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  1. “Yeah, I wonder what happened to Spangie.” Grimm said curiously. “Disappearances are more common than you’d expect in this place.” He said solemnly. “Sorry, if that came out wrong. I honestly think shes just too busy.” When Arabelle mentioned the time she pulled him underwater, he tried to make it into a joke. “I still have nightmares…” He said, purposely getting his eyes to widen. THen he laughed a bit. “Alright, I’ll see you in the water. If not being puleed under it.” (OOC: Lines below happen after he got in the water) As soon as all the water was away from Grimm’s face, making sure it didn’t get in his eyes. He opened them, and saw, water coming his way due to the splash a girl made. The water splashed his face, blinding him a second time. “Ahh, I can’t see! I’m blind! Man down!” I said, trying to be over dramatic as possible, cupping his hands over his eyes and splashing back down under the water. Swimming out of sight behind a rock and resurfaced. After losing sight of the group, he became paranoid that Arabelle was going to attempt to yank him underwater. At least if there were other players they might get her back, just then a great idea popped into his head to get Arabelle, he never did get a well earned revenge against Arabelle. Unfortunately, his prank involved something that he didn’t think existed in game. “I could really use some water balloons.” He murmured to himself. He then went underwater and reemerged with Hazado and the other player. “I think, I’m okay now.” He said blinking his eyes rapidly, they were irritated, and looked a little bloodshot. @Arabelle @Hazado @Vigilon
  2. After getting replies, one of the other girls, who introduced herself as Sunnova, it was odd that he seemed to know quite a few Novas. She wanted to know how him and Hazado had met, after he have his explaination and moved far enough away, Grimm spoke. “Well, I met him at a volleyball beach party like he said, yes, buckets of water were involved. Unfortunately the volleyball was girls only, I was promptly disappointed. Anyway, I met both Hazado, and the other girl, Arabelle, at this event. The best part was Hazado tried to “woo” one of the girls there. It, was pretty funny to watch, he isn't very good at it .” The last two sentences were quieter, trying to make sure Hazado didn’t hear him. He then smiled afterward. Then he went down to the water, it was warm. It was like being in an indoor pool, but much larger and with a thriving ecosystem that doesn’t involve chlorine. “Hey, this isn’t so bad. Now I just need something to jump off of.” He looked around the beach, and noticed a small sea stack. He shrugged, and unequipped his shirt from his inventory, and slowly walked into the water. Once it got deep enough, he went underwater, and began swimming around for a bit. He could hold his breath far longer in game then he could in the real world. He then tried to see if he could open his eyes underwater, usually this would be disastrous and painful depending on what kind of water you dove into. But nothing happened, it was crystal clear, It reminded him of when his family went on a business trip to southern California. He resurfaced, wiping water from his eyes and face, all he heard was “I can't hear you” followed by water splashing. Hazado had also entered the water, then edged the others to join him. Though Grimm was still wiping water from his eyes.
  3. Zandra didn’t respond to Grimms comment, and he assumed she had better things to do then talk to him. But he had really be looking forward to something to snack on. He saw a hammock in the trees that meet with the soft sandy beach. It looked like a comfortable waiting place. He walked up and laid down in the hammock. Remembering his first lake trip, the lake was surprisingly warm for a body of water in Germany, usually it would be could, or he was told it would be by friends. He remember them playing around in the water, it was just Sebastian and his friends who he would never see again. This though almost made him shed a tear had his eyes been open, he had been searching so long, far and wide that he hadn’t gotten proper time to grief. He quickly snapped out of his trance when he heard a familiar voice. Opening his eyes, he saw Hazado. He formed a weak smile. Grimm then got out of the hammock and walked over when he arrived he could tell Hazado saw him, mainly because he spoke his name. When Hazado said “Long time no see”. Grimm smiled and said: “I was just about to say that.” , he then replied to him with: “Travelling mostly, a little bit here and there. I figured I could use a day to talk to people. Socialize. The only other person I had talked to until now was a strange girl on floor, twenty? I think, I can’t remember, come to think of it, I still don’t know how I got there.” He said with a perplexed look on his face. Then he heard another familiar voice. He turned around to see Arabelle. Who then greeted everyone, at this point Grimm tried to sneak back to the hammock without anyone noticing. But Arabelle changed that. “Nice to see you to Arabelle.” He said cheerfully. “We aren’t gonna have a water bucket standoff again right?” He said in a joking manner. “Yeah, I don’t know, I just like social events, they make me feel, normal. I’m use to socializing, and lately I missed it. Which is why I’m here currently, also, I was told there would be food.” Just then his stomach growled, which pretty much summed it up. Grimm then noticed something odd about her appearance. "Um, Arabelle? What's with the jacket? Isn't it like ninty degrees? I mean, I'm wearing shorts and a tee shirt and I think I'm overheating." Grimm said both sounding and looking a bit confused. @Hazado @Arabelle
  4. Grimm was wandering floor sixteen looking for something to do that was worthwhile. He was bored and, to put it simply, tired. He ended up getting lost, finding the way back to society, losing the way back to society, falling asleep, and finding the way back to society. When he made it back to town, he went to the notice board to see if there was anything to occupy his time. One of the messages caught his eye: His stomach growled as he looked through the messages contents. “This doesn’t seem so bad.” Grimm said. “I even have trunks this time. Fool me once…” He then chuckled a bit at his own joke. He changed from his cloak and light armor to a more suitable white tee shirt, black swimming shorts, and black sandals. He then set off to the shoreline. Sebastian eventually made it to the location, seeing two players. Neither of them he recognized. When he approached, he overheard one of the girls say her friends Hazado would be coming. Grimm thought to himself: “Hazado? I haven’t heard that name in a long while.” Sebastian finally made it to his destination. “Hello, I got your message. Nice to, um, I don’t know which one of you is Zandra. I’m Grimm, though friends of mine call me Sebastian. Uh, oh yeah, one more thing, you mentioned food in your message?” He said with wide grin. Appearance:
  5. Grimm

    PP | F22 - What We Fight For [ Grimm ]

    “To be honest, I didn't expect to be anywhere near this floor in the first place.” Grimm said, running the back of his head. After her introduction, Sebastian thought he could tell what kinda person she was, based on their introduction alone. The way they looked, the way the formated their words, their posture. All could tell what kinda person someone was, and Sebastian, the one who is used to meeting new people, was fairly good at this. He eyed her suspiciously. The Asakku had a staring contest with a shadow that seemed to have a mind of its own. The she said something Sebastian didn't expect. “...so you have no idea where your friend with benefits is?” Grimm, feeling offended by the comment, suppress the news to rant. He instead said: “No.” Despite what he took as an insult, he decided to investigate the girl, something strange about her intrigued her. Though he got quiet after that. “So, what are you doing in the middle of floor twenty-two, I mean, It must be for good reason. Right?” He asked curiously. @Asakku
  6. Grimm

    PP | F22 - What We Fight For [ Grimm ]

    Grimm couldn’t believe it, had he always been so reckless? He must have had a good reason to be on this floor. “The, twenty-second floor?” Grimm question, being on this kinda floor at his level was indubitably suicide. The girl gave him a confused look. “Yeah, I, uh... I can’t ... remember how I got here. I just kinda woke up feeling like I was just hit by a truck. I’m Grimm by the way, Sebastian Grimm, at your service.” Sebastian said, disrobing his hood. Then straining one of his hands out for a handshake. His memory began coming back to him slowly, he remembered he was looking for someone, Athena, he was looking for her, he had gotten word of a strange player on this floor with her description. “Hey, I’m looking for someone, a girl, around five feet tall, blonde hair, wearing silver armor, would you? I’m looking for her.” He asked. @Asakku
  7. Grimm

    PP | F22 - What We Fight For [ Grimm ]

    Grimm awoke on his back, not quite sure where he was, his vision was hazy. “What the, what, happened?” He groaned, he felt as if he fell from a twenty foot tree, hitting every possible branch on the way down. His health was still in the green, he was wearing his mask and cloak. He sat up, his vision adjusting to the surroundings. He heard cawing and what, to him, sounded like white noise. “Birds? Television? Am I on animal planet?” He thought to himself. His eyes adjusted, he could see water, or at least a blurry form of it. “How did I get here?” He continued thinking. He couldn’t remember. He saw a figure on the shoreline. He got up, gripped his stomach as if he was stabbed, and stumbled over to it. Sebastian could now tell it was a girl. “Excuse me miss. I’m kinda lost, do you have any idea what floor this is.” He said trying to look healthy and medically stable. It wasn’t pain he felt either, it was irritation and soreness, all over him.
  8. I only chose text, because... I'm not all that great with numbers...
  9. Grimm

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Grimm stood in the back of the room by the time the announcements began, it was finally karaoke time, and Nova took his advice to make a prize for the winners. His friends used to say he was a good singer, he was tempted to join. He could use that Col… Well materials, but it wouldn’t take long to sell it, right? Just then one of the contestants started singing. “Auf geht's…” He muttered to himself in German. He walked up to the hostess, Novafire. “Pardon me Nova, I know it might be a little late for this, but… Is there still room in the karaoke competition?” Sebastian whispered trying not to distract the singer, his face calm and earnest. “I would like to… sing… If you find it convenient, please place me in.” He continued. He couldn’t believe he was gonna compete, well, as they say, everyone has their price. Grimm’s just so happened to be the bonus materials. @Novafire
  10. So sorry for everyone I left hanging in my threads, I just kinda up and left, I'm going to try to continue them. But I also have other business on the site.

  11. Grimm looked back at the beach to see the other two had awoken from their slumber. He swam back to shore, seeing that the two girls had targeted him with buckets, they both were filled with water. “Oh crap…” He said. Arabelle then shouted two verses one. “Oh yeah! This seems fair and accurate!” He shouted running down the beach past the two player who seemed to still be suntanning (Embers & Froppy). He then tried to loop around them, unfortunately tripping in the sand, but getting to his feet in a matter of seconds. He ran down the dock which had a bucket at the end of it, he grabbed it, got some water from the ocean. Turned around in an aggressive stance, and said: “Bring it on!” Fortunately, Hazado was holding a bucket above the two girls. “Yeah! Get em’ Hazado!” He said enthusiastically as the tables turned to his favor. He then gave him a thumbs up. “Do it!” He repeated frantically, hoping he would get to watch a train wreck up close and personal.
  12. (A few minutes ago) Fortunately @Arabelle reacted to the large cannonball. He splashed him back, in the face. He reacted by closing his eyes and spit out the water in his mouth, and remained doing so for about a second before something under the water grabbed his legs. “Oh, Scheis-*gurgling sounds*.” His German cursing was interrupted by him being pulled under the water. He refaced, with a sinister look on his face. “Well, *spits* played. Well played.” Of course he instantly went into a way to get her back. “Don’t worry, I’ll remember the name, Arabelle.” He grinned and dramatically and slowly sunk under the water. Which he resurfaced at the shoreline. (Present Bucket Prank) He was sitting there wondering what to do with the bucket, there was @Hazado and @Spangie. Better to dump it on someone he knew am I right fell- His train of thought was interrupted by Arabelle. Who suggested to get a bucket for both of them. He smiled evilly. “You little rebel, I like you.” He waited until she got back with her bucket. “Ready? Set, REVENGE!” He shouted dumping the entire bucket over Arabelle’s head. He immediately bolted down the beach, turning at the dock, and jumping back into the water, not remembering where he dropped the bucket. Then, he looked back at the shore to see what she would do.
  13. When Spangie said what did I tell you, Grimm immediately stated “Spangie, don’t jinx yourself.” He then realized he would get his clothes wet but since they were already wet, he didn’t care. He continued swimming around for a while, heck, he went under and strain to stay there for a long as possible. He emerged, bored again, as usual. He walked up to the beach and attached a small thread between to beach trees, which he assumed were palm trees. Then he took off his shirt and hung it over it to dry. He looked down. There was no way he was gonna undress that much in a public area like this. HE walked back to the beach to see Spangie unconscious. An evil grin formed on his face. “Now is my time…” He said sounding almost diabolical. He walked over to a decently made sand castle, grabbed the bucket. Turned around, heading back to Spangie. Looking to his right he saw two girls laying on beach towels. “Well, that makes seven.” He said nodding slowly. He arrived at Spangies spot, the bucket now filled with water. He was about to dump it on her we he began having second thoughts. What if she overreacts? It's not that good of a prank. He just stood there for a moment. Thinking. Contemplating the several possible outcomes.
