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  1. Beat had been flipping through his menus and doing inventory when the tedious task was disrupted by the sound of his partner summoning him for some sort of adventure. It had quite some time since he had actually gone out for any sort of adventure. He grinned and shook of the sort of mental fog that had developed over the recent weeks as he closed his menu and opened his door, seeing the welcome sight of his old rival. The fresh air of the survival game they were all in served to further clear his mind, though a certain haze still lingered. "Sure, the fresh air will do me some good." He said, stepping out and looking at Shield expectantly, "Where to? I can't imagine there is a quest you haven't already done." His curiosity continued to grow as he began flipping through the long list of quests he had yet to do.
  2. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat shook his head as Zandra announced her retreat. The idea behind not attacking at all because the shamans had the ability to heal seemed flawed since the shamans would either heal or simply attack every turn regardless of what they did. Any damage the frontlines did would make a difference and would be damage the shamans would have to heal. Zandra's withdrawal did come with a silver lining, however, as it meant that their party formations would make hitting over the healers a little easier. "Maybe now we can actually start winning this fight..." Beat muttered under his breath as he eyed the Chieftain, whom he had not yet introduced to his spear. He grinned as he began to feel the familiar thrill of combat once again and charged forward, his weapon shimmering with a deadly luminescence and a red aura streaking behind him as his charge skill activated, increasing his speed drastically. "I don't believe we've met just yet!" Beat yelled at his target as his spear easily found its mark, his sword art peppering the large boss with numerous puncture wounds. "I'll be serving you your face today!" Stats:
  3. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat's brow furrowed as he listened @Zandra's plan. Frustration turned to anger as the axe-wielder suggested a plan that was a promise of defeat and then implied that his pride would be the only reason not to follow the plan. Since Beat and his group had arrived, they had seen two different shamans use the cure ability on the chieftain, so the idea that only one of them had been using it was preposterous to him and he took a moment to gawk at Zandra before Baldur's words attracted his attention. "The hell we will!" He shouted to Baldur before returning his gaze to Zandra, "If we focus our damage on the shamans, the boss just brings them back! Even when we focus the shamans, they still get in heals while we continue to do nothing to the boss. With our formation and numbers, it makes more sense to keep the number of shamans low and dps over the heals." Beat glared at the strongest of the two remaining shamans and spoke to @Hirru as he moved towards his target, "Hirru, if you can finish off the other one, I'll stun this one so it can't use its ability on Shield." With that, he ran forward, restraining his urge to use his charge skill as he invoked one of the first sword arts he had learned when he had switched to the assault spears. His weapon pierced the shaman twice, in quick succession and left it stunned. He looked to @Baldur with an apologetic look as he made eye contact, hoping the older player would not hold his brashness against him too much. Action: Stats:
  4. Beat arrived on the teleporter pad, wrapped in a warm coat and a slight scowl on his face for having to return to the floor he had told himself he was never going to return to. Beat had a articular dislike for the cold and this floor was certainly the epitome of that very thing. He looked around and quickly spooted a hot cocoa vendor and made his way over as the holiday festivities gradually wore his scowl down. "One please! Largest you have!" He said to the cute vendor girl, taking his cocoa and making his way over to a large, muscular man with the most magnificent beard he had ever seen. The man spoke as Beat admired trhe specialty wares at the man's shop, ""Top of the mornin' to ya. My name is Atticus Benjamin Julian Kingsley O'Malley O'Connell O'Carroll O'Reilly O'Brien O'Sullivan but most people just call me Benny. Feel free to look around and buy some of my wares." Man, I guess I need more names...jeez It didn't take Beat long to figure out which item he wanted and he hoisted one of the backpacks hanging on the walls of the stall off of it's hook and pulled up his menu to make the transaction. "This will do nicely I think." Beat said with a grin as he transferred to col from his account. Purchases:
