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  1. Grimm

    Can I get some Combat Support?

    Thanks, we are probably going to need it.
  2. "Sound simple enough." Grimm said to himself, turning to the player request board immediately. He grabbed a blank piece of paper and hovered over it for around thirty seconds as he used the text box to fill in the request. "Alright, there we are." He began walking out of town after placing the paper on the board, admiring the sunny day on the way there by taking off his hood, though he decided to leave his face-mask on. Once out of town he sat down, his back against a lamp post with a few flyers on it for some various shops or quests in the area. The message he left read: Hello everyone! Grimm here. I need some help with a quest, specifically one called "Secret Forest of Medicine". I'm too low level to take the quest alone. I'll be waiting outside of the town where you get the quest by the road. Thanks. @Ghost @Frank @Zuekin
  3. Grimm

    Can I get some Combat Support?

    Alright, I guess that's the max amount I can have in a party. I'll start the thread tomorrow, see you then. @Ghost @Frank @Zuekin When we start the thread, your gonna need to tell me your level and stats.
  4. I'm not exactly the master of battle die, and I would REALLY like some assistance with the quest "Secret Medicine of the Forest". I only really need one person to help but the more the merrier.
  5. Grimm

    [PP-F1] Shattered Sunsets

    "Woah, there is so much stuff here..." Grimm said, looking around the market, it was dusk and the sun was about to fall, making everything the color orange, it still was a great sunset though. He continued down the market district looking for something effective and cheap, scythe wise. But unfortunately, there was nothing in the line of weaponry available. "Ugh, so, many, stores..." He said, exhausted after around an hour of searching. He took a road leading off the main road, it was sparsely populated my players and NPC's. There was benches lined down the streets, a girl was sitting in one of them. He took a seat a few benches away from her. She must not have noticed him there, because she was talking to herself. "Um, are you ok?" Grimm said instinctively, turning his head to face her. He was currently wearing formal clothes, less the formal clothes. A black tee shirt and brown pants along with a pair of black gloves. @Ghost
  6. Grimm

    [F04-PP] Cold feet

    "Jeez, your being a bit harsh." Grimm said skeptically, judging the girl for what at least seemed like a threat. Grimm read her irrated tone and expression. He went silent after that, thinking. I've met people who were harsh and inconsiderate. He looked up at her for a moment. But this is just crazy. Well, my chances of getting possible information on- That'a right! That's why I'm here! Well, I just have to wait until she is in a good mood to ask. He took a deep breath, opened his menu and began messaging a friend for some conversation starters, yeah yeah, I know, it's sad, but nessacary in this situation. "Jeez, your being a bit harsh." Grimm said skeptically, judging the girl for what at least seemed like a threat. Grimm read her irrated tone and expression. He went silent after that, thinking. I've met people who were harsh and inconsiderate. He looked up at her for a moment. But this is just crazy. Well, my chances of getting possible information on- That'a right! That's why I'm here! Well, I just have to wait until she is in a good mood to ask. He took a deep breath, opened his menu and began messaging a friend for some conversation starters, yeah yeah, I know, it's sad, but nessacary in this situation. Afterward, he opened his menu and pulled out a coffee and a small bagel. He set the coffee down next to him and began eating the other. This was his considerably late breakfast. The sun was still behind storm clouds, which made the tension felt accepted. @Mace
  7. Grimm

    [F04-PP] Cold feet

    "No need to thank me. I probably wasn't going to eat it anyway, the place I got it from got my order wrong." He let out a quiet laugh. Grimm listened to what Mace had to say. After she finished he smiled. She trusted me enough to let me know that she doesn't trust people. I feel a punchline coming on. He readjusted were he was sitting and looked up at her. "Wait, so I'm considered different? Because I gave you a sandwich?" He said jokingly. "Haha... I get it completely, I actually thought like that in the beginning of all this, at least until I realised how this game worked." He paused, pulling down his facemask. "Learning to cooperate might be one of the keys that gets us out of this game. I hope you will understand that sonner rather then later." He looked at her shield and warhammer. "Huh. So, are you are a Tank user? I'm a DPS, though I don't know how to swing my weapon." He ended with a weak smile and a dry laugh. Grimm tried to predict how Mace was going to respond. "Let me guess, I'm an Idiot?" @Mace
  8. Grimm

    [F04-PP] Cold feet

    "Easy, easy. It was just a question." Grimm said, trying to get the girl to calm herself. Grimm continued to stare into the fire, he felt the girls eyes burning through his skull. "Uh, is everything alright?" Grimm didn't look up up the girl, he kept looking into the fire. There was more silence, the only sound heard was the harsh wind and the crackling of the fire. Until he heard a growl, he looked up at the girl, who was trying to hide her face. "Hey, are you hungry? I think I've got something..." Grimm immediately opens his inventory and shuffles through the menus. Finally sandwich appeared in his hands, he got up and walked over to the girl holding out the sandwich for her. "Here, consider this a thank you for the potion." He walked back and sat down, begining to think. How do I start a conversation with someone who doesn't want to talk? He resumed warming his hands by the fire, the wind kept sending cold chills down his spine. @Mace
  9. Grimm

    [F04-PP] Cold feet

    The girl seemed disappointed, Grimm wasn't entirely sure why. "I do have to ask, why is your weapon out? Is there monsters around here or, are you just being safe?" Grimm asked sounding confused. He took of his hood, seeing as it started to snow lightly unlike before. "I see your point. Though I do disagree, you do need to address others somehow, even if it's not a real name it should catch their attention." He put his hands together. He looked into the fire, the embers rising out of the dancing flames. The girl started talking again. "Mace? Mace, it's nice to meet you." Sebastian put his hands up to the fire. Constantly moving them in a pattern to warm them. Things got pretty quiet after that, it seemed like the girl wasn't a very talkative person. Grimm stared into the flame, he could feel it's warmth in his face, well part of his face. He began to contemplate. @Mace
  10. Grimm

    [F04-PP] Cold feet

    Sebastian was taking back by the sudden rudeness, or maybe, this was just her way of talking? He had no idea, but it was best not to trigger a negative response from the girl given his position. "Thanks. I appreciate it." Though his tone of voice sounded disapointed. He took a seat across from the girl letting out a sigh of relief as he put his hands near the fire. A few moments of awkward silence passed before the girl broke the quiet. Once again in a tone uncalled for. "Oh? And what's this?" He fumbled with the bottle untill he got a firm grip on it. "...Warmth potion..." He looked up at her. "You really don't need to. But if your offering..." He drank the potion, immediately the effects kicked in. "Ah, much better. Thanks for the assistance. I'm Grimm, my friends call me Seb. Nice to meet you..." He paused. "Name?"
  11. Grimm

    [F04-PP] Cold feet

    "Brr... It's freezing. Why am I h-here again?" Grimm said to himself. Rubbing his hands together trying to create heat, which he wasn't sure if it works seeing as it was a game and it wasn't real. He had his face mask and hood on to try to lose as little heat as possible. Unfortunately this left the top of his nose, his eyes, and a large portion of his face left to the elements. "Lost in. A snowstorm. Isn't this. How. M-Most of. Those i-incredible survival s-story's start off?" He only now notice how badly he was shaking and shivering, it was effecting his speech. "I r-really need to get, get out of the cold." Grimm looked around, he couldn't see to far with the snow effectively acting as a fog. "Light!" He bursted out upon seeing a small flickering glow in the distance. He hastily moved towards it like a moth to a, well, to a light. He reached the light to discover a small fire and a girl who appeared to have wings, it was a video game after all. He figured she'd created the fire. He walked up to her, shivering. "Excuse me m-miss, do you mind out I stayed here for a few m-moments? Just to warm up at least, I really underestimated how cold this place gets." He crossed his arms, trying to get them to stop shaking, but it was no use. @Mace
  12. Grimm

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    [OOC: Sorry I killed the thread. :-( ] Grimm watched as the two guys took turns in slashing at the boar. To be honest, it was kinda invigorating. Like watching a football match but with less football and more life and death. Sunnova said Grimm should show they what he can do. Panic immediately flooded him. "Wait! Thats the problem. I don't know how to fight." Grimm said, a frown forming on his face. "I was hoping I could watch, and possible some pointers pin hows to swing a scythe." He let out a shallow laugh. "So, by all means, ladies first." He opened his menu and equipped his scythe, appearing on his back before he drew it. Maybe he would learn to fight after all. He remembered the Spangie promised to teach him. He began wondering where her whereabouts were. Good people disappear all the time here, he had experienced it firsthand. @Sunova @Kiro @Kuruyama
  13. Grimm

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    Grimm double checked the coords before finally arriving at the exact point. He then noticed a small group of players. Going under the assumption that they in fact were the people he was looking for, he greeted them. “Hello, I’m Grimm. Friend’s call me Seb. Anyway, it’s nice to meet you all.” He said cheerfully. He was greeted by one of the players, whom he recognized from somewhere. She asked the standard how have you been questions, but she seemed a little to, hyper, she reminded him of someone from long ago. “You’re Sunnova, correct? Sorry if I got it wrong, I’m not exactly the Isaac Newton of remembering names. Anyway, I’m doing good. Thanks for asking.” She then asked another question, about Hazado, he answered it to the best of his abilities. “Actually, I found him on floor sixteen, not the party, no, but I kinda ran into him on another beach a few days ago.“ Grimm said, Sunnova seemed to be super energetic at the moment, why he have no idea, maybe she got ahold of some caffeine tablets? Another player, how he figured out was Kiroo, or Kiro, told Grimm what they were doing. “Your, fighting monsters?” Grimm curiously, looking up at the boar, then having some of his posture disappear. “I n-never actually fought something in game before…” Sebastian said, sounding a little nervous.
  14. Grimm

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    As Grimm was munching down on a bagel and sipping some coffee he got from some shady looking concession stand. A small ringing sound came out of nowhere, startling him. Along with a small yellow-orange bell icon which appeared in front of him. “Huh?” He muttered, clicking it then swiping his hand down, revealing the new message. It was from Kiroo, or Kiro, something like that, the way the name was used confused him. Grimm honestly wasn’t expecting a reply so soon. He put what was left of his food in his menu and began typing back. He realized he could walk and eat since his meal choice was so small, but not until after he hit send. “Well, I guess I’ll surprise him with an early arrival.” Grimm mumbled to himself. He quickly located and left the towns entrance and began walking towards the coordinates he manually marked on his map. On his way, he reequipped his combat gear, including his mask and cloak. He eventually made it into a forest like area, looking around at all the scenery and hopefully materials, which he could not find. He eventually made it near the coordinates and shouted: “Hello? Anyone there?”
  15. Grimm

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    “Why’d I skip breakfast?” Grimm grumbled as he walked through the crowded streets, hands clenching his stomach. “Well… Better late than never…” He continued. Passing the player request board, and decided to give it a look. It was the usual: “Need assistance getting item” or “Help needed with monsters at…”. That was until something caught his eye, “Looking for people who are interested in helping each other. Contact me if you’re interested.” It wasn’t like the others so Grimm decided to give it a shot. He opened his menu and went to messages then typed “Kiroo” into the receiver. From: Grimm To: Kiroo Subject: Your Message Hey, my name’s Grimm, and I was kinda wondering what exactly you meant by “helping each other” in your message on the player request board. Is it that you need help with something specific or, what? Best regards, Grimm Grimm then waited for a response while looking around for anything that might sell food. @Kiroo