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  1. rising from the dead...are there changes from battle system since last year? if so kindly send me a link (I'm lazy sorry)

  2. Crozeph took out the pill that he identified earlier. "This pill seemed to be more than what I'll be able to handle, let's just hope that I'll be fine" he swallowed the pill and took a a look at Hestia "so far so goo..." Crozeph suddenly felt a burning feeling inside him. "Yeah this pill makes me want to lash out on monsters" he told Hestia coughing with a grin on his face. Crozeph cleared his throat but the raging feeling inside continued "feels a little dangerous but I think I'll be fine" he told her "my health bar didn't drop yet right?" he asked her. Crozeph and Hestia began making their way to the prison, aiming to complete the quest and make themselves much more stronger. Crozeph's eyes started turning red, and red veins appeared on his arms "weird pill, but I feel much more stronger" he muttered as he walked towards the prison gates. Howls emanated on the entrance and clanging and banging followed "they're welcoming us! how nice" he uttered followed by a cough and a glare with his now red eyes.
  3. It seemed like hours had passed and Crozeph was still in his place. He had slept for a few minutes but it seems the patter of the feet of the monsters didn't help him to get to a full sleep. All of a sudden a loud noise echoed before them. Crozeph opened his eyes and stood up quickly but silently. He kept his left hand on the hilt of his katana and looked far ahead. "We are nearer than we thought" he told her. Crozeph sat down and shook his head in amusement "the banshee sure is a noisy one" he muttered. The monster around them scurried away after hearing the loud sound. It was a scream mixed with a screeching noise that it annoys Crozeph "Kuro might get shocked by loud noises, best the familiar's ready" he uttered as he gazed far ahead "soon we'll enter that prison, the fun begins from there" he turned his head to his friend with a smile before standing up and tightening his armor and sword "we've rested enough, I know we can take on that crazy woman" he told her.
  4. Crozeph

    [PP-F7] A Question of Heroism

    "Well I got the mice part a little right" he replied. Calypso's reaction was somewhat different from what Crozeph expected "you don't seem the battle type huh?" he asked her "or was it just a nuisance to do it out of nowhere?" he asked again. He had a lot of question to her which seemed stupid enough to cause annoyance but Crozeph rarely does talking like that for a long time. He had friends from his guild from way back whom he can talk senseless things which may lead to laughter or just spawn another question. "Let's put it this way, you analyze what I should do with that thing then I execute" he told her "I also need suggestion from anyone from time to time" the thought of having someone tell him better ways to engage the enemy a bit confusing but maybe he'll manage.
  5. Crozeph slowly opened his eyes, the tension around him subsiding as his friend's voice was heard "looks like you have enough rest, that we can proceed later after I wake up" he answered as he positioned himself to lying down.He has already done his part on their camping area but he doubts that he'll be able to rest soundly with this kind of area. Crozeph was always wary of his surroundings whenever he is on Floor 10. It was one of places that he didn't trust when it comes to hostility from the mobs, not one second. "We can't visit a certain river here but that place sure is nice" he told Hestia "I think it was named Styx River, monster come out of the river whenever they feel the presence of other players" he added. Crozeph once fought monster of different kinds near he river, mostly decayed being. "We can go there sometime but for now I'll rest a bit then we try to reach the Banshee as fast as we can" he told her before closing his eyes.
  6. As Hestia drifted to sleep after Crozeph has set up their makeshift campsite, Crozeph unstrapped his katana and rested it on his shoulder. If he was quick enough to bash anyone.with his katana sheathe then all will be fine. Hestia and her familiar seem to have a nice time sleeping even with the uneven surface of their location. Crozeph closed his eyes and let his ears do the watching. His senses are quite heightened as the place slowly turn into a place of deafeaning silence. Monsters lurk around, they do seem to recognize who Crozeph is. They tried to move close but turned back as soon as he moved his head with his eyes closed. Crozeph tapped his fingers on the sheathe of his katana, the sounds his fingers making is enough also to threaten the moving creatures, they'll be fine for the rest of the hours.
  7. Hearing Hestia's comment of how Crozeph managed to make the place warm was something he didn't expect "school retreats, since most of my classmates just wanted to get into a relationship while in camp they never bothered learning this. I did, and it came in handy but not for them." He told Hestia "at least they had the decency of asking me if they can join the fire, I just didn't expect that watching videos about making campfire would work" he added. Crozeph wanted to take the second watch, Hestia is much more exposed to danger if she can't defend due to lack of rest "you sleep first, I can manage having less sleep, I still have the effects of the consumables that I have eaten" he mentioned the items that he ate earlier "I'm sure it'll be fast, we'll be travelling later and Kuro is able to react if someone approaches, right?" he wanted to steer clear of trouble until they get to Tartarus, he and Kuro can react to any danger approaching so they can have the sleeping part later.
  8. "I'll always thank you for that" he replied to Hestia's reassuring tactic of attracting enemies. After almost a mile of walking. Crozeph found stone formations just a few feet away from them. It was not enough to protect them but it is enough to guard them from whoever dares to attack them. Crozeph walked towards it and began to pick up rocks to build a makeshift furnace. "I get some twigs lying around here, trees aren't the luckiest plants here but there's bushes that can last a few hours" he told Hestia. There were a couple of bushes nearby and Crozeph chopped them off long enough to create a bonfire. Here turned to the place where they would at least spend the next few hours and used his katana to create a spark that can start a fire. It worked really slow he eventually managed. Crozeph then opened his inventory and pulled out his old coat, the Death Crow which he earned as a loot "you can have this for resting, its effective against cold, damp places. Now this fire can keep itself lit for let's say two hours which is enough for resting" he told her.
  9. Crozeph nodded and stored every information inside his brain if he can "I get to see some evil emperor's here, that'll be nice" he replied "on the other hand we should do our best not to be considered as prisoners by the guards" Crozeph saw images or movies of monsters who had many limbs and hands "guards like those are not only a nuisance, I lose balance moving around too much that's why I took the katana skill..." Crozeph patted the hilt of his katana "as soon as I draw the blade I've already dealt massive damage, or instant kill if I ever get lucky enough" he added. The prison was still far and Crozeph knew that they needed to camp out soon or they'll tire themselves out "Tartarus is still far, as soon as we see someplace safe to sit we can camp or just rest, take turns on sleeping" he suggested "there might be dangerous monsters lurking here but unlike that floor five, these creatures know who they deal with" he tried to assure Hestia of any surprise attacks that are little in chances.
  10. Crozeph