  5. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    That seems...totally balanced...yep... Beat scowled as the Chieftain summoned three more shamans to replace the ones they had just dispatched. Assuming the ability was something that occurred once, it wasn't so bad, but with the difficulty increase this floor had presented so far, Beat had a feeling that they wouldn't be so lucky. His charge skill flared once more and the familiar crimson red aura trailed behind him as he streaked toward's Baldur's target. "We kill two shamans and then leave one up! Focus damage on the Chieftain after that!" he shouted to @Zandra and @Hestia. He figured the correct strategy was fairly obvious, but he wanted to be sure to avoid any unexpected mistakes. He quickly drove his spear into the Shaman, his sword art riddling the Shaman with red, glowing wounds. He watched as the creature's health bar dropped, hoping that the damage from Baldur and himself would be sufficient. Action: Player Stats:
  6. Beat

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    Beat's charge skill flared up, enveloping him in a bright red aura as his fellow damage dealer charged in, allowing him to keep pace, his spear glowing a pale blue as he prepared to strike the unsuspecting Shaman. As Baldur's strike hit home, Beat flanked the unfortunate minion and struck at the point most opposite of Baldur's, resulting in a loud squeal from the creature as it was crushed from both sides. From the single point of contact, numerous additional red, pixelated wounds opened up on the minion due to the multi-hit quality of the swordart. "Fear not citizens! Your heroes have arrived!" Beat said, grinning with pride as he watched the health bar of the creature begin to drop. He wasn't sure how much health each of them had, but they definitely needed to be dealt with before moving to the Chieftain. He withdrew his weapon and moved back towards Shield before switch his trinket out for his armor in the blink of an eye, his hand a blur due to the Quickchange skill. Action: Stats: Combatants:
  7. "Idiots..." Beat muttered as his hands operated two different menus simultaneously. One of the nice perks of the recent change to the Quickchange skill had allowed him to swap items almost thoughtlessly, enabling him to expand upon that and be able to multitask much more effectively. "Seriously, who fights a field boss with three people?" He continued, much more loudly and shaking his head as he began to consume a small piece of marble cake, "I know we did that a few floors ago, but the difficulty is not what it used to be." Not even close... Beat continued to swap into his combat gear and scarf down a couple of additional food items before deciding that he was prepared enough for the battle to come. Watching his status screen populate with the various buffs and effects, he smirked a bit as he equipped the new trinket he had gotten from the previous floor boss, activating it in preparation for the fight. He turned to look at his party members, "Alright! You guys ready?" Stats going into boss fight:
  8. Beat was having trouble keeping his face from scrunching is frustration. Hirru's story was rather hard to believe, but at the same time, the man had no reason to lie to them. With no motive to lie to them, Beat was forced to conclude that Hirru was telling the truth and that he truly had forgotten the majority of his life before his time in Aincrad. "That's so crazy! How can someone forget that much of their life?" Beat exclaimed after having listened in silence for so long. He turn to look at the troubled player and let out a long sigh as his expression softened, "As long as you can believe us when we say that nothing inside a boss room other than players are real, then you'll be just fine." His attention was diverted as Shield pointed out the Colosseum and he grinned at the prospect of or a combat oriented floor, "Might be a good spot for some safe PvP." He glanced at Baldur, "We could go a few rounds and give people a good show."
  9. Beat produced a toothy grin as Shield praised the loot he had gotten from their recent boss fight. It had been surprising the get something that empowered his build so much. What Shield has said was not entirely an exaggeration: He truly had just about everything he could want for his build. It was an understatement to say that he was practically vibrating with the urge to use his newfound trinket on something. "Good food is worth waiting for friend." He said chuckling. Beat's cheerful mood was quickly derailed by Hirru's apology and he looked taken aback at first, but quickly settled down as he listened to the remorse of a distressed man. Beat himself had gone through some mental tribulations over this game, but it had been induced by a group of players that literally trafficked other players. It was hard for Beat to understand the disconnect from what was real and what was a video game. He had nothing nice to say to the boy, so he simply folded his arms and attempted to keep his expression neutral.
