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    Floor Descriptions

    <<Floor 25>> Floor 25 is one of the most dangerous floor to be seen, the floor itself is one gigantic Labyrinth that goes out farther than what the eye can see. However the walls look old, a lot of them are cracked and appear to be made out of solid stone. NPC's in the Main Settlement of the floor warns players and hands pieces of chalk to players before heading out as it is said to get extremely lost in the labyrinths of the floor, and they had out chalk to give players so they have something to mark where they had gone and know how to get back to the main settlement. The lines players make through the chalk can only be seen by the user and players that are in the users party. NPC Inhabitants of this floor are mainly miners and blacksmiths, usually shown by the styles of their clothes. Miners are usually in protective clothes covered in a black soot, while blacksmiths are in hard-working clothes with heavy leather gloves and aprons to protect them from the heat of their hearths. Other people that live there wear common garbs, as this is no floor made for royals. Most women and children wear basic green clothing, while other people with jobs wear others to signify who they are. They are all friendly and helpful to those who dare venture out into the Labyrinth.  Unique Floor Rules: Main Settlement: <<Settlement of the Iron Fist>> Settlement of the Iron Fist is in the center of the floor and is one huge mountain civilization, and is run mostly by miners and blacksmiths. There are no other forms of civilization on this floor as the Labyrinths are build over any land that could possibly be used. And its said the only reason that there's civilization in this floor is because of the giant mountain in the center. The towns people are very bitter and straight to the point, they are very rude towards others and honestly really worry about themselves. However none of them dare step outside from the Main Settlement and into the giant Labyrinth. In the center of the Main Settlement a statue of a strong Minotaur can be found, however not many of the NPC's really know its purpose is as all the Monsters that roam the Labyrinth are Minotaur's and even Orc's so having a statue in the center of the floor seemed rather odd. However older NPC's say that the Minotaur statue is a entity named "Orgoth" and they had said that the entire Main Settlement of this floor was carved and crafted by him. However, mysteriously after he had successfully crafted a settlement, he had disappeared without a trace. Common Mobs Unique Locations « The Endless Maze » The rest of the main settlement, is one giant maze that stretches far than the eye can see and appears that there is no end to the maze itself. Not many actually know what is out there... if there actually is anything out there to begin with. Many parts of the Labyrinth are found to be layered with a heavy fog, making it hard to see anything that could be lurking within them. The Maze itself seems to shift every few minutes, always changing and never the same, making it hard for players to remember any certain ways the Labyrinth may be. Even though the Labyrinth constantly changes, many Minotaurs, Giants, and Dragons scout the maze and defend their territory. Before heading out into the "Endless Maze" a old man will hand the player some chalk so that way they can easily navigate back to the main settlement with no problems, but warns the player that they could potentially get lost out there if they don't purchase it. When out in "The Endless Maze" players must every post roll CD, if the roll die is 1-3 a player level minimum monster will come around a maze corner and engage the player(s). « Hearts of the Elder Dragons » Heart of Rhaegal, Zylara, Ghidorah, Icefyre, Tabaluga, Enywas, Draigoch, Dagahra, Smaug To find one of the "Hearts of the Elder Dragons" the player must roll LD 17+ to find one. (They may choose which pond they find.) There are 9 lakes total scattered throughout the maze. These area is a safe haven from the mobs that scout the maze outside, plants and even grass will grow in this area and in the pond in the center can even be fished to find fish or... chests that somehow end up there. Most of these places are good for rest stops for players who have been trekking in the maze and need time to recuperate their health and their energy levels to continue forward towards their adventure ahead of them. [Note, Players may only fish in ONE lake per thread] While traversing these nine lakes it is possible to spot a Prodigious Chest. These chests cannot be found anywhere else and are far more grand and decorated than other chests. When looting these chests you add X*Floor Col to your reward, 10 tier 3 materials, and increase the quality of all gear you find by one (cannot exceed perfect quality). [Chests can only be found by Fishing] Finding the Labyrinth: Finding the Labyrinth on Floor 25 requires a scouting party to reach a total of 150 LD in a scouting thread"
  2. Cardinal

