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  1. I'm looking for someone to RP with, anyone interested? 

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    Sig? You mean signature? If that's the case then sign me up!
  3. “So, then it's settled, we join a guild?” I asked Athel. Who looked like he was staring behind me. “Yes.” was his response, this wasn’t like him, usually he would go into detail, but he seemed distracted. “Athel, are you ok? Maybe we can get something to eat if you feel like you need to think this over…” Most of the time, this was my ultimate persuasion power move against Athel. Usually he can be easily bribed into doing something if something tasty is involved afterward. He made the same gesture as before, yes. Still not paying too much attention to what I was saying. I turned around and the group of three we saw a minute ago was still there. “Maybe, we should ask them, I mean, I certainly don’t see ‘Best Guild in Aincrad’ billboards anywhere and I don’t know what to think of guilds to begin with.” To be honest, I did have an opinion on guilds. I think of small guilds as friend circles with cheesy names, and the large guilds as glorified profit machines. Which is why I was skeptical about this whole idea in the first place. “Yes” Athel repeated in sign language. “Ok. Come on now, we have a whole day ahead of us…” I said, trying to at least nudge out the idea that something good might happen, unfortunately, Athel had other opinions. “Lots can go bad in a minute.” He signed. When we approached the group, I had to admit, I was, a little more than intimidated. There was three players total, along with two familiars. One of which looked like a wolf, but I guessed it was a wolf. When I approached, I attempted to gain their attention and said: “Um, excuse me, do you know where I can sign up for a good guild?” I can already tell this might be a bad idea. I looked over at Athel, who looked way more confident then me at the moment. “One of them was watching us.” He signed. “Which one?” I mouthed the words so they hopefully didn’t hear me. “The girl.” I nodded slightly in acknowledgment. I turned back to the three players. “Sorry about that. Can you help us out? Maybe, give us a recommendation?” Oh jeez, I sound like a high schooler asking their teacher to be a recommendation on my resume. I need to stop that. @Hei @Eatos @Stryder
  4. “Hey, Athel, I’ve been thinking, should we join a guild?” I said as I walked along the roads of the Town of New Beginnings. Personally, I found the name Ironic, mainly because some people viewed it as the end of the old them. “I don’t know.” He signed to me. “Because, I think we could both use a little help.” I said solemnly. “As much as I’d hate to admit, if we don’t get help, we could get ourselves killed easily.” Athel squinted at me, almost as if he was studying me. “Why is that?” He signed. “Well, for starters, I don’t know how to make a potion, and at the very beginning I chose a support type. Then there is my ability to defend myself, which inflicts as much damage to me as it does my target. Oh, how about literally every other mechanic in this game, I just don’t understand it!” I said, attempting to cling to what was left of my dignity, and if I wasn’t mistaken, I’m pretty sure I shouted some of it, mainly because Athel made a gesture that almost everyone knew. He put his pointer finger to his mouth and faced it upward, or formally known as Shhing someone. I sighed. “Sorry. But, I know what your thinking though. I wouldn’t be considered “pro” in this concept, but that's not what I’m aiming for.” Athel grinned at me. “What are you aiming for?” I tried to come up with an elaborate response, but I settled on something simple instead. “Oh, how about not dying? Is that a good enough goal for your?” A mischievous smile grew across Athel’s face. “My goal is also simple. Become king of Aincrad.” I grinned at this remark. “Oh shut up already.” Athels eyes grew more diabolical. “I cannot shut up. I am mute.” He signed. I facepalmed. “There it is again. Did anyone ever tell you that you overuse that joke?” I responded. “Sorry. You lined it up. Could not resist.” He signed. Its at this point I noticed a group of individuals. They looked like they knew what they were doing, sorta. But, I didn’t want to intrude, especially because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. @Hei @Eatos @Stryder
  5. Athel was currently chowing down on a shrimp shish kabob. He looked into the water and wanted to join all the smiling faces. But how would he be able to start up a conversation, especially in sign language. Maybe he could send someone a friend request, then message them that he couldn’t speak? That might work. He was tempted to try it. Most of the players looked like they were forming small isolated groups. Others looked like they had no one to group with, like himself, another girl with black hair sitting by herself, she didn’t look like a outdoor person. Ryder, or formally known as Aspect. He got bored quickly, finding nothing to do, and no one to talk to that could understand sign language. He decided to come up with something on his own. He saw a small tree, it looked like a palm tree, but with a strange fruit growing off it. He opened his menu and equipped his combat spear. Then began taking a whack at the tree, trying to knock down the fruit. The sounds caught Ryder’s attention. “Athel! Sorry, tell me later about the competition later, I’m gonna have to prevent someone from doing something very stupid.” I said, bolting off in Athels direction. Upon arrival, I said the only logical thing. “Athel, what are you doing? I mean seriously. Why?” I asked. He looked at me, then resumed tearing up the fruit on the tree with the sharpened spear. “Ok, you do know I’m going to ask you to stop, right?” I said, he only grinned at me. “Athel!” I grabbed him by his arm and essentially dragged him along towards the beach, mainly to throw him into the water, he tried squirm away. But something wasn’t right, it seemed there was some resistance, but not as much as he would usually commit. Then Suddenly, when I was at the shoreline, which at this little part happened to be a dropoff, I tried to use my momentum to throw him in. Instead, he pushed me in, unfortunately for Athel, I had a good grip on his arm. We both struggled and tumbled into the water, going down with two large splashes. Getting a few people with it. I returned to the surface of the water around the same time as Athel did. “Athel, why.” I said scowling at him. He merely responded with a grin and a few gestures in sign language. “Plan didn’t work.” He signed. I splashed him in response, he splashed me back, It went back and forth until there was enough water flying around that I couldn’t tell what was going on.
