Blood Bane bites the player with the highest hate with magnificent force. Deals 200 Mitigatable DMG and Leaves a 2 Turn Bleed of 36 DMG on a attack roll of 9-10. << Call to Hunt >> : Blood Bane creates a howl that rips through the battlefield and invigorates itself and its allies. Raises all enemies DMG and MIT by 25 for 2 turns on a CD rolls of 10-12. Has a cool down of 2 turns, does not stack. << Feast of Blood >> : Blood Bane consumes enemy blood, healing itself. Blood Bane heals itself by 25% of the Damage it deals to its foes after mitigation. If Blood Bane attacks someone under the effects of Bleed, then it heals itself for an extra 200 HP.
  8. [F09] «Burning Phoenix Feathers»

    Floor 9 <<Burning Phoenix Feathers>> Recommended Level: 15 Repeatable only for the drop "Name Tag" | Party Limit: 4 Credit Goes to: @Hikoru Rewards: 1025 Col 1 SP Nametag [Special Consumable] - On use of a Weapon or Piece of Armor, it can change the name or description of the item. Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Must find at least 5 Basic materials by normal means [No fighting mobs, have to search the area. These Materials are used to make the Nametag] Must fight 1 Phoenix for a Phoenix feather. The Phoenix has to meet the loot minimum for players, not the floor itself. A Phoenix Feather can only drop once per thread. Summary: You heard that both a Blacksmith and a Tailor have found a way to change the name or look of a weapon or an armor that you may have. This interested you, and you go to one of them. Both of them tell you that they can help you change the look of your weapon/armor, but they need specific materials dropped, along with basic materials as well. They give you the location of where the special material is dropped, a Phoenix Feather, and ask that you go and retrieve it. They warn you that the Phoenix is powerful, and could be a challenge, so be prepared to fight. Outline: << Phoenix >>Statistics:HP: Highest Level Players Loot MinimumDMG: Highest Level Players Loot MinimumMIT: Highest Players Tier * 25ACC: 2EVA: 2Abilities:<< Hellstorm >> : On attack rolls of 9-10, the Phoenix raises to the skies and with a flap of its wings shoots feathers upon the player with the most hate, dealing 50 more damage to its base, additionally the player suffers Burn damage at 24 damage per turn for two turns.
  9. [F21] «The Hidden Village»

    Floor 21 <<The Hidden Village>> Recommended Level: 50+ | Repeatable Credit Belongs to: @Hikoru Rewards: Standard Loot: 10,000 Col 1 SP (rewarded only once per player) Choice-based Loot: Reveal the settlement location: (T3 Weapon of Choice) <Dragon's Tooth> [+2 Accuracy, +1 Keen] Keep the settlement location secret: (T3 Heavy Armor) <Dragon's Skin> [+2 Mitigation,+1 Thorns] OR (T3 Light Armor) <Dragon's Skin> : [+3 Evasion] Requirements: Fight OR Bypass the Cave Bats (Spawns in groups of 2 per player participating in the thread): By Fighting: You save a person who was being held captive by the bats and they lead you to the village. After Bypassing: You must roll a 15+ on the LD three times after Bypassing the bats. One for finding footprints, one for finding a hidden sign, and one for finding the village itself. Find the Hidden Village. Summary: Rumors have been spread about a lost village that had been abandoned decades ago after the great dragon war. Now, no one knows its location anymore, but for some reason the people of Tomoika really want to find its whereabouts. The townspeople will reward you greatly if you find the location for them. After fighting or bypassing the bats, you see some structures in the distance... Once you get to the hidden village of Charko, its people beg you to keep their village secret, still in belief that Tesseleth is still alive, and that if their whereabouts where learned, the Tyrant would rain hell down upon them. It is your choice: to return to Tomoika and reveal their location OR keep the city of Charko secret. Outline: Players are presented with two options for dealing with the Cave Bats, they can either defeat them in combat or bypass them using stealth. <<Cave Bat>>'s Stats HP: 1250 MIT: 75 EVA: 3 ACC: 1 Claws: On every successful hit ignores half of the target’s mitigation (rounded down). Base Damage: 175 (BD: 9) [225] Mitigable + Paralyze. (BD: 10) [275] Mitigable + Paralyze. Echolocation: +2 LD when looking for players trying to Bypass them. Notes regarding Bypass: 1: In a PP/OP, a player may attempt to skip fighting mobs if they have invested at least 1 rank in the 'Hiding' skill; by applying the stealth mechanics. A player will still need to roll X number of times, one for each mob he/she tries to bypass. A player may try to act as bait for a group, if the mob's LD is higher than the player's 'Stealth Rating', the mob will attack the player (using that same roll dices) without alerting the other mobs, making it possible to kill the mobs one by one. If a player bypasses any number of the required mobs, he/she can still go back and help the rest of the team; or try to bypass all, then leave the thread and finish the quest. 2: If a player gets attacked by a mob while the rest of the team(s) fight, the player needs to fight the mob alone until the rest finish their own fights. If a player has succeeded in getting past all the mobs, he/she will receive the rewards upon completing the quest, even if the rest of the team fails/dies. In this situation if the player is the only one to live, he/she is allowed to double post until completing the quest.
  10. [F21] «Betrayal of the King»

