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        <<Summer Beach Party>>
          Location: Floor 16 - West of Oceanus
      Event Begins: July 1 | Event Ends: August 31
      Setting: Daytime (July 1 - July 31) | Sunset (August 1 - August 31)   A small guild calling themselves the Gladiolus Alliance have suddenly started putting up posters and making announcements about a beach party they are hosting on the sixteenth floor. Players may wear any equipment they like, but casual clothing and swimwear are highly encouraged. Weapons are prohibited from being equipped while in the vicinity. Food, drink, beach towels/umbrellas, and a volleyball court have all been provided and set-up by the guild for everyone's enjoyment.   Event Thread Rewards: Finished thread awards 1 SP per completed page. Participants receive 1 SP per (3) posts, up to the number of completed pages. Posts must meet the 150 minimum word count to be counted towards SP rewards.
          <<Mid-Summer Fireworks Festival>>
      Location: Floor 1 - Town of Beginnings
      Event Begins: July 12 | Event Ends: August 31
      Fireworks display begins August 12
      Orange players may safely enter the Town of Beginnings to participate in the event. A fireworks festival has appeared in the main plaza of the Town of Beginnings. The festivities run all night long with a variety of games, prizes, and food for players to enjoy. Halfway through the festival, when darkness has fallen over the city, a fireworks show will begin to light up the night sky. General Rules: Orange players are permitted to attend, and will not be attacked by guards if they enter the city for the event. Normal safe zone rules still apply. When spending col to participate in games, buy items, or enter the lottery, be sure to keep track of the col you have available. Final spending/winning totals will be posted by a staff member in the closing post of the event, which can be used to link to your Col logs. If a player had spent more col than they had available, prizes won as a result may be voided. Traditional festival attire (yukata) or casual clothing is encouraged, but not required. Event Thread Rewards: Finished thread awards 1 SP per completed page. Participants receive 1 SP per (3) posts, up to the number of completed pages. Posts must meet the 150 minimum word count to be counted towards SP rewards.
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  1. The battle was over but not the quest, Crozeph knew he wasted a bit of time and shortened his goal of coming back to the city before night fall. The place had scattered branches and twigs from the defeated Ent, slowly shattering and rising up to the sky. He never had a hard time facing mobs but this time, Crozeph could feel the rising challenge and how an Ent could deal such damage to him. Crozeph brushed his hair up but his fringes fell back into place. "I should be getting all materials and return to Zackariah" he told himself. As Crozeph began moving, a notification appeared before him telling him of the loot that he has acquired from killing the Ent "looks like I earned a little something from that monster" he thought Croeph moved back to where he killed the mob and saw that there are some loot scattered on the grass. Crozeph picked them up and placed it all inside his inventory. He could at least have a little something for himself even when he's searching for materials from Zackariah. Loot: [ID: 87993] LD: 2 || CD: 7 42 col
  2. The final blow is about to be dealt and Crozeph can return to finding materials for his quest. The Ent was stunned and Crozeph has the clear view of his enemy. He sheathe his sword and walked towards the stunned mob, right arm cut off and left arm growing back but it was useless to fight. Crozeph walked closer and looked at the Ent who is trying to raise its arms to attack Crozeph. "You remind me of a comic book character" he told the mob. It has always been a habit of Crozeph to talked to the monsters who remain still before getting killed. He knew they were programs and programmed to kill them all, a self-explanatory thing for him. Crozeph knew that he only need one quick attack, not to fancy and not boring to look at too. Leaves began falling down from the Ent, it looks like Crozeph has already drained it of health points and only needed to be finished. Crozeph placed his hand on the hilt of Bleeding Dove and looked at the Ent, even though its eyes are not human enough. "You should've picked on me way, way, back" he told the Ent "you could've been successful on killing me" he added. Crozeph drew out Bleeding Dove and slashed at the stunned Ent. a half-circle motion or slash was the last thing that the Ent saw before it shattered to pieces. A quick and precise death fitting for the likes of the Crow "Gen Getsu" he uttered before sheathing his katana. Battle Results [ID: 87932] BD: 8 || MD: 6 Crozeph HP: 220/280 || Energy: 7/38 9 damage x 6 sword art = 54 damage Ent 0/140
  3. The undead swordsman was satisfied by the clash, the player is wounded but not enough to kill him. Crozeph dusted off his coat and stood up. He successfully rolled away from the undead swordsman and tried to pull his mind to attacking, with a new approach. As he tried to conjure up some tactic and deal with the mob smoothly, a familiar voice was heard from afar. Crozeph knew where the voice belonged to and only a few people address him by the name which he gained as players saw his coat. "looks like Baldur is here, that was fast" Crozeph uttered as Baldur called him Crow. The undead swordsman's head twisted and raised its sword, it was not happy to see the player have another one. With a frustrated look on its face, the swordsman dashed towards Crozeph, faster than before. Crozeph was someone who won't this arrogance pass "hey Baldur, this river is quite dangerous so I'll advice keeping an eye out on the river..." he placed his left hand on the hilt of his katana "...fishes are not the only ones living in there" he told his friend before dashing towards the swordsman. Two swords met rapidly, the other one used strength to damage the player while the raven-haired boy used precision and aimed right where it hurts. The two flinched and was thrown away from each others as Crozeph slashed from it's shoulder up to its face but also feeling the pain of getting stabbed at the right shoulder. The undead swordsman writhed in pain as it rolled towards the river while Crozeph tried to get to his knees. Baldur will come to help and it seems the help he thought will be needed right now. The river waters began to move and it was followed by a growl "Baldur..." Crozeph brushed his hair up and tried to contain the excitement of fighting another mob "...do we all need help? I'm guessing I am but it's up to you to do it" Crozeph eyed the new mob that emerged out of the water. A towering minotaur with a torn away flesh on the cheek appeared and roared. With two players against an undead warrior and nine feet creature Crozeph chuckled and waved at Baldur "fair numbers, but is the fight fair?" he asked. Battle Results BD: 8 || MD: 8 Crozeph HP: 244/280 || Energy 24/28 9 damage Undead swordsman HP: 51/10 30 damage - 12 mitigation = 18 damage New Enemy appeared! Rotting Minotaur 250/250 45 damage || no mitigation
  4. Crozeph watched and chuckled as he saw the Ent flail violently as its arms got cut off "oh please, you're surrounded by nature..." Crozeph stood up and coughed "just regenerate it back" he told the Ent while sheathing his katana. The cry of the Ent subsided a little and replaced by a growl at Crozeph. The raven-haired boy continued to coughed after the attack earlier and knew that the attack was not a simple one from a forest creature. Crozeph then charged at the creature who did the same. Both are eager to kill each other, but the reasons for the mob is unknown. As Crozeph dashed towards his enemy, he thought of what skill to use to completely put his enemy at a disadvantage. "I have to stun it so I can still deal an extra attack" he thought. The Ent quickly lunged at Crozeph but the boy saw where the Ent would slam itself and safely roll away. Crozeph then quickly stood up and made his way to the Ent "what sword art to use?" he asked himself as he closes the distance on the Ent who lost balance after lunging at him. "Now, I gotta use my most powerful but not yet mastered sword art" he said. Crozeph reached the Ent just in time for it to turn to him "too slow, too bad" Crozeph slashed at the face of the Ent and and moved in closer fast enough "go to hell!" he then clenched his fist and punched the Ent at the face. The Ent lost a few of its balance before it could retaliate but Crozeph was eager to cut the creature and end its life so he doesn't have to deal with it much longer. The Ent raised its left arm, ready to sweep Crozeph "oh no you don't..." Crozeph slashed at the Ent and moved fast enough to avoid its left arm "this is..." Crozeph stood still after moving away "...Ra Setsu" he uttered. The Ent was stunned and Crozeph knew that this is much more greater of a disadvantage for him to launch another attack. Battle result: [ID: 87924] BD: 8 || MD: 3 Crozeph 220/280 || 13/28 (9 base dmg) (6 sword art) = 54 dmg Ent 46/140
  5. The Ent moved slowly but each step covered a few decent feet. It has arms long enough to reach anyone before they could get a good distance to attack. Crozeph saw that disadvantage and it was obvious. "I guess I'll have to resort on long-ranged slashes" Crozeph said as he watched the Ent close in to him. Crozeph placed his left foot forward and placed his left hand on the hilt of Bleeding Dove, read to smite the creature and try to gain advantage of the open field where he is at. "Closer..." he whispered. The Ent raised its right arm, it is going to reach for Crozeph as soon as the distance is at its arm's length. Crozeph clearly saw the tactic and he knew that he better make the first attack as quick as lightning to give him time to block or at least dodge the attack of the Ent. The distance closed into four feet and the Ent let out a loud roar as its raised right arm began making its crash at Crozeph "not gonna let you have all the fun" Crozeph pulled out his sword and began using his favorite attack ever since he found out and learned about sword arts. A precise and quick attack, single but deadly "sword art: Tsuji Kaze" The Ent slammed its arm to Crozeph who quickly drew his katana slashing at the arm and cutting through it up to the Ent's chest. Crozeph then let out a roar in response to the Ent and both his attack and the Ent reached each other. The creature let out a loud cry as its right arm flew away while Crozeph was pushed back so strong he rolled a couple of times trampling the flowers around them. As the Ent continued is outburst of pain, Crozeph stood up and laughed "I just pruned you and you're all tantrums and stuff!" he yelled and placed his left hand on the katana he sheathed quickly "let's go and try another clash, I missed this adrenaline feeling." battle result: [ID: 87923] BD: 10 || MD: 7 Crozeph HP: 250/280 || Energy: 24/28 (9 base dmg + 2 critical) (1x4 sword art) = 44 Ent HP: 100/140 dmg: 48 - 12 mit = 30
  6. The placed looked dimmer as the tall trees just a few feet away from Crozeph covered the sunlight. It was serene and peaceful but Crozeph never enjoyed too quiet places. He began making his way to where open fields might be and tried to gain advantage of having open spaces. As he tried to find the end of the thick forest, Crozeph stumbled upon something which he suspected is a material. He eyed the stump on the ground and deduced whether there might be materials or not. What culd go wrong if he tries to destroy the stump and dig beneath. He might just use one of his lucky cookies figuratively and find another material to make things easier. Crozeph unsheathed his katana and prepared to destroy the stump, samurai style. Crozeph's sharp eyes are fixated on the stump, he knew and always knew that swordsmanship requires a well-trained hand-eye coordination...no blinking in the moment you slash at something or at someone. With one quick slash, the stump shattered and turned into fragments. A hole was revealed after it but to Crozeph's annoyance, there was no sign that a material can be gathered. He sheathed his katana and scratched his forehead "now where can I find another quick, wild animals are not fun when they're trying to sne..." Crozeph stood still, he knew someone or something entered his perimeter and it could only mean an intruder. Crozeph turned his head slowly and saw a tall tree-like creature approaching. It was a few feet taller than Crozeph and arms reaching down to its knees. The creature was like a human cursed and was turned into a living and walking tree. Unfortunately, Crozeph had to deal with this mob before he could go back to searching for materials. The creature raised its both arms and began walking towards Crozeph "now you're walking, later you'll be dead." Ent HP: 140/140 || damage: 48
  7. Bright lights, they mean little to Crozeph. Not that he didn't enjoy any of what's happening but he could at least try to observe everyone around him. Crozeph walked a few steps around the festival, trying to gain a vantage point where he could see most people. His attention was first caught by a man who calls himself Ryo. CRozeph slowed down walking and listened as he watched him talk to a violet-haired woman which turned out good so far. The guy was courteous with a bit of confidence in his words "wow didn't see that coming" he thought which was followed by a chuckle before taking a few steps away from the two "better leave the guy to his craft" he said to himself. The raven-haired boy continued to walked around, his hood covering his head and his coat buttoned. He was not much of a person who engages in conversations first but Crozeph tries his best not to be too much of an aloof guy to a lot of persons. Croeph eyed the booth where players try to shoot targets with some makeshift gun with a cork for a bullet. All using their accuracy to hit and gain prizes. Crozeph just watched and stood a few feet away from the booth. He didn't have col but using something to improve accuracy was something that crossed his mind. "well I'm completely broke" he said to himself before pulling his hood. As he continued to watch, a familiar face was seen also trying to take part on the game that is going on. "well if it isn't the Ariel..." Crozeph looked around "...that Pumba or Simba lion might just be around" he thought as his eyes darted left and right. Ariel's familiar had taken a little liking to him and licks his face and hair. Crozeph kept his head down and hoping that the cub won't use its innate tracking skills and sense him "I could at least enjoy the fireworks to lessen the nervousness" he added.
  8. The raven-haired boy chuckled as he gave thought of three more materials to find and then he can return to Zackariah. Crozeph never liked the idea of staying out late in the forest, roaming and gathering materials. "Player killers are still roaming around like the animals or mobs here" he thought as he looked around the circle of trees where he found the previous material. Crozeph has already met a decent amount of player killers, two actually. Even with the same status of being a player killer, they were opposite beings in the eyes of the crow. One was cocky and has the swagger enough to make Crozeph laugh and the other "an emotionally unstable, dagger wielding, pink filled person" he uttered as he remembered the days he was roaming around. Who would've thought that he'd still be alive after meeting them. "I could've been killed..." Crozeph rubbed his chin "...Mari would skewer me if she was in the mood and if we ever cross paths again" he thought. It was different with the Daeron, he was more like a warrior who fought many battles and brags it. Crozeph could remember facing powerful mobs with the player killer who was confident that he'll win "it was different for me, it was a death wish for the crow" he shook his head at disbelief. As he stood still and reminisced about his days, a pungent smell caught his attention again "there's another one here" he thought. Crozeph climb up the tree behind him where the material was found earlier. As he made his way up, Crozeph it. another one of the same material was there. Without hesitation, Crozeph made his way to the other material and grabbed it "lucky enough to find two materials at the same place" he said to himself. [ID: 87920] LD: 20 1 material found 3/5 quest materials found
  9. The next area was completely quiet, deafening that Crozeph didn't like how it sounded quiet. As he continued to walk into the deeper part of the forest, he mused to himself how things would be a lot easier if he had enhancements for looking. To his dismay, Crozeph really wasn't in the mood to have those kinds of skill or acquired them as top priority. The place was already getting a little damp "there must be a stream or river nearby..." Crozeph looked around him "...or maybe the ground is meant to be like this" he thought. It was getting a little boring with the whole search for materials thing, if it wasn't for the rewards that he'll reap he wouldn't be bothering about looking for materials. As the minutes pass by while he walked, a strange smell caught his attention. It was different from the scents he has been picking up and Crozeph knew that something was not amiss. He quickly looked around, not on the ground but on the trees around him. There was something, something that he can find as a material. It didn't take that long for Crozeph to find what he's trying to find with a scent to start with. Crozeph eagerly climbed the tree and saw a nest, a giant nest and inside it a material that Zackariah might be able to use "looks like I'll be taking this one, hope nobody's home" he said as he quickly picked up the material and jumped down from the tree. [87919] LD: 16 = 1 quest material found 2/5 materials acquired
  10. The undead swordsman stood up, maybe shocked at what just hit it. Crozeph stood still, trying to sort things out of what he heard. He haven't heard news about the frontlines and he doesn't know if he would join, it all seemed...empty. The swordsman shook it's head violently and eyed Crozeph again, thinking that this time it will not miss or fail. Crozeph knew things wouldn't be so good for him if he kept on spacing out with the enemy before him "what to do?" he asked himself. THe raven-haired boy could only think of opening his shop for players again. It was the only help he could do for now. He had no col or materials to start making weapons or equipment again plus he couldn't help himself on some quests. The swordsman on the other hand is walking towards the player, ready to strike swiftly if needed. It raised its sword and began running towards Crozeph, killing intent can be clearly felt. As Crozeph stood still and his eyes looking aimlessly at the swordsman, a party request popped out in front of him and from it was? it was from someone Crozeph really knew. "Baldur, that's weird" he thought "Baldur's the type who doesn't enjoy the gloominess of some floors, why would he be here?" Crozeph raised his hand and pushed the accept button, maybe the guy will find him somewhere if he was to join his Baldur's party. The swordsman closed in, raised its sword and swung down on Crozeph who then quickly unstrapped his katana after pressing the accept button and used his weapon to block the sword. It was blunder of an attack, Crozeph was not the kind of player who would block attacks, he couldn't mitigate damage. The sword sunk into his right shoulder and made him wince "let the blade sink into the flesh, shields are for those who wants to feel strong!" Crozeph knew that he wouldn't be able to retaliate and resorted to gaining some distance from the mob. With a burst of strength, Crozeph raised his katana pulling the swordsman's sword away from his shoulder and kicked it. The swordsman wasn't pushed back by the kick but Crozeph rolled away "now come find me old friend, I just have to deal with this one." battle result: [ID:87855] BD: 5 || MD: 6 Crozeph HP: 262/280 || Energy: 24/28 Undead Swordsman HP: 60/100 30 dmg - 12 mit = 18 dmg
  11. Turning his head left and right was all he could do at the moment, he wasn't planning on wasting his energy running around but only to keep his eyes sharp. Crozeph walked around the field just before the flower patch. There are butterflies and bees hovering on the flowers and Crozeph admired the hard work being seen from them. After a few seconds Crozeph turned around and resumed material gathering. He gazed at the giant rocks and one boulder that had a crack on the side and a gash on the other like someone with hard nails scratched on it. Crozeph moved in but cautious he knew something happened earlier at that place. He examined the crack and the scratches "probably some player versus mob or a territorial dispute on mobs" He thought as he drew out his katana "but I kinda have a feeling this has something" Crozeph quickly slashed at the boulder shattering it completely. Shards flew and the boulder disappeared and Crozeph saw a material in front of him "well I'll be damned, after many attempts" Crozeph picked up the material and placed it as his inventory. He then sheathed his katana and let out a sigh of relief "one down, four to go." LD: 14 [ID: 87732] 1 quest material found
  12. Calm as he can be, Crozeph sat down on a boulder and tried to rethink of what to do. The Town of Beginnings is stil visible from afar and Crozeph knew that everything is still fine, while it also offers him little chance of obtaining materials. "I don't want to stay here until sunset, I've got to wrap this up quicker than I plan to" he then scratched his head and stood up, turning over the thoughts of going much more deeper to the forest for better chance of getting materials. "Ok this is now or no materials at all" Crozeph pulled his hood and began to dash into the forest. Birds flew up as a sudden appearance of Crozeph running into the forest and upsetting the peace. Crozeph had to make a much more risky decision on where to look and the first one he eyed is a path of flowers with some other plant beneath it "please be kind to me and give me what I need" he told the flowers. Crozeph pulled out a couple of flowers big enough for him to start digging and tilling the ground. A few minutes later, Crozeph still found nothing and sighed before standing up "not today" he muttered again. LD: 7 [87730] no materials found
  13. The tall trees shielded Crozeph from the heat of the sun, although he hasn't heard of someone dying of heatstroke. It was irritating for him to be exposed to the sun that's why he chose to open shop at floor 10 where all the places are warmth by the lantern. As Crozeph continued to walk, he began listing what he would do once he gets his quest done. "It feels like there's a new system update, like who would update this game that'll kill anyone" he thought to himself. Crozeph had a gut feeling that a lot of players have gotten stronger than him already and he can only think of a system update as a pathetic reason he can't keep up. A few minutes passed away but Crozeph couldn't find a good spot on where to find materials. Maybe he is searching for the wrong place but other than that, he's just not that lucky today "not today" he mumbled. Crozeph tried to dig something from under a soft spot in a soil beside the rock and found nothing and then he proceeded to destroy the rock beside him and still find nothing. "I need to find a better spot and not get lost at the same time" Crozeph then continued walking deeper to the forest and hoped to find materials to give to Zackariah and get on with his other agendas. LD: 5 [87723] no materials found
  14. [The following events happened after Crozeph finished the quest <The First Lesson is Free>] The place was always damp and cold, a difference so great that only one person can even not notice, Crozeph. He sat fifteen feet away from the Stygian River, his katana resting on his shoulder and watches as two players tried to fight off some kind of armored swordsman. The fight was far from amusing and Crozeph watched as one of the players stumble down and tried to get back up quickly. After a few minutes of one hell of a boring fight, the two players scrammed like demented patients away from the undead swordsman who emerged on the river "remind me to never take a bath in river..." Crozeph looked at the enemy from afar "...don't wanna end up like that swordsman's cabagge rotten face" he uttered with a little disgust. Crozeph has been sitting there for almost two hours. His coat was unbuttoned but the hood still covered his head. He was not in the mood to help or fight but he was more than edgy once someone tried to provoke him. A few days ago after finishing a quest on floor one, Crozeph has been gathering information and eavesdropping on other players as they talked about the current status of Aincrad. Some were already living the virtual life while others are still trying to get to the top floor and finish this farce that they've gotten into...Crozeph included. As he listened to the tales told of how some floors have been opened successfully by other players, Crozeph couldn't help but feel the excitement of trying to join the frontlines. He could still remember when He was able to help a little on opening floor eleven with Mari, Shark, and Rebekah. That was one historical moment for him and all that was when he is part of a guild, Square One. It didn't take long until someone mentioned the name Azide who joined the frontlines and fought a boss enemy named Rohk. Crzeph nodded in approval of what he heard "yeah that's the Azide I know" he told himself. The person was someone whom Crozeph respected even though Azide was on the lower level players when they met "his atom slicer sword and respectable attitude, no surprise he would be there" he thought. Oikawa was there too and lots of strong players, Crozeph could imagine how great the battle was. The story went on and the next thing that Crozeph heard was the AoE attack of the boss killed someone, his friend. Crozeph was frozen for a moment and tried to pull himself together before he could lose his calm and reserved nature. He then walked out of the place and returned to floor ten in his shop. Crozeph watched as the undead swordsman swung its sword as if showing its sword skills or demonstrating something "I wonder what could've happened if I was there?" he asked. The boss battle seem to involve lots of players but still there were casualties. The undead swordsman then turned its head towards Crozeph "I'm not in the mood" he uttered even though the enemy is 12 feet away from him. The swordsman continued to approach him but Crozeph sat still, his eyes examining the the swordsman. Azide was respected well by Crozeph and knew that the guy would be someone significant for the frontlines. Well he was and died with that significance, Crozeph couldn't help it. Back then the two of them could've face Yamata No Orochi and Azide missed the chance but Crozeph lived. Azide on the other hand was able to join to fight Rohk and Crozeph missed the chance "why didn't we get the same outcome?" Crozeph thought. Azide could've lived, if he was there to support him. "Tom died and now Azide..." Crozeph stood up, the swordsman closing in a few feet away to his position "...such tragedy happened again" the swordsman raised its sword to attack Crozeph but he glared at the undead swordsman "I said..." Crozeph drew his katana so fast "...I'm not in the mood" a stream of red light followed by a white one met the swordsman as it lowered its sword to sink it at Crozeph's head. Crozeph however was one who values precision in his attacks, the strength of Crozeph's attack was strong that it went right through the face of the swordsman sending it back a few feet. Crozeph sheathe his katana as he uttered a skill he used "Sword Art : Tsuji Kaze" he calmly said. battle status [ID: 87727] BD: 9 || MD: 4 Crozeph HP: 280/280 || energy: 24/28 (9 damage + 1 critical) x (1 x 4 sword art)= 40 damage Undead Swordsman HP: 60/100 attack missed
  15. As Crozeph continued to search for materials he noticed pile of woods from afar "that one might have something" Crozeph thought as he began making his way towards where the pile are. Crozeph jumped from one boulder to another upwards. It was risky, some of them were smeared with moss and some are wet from the moist of the morning dew. Crozeph couldn't help it, he needed to find materials for his quest and he can't just be complacent or lazy about it that he's not taking any risk, even danger might come his way for all he knows. Crozeph reached the pile after a few minutes and began grabbing one piece of wood to another and tossed it away, not knowing whether he would hit someone with it. He was too focused on trying to find something under the pile and minutes passed by but Crozeph only saw the remains of another tree "must've been struck by lightning eh?" Crozeph then stood up and thought hard, where could he find another place. He only needed five and then he can go back to Zackariah and receive his rewards, that is if there is nothing else to do. Crozeph tried examining the area, he didn't have the search or gatherer skills but he was planning to get the skills "they might come in handy but I guess not today" he said to himself. He made his way down after a few minutes of standing by and reach the path where he was a while ago "this might take a while." LD: 8 [ID:87722] no materials found