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  1. DO NOT ENTER That is the sign that is displayed to anyone that stumbles across this hidden place in the corner of the safe zone. No one really knows what is going on down there, or what is being produced, but an evil laughter can be heard occasionally, and glass shatters can be heard at times as well. Besides, it was obvious that the sign was enough evidence that the owner of the place does not wish for anyone to enter the small, poorly made shack. Although it is classified as a shop, the shop is closed 24/7, meaning that whatever was inside is not for sale, but probably for the personal use of whoever was in charge. No one really knows who owns the place, as no one has really seen him or her enter or leave the place. Perhaps there is even a back entrance to the mysterious place. Not that most players really cared about what goes down in there, as long as its not really hurting anyone... but is it really? Is it not? Who knows? There's nothing that can be done about it.
  2. Thread Complete: +400 Col +2 T1 Mats +3 SP +1 Strong Fish (+1 BD for thread)
  3. ID: 100154 LD: 3 It was about time for her to leave the place. The time had come for her to return to her usual place in the safe zones of the first floor. She sighed, returning from the way that she had come from originally, and checking the walls to see if there were anything that could be of use for herself. Unfortunately, there were nothing on the walls that could remotely be used for poison, so she shook her head and carried on with her day. The next day would be filled with adventures too, and she might even set up her own crafting area, so she would finally be able to start crafting poisons for herself. It would be a "shop", but the chances are, she won't be crafting for anyone, so it might as well be her own personal station or home. Blood smiled, it was finally time for her to burst onto the scenes with her poison. Materials: 2
  4. ID: 100153 LD: 20 Blood wished she had more things to do while she was going on material gathering sessions like this. She had heard of something recently that would allow her to get materials while having someone to talk to or be there... it was a quest for a familiar that could also boost your stats. Once she sets her looting skill high, she will be able to easily get a familiar and than have a companion for boring moments such as the one that she is having at the moment. Blood sighed, the thought of having a snake or an owl to converse with her was definitely far into the future, but she wished that she could have the familiar now, because then she would have people to talk with. She could also get someone with a mind similar to hers, who can help her not be bored. Blood smiled, she had gotten anther mushroom.Materials: 2 Blood: 160/160 | En: 16/16 Materials: 2
  5. ID: 100089 LD: 3 Blood continued on with her mission. Well, it wasn't really her mission, but it was something that she was forcing herself to do because she knew that if she didn't do it now, her future will be very difficult. Her katana build was highly revolved around the use of poison, so without it, she would be missing a part of her combat style. Without her venom, her name would not be Blood. The extent to which Blood needed such a thing as part of her style was extremely necessary. She sighed, heading deeper into the cave as she did so before looking around and scanning the area. Unfortunately, Blood was unable to find anything in the darker area. Therefore, she must head even darker, perhaps even lurking closer to where the third boss of the starter quests appeared. Once she went into an even deeper area, she began to look around. Materials: 1 Blood: 160/160 | En: 15/16
  6. ID: 100088 LD: 8 Blood continued on. Her face was filled with frowning as she looked around at the surface of the cave. It seemed that players had actually come to this part of the cave and picked off whatever was left in the surface. It was definitely that way because Blood was unable to find any sort of materials that might be useful for her poison making. It was time for her to go deeper into the cave because if she goes deeper, it should be easier for her to find materials because less players would be brave enough to pick materials. Blood sighed, her eyes red as she began her walk. The darkness was already engulfing her, and she realized that she could not actually see around her. With her accuracy boost, she should be able to see things easier, but she still was unable to see most of the details, which is not good. Materials: 1 Blood: 160/160 | En: 14/16
  7. ID: 100087 LD: 16 Blood took one look into the cave and there it was. The material that she had been looking for for such a long time was finally in front of her, and it had been quite easy to find too. It wasn't surprising though, because not a lot of players stuck around here to search for these caves. It was much safer for players to find materials in the plains of the first floor than here in the cave where any dweller can attack players within at any time. Blood was actually taking a risk at the very moment because she could be attacked by a creature amongst the darkness at any time when she's still recovering from the previous fight. Even so, Blood was sure that she would be able to take anything on the first floor at this point, so it should be fine even if she was attacked. Materials: 1 Blood: 160/160 | En: 13/16
  8. ID: 100086 LD: 12 Editing Along the way, Blood decided that she would go ahead and search for some materials as well. There was no point of her wasting time, so as she makes her way to the cave, she might as well just look and scan for materials along the way. Apparently, today was not a lucky day, and she was unable to find anything that was note-worthy as she walked through the fields that would eventually lead to the cave with all the mushrooms that she wanted within it. She sighed, finally reaching the dark cave that she had been just a day ago. it was quite dark in there, but the mushrooms should be lit up if she just stayed within the surface. Besides, she didn't have the energy to fight anything yet so it was dangerous for her to head down deep into the darkness. There, her vision would be harmed. Blood: 160/160 | En: 12/16
