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  1. ID# 109596 results: Battle: 1 BIG OOF again
  2. ID# 108799 results: Battle: 1 OOC: RRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Kimi stood back in astonishment as Miraak took on the damage his group did to the evil guy like it was nothing, and questioned herself if she would be able to make a difference. "This guy is tough" Kimi said in a low tone to herself. She glanced down at her fist and clenched it, "Come on you can do this. Be the difference you wanted to be." She told herself silently in her head. As she prepared her All might technique, gathering the familiar cyan colored energy to her fist she burst forward looking for an opening to strike Miraak the Accursed. As she got close and leaped forward as she did hundreds of times before with all the difficult opponents she has faced, Miraak was quick to react and just easily side stepped he assault making her miss completely. "Damn it!" Kimi cursed under her breath as she back off quickly so he wouldn't hit her.
  3. Kimi finally snapped out of whatever daze got her. It must've been first time jitters from being in a raid, but she wasn't sure what to put her thoughts on. A lot of what was going on was a blur to her as everyone knew what they were doing and she just stood on the sidelines. Soon her group started to do their job and attacked the evil priest. "Shoot i'd better get in there and help out." Kimi thought as she came back to the reality of whats going on. Quickly she gathered energy to her fist and prepared her best sword art. She charged forward just as the rest did and unleashed her All Might attack. To her it felt like she actually did a lot of damage, but the priest still didn't flinch at her attempt of hurting him. "Well a few more of these and you'll start to feel them." Kimi remarked as she backed off a bit. ID# 108410 results: Battle: 6+4-2= 8 All Might: 18-1 x 15 = 255-75=180 DMG
  4. "Its great that you think ahead of protecting me and the rest of the guildy family." Kimi said childish, but grateful and happy manner. A while later after taking a small stroll Kimi noticed that Noodle wasn't by her side once again. "Ugh... this little adventurer went off without me knowing." Kimi had the sound of distaste in her tone of voice, but she let out a small smile. "Noodle has been going off on his little adventures a lot lately, not really sure why tho, but i can't blame the little cute sharky boi. Guess we have to go find him. I'm fairly certain that hes just looking for a snack. Kinda reminds me of myself somethings." Kimi finished saying letting out a giggle. "He shouldn't have gone to far."
  5. "Uhhh alright, i mean i'm up for whatever really." Kimi scratched the back of her neck as she thought they were going to go on another pirate-y adventure, but it didn't matter to much as the quest that Black suggested was one that she hasn't completed yet. Just as Black brought up the quest Hestia went on to give Kimi a teleportation crystal and explained to use it if things get dicey, "Ohh thanks! I actually dont carry one around, and i probably should. Im guessing that were all ready now?" Kimi said glancing between the two. "Anyways i'm pretty sure we can finish the quest without too much difficulty, But if you want another DPS we can always use another. The more the marrier." Kimi said trying to make light of quest.
  6. "Hmmm must be nice getting all that luck just to avoid mimics" Kimi said with a little disgust in her voice as she mentioned mimics. "Alrighty then lets get going! If hes gonna be at a bar or something, i bet hes near the piers. You gotta have scenery with bars and stuff." Kimi said delighted as she enjoyed the pleasant breeze that ran throughout the town. Kimi held onto Hestia hand as she led them off to where she thought they might be, "Hmmm hes probably at one that has the best atmosphere." As the two of them were passing by a few spots she heard some commotion coming from one of the buildings. As she peeked in she saw a familiar man playing some cards, but she saw that they were in the middle of something so she just scooted near by to watch whats going on.
