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  1. One of the Merfolk ran past his companions dodging most attacks that were sent its way and approached Gryas at his vantage point by the rock. It managed to avoid most of the attacks and as it charged towards Gryas he pushed off from the rock and hit it square in the chest with the heavy hilt of his sword. The attack sent it sprawling back towards his companions and the Merfolk turned to face them one again. Keeping an eye on the uninjured Merfolk Gryas looked over to once again see how the other fight was going, the creature had landed a few minor hits on Stryder but was now on its last legs and soon to be taken out. Thankfully he would not need to step in there to help out, he could survive a few hits but would burn though his healing potions fast as that one dealt far more damage than these easy ones. @Stryder
  2. Gryas walked off the teleportation platform into the town of Athenaia, a large town made of white marble stones and splashes of color all about. It was designed after that of Ancient Greece, in fact the whole floor was, including the other large town of Spartaia and some smaller ones spread across the floor. Taking in his surroundings Gryas took his first step onto the paved square if the Town and the moment he did a small figure shimmered out of thin air in front of him and gave an over the top extravagant bow. It was a Satyr, a half human half goat creature common in Greek Mythology. As the Satyr appeared some of the close by NPC's actually seemed startled by the creature, such a small detail to program into a game... it really did make the world feel real. "Greetings Master Gryas, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!"
  3. Gryas stepped back to watch the fight unfold when one of the monsters skidded in his direction after taking a hit from one of his teammates. Gryas began a swing with his blade then instead rested the sword on his shoulder and kicked the Merfolk back towards the party. Funilly his kick did as much damage as his sword would have. Ready to jump in if things got messy Gryas moved to the edge of the batte and leaned up against a rock that jutted from the sand nearby. Looking across to the two higher level fighters were taking on their monster Gryas could see that their fight was going well too. I suppose as a warm up this battle would be a good way to get everyone moving together as a team, even if it was a little on the safe side. Gryas began to open his inventory but then fought back that impulse. The low threat allowed his mind to wonder and realized after he began searching for it that he was about to retrieve his book. Thinking that it wouldnt be a very good look to do while in the middle of a fight he instead checked all the potions and his items making sure everything was in order if the need arrives.
  4. Watching the combatants charge ahead of him Gryas stood back and observed the combat. He would not be playing too much of a roll in this combat unless things went wrong, and thankfully these mobs didn't seem to pose enough of a threat to cause any troubles. Holding out his right hand Gryas began to regulate his breathing to a steady beat, in tune with that of his heart. 10 heart beats past and a large blade coalesced out of a frosty mist appearing in his grip, and falling into a a fluid combat stance he moved forward passing Dustin who had just pulled back from his own attack. Gripping his one handed blade in both hands and raising the blade up next to his head parallel to the ground Gryas rushed at the already wounded Merfolk and slashed as he moved past, catting a line across its side. He would not be doing all that much damage here, that wasn't the point of the attack. Gryas needed to make sure that if the need arises he had caught enough of the monsters attention that he could step in and soak up any attacks that Jinx couldn't get to, keeping the rest of the party safe. Making sure every ones health was still in the green he stepped back and continued to watch the battle unfold in front of him.