  6. The first girl, who called herself Arabelle gave them a quick easy answer, but not without a question. “Yeah, he is mute in real life. It had him calibrate his voice, and he had none, so he can’t talk here either. It's, a bit problematic when it comes to communication with people who don’t know sign language.” I then turned to Athel, who was about to chow down on some barbeque. But we made eye contact. “You look like your enjoying yourself, wouldn’t it be a shame, if I were to do something about it.” I said out loud. I then made the sign language gesture for “Water.” Almost instantly, he looked paranoid. I turned back. “Well, that should keep him in check for a bit, until he does something in retaliation. Thanks for the information, Arabelle.” The other player, was a blonde girl who introduced herself and gave similar information. “Thanks Sunova, it's nice to meet you.” I said with a smile. I then walked off to met the person that Arabelle described. “Excuse me, you Zandra, right? Well, I have some questions about this competition, if you won’t answer directly, can you at least given me a hint as to what it is?” @Arabelle @Sunova @Zandra
  7. “Look! There is a party!” I said to Athel, who wasn’t paying attention to me and was obviously busy eating a churro I bought for him. “Should we go?” I asked Athel, it was apparently far more difficult then it appeared to drop his tasty churro and talk, but from what he was trying to gesture I took as a yes. “Alright. Lets see, its a beach party, with food, and some kind of, competition?” I turned to Athel, who was trying to scarf down the rest of the churro, the way he devoured the churro reminded me of an anaconda. “From my map, which I’m so very glad you told me about…” I said sarcastically. “...it would be, that way.” I pointed to the nearest exit of the town. He then finally finished his churro and nodded in acknowledgement. We had to walk for about ten minutes until we finally reached the beach. At the time, I was wearing gray swimming shorts with black stripes down the sides and a pair of leather water shoes. Athel, on the other hand, didn’t look like he planned on getting wet. He was wearing pair of shorts, not swimming shorts, a pair of sandals, and a hawaiian shirt. Along with the black gloves he never takes off. I didn’t recognize anyone, currently there was around, ten people, I wasn’t sure because everyone was moving around and I’m pretty sure someone was underwater. There was two guys in the water, one was trying to get people to come in. Two girls on the shore with swimming attire, and one who was wearing a jacket for some reason. An additional two guys scowling the beach, and another, who looked, a bit odd, was he wearing a robe? “We are here.” Athel signed. “Thank you Captain Obvious.” I said jokingly. “We mind as well find out if this is the right party. Right?” I said, turning to Athel, who was already down the shoreline. “Pff... Idiot.” I said offended, he seemed to want to eat some more, I already gave him a full churro, what is with him? I sighed and walked down from the outskirts where the sandy beach ended to the few girls on the shore. “Hey, I wanted to introduce myself, I’m Aspect, that’s Silence...” I pointed behind me, my finger following where Athel stood hovering over the food. “It's very nice to meet you. Also, I wanted to hear about this competition, so I wanted to talk to the host. Do you know where she is?”
  8. Looking for someone to RP with, I'm bored...

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  9. The next thing I knew I was on the ground. I could sense Athel silently snickering at me from up in the braches above me. I heard movement, then he landed quietly next to me on his feet in a planned and composed drop. “Ow…” I moaned, I think I landed on my own hunting knife. At the time, was wearing a red long sleeve shirt, which has a leather chestpeice, with a black jacket over it. I was also wearing black pants that had leather shin guards. "Why did you think climbing the tree was a good idea?” I said with irritation in my voice. Athel looked at me for a bit, I couldn't tell what his expression was, the sun was in my eyes. “Not my fault, your clumsy.” He signed in response, Athel was currently wearing his brown trech coat, which covered the chainmail underneath, black pants, and black gloves. I scowled at him. Athel offered me a hand and I began to get up. That's when I saw someone in what looked like heavy knight armor.
  10. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    “Ow!” I said in response, not because I was hurt, but because I was surprised, to be honest, I have no idea why I said ‘Ow’. “Why?!” I demanded, knowing exactly why he slapped me, I kinda deserved it. He scowled and crossed his arms in response, the silent version of the silent treatment. “Really Athel. Your acting like a child, you know that right?” His scowled look changed to a dull look that looked like it meant “I’m the child, am I?”. I decided to end this short feud to prevent him from being even less communicative for an even longer period of time. “I-I, I saw someone when I looked back.” I said, my voice sounding as rickedy as a poorly made wooden bridge over a cliff. Athel uncrossed his arms and stopped walking, he looked both annoyed and intrigued. He used his hand and pointed his finger to the top of his lip and moved it around the clockwise until it was left of his lip. The sign for: “Who.” “I don’t know, I’m pretty sure she was the same person as we saw in the basement.” Athel’s eyes widened a bit with surprise. “She?” He signed. I nodded in acknowledgement. “Strange.” He continued.
  11. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    We continued to walk towards the direction of civilization. Athel kept asking questions like, what did you see, who was it, why aren’t you answering me, all in sign language. I tried to ignore him, which was fairly easy considering the fact that he couldn’t speak. Though his frequent rapid gesturing that I could see out of the corner of my eye made it difficult to concentrate. Who is she? Was she trapped in the basement the whole time, right below me? That would explain the slashes against the iron door. But how did she get there? The door was obviously locked on the outside why didn’t she just open it from the inside? Why didn’t she escape when we were asleep, was she afraid of Athel, or me? I tend to overthink things. So many questions filled my mind, my brain unable to decide which on to clear up first, luckily for me, I had just gotten the best stimulant that you could ask for, a hand across my face. While I was in the realm of riddles and questions, Athel had gotten so annoyed with me ignoring him that he slapped me, which his way of screaming “NOTICE ME” into my ears.
  12. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    The tower looked like it would crumble to a mound of pebbles the second any wind were to touch it. The only splashes of color on the structure were the moss and lichen growing on the outside, from here the hole in the top floor was completely visible. But that's when I saw her. She was the silhouette from the basement. From here I could see she had long wavy blonde hair. A combination of chainmail and leather armor with fur underneath, probably designed for comfort, and a skirt, that was all I could see from a distance. Female body armor makes no sense, it seems like the more skin they show off in video games, the more protection they have. Thank god this game didn’t work like that. Athel didn’t know what I was staring at, but after a few seconds the figure disappeared. “Ok…” I said slowly. “Let’s get going…”
  13. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    “Come on, let’s get going, we wouldn’t want to spend another night in this place. Would we?” I turned around to see Athel staring down the stairs, squinting his eyes as if trying to process something that didn’t make sense. He pointed down the stairs then flattened his hands out at his waist and zig zagged in unisen them all the way up to his chest. The sign for: “Movement.” “What?” I asked, confused, thinking I read it wrong. He made a series of signs that read: “I saw movement.” Athel continued. He looked at me with concern. Then signed: “S-o-m-e-o-n-e is downstairs” He backed up a bit and pointed down the stairs, his eyes locked on me, which was his version of “See for yourself”. I walked up to him and looked down, I saw a silhouette duck behind a tipped table. Near the back of the room. I immediately freaked out. Mostly with a calm and collected. “Alright, that's enough for today. Lets go.” Athel began to follow looking at the doorway, then turning back around towards me. We walked past the desecrated campsite and into the forest, after getting a solid twenty-five meters away from the building. I turned around for one last glimpse, I mean, it was strange for some random watchtower to be located in the middle of a forest with no good reason.
  14. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    The basement looked as if it would collapse on top of me at any minute. There were a pair of shackles on the floor that were shattered. Whatever was in here, is now long gone. “These stupid scripted in-game events.” I muttered to myself. Immediately, I was startled by my friend, Athel, stumbling down the stairs landing on his back on the cold granite cellar floor with a loud and sudden “THUD!”. “Ow” He signed. Which kinda looked funny because he refused to put effort into it, making him look like he was balling his fists near his chest as they slowly moved away from each other, but it was his dissatisfied facial expression that tied it all together. What it actually looked like was “Hurt” but I could tell what he meant. I chuckled a bit, then helped him back up, like a friend would do. We went back to the ground floor to see my knapsack, which I gracefully picked up, and put on my back.
  15. Aspect

    [SP-F1] The Forest

    In the morning, I woke up. I sat up, Athel was nowhere to be found. I looked out the gaping hole in the wall. He was out cold next to the fire. I facepalmed and walked down the stone stairs, and right outside tapping him on the shoulder. He woke up immediately in a panic, then he saw me and relaxed. He the used his hand, forming an A looking symbol with his right hand. Rotating it on his chest using a couple of clockwise motions. This meant, sorry. “It’s alright, I mean, I’m still alive aren’t I?” I said sarcastically. Athel scowled in response. “Come on, let's get our sleeping bags.” I continued. We both went back inside the deteriorated building. Athel went upstairs to collect our things. But I was distracted by some strange sounds. The basement door, which was locked before, was wide open. Well, not really, when I say wide open I mean the door was open with a lot of slash marks on the inside of the door, which typically translates to “Someone didn’t like that door.”. I looked down, it was dark, I could still see. But I doubt the few beams of light that shown through the cracks in the walls near the ceiling would help much. I cautiously crouched, the leather soles of my boots were squeaking like I was walking on stairs made entirely of rubber ducks.