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  1. Gambit

    Items for a upstart (Gambit)

    Claiming this stuff! Thanks uwu
  2. Gambit

    [PP-F2] Rosen Blaze

    Hopeless. Utterly hopeless. How was he supposed to level up like this, anyway? All these quests were dangerous - and they were all the same, too. Go here, find this, kill that. Get a reward. Yip-yip-hurray, you're another level higher. Yay. They were all so goddamn boring! Where was all of the variety? The quests without some sort of world-ending boss monster lurking around the corner? The people that made these washed up missions were all burnt out nobodies, it was the truth. Gambit practically pouted. Standing alone in front of this massive bulletin board of requests, the boy looked more than out of place in the bustling city. But mostly because he looked... confused. Like he wasn't quite sure what he was doing. And to be honest, he didn't. He'd spent the part of the past two or so years picking and selling plants for cash. He'd quite literally been living under a rock - but it was more of a dugout, actually. A den? And with all the extra money he got, he made it look a lot nicer than what it was. Comparitively. Like a crappy apartment. Complain as he would, it'd get him nowhere - most of these were out of his league. The Lessons quest caught his eye, but after a moment of brief deliberation he dismissed the idea. Too boring. He knew how all the mechanics of the game worked already, he didn't need to learn them again. Plus, he wasn't in the mood to burn a couple of hours running around doing errands. It didn't help that his... issue with combat had stayed with him. "I've got fist fungus," he murmured sagely, stroking his chin. But would the salve be enough to beat up a monster? He doubted it. Compared to your typical hot weeb, Gambit didn't strike a terribly flashy appearance. His smile wasn't dazzling - it was goofy and lopsided. His green eyes and black hair were the most appealing things about him, but his locks were shaggy and his eyes pale, lacking saturation. Plus, he was short. Not like, a midget, but short enough for it to be noticeable. Why the hell were most guys around here giants? And since when were sweaty fantasy nerds all so attractive-?
  3. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    And then he stopped thinking, because his intense smolder had attracted the attention of the shambling circus freak. Before Gambit could come to terms with just what he was willing to trade for this elusive trinket (he was supposed to be saving that for someone special), a lazy swipe from the hash slinging slasher brought him back to his sense. "AH!" Practically cartwheeling away from it as if gymnastics would save him, Gambit would retreat to his safe space behind the purple-haired warrior. As long as he was behind the big ass scythe she liked to swing around like the most lethal pool noodle, he was sure he would be fine. After all, if he couldn't count on that much, what could he? Again, the boy was reminded that joining an event so combat-oriented might not have been the brightest idea he'd had in awhile. Putting on a sudden burst of speed, the undead creature managed to slink past her defenses and get a good hit in, fortunately to little effect. Action Taken: None Zombie 27: ID#150332 MD: 10 (Crit+2) ~ 15+2= 17-9= 8 DMG [H:0] Arabelle: 452/460 HP | 25/46 EN | 14 DMG | 9 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA [H:0] Gambit: 20/20 HP | 2/2 EN | 45 MIT | 9 Thorns | 10 Regen Zombie 22: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 24: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 26: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 27: 50/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT
  4. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    It did come as a bit of a surprise when Arabelle told him that she would not be getting him that trinket for free. "A price?" Gambit asked. He wasn't really used to seeing pricetags on anything, even though the currency of the game probably wasn't equivalent to yen in Japan. Still, his wallet was empty, and if Arabelle wanted money then she was going to be sore out of luck. A part of him told him to keep his mouth shut about it, but that felt too much like he'd be cheating her out of her expectations. So instead, he was honest. Until she went on to say that she wasn't interested in col or items. She told him that she could easily grind those things herself - something that, seeing her fight, Gambit believed - and that she would leave it up to him to decide what to give her. He fell silent, thinking. Action Taken: None Zombie 22: ID#129149 MD: 6-2= 4 (Miss!) Zombie 24: ID#129150 MDl 3-2= 1 (Miss!) [H:0/0] Arabelle: 460/460 HP | 36/46 EN | 14 DMG | 9 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA [H:0/0] Gambit: 20/20 HP | 2/2 EN | 45 MIT | 9 Thorns | 10 Regen Zombie 22: 50/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 23: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT [DEAD] Zombie 24: 50/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 25: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT [DEAD]
  5. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    "Th-thank you! I'll stand behind you!" A normal person might have been embarrased by so easily accepting protection from a girl who was way smaller than him. But Gambit was by no means a normal person, and these were by no means normal cirumcstances. To top it off, he didn't really understand the whole man-woman dynamic thing. Everyone was pretty much the same to Gambit, as far as gender went. People were people. It was good that he was making progress, even if he had to rely on other people to help. He was going his own way - and, step by step, he was getting closer and closer to achieving his goal. He needed to know; he needed to help, and he needed to figure out how to get everyone out of the mess that was SAO. They'd been trapped inside this game for too long, and their progress was coming undone much too quickly.
  6. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    Gambit could hardly contain his laughter after seeing the look on Arabelle's face. For all his investigatory work, he couldn't figure out why this item was still here, or what its use was. So it was useless. Palming the creamy giblet in one hand, Gambit hurled the succulent rot over his shoulder, where it probably exploded into a smear or something behind him. Sooner than he'd expected, the two would arrive at the concession stand. In the midst of all the fighting, Gambit had half-forgotten it had even existed. He frowned as he looked it over. Unfortunately for him, Gambit hadn't bought his ticket on time - which meant no freebies for him. It looked like if he would want anything decent, he was going to have to fight for it. Only thing was, Gambit really couldn't fight for himself. "Well, actually, I kinda wanna go back out too," he admitted, "I want that healing item." Gambit walked up to stand beside her. "I can't really fight or anything, and I don't have the Energy to heal right now, so I'm sort of useless. But that item could help me help people, you know?" The boy said it with honest sincerity; there was no hint of greed in his voice, nothing there to imply he was in it for personal gain. He was being truthful, wholly and completely. He wanted to help people.
  7. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    Schlap. The gooey bit of zombie flesh landed on his chest with a slight thwapping sound, where it stuck to his armor, slowly sliding down the metal plates. Gambit seemed, at first, confused by Arabelle's reaction and also completely enamored by the squishy chunk of rotten flesh. He peeled the item off his torso, pinching it between two fingers. The meat seemed to drip some sort of unidentifiable liquid... and it smelled absolutely horrible, like rotten eggs and fish. Gambit brought his hand to his chin, squinting, deep in thought. He turned the flesh around to give it a good look over. And then... slowly, he brought it towards his mouth. Like he was considering eating it. Only, he stopped just before he did. He grinned widely, glancing at Arabelle to see if he'd gotten some sort of reaction from the girl who'd been so freaked out by the piece's appearance.
  8. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    "Almost too convenient," Gambit admitted, his sheepish smile betraying his play-it-cool act he'd been working on maintaining. He was not at all used to talking to people, let alone being alone with them. However, Gambit had a general air of kindness around him that was easy to mistake for extroversion. Shy and outspoken; a healthy mixture of two parallels. Gambit rushed forward, reaching for the girl's shoulder. But he stopped, pulling back his hand like he was flinching. Then he pushed forward again, only to stop once more. "You've, uh. Got zombie giblets. On your shoulder." He wasn't too sure how the moldy flesh had remained after the host was destroyed. Maybe it was a special type of item! "Do you mind if I take it-?" He hesitated. "Unless you want it, or something. You killed all of them, after all. I-" Gambit stopped himself. He was rambling. "You're really strong," he said.
  9. "Potion Seller," Gambit proclaimed, striding confidently into Ded Wrath & Beyond, "I am going into battle and I require only your finest potions." What's with the name of this place, anyway? Sounds pretty spooky for a place that sells... herbs and stuff. It looked super cozy for such an ominous sounding store, too! There were like, candles and stuff. Yeah, that's the stuff. Filling out the forms he was provided with, Gambit let out a small, nervous laugh. "I, uh... I get beat up a lot. So I need to have stuff that like... uh. Keeps me from not being alive. You dig?" Gambit would finish, send the first form, and then move onto the second. "Oh, and poison. I'm gonna smear it on my fists so I can break a rock easier." Name: [Your Choice Brodde] Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 1 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Salve Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Toxic Venom Description: [Leavin' it up to Dunkers that's you Dederick you're Dunkers] Post Link: [Leave Blank] then i need five of these: Name: [Your Choice Brodde] Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 1 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Salve Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: HP Recovery Description: [Leavin' it up to Dunkers that's you Dederick you're Dunkers] Post Link: [Leave Blank]
  10. Gambit

    leave me alone

    done and done! @Pinball
  11. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    Gambit was surprised she wasn't getting antsy after downing what felt like an entire ocean's worth of energy drinks. Yes, he was still on the energy drinks. It was seriously baffling - but, of course, it was times like these that Gambit somehow managed to forget that this wasn't at all like their world. You didn't truly get hungry or thirsty in the game - the feelings were simulated, and, by technicality, that meant you couldn't get full either. You could inhale as much crap as you felt like with no negligible side effects. In fact, from what Gambit heard, that's actually how the Frontliners prepared for their boss fights. No wonder they were all as lazy as pigs. All they did was eat, sleep, fight (occassionally), and then eat some more. On the flip side, Arabelle was a whirling dervish. She slaughtered another group of zombies - but this time, the straggler was at full health. That meant problems. Gambit kept his distance as it shambled towards Arabelle for an attack. Action Taken: None Zombie 21: ID#128795 MD: 3-2= 1 (Miss!) [H:0] Arabelle: 459/460 HP | 5/46 EN | 14 DMG | 9 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA [H:0] Gambit: 20/20 HP | 1/2 EN | 45 MIT | 9 Thorns | 10 Regen Zombie 18: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT [DEAD] Zombie 19: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT [DEAD] Zombie 20: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT [DEAD] Zombie 21: 50/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Special: Deals 20 DMG on a 9 or 10 If the Zombie would be killed by a weapon or defensive ability, and the LD is equal to or higher than 15, the Zombie is instead reduced to 1HP. This ability is ignored if the attack that reduced it 0 was a critical hit or the weapon/armor used has the holy or holy blessing enhancement. Zombies Killed: 20 Consumables Used: 1 Critical Failures: 1
  12. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    Only hit the ones that looked half dead? Easily enough! Wait, no. They all looked more than half dead. Arabelle quickly clarified, but Gambit had already pieced together her meaning. As the scythe girl went to work, Gambit was looking out for the straggler; the one that held onto dear life - or whatever it is they had that was similar to it, as far as zombie mobs went - for no reason. Gambit kind of felt sorry for them, in a way. But he felt sad for most mobs. They were literally created to die, and though he knew that they didn't have any emotion or any sort of thinking like him, it was the humanoid monsters that really made Gambit do a double take. It felt too real, sometimes, maybe? Gambit was and never had been much of a fighter, and he didn't actually want to start now. But fighting was a way of life now, and there would be no avoiding it. Gambit brought his hand across the zombie's cheek, slapping the ever-loving hell out of it. It stumbled to the right, falling over and dying. Action Taken: Basic Attack [-1 EN/+1 EN] Zombie 17: ID#128714 BD: 8 (Hit!) ~ 1 DMG [H:1] Arabelle: 459/460 HP | 16/46 EN | 14 DMG | 9 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA ~~ [H:0] Gambit: 20/20 HP | 1/2 EN | 45 MIT | 9 Thorns | 10 Regen Zombie 14: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 15: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 16: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 17: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombies Killed: 17 Consumables Used: 1 Critical Failures: 1
  13. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    In what felt like - but what surely wasn't - an instant, the zombies were on them. Up close and personal, Arabelle threw herself to her feet, wielding her scythe with renewed vigor. It must have been all of the Monster Energy Drinks. Imbued with the strength of only the most powerful wall punchers, Arabelle swung, literally (except not literally) trampling her opponents, grinding them into fine powder. Or really, just well defined rectangles and stuff. They exploded, like monsters do in SAO. That's just what happened. No more fancy words. Fancy words not good for Gambit. Ooga booga. One of them was a straggler, and already Gambit was having flashbacks. It stumbled forward, its hand on its stomach, trying to stop the flow of blood or guts or whatever it was that was threatening to push its way out. Its teeth black and yellow and bared, it snapped and gashed and tried to take a swing at Arabelle that, one way or another, wouldn't reach its target. Gambit stayed behind her, like he had been for a while now. Safe and sound. Action Taken: None Zombie 14: ID#128706 MD: 3-2= 1 (Miss!) [H:0] Arabelle: 459/460 HP | 29/46 EN | 14 DMG | 9 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA [H:0] Gambit: 20/20 HP | 2/2 EN | 45 MIT | 9 Thorns | 10 Regen Zombie 11: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 12: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 13: 0/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombie 14: 50/50 HP | 15 DMG | 10 MIT Zombies Killed: 13 Consumables Used: 1 Critical Failures: 1
  14. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    It was probably somewhere around the fourth energy drink uncapped, downed, and promptly discarded that Gambit started to seriously question his choice of company. The small, purple-haired girl suddenly looked a lot less cute and a lot more like her name was Kyle with every can she emptied. And even still she continued. "Uh, are you sure you should be drinking that ma-" Crack. Another energy can would open, and Gambit would find himself quickly retreating into silence. "Hm." After she hit finished chugging the last of her energy drink, Gambit wouldn't really follow up on the conversation anymore. He averted his eyes, instead looking across and away from her. "Another group of zombies are coming," he murmured softly, lifting his pointer finger and then lowering it. The teenager needed some time to mull things over. He'd seen things he thought he'd ever have to see. Things he never would have wanted to see, if he was given the option. These were dark times in Aincrad.
  15. Gambit

    [EV-F1] An Unexpected Affair

    The look on Gambit's face only really meant one thing: he was shocked. Absolutely and utterly shocked. As the zombie that had been standing in front of him just moments before burst into a cloud of digital fragments made tangible, Gambit's shaky hands shot back down, attaching themselves to his side. He walked - no, waddled? - a bit backwards, before looping around when Arabelle called out to him. "Yeah!" Gambit laughed sheepishly. Then, much quieter, "Yeah... for sure." He coughed loudly into his sleeve before quickly deciding to change the subject. "So, uh, anyway. These zombies. Where'd they come from, do you know? I've only been here for a little bit, and at first they looked kinda cool. Then I started getting chased, and, uh, well. That wasn't so cool." Gambit talked a lot more than some people, so he quieted down, not wanting to sound too annoying. He was only recently interacting with people, so maybe it was easy to come off as excitable. He'd been shot down for it before.