  7. "I'm doing swell~" Kimi said retaining her princess tone of voice. "Well i'm not too sure what to expect of him, but that's ok with me." She continued casually. Kimi stepped down the porch and held on to Hestia hand as she led her to the teleportation gate. It wasn't long till they made it to the teleportation gate and made there way to the sixteenth floor. Kimi thought for a moment before speaking, "So anyways where is he supposed to meet us?" Kimi said as she placed a finger on her bottom lip while looking about. The place hasn't changed much last time she visited, but it still had the roar of the waves in the distance and the salty air. All of which were welcome to her as she never left her home much in real life and also there weren't any times she can remember when she visited the ocean. Stats/Items:
  8. Kimi heard a ping from her messages come up as she was playing with Noodle, her shark doggo familiar, "Ohh its from Black?" Kimi said raising her brow. She went and put Noodle on the ground before going to read the rest of the message. "I see, hes trying to raise funds. Guess i best call Hestia over before we head on over." She said as she casually switched out her gear to go out. Not long after Noodle started booping his nose constantly at the front of her home. "Hm? What is it Noodle", Kimi naturally looked out the window to see a familiar figure standing just outside her door. "Well that saves a lot of time." She said with a warm smile as she went to open the door. "Hello~~~ Hestia." Kimi said in a joking princess like manner. Noodle was quick to run out the door to meet Kuro. "I was actually gonna contact you. There's this guy named Black that I met and we wants to go on a little treasure hunt." Kimi said in a playful manner. "I was just about to head on out and wanted wanted to know if you wanna come along?"
  9. After Black mentioned that she would be part of the DPS squad Kimi had no problem with it. It suited her well either way, and also what the fact that Black mentioned to report to @Kairi, Kimi couldn't help but let out a smile as knew she was gonna be paired up with a friend. Soon after the priest gave a speech to which she disregarded somewhat as Kimi already had a quest to complete, and from what Black said following that Kimi's decision was finally made up. Before dismissing herself from Black Kimi followed suit and pressed the Unforgivable button just like the others. Now that's done Kimi went on ahead to find Kairi, who wasn't to hard to find as she had a unique familiar. "Wow, didn't think Kairi would be here. Its great that someone I know is around... Maybe after all this we can grab a snack to eat and catch up. Its been a little while." Kimi thought to herself trying to keep up a good mood as she waved Noodle to follow her. After a little while of scanning the room for Kairi, Kimi noticed a familiar little treasure chest that she knew only one person to obtain it as a familiar. As she saw her fellow fighter she waved saying, "Hello friendo, its been a while!" Kimi said with a warm smile before continuing, "Black told me to report to you saying that i would be part of the DPS team... Ohh and also I don't have a necklace." Stats: | Kimi | Level 33 | HP 660/660 | E 66/66 | 18 DMG | EVA 5 | ACC 4 | LD 2 | MIT 25 | Unforgivable
  10. @Black Kimi made her way back to the militant guy after snapping back out of her daze, "Sorry first time doing these big raids, guess how fast we were getting on with it left me a little worried for myself." She chuckled nervously. "Is there anything you need to me to do before we get on with it?" Kimi could already hear the other wanted to get a move on while the raid. She was still a bit frigidity from being separated from Hestia, but she understood why she had to because if she was with them she would just get in the way. Kimi scanned the room and noticed that multiple people were wearing some necklaces that match. "Shoot it looks like i missed something. Can't believe i already missed something on my first raid" Kimi gave a look of disappointment as she tried to figure out where everyone was getting them.
  11. Kimi

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    "Yeah I hope everything turns out fine, I mean this is a pretty big things we're doing." Kimi said offering a weak smile of confidence. In truth Kimi couldn't help but still feel a bit worried about how things will play out as she was normally a careful person, and joining a event like this can turn south fairly quick. "So yeah, i haven't finished my tour of the floors yet, but theres still plenty of time to do stuff i haven't found in the places i've been, also there are a few places that I try to avoid, like if it looks spooky or if i don't know where it will go. Best to travel in groups when it comes to places like that." After answering @Hestia went on to address the crowd of player who looked to be joining in on this event. Kimi listened intently to what Hestia had to say as it was her first time doing something this big and with great risk to herself, but in the meantime she consumed the things she bought from the priest. Consumables used:
  12. Kimi

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Kimi glanced around to see that this church had quite a few players in it. "Well i was still doing my tour of floors and haven't been this one yet. Just so happened to lose Noodle along the way, but he did manage his way to you." Kimi said as she paused for a moment to think. "I wonder why though." She reached up and lightly rubbed the back of her neck, "Well either way hes safe now." She finished with a happy tone. "Sure i'll get some things and i'll try not to get too much." Kimi said offering a light chuckle before continuing. "Sooooooo. you said there was an event boss going on? looks like you got quite the raid group going." Kimi said glancing around the room before returning her gaze to the people standing near Hestia, 'guess they are doing a little team huddle' Kimi thought. "Well i'm going to get some potions i can use. If you excuse me i'll be back in a jiffy." Kimi awkwardly moved away from them to find whomever was selling the potions. After a short while she found the one selling it and picked up a few things, but of course gave the bill to Hestia once she made it back. "Heres the things i got." Kimi said as she gave a little list. @Hestia purchases: T1 perfect damage potion: +3 dmg - 600 col T2 perfect Mitigation Potion: +30Mit - 2150 col Evasion Snack +2EVA - 1200 Col Total: 3750 Col - Hestias bill XD
  13. Kimi

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Kimi was wandering around on floor 13 looking for her recently lost familiar noodle when she received a message from Hestia. After a brief moment from reading the message a wave of relief washed over her as Noodle, her familiar, managed to escape her to join Hesta. "Thank god hes ok, ill be right on my way! please please please don't let him out of your sight. The church is a little ways from where I am so it might take some time." Kimi said in her message as she pausing for a moment to collect her thoughts before hurrying over to the town church. Kimi took some time to get to the church as she was new to this floor and didn't know the layout fairly well, but eventually she made it. "Wooo finally here." She said in a sigh of exhaustion and relief. Quickly Kimi walked through the arched doors and scanned the room for her little blue mischievous familiar who was conveniently still with Hestia. "Heyyo Hestia!" She said with a wide grin as she swiped away some sweat from beneath her forehead while making her way to her. "And you, ya little scoundrel" Kimi said directing her attention to Noodle. "Come here!" Noodle came waddling up to Kimi and she gave a little rough *boop* on his snout. "Don't you go running off again, you made me worried to death." She said with a sigh. | Kimi | Level 33 | HP 660/660 | E 66/66 | 14 DMG | EVA 3 | ACC 3 | LD 2 | MIT 0 | @Hestia
  14. Kimi pondered for a while as Hestia mentioned "keeping in touch of friends" or at least something along that line. Kimi knew herself that there were some people that shes been meaning to talk to again, but shes been busy. A flash of a small tear appeared on one of her eyes, before she quickly got rid of it. *Sigh* "Kaya... Wonder what you're up to right now." She thought to herself as she remembered that all of her messages that she sends to her come back as unread. Hestia continued and eventually mentioned someone named Calypso to which made her head raise. The red head mustered up a smile after thinking for a bit before saying, "Anyways whos this Calypso person?" Hestia doesn't normally mention other people when they are together and Kimi was genuinely curious. Kimi held onto Hestias hand as they casually traversed the bustling streets of The Town of Beginnings. OOC: got caught up in school. Sorry for late reply
  15. After making a decision on what were planning to do and listening to what Hestia had to say Kimi could only respond with, "Yeah, you've always been a good person and thats why i like you." She said with a big grin as she poked Hestias side playfully. As Hestia went on to ask about getting a personalized song Kimi couldn't help but say, "Of course! I'll be sure you're the first one to get a song. Of course after I get some practice." The two walked together hand in hand towards the teleport gate and quickly vanished to the 1st floor. The familiar scent and sound of the bustling beginner town wafted by Kimi, "You know... something about being down here is always nice. It really gets you thinking on how far you've gone and yet every time i pass by here it always feels exciting." Kimi paused for a moment before continuing. "I don't know i feel like there's always something new, but i guess its the people here." She said placing a finger on her lip trying to think of the right words to use. "Anyways lets get going!" Kimi said grabbing on to Hestia's hand.