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  1. Gambit

    [SP-F2] <<Breaking the Unbreakable>>

    WHAM! Gambit's fist landed hard, producing a noise that worried Gambit more for his fist then for the rock's durability. "Jesus!" Gambit exclaims, checking his fist, finding tiny pixelated scratches on his knuckles. It hadn't effected his HP bar, so he assumed it was just what happens if you repeatedly slam your fist into a rock. Not too different from real life, except in reall life it would have hurt a lot worse. He took a step back from the rock, happy he was determined enough to keep going, and happy with his luck so far. Before going back to the rock for another swing, he stole a glance at the sun, which from the colors in the sky he guessed was setting. "One day I'll watch that sunset from a nicer view," he muttered, looking back to the rock. "Back to business!" ID#: 73747 Battle: 9 [Critical Success] (+1 DMG) Rock: 47/50 (-2)
  2. Gambit

    [SP-F2] <<Breaking the Unbreakable>>

    This time, Gambit's punch landed, doing damage to the rock. "Woohoo!" he yelled, throwing his fists in the air. There wasn't any noticeable damage done to the rock, and he certainly had his work cut out for him if he meant to break the rock, but he was excited nonetheless. He decided that after he got the Martial Arts skill he would try out fighting against a live opponent. It was a stretch from what he was used to, seeing as he had spent a considerable amount of time hiding in the starting city, but he felt it was necessary if he was going to grow as a player. "Alright, Johnny boy," he says, patting the rock, " let's do this one more time." He stepped back, fist raised, wondering if he'll be able to land another punch on the massive boulder. ID # 73746 Battle: 6 [Hit] Rock: 49/50 (-1)
  3. Gambit

    [SP-F2] <<Breaking the Unbreakable>>

    Gambit threw a punch at the Boulder, yelling "Mama rock me!" much louder then necessary for one in the mountains.. ID#: 73173 Battle: 2 (Fail) Rock: 50/50 (-0) And his fist slid off to the side of the rock, doing nothing to the rock itself but leaving Gambit embarrassed, despite nobody being around to witness his failure. He checks his fist for any marks, but finds none. He suddenly became interested if he could potentially hurt himself while punching the rock, and decided that he would probably find out soon enough. He stands straight and brushes his pants off, checking the area to make sure nobody was watching. After confirming that nobody was around, he turns back to the Boulder. "Our relationship isn't going to be a good one, is it?" He pats the rock before taking a step back, mentally preparing himself for another failure. "One more time," he says, and winds up another punch.
  4. Gambit had heard people talking about a quest that grants the Martial Arts skill for those who are able to break a boulder with their fists. He figured if he could destroy the boulder he would be getting both an extra skill and a better understanding of how the game's combat system functions. He hadn't fought any boars yet for fear of dying to one, and his greatest fear so far was being the guy that got killed by a mob the equivalent of a Slime in any other RPG. This fear held him back from leveling up, he knew, so he thought that a boulder would make the perfect opponent for him. Finding the rumored hut that the quest giver lived in was easy, though the climb up the mountain itself was tiring. An NPC jumped out and painted whiskers on his face, telling him he couldn't remove it until he destroyed the rock using his fists. "It's huge," Gambit said aloud, suddenly doubting his ability to even put a crack in the rock. He sighed, rolled his head, and stepped up to the rock, knowing he would have to get this done sooner or later if he didn't want to face actual enemies. "Let's get er done," he says, cracking his knuckles as he prepares to throw a punch.
  5. Gambit

    [F02] «Breaking the Unbreakable»

    Let's get er done! That was me accepting the quest. I don't have any clever rock puns.
  6. Gambit

    [OP-NK-F1] It's dangerous to go alone...

    Gambit nodded, acknowledging his stature. He didn't know much about guilds, but @Beatbox seemed to be quite experienced if he was that high up. He was also impressed by the confidence with which he spoke and held himself, a trait many aren't able to boast. He was surprised then when a fox poked it's head from around Beatbox's neck, sniffing at Gambit. Chuckling, he pointed at the fox and said "I don't know exactly what it's capable of, but I'm sure it could kill me if it felt like it." He looked back to Beatbox now, nervous laughter and all, not sure whether to be worried or interested in the small fox. "But yeah, I was just going to try to take out a few boars, preferably not dying in the process. Never going to catch up if I can't do that." He touched the pommel of his sword, looking warily upon the mobs wandering the fields.
  7. Gambit

    [OP-NK-F1] It's dangerous to go alone...

    He was walking through the fields, trying to decide which boar he was going to go after, when he heard a voice close by. Upon hearing the voice, Gambit wheeled around to face the source, his sword raised upwards quite awkwardly. Gambit quickly located the source, a blonde youth leaning on a tree behind him. He stared at the man for a few seconds, trying to get a quick read on him. He was briefly uncertain whether or not he could be trusted, but decided that he seemed friendly enough. Lowering his sword and breaking into a sheepish grin, he replied "Actually, I was one of those players for quite some time," He says, sheathing his sword. He wouldn't need it at the moment. "I have a bit of catching up to do, huh?". He glanced at the vast amount of boars roaming the fields, scratching the back of his head. Then, looking back at @Beatbox, he offers his hand. Smiling, he adds, "Name's Gambit, by the way."
  8. Gambit scrolled through his inventory, and equipped the starter sword he hadn't examined prior. Before he knew the game was a death trap, he had been very excited. In fact, as soon as he had joined, he had immediately started exploring the starting city. He was taken by the amazing features and graphics of the game. However, when the announcement was made, Gambit ended up letting himself aimlessly wander the starting city while others moved on to fighting, too afraid to take the risk of dying. For the longest time he didn't consider leaving the city, but when he started to see guilds of players determined to beat the game, he became aware of the cowardice in his decision. That brings him to the present, where he's now somewhat motivated to make something of himself. "And if you die, at least it can't be said you didn't try," he muttered to himself, before unsheathing his sword and stepping further into the fields of Floor 1.
  9. I had just gotten my journal accepted a few days ago, and now my main problem is finding a RP partner. I'm just starting out, so I would really appreciate it if someone would RP with me. Reply or message me if interested, thanks.
  10. Gambit

    Gambit's Journal

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  11. Gambit

    Gambit's Journal

    Profile Username: Gambit Real Name: Gambit Wilson Gender: Male Age: 14 Height: 5'11" Appearance: A lanky boy, with long, shaggy dark brown hair and green eyes. History Gambit Wilson was born in the USA, and moved to Japan at age 9 when his father got a great job offering. As you would guess, moving at such a young age to a foreign country wasn't exactly the best thing for a child. Young and without friends, partially due to the language differences, Gambit preferred to spend his time in books and video games, most of which were of the fantasy genre. He spent the next year trying to learn the country's language and making friends, but when his attempts at speaking the language were met with laughter, he stopped caring about what others thought. Even when he began to speak Japanese quite well (albeit with a really bad accent) around the age of 11, he was still quite lonely. He didn't mind much at this point, anyways. Who cares how you sound? Friends come and go anyways, who needs company when you have hundreds of different worlds in games and books? He found solace in online games, where he wasn't afraid of being himself because, honestly, people don't care how you act online, and for Gambit, that was the greatest thing in the world. This social isolation went on until his Freshmen year, when SAO was released. The idea of a strange, fantasy world where he could do the very things he's always dreamed about doing appealed to Gambit. That, and the idea of creating a new self, a kind of new start to his boring, lonely life. And so, Gambit saved up and camped out so he could have the privilege of having his own copy of Sword Art Online. Personality: This isn't much of a surprise, but Gambit is a bit of a loner if left to his self. Constant loneliness affected Gambit in a strange way. Instead of depression or self pity, Gambit finds humor in his situation; he finds it humorous how alone he is. He is prone to random outbursts of seemingly unintelligible phrases... to those who aren't truly listening. He uses humor to drop major hints about himself and his beliefs, his own form of self expression. However, that doesn't mean everything he says is either a joke or a veiled revelation. His sense of humor rapidly switches between sarcasm, randomness, and witty japes, most of which are aimed at himself, with the exception of a few. He does all of this, even when he doesn't have anybody listening. A real talker. He's not shy, just lonely. Virtues: Clever: While it's hard to tell through the occasional bouts of unintelligible gibberish, Gambit is actually very clever. His vocabulary and how he speaks is excellent for his age, he's a natural strategist, a creative thinker, and the occasional serious things he says hints at an unusually deep understanding of the subconscious mind. Sincere: Gambit is a sincere person. He hates to tell a lie, the only exception would be if he were sworn to secrecy, where he would keep his promise to the best of his ability. He's not the type to act like somethings okay when it's not, or telling a lie to avoid hurting someone's feelings, he much prefers staying true to both himself and others. Generous: While seemingly only caring for himself, Gambit is truly a generous person. He willingly lends a hand to other people, and then some. He doesn't have any hidden motives, he honestly enjoys helping people for the sake of helping them. Flaws: Reckless: Gambit's careless attitude usually ends up putting him in danger. Whether he upset the wrong person or carelessly put himself in danger, he usually finds himself dealing with the unexpected results of his actions. Uncivilized: Gambit's lack of a social life affected the way he acts currently for the worse. He never learned that some of his bad habits werent acceptable because he didn't have anyone to tell him they were bad habits in the first place. Low Self-Esteem: This is the problem most people like Gambit face. He believes he's never up to standard, underestimates himself, and judges himself more harshly then he would another person. He's somewhat aware of this fault, but tends to ignore it in hopes it's not too obvious to others. Profession: Skills Non-combat: - Passive: - Combat: - Weapon skills: - One Handed Straight Sword (Rank 1) Inventory Weapons/Tools: - Iron One Handed Straight Sword - Starter Cloth Armour Roleplays