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  1. Grimm

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    Grimm double checked the coords before finally arriving at the exact point. He then noticed a small group of players. Going under the assumption that they in fact were the people he was looking for, he greeted them. “Hello, I’m Grimm. Friend’s call me Seb. Anyway, it’s nice to meet you all.” He said cheerfully. He was greeted by one of the players, whom he recognized from somewhere. She asked the standard how have you been questions, but she seemed a little to, hyper, she reminded him of someone from long ago. “You’re Sunnova, correct? Sorry if I got it wrong, I’m not exactly the Isaac Newton of remembering names. Anyway, I’m doing good. Thanks for asking.” She then asked another question, about Hazado, he answered it to the best of his abilities. “Actually, I found him on floor sixteen, not the party, no, but I kinda ran into him on another beach a few days ago.“ Grimm said, Sunnova seemed to be super energetic at the moment, why he have no idea, maybe she got ahold of some caffeine tablets? Another player, how he figured out was Kiroo, or Kiro, told Grimm what they were doing. “Your, fighting monsters?” Grimm curiously, looking up at the boar, then having some of his posture disappear. “I n-never actually fought something in game before…” Sebastian said, sounding a little nervous.
  2. Grimm

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    As Grimm was munching down on a bagel and sipping some coffee he got from some shady looking concession stand. A small ringing sound came out of nowhere, startling him. Along with a small yellow-orange bell icon which appeared in front of him. “Huh?” He muttered, clicking it then swiping his hand down, revealing the new message. It was from Kiroo, or Kiro, something like that, the way the name was used confused him. Grimm honestly wasn’t expecting a reply so soon. He put what was left of his food in his menu and began typing back. He realized he could walk and eat since his meal choice was so small, but not until after he hit send. “Well, I guess I’ll surprise him with an early arrival.” Grimm mumbled to himself. He quickly located and left the towns entrance and began walking towards the coordinates he manually marked on his map. On his way, he reequipped his combat gear, including his mask and cloak. He eventually made it into a forest like area, looking around at all the scenery and hopefully materials, which he could not find. He eventually made it near the coordinates and shouted: “Hello? Anyone there?”
  3. Grimm

    [OP] [F01] The Meeting

    “Why’d I skip breakfast?” Grimm grumbled as he walked through the crowded streets, hands clenching his stomach. “Well… Better late than never…” He continued. Passing the player request board, and decided to give it a look. It was the usual: “Need assistance getting item” or “Help needed with monsters at…”. That was until something caught his eye, “Looking for people who are interested in helping each other. Contact me if you’re interested.” It wasn’t like the others so Grimm decided to give it a shot. He opened his menu and went to messages then typed “Kiroo” into the receiver. From: Grimm To: Kiroo Subject: Your Message Hey, my name’s Grimm, and I was kinda wondering what exactly you meant by “helping each other” in your message on the player request board. Is it that you need help with something specific or, what? Best regards, Grimm Grimm then waited for a response while looking around for anything that might sell food. @Kiroo
  4. Grimm

    [PP-F16] Break Time

    He sat there looking towards the ocean until he heard something. “Is that… croaking?” Grimm turned around to see a familiar player, though he did not remember her name, despite the fact she seemed to recognize him immediately. “Oh, hey, sorry, I'm about to make this a but embarrassing, but I sorta don't know your name…” Grimm said with a look on his face that only began to express his self-disappointment. The odd girl got on the rock with him. He was about to go back to relaxing, which was already going to be difficult with all the frogs jumping everywhere, when there was splashing followed by a familiar voice. “Wait, Hazado?” Grimm’s head perked up. He watched Hazado drained of energy, swim to the rock, pull himself up, and sit down. There was an odd silence for a few seconds, at least until Grimm tried to start a conversation. ”So, what are you two doing out here?”
  5. Grimm

    [PP-F16] Break Time

    [OOC: I don't know if I should but since its a social, should it be an open thread?] Grimm hadn’t visited floor 16 often, but know he understood why people enjoyed this place so much. He remembered making sand castles with his sister, the beach he was at he wasn’t so sure. “Wow, this is an impressive view.” Grimm said to himself. He was looking off the coast into the ocean. The sun above him was beaming down on him. There were palm trees and seashells dotting the beach. Grimm was currently wearing his combat gear, you never know what you might come across when your alone. “This place is familiar… Oh, wait a minute…” He thought to himself. “Have I been here before?” He began to look perplexed and confused, then he returned to his calm state. “I think I was here, with, right, Hazado and Arabelle. I wonder what they are up to now…” He began walking towards the water, and noticed that no one was around. “Alright, I have a whole beach to myself.” In his mind his, almost by instinct, he mentally responded to his own comment with “Don’t jinx yourself.” He went through his menu and took off his combat gear, fabric mask, and his scythe and replaced it with some swimming shorts and a T-shirt that he didn't mind getting wet. He then got in the water, and went up to a rock sticking out of the water. Where it was was very shallow. He laid against it and just looked into the ocean, thinking. @Froppy @Kataware @Hazado
  6. Grimm

    [SP-F1] Bad Memories

    “Woah, Athena, calm down, it was just a simple conversation!” Axel said putting his hands up in surrender. Bolt nodded in agreement, which is something that doesn’t typically happen. “Alright Alright, just, try to be a little less, annoying.” Athena said calmly. Immediately, Axel started making noises that sounded similar to an enraged monkey. “Grrrrr…” Athena grumbled, scowling at him. “Alright, you got me! I’ll stop, just give me an honest answer, when will we get there-” Axel was swiftly cut off by another voice. “I’d give it around ten more minutes. I mean, we are walking after all.” Grimm said informatively. Sebastian shook his head. “No matter how hard you try to forget, it just keeps on coming back…” Grimm murmured, finally making it to the gate of the town and letting out a sigh. He walked right out of town and would continue until he was surrounded by vegetation, the best areas to pick up materials, that and caves. He looked around, it was beginning to get difficult to see, the sun was no longer visible, but its rays could still be seen over the mountains. He began searching a bush. After a while of pointless and time-consuming searching, he came up with nothing. Grimm simply sighed. He remembered searching around with others for materials, it is so much easier then searching alone, especially if it was turning night.
  7. Grimm

    [SP-F1] Bad Memories

    Grimm can still remember that day, the day everything turned upside down, the day where chaos ensued this virtual plain. Needless to say, Sebastian’s introduction to the game was, easier to handle. He had his friends with him, at least for the first few weeks… “Hey guys, wait up!” Axel cried out, falling behind in his heavy armor. The group snickered in response. Axel was a friend Grimm knew since high school, they got along well and we're pretty good to each other. “Maybe you should have gone light like me, having any regrets yet buddy?” Bolt said with a wide grin on his face, Bolt was kinda the… Jerk of the group. “Oh shut it. I have a bigger weapon, you can’t do anything with those tiny daggers!” Axel responded, sounding out of breath. Bolt’s smile only seemed to grow wider at his response. “It's what you can do with them that counts.” Athena facepalmed. “Try matching you in your light armor and daggers versus a colossal boss. I’d like to see you walk away from that…” Athena winced at Bolt, who scowled in response. The sun was beginning to dip down into the horizon, leaving a orange pink tint in the sky. His memory seemed to get fuzzier as time went on. Grimm sighed as he sat up from the bench, looking up he noticed the sun was almost gone. He quickly noticed he was all alone in the street, no one to talk to, nothing to do. He figured he mind as well get himself some cash and gather materials to sell them. At least he’d make a profit. He began walking to the towns entrance. He didn’t think of this place much like a town, but instead like a medieval city, with walls, castles, and towers. In his opinion, this place wasn’t a very good city, sure, it's got everything you’d need from armor and weapons to food and drink. But, the reason he doesn’t come here often is due to Grimm having bad ties to the place. But more specifically, Bad Memories.
  8. I'm back, I don't know how long though. I'll try to make the most of it, that being said, would anyone like to RP with me? 

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    2. Grimm


      Alright, I'll keep that in mind.

    3. Skyeheart


      Hi there! I'm brand new to this. (Not SAO or RPing, just this website.)

      I'm definitely down to RP with any of you guys, if anyone would want to! I'm down to do either quest or social, although I suppose social would be the easiest since I'm a newb. I'm still working on developing my character, but I can do that as we write.

      Any volunteers? 


      P.S: I can't remember if it's better to RP one on one, or with multiple people. If someone has a suggestion, that would be great!

    4. Grimm



      Sure, as soon as your journal is approved, I'd RP with you. It's easier on me to do social threads so it would be more convenient.


  9. Sorry I'm not responding, I'm going through some pretty emotional stuff right now. I might not be able to respond for the next day or two. I might respond then. 

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      Real Life comes first, take your time!

      Get well soon!

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      Thanks Macradon.

  10. There is only one thing Grimm knew for sure to do when around Hazado and Arabelle, don’t let your guard down around them. Unfortunately for him, this was exceptionally difficult to do, especially since they way they act is playful and happy. Grimm heard a strange noise and couldn’t place it, it sounded like someone went underwater. “Hazado. Be my eyes, what just happened?” There was no response from him. Nothing but bubbles. “Hazado?” It was at this moment that someone grabbed his legs. “No! No! No! N-” Sebastian was suddenly yanked underwater, fortunately, he took a deep breath before submerging. He resurfaced to Hazado saying how he is “probably dead”. “Your lucky I can’t see that well. Besides, I was kinda expecting this.” Sebastian said with a grin on his face. He looked around, his vision was coming back. He noticed something immediately. “Wait a minute, where is Arabelle?” Just then, he felt something brush against his legs for a moment. “No not agia-” He was once again yanked under the water, this time by Arabelle, he turned while underwater to face her, his eyes were open. He saw a blurry shape which he figured was Arabelle. Then scowled, which is his way of saying "That was uncalled for." Then something occurred to him, felt like he was forgetting something, something important, oh yeah, breathing. He erratically swam up to get a breath of air as Arabelle resurfaced. “Well played… Well played…” Grimm said, his facial expression looked like he was brainstorming ways to get her back. “Well, now that I can see at least a little better than before, I’m gonna grab a snack from the barbeque, you two want anything?” Sebastian looked between the two players.
  11. “Yeah, I suppose you could yank me underwater stronger the Arabelle could, but she is stealthy. I can’t prepare or brace for something I can’t see!” Sebastian said, responding to Hazado’s comment. After he appeared next to Hazado. Who splashed him in the face in reaction. “Ugh! My eyes! Why me!” Sebastian yelled towards the sky. Then looked back into the water and started rubbing his eyes, trying to swim without using his hands. Which caused him to start kicking pretty fast. Afterwards he looked into the water rubbing his closed eyes, trying to forcefully subdue the irritation in his eyes. He then remembered Hazado’s threat to yank him underwater. “Did you do this on purpose?” He asked calmly, using his hands to swim again. His vision now blurry and his eyes bloodshot. Then he heard Arabelle call out to them. “Hello Arabelle. Wherever you may be.” He said, obviously referring to the fact that his vision was temporarily impaired. That when Arabelle said they were weak for being bullied by a girl. “Bullied by a girl? No, I’m being bullied by everyone!” He corrected. “At this rate, I will be blind in no time.”
  12. “Yeah, I wonder what happened to Spangie.” Grimm said curiously. “Disappearances are more common than you’d expect in this place.” He said solemnly. “Sorry, if that came out wrong. I honestly think shes just too busy.” When Arabelle mentioned the time she pulled him underwater, he tried to make it into a joke. “I still have nightmares…” He said, purposely getting his eyes to widen. THen he laughed a bit. “Alright, I’ll see you in the water. If not being puleed under it.” (OOC: Lines below happen after he got in the water) As soon as all the water was away from Grimm’s face, making sure it didn’t get in his eyes. He opened them, and saw, water coming his way due to the splash a girl made. The water splashed his face, blinding him a second time. “Ahh, I can’t see! I’m blind! Man down!” Sebastian said, trying to be over dramatic as possible, cupping his hands over his eyes and splashing back down under the water. Swimming out of sight behind a rock and resurfaced. After losing sight of the group, he became paranoid that Arabelle was going to attempt to yank him underwater. At least if there were other players they might get her back, just then a great idea popped into his head to get Arabelle, he never did get a well earned revenge against Arabelle. Unfortunately, his prank involved something that he didn’t think existed in game. “I could really use some water balloons.” He murmured to himself. He then went underwater and reemerged with Hazado and the other player. “I think, I’m okay now.” He said blinking his eyes rapidly, they were irritated, and looked a little bloodshot. @Arabelle @Hazado @Vigilon
  13. After getting replies, one of the other girls, who introduced herself as Sunnova, it was odd that he seemed to know quite a few Novas. She wanted to know how him and Hazado had met, after he have his explaination and moved far enough away, Grimm spoke. “Well, I met him at a volleyball beach party like he said, yes, buckets of water were involved. Unfortunately the volleyball was girls only, I was promptly disappointed. Anyway, I met both Hazado, and the other girl, Arabelle, at this event. The best part was Hazado tried to “woo” one of the girls there. It, was pretty funny to watch, he isn't very good at it .” The last two sentences were quieter, trying to make sure Hazado didn’t hear him. He then smiled afterward. Then he went down to the water, it was warm. It was like being in an indoor pool, but much larger and with a thriving ecosystem that doesn’t involve chlorine. “Hey, this isn’t so bad. Now I just need something to jump off of.” He looked around the beach, and noticed a small sea stack. He shrugged, and unequipped his shirt from his inventory, and slowly walked into the water. Once it got deep enough, he went underwater, and began swimming around for a bit. He could hold his breath far longer in game then he could in the real world. He then tried to see if he could open his eyes underwater, usually this would be disastrous and painful depending on what kind of water you dove into. But nothing happened, it was crystal clear, It reminded him of when his family went on a business trip to southern California. He resurfaced, wiping water from his eyes and face, all he heard was “I can't hear you” followed by water splashing. Hazado had also entered the water, then edged the others to join him. Though Grimm was still wiping water from his eyes.
  14. Zandra didn’t respond to Grimms comment, and he assumed she had better things to do then talk to him. But he had really be looking forward to something to snack on. He saw a hammock in the trees that meet with the soft sandy beach. It looked like a comfortable waiting place. He walked up and laid down in the hammock. Remembering his first lake trip, the lake was surprisingly warm for a body of water in Germany, usually it would be could, or he was told it would be by friends. He remember them playing around in the water, it was just Sebastian and his friends who he would never see again. This though almost made him shed a tear had his eyes been open, he had been searching so long, far and wide that he hadn’t gotten proper time to grief. He quickly snapped out of his trance when he heard a familiar voice. Opening his eyes, he saw Hazado. He formed a weak smile. Grimm then got out of the hammock and walked over when he arrived he could tell Hazado saw him, mainly because he spoke his name. When Hazado said “Long time no see”. Grimm smiled and said: “I was just about to say that.” , he then replied to him with: “Travelling mostly, a little bit here and there. I figured I could use a day to talk to people. Socialize. The only other person I had talked to until now was a strange girl on floor, twenty? I think, I can’t remember, come to think of it, I still don’t know how I got there.” He said with a perplexed look on his face. Then he heard another familiar voice. He turned around to see Arabelle. Who then greeted everyone, at this point Grimm tried to sneak back to the hammock without anyone noticing. But Arabelle changed that. “Nice to see you to Arabelle.” He said cheerfully. “We aren’t gonna have a water bucket standoff again right?” He said in a joking manner. “Yeah, I don’t know, I just like social events, they make me feel, normal. I’m use to socializing, and lately I missed it. Which is why I’m here currently, also, I was told there would be food.” Just then his stomach growled, which pretty much summed it up. Grimm then noticed something odd about her appearance. "Um, Arabelle? What's with the jacket? Isn't it like ninty degrees? I mean, I'm wearing shorts and a tee shirt and I think I'm overheating." Grimm said both sounding and looking a bit confused. @Hazado @Arabelle
  15. Grimm was wandering floor sixteen looking for something to do that was worthwhile. He was bored and, to put it simply, tired. He ended up getting lost, finding the way back to society, losing the way back to society, falling asleep, and finding the way back to society. When he made it back to town, he went to the notice board to see if there was anything to occupy his time. One of the messages caught his eye: His stomach growled as he looked through the messages contents. “This doesn’t seem so bad.” Grimm said. “I even have trunks this time. Fool me once…” He then chuckled a bit at his own joke. He changed from his cloak and light armor to a more suitable white tee shirt, black swimming shorts, and black sandals. He then set off to the shoreline. Sebastian eventually made it to the location, seeing two players. Neither of them he recognized. When he approached, he overheard one of the girls say her friends Hazado would be coming. Grimm thought to himself: “Hazado? I haven’t heard that name in a long while.” Sebastian finally made it to his destination. “Hello, I got your message. Nice to, um, I don’t know which one of you is Zandra. I’m Grimm, though friends of mine call me Sebastian. Uh, oh yeah, one more thing, you mentioned food in your message?” He said with wide grin. Appearance: