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  1. Beat snatched the orb of energy Shield had passed to him and watched it disappear as it always did, but this time, it caused his head up display to show an additional buff. Beat recognized it immediately and let a wide grin spread across his face as he activated his charge skill which seemed to ignite a red aura around his body. “This should be fun. I’ve got something new I’ve been wanting to try, so this creature seems fitting.” He said, referring to the new modification he had assigned to his charge skill. The creature was more of a rhinoceros, but the similarities were enough to make the young player feel good about it. Beat held his spear behind him and to the side as he pushed hard off of the ground, propelling himself towards the deadly creature at blistering speed. In moments he was in the creature’s face and assaulting it with his signature attack, an additional rumble added to each strike from his recent SP expenditure. "Oh yeah, that was nice." He said, leaping backwards to a safe distance. He grinned at the staggering creature, pleased that two attacks had been sufficient to drop it into the red, "You're not so tough. Tell me there is more than this."
  2. Beat snickered at the NPC as he stammered through the quest introduction. He had forgotten how entertaining some of the quest lines could be and he instantly felt the need to give Shield an apologetic smile. He had become somewhat reclusive in recent months and he was beginning to realize how little that helped the frontlines. If he was going to carry the damage dealers of the frontlines to victory, he would need to behave more like a leader, at least in action. "Looks like the quests are still fun. I'll have to leave my house a little more often from now on won't I?" He said to his partner before watching Anemone apply her sharpness buff to Baldur. It would be good to have a dedicated support player on the frontlines and he summoned his spear in anticipation of receiving his own buff from Shield. "Alright guys, let's claim that bounty!" Battle Stats:
  3. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat watched the the shaman's health bar stopped just short of being depleted, allowing the extremely fortunate minion to do what he did best: support his chieftain. Beat didn't have to assess the situation for very long to come to his next conclusion. It was a situation he had never been in before despite the number of adventures he and Shield had been in. He would have to run from a fight. "Welp, it looks like you win this one fish face. I wish I could say you earned it, but this one was on the frontlines, all the way." He said as he wagged a finger at the labyrinth boss with a defiant grin, "We'll be back and, barring a second helping of egos and poor planning, we'll definitely win." He shouldered his weapon as his fingers danced through the air, summoning the blue crystal that would teleport him to safety. He looked to his party members with a sheepish expression, "Looks like we get to run away to fight another day, see you guys next time." The blue crystal glowed as he shouted his destination while making a particularly rude hand gesture towards the chieftain, "Tomoika!" Beat disappeared in a small pillar of blue light as he was whisked away to the twenty-first floor where his home and business resided. Beat has left the thread Action:
  4. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat's eyes scanned his party's health and energy bars and then did the same to the shaman and the chieftain. He knew the heal ability was up, but they would not be able to stun the shaman. If they wanted another crucial turn of reprieve from the shaman's healing power, the shaman would need to die, immediately. He nodded in affirmation of his plan as he eyed the smaller fish humanoid as he spoke to his party. "Alright, I'm killing the shaman. We miss out on hitting the chieftain, but he won't be healed for another turn." With his plan in out in the open, Beat charged forward, cutting his remaining energy in half as he infused it into his assault spear. With a grunt of effort, he unleashed his strongest sword art into the poor fish shaman, his charge skill adding to the impact. Given what he had seen before, the shaman was well within kill range of a single target attack. His attack landed true and he covered the shaman in digital wounds as its health bar dropped.
  5. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat grinned as he watched Hirru successfully stun the shaman, "Nice Hirru!" he shouted, readying his spear and waiting for the rest of the party members to go. With his precision being the highest, it made sense for him to wait until everyone else had gone in case someone failed to execute a crucial part of the strategy. For now, the plan was simple and Beat had no trouble following behind Baldur. "Alright! Let's bring this home!" He said as he ran forward, his spear charging with swordart energy as he eyed his own energy bar. He was doing alright, but they would need to play the next few moments perfectly in order to ensure their success. He delivered his attack with less accuracy than he had hoped, but despite a slight stumble, he managed to keep pace with the chieftain and sink his strongest swordart into it's side, peppering it with red, pixelated wounds. Two more shots barring energy from Shield...okay, this is doable.
  6. "Now that sounds like a good aggressive strategy!" Beat spoke from behind the samurai player. He gave the elder player a wide grin and a salute to his traveling partner, Shield, before moving forward and giving his friend a few quick jabs in the ribs, "How goes it old man?" Beat would await their replies as the newest addition to their group caught his eye. He had heard enough to catch the woman's explanation of her abilities, causing him to look her up and down with little regard for how awkward it might have seemed. "A pure support player huh? You can't ask for anything more than that really. If this were a normal game, I think you would see more players doing it, since survival isn't supposed to be such a premium, but it is difficult to imagine foregoing a weapon skill and armor at the same time." Beat's face had taken on a somewhat serious expression which lasted all of two seconds before he grinned once again and held out his hand towards their newest addition. "I'm Beat. If you keep me healed, I'll keep your enemies dead!" He said brightly with a chuckle.
  7. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat watched as the others fled, or attempted to flee. He stared at Zandra for a moment, wondering why she had attempted to flee on foot rather than using a teleportation crystal. With the bountifulness of space in a typical battle ready inventory, it made little sense not to prepare for the worst case scenario. Beat had given up judging the other players in this fight and shrugged as he turned his attention to the chieftain, who was in dire need of an ass-kicking. "Alright ugly, have some more punishment." He said with a grin as he charged forwards, riddling the creature with his signature sword art and dropping the creature's health bar a little further. The extra mitigation the boss had gained was certainly an unfortunate development, but it was not nearly enough to stop Beat's attack from making a strong impression, especially once his holy skill triggered from a particularly well placed strike. "Eat that, fish face!"
  8. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat shook his head and grimaced at the other parties. Egos had been flying around pretty heavily, so Beat wasn't putting too much out of the realm of possibility,. He made sure to keep his voice lowered as well to avoid sparking any ire from the other parties, "Well, hopefully they aren't so fool hearty that they'll stick around for an outcome that will never happen. I think we can handle this fight alone if we really have to." "Now then...fish...lizard? I guess fish man?...ooo sushi!" Beat muttered to himself as he approached the chieftain with a casual demeanor as his weapon charged with a dangerous glow once again, "Ya know, I hope you are a fish. I could really go for some good sushi right now!" He said, grinning at the chieftain as he leaped into the air and drove his attack home, despite the boss's efforts to avoid it.
  9. Beat gave @Baldur an enthusiastic nod and appreciated the greeting in his native tongue. It seemed that the game did not translate the words into English if they were spoken in your native tongue. It was a nice reminder that the outside world was still waiting for them, despite Beat's reluctance to return to reality and all of it's problems. It wasn't that Sword Art Online didn't have it's own issues, but the solutions to those issue seemed simpler somehow. "Alright, let's meet this Oikawa." he said with a moderate amount of interest in his voice. Beat's falcon, Horus, flew up above, surveying the land from high above, performing his duty as lookout as he often did. With lookout duty taken care of, Beat was free to relax and wonder who Oikawa was, figuring he probably had met him, as Shield had told him, but had simply forgotten the name.
  10. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat grinned as Hirru landed his stun attack against the Shaman who was preparing to heal his chieftain. The system they had going was working fairly well and he was confident that despite the sudden change in ranged attacks triggering @Shield's thorns damage, they would still be able to control the fight fairly well, assuming the other groups didn't decide to change the plan suddenly. He glanced upwards towards nothing in particular as he scowled at the sudden change. A mechanics change had to happen now? That hardly seems right... Despite how convenient the change seemed to be given the fight they were in, Beat glared at the Chieftain and chose to take his frustrations out of the large lizard. With some high speed movement, he managed to escape the lizard's gaze long enough to sneak in his classic multi-hit swordart, taking another chunk out of the chieftain's health bar.
  11. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat listened to the banter and galred at Zandra for her snide remakrs to Shield. It seemed childish to say such things and it said more about Zandra than it did the frontline tank. This fight had been indicative of the cohesion issues the frontlines had been fscing for a while now. If the labyrinth boss was any indication, they would begin to lose good players if they didn't get their problems under wraps. A boss battle was no place for drama and personal issues, ever. "Alright, well if we're finally ready to win this fight, I'm game." He said with an annoyed tone as he charged his weapon and charged forward, his doear shimmering with a lethal energy. "Alright Chieftain! Let's see how much punishment you can take!" He yelled as his spear drove into the shaman repeatedly, his spear's attributes triggering for added effect.