    [2.6.3] Patch Notes

    Mechanic Changes: Stealth: Players must roll to maintain Stealth at the beginning of their turn. If a player wishes to attack out of stealth they must roll to maintain stealth and attack in the same roll (declaring both in the purpose). If they failed to maintain stealth, they are considered detected and would lose any appropriate bonuses before their action is processed. Simplified Passive Stealth Detection rules (whenever the stealth roll falls below the passive stealth detection rating, stealth is considered broken and detected). Systems & Development Comments: We wanted to discourage Stealth from possibly being constantly re-rolled before combat in order to bypass Passive Stealth Detection. These changes should put more pressure on people who decide to use Stealth for their combat bonuses and should hopefully increase the first turn diversity. Skill Changes: Charge: Charge no longer caps Accuracy at 2 during Charge Attacks. Charge Attacks now have a -1 Accuracy debuff (e.g. someone with 5 Accuracy normally would have 4 Accuracy while using a Charge Attack). Hiding: Mod: Untraceable: New description: You've learned how to reduce evidence to your existence giving you the option to hide your names within a party and allowing you to pass without a trace. Systems & Development Comments: We're currently planning on giving skill description's a bit more love and a bit more weight when it comes to narrative and roleplaying. Certain players may want to try to disguise their identity whilst in a party and, with this mod, they'll now be able to. Mod: Surprise Attack (Assassin): Reduced damage bonus when attacking out of stealth from (3 * Tier) to (1 * Tier). Mod: Surprise Attack (Trickster): Removed additional turn when attacking out of stealth for DoT status effects. Shadowed Path: Option for base damage bonus when attacking out of stealth reduced from (10 * Rank)% to (4 * Rank)%. Effect (Listed here as Unique Skills are not in the Resource List). Systems & Development Comments: We decided to decrease damage of Shadowed Path in order to closer match a traditional DPS in order to compensate for its survivability as opponents are either forced to possibly waste their post action to try to find the wielder (which they may fail in the first place) or let the wielder stay in stealth.
  3. Cardinal

    [2.6.2] Patch Notes

    Mechanic Changes: New mechanic: Passive Stealth Detection: Follows the general rules of stealth detection except it is performed at the start of combat, the turn a player enters stealth, and on the opposition's turns. The passive stealth detection rating is (10 + stealth detection bonuses) and is performed against the enemy's stealth rolls. In the case of a tie, the stealthed player wins. Does not count as an action. Unless declared otherwise, all mobs have a passive stealth detection rating of 9. Note: It is still possible for an entity to actively detect stealth, but this takes up the post action and follows the general rules of stealth detection. Running Away: If a player leaves both the combat and the thread, they are unable to participate in the same combat (i.e. fight) even if they rejoined the thread. Charge Clarification: Under the current wording, Charge can be used outside of the first turn of combat since, depending on the players' narratives, using the Charge skill is still possible. This is because the only restrictions on the skills are that Charge can only be used once per opponent per combat and that it must be possible via roleplay. Enhancement Changes: Blight: Removed proc from natural, successful attack rolls of 8-10 from two slots of the enhancement. Skill Changes: Charge: Negates any auto-hit effects from other skills and mods (e.g. Suprise Attack mods from Hiding, Tracking mod from Searching). A Charge attack's Accuracy is capped at 2. Hiding: Removed rank 4 (+1 turn of DoT) and rank 5 upgrades (+1 DMG). Mod: Vanish Moved to Rank 4 from Rank 5. Rank 5 Mod: Surprise Attack (Assassin) Damage bonus by attacking from stealth changed from +2 Damage to (+3 * Tier) Damage. Rank 5 Mod: Surprise Attack (Trickster) Now gives +1 turn to DoT status effects. Shadowed Path (Unique Skills): Does not stack with the Hiding skill. Adds +1 Stealth Rating per rank. Allows the user to buy and use Hiding mods. Cannot be detected with Passive Stealth Detection. User can choose from one of the two bonuses when attacking out of stealth and using the Shadowed Path sword arts: User's attack has (3 * Rank)% more damage to (10 * Rank)% more base damage. User's DoT status effects deals (5 * Rank)% more damage for the first two turns of the effect. Effect (Listed here since Unique Skills are not in the Resource List): Achilles (Unique Skills): Damage reduction from (8 * Rank)% to (10 * Rank)%. Counter damage from abilities is now exempt from the damage reduction and is doubled. Status effects which removes the user's post action (e.g. paralyze, stun, freeze) last twice as long, Effect (Listed here since Unique Skills are not in the Resource List): Quest Changes: Quest Revamp: «The Hidden Village» Cave Bats HP reduced from 1250 HP to 1000 HP. Cave Bats Evasion reduced from 3 Evasion to 2 Evasion. Clarification: Under the current wording, the quest spawns Cave Bats in groups of two with a number of groups equal to the number of players. This means that you are able to fight the bats in groups of two (i.e. the minimum number of Cave Bats you can fight per combat is two). As such, it is not necessary fight the maximum number (i.e. four) of Cave Bats each combat, but you do need to fight a number of Cave Bat groups equivalent to the players in the thread. New Quest: «Incognito Analysis» A continuation of the «Incognito Antics» questline. (find it on page 3 of the quests section) New Quest: «Incognito Assassination» A continuation of the «Incognito Analysis» questline. (find it on page 3 of the quests section)
  4. Cardinal

