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  1. Beat's face lit up as soon Shield mentioned the danger of the trap dungeon. There were several areas of the game he had seen that seemed to lay the more difficult dungeons and encounters as a sort of trap. You had to stumble into them or actively search them out to find them, but it was always worth the effort. The experience a loot drops gained from dungeons was how he and Shield had gotten as strong as they had so quickly in the beginning. "Well, you know I love a decent challenge and the loot is a nice incentive for sure. Trap dungeon is my vote." He said, figuring he knew that Shield, despite his practical and cautious nature, would choose the same. The older player was certainly not ignorant of how tough he truly was and with a solid dps like Beat, the time to complete the dungeon would be no issue.
  2. "I figured. What do I have to loose?" "At best - maybe I activate some sort of secret quest or dungeon, at worst - I see my daughter again." Those words rang through Beat and he felt his body temperature rise as his brow furrowed, "You have your life to lose! Which, if you haven't noticed, is still something you have. If you don't like it, then make it something you do like." He said, realizing that he was being a little unreasonable. It was easy to say those sorts of things, but in reality, it was much harder to realize those words and make them happen. He sighed as he features softened again, "I know that's easier said than done, but...if I die before we get out, I would rather it happen while protecting something I cared about...maybe that's just me...I don't know." He trailed off and he gave her a nod in response to her request to leave. "Of course, let's go to my place this time." He smiled as he stood up, offering her a hand, "Your place is a little cold." He would wait for her to stand and then begin making his way towards the settlement, checking his status to make sure whatever was affecting Mari hadn't crept up on him without him realizing. His steps stopped as a thought occurred to him, "So," he started as he turned to look at her with a curious expression, "How do orange players get around Aincrad? You can't teleport to settlements without guards chasing you right?" The idea of running from the town guards was not an unpleasant idea to Beat, but if Mari was feeling unwell, he would favor the idea that involved the least amount of action.
  3. Beat

    [PP-F4] Discordant Meetings

    Beat took a bite of his dessert confection as he listened to Shield explain what the guild was looking for. He was no stranger to training players of various roles. A tank in training would need a smart dps poking and prodding for holes in their defense, teaching them where their weaknesses were. A healer was a little more straight forward, but it was still a matter of pressuring them either by attacking their healing target or them, forcing them to prioritize properly. He gave a determined smile to Shield as he took another bite. Sounds like this guild will actually be able to put my skills to use. Beat took another bite and blinked as she talked about him. He felt his face become just a little warmer as gave her a grateful smile, "You know, I think I like the contrast between you two. Mari gives me a more visual, emotional reaction to the food while Shield is very analytical, which is also useful." He said lightly before returning his gaze to his partner, "I'm happy to go anywhere you need me, as long as I will be useful. Training a new wave of tanks and healers sounds like a good purpose to me. How many new recruits do we have?" @Mari @Shield
  4. Beat's eyes gave the group of now three soldiers a quick scan. One of the soldiers was just inside his kill range, by his estimate, but the others would have no chance to survive, they had made their time, "Oh yeah, they're donezo. It''ll be over in a flash!" Beat's spear glowed menacingly as the stone soldiers took a step back, afraid of what they knew was coming. Beat spun again, releasing the lunar wave of energy that cleaved clean through the remaining three monsters with ease. Each one fell and burst into a shower of red pixels as the reward screen came up. "Well, not a bad first haul. Got another map, which is never a bad thing." He remarked, stashing the loot into their party bag to be divided up later. IT felt good to be getting real loot for defeating mobs again. "Alright mister tank, let's see if we can find our own dungeon around here. I think I have a map of one not too far from here if we don't have any luck."
  5. He blinked as she commented on the color of his eyes. He had not considered that his eye color was anything remarkable, but somehow, Mari's comment caused the chill in his cheeks to fade instantly as he found himself unsure how to respond. He simply stared into her eyes in return, noting how they mimicked the sky and how lucky she was to have eyes like hers. I like yours too... He leaned back, her hand making him aware of how close he was to her. He nodded as she recounted her experience in the void. It was not unlike his own though the voice he had heard was certainly familiar. He felt a small pang of anger as she mentioned her promise. She couldn't have known what would happen to her. They had both rolled the dice on their lives and, while Beat was unsure why he had done so, he had a feeling it had something to do with Mari. "A sense of dread?" He checked his own status display, seeing no debuffs or damage, he shook his head, "I don't think it did anything to me, but Mari," He placed a hand on her shoulder as his brow furrowed and he pierced her with his gaze, "That jump...we didn't know it would just spit us back out. In a game, it makes sense that there would be places where you can fall to your doom only to respawn at the settlement." His hand squeezed a little firmer, "You don't respawn here..." He removed his hand a leaned back a little more as he looked down at the ground, "I didn't know I was jumping after you until I was already in the air. It doesn't make sense to me why I did that...I guess the stone should have worked, I don't know...but the one thing I do know Mari," his gaze rose back to hers as his voice found its conviction again, "You're not alone, you have the guild...and you have me..." His face began to crack into a wide grin, "a stupid stranger who jumps after you when you jump into the void!" He found himself laughing at the ridiculousness of what he had done, each laugh shaking off any remaining cold from their experience in the void.
  6. Beat heard the irritation in Shield's voice at his clarification and he could see why, but they had defined the points as clean hits, so Beat figured it was a striking match more than anything. As they walked back to the garden, he spoke while going over their last exchange in his head, "Well, we defined points as partial and clean hits, not weapon strikes. Unarmed strikes normally don't do much damage, but they do offer advantages when landed and they take skill to use well. I was counting your flame aura with that shield hit, don't worry. It's fair game for sure." Beat was unusually fair when it came to tests of skill or combat and the last thing he wanted was any hard feelings one way or the other. It's not as interesting, but I can play keep away a little more if I need to and I do have a trump card I don't think he'll be expecting. He met Shield's "touch of the gloves" and moved back to just outside of his own range. With the points so close, he saw no reason to conserve energy. It would be over one way or another in no time. Vent Forth... His spear shimmered as he took a quick step forward, making a quick, low sweep. Immediately, the spin would reverse and make a second sweep attack at Shield's mid section before coming back around for a third, this time at his head before Beat launched a thrust into Shield's mid section.
  7. Beat smiled as he prepared his lunar sword art once again, "Well, the moon is quite a force to be reckoned with. I would want to deal with it." The pale yellow light from his spear outshone the now dimming torches in the cavern, giving the soldier's pause as Beat wound up for his attack, "Oh, by all means, defend yourself, but we all know how well that's been working for ya." "Weeping Moon!" With a spin of his spear, the ring of energy materialized and expanded to the walls of the cave, crashing into the soldiers once again. This time cleaving half of the torso off of the weakest soldier while taking the sword arm off of another. With where their health was, this would be over with Beat's next attack. "Alright Shield, I think that one is going to drop before he can attack," He said, pointing to the soldier who was attempting to figure out how to walk with half of his body missing, "and the rest are done in one more attack."
  8. Beat blinked as her hands clasped his face, the uncertainty of their fate becoming less of a concern as they continued to fall. The knot in his stomach grew tighter as he struggled to find words to reply to her as she yelled at him. He didn't have an answer, but somehow the contact on his face justified how stupid he had been. He just shook his head and strained his eyes against the ever growing darkness, a smile on his face. I really am stupid. A few moments past and the darkness seemed to swallow them completely, Mari disappearing from his sight, but still warm in his arms. That security helped ease the sense of dread that began to wash over him as everything went dark. He squeezed the woman in his arms tightly as the cold around them began to intensify. Guess this is it. So stupid... Beat felt like he was drifting off to sleep as he shivered, the howling winds around them becoming audible again, though this time as voices. Indistinct and too numerous to make out until he felt his consciousness slipping away. I love you Daigo! Have fun with your friends! W-who- Beat was startled awake by the only voice he had been able to make out. It was familiar and it felt like it had touched his heart and restarted it. Before he could place the voice that he had heard, they were back. The dim light returned and the coldness of the hard ground underneath them was back. The cold from the void was slowly dissipating and the warmth between them seemed to be helping much more than before. He had the urge to continue to rest his head against her and truly fall asleep, but he knew that he needed to be sure the void had not done anything to them. He lifted his head from hers and gave her face a look over as she spoke faintly, seemingly in distress. Is she in pain?! Her words worried him and he quickly sat her up, holding her up by her shoulders, unaware of how close his face still was to hers, "Are you okay? I'm sorry, that was probably really stupid, but I really did think the crystal would work. I just didn't want you to-" His throat caught and he was forced to clear it before looking at her again. Maybe the void did do something. He pushed the hair out of her face so that he could get a good look into her eyes, "Why did you jump alone? What if you didn't come back?" @Mari
  9. "Gotta love the aggro system. ALL RIGHT GRANITE HEADS TIME FOR ANOTHER TASTE!" He shouted as he spear filled with energy once again. Beat charged the group surrounding Shield, releasing his sword art in his partner's face, the wave splashing harmlessly and crashing right into the four soldiers, "Weeping Moon!" Two of the earthen soldiers were forced backwards, though managed to stay on their feet, while one of them toppled over with a large chunk of its torso now missing. The fourth soldier was far less fortunate. The wave caught it from the side, cleaving through its arm and cutting into its body as it was tossed into the wall once again. That was a good one! Beat grinned at the one who had lost its arm, "Oooh tough break! Maybe next time just let us have the treasure yeah?" The young player was feeling himself in this battle, his timing and execution seemed to be sharper than they had been in the Cerberus fight. IT was a satisfying feeling to say the least.
  10. Horus returned silently, retaking his usual perch, an indication that he had not found anything. As the seconds went by, Beat's nerves grew more and more tense. Okay, so then where a- Before Beat could finish his thought, a tremor vibrated the cavern around them and, moments later, four stone warriors pulled themselves out of the walls and charged the two players. "Ah, so I guess the walls do have eyes." Beat said with a smirk as he charged towards the center and charged his spear with energy. He leaped into the air and made a full circle spin, releasing his lunar sword art, a pale yellow wave of energy infused with a red aura racing outward from his spear. The wave quickly crashed into each warrior, sending them into the wall indentations they had just emerged from and leaving a large gash in one of them. "Alright, I bought you some time to grab aggro, it's all you Shield!" he said, happy with the result from his attack.
  11. Beat resisted the urge to cut her off as she talked about herself as if she was unworthy of living. It was unfair to devalue oneself because of mistakes in the past. She had learned her lesson hadn't she? She wasn't still taking lives that had never deserved it was she? Still, it would have been hypocritcal for Beat to talk about letting the past go and he kept his mouth shut as he continued to stare into the void. The next answer came from deep within, but made more available thanks to the void. Who else would do it then? His crusade for justice was likely over-zealous, but it settled the ghosts of his past and gave him something to feel, not that he could explain that to someone he barely knew. Right? Yeah, of course not... He blinked hard as her hand touched him. It was the second time they had made contact and he felt no less confused this time. Human contact was something that he knew of, but to say his grasp of anything beyond a pat on the back or a fist bump was tenuous would have been understating the issue. Still, there was one difference: with the void emptying his mind, her hand felt warm and it seemed to provide a different sort of comfort to his mind that the void certainly did not give him. What is this? Beat felt the difference immediately when her hand left him and no sooner had his gaze shifted to her than she was gone. In the next moment wind was blowing through his hair as he activated his charge skill to catch up to her. What happened? Why am I here? Flying into her, he wrapped his arms around her, "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?" he screamed as his hand frantically moved through the air. A blue crystal appeared in his hand and he squeezed her as he yelled, "TOMOIKA!" What..? Crap! In the next few moments, nothing seemed to be happening as the wind rushed through his hair, the darkness making it impossible to tell whether not they had fallen into the void or not. A sense of panic began to wash over him as he considered the possible outcomes of the situation they were now both in. Maybe they would simply fall forever. There are worse fates right? Maybe they would die. At least I'm not alone right? The knot Beat had come to associate with being around Mari returned again as the sound of the wind blowing past his ears gradually falling silent, though his hair was still frantically trying to stay on his head. It was calming in a sense, similar to the emptiness he got from staring into the void. Maybe that was the power of the void. Whatever it was, it helped to ease Beat's racing mind. He looked at her, their faces inches apart as they plunged further into the void, He wasn't sure if she would be able to hear him in the void, but the words that came up escaped his mouth before he could give them any though, "That was stupid, you know?" he said with a small smile into the now silent darkness, the crystal in his hand lifeless and dark. "You shouldn't be so careless with your life." Said the guy who just jumped into the void to save someone he barely knows @Mari
  12. Beat raised an eyebrow as he continued to look around, "Well, it was organized by buff, but I keep neglecting to go back and reorganize when I take things out or put things in." he said, shrugging as he continued to watch their flank. A few minutes passed through the winding tunnels before the passageway seemed to open up into a much wider hall way. In the middle of the path, in plain sight with properly lit torches surrounding it was a glimmering chest. Beat rolled his eyes as he pointed to the alluring box in their way, "Oh man, Shield. How lucky are we? I wonder who left this here?" His words dripped with sarcasm as he amused himself with his own satire. The enemy is either well hidden or hasn't spawned yet. "I'll keep a look out, you do your thing chest inspector." He said, pointing down the hallway, sending Horus down to check as he kept an eye out closer to Shield. Beat's demeanor took on a more serious note as the danger presented by the monsters on this floor gave him pause. He wasn't about to underestimate an enemy to their demise.
  13. Beat exhaled sharply as he released the Manticore Mask, noticing how close he had gotten to success. The exhale was part disappointment, but he was slightly winded for the effort. They had executed a large number of moves in a very small amount of time. That sort of effort did not come without exertion and the fatigue that came with it. Still he wasn't far behind and it wasn't over yet and there was a permanent smile plastered on his face. He had not had this much fun in years. "Well, you're close. You got me twice before the disarm." He said, pointing to the glowing red marks on his body, "and that kick registered as an attack and was certainly clean. So that puts me at six and you at seven." He placed his hand on his spear and dismissed it rather than going through the discomfort and effort of pulling his spear back through his friend his eyes wide and intense. He offered his hand to Shield and pulled him up, "Been a while since we got to go at each other like this hasn't it? Remind you of anything?" he said as turned to head back to the garden to reset. He was practically reliving his Crossreign days and he had his hopes on what Shield's plan for round two would be.
  14. Beat smirked as he slapped Shield on the back, "With how much of the lifting I've been doing, I'm surprised that little bit hurts your back. Guess you really are getting old." His hand moved through the air and a small piece of rum cake appeared in his hand with a fork in the other, "Well, if we're farming, I'm buffing." He said, giving Horus a small bite which evoked a small coo from the normally testy falcon. The torched here really did seem like they had almost been forgotten by programmers who never came by to re-light them. It added to the danger of the upper floors, which really made one think, "Can you imagine what floor fifty is going to be like?" How many of us will live to see that though? He finished his rum cake and summoned his menus again, This time a small cup of coffee on a dish appeared. The aroma was a nice contrast to the stale air of the caves they were walking through, "Man, can I plan a snack or what?" he said, smacking his lips as the flavor of the coffee complemented the rum cake to make a culinary experience that he had come to deeply enjoy.