  12. Beat had been flipping through his menus and doing inventory when the tedious task was disrupted by the sound of his partner summoning him for some sort of adventure. It had quite some time since he had actually gone out for any sort of adventure. He grinned and shook of the sort of mental fog that had developed over the recent weeks as he closed his menu and opened his door, seeing the welcome sight of his old rival. The fresh air of the survival game they were all in served to further clear his mind, though a certain haze still lingered. "Sure, the fresh air will do me some good." He said, stepping out and looking at Shield expectantly, "Where to? I can't imagine there is a quest you haven't already done." His curiosity continued to grow as he began flipping through the long list of quests he had yet to do.
  13. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat shook his head as Zandra announced her retreat. The idea behind not attacking at all because the shamans had the ability to heal seemed flawed since the shamans would either heal or simply attack every turn regardless of what they did. Any damage the frontlines did would make a difference and would be damage the shamans would have to heal. Zandra's withdrawal did come with a silver lining, however, as it meant that their party formations would make hitting over the healers a little easier. "Maybe now we can actually start winning this fight..." Beat muttered under his breath as he eyed the Chieftain, whom he had not yet introduced to his spear. He grinned as he began to feel the familiar thrill of combat once again and charged forward, his weapon shimmering with a deadly luminescence and a red aura streaking behind him as his charge skill activated, increasing his speed drastically. "I don't believe we've met just yet!" Beat yelled at his target as his spear easily found its mark, his sword art peppering the large boss with numerous puncture wounds. "I'll be serving you your face today!" Stats:
  14. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat's brow furrowed as he listened @Zandra's plan. Frustration turned to anger as the axe-wielder suggested a plan that was a promise of defeat and then implied that his pride would be the only reason not to follow the plan. Since Beat and his group had arrived, they had seen two different shamans use the cure ability on the chieftain, so the idea that only one of them had been using it was preposterous to him and he took a moment to gawk at Zandra before Baldur's words attracted his attention. "The hell we will!" He shouted to Baldur before returning his gaze to Zandra, "If we focus our damage on the shamans, the boss just brings them back! Even when we focus the shamans, they still get in heals while we continue to do nothing to the boss. With our formation and numbers, it makes more sense to keep the number of shamans low and dps over the heals." Beat glared at the strongest of the two remaining shamans and spoke to @Hirru as he moved towards his target, "Hirru, if you can finish off the other one, I'll stun this one so it can't use its ability on Shield." With that, he ran forward, restraining his urge to use his charge skill as he invoked one of the first sword arts he had learned when he had switched to the assault spears. His weapon pierced the shaman twice, in quick succession and left it stunned. He looked to @Baldur with an apologetic look as he made eye contact, hoping the older player would not hold his brashness against him too much. Action: Stats:
  15. Beat arrived on the teleporter pad, wrapped in a warm coat and a slight scowl on his face for having to return to the floor he had told himself he was never going to return to. Beat had a articular dislike for the cold and this floor was certainly the epitome of that very thing. He looked around and quickly spooted a hot cocoa vendor and made his way over as the holiday festivities gradually wore his scowl down. "One please! Largest you have!" He said to the cute vendor girl, taking his cocoa and making his way over to a large, muscular man with the most magnificent beard he had ever seen. The man spoke as Beat admired trhe specialty wares at the man's shop, ""Top of the mornin' to ya. My name is Atticus Benjamin Julian Kingsley O'Malley O'Connell O'Carroll O'Reilly O'Brien O'Sullivan but most people just call me Benny. Feel free to look around and buy some of my wares." Man, I guess I need more names...jeez It didn't take Beat long to figure out which item he wanted and he hoisted one of the backpacks hanging on the walls of the stall off of it's hook and pulled up his menu to make the transaction. "This will do nicely I think." Beat said with a grin as he transferred to col from his account. Purchases: