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  1. "Yeah i hope i get to join you guys soon, but for now i still need to do that exp grind." Kimi said giving a smile though in reality shes kinda tired from grinding and wants to play around a bit. The duo traveled a bit, but nothing was really out of the ordinary, maybe the two didn't looks hard enough, but one thing was for certain and that was Kimi was really starting to crave some food. "How about we call it a day for this quest and go head on back. I'm really starting to feel the hunger and i'm all out of snack for Noodle." Noodle stood up rubbing his belly with his stubby little forelegs before going back down on all fours. Kimi hopped off a rock she was balancing on and went back to Hestia's side to hold her hand. "Lets get going. We can talk more once we've settled down with a snack and some drink." She said with a bright smile.
  2. "Being that this is the first floor i really don't expect to run into much since its supposed to be a player friendly place and you know.. for beginners and such, but you never know." Kimi said this while stepping on some rocks that protruded out of the ground, trying to balance on each one while her hands our out playfully trying to help manage it. "I mean if you really think about our level and such we got pretty far." She said giving a very satisfying nod. Kimi pondered a bit about other things she could try accomplishing here, but not much came to mind. A few thoughts came into mind about her goals like making it to be a max rank performer whilst also getting to the frontlines. Kimi stood quite a bit as she paced slowly forward before turning back to face Hestia and asked, "You know i'm kinda curious. Do you know whats going on in the front lines? I never actually got to talk all that much to 'Dad' about it, but i've always wondered."
  3. "Yeah true, guess we will take a little scenic detour around the forest on the way home?" Kimi said with a raised eyebrow. Kimi stared into the sky for a moment and glanced around a bit before saying. "You know now that i really think about it, aside from the quests that i've done and some material searching on this floor. I haven't really gotten to explore all of the first floor. Mostly i've been just doing the quest and doing my material searching around the edges of the forest without going to far in. I think this is about the furthest i've been. I mean we did just see the edge of the floor so it makes sense." Kimi placed Noodle on the ground before gesturing to Hestia that shes gonna start doing the little detour. "You know i kinda thought there would be something hidden around the rim of the floors, but i guess not. Doesn't it kinda make you curious about the other floors too? like the fourth floor will just be snow and then it drops off and same goes for the ninth but with no more mountains." Kimi said curiously.
  4. Kimi did a small stretch as she turned back to Hestia, "Well i can go for more dragons, but first lets head back. I want to get something to eat." Kimi gave a pleasant little smile as the though of getting a small cheesecake will make her day. As she made her way back to Hestia's side she continued, "Kinda sucks that the Hatchling didn't have any treasure with it, like what dragon only has a empty chest." Kimi gave a small disapproving nod. "Anyways whatever dragon we fight next might have some loot, so lets get going... Unless there something you want to do?" Kimi nearly forgot about Noodle who was poking around in the empty chest that the Hatchling was guarding. His little head poking in and out of the chest as he attempted to get out. Kimi gave a innocent smile at the sight of this before making her way to help out her little buddy. "Come on Noodle, We're headed out soon." She said cradling him in her arms. ID# 101199 results: Loot: 7
  5. Kimi did a small chuckle at Hestia's remark at a second try as she was so sure of herself to quickly end the dragon with a her first strike, "Hope i don't trip on this one." Kimi said giving a smirk right back at her partner in crime. Kimi glanced back towards the dragon hatchling that struggled to get back up into the air. She had to admit it was fairly sad that they had to hunt down a new born dragon especially one that can be seen as innocent, but there was still a lot to consider. Like how this baby dragon is very dangerous for lower level players and she wouldn't want any of them to accidentally stumble upon its layer. As Kimi prepared her All Might ability once again and rushed the Hatching, She made sure to give a good leap in the air just in case it would try to maneuver up again like before. Just as Kimi predicted the Hatchling tried to fly higher, but only to meet Kimi's fist. Instantly the Hatchling broke into shards and faded away into code. "Whew... well glad that didn't take long. Still though if i didn't miss earlier we couldn't ended it sooner, so sorry about that." Kimi said scratching the back of her head. ID# 101194 results: BD: 10 + 3= 13 CritHit +2DMG RIP TOO MUCH DMG FOR POOR FLAP FLAP | H 2 | Kimi | Level 31 | HP 620/620 | E 43/62 | 14 DMG | EVA 3 | ACC 3 | LD 2 | MIT 0 | | H 3 | Hestia | 1244/1245 103/120 4 DMG EVA:-1 ACC:1 Para: 2 BLD:2 REC:1 Regen:1 Thorns:54 Rhaegal - the Emerald Hatchling | HP: 0/125 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | DMG: 50 -360HP Abilities: <<Screech>> On a LD roll of 17+ when this boss attacks, this boss will let out a piercing wail that somehow freezes the player in place, removes all evasion properties.
  6. After Kimi caught her step after being startled by the hatchling that flew in from the ceiling. She quickly retaliated by drawing her fist back and rushing forward to end the mythical beast. As her hand balled up into a fist and her arm cocked back like a pistol ready to fire. Air started going into a small visible vortex around her fist and she came forward to punch the Hatchling. The Hatchling was hovering in the air just above the chest Kimi wanted to grab, but as she came forward to attack the beast it quickly maneuvered away from her, successfully dodging her attack. Kimi grumbled a bit as she was sure she could've ended this right away. "Come on down here and fight me!" As Kimi said that the Hatchlings eyes glowed green as it turned its attention to Hestia who wasn't too far from her. "Hes coming for you." Kimi called back to Hestia as the Hatchling did a nose dive towards Hestia. Whilst the Hatchling came down and gone away with a successful hit, Kimi couldn't help but notice that the HP of the beast dropped significantly. "Good work hurting yourself." Kimi said taunting the dragon. Kimi : ID# 101178 results: Battle: 2 + 3 = 5 miss MOB: 8 | H | Kimi | Level 31 | HP 620/620 | E 60/62 | 14 DMG | EVA 3 | ACC 3 | LD 2 | MIT 0 | | H 3 | Hestia | 1244/1245 103/120 4 DMG EVA:-1 ACC:1 Para: 2 BLD:2 REC:1 Regen:1 Thorns:54 -1HP Dragon: ID# 101179 results: Loot: 11 MOB: 6 Hit Rhaegal - the Emerald Hatchling | HP: 71/125 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | DMG: 50 -54Thorns HP Abilities: <<Screech>> On a LD roll of 17+ when this boss attacks, this boss will let out a piercing wail that somehow freezes the player in place, removes all evasion properties.
  7. Kimi approached the cave somewhat cautiously as she wanted to get the drop on the hatching. Along the way a thought came to Kimi's mind and she said to Hestia in a slightly greedy tone. "You know dragons usually hoard treasure so maybe theres something around here. Imma take a look around and if there's anything imma go get it." As they neared the cave and was finally at the mouth of it Kimi saw that it was surprisingly shallow cave. If anything this was more of an indent than an actual cave and Kimi gestured Hestia to follow her. As Kimi carefully made her way inside a strong breeze brushed passed the mouth of the cave caused a whistle making her feel a bit a nervous because of the atmosphere. Once Kimi arrived inside she noticed a secondary cave inside with a chest laying right in the center. "Ohhh! See what did i say." Kimi said excitedly in a whisper. As she went to check it out something seemed out of the ordinary. Kimi went to kick the chest open and saw it was completely empty. "What?!" As the words left her mouth a hatching dropped down from above her. ID# 100851 results: Loot: 11 Looking for Treasure | H | Kimi | Level 31 | HP 620/620 | E 62/62 | 14 DMG | EVA 3 | ACC 3 | LD 2 | MIT 0 | | H | Hestia | Rhaegal - the Emerald Hatchling | HP: 125/125 | MIT: 25 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | DMG: 50 Abilities: <<Screech>> On a LD roll of 17+ when this boss attacks, this boss will let out a piercing wail that somehow freezes the player in place, removes all evasion properties.
  8. Kimi leaned up off the mossy rock and did a small stretch of her back by raising her chest. "Well lets get going? I kinda already got to see what i wanted to." She said with a smile on her face. The couple really did spend a lot of time navigating though the forest, but it was great that Hestia managed to find the cave in which the quest dragon resides. "Here can you lead the way. I'll be right behind you." Kimi suggested. She didn't wanna get caught up again on accident also the thought of fighting a dragon was neat, but she wasn't sure if she was up to it. Though she knew it was probably just a weak enemy, it was still a dragon no less and she didn't want to underestimate it. Noodle didn't seem to concerned about all that was going on, but Kimi couldn't help but give a small chuckle at how innocent the adorable shark doggo was as it dropped its nose to the ground to look for something. ID# 100848 results: Loot: 6+2 no materials
  9. Kimi

    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    "Great work everyone!" Kimi cheered as the Elite Ant Warrior fell to Ryo's blade. "That was pretty awesome." Kimi thought to herself as the scene of the ant being slain played back to herself. As that happened Hestia managed to land her status effect combo on the surviving Elite Ant Warrior. She chuckled to herself for a moment before saying with a smirk, "Wanna keep up the chain attack?" Kimi took her time getting ready to attack as the Elite Ant Warrior was under a plethora of effects that could easily finish it off. Once she was ready, Kimi leisurely walked towards the ant before picking up her pace and breaking into a sprint performing a spin kick towards the exposed enemy. The kick landed straight onto the carapace of the ant with enough force to knock it down, but it still wasn't enough. "He's almost down. Quickly finish him off before he breaks the paralyze." Kimi called back to Ryo. ID# 100763 results: Battle: 3+3 = 6 Hit
  10. Kimi was slightly overwhelmed by many questions coming her way, but she didn't really mind. "I didn't do much aside from gaming back in the real world. I would normally be invited out and stuff of the sort, but couldn't get out." Kimi didn't really have to give it a second thought as she really didn't do anything special in life as she was normally locked away in her room. "For pets, i've never had one, though I've always wanted a dog." Kimi looked down at Noodle who was off in the path roaming though the tall grass chasing some bugs. "I couldn't really help not getting a familiar once I got in here, and it really helps having his company since i'm usually out soloing." As the duo traversed the dirt path, the forest in which the boar pups spawned came into view. "The boars aren't a problem trust me." Kimi said with a shrug before continuing. "Its really just a walk in the park, but you never know. Last time I did this when i was very new I had a hard time with my friend because the Boar pups mother came out and attacked us. I don't think that you will be running into that so you're fine."
  11. Kimi

    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    Kimi watched as Hestia made her attempt to possibly get a stun off like the duo would usually do, but this time she missed. "Don't worry, I got you." Kimi responded to Hestia as she already prepared to attack the ants regardless. Kimi rushed forward while having her legs get enveloped in a swirling blue aura just like before and right before reaching the ants she leapt doing a spin kick. The kick made a solid 'thud' noise as it crashed against the hard exoskeleton of the ants, but she saw that it could only do a small amount of damage. Kimi let out a heavy sigh as she couldn't stun her opponents, "Alright! If we can get at least one of them that would make things a lot more easier." She said suggestively glaring forward at the weakened ant. Kimi backed off a bit to give space to Kairi and the rest of the group. Elite Ant 1: 100117: BD: 7+3 = 10 non-crit Hit Elite Ant 2: 100118: BD: 5+3 = 8 Hit
  12. Kimi wasn't really sure what to say as life for her has been very 'mello' "Well im not sure what to say. I haven't been up to much aside from leveling and working on my performing. Now i'm just about to hit max rank with performing, but other than that nothing much. I've only really been focusing mostly on getting into the frontlines to get more floors completed and also to help out my guildmates." Kimi pondered a little while more as she looked out the gate and gestured Fetu that they should get going. "Hmmm... Yeah i think thats about it." She said as they made their way forward towards the forest. "I mean the only other thing i can really think about is that i got new gear from a few friends of mine and put it to good use because they can't use it." Kimi drifted into her thoughts as the duo made pace towards the questing area.
  13. Kimi felt that Hestia was uneasy with the thought of people ending themselves in the game as they can't handle being in it any longer so the duo left the edge of the floor briefly after the fact. Looking around Kimi thought of how wonderful the game would be without the heavy penalty that is death, but that is a thought she didn't want to look into so much as she might question it later down the line. As the passed though the forest once more crossing over thick grass and the light patterns that pierced though the shade of the trees Kimi spoke out. "So where is this monster anyways? You think we might've run into it by now that we're so far into the forest and even reaching the edge." Kimi said with a raised brow. They reached the top of a small hill where she looked about trying to catch any signs of the beast, but she wasn't entirely sure what kinds of marks it would leave. As her attempt failed Kimi sat heavily on the grass floor leaning up against a mossy rock that was beside her.
  14. Kimi looked back towards Fetu who looked as if he was having doubts, "Well if you have any questions just shoot them my way. Ill try to answer them to the best of my ability." Kimi spoke up breaking the silence as they went towards the safe zone gate. As the duo neared the gate Kimi tried to think up of more things that could spark conversation. "So then... Why did you choose to use a Katana anyways?" Kimi asked curiously as she stopped to begin stretching before heading out towards the forest to get his quest done. She casually pulled out a biscuit to give to Noodle, her familiar, who was by her side mimicing her stretches. "So what have you been up to lately aside from this quest? Anything interesting you came across lately or wanna talk about?" Kimi asked in hope of getting something going for the two to talk about.
  15. Kimi scurried to the edge of the floor to take a peek at what lay below making sure not to accidentally fall off. "So like what happens when you fall? Because it looks like a very very long way down and you don't 'die' unless you hit the ground... Right?" Kimi asked questioning it as shes all too familiar with what happened in the beginning with players not being able to handle the stress of being stuck in the game. Despite the very scenic and relatively safe floor that the couple were in Kimi felt a sense of dread while thinking of the people before her who might've stood in the same spot she was in. As she looked stared deep into the abyss a slightly stronger breeze came though and nudged Kimi forward a bit, but she still held her ground. Not soon after Kimi quickly moved away from the edge and said in a shakey voice, "Well that breeze surely doesn't feel welcoming." A small drop of cold sweat formed on the temple as she couldn't think of what would've happened if she fell.