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  1. Gryas

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    As the others circled around the dragon and attacked Gryas noticed that Dustin seemed to really be getting into the battle and enjoying the moment, and that made Gryas think twice about their situation. He had really only cared about keeping his companions safe in this fight look at the situation strategically. As horrible as the death game could be it was also a masterpiece, worlds upon worlds created in life like realness on each floor, and the thrill and rush of combat with real consequences. Readying himself Gryas took a deep breath and backhanded the dragon with his shield arm yelling "Down Here!" as he activated his howl ability. That took the last bit of his energy to pull off, he would have to catch his breath and regain his energy from here on as the ability had used up the last of his. "Ok its almost over, lets show this dragon what we are made off!" (PS. Sorry for dropping the ball! I thought I had replied and was waiting for a notification :( Sorry for being so late!) Rhaegal: HP: 15/125 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 0 - EVA: 0 | DMG: 50 [8] Jinx: HP 332/340 | EN: 5/34 | 47 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [6] Dustin: 370/380 HP | 21/38 EN | 7 DMG | 31 MIT | 0 EVA | 1 Thorns <9 DMG>| BH: 3 [12] Gryas: HP 180/180 | EN: 1/18 | 40 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Taunt | +3 Accuracy [4] @Arabelle: HP 180/180 | EN: 15/18 | 5 DMG | 2 ACC | 9 MIT | 3 EVA | 2 Para. [3] Mace: HP 140/140 | EN: 5/14 | 40 MIT | 4 DMG 
  2. Gryas

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    Gryas moved up as he saw Mace charge in and strike the dragon with her weapon landing a solid hit and stunning it. It was a solid strike and in most cases would be what you would hope for in a battle, keeping the enemy from attacking. Gryas felt a but ashamed as he realized that he actually wanted the dragon to hit him. This was not a matter of protecting others, he was doing that just fine by keeping the dragons attention, it was more of a desire to prove something to himself, that he could get hit around by a beast like this and still keep fighting. Measuring up his target Gryas jumped up and cut with an upwards slash going for the boned ridge of the dragons face and aiming for the eye. Even though he could not deal much damage to this creature he could at least keep its attention. The strike hit true, indeed it was one of the better attacks he had made. Perhaps he should have aimed to be a damage dealer in stead of a tank? But no, he wanted to protect not kill. Roll ID: # 112428 BD: 10 HARD CRIT | 1 DMG Rhaegal: HP: 63/125 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 0 - EVA: 0 | DMG: 50 | Stunned [6] Jinx: HP 335/340 | EN: 14/34 | 47 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [4] Dustin: 367/380 HP | 26/38 EN | 7 DMG | 31 MIT | 0 EVA | 1 Thorns <9 DMG>| BH: 3 [9] Gryas: HP 180/180 | EN: 4/18 | 40 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Taunt | +3 Accuracy [1] @Arabelle: HP 180/180 | EN: 15/18 | 5 DMG | 2 ACC | 9 MIT | 3 EVA | 2 Para. [-3 EN] [3] Mace: HP 140/140 | EN: 5/14 | 40 MIT | 4 DMG 
  3. "No worries Saphira, thought i might be helpful. Instead I will just make sure that I can keep you safe long enough to take care of these monsters". Gryas was not too sure how all the equipment bonuses added up but must have been mistaken regarding just holding equipment and actually using it. If that is the case then Saphira would not be able to get the accuracy boost from his weapon if she was just holding it while using the dagger. That was a shame, but at least she seemed thankful for the offer of lending the gear. Gryas re drew his weapon and got ready to continue the fight. First he looked around at all of the members in the party to check their health bars. Everyone else was still pretty healthy so there was no concerns regarding the fight so far. The same could not be said for the two Merfolk who were both nearly dead now. @Stryder
  4. Gryas

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    From watching the dragon move Gryas could tell that the beasts attention was still fixated on Dustin which was not good, if it attacked him it was distracting him from dealing damage to the thing. He readied his howl skill again and let loose a bellow of challenge to get the dragons attention. A clawed talon swung out for Gryas which which he dodged to the left in the same direction as the swing so when he took it on his shield the impact was lessened. Seeing Arabelle on the other side of the dragon getting ready to attack Gryas pushed forward and struck with his sword upwards towards its side under the wing. The dragon dodged to the side lifting its wing to avoid the attack, and that was exactly what Gryas had hoped as the beast now exposed its side under the wing near Arabelle. "Strike now!" Gryas called towards her. Action - Howl (+3 Hate) Rhaegal: HP: 67/125 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 0 - EVA: 0 | DMG: 50 [4]Jinx: HP 340/340 | EN: 14/34 | 47 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [4] Dustin: 364/380 HP | 27/38 EN | 7 DMG | 31 MIT | 0 EVA | 1 Thorns <9 DMG>| BH: 3 [6] Gryas: HP 180/180 | EN: 4/18 | 40 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Taunt | +3 Accuracy [1] @Arabelle: HP 180/180 | EN: 15/18 | 5 DMG | 2 ACC | 9 MIT | 3 EVA | 2 Para. [2] Mace: HP 140/140 | EN: 8/14 | 40 MIT | 4 DMG 
  5. Total Loot Obtained: (1760 Col), (2x T1 Mat), (1x T1 Perfect Consumable), (6x T1 Uncommon Consumable), 1x T1 Rare Armor
  6. With one bear down Gryas turned and saw another one that he could draw into the fight. This game only allowed you to hold aggro from 4 enemies at a time and because Gryas would not be taking any damage anyway he was not worried about taking on multiple enemies. Making sure he stayed in range of the 3 bears so they did not loose heat and re set Gryas went and kicked another near by bear that joined the fray. They all lunged at him but one seemed a bit retarded as it stumbled over its own front feet and fell into a pile of fur. All of the other three bears seemed competent and managed to land hits taking damage in turn and bringing their life points down. These fights were boring but were necessary to gain experience and plus materials to use in his alchemy so he can make useful potions. Total Loot Obtained: (1760 Col), (2x T1 Mat), (1x T1 Perfect Consumable), (6x T1 Uncommon Consumable), 1x T1 Rare Armor
  7. Gryas pushed the last bear aside and saw another group a short distance away so picking up a rock he thew it at them gaining their attention. As the three new bears charged him down that last super annoying bear that did not die when the others before did finally crashed against him and exploded into pixelated treasure that added itself to his inventory. All three of the new bears hit him at the same time sending him stumbling. He regained his footing and saw that two of the three hits had reflected damage but the third hit did not. If that last bear didn't take any thorns damage that would mean it scored a critical hit, smiling to himself that he still took no damage Gryas turned and faced down the three new bears but still kept an eye out for a fourth that he could drag into the fight. Total Loot Obtained: (1760 Col), (2x T1 Mat), (1x T1 Perfect Consumable), (6x T1 Uncommon Consumable), 1x T1 Rare Armor
  8. Gryas

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    The dragon loomed ahead and Jinx, Dustin and Mace had already engaged the beast. First with Jinx getting its attention the other two had landed decent hits, and Gryas first thought that was a good thing then realized the red markings indicating who the dragon was targeting... Those critical hits had increased their hate and if he did not do something fast then this could take a turn for the worst. Jumping ahead Gryas used the Howl ability. He had not had a chance to use it before but with a bellow he yelled at the dragon getting its attention "Over here you scaly bastard!" Gryas circled around the beast making it turn its back to the rest of the party and readied his shield for the next attack. This was what he had been training for, protecting others. Gryas was not too sure if he could take multiple hits from this beast but luckily he was not the only tank in the party. For now though when the dragon attacked Gryas would hit it back with the damage from his thorns. Rhaegal: HP: 91/125 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 0 - EVA: 0 | DMG: 50 | Stunned -1 EVA Action - Howl (+3 Hate) [2] Jinx: HP 340/340 | EN: 24/34 | 47 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [2] Dustin: 361/380 HP | 32/38 EN | 7 DMG | 31 MIT | 1 EVA | 1 Thorns <9 DMG>| BH: 3 [Paralyzed] [3] Gryas: HP 180/180 | EN: 18/18 | 40 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Taunt | +3 Accuracy [0] @Arabelle: [2] Mace: HP 140/140 | EN: 9/14 | 40 MIT | 4 DMG
  9. Gryas

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    Those other three in the guild seemed quite close, it was odd trying to find where he fit in in all of this. Gryas had not truly opened up since the first few months of this death game and had not since that day when he had lost someone close. Pushing aside those thoughts he looked towards the group. Jinx gave out the battle plans of splitting into 2 small groups however seemed to struggle with her words as he could sense some real pain in there. Looking between both Arabelle and Mace he nodded towards Arabelle. "Alright let's do this then, you can count on me to keep you safe." Then looking towards Dustin with a sly smile he at his last comment about not being with dying over he said while ruffling his brown hair with one hand. "Oh don't be so dramatic kid, you are gonna be just fine" @Jinx @Arabelle @Dustin @Mace
  10. Gryas heaved against the Merfolk with his shield to make some space and then stepped away, closer to where Saphira was fighting. He had noticed that the blade she was using did not seem to be getting purchase on the monster she was fighting and a thought popped into his mind. Even though she would not be familiar with his Longsword with its +3 ACC just holding it will make it easier for her to hit her enemies. Gryas ran up to the Merfolk engaged with Saphira and put himself between her and it, then looking over his shoulder Gryas opened up a trade window and called saidC to Saphira "It seems like you could use this more then I right now, you can borrow it so long as you take good care of Oathkeeper." Then as he finished the trade Gryas flipped the shield from his offhand to his right hand and threw a shielded punch at a Merfolk that started to look towards them. @Stryder @Saphira
  11. Gryas watched as Dustin changed targets and started an attack on the second Merfolk, he dashed forward with such speed the monster could not keep up and with a vicious swipe Dustin cut a large V into the monsters chest. It was a smart move as the plan was to let Arabelle land the last hit on the creature to try get better a better drop from it. This could also be dangerous for Dustin if the thing turned to target him and retaliate running forward Gryas brushed past Dustin and called out "Good hit! Now stay behind me and I will make an opening for you Dustin!" He lunged forward and thrust with his sword scoring a clean hit on the monster. Although the damage was low he could see that he critically hit the thing and with a smile Gryas knew that he would now get its attention rather than Dustin. @Stryder
  12. Gryas

    [PP/Floor1] The First of the Dragons

    Gryas was planning on heading out to gather some materials for some new potions to make when he saw a message asking for any players interested in joining in on the Dragon Hunter quest line. This was a quest that he had seen a long time ago and was very interested in doing it however it seemed like it was a bit too much to take on by himself so he had ignored it until he got stronger. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to do the quests and also a far better way to spend his time then gathering materials and robotically farming easy mobs. Grabbing the shield and sword off the wall mount in his study he left home and made his way to the First Floor and to the main square. Arriving he saw some familiar faces from the guild which he called out to as he approached, raising his right hand in greeting. "Yo Dustin! How have you been? And Jinx, Arabelle, good to see you both again." There was another person standing with them that he didn't recognize, he was still a little uneasy with speaking around new people so he figured he would wait for some introductions. Then with a wide grin he asked them all. "Ready to go slay some dragons?" @Jinx
  13. One of the Merfolk ran past his companions dodging most attacks that were sent its way and approached Gryas at his vantage point by the rock. It managed to avoid most of the attacks and as it charged towards Gryas he pushed off from the rock and hit it square in the chest with the heavy hilt of his sword. The attack sent it sprawling back towards his companions and the Merfolk turned to face them one again. Keeping an eye on the uninjured Merfolk Gryas looked over to once again see how the other fight was going, the creature had landed a few minor hits on Stryder but was now on its last legs and soon to be taken out. Thankfully he would not need to step in there to help out, he could survive a few hits but would burn though his healing potions fast as that one dealt far more damage than these easy ones. @Stryder
  14. Gryas walked off the teleportation platform into the town of Athenaia, a large town made of white marble stones and splashes of color all about. It was designed after that of Ancient Greece, in fact the whole floor was, including the other large town of Spartaia and some smaller ones spread across the floor. Taking in his surroundings Gryas took his first step onto the paved square if the Town and the moment he did a small figure shimmered out of thin air in front of him and gave an over the top extravagant bow. It was a Satyr, a half human half goat creature common in Greek Mythology. As the Satyr appeared some of the close by NPC's actually seemed startled by the creature, such a small detail to program into a game... it really did make the world feel real. "Greetings Master Gryas, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!"
  15. Gryas stepped back to watch the fight unfold when one of the monsters skidded in his direction after taking a hit from one of his teammates. Gryas began a swing with his blade then instead rested the sword on his shoulder and kicked the Merfolk back towards the party. Funilly his kick did as much damage as his sword would have. Ready to jump in if things got messy Gryas moved to the edge of the batte and leaned up against a rock that jutted from the sand nearby. Looking across to the two higher level fighters were taking on their monster Gryas could see that their fight was going well too. I suppose as a warm up this battle would be a good way to get everyone moving together as a team, even if it was a little on the safe side. Gryas began to open his inventory but then fought back that impulse. The low threat allowed his mind to wonder and realized after he began searching for it that he was about to retrieve his book. Thinking that it wouldnt be a very good look to do while in the middle of a fight he instead checked all the potions and his items making sure everything was in order if the need arrives.