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  1. Gryas got the message that his order had been completed sooner then expected, and with no small amount of excitement he made his way to the Blazing Typhoon. "Evening Mac, got your message. Im here to pick up my order." Gryas opened the trade window and selected the col for the trade, and then saw his new sword appear in the transaction. It looked amazing, and the anticipation to try it out and use it in battle was nearly too much to handle. "Thanks a heap Mac, it's better then I expected!" This blade was going to help him immensely when it came to team combat, so long as he hits his target he is doing his job. -450 col + Oathkeeper
  2. Roll: ID# 107463 results: Craft: 5 Loot: 18 (Salvaged) 2+1 EXP ID# 107464 results: Craft: 3 Loot: 13 (Fail) 1+1 EXP ID# 107465 results: Craft: 2 Loot: 3 (Fail) 1+1 EXP ID# 107466 results: Craft: 8 Loot: 4 (Uncommon Potion) 3+1 EXP ID# 107467 results: Craft: 10 Loot: 13 (Rare Potion) 5+1 EXP (Leveled up to Alchemist Level 5) ID# 107468 results: Craft: 9 Loot: 4 (Uncommon Crystal) 3+1 EXP +21 EXP -6 T1 Mats
  3. Gryas woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. He had recently come back from a rather successful bout of gathering and should have been pumped for a day of crafting but for some reason he was in a foul mood. It took him until well after breakfast to shake it off, why was he feeling this way? Then it dawned on him.. It was the anniversary of a day he would rather forget. Gryas pushed that aside and got to work. He would need to keep himself busy, keep himself distracted. Sadly his attempt at crafting reflected his mood, he just couldn't seem to get things right. At least one of these potions came out as something decent.
  4. Gryas entered the Blazing Typhoon and soaked in the bristling warm air that wafted over him. He had not been here in a long time, over a yearn in fact, nor had he spoken with Macradon since the last time he was here to pick up his armor. The armor and shield that he was in fact using right now. He had hoped that Mac would be willing to help him out once again as now he could afford one last upgrade to finish of his equipment. A sword that assisted with accuracy, that way he could continue to hit enemies, not doing so to actually do damage but so he could keep their attention so they would not focus those Gryas was trying to protect. "Hey Macradon! Long time no see aye? I was wondering if you could make me a sword with a +3 to hit? I have the materials up front this time friend." Gryas picked up a order form and filled out the details, passing across the counter. @Macradon
  5. Writing Total Loot Obtained: (1360 Col), (2x T1 Mat), (1x T1 Perfect Consumable), (6x T1 Uncommon Consumable)
  6. They came at him again and this time Gryas just stood still and let them hit him directly. He thought due to their size he would get knocked around a bit, or at least stumble, but no. His defense was so strong now that after they hit him they were tossed aside by his defensive auras and crashed to the ground before getting back up and charging at him once again. 3 of the bears were now in the red for their health and one in the orange and close to hitting red. One more hit like that from his thorns and at least those 3 would die and hopefully drop some decent loot. A notification popped up on his screen. Not feeling any threat from the monsters Gryas did a final strike against the first bear and then lowered his sword arm to open the message and check its contents.
  7. Gryas fell in to rhythm, striking at foes, blocking with shield, turning and throwing out a shield bash as an enemy past. Over and over again, it was mechanical. He missed this, why had he stayed away from it for so long. The feel of the armor, the weight of his weapons, the thrill of battle. He should not have stayed away from it for so long as he had become complacent. THIS was what life was about! He had let the bears crash into his shield time and again as he moved with them, almost like a dance, a dance of death. Their health was orange now, getting ever closer to red. It would not be long until they had expired against his shield wall, his impenetrable defense. Wishing for luck as he fought he hoped that this was all going to be worth his time. Well the day was early and he intended to stay here until he could fight no more.
  8. Gryas had received a notification about a new quest that was available one morning while going over his alchemist supplies. It hinted at a reward that would benefit his craft and although it said to travel to floor 17 it did not hint at any real danger that the quest will force on players as the quest level was open and not restricted. Gryas had never been that far up before, it was dangerous for someone of his level and he would have to be careful. Even if the quest itself was not dangerous he better be careful not to stray from the quest at all or his very life could be the cost of traveling this far up in the tower. Still though it was exciting, every day he pushed forwards on to bigger tasks in this battle to finish the game. If he kept this up he will be on the front lines in no time!
  9. Gryas ducked and riposted the first bear that came at him and landed a satisfying stab into the bears thick fur. It took of another decent chunk from its hit points and sent it stumbling to the side, completely missing its attack. That was actually not in his favor, it was slowing down the fight every time one of these beasts missed him and this first one has done it twice now after Gryas himself had landed a decent hit. The other 3 crashed against his shield with claws and fangs, but this shield bit back! Watching their health drop even lower Gryas continued the battle. So far Gryas was not too sure if this was a profitable way to farm, with a bit of luck you could rake in the materials just from gathering and you could do that safely without any combat. This was slower, but the drops themselves could prove better then just picking mushrooms over and over.
  10. These bears were no match for his defenses. Even though Gryas could feel 2 of the bears land critical hits on him neither had even scratched his gleaming armor. He had turned as the first bear charged and landed a perfect strike, taking a small chunk of health out of the bear. Gryas laughed to himself, even though it had been a perfect strike he barely did any damage to the beast. Thankfully the armor he wore did all the work for him. Gryas could even go "afk", close his eyes and take a nap or open a chat with someone and just chill as these bears clawed and bit at him until they all died. He had to admit it, this felt pretty good. Knowing how much catch up he had to do to actually reach the front lines Gryas knew that he would have to kill many of these boars. Hundreds of them even. Well suppose this was a great place to start, a few more attacks and he would start dropping these bears and could find more game.
  11. It took just over an hour to get to the place that he had been told about. Look for an open plateau with a single forked tree, at the end of the plateau before the rise of the next mountain lies a grotto beyond the mouth of a cave. Well this looks like the place." Gryas said triumphantly as he pushed passed an overgrown cave entrance. The cave was barely 5 meters long as it quickly ended and came out to a medium sized clearing that was open to the sky. Full of trees with a stream that ran through it it was actually quite a beautiful sight. What was more appealing to him however was noticing that the rumor had been correct as he could see his prey already, milling around the stream was what looked to be a family of bears. 2 of them were marginally larger however the 2 small ones were still good size, and as Gryas approached he looked at the HP bars above all 4 and they seemed to be of similar level. With a small little battle cry which was more like a cheer as he rushed forth Gryas let out some steam as he charged headlong in to them. He hit the first one with force and it went flying, completly missing its retaliation. The other 3 bears however landed satisfying thuds against his shield and his thorns did some good damage to them. As Gryas had thought, his damage mitigation prevented any harm that the bears could do.
  12. Gryas grabbed some provisions and set out, heading to the teleportation gate in the town center of Floor 4. His destination was a farming spot he was told about 2 floors lower in the second floor where he could safely farm for materials and Col on the monsters there. He had 5 Healing Potions and hopefully that would be enough for what lay before him. He thought about sending a message to someone from his guild to let them know where he was off to but decided against it, if anyone required assistance they could message him and Gryas did not think that he would require any from anyone else. He hoped. Stepping through the gate he arrived at Urbus, the main town on the second floor. It was a quaint town, modeled after towns known to once have existed throughout medieval Europe. It was a rather calming place with a rustic design and set Gryas at ease. Leaving the towns gates and heading South into the mountainous Gryas passed many different sights as he walked, from plant life to monsters of various types,wolves, elk, some large insects. The ones he hunted this day however was a rather rare mob that spawned on the second floor high in the mountains. There was a dire bear that roamed the region, and was known to be one of the strongest mobs that spawned here. They would be a trialing but reasonably safe monster to farm in this region, Gryas had to make sure however not to bight off more then he could chew. Enemies fought in topic: Locked in gear and stats:
  13. Gathering all of his newly found items and adding them to the already collected materials Gryas began making his way back to The Town of Beginnings. Luckily at his level none of the monsters on this floor would be aggressive against him and he could move uninterrupted. He soon exited the forest and was walking along the plains. Not feeling any need to keep searching for materials he just continued his was as he had already gathered more materials in this short mission then he had ever held at once. He walked through the main gates of the Town of Beginnings in no time at all, and walking up the street straight to the blacksmith owned by Lyle Tealeaf Gryas walked straight in and initiated a chat with Lyle, handing in the boar tusks and selecting his reward choosing the 1 handed straight sword with +1 to damage. His own weapon was basically the same but this one was a longer and heavier blade then the short sword that he was currently using so he decided he would swap to using this new one. The next step in the quest line was to deliver a message to another npc called Hannah, so collecting his rewards Gryas left the blacksmith and began the second part of this quest. Quest Rewards: 'Safeguard' Potion for 'The Third lesson, Is Just as Free', 2 Additional Skill Points, Annealed Blade Thread Rewards: 1SP, 400 Col <<COMPLETE>> Total Loot Obtained: 3SP, 16x T1 Material, 550 Col, Perfect Armor, 2x Rare Consumables, Annealed Blade, Safeguard Potion
  14. Gryas was distracted in thought when something in the back of the cave caught his attention in the corner of his eye. Something shifted, like a monster or something similar had just spawned in. Moving over to inspect what had just occurred Gryas came across a simple wooden chest. This was his lucky day in deed, and this cave was definitely one worthy of marking on his map as he had found so many useful materials in it and now this! Looking over the chest he could not see any locks on it, and after kicking it he deemed it not a mimic in disguise as the impact did not cause it to turn in to a horrific monster out for his blood. Reaching down Gryas carefully opened the chest and after hearing that beautiful noise that always chimes when you receive something good Gryas accessed the inventory of the chest and selected take all. He added a large amount of tier 1 materials, some Col, some rare consumables and what stood out most was a Perfect set of armor. He would have to take that to a merchant and see what kind it was and what enhancements it held. ID# 106901 results: Loot: 15+3 [16-20] = (Floor * 150) Col, (8) materials, perfect armor/shield, (2) rare consumables Total Loot Obtained: 3x Boar Tusk (Quest Item), 16x T1 Material, 150 Col, Perfect Armor, 2x Rare Consumables
  15. Kicking around in the back of the cave it took no time at all for Gryas to find more mushrooms. He should have come to this spot earlier as it seems to be teeming with materials ripe for gathering. All this reaching down and moving in heavy armor was starting to get tiresome, It looks as good as any a time to head back to Lyle Tealeaf the blacksmith and hand in the quest items for his reward. Hopefully all the items he had dropped off for identification was done and he could go collect them and see what was revealed. All in all it had been quite a productive first day back in the fight. The next quest Gryas accepts should be a more combat focused one, perhaps he should just go out hunting like he did way back when. His stomach began to grumble, removing a tasteless stale loaf from his inventory he consumed it and thought he would have to befriend someone with the cooking school as this kind of food was not going to do. ID# 106899 results: Loot: 14+3 (T1 Material Found) Total Loot Obtained: 3x Boar Tusk (Quest Item), 8x T1 Material