  5. Gryas looked around at the group that seemed just about ready to head out. He then turned to Saphira and put on as friendly a face as he could. "Well Saphira if you wanted to focus more on attacking I can fall into more of an off tank and support role, my job is pretty easy, get hit and don't let others die. I don't even have any sword arts to worry about." He didn't mind taking on the role of the groups support seeing as they already had another tank, this way he could jump in and tank when it was needed and focus more on everyone's health. It will be good to try out this new sword as well Gryas thought to himself. So far Gryas had really only fought safe monsters that he could tackle himself so getting into some more serious combat would be thrilling. Something flashed through his memory however and that excitement quickly faded. He couldn't let himself feel that way, as much as it was one this really was no game, it was life and death. Shrugging that aside he said to Stryder. "Seems we are all just about ready to head out, lead the way." Almost as a side thought Gryas turned to Arabelle and opened a trade window. "Here, this will probably be more useful to you then me." He then selected the +1 Damage Potion that Gryas has held for over a year and never used. @Arabelle - 1 x Damage potion (+1 Damage)
  6. Gryas was not too sure what to make of the interactions that were unfolding in front of him. It seemed to walk a thin line between outwardly friendly and uncomfortable tension. The later however seemed to lessen as introductions and greetings had gone around the room. Gryas was trying to get out of his comfort zone and work up the courage to say something funny, tell a joke or do something else to work his way into a conversation when Stryder jumped straight in to the battle plan and the reason they had all gathered. Breaking in to 2 groups for a hunt on this floor.. He did not have much experience hunting in a group and the last time he had Gryas felt that he was not very useful. He had since gotten stronger on his own though and was eager to rise to the challenge. A spur of competition jolted Gryas as he realized that he was not the only person that appeared to be running a tank spec, that girl with the eye patch up close to Stryder... Jinx Hei had called her, had said that she was a tank. Moving up to them Gryas held out his hand. "Jinx was it? Pleasure to meet you and welcome to the guild! I look forward to fighting beside you, you can count on me to guard your back out there." He realized that he had extended a fully plated hand towards Jinx and imagined he might look somewhat out of place with his heavy armor while also wearing his glasses. They served no purpose of course in this world, his eyesight was perfect here. They were however one of the only things he carried with him from his past and was reluctant to let them go. Pushing back his mop of thick dark brown hair he looked around at everyone he felt rather confident, most of the people here seemed to be equipped well and could hold their own. Then he saw that scythe... It looked dangerously impressive. Resisting the urge to ask the pink haired girl who introduced herself as Arabelle if he could give it a practice swing or several he instead turned back to Stryder. "So what kind of creatures are we hunting? I'm not familiar with the fauna and flora of this floor." Fauna and Flora? Really Gryas? He scolded himself in his head. With the glasses and that comment he must be coming off as huge geek! Well this is a video game that everyone originally signed up to play.. He probably was not alone in that.
  7. As the events unfolded around him Gryas had begun to feel somewhat out of place, he had been somewhat unintentionally avoiding contact with other players for months now and this all made him feel uneasy. Pushing those feelings aside he pushed off from the table he was leaning against and stretched as he stood up straight and nodded back at Stryder and Hei as they had greeted him. The rest of the people in the room however he had never met before and introduced himself. "Hello all, names Gryas." Then remembering how the girl that had entered from a door that was deeper into the shop had spoken a language he didn't understand he quickly flicked on the translation program from the menu. Gesturing at the shield leaning against the table next to him with his plated foot Gryas continued. "Not too sure what we are up to with this venture but hopefully I can be of assistance." He had an urge to jump straight in to strategy as it was what he was more comfortable talking about, but then thought twice.. Remembering something an old friend had once told him, Gryas realized that he would not have her.. anyone else to rely on when it came to being sociable. This was as good a place as any to start.