    [F24] <<Incognito Analysis>>

    Floor 24 <<Incognito Analysis>> Recommended Level: 30 | Non-Repeatable Restrictions | Party Limit: 1 Credit goes to @Hikoru  Rewards: If Successful 1 SP 3,000 Col If Failed 2 SP 5,000 Col Chieftain Dies Requirements: At least 1 page (20 posts) Either Succeed or Fail in gathering enough Information to bring to the Chief Summary: After the Chief found out about Uso-Tsuki's betrayal, he attempted to have him arrested, but he ran and was able to escape the guards. Now knowing that he was a wanted man, Uso-Tsuki decided that he would kill the Chief and take his throne by any means possible. But, he knows of a person who is taking his knowledge to the Chief, and he is extra wary of those around him and his settings. It'll be much more difficult to gather information, but the Chief is relying on you for his life, and it's up to you to keep him safe. Outline: There are Two Ways to gather information: Using Stealth You must make 3 Successful Stealth checks against Uso-Tsuki. Uso-Tsuki has a +5 to Searching Checks, now aware that someone is looking for him. [Note: The Passive Stealth for monsters is 9, so the total would be a 14 on the initial stealth check] If you fail a total of 3 Times, Uso-Tsuki discovers you and runs off, and you fail your mission. However, if you Succeed in a total of 3 Times, you gather enough information to know what his route is to kill the Chief. Using Disguise Using the Ability that you gained from the Gemini, you are able to disguise yourself as one of the guardsmen of Uso-Tsuki, Hogo-sha. You have to knock out Hogo-sha and steal his armor. If you are successful, you put on the armor and use your ability to trick Uso-Tsuki into thinking you are them, and they tell you their new route that he will be using to take out the Chief. [Note, you can only choose this route if you have acquired the <<Disguise>> Skill instead of <<Concentration>>] [Note: Hogo-sha receives his own separate roll from the player] <<Hogo-sha>> is a respawning field boss with the following statistics: HP: 1,000 DMG: 100 MIT: 50 ACC: 3 EVA: 1 Abilities: Expecting Eye: Hogo-sha is expecting someone to attack him, as word of Tāgetto being mugged had rumored through the guardsmen. He is immune to Sneak attack, and he will parry the first attack you do. Parry: On a roll of CD 9+, Hogo-Sha will block your attack, blocking 50% of the damage and dealing half of your damage back instead of his normal damage, along with getting to attack you
  5. Cardinal

    [F24] <<Incognito Assassination>>

    Floor 24 <<Incognito Assassination>> Recommended Level: 40 | Non-Repeatable Restrictions | Party Limit: 1 Credit goes to @Hikoru  Rewards: If Successful 2 SP 7,500 Col An Option of Armor or Weapon (Found in Outline) If Failed You Die (If you don't run away) Requirements: At least 1 page (20 posts) Either Succeed or Fail in Killing Uso-Tsuki Summary: You've gathered enough information to know the new route that Uso-Tsuki is taking to kill the chief, and it's up to you to stop him. Find a way to take him out before he makes it to the chieftain. Uso-Tsuki has hired two of his strongest guards to help protect them, so you will need to take them out before you can take out Uso-Tsuki. Outline: Guard's Stats: Uso-Tsuki's Stats: When Uso-Tsuki is defeated, roll a pure Loot Die roll. The roll will determine the drop given by Uso-Tsuki 1-18: 19-20:
  6. Cardinal

    [F13] <<Cleansing the Corruption>>

    Floor 13 <<Cleansing the Corruption>> Credit goes to @Morgenstern Recommended Level: 35+ Repeatable | 4 players max Rewards: 3 SP -First time Only- 8,000 col each -2000 Col for repeats- Rune of Cain - A smooth stone rune inscribed with the Mark of Cain. Must be T2+ to use. Deals 50 Thorns DMG to anything that deals a critical hit against the user. Lasts for one thread. Ignores passive abilities that would otherwise negate this effect. Last Hit Reward from Boss. May obtain drops multiple times from each boss. 3,000 Extra Col + extra possible rewards if Long Route is Taken Requirements: Must Roleplay speaking a receiving the request from Miraak the Priest. Must Roleplay and fight through the desolate wastelands of F13. Fight 4 Loot Minimum "Diseased Ones" per player Roleplay entering Demon's End. Complete either option Route. Short or Long Route Roll the dice to find which Boss to fight (Unaffected by LD bonuses) LD:1-5 - Famine LD:6-10 - War LD:11-15 - Death LD:16-20 - Pestilence Defeat Boss and Roleplay the ending. Don't Let Miraak's HP reach 1 or Quest is failed. Summary: After the Fallen Event, Miraak is found outside the inaccessible chapel if this specific quest is taken. After being confronted, he explains to the players, "I require your assistance. Some time ago when I was under Artamiel's influence, I placed a powerful seal of corruption in what once was the largest city of this world. I understand now that it must be destroyed if we plan to put an end to the Corruption of this world. It seems that the Angel's power didn't lift it and we require to remove it directly" Once the player accepts, another Health Bar will appear under the party leader's with the username Miraak. He will give the player time to prepare before setting out into the desolate floor. After the players and Miraak make their way through the wasteland and arrive at Demon's End he will explain to them that they have two options. They could either charge straight ahead to the problem at hand, or make their way around, searching for anything not destroyed by the corruption. Once the players reach the center of town, they will find their way to the largest building in the city. He will lead them to a side entrance where he will use his magic to temporarily lift the rubble blocking the door. Once inside, players will find themselves in a very large open room where everything has been thrashed. A malevolent aura rests within the room, even though none of the diseased are inside. Miraak, who is shaking, tells you to stay put as he moves to the center of the room. He kneels to the floor to examine a large red glowing seal that covers the center of the floor, a circle with a 10 meter diameter. As soon as he goes to use an incantation to remove it, it explodes, throwing Miraak back to your side. While Miraak appears okay, a shadowy figure now stands in the center of the room. Miraak will gasp as he says the name of the being, sounding frightened. Ending: After the boss has been defeated, instead of shattering, it will crumble to dust and float away in the air, any remaining Diseased will flee. Miraak will take one last look at the seal before turning to the players. "I am afraid there is nothing to be done. I set this powerful seal, but it has been festering here ever since, growing in strength. While I believe it is at its limit and will progress no further, there is nothing we can do with it. It would be best to leave and never return. While we may have defeated it, it will simply return. Famine, War, Death, and Pestilence will always remain. I am afraid to say there is nothing we can do, it would be best to return. Come, place your hand upon me and I will return us to Angel's Point" Miraak will wait until each player places a hand on him, and once done so shall teleport all of them to Angel's Point. Failed Ending As Miraak's HP would normally fall to zero, a white light flashes and it remains with a sliver of health. He looks to the players that fight with him, worry in his eyes. He looks to them and says, "Sorry, but we must retreat." He raises his staff and slams it into the ground, each of the players being engulfed in a blue light. When the light fades, they are in front of the chapel in angel's point. "I am afraid each of us were unprepared. Now that we know what we are up against, we should take time and prepare for another excursion some other time" With that, Miraak would turn and leave, entering the inaccessible chapel. Routes: After reaching Demon's End, a player may decide from one of two routes. Short, and Long Route. Short Long Route <<Miraak>> A support to the players within the quest aiding them. His purpose is to help cleanse the corruption of the world to atone for the Sins he had previously made. He is found to be wielding a staff with a golden cross at the top of it. He is kind and patient, but quite cocky when it comes to a normal battle. Dialogue If a player mentions the Fallen Event or attacking players, he will bow his head and apologize. Afterwards, he will say he has learned an grown from those past mistakes. If a player mentions doing the quest previously with him on repeat runs, he will have no memory of doing so and frown at the player. For RP purposes, Miraak will have no reaction to anything given to him in terms of information about the quest. If a player were to attack him, he would say that he forgives them and teleport out. He can dodge any attack at him by a player. Stats 800 HP 50 MIT 2 EVA Actions CD:1-3, Heals the player (Or himself) with the lowest HP% for 200 HP. CD:4-6, Heals all players in party, including himself for 100 HP. CD:7-9, Increases all players in party's DMG by 2 for 2 Turns. CD:10-11, Removes all status effects from players in the party and himself. CD:12, Uses Lord's Light - An AOE attack that hits all enemies with a wave of light, dealing 300 unmitigatable DMG. Passive Abilities Lord's Protection - HP can not drop below 1 ~ Will Teleport out and quest will fail if this happens. Holy Breath - On a BD:9-10, whatever action used, it doubles its effect. CD:1-3 will heal player for 400 HP instead of 200. Etc, etc. Silent Night - If all players in party are in stealth, Miraak will shroud himself in magic, making him unable to be seen until a player comes out of hiding. Boss Fights <<Famine>> One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living incarnation of starvation and scarcity. Its only purpose is to spread famine and starve out humanity. Its very aura seems to drain players of all additional help. It fights players with a spear as dark as night. Receives its own Roll HP: 1500 MIT:50 DMG:200 ACC:2 EVA:2 Famine (Passive) - Buffs are made Ineffective for this battle, this includes Sharpness and Barrier but doesn't include buffs granted by Miraak. Debuffs still work. Corruption (Passive) Will always deal at least 100 DMG after MIT Devil's Pierce: On a MD:9-10, deals double damage. Hell Blast: On a CD:10-12, Blasts a black wave of energy, hitting all players in the room. Deals 300 DMG to all players and Miraak. 2 Turn Cooldown. Last Hit Reward: Song of Famine - T2 Debuff Song. Decreases a single targets ACC and EVA by 2 for Four turns. <<War>> One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living carnation of war and bloodshed. Its only purpose is to spread its violence on humanity. Its violent tendencies sometimes allow it to make multiple actions. It fights players with a Two-Handed sword as cold as night. Receives its own Roll HP: 2000 MIT: 75 DMG:300 ACC:3 EVA:1 War (Passive) - On a CD:10-12, Receives another Attack. Can only activate once per turn. This CD is determined on his first attack's roll. Corruption (Passive) - Will always deal at least 100 DMG after MIT. Cleave(Passive) - Hits main target for normal damage and every other player and Miraak for half of that damage. Attacks not against main target don't receive additional ACC. Each part of Cleave uses the same MD determined from main attack. Devils Smite - Will deal an extra 100 DMG on MD:9-10. Last Hit Reward: T2 Crystal - Bloodcrystal of War: +4 DMG, -20* Player's Tier Mitigation <<Death>> One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living carnation of Death. Its only purpose is wipe out humanity as it is own. Its very presence prevents the creation of life and healing. It fights players with a scythe as eerie as a crow. Receives its own Roll HP:1500 DMG: 175 Unmitigatable DMG MIT: 25 ACC:3 EVA:2 Death (Passive) - After hitting an opponent, the opponents current HP becomes its Temporary Max HP until the battle is over. Battle Killing (Passive) - Players don't receive Battle Healing and take half of their Battle healing as DMG every turn. Emergency Recovery is ineffective. Devil's Sweep - Attacks with an AOE on a MD:9-10. Does not have to roll again for attacking other party members or Miraak. Last Hit Reward: Death's Song ~ T2 Debuff Song - Target is unable to heal for the next two turns. Includes, Battle Healing. Can be removed by Purify. Doesn't affect Floor/Event Bosses. <<Pestilence>> One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living carnation of plague. Its only purpose is to spread disease and the corruption. It constantly lands status effects to all. It fights players with diseased arrows that it repeatedly uses to sprout arrows into its opponents chest. Receives its own Roll HP: 1,750 MIT: 50 DMG: 200 ACC:3 EVA:1 Pestilence (Passive) - On any landed hit, add a Blight effect dealing 24 DMG for the next three turns. These effects don't refresh but stack up to 3 effects in total. After reaching 3, it will refresh the oldest effect. Corruption (Passive) - Will always deal at least 50 DMG after mitigation Cleave (Passive) - Hits main target for normal damage and every other player and Miraak for half of that damage. Attacks not against main target don't receive additional ACC. Each part of Cleave uses the same MD determined from main attack. Call of Corruption : On CD:11-12, Will summon forth 2 Diseased Ones with the same stats as previously. Will attack afterward using the same roll. Disease: On MD:9-10, Deal 100 Extra DMG, and apply two Blight effects instead of one. Last Hit Reward: Essence of Corruption - Adds a Blight effect to a weapon for one thread. (36 DMG for 2 turn on a BD:9-10)
  7. Cardinal

    «Training your Friend»

    Any Floor <<Training your Friend>> Recommended Level: Any Repeatable, must have a familiar to attempt | Solo Rewards: Familiar mastery skill (may only have one unlocked at a time. Only unlocks first level of the mastery skill.) 1 SP (First completion only) Requirements: Role-play training your familiar in its task (relate it to the familiar mastery you plan to take) At least one page (20 posts) of RP Summary: You have a new friend! Now to train it to help you out. Outline: Once every 5 posts, attempt to train your familiar (CD 7+). After three successful attempts, you have successfully trained your familiar.
  8. Cardinal

    «Feeding your Enemy»

    Any Floor <<Feeding your Enemy>> Recommended Level: Any Repeatable if you no longer have a familiar | Party Limit: 2 Rewards: A familiar of your choice (within guidelines) 1 Skill Point (first completion only) Requirements: RP meeting the gypsy and obtaining the food from her Obtain a familiar At least 1 page (20 posts) Summary: An old gypsy NPC approaches you, telling tales of how she tamed monsters. Giving you some food, she tells you how to tame your own familiar. Outline: Once every 15 posts, the party leader may roll to search for a familiar. On a roll of 15+ LD (normal LD enhancements apply), you successfully find a potential familiar. Once a potential familiar is found, that party leader has 4 attempts to tame it. Taming is a post action that is successful on a CD roll of 9+. If the party leader fails all 4 attempts, the potential familiar becomes untamable and a new one may be searched for in 15 posts. If the roll to tame is met, you have successfully attained a familiar. Return the <<Familiar Food>> to the Gypsy NPC to complete the quest. Only one familiar may be found per thread.
  9. Cardinal

    Patch Notes: [2.6.1] Hotfix Update

    Floor Changes: In the aftermath of the recent Event Bosses, the corruption that had wracked Floor 13 was halted and life has started to adjust in response. As such, Floor 13 has new quests and has been revamped. Look for its Floor Description in this thread. A quest has also been added to the Floor. Parry (Clarification): Under the current wording, Parry's effect lasts until the user is hit with a successful attack. The energy is spent when the Parry skill is used and the cooldown starts when the effect is procced. General Rule Changes: SP Refunding Rules have been revamped: Mods no longer count towards the monthly SP limit. (You still need to pay 1,000 Col per SP you refund) You must refund SP used in Unique Skills (until then, you cannot use that chunk of SP). Skill Changes: Hiding: Removed Rank 3 base damage upgrade (Rank 5 instead gives +1 DMG when attacking from stealth) Mod: Vanish Now costs 5 Energy. Block: New Rank 1 Mod: Mark Cost: 8 SP Active: Post Action Cooldown: 2 Turns Cost: 5 Energy Effect: Effect: Roll a BD and add 2. The target’s next raw attack roll must meet or exceed the result or target the user [of mark] instead of their intended target [of the attack]. For AoE attacks, this applies to all rolls of that attack (attacks are still treated separately for the usage of MIT, Thorns, etc.). The target attacking someone besides the user will also consume the mark. You cannot have a mark and parry active at the same time. The mark will be removed if the target enters stealth (this skill has no cooldown if mark is removed due to target entering stealth). Description: You mark an enemy, and are kept aware of what their movements are so as to stop them from reaching their targets Parry Changed cooldown to 2 turns, from 1 turn. Loot Changes: The Item Drop Table has been reworked: «Item Drop Table» All item drops are Tiered according to the floor they are obtained on. All loot-standard monsters drop (HP * 3) Col in addition to the following items based on the roll: LD 1 > 5 CD 1 > 12 Nothing LD 6 > 10 CD 1 > 4 1 Uncommon Consumable CD 5 > 12 (HP) Bonus Col 1 Rare Trinket LD 11 > 15 CD 1 > 4 1 Rare Trinket CD 5 > 8 1 Rare Weapon 1 Uncommon Consumable CD 9 > 12 1 Rare Armor/Shield (HP * 2) Col LD 16 > 18 CD 1 > 4 1 Rare Consumable 1 Rare Weapon CD 5 > 8 1 Rare Consumable 1 Rare Armor/Shield CD 9 > 12 (HP * 3) Bonus Col 1 Rare Trinket LD 19 > 20 CD 1 > 4 1 Perfect Consumable 1 Rare Trinket CD 5 > 8 1 Perfect Armor/Shield 1 Perfect Trinket CD 9 > 12 (HP * 4) Col 1 Perfect Weapon LD 21 > 22 CD 1 >4 1 Perfect Armor/Shield 1 Perfect Weapon CD 5 > 8 1 Perfect Armor/Shield 2 Perfect Consumables CD 9 > 12 1 Perfect Trinket (HP * 5) Col LD 23 > 24 CD 1 > 4 1 Perfect Trinket 1 Perfect Weapon CD 5 > 8 1 Perfect Armor/Shield 2 Perfect Weapon CD 9 > 12 (HP * 6) Col 1 Perfect Consumable LD 25+ CD 1 > 4 2 Perfect Consumables 2 Perfect Armor/Shield CD 5 > 8 (HP * 7) Bonus Col 3 Perfect Weapons CD 9 > 12 *Map of Intermediate Dungeon *Intermediate Dungeon maps are for a single dungeon on the floor the drop was obtained on. On Floors 1-4, this defaults to Floor 5 The sub-types of monster item drops do not need to be declared until they are identified by a Merchant. The main item type (Weapon/Shield/Heavy Armor/Light Armor) must be declared in the thread summary. Profession Changes: Loot Die added to Merchant Light Armor Identification Chart Familiar Changes: Guidelines for Familiars clarified: Must be smaller than 3 feet in any dimension (i.e. width, heighth, and length) No humanoid monsters Cannot be capable of direct communication (i.e. spoken languages) with the player Familiar Approval Template Obtaining a familiar does not automatically grant you the «Familiar Mastery» skill tree. Quest Changes: Quest Revamp: «Feeding the Enemy» Split into two different quests: «Feeding your Enemy» and «Training your Friend». In «Feeding your Enemy», the goal is now to find and tame a familiar while in «Training your Friend» the goal is now to train a familiar and unlock the «Familiar Mastery» skills. «Feeding your Enemy» <<Feeding Your Enemy>> is the new version of <<Feeding the Enemy>>. Familiars are easier to find, but now must also be tamed. Unlocking the «Familiar Mastery» skills is now handled within the «Training your Friend» quest. Look for the quest in the quests sub-section for more details . «Training your Friend» You can now train your familiar without changing who they are. This quest is used to unlock the «Familiar Mastery» skills or to switch between them without killing or releasing your familiar. Look for the quest in the quests sub-section for more details. Enhancement Changes: Familiar Sight Applies to «Feeding your Enemy» Gains +2 LD when attempting to find a familiar (was taming a familiar before) [Alchemist] New Enhancement: Pheromones Cost: 3 Slots Cap: 1 Slot Effect: When used during the <<Feeding your Enemy>> quest, gain +1 CD when attempting to tame a familiar. Effect lasts for one thread. Applicable to: Salves
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  11. Cardinal

    [F24] <<Incognito Antics>>

    Floor 24 <<Incognito Antics>> Recommended Level: 25 Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 1 Credit Goes to @Hikoru Rewards: If Successful 1 SP 2,000 Col If Failed 2 SP 3,000 Col [Note: There is a second Quest related to this one. The continuation will give more SP than the Failed route] Requirements: At least 1 page (20 posts) Either Succeed or Fail in gathering enough Information to bring to the Chief Summary: The Chief has a feeling that one of his officials, Uso-Tsuki, is planning on betraying him somehow. He has only heard about rumors, but he wants to figure it out for sure. He has entrusted you to take a look into the situation, and has promised a decent sum of money if you are able to do it. Outline: There are Two Ways to gather information: Using Stealth You must make 3 Successful Stealth checks against Uso-Tsuki. Uso-Tsuki has a +3 to Searching Checks. If you fail a total of 3 Times, Uso-Tsuki discovers you and runs off, and you fail your mission. However, if you Succeed in a total of 3 Times, you gather enough information to take to the chief that he is planning on betraying him. Using Disguise Using the Ability that you gained from the Gemini, you are able to disguise yourself as the close friend of Uso-Tsuki, Tāgetto. You have to knock out Tāgetto and steal his armor. If you are successful, you put on the armor and use your ability to trick Uso-Tsuki into thinking you are them, and they tell you their plan to overthrow the Chief. [Note, you can only choose this route if you have acquired the <<Disguise>> Skill instead of <<Concentration>>] [Note: Tāgetto receives his own separate roll from the player] <<Tāgetto>> is a respawning field boss with the following statistics. HP: 400 DMG: 75 MIT: 25 ACC: 2 EVA: 0 Abilities: Keen Eye: Tāgetto is wary of those around him. Surprise Attack has no effect on him Parry: On a roll of CD 10+, Tāgetto will block your attack, reversing your attack on you and dealing half of your damage back instead of his normal damage, along with getting to attack you
  12. Cardinal

    [F24] <<Raging Rhino>>

    Floor 24 <<Raging Rhino>> Recommended Level: 40 Repeatable | Party Limit: 4 Credit Goes to @Hikoru and @Neopolitan Rewards: 5,000 Col 2 SP Rhino's Horn [Consumable]: (Applied to a Weapon. When attacking, on the First Crit, the attack ignores 40% Mitigation of the target it's attacking. If it is an AoE it only applies to the first target hit, not all 4. If this item is stacked with a Phase Weapon, the 40% Phase ONLY affects Block instead of overall Mitigation.) [This Item drops Once Per thread] Requirements: Defeat Piasuhōn At least 1 page (20 posts) Summary: On Floor 24, respect is earned through Combat in the Collesium. People gather from all around to see people compete and fight against creatures big and small. Here, the people like bloodshed and the violence and gore that the collesium brings with it. The Chief of the people here wants to see if you can truly hold your own against one of the scariest creatures they have, Piasuhōn. Piasuhōn, or Piercing Horn, is one of the mightiest, and craziest, beasts they have available in the Collesium. If you win, you earn fame and glory amongst the people and a large sum of money. But if you lose, The beast will devour you whole, and the people will forget your name as if it was nothing but a spec of dust under their boot. The choice is yours to make. Outline: [Note: receives his own separate roll from the player] <<Piasuhōn>> is a respawning field boss with the following statistics. HP: 1,100 DMG: 300 MIT: 50 ACC: 2 EVA: 2 Abilities: Piercing Horn: When Piasuhōn crits, Piasuhōn's attack goes through armor easily, dealing 50% Phase, including block. Trained Eye: Piasuhōn is able to land critical hits more easily. His Crit scale is 8-10 instead of 9-10 Pure Rage: When Piasuhōn's health reached 550, he is overcome by a fit of rage, aiming to kill. He gains +100 Damage to his base attack but loses 1 Accuracy in his blind rage
  13. Cardinal

    Floor Descriptions

    Floor 24: Floor 24 is made up entirely of water, with the only way of transportation between each of the floating islands are small, narrow bridges. Most of the Islands have man-made and created with the intent of farming and agriculture, while others have been made for fighting and training it's guards. Many of the Islands are held up by small but strong pinpoint bars that sink deep into the water. The water itself is seemingly depthless, never seeming to end in the depths of it, and countless with and monsters beneath the surface that could appear at any moment. The bridges are made up of steel and wood, small bits of wear and tear on the wood can be seen, but are kept strong enough for players to walk on safely without any worries of it breaking beneath them The Main Settlement of the 24th floor is Paraneze, a completely man-made island made much larger than any of the other islands. On the top of the island, there are many small buildings, withered down by the sea-salt in the air around them, but still gleaming a brilliant white against the sandy shores. All of the buildings have a red roof, making it easy to see them and to know where the main settlement is located compared to the rest of the floor. In the center of the town is a giant Colosseum that takes up a large portion of the island. It is usually used for the warriors of the floor to train and fight in combat against many creatures that can be caught throughout the floor. The inhabitants of the 24th floor are very noble people, who work hard to provide for their families and fight for fun on days where the leader of their people opens up the Colosseum for them to use and fight in. They usually all stand at about six feet tall, then woman possibly a little shorter than that, and they are all well-built warriors and farmers. The ruler of this land is an old and wise man who helped to build the first island, and he helps to rule the people with a kind heart, but with an iron fist. The monsters of this floor range from large sea creatures to creatures that can fly. The biggest of these being a Griffon, a very rare sight to see but still alive. The more common creatures are Flying Fish, Sea Serpents, and Large Crabs that coat the beaches Seasons: Summer Temperature: 23-33°C Weather: Usually Sunny or Partly Cloudy <<The Colosseum>> A very large structure found in the center of Paraneze, The Colosseum is a place built for any sort of combat the people wish to fight with. The structure is a Glistening white, with a red roof such as the rest of the buildings in Paraneze. It's withered down, and the steps have started to crack due to the many steps that have been taken on it, but the building still stands as a monument to those who worked to survive in this oceanic floor. It's kept clean and pristine, a group of people dedicated to keeping the Colosseum a place of high standard. <<Raitoburū Bay>> A beach off the main town of Paraneze, this is usually a hot spot for parties and dates for people of all ages. The calming waves lap over the soft sand found here, cascaded from the waves overlapping the shore for a long time. The name of the beach translates to "Light Blue Bay," Which it's named after the light blue waters found here that are famously refreshing for the people of this floor. There are a few beach blankets and umbrellas set up around the bay for people to use as they wish to sunbathe and relax. Finding the Labyrinth: Finding the Labyrinth on Floor 24 requires a scouting party to reach a total of 100 LD in a scouting thread"