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  1. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    The tower looked like it would crumble to a mound of pebbles the second any wind were to touch it. The only splashes of color on the structure were the moss and lichen growing on the outside, from here the hole in the top floor was completely visible. But that's when I saw her. She was the silhouette from the basement. From here I could see she had long wavy blonde hair. A combination of chainmail and leather armor with fur underneath, probably designed for comfort, and a skirt, that was all I could see from a distance. Female body armor makes no sense, it seems like the more skin they show off in video games, the more protection they have. Thank god this game didn’t work like that. Athel didn’t know what I was staring at, but after a few seconds the figure disappeared. “Ok…” I said slowly. “Let’s get going…”
  2. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    “Come on, let’s get going, we wouldn’t want to spend another night in this place. Would we?” I turned around to see Athel staring down the stairs, squinting his eyes as if trying to process something that didn’t make sense. He pointed down the stairs then flattened his hands out at his waist and zig zagged in unisen them all the way up to his chest. The sign for: “Movement.” “What?” I asked, confused, thinking I read it wrong. He made a series of signs that read: “I saw movement.” Athel continued. He looked at me with concern. Then signed: “S-o-m-e-o-n-e is downstairs” He backed up a bit and pointed down the stairs, his eyes locked on me, which was his version of “See for yourself”. I walked up to him and looked down, I saw a silhouette duck behind a tipped table. Near the back of the room. I immediately freaked out. Mostly with a calm and collected. “Alright, that's enough for today. Lets go.” Athel began to follow looking at the doorway, then turning back around towards me. We walked past the desecrated campsite and into the forest, after getting a solid twenty-five meters away from the building. I turned around for one last glimpse, I mean, it was strange for some random watchtower to be located in the middle of a forest with no good reason.
  3. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    The basement looked as if it would collapse on top of me at any minute. There were a pair of shackles on the floor that were shattered. Whatever was in here, is now long gone. “These stupid scripted in-game events.” I muttered to myself. Immediately, I was startled by my friend, Athel, stumbling down the stairs landing on his back on the cold granite cellar floor with a loud and sudden “THUD!”. “Ow” He signed. Which kinda looked funny because he refused to put effort into it, making him look like he was balling his fists near his chest as they slowly moved away from each other, but it was his dissatisfied facial expression that tied it all together. What it actually looked like was “Hurt” but I could tell what he meant. I chuckled a bit, then helped him back up, like a friend would do. We went back to the ground floor to see my knapsack, which I gracefully picked up, and put on my back.
  4. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    In the morning, I woke up. I sat up, Athel was nowhere to be found. I looked out the gaping hole in the wall. He was out cold next to the fire. I facepalmed and walked down the stone stairs, and right outside tapping him on the shoulder. He woke up immediately in a panic, then he saw me and relaxed. He the used his hand, forming an A looking symbol with his right hand. Rotating it on his chest using a couple of clockwise motions. This meant, sorry. “It’s alright, I mean, I’m still alive aren’t I?” I said sarcastically. Athel scowled in response. “Come on, let's get our sleeping bags.” I continued. We both went back inside the deteriorated building. Athel went upstairs to collect our things. But I was distracted by some strange sounds. The basement door, which was locked before, was wide open. Well, not really, when I say wide open I mean the door was open with a lot of slash marks on the inside of the door, which typically translates to “Someone didn’t like that door.”. I looked down, it was dark, I could still see. But I doubt the few beams of light that shown through the cracks in the walls near the ceiling would help much. I cautiously crouched, the leather soles of my boots were squeaking like I was walking on stairs made entirely of rubber ducks.
  5. Aspect

    Character Polls!

