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  1. Blood

    [PP-F1] A Cure For Bloodborne

    "So, you're just not going to converse with me? Actually, keep it that way, that's just the way that I like it," Blood exclaimed, staring at the man as he failed to respond to her initiation. It was actually quite rare for Blood to willingly talk to people, and she would have certainly avoided the man had she not noticed the strange appearance that he possesses. If one needed a face of intimidation, there's no doubt that this was the face that could do the job. Already, you don't see very many old players around here, and an old man with a creepy face is the most rare out of all the types of players. She licked her lips, imagine waking up in the middle of the night with that face staring at you from the darkness... that is quite the scare to behold. To Blood, this man might prove to be of some worth for her acts of terrorism. If she manages to establish a business relationship, with the elderly man, she can certainly find ways to put him to use in her evil deeds. Blood stared at the man from behind the whole time that it took them to get to the forest. She found him awfully intriguing in a way that cannot be described. Uniques are treasures... unique players are just as valuable. "Well, well... I hope you have experience in fighting... because we're going to have to fight quite a bit of monsters for the medicine. Actually, do you even think we should get this medicine for them? They are weak... thus they cannot get the medicine for themselves. The weak should be dead, right?" Blood snarled, quietly whispering with a certain menace from behind the man with her hand on the katana. Soon, the two would be alone with no one to look in the deeps of the forest... that is when it shall become interesting. (OOC: Blood doesn't know that Kioshi has a condition that causes him to look old) @Kioshi
  2. ID: 103342 LD: 15 Blood looked around herself when she was laying, sprawled out on the grassy floor. It was then that she saw a mushroom simply sitting there, waiting for her to pick up. With a sigh, she smiled, grabbing a hold of the brown mushroom and adding it to her inventory. She had gathered two materials, which was enough for her to make two potions. She can attempt two crafting attempts with the materials that she had gathered. She had spent enough time here, and therefore she is no longer needed for the time being. With a smile, she stood up and walked off into the distance. She had done her job here, and Pick would be able to get even more materials gathered, which is exactly why she is no longer needed for the moment. Blood sighed, charging off with both hands by her side, swaying without control. That was her unique running style. Blood Leaves the Thread Total Materials: 2
  3. ID: 103340 LD: 2 Blood sighed, this was not how she wanted to spend the day. She should be out here at night, terrorizing any newer players who had come out to this floor without knowing what they are doing. She should be staring into the souls of players with absolute menace and stabbing the absolute crap out of players. This was not the thing that Blood should be doing. Blood should not be wasting her time material gathering, but she had to, to be complete honest. This was how all players started off in this game, by material gathering, getting gear, crafting, until they were of decent level to kill things and get even more materials afterwards. Blood yawned, laying on the ground, completely sprawled out as she found a relaxing spot in the shade. This was what she needed to do... sleep in the morning and play during the night, killing them things. Total Materials: 1
  4. ID: 103338 LD: 3 Blood yawned, looking around for any materials that she can potentially use. After this quest, she was sure that the other two players would be able to obtain their first skill, which would help all three of them progress as dominators of the world. For now, she must get through with the boring stuff... that is, the grinding to get to that stage. It won't take that long since time passes by fast before the three of them reach the top of the ladder, but right now, it seemed that time was going slow and all three of them weren't really making that much of a progress. Still, it is undeniable that this game was not meant to be easy, so Blood didn't mind it at all. In fact, she embraced the difficulty, knowing that one day, that difficulty will become far easier. Difficulty is simply another word to restriction of progress. Total Materials: 1
  5. ID: 103336 LD: 17 While Pick was busy picking up a girl and Thicc was busy getting his quest done, Blood was out far away from them way out into the outside of the safe zones. She was surrounded by tall grass and had gotten out her katana so the boars cannot attack her due to intimidation. Out in the fields, she began to gather some materials for herself. She didn't want to, and would much rather be resting because the time was day time, and she was most active during the night, but if she didn't gather these materials, she would not have very much left to do everything else that she wants with those materials. With those materials, she could craft plenty of potions to hold on to. She sighed, digging through the heavy grass when she saw a small patch of grass. Pick smiled, picking through the grass and adding to her material count. Total Materials: 1
  6. Blood took a glance at Pick, knowing that he had bought the item, since she was the person who instructed him to do so. It's good that he offered for Thicc to borrow it on his own. This was how to develop team chemistry. "Once you guys finish the quest, if you have time, get some materials for me. I ran out of all my materials by buying these potions for both of you. Pick, you save yours... but Bates, you need to drink yours for this quest to make everything easier for yourself, got it? Good. Actually, I'll hold onto yours for now Pick, in case you forget. I'm going to head off and do my own thing for a bit. You two have fun out here, alright? Make sure that you get the job down before reporting back to me." Blood instructed, sending Thicc the expresso that would make material gathering easier.
  7. Blood