  10. As if on queue, Beat came running up the path at top speed, excited to have the party try his latest confection and to finally get out of the house. His recent seclusion had not been traumatic as his first lengthy absence had been, but it had been mentally taxing. It would have been an understatement to say that he had needed to go adventuring with friends again for quite some time. "Heeeeey!!" He shouted as the familiar form of Baldur and Shield came into view. Horus flew on above, circling the gathering of players ahead of Beat.The third player was not immediately familiar at first, but as he drew nearer and slowed down, his cheerful expression was somewhat dampened as he recognized Hirru and, more specifically, how he had acted during the last floor boss fight. He had better not try to stand in front of my spear. If he does, I won't pull it back. Releasing a small sigh as his hand flew through the air, he quickly flipped through menus, summoning a small table before retrieving the feast he had prepared from his inventory, placing it down on the table in front of the party. The aroma and excitement of people enjoying his cooking brought him back to his cheery self and he beamed at them all as the smell of cheesy mozzarella melted into a buttery baker garlic bread filled the surrounding area. The loaf itself had been cut into cubes that tore away easily and made sharing the feast simple and entertaining. "Alright guys, dig in!" He exclaimed, breaking a bite-sized piece of the loaf away and watched as the buff immediately appeared on his HUD. - ID# 110430: Cheesy Garlic Party Loaf (+3 LD Perfect Feast) Current LD:
  11. Beat

    Beat's Eats that Can't be Beat!

    Crafted feast for approval: ID# 110430: Cheesy Garlic Party Loaf (+3 LD Perfect Feast)
  12. Through the door that separated Beat's home from his shop, the eatery's owner walked in, rubbing his eyes and stretching his arms into the air as he squinted and looked around, still coming to his senses, "wha...Shield? You need this for...labyrinth?....hang on..." Beat held up a finger as he rubbed his eyes vigorously and shook his heads about until the fog in head finally lifted. "Okay!" He started, still blinking rapidly and finally getting a good look at the two items on his cook area and Shield's annoyed expression. Once he had woken up, it only took a moment to realize what was going on. "RIGHT! NEW FLOOR! CRAP!" He shouted, his hand quickly summoning two mats from his inventory before he combined the two loaves of bread with them, creating a single feast item in their place. The resulting item was a very large loaf of garlic bread that had been cut into cubed pieces designed to be pulled away and eaten in bit sized pieces. Within the cuts, there was a generous portion of hot, gooey mozzarella cheese. Beat smiled proudly as he slid the item back over to his partner as the aroma filled his diner. "There that should make up for us being late. Now let's go! I want to dig into that!" he shouted as he vaulted over the counter and made his way out of the door. Results:
  13. Beat signing up for The half-life tourney and the tag team tourney with @Shield
  14. Beat narrowed his eyes at the last remaining elf, the corners of his lips turning upwards as he relished the thought of finally ending what had been an overly-dramatic fight. His weapon glowed with a familiar light as he quickly picked up speed, his weapon brandished at the leader elf, hopefully spelling the resilient elf's doom. "I think we've been here long enough! It's time to end this!" He shouted as the distance between Evahira and himself disappeared in an instant and he unleashed his strongest sword art once again. Each blow rang out, empowered by his strongest sword art and making each connection have a certain sensation that Beat enjoyed greatly. He grunted with the last attack, knowing full well putting extra physical effort into an attack meant nothing in this digital world, and watched the boss's health bar deplete, hoping it would not stop before reaching to end. Actions:
  15. Beat

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Beat, who had not had much interaction with @Itzal was momentarily surprised to be addressed, but he smiled and returned the gesture nonetheless. Comraderie came naturally to him and he preferred to know who he was fighting with. Even he was not completely oblivious to the fact that he had somewhat isolated himself to promarily questing with @Shield. "I'll hold you to that." He said with a smirk as he returned his gaze to the now darkened angel. "So," he started, breaking out into a run and approaching the angelic deceiver at high speed, "you finally show you true colors!" With a harsh series of thrusts, Beat's alternative sword art went forth, inflicting more damage and draining another satisfying portion of the boss's health bar. "I'll crush you like everything else that threatens to stand in the way of the front lines, not that I'm surprised at how very right we were about you." Action: Player Stats: