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  1. Looking down upon his broken blades as it had exploded out of his hands, he was just in shock. He had growled, he couldn't believe he was given such horrific weapons for such a godsend skill that could take him one step closer to controlling all these low life's. However, he couldn't stay, he had looked over to the other players who may have seen him lose his weapons just then, and he didn't want to leave an opening. Death_Adder had stood up straight and pulled a Teleport Crystal from his cloak and said out saluting away Calrex and Macradon "Well its been fun, however I appreciate my life more than I appreciate trying to help pathetic players make it through this boss. Tootles." then he had exclaimed out "Floor 21, Tomokia." as he laughed, he knew he could make it out of the town in time before any guards could get him. However he was sure that he was going to need to talk to Abel Rose to fix this... problem he currently has. Death_Adder has left the thread.
  2. Seiichi had not even bothered to turn his head to face the player who had given him some energy out of his own reserves to keep the swordsman fighting. He merely grinned, his brows furrowing as he glared across at Tesseleth with pale blue eyes. "I'm not done yet." he said with a chuckle. He could have sword he felt the eyes of the other two in his party on him for a moment, causing Seiichi to sneer. His fingers curled around the handles of the blades of Michael and Lucifer, gripping onto the swords as he prepared his next attack. It was not until then that the man had noticed that his energy was still too low to release the Eclipse sword art yet again. "Damn.." he said to himself under his breath, deciding on another attack instead. "No matter.. I'll still make quick work of this." Both of his blades took on a similar blue aura as he prepped his Blackhowling Assault sword art. Letting the the tips of the swords falling to the floor, Seiichi took off running towards the boss, sparks kicking up in each direction from the metal scraping against the stone floor. The man wore a toothy smirk on his face the entire approach to the monstrous dragon. Once in range, Seiichi planted his foot into the ground before delivering his attack at the boss' neck. As the Blade of Michael collided with the rough scales of Tesseleth, the object quickly flashed red, and then white before shattering in his hands. Similarly, the Blade of Lucifer met the same fate, each weapon's durability giving out before the attack could even commence. Seiichi's blue eyes went wide, "W-What!?" he shouted to himself, staring at his now empty hands. "Dammit." he cursed through grit teeth, before quickly moving back to create some distance between himself and Tesseleth. ID: 93819 BD: 1 Miss - Sword of Michael (Broken) - Sword of Lucifer (Broken)
  3. Seiichi sucked his teeth at the two members of his group. One had gone and gotten stunned, while the other seemed to just not move fast enough for his tastes. "Fine. I'll do it myself." he said under his breath as he prepared the blades of Michael and Lucifer. Pale blue eyes locked with the piercing red of Tesseleth, before they shifted to the soulless gaze behind the obsidian helmet. "I'll deal with you first... since no one else can." The tips of his blades scraped against the stone floor of the cavern as the swordsman ran forward at the knight. Its focus seemed to be completely on one of the other players, giving Seiichi and open shot at the obsidian armor. Unleashing his strongest sword art yet again, the knight had been decimated, its body that had been sliced to bits shattering like glass as they hit the cold ground. The man then looked up towards the roof of the cavern, letting out a satisfied breath at the sound of the knight's body decomposing. ID 93074 BD 3(+6) Eclipse: 23x33 = 759dmg - 90 Mit = 669 Dmg
  4. Seiichi grunted as he took the full attack from one of the Dragon Knights, gritting his teeth and glaring at the minion that got a lucky shot on him. Now with its focus off of them and on the first two groups yet again, he watched as the battle unfolded, one of the cowardly players being removed from the fight as they were encased in crystals and obsidian. "Tsk tsk tsk." Seichi sucked his teeth while shaking his head, "All she had to do was attack.. but she let her cowardice get to her." After damage had been done on both fronts, Seiichi prepped his blades for another attack, "I'm not wasting my time on these knights. The boss is mine." he barked out as he rushed forward with the same, powerful sword art as before. Cutting deep into Tesseleth's health yet again.
  5. Seiichi turned to look at Calrex, who had passively redirected the man's threat right back at him. "And who is going to make sure that happens? You? Ultramarine Knight?" Seiichi said, using a mocking tone to speak Calrex's title. Without any other words, the man turned to the obsidian dragon who stood in their path, brandishing his two weapons and spinning them at his sides, "Neither of those are going to happen with this beast still in out way." he said with a malicious smirk before breaking off in a sprint at Tesseleth. Before the dragon had a chance to even react to the dual wielding man whom dealt most of the damage to him already, his swords were sinking past its rough scales, taking down another chunk of the boss' health, now leaving him a bit under the half way mark. "And ladies and gentlemen, thats how its done." the man said, under his breath, mocking the weak attacks his fellow players had thrown at the dragon so far. ID 91889 BD 4(+6) Hit Eclipse: 23x33 = 759dmg - 135 Mit = 624 Dmg
  6. "Death?" Seiichi scoffed, his back turned to the Ultramarine knight. The man's shoulders shuddered as he began to chuckle to himself, the laugh starting off low before becoming more audible. The swordsman's head then cocked to the side, his blue eyes locking with those of the large obsidian dragon, that now struggled to move its muscles yet again. "No.. Don't make me laugh." Seiichi walked towards the boss with a slow stride, letting the blades of Micheal and Lucifer drag along the stone ground, the sound of the metal scraping bounced off the walls of the cavern. The man stopped right in front of Tesseleth's sharp teeth, testing the paralyzed dragon, as well as proving a point to Calrex. Seiichi rose the blades to his sides as they began to glow, unleashing his Eclipse sword art yet again, dealing significant damage to the boss. Once his attack had ceased, he turned to face the blue haired man yet again, a malicious grin pulled at the corners of his lips. "I will add more to the list.. before I fall." Rolling ID 91298 BD 2(+6) Eclipse: 23x33 = 759dmg - 135 Mit = 624 Dmg
  7. Seiichi had looked to the other players that had been fighting the boss, he had clicked the rook of his mouth "What a disappointment. I thought people would be better than this. This is what I get for trying to make enemies with those who cant fight." she smirked and let out a small chuckle as he looked at the boss, he was better than all of them, he could only imagine how EASY it would be to kill everyone that stands in this room without even trying, however to keep the peace not a soul will be harmed this day, but nothing will stop Seiichi when he's mad. He looked up to the dragon who had taken flight and shook his head, "What a cowardly thing to have for a boss.." he said to himself. Seiichi's pale blue eyes returned to the surface, locking onto the knight that once slept in a bed of crystals. "You'll have to do." he said as he rushed forward with both of his blades, striking at suit of armor with his strongest sword art. He looked back to the party and faced @Calrex and said "Do you fear the risk of death Infinite one?"
  8. Seiichi had looked over to Calrex as he had spoke out to both him and Macradon, all he did was offer a smile, shaking his head he knew what to do, its not rocket science to figure out what he had said. Death_Adder examined Macradon as he moved forward to attack... pathetic damage, looks like Death_Adder was going to be in this fight for a while at the damage other people are displaying. Truly pathetic. Death_Adder smiled wider as he had taken out both the Blade of Michael and Lucifer and with a great amount of speed, he lunged forward with Bullrush hitting it with the Eclipse, swinging his sword faster than anyone could have imagined, however he had grinned neither the Blade of Lucifer or Michael had seemed to be hungry enough to provide their power... what a shame. ID: 90421 - BD: 4+6=10 Sword Art Used: The Eclipse - Damage: 33+5=38*23=874-135=739
  9. OOC: Death_Adder will NOT attack anyone unless you attack him, he's coming simply to give the raid group more firepower. He is not applicable for the last hit bonus, the item will be given to the player that hit it before him. Seems like today was the day players finally had gotten together to fight the floor boss, "Took them long enough, those poor feeble players... they barely know how to use the swords they have." he thought to himself with a chuckle. Arriving upon the scene he had looked around away from everyone, numbers seemed to be dwindling at this point in time, he clicked the roof of his mouth a few times in disappointment before shaking his head and stepping forward behind Jomei. He had chuckled and placed a hand upon his shoulder "Jomei... Jomei... Jomei, seems to me that you are ignoring the words I bestowed upon you. However, I'll give you the pass, this group looks pitiful and dwindling. I was right when I thought that you kids needed me." he had chuckled out stepping in the center of the area consuming his food and potions to give him the buffs that he needs to fight.
  10. Seiichi had looked down upon Jomei after asking if he follows what he was saying, and instead of replying to him he had asked out if his friends were okay, his eyes widened with evil thoughts, however he had looked over as the other man had yelled out. Seiichi had chuckled a bit as he began to walk towards him once more "My work is never done, to be honest with you I am willing to bet that you'll be thanking me for the warning about being a hero." he had looked back over to Telrenya who had been testing his own patience, as the horses arrived Seiichi and grabbed onto the sword and retrieved it from the ground. He looked down upon the sword as he inspected it and looked back to Telrenya "Look. I know its a painful reality to lose your own brother. But its kill or be killed Estelle, and I wasn't going to let him take my life and title from me. Here, consider this a goodbye gift from your brother to me, then to you." he moved forward with Charge, his men had let go of Telrenya and he pierced through Telrenya's heart with the sword paralyzing her into place, he had tossed her over towards the poor excuse of a man and looked to the blonde haired man and snapped his fingers and said "Let him go." Seiichi had gotten up on his horse along with four of his other men, he had looked down upon them and said out to them "Remember Jomei, leave this to heroes of this world. You'll never live otherwise. Don't make me come back to you all, my next visit if I have to will not be pretty." he chuckled and hit his horse with his foot signalling him to move forward, as the horse and leaped upwards and dashed down the path the bell had rang upon floor 11, changing the time from day to sunset. Him and his men and road off into the sunset, disappearing from the players vision. -Death_Adder leaves the Thread.- @Ruby
  11. Seiichi knew it, this woman that stood before her was the brother of Beatbox, the man that he killed. His eyes widened as he had told out to her "Hell." he looked towards her and placed his hands on her face making her look towards him "Your brother was suicidal. He wanted to kill me, do you think that I would just stand there and let him kill me? I'm the hero of this world, and your brother had been jealous of the title I gained. However, he wasn't much of a challenge anyways, he was doomed to begin with." he let go of her face and said out to her once more before turning his body to Spencer "And if you follow his footsteps the same will happen to you." he looked towards Spencer leaving the sword in the ground and stood in front of him kicking the mace he had in front of far away from him, he took a deep look into him... he doesn't know anything about this man, instead he offered the man a smile "Look kid, I used to be like you. So confused about the situations around me... but when you wake up from that world... you'll know the reality placed before you. Remember kid, its kill or be killed in this world." he then turned back to Jomei. He clicked the top of his mouth as he was very disappointed in him for attempting to intervene on the conversation he was having with Estelle, he kneed down behind him placing his arm on both the pommels of the Blade of Michael and Lucifer and gave him a few tsk's. "Look Jomei. I am not your torturer. He used to be part of the cult of the Darkness Blade. Everyone there has such a grudge against you. I forced the information off him, and well... I killed him. He didn't deserve to live. And you should know, if you ever- try- to- inter- vene- with- them again, I will have another visit with you. Let the hero take care of this Jomei, not the sidekick. Like monopoly there are two "Get Out of Jail Free" cards, and you've all been give one. Don't make me come back. And..." he said forcing his sword further into Jomei causing his HP bar to go down everytime he pushed forcing him to be at a inch of his life he looked back over to Telrenya as he forced the swords out from the ground and Jomei's body "Beatbox had the card, and refused to use it. Whether or not you wish to, I wont hesitate to kill you." he said out to her before letting out a whistle, from the distance a group of horses can be heard galloping. He looked back down to Jomei an inch from his life "Have a less relevant name and you all live, Capiche?" @Jomei @Telrenya @Spencer ----- Damage: 41+41+41+41+41+41+17-25=238 Jomei - HP: 19/1040
  12. "Really? A blonde man with blue eyes, overprotective over people, willing to fight despite the odds against him, one that has too much pride? Ringing any sort of bells to you?" the man had chuckled after hearing from Telrenya that he knows nothing about him, he opened his inventory to pull out an item however at this time Jomei had spoken out to leave her alone. Seiichi had closed his eyes for a moment clicking the roof of his mouth with his tongue three times after hearing Jomei's response, he turned his body to face him and started to walk towards him closing his inventory menu's "Look, I promised your poor excuse for a healer that I wouldn't kill you or any one of your friends. And you are just testing my patience, and since I am a nice guy... to ensure im not gonna hurt your girlfriend over there... here, hold this for me." he stated as he then penetrated Jomei's body with both the Blade of Michael and Lucifer stabbing the ground keeping him in place, with a chuckle he left Jomei walking back towards the woman. He had opened his Inventory once more and pulled out a sword and pierced it through the ground in front of Telrenya. Seiichi after piercing the ground had taken a closer look into Telrenya's eyes inspecting her color and he stood above her trying to figure out how much shorter she is, after making a mental tally the man had smiled "A perfect match..." he took a step back and moved behind the sword "Well, you are a perfect match to information that I had found. This sword was the mans sword he had brought into battle, and as I was looking at the craftsman ship of this blade I found something remarkable... something I can have a little fun with." then with a single movement of a finger the pommel of the sword and come off and a piece of paper had been found secretly within the sword. Seiichi had pulled out the piece of paper and spoke out to Telrenya with a evil grin "This man Beatbox, had wrote down information on this piece of paper which includes dates of relevance to him, and even a checklist. And there is one box that is left unchecked "Find my Sister"" he looked back to the the girl and then began to speak out what came next ""Things to remember about her... same shade of blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes, 5'6", cute attitude yet relies on others to make it through situations, not very knowledgeable over video games, probably has a cute avatar name. Her real name: Estelle." Ringing any bells to you? Do you think this is a perfect match Estelle?" he flipped the piece of paper and read off one important date ""My sisters birthday: November 6th 2004."" he looked back to the female and said out to her as he rolled up the piece of paper to place back into the sword "Now, with all that being said about you does the name Beatbox seem familiar to you?" he had let out a evil chuckle. @Jomei @Telrenya @Spencer ----- Damage: 17+12+12=41-25=16 Jomei - HP: 257/1040
  13. Seiichi had been struck in the face forcing the borrowed mask that he acquired off his face and onto the ground exploding into pieces. He kept his head kept on the ground pretending to stumble his way towards Telrenya as he kept a grip of the Blade of Michael. Eventually he had let out a chuckle, and looked up towards the female with a evil smile and said to her "Don't take this personally kid." he chuckled then he tilted his head over for a moment saying out to Jomei "So Jomei... I want to ask you, how does it feel that the person torturing your life, the man that wanted to take things from you ended up..." he turned ripping the cloak off his body to reveal his captain outfit and he looked at Jomei with eyes of determination and with the shadow of Zelrius "...was the Hero to save you from this world the entire time!" he ripped the Blade of Lucifer from the sheath on the opposite side of his body and moved forward with incredible speed intertwining Charge and Bullrush with his swing and hitting Jomei with everything he had... The Eclipse, never felt more enjoyable. He swung at Jomei, swing by swing with incredible speed, no man, no beast could see the speed he swung with two swords at... he wanted this to be enjoyable. After his attack had been completed he stood over and watched as Jomei had fell to the ground. Seiichi kneeled down and struck the ground next to Jomei's head with the Blade of Michael and said out to him with Tsk's "Oh how the mighty has fallen..." he had let out a chuckle. "Let my visit with you be a lesson Jomei. Keep your name less known. You'll find the less relevant your name is to others, the longer you shall live. I am not going to kill you or your girlfriend, or any of these pathetic excuses for players. Promise me Jomei. You'll never try to be the hero. You're not cut out to be the hero Jomei, never have... never will." he stood up leaving Jomei paralyzed upon the ground walking towards Telrenya with a smile "And you... we're gonna have a nice little chat. You remind me of someone, someone that I've killed. You have the same arrogance than him, you have the same Aryan look that he had. Tell me... do you know anyone by the name Beatbox?" he had let out a small chuckle as he stared at her with eyes begging to know. @Jomei @Telrenya @Spencer ----- Sword Art Used: The Eclipse [Damage: 17base+12fallen+5charge=34*23=782-25=757] Jomei - HP: 283/1040 - Paralyzed