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  1. Thread Summary 2 SP [quest] + 1 SP [completed page] + 1 SP [Bonus] = 4 SP 200 col per player <<Woodland Armor>> to Crozeph
  2. Funny thing is Claim asked him something that he never expected. Maybe it was because he looked young enough to have the time to be in a relationship, which was normal but with Crozeph, things like relationships aren't normal. "I'm currently engaged, you'll meet her soon enough once we get the wedding date set" he replied. Somehow Crozeph felt more at ease now that he and Claim finally catching up little by little. It would take a bit more time but Aincrad has a lot of quests to do, they're both in the same guild so it was easier for him to contact Claim once they need to do another one again. "In the meantime, we can end this quests now and look for another one" He leaned back on a treant who sad behind them "I'm sure the peeps from Jacob's Ladder won't mind if we both do some quests, I was planning on taking Yuurei but maybe next time" he added. The treants won the war but it would mean that another battle would happen soon but for now, they can celebrate and kick back after a huge battle.
  3. ID: 158212 BD: 3 + 4 ACC = 7 success Crozeph dealt 15 x 15 San Ge = 225 - 20 MIT = 205 damage to King of Lakes King of Lakes | HP: 521/1200 (-20+54) | DMG: 125 | MIT: 20 [2] NIGHT | HP: 1285/1285 | EN: 115/124 (-9) | DMG: 19 | MIT: 72 | ACC: 1 | BH: 51 | HM: 6 | LM: 2 | LD: 10 [4] Zajcica | HP: 1229/1230 | EN: 113/114 | DMG: 3 | MIT: 166 | ACC: 3 | EVA: -1 | BH: 61 | HM: 6 | BLD:36 | REC: 3 | THRNS: 54 | TAUNT | VENGEFUL RIPOSTE [2] Crozeph | HP: 880/880 | EN: 62/86(-12) | DMG: 15 | MIT: 48 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 1 | REC: 4 | FRZ: 9-10/24 It was ugly, but does not warrant the hatred Crozeph has to the more weird creatures of Aincrad. If the setting of the game was more R-rated, Crozeph would be feasting in the flesh and bones of creatures living in the darkness or simply those who has more than four legs and not an ant. Still, he winced at the sight of the King of Lakes emerging "I guess he's the most good-looking guy in them school of fish" he muttered. His jokes however was stopped when the fish tried to drag Yuki to the lake. It felt like something sweet was being taken away from Crozeph that he dashed like a madman towards it. Yuki managed to break free with a good ol' sucker punch and as she stood up and uttered words that Crozeph was too pissed off to hear, he went past her and slashed at the face of the creature. It looked like he was trying to make it sushi as fast as he can but its size was too much. He took a step back and began kicking the fish "she doesn't want to be your bride!" he uttered with a faint growl.
  4. ID: 158210 BD: 7 + 4 ACC - 3 EVA = 8 success Crozeph dealt 15 x 15 San Ge = 225 - 100 MIT = 125 damage to Ki'Raion Ki'Raion | HP: 79/850 -(125) | DMG: 175 | MIT: 100 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 3 | [Stun!] [1] NIGHT | HP: 1285/1285 | EN: 114/124 (-9) | DMG: 31 | MIT: 72 | ACC: 5 | BH: 51 | HM: 6 | LM: 2 | LD: 10 [10] Zajcica | HP: 1230/1230 | EN: 107/114 | DMG: 3 | MIT: 166 | ACC: 2 | EVA: -1 | BH: 61 | HM: 6 | BLD:36 | REC: 3 | THRNS: 54 | TAUNT [1] Crozeph | HP: 880/880 | EN: 66/86(-12) | DMG: 15 | MIT: 48 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 1 | REC: 4 | FRZ: 9-10/24 TAIL SWIPE: On BD 9-10, MD 1-5, 150 AoE to all party members on top of normal attack on player with the most hate. VENUS FLY TRAP: On BD 9-10, MD 6-10, player with most hate is trapped in Ki'Raion's floral mane. 150 DMG on top of normal attack, 100 DMG extra for each turn they are trapped. Freed when Ki'Raion takes 200 DMG from then or when another player achieves greater hate. Trapped players can still attack. PHOTOSYNTHESIZE: Every second attack, gain 150 DMG. The big cat stopped moving and this was the best chance he could get. Three quick steps and he got close and then slashed methodically as much as possible at Ki'Raion. the creature doesn't seem to feel anything or rather it was already stunned to even react. Yuki is doing a good job of neutralizing enemies, if only he could do the same. It would be impossible to pull off since he only has freeze as his enhancement. It was already a huge help, that is if Skadi would freeze more frequently. Crozeph made his way back beside Yuki, Ki'Raion is going down on Night's attack anyway "hey, does Night like fluffy creatures?" he asked Yuki. For a long time he only saw Night as eighty percent edgy but somehow this was surprising to him. "I was expecting you to be the one who goes all fluffy to it" he told Yuki as he looked at her best friend with a confused look on his face.
  5. ID: 158208 BD: 6 - 2 EVA + 4 ACC = 8 success I CD: 3 Crozeph dealt 15 x 15 San Ge = 225 - 50 MIT = 175 damage to Fossil Fish Battle Healing (+17 HP) Fossil Fish 1 | 250/250 HP (-175) | 50 MIT | +1 Accuracy | +2 Evasion | 100 DMG | +25 Damage on a roll of 9 | +50 Damage on a roll of 10 [0]Zajčica | HP:1280/1280 | EN:114/114 | DMG: 3 | MIT: 151 | EVA: -1 | ACC: 2 | BLD: 36 | H.M.: 2 | REC: 1 | THRNS: 54 | TAUNT | BH: 64 | DoT -25% | [Parry Active] [0]Crozeph | HP: 845/880 (+17) I EN 63/86(-12) I DMG: 15 I MIT: 48 I ACC: 4 I EVA: 1 I FRZ: 1 I REC: 2 I BH: 17 [0]NIGHT | It was convenient a fish landed in front of him after Yuki tried to fish one. His calm expression remained even with its presence before him, his position however tells a different story. The distance between him and the ugly fish was short, even if he moves his katana he'd still get a chunk of damage. Soon enough it happened, the fish bit on his shoulder to which Crozeph broke free by rolling back. He wasn't good at fighting back quickly like Yuki, he needs enough space so as to make his damage-dealing efficient. He didn't wait for the tingle to disappear, as soon as he was a few feet away he released a sword art at the fish, a bit resilient but most of his damage cut penetrated. It's been a while since he got attacked and somehow without Yuki, he felt it, his abysmal defense against mobs.
  6. Crozeph

    [R8]Yuki Izakaya - PK Accessible

    The consistent visit, he was already living in her house but the idiot still went on the other side and entered her shop like a normal person would, if that person was someone Yuki doesn't know. He entered the shop and continued behind the counter looking for what to buy. He saw the sign already about him free of charge when it comes to foods but the guy still wanted to pay "I can only do that if we are married, or if I have materials given to her every time I go out and kill creatures" he thought. For now he can only gain enough exp from grinding and some quests that are not yet finished. After a few seconds he picked up some food and like an idiot he walked out of her shop and entered her house by the front door again Perfect T2 Udon bowl x1 Rare T2 Mochi LD x6 Rare T2 Udon Bowl x2 total : 4,650 col
  7. So it begins... Knowing that his current state as no fit for a serious battle, Crozeph thought of an idea. An idea that could help a few players with their hiccups when it comes to their items or enhancements, quite possibly the quality. For all he knows, some might pay him a good price for the quests drops but that's a minor detail he'd rather forget. He's doing it for the players, not for himself. Should someone insist on giving him rewards, he'd just ask for that thing Mcdonald's has, a smile. Now Floor 9 was not a good place to stay, hot and arid, soot, dusts, and swol men who are blacksmiths live in the settlement. It was a sight that gave Crozeph a thought on his body. He might be taller than his fiance but their build is quite similar. Should things get hot in their home then Crozeph will probably be fighting for domination. Enough of that, let's get down to business... Crozeph [Level 44] | HP: 900/900 | EN: 88/88 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 15 | EVA: 1 | MIT: 48 | FREEZE +1 | RECOVERY +2 | BH: 17 | LD: 1 Total SP: 170 Allocated: 168 Remaining: 2 ** Rank 3 Merchant - The Night's Watch ** WARNING: Mitigation cannot fall below 0! Hide contents [Equipment] Lamina De Skadi [T2 Rare] -- Freeze +1 - Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) remove the enemy’s action on their next turn. Frozen opponents lose any evasion properties. Striking a frozen enemy before the effect ends will end Freeze and deal an extra (12 * Tier) unmitigatable damage. [Must hit to activate the status condition.] -- ACC +2 -- A katana with a black hilt and an azure blade like a clear, blue, lake water. The name translates into "Blade of Skadi" a goddess who also represented hunting and winter, signifying its use as for hunting or attacking foes by freezing them. When equipped, the user 's breath will be like one who is breathing in a cold place and the freeze effect is seen as some kind of water splashing that freezes upon contact with the target. Cloak of the Oath -- MIT +2 -- EVA +1 -- A black haori who belonged to a vice-president of the Shinsengumi. Enables the wearer to withstand attacks and also evade it. Caster's Mystic Code -- Recovery +2 -- ACC +1 -- A platinum band for the wrist with runic inscriptions worn by a Babylonian king who had access to magecraft. This item gives a boost on accuracy and ability to restore energy to cast more spells just like how the previous owner wanted it to work, it glows a vibrant blue when it activates through the lettering. [Battle-Ready Inventory] Blessed Marble +1 EVA +1 Life-Mending x2 T2 Perfect Fiery Dragon Roll [MIT] x2 T2 Rare Udon Bowl +2 ACC x2 T2 Rare Mochi +2 LD x1 T2 Rare Ramen Bowl +2 EVA Dimensional Backpack Skills Hide contents Mod Count: 3/5 Katana | Passive | RANK 5/5 > Finesse R3 -3 EN on SA > Precision +1 ACC Light Armor | Passive | RANK 3/5 > Athletics +1 base damage I +(10*Tier) HP Battle Healing | Passive | RANK 2/5 > Curved Sword | Passive | RANK 1/5 > First-Aid | Active | RANK 3/5 > Extended Mod Limit | Passive | RANK 0 > Searching | Passive | RANK 1 +1 LD > [Extra] Survival | Passive I +15 Regen OOC Meditation | Active I +10 EN Familiar Mastery: Fighter | Passive | RANK 3/3 +6 base damage Misc. Buffs Hide contents Relaxed | Passive | House buff >
  8. Crozeph

    [PP-F02] <<Return of the Queen>>

    The last one obliterated with her dagger again. It was probably the best demonstration of an efficient build for him, or maybe he's just too dumb to make his good. He followed silently behind her, it would be best if they don't talk about anything right now. It was a bad experience for them both, he held her back while he got schooled by her. Thinking about it Hidden suffered more than him. "Should I apologize for doubting her?" he thought. Crozeph thought she was one of the mobs spawned inside Aincrad and it made him feel bad, though that doesn't make Hidden less scary to him. The quiet exit continued, they already received the rewards and Crozeph received a really harsh lesson, maybe it's not that harsh and he's just a lazy ass who met someone to slap him awake. He concluded that if ever they meet again, then he must make himself more useful or else Hidden would twirl and throw her dagger to his general direction. "I don't want another dagger incidents like this," he thought. What a day and it felt like he wasn't just drained of energy from battle "I'm just gonna sleep for three days straight inside my room in Baldur's house" he muttered "or I could go buy food from Yuki."
  9. Crozeph

