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  1. Beat

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Beat, who had not had much interaction with @Itzal was momentarily surprised to be addressed, but he smiled and returned the gesture nonetheless. Comraderie came naturally to him and he preferred to know who he was fighting with. Even he was not completely oblivious to the fact that he had somewhat isolated himself to promarily questing with @Shield. "I'll hold you to that." He said with a smirk as he returned his gaze to the now darkened angel. "So," he started, breaking out into a run and approaching the angelic deceiver at high speed, "you finally show you true colors!" With a harsh series of thrusts, Beat's alternative sword art went forth, inflicting more damage and draining another satisfying portion of the boss's health bar. "I'll crush you like everything else that threatens to stand in the way of the front lines, not that I'm surprised at how very right we were about you." Action: Player Stats:
  2. Beat

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Beat shook his head as the angel berated them. Shield's point held more weight in Beat's mind. It was a contradiction to offer salvation and yet punish those who did not take it or who disobeyed. Such a religious paradigm unnerved the young player and he found himself involuntarily shaking his head as he prepared to renew his assault, snatching the blue orb out of the air and watching his energy bar once again refill slightly. "Preach all you want, I doubt you'll see the problem with the salvation you offer, ignoring the fact that your god is certainly not mine." Beat said with a chuckle as he charged in to strike the angelic being in quick succession. His form once again multiplying and seeming to strike from a multitude of angles all at once. He spoke again as he made his way back to his party, standing next to Shield and glaring at the angel once again. "It's a tired, ancient rhetoric that needs to be abolished...starting with you." He said coldly. Action: Player Stats:
  3. Beat looked to Baldur and nodded in affirmation of the older player's plan. As far as he could tell, he was capable of dishing out the most damage and he had yet to throw an attack Evahira's way. He grinned as he turned on the Elf and activated his charge skill, the red aura lighting up around him as he prepared to sink his spear into her health bar. "Not sure what his problem is," Beat said, gesturing with his head to @Hirru, "but I know what you are and what we have to do." He charged forward the moment he finished speaking, his barrage of spear strikes riddling Evahira's body with red, glowing, pixelated wounds. "You're nothing more than data, which is part of the system that is trapping everyone here against their will. You aren't alive and thus your life has no more value to me than the loot you may drop." he said, looking at the elf with disdain. Action: Player Stats:
  4. Beat

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Beat stared at Seul for several moments before scoffing and spitting on the ground in disgust as he shot a glare towards the misguided player. Despite his ordeals, he had never found himself confused about what their situation was. They were trapped in a game where actual human lives were on the line against sophisticated lines of code and artificial intelligence. Nothing more... "Apparently..." He said to @Shield, still in shock as he reached up to catch to red orb that renewed the sharpness buff in his HUD, "Between Seul and Hirru, I'm beginning to wonder if the microwaves in our helmets are going to start frying some of our brain cells too." He turned his attention to Atramiel, who, despite her claims, was just as trustworthy as the priests. An event that provided such a potent ally failed to make sense in the game, especially since this ally seemed more than equipped to handle a raiding party. Beat pointed his spear at the angel as he shook his head with a wry smile. "You know...I've never been very religious myself and find the idea of worshiping a vengeful deity very disturbing." He remarked as his spear began to shimmer and he took off towards the boss at top speed. Recalling the debuff in place, he chose his second strongest sword art and released six decisive strikes to the angel's torso before rearing back and driving his weapon through the being's stomach. "There, let's see your supposed god do something about that." Beat said, removing his weapon and turning to look at @Seul , "You seem to have forgotten that this is a game and it is nothing more than a simulation that we need to escape from. It's data and a little combat AI...nothing more..." He said, his voice deeping as his gaze intensified towards the end of his statement, "You have no place on the front lines if you can't value actual human lives over that." Action: Player Stats:
  5. Beat

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Beat world came into focus as if waking from a deep sleep, the ensuing battle around him disorienting the young player as he gained his bearings. His eyes shot around to his allies and then to Shield, who was apparently hard set against the angel who had just become apparent to Beat. His jaw clenched as he tried to force his mind to process the situation faster, frustrated that he had apparently lost the first several moments of the battle to what he assumed was a secondary effect of the room. Damn it! Get it together Daigo! Letting instinct take over, the familiar red aura of the charge skill enveloped him as he streaked towards the angel as he drew his spear and readied his strongest swordart. His attack was ruthless and fierce, his body relaxed and precise as each strike struck true. The sound of each connection was slightly dulled in Beat's ears as he allowed his body to do what it did best on it's own. Action: Player Stats:
  6. Beat

