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  1. Crozeph

    Anyone need sig?

    I'd be happy if someone taught me how to do it, it gets tiring clicking on my stats hidden in spoilers so yeah... teach me sensei
  2. I modeled Crozeph's alignment as True Neutral in the beginning and after taking the test now it's Neutral Good, probably because of his interactions with players.The most accurate part would be working with kings and magistrate but doesn't feel beholden to them. He respects authority but when something bad is done or he disagrees, he can be a certified thorn on the side. Neutral Good Neutral Good- A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment because when it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable.
  3. Crozeph

    [Shop-F10] The Night's Watch [CLOSED]

    As soon as he finished his identification attempts he stood up and grab a few supplies from his shop. "Now for my dungeon hunting shenanigan" he said as he grab one Blank dungeon map and a field ration from his stock. He'll be needing it as he plans to go solo on this expedition. Crozeph opened his UI and placed the items in there while paying for it. He grabbed his katana and secured it on his right side while checking his equipped armor. Crozeph opened the door of his shop and walked out, now his plan has begun. Will this succeed or will he be returning empty handed? purchased the following [Tier 1] Blank Dungeon map [Tier 1] Field Ration Total col: 440 Merchant gain : 40 +6 EXP
  4. Crozeph

    Crozeph's identified items

    Name: Carrot Snack Bar Profession: Merchant Rank: 1 Roll ID: 140097 Roll Result: 11 Item Type: consumable Tier: 1 Quality: rare Enhancements: +2 accuracy Description: a consumable that enhances one's eyesight for better aim. Tastes like a carrot but doesn't look like one item acquisition: Link Identification post: Link identify cost: 160 Name: Paladins ration Profession: Merchant Rank: 1 Roll ID: 140107 Roll Result: 20 Item Type: Meal Tier: 1 Quality: rare Enhancements: +2 over-health Description: A go to snack for when you quickly need to sack heretics but can't stand the hunger. item acquisition: Link identification post: Link identify cost 160
  5. Crozeph

    [Shop-F10] The Night's Watch [CLOSED]

    For the last identification of the day, Crozeph set down the snack bar and picked up another consumable. Still it was Tier 2 and he had to do it or else he won't be able to rank up on his profession "identifying things are fun, selling them however is a different story from hell" uttered as he held the unidentified item. His UI went visible again and began his item identification. The item glowed a little before taking another form that is ready for use whenever needed. "Seeing how Baldur is already good at this, maybe I can give it to others along the way" he thought. Crozeph was happy with the basic supplies that he has been selling and now the items that he has obtain can be put to better use if given to others who need it. [ID: 140107] LD: 20 +2 Over-health [Tier 2] Crusaders ration A go to snack for when you quickly need to sack heretics but can't stand the hunger +5 EXP
  6. Crozeph

    [Shop-F10] The Night's Watch [CLOSED]

    Having set his tea on the table, Crozeph picked up an unidentified item. It was a consumable and indicated that it was a Tier 2. As he looked at it he tried to identify what would it buff on a player. Crozeph placed the item on the table and began his work. Pulling up his UI, Crozeph began the identification "this and that, now I try this and now..." Crozepg stopped for a moment "would be nice if there is an OST playing while I'm doing this, like a hacker in a movie" he thought. Crozeph resumed his work and tried to identify the consumable. [ID: 140097] LD: 11 +2 accuracy Carrot snack bar a consumable that enhances one's eyesight for better aim. +5 EXP
  7. Crozeph has been receiving quite the information from Baldur and he needed them all. The fishing mechanism was a bit different for him but he might try it soon. Essence Of Steel has been familiar with him and considers it a benefit. "Now that can be really helpful' he thought. He crossed his arms about the thought of the katanas "I'll be staying with Bleeding Dove until I can get qualified for higher tier equipment so I guess I'll be working extra hard and extra far for the next few weeks, the shop will be down for a while. Though I'd still be there to identify everything i could gather" he told Baldur. Cordelia hasn't spoken for a while, it may seem that she doesn't prefer the strategizing and planning that sunddely happenedas he and Baldur met, after all she did say she only follows orders. "A room in a house would be nice, This place isn't that bad but should consider the buffs that comes with it" Crozeph then shifted his thought on the players that Baldur has been mentioning "I've heard of Shield, it seems he's living up to his name" he said "I've been with Hestia on some expeditions, remember when I told you I've been to dungeons? she's the one who helped me out there and quite an impressive tank. Our stats worked well even when I'm behind a few level from her." The notion of team was what made Crozeph think hard, he wasn't good at it if his info about stats and build are lacking, plus he's only knowledgeable on parts when efficiency is needed. "Based on my experience, the basics would be a damage dealer, a tank, and someone nimble enough to deal debuffs to enemies" he told Baldur "from there we formulate how big that group can be, I'm not good on that part as I would prefer stalling and that put a rather weird strain on my way of coming up with strategies" he said. His thinking has always been how to survive and not how to speedrun to their death and the most logical way of doing it is by stalling, it requires great strength and defense but that's the offensive that he could only come up. "It's kind of ironic how a damage dealer like me likes to stall the opponent, though most of my solo travels I just use everything efficiently, skills and that" Crozeph then ask Cordelia "how about you? any inputs? just a little bit is enough" he said "i assume that she's with you most of the time so i wanted to see if she already picked up a thing or two when it comes to these things, minus the pun and wit because that's Baldur's field of expertise"
  8. Crozeph

    [SP-F10] Prison Break In

    "Azide, Destiny, Baldur, Arekkusu, Hestia, Tom, Sousuke, Ariel..." Crozeph mumbled as he walked. He tried to remember the names of people he met and where they can be found. "The dangerous one would be Daeron, Mari, I think Oikawa also. Zelrius is dead and Kiru is someone i could barely manage to talk too properly" Crozeph place his hand on his chin. Should he make a list? he was too lazy to view his friend's list and whoever was online he had no means of reaching them quickly and he barely adds people to his friend's list. Then something struck him in his thought "I forgot, Tom is dead also" Crozeph made his way to the Stygian river. It wasn't the most pleasant place in the floor and it doesn't show a calm river water flowing. It was a river that says "I'll skin you alive" if others caught sight of it. "Should I visit floor 4? nahh I need to get to the upper and try to gain something else there" he said "but it wouldn't hurt to visit the place where my brother died, half-brother" he added. What Crozeph was watching in the river is not the creatures and it's flow. It was the players who dared to get close to it. He had always maintaine a distance of 15 feet or more just so he can be sure that no one can reach him there "let's see who dares to approach this river" he thought. As he watched , he tried to come up with a plan on how to gain access to higher tier equipment and with his level it seemed not enough. "First thing's first i need to raise my level and then replace my equipment with something better and then..." Crozeph turned his back from the river "...reach the frontlines" he added. Crozeph made his way back to his shop, browsing through his potions and maps while checking his rations "I should get moving" he thought. Thread Finished Rewards: 2 SP 2,050 col x7 Tier 1 materials 2 unidentified rare consumable
  9. Crozeph

    [SP-F10] Prison Break In

    An hour has passed and Crozeph is still in his shop. There wasn't much to do, all he's doing lately is explore. Crozeph has set a tea for him, he wanted to stay for while before going out again to explore around floor 10. The encounter from a few hours ago was something that he was expecting considering how dangerous the place can be. The girl however survived long enough to be found. as the teapot boiled, Crozeph poured the tea on his cup. He sat on his table where blank maps are prepared, he was planning to go out soon and he needed some potions at crystals to buy. His thoughts has been on taking on a quest where he can gain enough points to level up. He managed to nab one treasure chest earlier and he plans to do so for the next few weeks. It took 10 minutes for Crozeph to finish his cup of tea. He got up and left the maps on the table, he secured his weapon and fixed his yukata. As he walked out of the shop he saw the inhabitants and the players mingling around. While he does have a thing about not shutting up when fighting, Crozeph would've preferred to be left alone. The village have always been gloomy and Crozeph wanted to be in a place where no one would bother him of trivial things and yet he felt a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment upon helping others. "Damn you Azide, your influence was stronger than I thought" he muttered with a smile on his face. Crozeph hid his hands on the sleeves of his yukata and proceeded outside of Yomi. The place outside was much more gloomier as if death awaits those who aren't careful. His thoughts trailed at his past year as a player stuck in the game and now he seemed to have taken comfort inside the trap set up for those eager to find an escape "how ironic..." he uttered as he walk past the bridge "just when we saw an escape we got ourselves trapped in here" maybe everything was much worse than he thought and he was not on the receiving end of the nightmare.
  10. Crozeph

    [SP-F10] Prison Break In

    Crozeph gained 15 health [Survival] [283/400] Crozeph gained 10 health [out of combat] [293/400] Crozeph saw it, right at the corner of the room, it was not that big but just like the girl said "anyone can sit in here" he thought. Crozeph approached the chest with the girl still behind him "so are we sharing this?" he asked her. The girl thought for a moment "no, what you said earlier was right, I can't just put my life in danger when they're doing their best to protect me. I'm sure I can help in a different way" Crozeph gave a faint smile "well, well, well, I guess it's all mine..." Crozeph glared at the chest "if there is anything inside" he muttered. [ID: 139927] LD: 10 [treasure found] 750 col 3 Tier 1 materials 2 unidentified rare consumables The chest did contain things that would help "well the travel and trouble didn't go to waste" he told the girl. "Can we please get out of here, I'm scared" she told Crozeph. The two walked out of the room and began making their way back to Yomi. Crozeph knew the prison too well, he has been trying yo find sub-dungeons inside but always left unsuccessful. As both of them walked out of the prison, the girl felt relieved that she was out of the trouble she made as Crozeph managed to slay the one ruling the first and second floor "that guy will be back for sure" he thought "or it could be replaced by a stronger one, man I gotta keep myself in top shape" he guided the girl back to Yomi and they talked about how dangerous the place is. Crozeph told her that there are a lot of things to do on the lower floor if she's not that confident to fight yet. The girl was happy for the advice and mentioned that she also plans to take on the merchant profession just like him. "Be careful with that, last time I lost an opportunity for better loot because i wasn't cautious" he told her. An hour later and they're back to Yomi, the found the other girl pacing left and right in front of his shop. The girl with Crozeph looked down "I got her really worried did I?" she asked. Crozeph gave a bored response "you almost caused her a heart attack" he replied. The girl laughed "you're not into people mister... er..." she didn't know his name and there was no mention of them introducing each other. The girl at the shop was already teary-eyed when she saw Crozeph returning with her friend. "Sabrina I'm glad you're safe!" she ran and hugged Sabrina "I'm sorry for making you worry Atalan..." Crozeph went past them "no dramas in front of my shop, I prefer to keep the gloomy atmosphere of this place" he told them. The two girls looked at him preplexed. Atalanta walked towards Crozeph and grabbed his hand "I'm really thankful for what you did for us, we treasure he in our group and you saving her is more than enough for us to give something back" she told him. Crozeph looked at her hand grabbing his "let go of my hand, I just dipped it in a behemoth's blood" he replied. Atalanta threw his hand away "geez for once try to be more sociable you sociopath creep" she replied angrily. The two girls walked away with Sabrina waving goodbye at him. Crozeph entered his shop and as he closed it behind him, a smile was seen on his face "glad I could help you two" he said calmly. Crozeph settled himself down to his table and looked at the blank maps piled on it. There was silence and he wondered why he at this point felt a sense of emptiness as he sat inside his shop.
  11. Crozeph

    [SP-F10] Prison Break In

    Crozeph gained 15 HP [Survival] [268/400] Crozeph gained HP [out of combat] [278/400] The two of them arrived at the room in the second floor of Tartarus, it was at the center of the hallway between two rows of cells. The place has been vacated or rather the mobs are scared of him. The girl tagged along and was scared also, she had a spear with her and her armor is made of leather. "I get that you wanted to help your party but never do it at the cost of your life which they hold dear" he told her. "Really? but you entered the dungeon alone" she replied. Crozep's eyebrow twitched ion annoyance "damn this brat" he thought. "Get behind me" he told the girl who obediently followed him. Crozeph placed his left hand at his katana and his other hand on the door. he opened the somewhat office-like room and searched for anything that looks like a chest. He looked around and saw it at the corner, there wasn't any intricate design and it looked what he was looking for "treasure chest" he thought. [ID: 139905] LD: 15 + 3 equipment = 18 [treasure chest found]
  12. Crozeph

    [SP-F10] Prison Break In

    Crozeph gained 15 health [Survival] [243/400] Crozeph gained 10 health [out of combat] [253/400] "I told you to keep proper form, deviations are nice but the basics are necessary" a voice of a girl was heard from the other side of his desk "I did the proper form, I just diverted the basic swing" he told her "yeah and that caused for my uncle to be injured, he was undefeated until you modified the basic swing" she replied "my father was amused, saying that you had a knack for tactics or strategies" she added. "I wonder about that, i just tried to get myself off the danger part" Crozeph gazed at the sky "your uncle was trying to split my head open like a watermelon" the voice was familiar, his friend perhaps but he doesn't know how she's doing. Is she stuck here? or outside stressed with Crozeph's situation. "Mister? wake up, I need your help" another voice was heard by Crozeph "ahh geez, when will people leave me alone" he murmured. In a second Crozeph bolted upright and pointed his katana at the girl "state your business or I'll take your data out of this terabyte of hell game" he told her, as cold-hearted as he can. The girl was terrified, the blade on her neck "I-I got lost when I heard that there was treasure here and I've been hiding for hours on one of the beds inside a cell" she uttered, scared and probably on the verge of crying. Crozeph returned his katana in its sheathe and picked her up by the arm "someone's looking for you at Yomi" he told her. The girl looked down and rubbed her nape "I was planning to find a chest and give something to help in our group but I got lost, I'm tired of being a last hit player so I could level up without putting myself in danger" she was sad because she thinks she's a burden "you could've just tried the lower floor, didn't you hear the loud noises while I was fighting" he snarled. "I heard that's why I decided to look where you are but all of a sudden you went through where I was hiding and feel down here with the monster then I followed you" Crozeph scratched his ear "yeah that was me, anyways we need to get the chest before getting out of here you know where it was? he asked her. The girl nodded "the monster you killed was guarding it though it seemed the monster saw it only as a throne" Crozeph thought for a second, that would mean he's the warden of the floor now "then let's go I'll look into it to see if there really was a chest."
  13. Crozeph

    [SP-F10] Prison Break In

    [ID: 139859] BD: 9 critical MD: 8 success Crozeph gained 8 health [Battle Healing] [264 + 8 = 272] Crozeph dealt 11 damage to behemoth [10 base damage + 1 critical = 11] Behemoth dealt 70 damage to Crozeph Crozeph mitigated 26 damage from behemoth [70 - 26 = 44] Having your arm cut off can be really painful and then terrifying. This time it can be both, painful and terrifying, Crozeph has gain the upper hand again. This might be the final clash or not but Crozeph has already readied his sword. The behemoth charged towards him again, full of desperation as if it won't go down without a fight and sure enough he has given Crozeph a hard time. As soon as the behemoth reached the distance that Crozeph wanted the raven haired swordsman swung his sword. This time it was aim at the neck he wounded earlier and sure enough it made contact with the flesh. The health points of the behemoth went down but before it was completely depleted it managed to also hit Crozeph. The boy went flying sideways and tried to stop himself from rolling by using his katana. As he stood up exhausted and breathing heavily he saw the behemoth shattering and at last the fight was over, the wardens that he was cautious of was what he faced first in the dungeon. The mobs around him cowered in the dark as if they knew that he was serious business but none of that mattered to Crozeph he walked back to where the behemoth shattered hoping for a loot to appear from his kill [ID: 139902] Crozeph laughed at the loot of the behemoth. The trouble was too much for a measly reward but soon enough he could get something better. Crozeph felt his knees weakened and he suddenly leaned on a wall before slumping down "oh snap, I got carried away in the fight" he mumbled. Crozeph could feel his consciousness fading away and what would happen to him if he passed out in a place with mobs around him.
  14. Crozeph

    [SP-F10] Prison Break In

    [ID: 139857] BD: 10 + 1 light momentum = 11 critical success MD: 8 success Crozeph gained 8 health [battle healing] [300 + 8 = 308] Crozeph dealt 12 damage to behemoth [10 base dmg + 2 critical = 12] behemoth dealt 70 damage to Crozeph Crozeph mitigated 26 damage from behemoth [70 - 26 = 44] Crozeph raised his sword, this time wary of the behemoth's agitation whenever it sees him make a move. The behemoth indeed went crazy as what little light the place had glimmered on Crozeph's blade. It charged towards him, one arm flailing and the other clenched ready to make sure Crozeph was hit. Crozeph blade reached the behemoth and his blade buried on it's broken arm "give me a hand" he uttered before putting his strength to raise the sword upward and slicing of the behemoth's arm. The other fist however was on the right direction. Crozeph received a blow to his side sending him back yet again. He landed on his feet and used his katana to stop him from moving away further. The katana grated on the floor and he felt like he would pass out from the lack of air but sure enough he reduced the enemy's HP significantly "one more hit" he said to himself.
  15. Crozeph

    [SP-F10] Prison Break In

    [ID: 139856] BD: 3 + 1 light momentum = 4 FAIL MD: 1 critical fail Crozeph gained 8 health [battle healing] [292 + 8 = 300] Light Momentum reactivated next turn Both Crozeph and Behemoth failed The two combatants are already past their limits when it comes to stamina. No matter what power you have if your body can't keep up with it then your screwed. Crozeph's battle healing has helped once again. The behemoth stood up, wounds on its body from receiving Crozeph attacks and Crozeph standing, breathing heavily as he gets a taste once again of raw power. There were mobs around them but as soon as the two stood up they scampered away 'I see you really are the warden, handling the goons of a few floors" he told the behemoth. Whether the behemoth understands Crozeph or not, it was Crozeph's way with dealing with enemies in a one on one battle. Had he been in there with a few players he would probably just mumble to himself. "Now would be a good time for Hestia but as of now I gotta deal with this on my own" he thought. The two didn't launch an attack, they knew they would fail and so they have to pull themselves together.