    I Send, You Take

    I'll give you this item in exchange for five bowls of beef stew and lots of hugs ;) Item given to @Zajcica: x1 Easter Bunny Favor
  10. The battle continued but Crozeph found it hard to maneuver with the ice still not thawing. He tried to attack all three with his spinning cut but struck nothing "shit" he muttered. The two mobs who weren't frozen also tried to attack which Crozeph dodge one while the other slipped on the thin ice that is on the floor. It was a mess of a battle and Crozeph only damaged one. A total blunder, if Skadi did it while he has a teammate then it would've been a huge advantage for him. He jumped back and tried to move out of the area with ice until it thaws. The three followed him as the freeze effect is beginning to fade "it made things a bit complicated but I'll just try to be better next attack" he told himself. The three continued their attacks to which Crozeph dodges, it wasn't like zombie attacks but it sure was annoying.
  11. Crozeph

    [PP-F01] <<Making Vows>> Courage

    Soon enough they reached the ice cream stand as he held her hand and led her to the place. There was no line but the place was a bit crowded with people buying general supplies "I wonder if my shop would prosper here, I like the feel of Floor Ten with the set-up of my shop but somehow I kinda feel envious with the plenty transactions" he said as they stood in front of the vendor. His ice cream stand was named "Wcdonalds" and Crozeph sort of heard the ice cream he sells. "Two strawberry ice cream sir," he told the man who began flipping cones and scooping ice creams as if he was setting up to troll Crozeph "play games with me like that Turkish guy we both know and I'll slap you back to weekends," he said with a smiling face. The vendor gave a nervous laugh and after a minute gave him two cones of strawberry ice cream which he gave one to Yuki. "Yeah we'll go there after this, why don't we sit on that bench for a while." The day was fine enough for them to sit and enjoy their ice cream and he liked it "you're not that small, maybe small enough to be on a girl's standard height, I don't know about muscles though. I've seen people with less muscle but can still do things that requires force."
  12. Crozeph

    [PP-F01] <<Making Vows>> Courage

    "Well then..." he grabbed her hand gently and held it as he begins to lead the way "...they might not taste as good as yours but, wait you can make ice cream too?" he asked her as they walked. He must've missed it because all he wanted to eat revolves around steak and stew, probably the best food he wants. The occasional snacks Yuki always brought to him were also made of rice or no signs of ice cream "next time we can eat ice cream in the house, I never had one that you made but for now, we can try these." For some reason, he was humming weird songs as they walked and listened to her while she told him about her armor. Yuki was indeed on the thin side of builds when it comes to bodies but he's no different than her. "We're both thin so I'm fine with how you look, I just have broader features but then I wouldn't even be close to a healthy build," he told her "plus I can..." he let her hand go and grabbed her by the waist with both his hands and lifted her up a little "I can always carry you with ease." People began looking at them when he lifted her and Crozeph had to put her down before they get more attention "oops sorry, I got carried away a little" he told her, adding a pun to his words.
  13. Another set of mobs appeared after a few steps, it seems the place is infested with mobs and only a few players must've seen the place and tried to thin the numbers. They all attack at once, lunging forward to the now brown-haired player, or was it light brown? all stretching out their long and filthy fingernails. Their attacks were simple but that's what makes it dangerous, a player would be complacent because it was direct and only when the nails bury to their skin and deal damage will they realize the mistake and it would be too late. Crozeph however wasn't going to be one, maybe if his fiance was with him then he would be. He took a step back and made two quick cuts to the plague patient who was faster wounding its shoulder. He then took a step forward and spun around twice to which his freeze weapon activated and froze one of the mobs in place. "That should make things easier," he thought.
  14. Crozeph

    [PP-F01] <<Making Vows>> Courage

    Crozeph scratched the back of his head and smiled awkwardly as Yuki asked what he did with his hair "do you like it? he asked her. The change of hair color was a reminder to him, that things have changed now and that he had no reason to fall into his subtle nihilism. He walked closer to her and pinched her cheek gently "I like how you look today, it's always refreshing to see both of us not wearing clothes for battle, now I've got something for you but first..." he opened his map "would you like some ice cream?" he asked her, he moved closer placing his arm around her while pointing at a place on his map. "I'm not picky on flavors but we can grab one before I take you somewhere" he said. Crozeph kept his goal in check inside his head and also the pendant which now has a necklace that he got from the minotaur. These things are what he actually prepared and the ice cream was the introduction.