  8. Gryas arrived on the 22nd floor taking a step of the teleportation crystals platform for the first time. He had never been on this floor before, let alone been this high up as it was usually too dangerous for someone of his level to handle. Opening his map and making a marker of the shops location that Stryder had sent through he made his way through the town. Arriving at the shop Gryas pushed open the front door and stepped inside. It was nothing like he had expected though, remembering the last time Gryas had visited Stryder in that cozy Tailors store of his all those months back. What surprised him most however was what he noticed up against the wall. Two people, one guy laying down and a girl seated hugging her knees appeared to be fast asleep in the corner of the shop, and neither were Stryder as he had expected. Wondering if he was either late or early for the meeting he cleared his through awkwardly in a attempt to wake them. "Ahhh morning..." While waiting to get either of their attention he sent off a quick message. Walking over to what appeared to be the front counter Gryas dropped his shield and lay it against the wood, then leaning against it he flicked through his inventory took out a unsatisfying stale tasted store bought bread roll. Stats & Gear
  9. Gryas got the message that his order had been completed sooner then expected, and with no small amount of excitement he made his way to the Blazing Typhoon. "Evening Mac, got your message. Im here to pick up my order." Gryas opened the trade window and selected the col for the trade, and then saw his new sword appear in the transaction. It looked amazing, and the anticipation to try it out and use it in battle was nearly too much to handle. "Thanks a heap Mac, it's better then I expected!" This blade was going to help him immensely when it came to team combat, so long as he hits his target he is doing his job. -450 col + Oathkeeper
  10. Roll: ID# 107463 results: Craft: 5 Loot: 18 (Salvaged) 2+1 EXP ID# 107464 results: Craft: 3 Loot: 13 (Fail) 1+1 EXP ID# 107465 results: Craft: 2 Loot: 3 (Fail) 1+1 EXP ID# 107466 results: Craft: 8 Loot: 4 (Uncommon Potion) 3+1 EXP ID# 107467 results: Craft: 10 Loot: 13 (Rare Potion) 5+1 EXP (Leveled up to Alchemist Level 5) ID# 107468 results: Craft: 9 Loot: 4 (Uncommon Crystal) 3+1 EXP +21 EXP -6 T1 Mats
  11. Gryas woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. He had recently come back from a rather successful bout of gathering and should have been pumped for a day of crafting but for some reason he was in a foul mood. It took him until well after breakfast to shake it off, why was he feeling this way? Then it dawned on him.. It was the anniversary of a day he would rather forget. Gryas pushed that aside and got to work. He would need to keep himself busy, keep himself distracted. Sadly his attempt at crafting reflected his mood, he just couldn't seem to get things right. At least one of these potions came out as something decent.
  12. Gryas entered the Blazing Typhoon and soaked in the bristling warm air that wafted over him. He had not been here in a long time, over a yearn in fact, nor had he spoken with Macradon since the last time he was here to pick up his armor. The armor and shield that he was in fact using right now. He had hoped that Mac would be willing to help him out once again as now he could afford one last upgrade to finish of his equipment. A sword that assisted with accuracy, that way he could continue to hit enemies, not doing so to actually do damage but so he could keep their attention so they would not focus those Gryas was trying to protect. "Hey Macradon! Long time no see aye? I was wondering if you could make me a sword with a +3 to hit? I have the materials up front this time friend." Gryas picked up a order form and filled out the details, passing across the counter. @Macradon
  13. Writing Total Loot Obtained: (1360 Col), (2x T1 Mat), (1x T1 Perfect Consumable), (6x T1 Uncommon Consumable)
  14. They came at him again and this time Gryas just stood still and let them hit him directly. He thought due to their size he would get knocked around a bit, or at least stumble, but no. His defense was so strong now that after they hit him they were tossed aside by his defensive auras and crashed to the ground before getting back up and charging at him once again. 3 of the bears were now in the red for their health and one in the orange and close to hitting red. One more hit like that from his thorns and at least those 3 would die and hopefully drop some decent loot. A notification popped up on his screen. Not feeling any threat from the monsters Gryas did a final strike against the first bear and then lowered his sword arm to open the message and check its contents.
  15. Gryas fell in to rhythm, striking at foes, blocking with shield, turning and throwing out a shield bash as an enemy past. Over and over again, it was mechanical. He missed this, why had he stayed away from it for so long. The feel of the armor, the weight of his weapons, the thrill of battle. He should not have stayed away from it for so long as he had become complacent. THIS was what life was about! He had let the bears crash into his shield time and again as he moved with them, almost like a dance, a dance of death. Their health was orange now, getting ever closer to red. It would not be long until they had expired against his shield wall, his impenetrable defense. Wishing for luck as he fought he hoped that this was all going to be worth his time. Well the day was early and he intended to stay here until he could fight no more.