  9. ID: 100085 LD: 9 Blood sighed, looking down at another mushroom, but saw that the mushrooms around were of no use because they were all not poisonous. Blood sat down on the grass, thinking deeply as she closed her eyes. She wanted to find out exactly where she could find any sort of poison mushrooms, because it was obvious that there were none around here that even had the smallest of poisons within them. They were all useless to Blood, and she would not use anything that is unnecessary. Where would there be a lot of poison mushrooms? Obviously, it would be far darker for these poison mushrooms to grow... somehwere like... somewhere like the caves. That's the darkest place in this entire floor, the cave systems of this place. That is exactly where poison mushrooms would grow for hungry, unwary travelers. As soon as this hit her, Blood started walking towards the cave where she had finished her third beginner quest in. Materials: 0 Blood: 160/160 | En: 11/16
  10. ID: 100084 LD: 7 Blood realized that mushrooms in this floor was actually quite difficult to obtain through casual material gathering. They were probably the hardest materials to obtain on this floor, and it would certainly be a drag for her to go out and attempt to gathering materials. For now, she must continue to strive on despite the fact that it was extremely hard to find any sort of mushrooms that were useful. Blood sighed, looking around to check for any nearby mushrooms. With a smirk, she noticed that there were, indeed, mushrooms around. Without inspection, Blood randomly bent down and picked one up before seeing that it was useless. "Not poisonous. This is the type of materials that people would use for other stuff, like health and the sorts." She told herself, tossing the material away as she did so. It shattered into millions of pieces and it was a wasted material, but Blood didn't care. Materials: 0 Blood: 160/160 | En: 10/16
  11. After the fish was caught, Blood threw the dead thing to the fisherman who had requested it. This would end the final quest of the beginner's quest series, and this would mean that she could finally get to killing more powerful things. This type of things that she had right now is completely useless to herself, and she needed more skill points, so she would need to get done more quests. Right now, she needed not only to get quests done, but she also needed poisons for herself so she can use them to deal grave danger to enemies. That means, she must gather materials so she can mass produce these poisons for herself. Blood sighed, leaving the fisherman with his newly caught fish before heading to the damp swamps where there were usually a lot of mushrooms for players to pick by themselves. She hated these material gathering sessions, but they were necessary. Blood: 160/160 | En: 9/16
  12. ID: 99973 BD: 6+1=7 (6*4=24) MD: 3-3=0 (Miss) <<Tsuji Kaze>> Blood peeked over at the health counter to see how much health she had inflicted to see that it was actually quite a good amount. The katana attacked had took down the fish's health all the way down to less than health. If she lands one more attack with the exact same sword art, the fish would be dead. She needed to be cautious and listen to her environment, because the fish could leap out and attack her at any moment. Pete appeared to be quite defensive as well, scanning the calm waters. Suddenly, Blood heard movement... a small ripple as if a feather had landed on the water. Of course, it was not a feather, but it was the fish coming out of the water. Had Blood not been concentrating, she wouldn't have heard the water, and she wouldn't have struck it before it could attack her. Blood smiled, it was over. Blood: 160/160 | En: 8/16 Sword-Fish: -13/35 | Dmg: 50/5
  13. ID: 99969 BD: 8 (6*4=24) MD: 8-3=5 (Miss) <<Tsuji Kaze>> Finally, she realized that if she simply allowed the fish to come at her, she could dodge the attack and land an easy attack when it is most vulnerable. Blood smirked, watching as the sword-fish came charging at her. The thing was, the sword-fish would always attack in a straight line because it is a weapon in itself. It cannot wield itself, therefore its attack is so predictable that it was funny for Blood. As the sword fish came, Blood simply walked a step to the left and watched as the sword-fish missed and overshot its target. Immediately, with a quick response, Blood swung down with her katana, land a heavy strike with one of her new sword arts. The long, straight sword attack landed with a thud, and the fish was sent right back into the water. It was angry, and that was when Blood knew that she might have to be cautious now. Blood: 160/160 | En: 11/16 Sword-Fish: 11/35 | Dmg: 50/5
  14. ID: 99968 BD: 4+1=5 (Miss) MD: 5-3=2 (Miss) Blood did not know how to engage in combat. She didn't know how to fight in a situation such as this. Should she attack the fish? Or should she wait for the sword to come piercing at her? If she didn't put pressure in this fight, she would have an extremely difficult time because she was not familiar with the battle field, but her opponent is fully aware of how to fight in such a terrain. This was the type of fight that Blood would never want to fight because she wants all her moves to be calculated to the point where she cannot possibly lose. Here, if she cannot reach the opponent, then she cannot win because she won't be able to deal damage even with her longer sword known as the katana. Blood reached forwards, knowing that delaying would not do anything, only to miss inevitably. She frowned, trying to find a way to fight this. Blood: 160/160 | En: 14/16 Sword-Fish: 35/35 | Dmg: 50/5
  15. ID: 99967 CD: 9 <<Sword Fish>> Found Finally, Blood felt a force on her rod, and it was a powerful tug from the surface of the water as well. Blood looked down and signaled that she got something on the hook, which the fisherman, Pete, responded by going near her immediately. The shadow on the surface of the water had a pointy, sword-like figure, and it was obvious that the fish was, indeed, what they were searching for. Too easy, Blood thought, reeling the fish in only to find that she couldn't force it out of the water. "Hold on there, fella, I'm here to help," Pete exclaimed, rushing over and putting both his rough hands on the fishing pole. With the strength of both characters, the fish was pulled from the boat. With that, the combat had been initiated, and the sword-fish could not go back into hiding until the battle was finished. And there's only one way it would end. Blood: 160/160 | En: 16/16 Sword-Fish: 35/35 | Dmg: 50/5