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Beat, having just read the message for Zack and Uri, Beat was hastily locking up his shop and humming a jovial tune to himself with a wide grin on his face. The thrill of combat always made him this way, but this time, it was especially exhilarating because it was an event boss, which usually meant unique rewards. Floor bosses were always unique, but Event bosses had always been a nice in-between sort of thing between floors. He quickly made his way to the thriteenth floor and joined his fellow players, quickly spotting the item vendor and approaching quickly. "Hi there!" He said to the priest as he immediately noticed the affordability of some of the consumables. Knowing a good deal when he saw one, he pulled up his menu and transferred the col for a handful of damage potions and safeguards along with a few other consumables he would need for the fight. It was rare to be able to stock up on certain consumables, so was not going to let the opportunity pass. "Thank you!" He said to Uri as he made his way over to @Shield, "Hey buddy! Let's hope this isn't another Biceps fight right?" He said, shivering at the memory. Shopping at Uri's: [Battle Stats] [Equipped Gear] [Housing Bonuses] [Battle Ready Inventory] [Skills] [Consumables Used]
  7. Beat had committed to his previous statement to Shield and had put the drama and the unprecedented lack of cohesion among the frontliners out of his mind as he followed to remaining targets with his eyes, finding Ixaxi to be the next logical target. He smirked as Baldur appeared to come to the same conclusion and made his attack against the Elven Rapier user. His form glowed with a red aura as the Charge skill activated and empowered him as he prepared to charge. "Let's make some headway shall we?" He said as he moved forward at blinding speed, Ixaxi growing larger as he approached. As he released his sword art, he made sure to target Isaxi's center of mass, giving him the lowest chance of evasion possible. With all of the drama and insubordination, Beat was ready for this fight to be over. He stared into his target's eyes as his final strike landed true. "Your fate is sealed, you know that right?" He said matter-of-factly, no smugness to be found in his voice. ACTION Player Stats
  8. Beat listened to the commotion as the haze from Evahira's thorns cleared, his body still under the effects of the debuff, unable to activate any sword arts or open any menus. In fact, his ability to move was severely hampered, but his eyes and ears were working just fine. His brow wrinkled as he looked over to @Hirru who appeared to be aiding one of the elves. It was the most ludicrous thing he had ever seen and he had seen many things in his time trapped in the death game. "Are you kidding me..." He muttered, managing to move next to @Shield as his head continued to throb, "They really think this boss is somehow a group of players?" He shook his head, watching as the stunned status faded from his HUD along with the effect it had on him, "Someone needs a reality check I think...Barring their surrender and our passage to the next floor assured, I'm attacking the next logical target if Macrodon doesn't give me one, so be ready for that if need be."
  9. Beat had watched as the far less optimal target had been singled out, the group opting for the much more aggressive and mobile Rori rather than the seemingly defenseless support character Duares. Taking out the support as soon as possible in a group fight scenario was tactics 101 and, while Beat's instinct was the primary drive behind his combat prowess, he had learned from experience and this sort of strategy seemed to slap his experience in the face. He looked to Baldur as he called out to him in response, using enthusiasm to hide any annoyance that would have been in his voice normally, "Right!" The fortunate thing was that Rori did seem much worse for wear and so, with blood in the water and a healer still on the field, it made sense to target the weakened damage dealer. Could be worse I suppose... With a small grin through a few coughs, Beat triggered his charge skill, the boost of speed it granted once again propelling him towards his target at blinding speed, something the younger player enjoyed greatly. With a grunt of effort, Beat's spear ran wild as he executed a myriad of strikes that rang out as he riddled Rori's body with red, pixelated cuts and gashes. Action: Player Stats:
  10. Beat stretched his arms and released a loud yawn as the serenity Shield spoke of served to cause the younger player to feel drowsy, "You're not wrong. There are monsters, but it's nothing aggressive. I would think the lake probably has some aggressive monsters in it, but this is ridiculous. Finding new challenges keeps me sharp, this crap just makes me want to fall asleep." He let loose another yawn as they entered the forest, feeling to cool vapor surround and embrace him like a pleasant mist that managed to bring him back to his senses as he kept his eyes out for any signs of trouble, though he hardly expected to find any. "hm?" Beat's attention was suddenly drawn to faint whispers coming from somewhere in the fog, though he was having trouble discerning the direction they were coming from, "Do you hear that?" He said, straining his senses as the whispering voices continued. Normally, beat could have dismissed such distractions, but the odd familiarity or them bothered something in his core that he couldn't identify.
  11. "Right." Beat said in agreement with Baldur's obvious assessment of the situation. Beat was more of a feel person in the heat of battle, but it wasn't hard to decide that knocking at least one member off was a good idea. If nothing else, they would see the consequences of downing one of the members. He moved in tandem with his fellow front-liner until the older player made his move. With a swift turn on his heel, the young player changed course and his form appeared on the Elf's flank, his strongest sword art already being unleashed. Beat's form split as each attack used a different form and stance, yet each seemed to be happening in succession, but each one beginning before the previous strike had finished. "ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAAAAA!" Beat shouted as he landed each blow with his trademark level of precision. AS the technique completed, he quickly backed out of weapons range, watching the elf's health bar slowly drop, hoping it would not stop before hitting zero, "Go down you bastard..." He muttered. Passive: +1 EP Action: Dimensional Stampede vs Ratar: ID# 103486| BD: 7 + 7 - 3 = 14(Hit) | -12 EP DMG: 31 * 15 = 465 - 50 = 415
  12. Beat chuckled at @Ruby's words of encouragement as the sharpness buff gave his body a slight tingling sensation. His eyes scanned the group of elves, his gaze stopping on the smug, red eyed man. Beat had put down many players who had decided that they had to be the best and that all takers were beneath them, so arrogance was nothing new to him, but there was something about the way the elf had decided that they weren't worth his time that painted a target on his face. Beat grinned at the man as he followed the same path @Baldur had taken, his charge skill propelling his form in a curved path towards his target, "You know, I think my goal this battle will be to see how many of those red gashes I can make on that smug face of yours before that stupid smirk disappears." Closing in quickly, Beat's form distorted and seemed to multiply as his Dimensional Stampede attack riddled the elf with the end of his spear. As he attacked, his spear began to glow with a brilliant radiance that seemed to amplify the force of each strike. Ending his assault with a particularly vigorous thrust, Beat leaped back to observe his handiwork, pleased to see that the wounds on the elven man's body were now dripping red pixels, indicating that his bleed effect had triggered. "How do you like that?" Beat said, smirking back. Action: Dimensional Stampede + Charge on Ratar: ID# 103233: BD: 10 + 7 -3= 14 (Crit+2) DMG: ((31 + 5(Charge) + 2(Crit) + 4(Holy)) * 15 = 630 - 50 = 580 Damage + 24 Bleed/rnd for 2rnds
  13. Beat kept quiet about his absence, though that was about the only thing he kept quiet on. As usual, he spent the journey talking Shield's ear off, failing to leave himself time to consume his consumables. As they made it to the actual labyrinth, he slapped his forehead. "I need to eat my buffs! Hang on, big guy!" Summoning out an armful of food items, he plowed through them as quickly as he could, having several pieces of food get caught in his throat. He almost chugged his antidote salve, but caught himself at the last minute and dumped it over the top of his head. He spotted an unfamiliar player handing out food items, who of which he quickly grabbed up and gobbled down, thanking her through a mouthful of food. With his consumables finally consumed, he turned back to Shield, punching his fists together. "Right! Let's do this!" @Neopolitan Claiming One Carrots and Squash and one Turducken. Thank you! I'll definitely send food back to you once I start crafting again. :) [Battle Stats] [Equipped Gear] [Housing Bonuses] [Battle Ready Inventory] [Skills] [Consumables]
  14. Now the Satyr was the one intrigued as a wry smile creased his face as he stared back at the young player who had readily risen to his mistresses challenge, "
  15. The Satyr's final words caused Beat's brow to furrow as he started back into the yellow goat eyes of the creature, "Challenge? I wasn't aware of there would be a challenge," he said with a great deal of interest in his voice. It wasn't every day one was tested in Sword Art Online beyond combat and questing. It had been some time since he had done either, so a chance to stretch a different muscle was a welcome change and he could not hide the smile that had slowly begun to creep across his face. "Yes, my master wishes to test her own culinary might against yours," the satyr said with a wry smile at Beat's apparent interest, "of course, I doubt she expects you win." "Oh really?" Beat said, his smile looking more like the satyr's as his confidence rose, "I'm no slouch, so I wouldn't suggest she go into this thinking she's already won. I might surprise her."