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  1. Beat had watched as the far less optimal target had been singled out, the group opting for the much more aggressive and mobile Rori rather than the seemingly defenseless support character Duares. Taking out the support as soon as possible in a group fight scenario was tactics 101 and, while Beat's instinct was the primary drive behind his combat prowess, he had learned from experience and this sort of strategy seemed to slap his experience in the face. He looked to Baldur as he called out to him in response, using enthusiasm to hide any annoyance that would have been in his voice normally, "Right!" The fortunate thing was that Rori did seem much worse for wear and so, with blood in the water and a healer still on the field, it made sense to target the weakened damage dealer. Could be worse I suppose... With a small grin through a few coughs, Beat triggered his charge skill, the boost of speed it granted once again propelling him towards his target at blinding speed, something the younger player enjoyed greatly. With a grunt of effort, Beat's spear ran wild as he executed a myriad of strikes that rang out as he riddled Rori's body with red, pixelated cuts and gashes. Action: Player Stats:
  2. Beat stretched his arms and released a loud yawn as the serenity Shield spoke of served to cause the younger player to feel drowsy, "You're not wrong. There are monsters, but it's nothing aggressive. I would think the lake probably has some aggressive monsters in it, but this is ridiculous. Finding new challenges keeps me sharp, this crap just makes me want to fall asleep." He let loose another yawn as they entered the forest, feeling to cool vapor surround and embrace him like a pleasant mist that managed to bring him back to his senses as he kept his eyes out for any signs of trouble, though he hardly expected to find any. "hm?" Beat's attention was suddenly drawn to faint whispers coming from somewhere in the fog, though he was having trouble discerning the direction they were coming from, "Do you hear that?" He said, straining his senses as the whispering voices continued. Normally, beat could have dismissed such distractions, but the odd familiarity or them bothered something in his core that he couldn't identify.
  3. "Right." Beat said in agreement with Baldur's obvious assessment of the situation. Beat was more of a feel person in the heat of battle, but it wasn't hard to decide that knocking at least one member off was a good idea. If nothing else, they would see the consequences of downing one of the members. He moved in tandem with his fellow front-liner until the older player made his move. With a swift turn on his heel, the young player changed course and his form appeared on the Elf's flank, his strongest sword art already being unleashed. Beat's form split as each attack used a different form and stance, yet each seemed to be happening in succession, but each one beginning before the previous strike had finished. "ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAAAAA!" Beat shouted as he landed each blow with his trademark level of precision. AS the technique completed, he quickly backed out of weapons range, watching the elf's health bar slowly drop, hoping it would not stop before hitting zero, "Go down you bastard..." He muttered. Passive: +1 EP Action: Dimensional Stampede vs Ratar: ID# 103486| BD: 7 + 7 - 3 = 14(Hit) | -12 EP DMG: 31 * 15 = 465 - 50 = 415
  4. Beat chuckled at @Ruby's words of encouragement as the sharpness buff gave his body a slight tingling sensation. His eyes scanned the group of elves, his gaze stopping on the smug, red eyed man. Beat had put down many players who had decided that they had to be the best and that all takers were beneath them, so arrogance was nothing new to him, but there was something about the way the elf had decided that they weren't worth his time that painted a target on his face. Beat grinned at the man as he followed the same path @Baldur had taken, his charge skill propelling his form in a curved path towards his target, "You know, I think my goal this battle will be to see how many of those red gashes I can make on that smug face of yours before that stupid smirk disappears." Closing in quickly, Beat's form distorted and seemed to multiply as his Dimensional Stampede attack riddled the elf with the end of his spear. As he attacked, his spear began to glow with a brilliant radiance that seemed to amplify the force of each strike. Ending his assault with a particularly vigorous thrust, Beat leaped back to observe his handiwork, pleased to see that the wounds on the elven man's body were now dripping red pixels, indicating that his bleed effect had triggered. "How do you like that?" Beat said, smirking back. Action: Dimensional Stampede + Charge on Ratar: ID# 103233: BD: 10 + 7 -3= 14 (Crit+2) DMG: ((31 + 5(Charge) + 2(Crit) + 4(Holy)) * 15 = 630 - 50 = 580 Damage + 24 Bleed/rnd for 2rnds