    [PP-F7] A Question of Heroism

    "I have no idea what a ferret looks like" he replied. Crozeph lived in the city ever since he was born and he never saw a ferret in his life or if he saw one, he didn't know. "Some kind of rodent? you know, the size of mice or squirrels?" he asked her "maybe a platypus and the hybrid of a dragon made it bigger than normal" he added. It took only a few minutes before the bat came flying back. Crozeph grabbed the hilt of his katana and made himself ready if it ever attack "faced winged creatures before? they're a real pain in the neck" he uttered. He was about to draw his katana when the bat flew past them and perched itself just by the entrance of the cave, like a bat. Crozeph made a sigh as if danger was gone yet he is still unproductive. "Let's see, do you think you can take on that one? I don't like fighting multiple enemies, duels are the best" he told her. Crozeph never charged into battle like he's some guy named Guts "I work efficiently or at least I tried, I did well also most of the time" he told her "winged creatures like that one are the ones breaking my efficiency streak on duels" he added.
  11. "I just have to hit where it really hurts" Crozeph replied. After the events with the woman took place, Crozeph and Hestia made it out of the settlement and proceeded to the dim place of Floor Ten. It wasn't the admirable of places like the previous floors but Crozeph was never the sunlight type of guy. "Tartarus, I bet we'll meet those greek figures I read somewhere" Crozeph remembered the ones Hestia told him since she's much more versed on these kind of things. "Medusa might be there, she likes to hide or is she kept hidden?" Crozeph's brow raised in question "I'm not one for those kind of things but really, I don't like the feeling of getting paralyzed" he told her. Crozeph saw that Tartarus was still far off but they had all the time in the floor "have you ever been to prison? I've been to one, well just from the station..." he told her "...my bestfriend and I had to bail a another friend out, he was blamed for something right that he did" he added. Crozeph then asked another question "we're doing the right thing, right? helping each other to help other players? I use to have a few customers at my shop back then, some died already" he told her "I just want to get back to the frontlines really quick, not rushed but quick."
  12. to the people that I owe posts, once I get back from job training I'll be able to reply to all of you. Wish me luck!!

  13. Crozeph entered the shop with a bread in his hand. It looks like the item that he ordered was made. Crozeph picked up the crystal and saw the info about the item "the song title is awesome" he told her. Crozeph opened his inventory and quickly placed the item inside. He then opened the menu for transferring col and began to transfer the payment to Hestia. "Thanks a lot, I'm sure this will help and it may seem hard to find one but at least its worth the try" he told Hestia. Crozeph then walked out of the shop, ready to begin his quest of obtaining a familiar. obtained familiar call transferred 800 col
  14. "It's kind of a bummer that I'm a beta-tester for most games but never really got the chance to be one in this game" he told Hestia. Crozeph was good at RPG games, a thing that he never really boasts. "I guess I just have to be good at what I'm good at" Crozeph then was stopped when an old woman tugged at his shoulder "show no mercy! that banshee deserves to die!" she yelled at Crozeph who just made a poker face "I get it, that's why I have my friend here..." Crozeph pointed at Hestia. The woman turned her head on the other player "are you ready for what will hit you?!" she asked Hestia. Crozeph then gently pushed Hestia away from the woman and outside the settlement "revenge is poisonous, she keeps on yapping about it even though I already said that I will do the quest" he told her "I wonder how she'll be once we finished this quest."
  15. After the shop was closed, Crozeph walked with Hestia out towards the dim lighted path towards Tartarus. The silence was something unusual but it seemed to have been created after what he just told her. "You know some people don't really have the nicest of lives they can live off, the good thing is we know how to live it out just fine" he told her "that best friend of mine knew that I can live on my own, but like what we two have realized..." Crozeph tightened his shoulder pad "...there's a difference between living your life and just being alive" he uttered as they walked "I kinda operate at the gray area of that realization, at she doesn't like it and that's why we all get into some kind of trouble" he added. Crozeph knew how life was harsh, just that he chose to live his life until the end without going with the current "I was supposed to be one of the best in classes, if I weren't such a geek in games" he added.