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  1. "Ready to rock and roll bud," Koga told Yukiro, who sighed a breath of relief. Letting Koga run past him, Yukiro watched the man jump from the ground and onto the Troll's swinging weapon, waiting before he was level with the mob's face before jumping off and unleashing a sword art. He embedded his katana into the Troll's chest and sliced a deep and deadly wound into the mob's chest. "Your turn, Yuki!" Koda yelled at Yukiro. He noticed the icons for burn and blight appear near the giant's health bar. If Yukiro killed it immediately Koga would be unable to loot it. Yukiro stepped forward, appearing next to the troll's flank. He cleaved through it's body with a single one-handed slash. The monster's HP bar dropped slowly until it reached zero and the monster was killed in a burst of fragments. Yukiro turned to see that the mob had managed to bludgeon Koga with it's final attack. Yukiro approached the player and offered him a hand up. "Hey. You alright?" @Koga
  2. Yukiro

    [PP - F06] Its time for a <<Deforestation>>

    Yukiro watched Gladio pull a severely over sized greatsword out of his inventory. It was against every pricipal that Yukiro had ever learned about using a sword to use something so ridiculously heavy. Yet this man was lifting it with ease. Hm. He'd have to considerably speed up his training if he wanted to keep up with monsters like this. "Ah so basically modern day military strategies, just pick up your weapon and press forward as hard as you can. I think I can get behind that." Yeah, Gladiator was definitely a soldier outside of this game. Gladio cracked his knuckles and glanced between the boss' direction and Yukiro. "So you comin' with? Or you bailing out now?" "I never turn my back on a challenge," Yukiro responded, walking to keep up with the gladiator. "So Yukiro, what were you out in the real world before becoming a solider in this death game? Me myself I was a military man months after being on the ground military." "I was a student. On my last year of high school when... well, this happened." @Gladiator
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    [F01 - SP] <<Training Your Friend>>

  4. Yukiro

    [F01 - SP] <<Training Your Friend>>

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    [F01 - SP] <<Training Your Friend>>

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    [F01 - SP] <<Training Your Friend>>

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    [F01 - SP] <<Training Your Friend>>

  8. Yukiro watched Koga as he activated a sword art. Kuiaratame began to glow a crimson red as Koga charged forward and swung his blade. The Troll, however, had enough skill to block Koga's blow, causing a resonating CLANG! Koga jumped back; Yukiro's turn. He started a sword art-- not a massively powerful one, just enough to feel out how powerful this thing was. But just before he could start his lung the troll raised it's club. Crap!! Yukiro broke out of his sword art and lunged between Koga and the Troll's branch, bracing the tip of his blade against his off hand to help absorb the shock of the attack. While he did manage to stop the blow dead, his hand was cut by his sword's blade. Tch. I'm still too weak. Yukiro whipped his sword to the side, throwing the club away. "Oi. Still alive?" @Koga
  9. Yukiro

    [PP - F06] Its time for a <<Deforestation>>

    The man pressed the accept button with a smirk. A small health bar appeared in the side of Yukiro's vision, just under his own. Gladiator LV: 39 Tch! Yukiro was both impressed with the older player's strength and appalled by his own lack thereof. Gladiator, huh? Based on that name and his build... Perhaps a soldier? Gladio crossed his arms and leaned forward a bit. "Well I am glad to be seen as a ally, its been a while since someone has last called me that," he chuckled. Yukiro smiled down at the man, "Hm. Well, I'm glad to be the one to break the mold." A more serious face dawned on Yukiro. "Now, as for strategy. I can't help too much, as my plans involve simply hitting hard and not getting hit. But I have heard that we should try to avoid being hit too directly. It may be obvious, but armor doesn't do much against heat." Yukiro glanced at the man's armor. It was clearly sturdy, but wouldn't offer much in the way of maneuverability. @Gladiator
  10. Yukiro

    [PP - F06] Its time for a <<Deforestation>>

    "Ah, don't get me confused I am sure I can handle it I just didn't know much if at all anything about it. Plus, even if I wasn't sure of my abilities, I am confident I can get my way through it." Hm. He has a strong resolve. I can respect that. The man offered his hand in greeting. "But I am not going to say no to a war brother in need to grow stronger in this hell. Names Gladio it's a pleasure to meet you. I don't ask for much from you either, just be confident in the skills that you do have." Yukiro didn't hesitate to clasp his hand. "Yukiro. It a pleasure to meet you." Repositioning himself, Yukiro stood up straighter and held himself with more confidence. "I'll take your advice. Confidence is a good thing to have." I'm fairly confident that I lack the power I need to have. Yukiro opened his menu and sent a party invitation to Gladio. "I'm grateful to have you as an ally. It certainly makes this less dangerous for me. And, I hope, less dangerous for you." While he would never complain about having this kind of help Yukiro was far from excited to be the weak link. @Gladiator
  11. "I've had much worse. You should see my scars," Violet said as she turning back to face the injured boar pup. "Alright, come here." She began to chase the tiny boar around again. Yukiro saw her hide up in a tree and try to get the drop on the boar pup. Her attack failed; the boar pup saw her coming and began to run around. Meanwhile, Yukiro was lazily walking over towards the boar pups he'd selected. But he stoped when he heard a strange music coming from Violet. He turned around to see her leaning against a tree, humming. The odd, melancholic tune made Yukiro want to stop pursuing his targeted prey and go listen. Mybe ask about the song. But he shook of the hypnotic effects and turned back to the boar pups... only to see them much further away than they should have been. Yukiro sped up in pursuit. @Violet Smith
  12. Yukiro

    [F01-PP] Kitten's Beginnings <<TFFLaF>>

    Riley rustled through the flowers and pulled out a white flower of some sort. Yukiro would have know what kind it was if he'd know flowers. "This one looks nice too huh? It's funny how that NPC can turn just about anything into a potion, like if we just brought him a bunch of rocks that'd probably work too," Riley said with a laugh. She mover right next to Yukiro as she continued her search, her tail patting his back again. Yukiro, once again, went a little red and looked away, digging through the flowers until he came across a striking red one. He picked it and held it up for Riley to see. "Look at that, I found one," he said, grinning at the girl. Cat? Cat girl? He wasn't quite sure. Not that it really mattered. Yukiro added the small red blossom to his inventory and continued searching to keep him mind off the tail that was touching his back. @OmegaNeko
  13. Yukiro sent the following item to @Dederick because he has good taste in soups.
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    Face Claim Thread

    Yukiro: Bell Cranel - DanMachi
  15. "Unexpected is right. That Elf nearly gave me a heart attack when it ran through that door. Didn't think it'd be that easy to kill either if I'm going to be honest. Sorry for dragging you all the way out here for nothing. Yeah, why don't we go look inside. Never know what we may find." Yukiro nodded, following Koga toward the cabin. The shack was so run down it looked like it might collapse at any moment. Whatever lived here was probably hoarding something. Which reasoned to say that it was also hostile. What a pain. "Five Col says something jumps out and tries to kill us," Koga challenged. "Done." Almost within the moment Yukiro accepted a large troll-looking thing started to slowly cram itself through the cabin's door. Or, more accurately, it was breaking through the front wall. It was wearing only basic leather coverings and held a huge club of some sort. It looked like a branch had been roughly fashioned into a club. A big branch. Yukiro transferred five col to Koga. @Koga