  5. Beat kept quiet about his absence, though that was about the only thing he kept quiet on. As usual, he spent the journey talking Shield's ear off, failing to leave himself time to consume his consumables. As they made it to the actual labyrinth, he slapped his forehead. "I need to eat my buffs! Hang on, big guy!" Summoning out an armful of food items, he plowed through them as quickly as he could, having several pieces of food get caught in his throat. He almost chugged his antidote salve, but caught himself at the last minute and dumped it over the top of his head. He spotted an unfamiliar player handing out food items, who of which he quickly grabbed up and gobbled down, thanking her through a mouthful of food. With his consumables finally consumed, he turned back to Shield, punching his fists together. "Right! Let's do this!" @Neopolitan Claiming One Carrots and Squash and one Turducken. Thank you! I'll definitely send food back to you once I start crafting again. :) [Battle Stats] [Equipped Gear] [Housing Bonuses] [Battle Ready Inventory] [Skills] [Consumables]
  6. Now the Satyr was the one intrigued as a wry smile creased his face as he stared back at the young player who had readily risen to his mistresses challenge, "
  7. The Satyr's final words caused Beat's brow to furrow as he started back into the yellow goat eyes of the creature, "Challenge? I wasn't aware of there would be a challenge," he said with a great deal of interest in his voice. It wasn't every day one was tested in Sword Art Online beyond combat and questing. It had been some time since he had done either, so a chance to stretch a different muscle was a welcome change and he could not hide the smile that had slowly begun to creep across his face. "Yes, my master wishes to test her own culinary might against yours," the satyr said with a wry smile at Beat's apparent interest, "of course, I doubt she expects you win." "Oh really?" Beat said, his smile looking more like the satyr's as his confidence rose, "I'm no slouch, so I wouldn't suggest she go into this thinking she's already won. I might surprise her."
  8. As soon as Beat had settled into his seat and begun to eye the satyr cautiously, the creature spoke again, in his high-growl of a voice, "So, did you bring the dish?" it said quickly. Beat nodded and opened his menu with his left hand, his fingers dancing through the air until a small marble cake appeared in front of him. The satyr stirred in his seat as he reached out of it, sliding it across the small table to himself as he eyed the dessert hungrily, "This will do!" Beat smiled at the creature's approval, but before he could respond, the satyr dug his hands into the cake and began shoveling handfuls of cake into his mouth. "Hey!" Beat shouted, reaching for the cake, but to no avail. The satyr lifted the remainder of the confection to his face and crammed the dessert into it's mouth with a wide, mocking grin aimed directly at Beat. The young player scoffed and folded his arms as he wait for the creature before him to finish chewing. Several minutes of chewing passed before the creature spoke again, smacking his lips and cleaning his fingers, "Yeah, you've got the right stuff. I wonder if you're up for the challenge."
  9. As Beat wandered inside, he was greeted by the scent of garlic and various forms of liquor as well as a small hint of honey. It was an odd mixture, but he did not find it unpleasant. In fact, Beat found himself enjoying the boisterous atmosphere and a small grin spread across his face as he made his way to the where the bar was, but before he could reach his destination, he heard someone call to him. "Beat! Over here!" said someone in a somewhat high-pitched growl. Beat's head turned and his eye widened a little at the sight of was clearly not a player. Sitting at on of the tables against the wall was a Satyr with red fur below the waist and tightly curled ebony horns. The creature stared at the young player with it's bright yellow eyes that reminded Beat of a goat. With only a slight pause of hesitation, Beat walked over and took the seat opposite of the Satyr, awaiting the creature's next words.
  10. It was an uneventful journey through the caves of the twenty-first floor to the small settlement where the teleportation pad resided. The young chef held out his arm, allowing Horus, the hayabusa falcon, to land on his arm before he shouted the name of his destination, "Floor 17!" With a flash of light and the sound of rushing water, Beat was whisked away from the dank caves and placed almost instantly at the center of the main settlement of the seventeenth floor. He admired the while marble of the Grecian themed city as he panned his eyes around for the pub of which his 'admirer' had mentioned. Sure enough, towards the south, a small but inviting pub rested in-between a clothing store and a restaurant. Beat looked to Horus who gave Beat's arm an affectionate nibble before taking off into the air, to keep his sharp eyes out for trouble. Beat simply smiled and made his way into the cozy little pub. Alright, let's find this mystery admirer.
  11. Beat woke up early the next day and made for his kitchen, though rather than turn the sign on his door from closed to open, he simply fired up his stove and began to work. He wasn't sure if he had a signature dish, but he did have favorites that he enjoyed. He started by making himself a breakfast of eggs and toast, seasoned to his liking of course, and then began going through his inventory for inspiration. His free hand stroked his chin as the other manipulated the floating menus before him as he spoke out loud to himself. "I could do booze, but it feels odd making a protein item alcoholic...I do make a lot of cheese, so that's an option..." Beat scrunched his eyes and ruffled his hair as he groaned, "uuugh I don't really have a signature!" He crossed his arms and decided to go with his favorite creation so far, the Solid Marble Cake. It was simple, delicious and Beat himself enjoyed it, which he figured was certainly part of having a signature dish. Thanks to how fast cooking was in the game, the cake took him mere minutes. He boxed the item up and stashed it in his inventory before heading out, wondering how he was suppose to recognize the person he was to meet.
  12. It was a pleasant afternoon in the caves of the 21st floor where, right next to the popular attraction of the hot springs, Beat's house resided. Part of the young player's house also functioned as his shop. It was a large kitchen with plenty of seating and a pleasant atmosphere that had some Japanese influence mixed in. Today, Beat was hard at work in his kitchen, the pleasant music playing throughout his restaurant and his form moving to the beat as he prepared several orders at once. His focus was broken by the familiar ping of a message coming into his inbox. He continued to stir a pot of beef stew as his left hand flicked through the air and his dancing fingers opened the inbox message. His brow rose as he read the contents. Dear Beat, Master Hestia, renown chef of Aincrad has heard of your culinary accomplishments and wishes to meet with you. Meet me tomorrow on the 17th floor in the inn closest to the teleportation pad. Bring one of your signature confections please. Signed, An Admirer Beat swiped away the menu and resumed stirring the contents of a pan with his freed hand. He couldn't help but smile at the idea of someone reaching out in such a way just to acknowledge his cooking. The rest of the day went by quickly as he continued to work with his mind focused on the future, wondering who this Hestia was and what she wanted exactly.
  13. Beat

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Beat stepped out of the shower of the guild hall and smiled as he heard the commotion of people entering for the boss meeting. He felt no need to hasten his preparations as he opened his menu and donned his typical gear. Horus, the hayabusa falcon and Beat's familiar, clicked his beak impatiently as he quickly flew to his preferred perch which also happened to be the young player's left shoulder. Horus continued his pestering as Beat continued to procrastinate. "Alright, I'm going. You know I'm always late for these things." Beat said with a chuckle as he made his way to the meeting room. He had never been one to participate much in these meetings and he found the process to be somewhat unnecessary. Other than planning party assignments, it was rare that anything of note came of these meetings. Speculation about the boss was all well and good, but many people rarely bothered to prepare sufficiently, clearly making light of a life or death situation. Their lives are their own to lose I suppose.... He pushed the meeting door open and slipped in, Horus peering around the around, resting his gaze catching sight on @Calrex's own falcon familiar. Beat either failed to notice or paid it no mind as he took the closest available seat next to @Shield giving him a casual salute before nodding to the room as a whole, "Sorry for being late. Cleanliness before timeliness."
  14. Beat

    [F23-PP] Scouting floor 23

    With the pair of soldiers thoroughly distracted, Beat took his time moving around them, he form moving around the large room, the temptation to peak inside the door subsiding as his previous target exposed his back a little too favorably. Aww man, I really can't pass that up. I forgot you could temp me with things I want. The younger player turned on his heel and sped towards the armored soldier who had weathered Beat's first assault, closing the distance in a single moment. His sword art was already prepared as he took his position and unleashed his attack. His form distorted as his technique went off, the sound of his spear crashing repeatedly against the soldier's armor ringing out and echoing through the room. "Plenty more where that came from!" Beat shouted as he retreated back to his party members. I knew he hadn't pulled hate from his partner, but he always preferred to fight as if the boss could always turn on him.