    Floor 21 <<Betrayal of the King>> Recommended Level: 50 Repeatable for LD Rewards Only | Solo/Party Limit: 4 Credit Belongs to: @Ryo Rewards: 2 SP 10000 Col (Party Leader Only) Roll LD at the end: 1-8: No additional rewards 9-15: 1 Additional Equipment Reward 16-18: 2 Additional Equipment Rewards 19: All 3 Additional Equipment Rewards 20: Gain "Forgotten King's Spite" Additional Equipment Rewards: Items to gain from rolls on 9-19: [T3 - Perfect Weapon of Choice] The King's Betrayal - Enhancements: 1 Damage / 2 Paralyze OR 2 Damage / 1 Accuracy [T3 - Perfect Heavy Armor] Envious Betrayal - Enhancements: 2 Mitigation / 1 Thorns [T3 - Perfect Light Armor] Light Betrayal - Enhancements: 2 Evasion / 1 Recovery On rolls of 20: [T3 - Demonic Weapon of Choice] Forgotten King's Spite - Enhancements: 1 Fallen Damage / 1 Paralyze / 2 Damage Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Must defeat the "Time Forgotten King" Summary: Back in a world of flame, humanity fought against the dragons in a great war. And in that time the humans had a great, and powerful king. The king was a great and powerful warrior, a brilliant and daring tactician, and in the eyes of many a savior. The war raged onward for many a year until the king was lost in battle his corpse never found. Humanity fought on without their brave leader, only to find that he had betrayed them. Fighting against them now, humanity never stood a chance. But that battle was over a millennia ago, and the king's name was lost to time. But rumors and rumors of rumors have hinted at his return. Outline: << The Forgotten Time King >>Statistics:HP: 3750DMG: 300 (on a critical Paralyze, Removes all Hate on that Player.)MIT: 150ACC: 3EVA: 0Abilities:<< Forgotten in Time >> The Forgotten Time King is immune to all status conditions, including Unique ones.
  11. [F21] «Trouble in the Mines»

    Floor 21 <<Trouble in the Mines>> Recommended Level: 35 Repeatable for Col Rewards Only | Party Limit: 4 Credit Belongs to: @Ryo Rewards: 2 SP (+1 more for every 10 Drakeling Skins you bring back [Max 2.]) 2000 Col (+500 more for every additional Drakeling Skin you bring [Max 4000.] ) Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Must defeat 10 "Drakelings" Summary: Mining is the life and blood of Tomoika, and should it cease, the town would surely perish. The settlement is now in danger of that happening. The dark mines have become much more treacherous to travel. Rumors of dragons invading the caverns had brought mining down to a halt. You've been hired to enter the mines to confirm these rumors and clear out anything that isn't human. You've been told that for each skin you bring, you'll be paid handsomely. Outline: << Drakeling >> Statistics: HP: 350 DMG: 200 MIT: 15 ACC: 2 EVA: 1 Abilities: << Breath of Fire >> : Each Drakeling will attack with an AoE dealing 100 unmitigatable damage. After a 4 turn cooldown, the Drakeling will use Breath of Fire again. Additional Information: 1. Drakelings always spawn in groups of matching the size of the party (ex. Party of 2 vs. 2 Drakelings) 2. 10 Drakelings must be defeated, however players can continue to battle as many Drakelings as they wish. 3. After defeating a Drakeling, roll CD for each. If the CD result is +8 you gain a Drakeling Skin 4. You cannot roll for loot from the Loot Table after defeating Drakelings.
  12. [F17] «Challenge of Olympus»

    Floor 17 <<Challenge Of Olympus: Blacksmith>> Recommended Level: Any | Party Limit: 1 (Solo Only) Must be Rank 2+ Blacksmith | Non-Repeatable Credit: @Hestia / @Itzal Rewards: 1 Additional SP (+1) CD Tool, Hephaestus's Hammer Objectives: Roleplay The Challenge: Meet with the satyr on Floor 17. Meet with Hephaestus outside of Mt. Olympia and accept his challenge. Describe the details of the challenge, face-off with Hephaestus and roleplay out how you best the God of the Forge. Summary: Disclaimer: The God(s) in this quest are NPCs for RP flavor only and cannot engage in combat nor affect the world in any way other than what’s described. Blacksmiths who have reached rank 2 in their profession receive a notification stating that a rare quest is available to them on floor seventeen. Upon arriving to the floor, a satyr's sudden appearance will easily startle nearby NPCs, and he promptly inform you that you have been invited to the gates of Mt. Olympia. It seems that Hephaestus himself would like to challenge you to a Battle of Crafts. Players must RP meeting with Hephaestus, and they are free to describe the details of the challenge that is issued however they like as long as it pertains to blacksmithing. They must RP the challenge out appropriately, encouraged to make the crafting battle very difficult, though not impossible. Requirements: At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts) All crafting done in this quest is RP only--no rolls required, and items cannot be given stats or submitted for evaluation.
  13. [F22] «Witch of the West»

    Floor 22 <<Witch of the West>> Recommended Level: 25 | Party Limit: 4 Repeatable: Yes, Only for Item Credit: @Itzal Rewards: Each participant receives: 1 Additional SP (+1) CD Consumable Objectives: Must defeat 4 Flying Monkeys Must defeat 1 Elite Flying Monkey per player Must defeat The Witch (unless every participant has already defeated The Witch previously) Summary: Deep past the Forest of Memories stands The Castle of the Witch. Rumors have spread around the town about a woman was seen walking around the floor's peaceful meadows and lake's edges, collecting ingredients for her sinister experiments. A few players that have had the misfortune of encountering the woman claim to have heard her spout threats of a terrible curse that she plans to unleash upon the otherwise peaceful floor of Aincrad. On more than one occasion, the main settlement of Coral has seen the shadow of winged beasts raiding their storerooms in the dead of night and stealing supplies and fleeing without a trace before any of the villagers could manage to catch them in the act. The two have said to be connected, and lately the villagers have started asking players if they might be able to find the witch in her castle and put a stop to whatever foul experiments she's running. Trekking past the edge of the forest, you first see nothing out of the ordinary, but then you hear it. The sounds of wings flapping, and suddenly monkeys surround you. This quest is almost starting to sound like a childhood fairy tale you might have heard of. The monkeys stand in the way of the darkened brick of the castle that awaits you, the sinister glow of black fire flickering from torches affixed to the wall. Those who have already felled the wicked witch once before will no longer find her brewing potions in the solitude of her castle, but after defeating the winged monkeys that still loyally defend it players will find that the vials they could have sworn were empty before have been mysteriously refilled. Monster Stats: <<Flying Monkey>> 150 HP 70 DMG (35 minimum) 20 MIT <<Elite Flying Monkey>> 220 HP 90 DMG (45 minimum) 35 MIT <<The Witch>> 700 HP 100 DMG (minimum 50) 70 MIT Potion of Fireball: On a natural MD 9 she throws a vial of swirling flames at the player's feet, engulfing them in fire. Deals 120 AoE damage, and applies burn to the target(s) dealing 24 burn damage per turn for 2 turns. Poisoned Dagger: On a natural MD 10 she lands a critical hit on the player that has dealt the most damage to her. That player is paralyzed for one turn and poisoned, taking 16 damage per turn for 3 turns. Unnatural Swiftness: At 200 HP and below, she drinks a potion to grant her +1 evasion for the rest of the fight. Requirements: At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts)
  14. [F01] «Earning a Living»

    Floor 1 <<Earning a Living: Blacksmith>> Recommended Level: Any | Party Limit: 4 Repeatable Only to Change Professions Credit: @Itzal / @Spencer Cerdic Leighton (Master Blacksmith NPC) "A blacksmith, eh? Well, you've come to the right place!" A man standing over an anvil and wielding an impressive smithing hammer greets you with a hearty guffaw. "May not be the easiest or prettiest lifestyle, but the ole' anvil won't let you down when you need some sturdy weapons and armors." A few loud clangs ring out through the smithy as Cerdic drives the flat of his hammer into the red-hot metal of a straight-sword in progress, "Tell you what. Go scrounge up five pieces of ore and I'll show you how to use 'em along with a hammer of your own. There should be plenty in the caves past the southern forest--heck, you may even find some layin' around half-buried in the dirt! Just bring 'em here and we'll make you into a proper blacksmith." Cerdic nods with another boisterous laugh. Rewards: 1 Additional SP (First EaL Completion Only) <<Blacksmith>> Profession Successfully Crafted Item Standard <<Blacksmith>> Shop (Able to have a Blacksmith thread in the Merchants & Shops section) (5) Tier 1 crafting materials Objectives: Gather (5) materials and bring them to Cerdic's smithy. Go into the wild and gain materials through any standard means (gathering, fishing, combat). Non-combat gathering is recommended for this task. Craft an item in Cerdic's smithy. Make a standard Crafting Roll (Dice Roller Tutorial). Specify the item type in the Roll Purpose (must be a Tier 1 item). Use the Crafting Die Chart for a Rank 1 Blacksmith: [1] = Critical Fail (Lose materials) [2-5] = Fail (Lose materials) [6-9] = Salvage (Keep materials on LD 11+) [10] = Uncommon item (1 slot) [11] = Rare item (2 slots) [12] = Perfect item (3 slots) Submit the successfully crafted item for Evaluation. NOTE: You keep the item you craft as a reward for completing the quest, as well as any leftover materials. For example, your first crafting attempt has an 11 CD result. You submit a rare item for Evaluation and keep that item and the remaining four crafting materials. This is in addition to the 5 crafting materials listed in the quest rewards. Requirements: At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts) Players must RP searching for materials and crafting their item. If a party of players undertakes this quest together (as in, each player wishes to become a blacksmith), each must succeed on their own objectives (e.g. each must gather 5 materials and successfully craft 1 item). Accompanying players who are not undertaking the quest do not have to gather their own materials and are ineligible for quest rewards.