    I like this Guy, Ducker, just because he died in a respectful way...
  6. “Athel, there was a map, to see where we were, this whole time?” A wicked grin formed on Athels face. “Oh… I see… I would say this allowed if it wasn’t for the presence of another decent human being.” I gestured to the player who announced herself as Mina. “...but…” I then made several furious gestures sing sign language I wouldn’t dare translate. Athel didn’t look shocked, he didn’t even look intimidated. If anything, it made his grin wider. A request to join a party formed in front of the two players. They both read the following: Tricolor_Mina? Weird name. Still, without much hesitation, I pressed the “Yes” button saying “Better then being lost.” A notification popped up in front of Mina: Athel stared at the buttons, before reluctantly pressing “Yes” as well. Another notification popped up: “Alright. So where are we heading. P.S. The whole reason we got lost was because “someone” wanted to go adventuring.” I turned to Athel who was staring back at me, he signed: “Not lost.” I quickly turned away pretending he wasn’t here. "Anyway, the name's Aspect. Pleased to meet you, that's Silence, he doesn't talk much." @tricolor_mina
  7. “D#mnit Athel! You got us lost, again. What is this? Are you trying to make the world record?” I said in a sarcastic tone, I really didn’t like Athel at the moment. For someone so interested in adventure and discovery, you’d think he’d be smart enough to make a map, or at least leave a trail of thread to trace back to. Athel looked at me with a scowl on his face, unable to put words to it, he couldn’t speak, he was mute. Athel was currently wearing a modified version of an adventure jacket, the difference being all the extra pockets on the inside. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled a two handed battle axe out from underneath it. That and his usual chainmail with a white shirt underneath, along with some black jeans and his fingerless black gloves which I’ve never seen him without. Athel then signed: “We are not lost. Just improvising.” “Oh yeah? Tell me, where did we come from?” Athel was about to point, then he hesitated, as if his thoughts were conflicting with one another. Then, slowly and reluctantly, pointed towards a grove. He didn't look so confident with his choice of direction. “That's what I thought-” That's when I heard a female voice. I couldn’t make out what she was saying but it came from behind me and Athel. I turned around thinking there was someone else lost too. Walking forward, and going through some shrubbery, I found a path, looking down the path I saw buildings. I signaled Athel: “This way.” He followed. Further up the trail, I saw a girl walking by herself wearing a tunic and skirt. I run up behind her and said: “Excuse me miss. We are kinda lost…” Out of the corner of my eye, Athel was giving me a cold stare with an expression that meant “We weren’t lost.”. “...could you tell us where we are exactly?” @tricolor_mina
  8. Anyone want to start a thread with me, I'm up for anything, the only threads I participated in died. :-(

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      I'm up for one~

      Quest or normal thread?

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      Like I said, I'm up for anything.

    3. tricolor_mina


      I picked a fairly easy combat quest for us to do

      I pinged you so you could find it easily~

  9. Quick question: How does one, do combat? I don't know how, I need some first hand experience...

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    2. Aspect


      I've read them, I just don't understand them. I think I know how the rollers work though.

    3. Baldur


      You can also look through some threads where they do combat, maybe that will help.

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  10. When the only three people online start with the letter A. 

  11. Most of the conversation went underway as usual, all the way until the girl, who announced herself as Vivila, said that she thought she understood sign language. Athel’s eyes widened in surprise and excitement, mainly because he wanted to know as many people as possible who speak sign language so they would understand him. He looked at the girl, clapped to get her attention, then made a repeated series of gestures that meant: “Do you sign? Do you sign?” The only thing unusual about the gestures was he was doing them more rapid than usual. I stared at Athel for a few moments then turned my head towards Vivila. “Want me to translate? He is saying “Do you speak sign language”. He wants to know if you do. I’m afraid if you don’t answer soon, he will pass out exhaustion.” I said in a joking manner, unfortunately, what followed was complete silence, and I’m not talking about Athel slowly trailing behind us like a ghost. After about a minute of awkward silence. Vivila asked if this was are first quest, I obviously had to answer true. “No, my very first quest was to cut him down from a tree. He got, um, tangled.” I pointed to Athel who was looked around like he had no idea what I was talking about, but he did give me that “I’ll kill you later” look. “...but other then that yeah, this is our first.” @Vivlia
  12. I was almost stunned by the other person’s reaction, the sound was high pitched enough that I thought I heard my ears start ringing, I shook it off just fine. The girl looked kind, however she looked at me with a emotionless stare, it kinda looked like she was doing it on purpose, I was pretty good at reading people and I could tell she didn’t want to be here anymore then I did, which just made me feel bad dragging her into this. “Well, it seems you're more experienced than we are.” I said trying to lighten the mood. Then the player offered to help if we wanted, which is just was I needed, we really did need help. “Thanks, we could use a hand in this.” Athel, who was still in back tried to get in on the conversation, which I happily forced him into. I grabbed him by the shoulder and placed him next to me, he looked like I put him in a very uncomfortable position. “This is Athel, he can't talk, he is mute.” Athel then scowled at me and made a few gestures in sign language that you couldn’t make me translate. “...and that was the sign language version of an angry rant.” I forced a grin to Athel’s silent tantrum, which he calmed down from saying in sign language: “Don’t say my name. Remember.” “Right!” I concluded. “Lemme restart that. I’m Aspect, this is Silence. He doesn’t talk much, and you are…” I paused waiting for the girl to finish the sentence, and also, in case she had anything else she wanted to add in. @Vivlia
  13. Unfortunately for me, Zack didn’t serve adventure, only gathering materials that I wouldn’t even get to keep. “Wow…” I said turning to Athel. “...Looks like today will be filled with tons of meaningless quests.” I said in a half sarcastic, half serious tone. He scowled back at me, not enjoying the comment. I backed away from the counter now having my instructions, and walked towards Athel, who was in the back of the room. “I don’t suppose, you know how to gather materials?” Athel nodded and signed “No” at the same time. “Maybe I can just cheat the system and give him some materials from my inventory, I mean, I have like twenty-five.” Athel just nodded no this time, I didn’t like my chances at this quest. “So, let me get this straight, you dragged me into a fetch quest that neither of us know how to complete?” The one time I actually wanted him to nod no. He nodded yes. “Looks like we'll need some help.” I said looking around the room, and spotting another player, she kinda looked like she was trying to avoid us, but unfortunately for her, I was kinda what people would call, desperate. “Athel, I have an idea, it's not a good idea, just an idea.” I said, with a hint of confidence in my voice. I approach the player, who was looking at all the potions and alchemy related items stacked on the wooden shelves. “Excuse me, but, we kinda need your help.” I said with absolutely no confidence in my voice, it seemed like a good idea to ask for help until the very last second, I don’t know why either, I just have trouble asking strangers for help. “You see, me and my buddy over there…” I gestured behind me, Athel made a weak smiled and waved in response. “...have no idea how to gather materials, and, well, are you any good at gathering?” I said, my voice got a little better than before, why couldn’t I be mute like Athel? That way he can’t force me to be the one to talk to absolute strangers, but this girl didn’t seem like that bad of a person, at least, from the outside. @Vivlia
  14. Aspect

    [F1-OP] A Break in the Clouds

    Have you ever had that moment where your being forced to do something your really didn’t want to do by one of your best friends? Well. That's why I’m here. For someone so quiet and slender, he had an impressive grip, specifically on my right arm. “Athel. Why.” I said in an blunt and annoyed manner. Athel essentially dragged me through the tavern’s door, why he wanted me to go to a tavern, I had no idea. The second I was hauled through the door the smell of yeast from alcoholic beverages filled the air. The room itself looked surprisingly tacky. I was expecting a western eighteen-fifties saloon, complete with bar fights, piano music, and angry looking cowboys. Unfortunately for me, I was wrong, the room actually looked quite depressing. The building’s clay walls were broken in a few places, revealing wooden beams and struts. The tan wooden floorboards were warped and looked like it would give way to whatever room was beneath it. The tables and chairs looked cheap and incomplete. The bar counter looked stained with several drinks and beverages, some of it even looked like blood, which as you can imagine, didn’t help me like it any further. The only thing in the room I expected was the stereotypical bartender, he was an NPC who wore a white button up shirt with a black vest over it, he was currently washing out a mug with a rag. After getting dragged across the room (and having tip of my pant leg snagged by one of the loose boards, which, as you can imagine was pretty embarrassing.) I sat down in a stool. “Really? Why are we here?” I said, getting more agitated the longer I remained answerless. He looked over at me and pointed to his mouth, then moved his hand down to his chest, the sign language equivalent for: “Thirsty.” Then he made a series of hand gestures that can be narrowed down to: “N-P-C doesn’t sign, can’t order.” I felt bad about this. “So, you want me do order for you?” He nodded in response. “Alright.” I said, turning my head towards the bartender. “Do you have any wines?” The bartender nodded in response and began to complete this order. Athel nodded with approval. I didn’t think they would serve wine here. I looked at towards players along the bar, they all looked calm and collected, some more than others, one guy in specific looked nervous. “What do you think they are talking about?” I asked Athel, who shrugged in response, I decided to continue listening. Hopefully, no one would notice. All the characters looked like they didn't know each other, like they were completely unrelated, so why were they even here?
  15. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    Looked directly below the tower I saw a figure throwing more firewood into the pit. Which erupted in an inferno in response. “There you are…” I whispered to myself. I placed myself down the stairs to make sure I wouldn’t fall all the way down. Arriving outside, I waved to Athel, he waved in response, while making a stack of wood, his wave looked a bit odd because of this. He then signed to me: “Find anything?” “The inside is clear. We could camp inside if we wanted to.” He nodded and signed back: “Outside is unsafe. Monsters. I saw one finding wood.” My eyes widened. “Monsters?” I said, worry in my voice. “Inside clear, it is safe there. So…” He signed, then picked up a torch and walked to the door, he stopped and gestured me to follow. Once inside he relit a few torches on all the floors except the basement, the door, as it turns out, was locked and barred from the other side. He turned to me and signed: “Upstairs is safest. Only one entrance, allows us to keep lookout.” I nodded. “Wouldn’t it also mean one exit?” He paused and thought about this. Then signed: “We would see he threat coming.” “Ok” I replied. “You watch first though, alright?” Athel nodded. “Ok then, nighty night.” I said as a rolled out a brown sleeping bag from my pack. I went into it, I hadn’t slept in so long that is feels unnatural. But comfortable nonetheless. It felt like I was resting a massive kitten. My eyes began drooping. Before I knew it, I was out cold. Athel pulled up a chair to the hole in the wall. He looked out as if fishing for something on a dock in a lake. He was wide wake, it was part of his alert expression. He looked out with an expression that read: “Peace at last.”. He began walking around the room studying the building in detail, making sure he hadn’t missed anything. Floor by Floor, wall by wall, brick by brick, he studied it. Until eventually he was back outside, he pulled a chair from inside the building outside and sat down looking into the woods, his spear leaning against his chair. The campfire crackled. He was making sure no monsters would get past him.