  14. @Spangie “You missed me? I feel honored…” He said with a obdurate tone in his voice. She then made a funnel and said it was the sound of the ocean. “A ocean, in a castle, in the sky. What is this? Inception?” She then tossed her familiar into the water. It came back out looking miserable. “You just tossed a fox into the water. You know some breeds of foxes avoid water, right?” @Hazado “Yeah, she just tossed a virtual ani- Wait, oh, that's a bit odd, I’m not ignoring that.” Grimm said, looking over at Hazado. “Yep, her name is Spangie. I guess you could say we, adem, ‘ran into each other’.” He said playfully looking over at Spangie now, with a grin that meant ‘I mean it literally’. Of course the only other guy there overheard sports. “Let's see, I’ve played basketball, hockey, soccer, track, badminton, tennis, table tennis, underwater hockey, lacrosse,and finally, extreme ironing. Don’t even question the last one, it was intense.” He said, with a slightly confused and concerning look. “Not even I knew what was going on… Let's leave it as it involves a boat, wakeboard, ironing board, a lot of rope, and a very hot and active clothes iron.” He then asked to introduce me to my friends. “Well there is Spangie here, and…” He looks around for familiar faces, he only recognizes two. One of them he’d met at a party, and the other he’d seen at a unlawful assembly, she seemed to be sun-tanning despite the fact it was all a game and would pretty much do nothing. But he highly doubts she had seen him since he was only the eyes and ears. “...I don’t know your name, but I know you from a celebration. What's your name again?” He said, gesturing towards Arabelle. @Arabelle Then Arabelle walked over saying she didn’t see him arrive, nor expect him to arrive. “I wasn’t expecting to arrive either, I surprised myself.” His face full of fake straightforward concern. She then told him to vote for MVP. “Wait, this place has a voting system? You learn something new every day.” She then told him to vote for the girl he like, at first, confusing struck his face. Arabelle then gestured to Spangie. Realization hit him at the drop of the hat. He grabbed Arabelle’s shoulder and quickly said, making sure no one else heard. “We are friends, nothing more, nothing less.” He said, letting go of her shoulder. He turned around heading back to the water. @Spangie @Arabelle Spangies voice echoed through his mind. Just jump in! It shouted as the formal maniac within him struggled to suppress it, he looked up to see a dock the lead out into the water, there would be collateral damage if he jumped in. He thought to himself, standing there contemplating, he came to a conclusion. “Oh, what the h***.” He said looking down the dock. He began running down the dock slowing gaining speed. “Kanonenkugel!” He shouted cannonball in german, but that's not important, what is important is the fact he was jumping off the wooden boating dock, spiralling through the air, adjusting to the right position to get the biggest splash, landing in front of the Spangie and Arabelle, he tried to get Hazado to but, he went under the water before he could, point its, victory achieved. He then stayed underwater, and opened his eyes, he could only see a few feet in front of him, so, he quickly swam towards the deeper parts of the “ocean”. He emerged, a little over six meters away from the two girls. Starred at the two with a uncontrollably evil grin, his hair already drying as his head bobs up and down in the waves. “How's that?” He said, trying to do a thumbs up, but forcing his hands back underwater to resume swimming and no, as you would without using hands and legs, sinking. He swam in place for a moment then went back under the water. Emerging in front of the two again. “Slap me and I return fire…” He stated. Then he said. “Wanna hear a fact about the ocean? Did you know there are more airplanes in the ocean, than submarines in the sky?” He said playfully, his voice straining to be humorous.
  15. "Nice to see you too Spangie. No need to overreac-" Grimm was suddenly bear hugged, despite the fact it was a virtual world, he truly felt like he was suffocating. "No, I came all the way here from floor one which took around twenty minutes just to say 'Hi'." He said sarcastically. "Of course I'm here to watch." He said with a somewhat weak-smile. "That and the weather is great." He said making a hand gesture towards the sky. "And yes, remember I may have mentioned I'm rich IRL? I've played almost every sport out there. Did you know there is such thing as "Underwater Hockey"? Weird I know." He said in humorous voice. He then looked down at his outfit. "I don't have swimming shorts. I may or may not have wanted to stop by to see what this was about. I was wearing this at the time, so yeah. Unprepared as usual. Though I could switch to my cloak, which is not exactly, "buoyant". I mean, have tried swimming with armor plates and a blanket on? It really doesn't end well." He said out of disappointment. Another man approached him. He announced his name was Hazado. "Nice to meet you Hazado, I'm Grimm. Sebastian Grimm, at your service." He ended that sentence with a formal bow. He was German after all. Then another girl who didn't announce herself approached. He slowly tried slipping to the back, he really just wanted some beverages for the time being. "One, two, three, four..." He counted. "Six, six people total... I guess there could be a interesting game. Alright... and the fact that a little over seventy-five percent were female makes this all the more... awkward." He said to himself. He approached Spangie again, who was being dragged towards the water by the girl from earlier. "Please tell me that there is something for us to do. You know, while you guys have all the fun. Is there at least some beverages included?" He said, face full of anxiety. This was good so far, he was at least he was keeping his eyes at his level. @Hazado @Spangie @Froppy