    [R6 Cook-F1] Moonbux Coffee (Open)

    Blood sighed. She didn't want to go purchase items from random people, but she needed some loot die enhancements that will help the players on their next quest. The next quest, Blood will lead the other two players so that one of them gets a profession, which will be important since all three of them need different types of professions that can make up for the flaws of the other three. Blood sighed, walking into the shop once again, with the perfect amount of materials for all the items that she needed. All she needed was two perfect loot die snacks. -12 T1 Mats +2x T1 Loot Die Expresso
  8. Blood

    Blood's Items

    Name: Rare HP Recovery Potion T1Your Profession: AlchemistYour Rank: Rank 1ID: 103302Roll: CD - 11; LD - 6Item Type: SalveTier: 1Quality: RareEnhancements: 2x HP RecoveryDescription: Smooth salve applied to the skin to give the user +40 HP.
  9. Blood had made a decision to become a poison master, but in order to do that, she must first start from the basics. She was starting from level one, and that's where she will be grinding all the way up to level ten. The grind would be long, and the road would be difficult, but she recently recruited a future scout that will be a potential benefit to her. If he does what she tells him, he'll have a successful life in Aincrad, and she'll have practically unlimited amounts of material that she can use to level her crafting up. Crafted
  10. Blood

    [PP-F1] A Cure For Bloodborne

    A perfect night. The darkness masked any sort of killings, and this was the atmosphere that Blood craved. With her katana, she can weave in and out in between targets, sneak up on unsuspecting victims, and defeat them with one solid attack to the head. Blood grinned widely. Every time it was dark outside, she always got like this. Her eyes glowed of merciless bloodlust, and her claws ready to be launched at any target that she felt the urge to. She was a killer, but she had yet to kill. She had been looking for the right one, the one that she would release her built-up urge through her first time. Tonight, she would wander the forests of the first floor, or the villages. The first death that she causes must be an easy one… probably an NPC, or just a weak player. With her katana by her side, Blood walked out of her secret base. The two other players who were part of her team were already asleep, not used to the life of night. Recently, she found that sleep was not appealing to herself, and she would much rather spend her time hidden in the shadows of the night, while the moonlight only shows the path that she would follow. Her black loose clothing trailed her from behind due to its length, but only slightly, and not enough to make it that her movements are impaired. Blood grinned even wider as she finally made her way towards the village that she would spend the night in. “It seems like the night had beheld itself upon us far earlier today than the other days. It’s not even that dark yet,” Blood noticed. The sun was partially covered, but it was well on its way down and covered by a tree with extraordinary wideness and height. To call it a tree would not do it justice. Soon enough, Blood found her way to the village, and noticed an old, elderly man whose appearance gave him a sort of creepy feeling, especially during the night, not that Blood feared any player. “Completing this quest, I see. I hope you don’t mind me joining you alone on this quest of yours,” Blood snarled, her mouth wide with menace, her eyes staring straight at the wrinkles that seemed like waves on the ocean of the man’s ghastly face. “You don’t seem like you have any companion with you, not that that’s necessarily a surprise given the state of your face.” Blood exclaimed, giving a hardened stare at the NPC who was the quest giver. “Accept.” She said simply, clicking on the accept button when it appeared. @Kioshi
  11. ID: 103269 LD: 2 Editing Materials: 2
  12. ID: 103266 LD: 2 Editing Materials: 2
  13. ID: 103263 LD: 17 Editing Materials: 2
  14. ID: 103260 LD: 20 Editing Materials: 1
  15. ID: 103257 LD: 11 Editing Materials: 0