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  1. "...I didn't think it was that bad of an idea. I just thought maybe I could capitalize on people's natural aversion to grinding." The boy let out a heavy sigh. "But I guess it's not that great of an idea. People can get materials pretty easy. And free of charge. I guess maybe I'll have to start up the forge again," he groaned. As much as he didn't mind making the equipment, it felt like a massive grind, not to mention a drain on his good mood. He'd have to keep avoiding that for a while yet. Yukiro cast his eyes about, looking for something that stood out. "Jewelry? I've just never worn it before, I guess. Maybe I'd be willing to try something, if it had good stats." Suddenly the boy paused mid-step. Something had glinted among the green of the grass. Yukiro hopped over to it and picked it out of the ground. It was a small orb of metal, less than an inch in diameter, glinting in the sunlight. Grinning, Yukiro walked back over to NIGHT and showed her the platinum nugget. "Lucky~! Maybe there's something to be found in materials after all," he exclaimed with a slight smirk, "What do you think you could make out of this thing? It's kinda small, so maybe I'll give it to you," he pondered aloud, continuing on their walk. @NIGHT
  2. When NIGHT stopped, Yukiro figured that he should take full advantage of the moment. He walked over to a small tangle of plants and weeds, starting to sift through them with his bare hands. He plucked a few particularly interesting plants, but they shattered as he did, leaving him empty handed once again. With a sigh, Yukiro stood up, moving to follow NIGHT as he dusted his hands off. "A merchant near your place, huh? That might be smart. Saves you the usual grind of gathering. Though, it's probably best to just do both. Really max out on those mats, right?" he mused to himself. While the boy wasn't sure whether his advice was even good, he thought it sounded right. "As for my shop... I haven't really done anything with it for a long time. I'm considering just scrapping the whole thing and starting over. Maybe just starting a shop that sells materials instead of actual goods." @NIGHT
  3. "How much debt per meal?" Yukiro repeated back to NIGHT as he followed her to the outskirts of town. He thought for a moment. There was no way he could admit that he had been over ten thousand col in debt every time he wanted to eat. "Y-yeah. Best we don't talk about that. Yeah, it's, ah, good to be feeling better." One of Yukiro's arms swung slightly at his side, the other resting in a pocket. He glanced around, looking for anything interesting as he walked. Nothing caught his eye. "Hey, y'mind if we stop now and again for materials? I'm pretty sure I'm running out of them." "What?" Yukiro asked, snapping out of his distraction with the environment, "Oh, right. Sure, we can gather along the way. If you need materials, then let's get you some." Yukiro glanced around for a moment hoping he'd see something worth grabbing, but nothing stuck out to him. Maybe he just wasn't used to this, just like with everything else. Closing his eyes and letting out a heavy sigh, the boy refocused on the path, letting his mind wander a bit. @NIGHT
  4. The wind whistled around the boy's silver hair, leaving flakes of snow decorating his head after only a few moments of being on the wintry floor. Fortunately Yukiro's new cloak seemed to be warm enough to keep his body warm. Tugging the front closed and pulling the warm blanket tighter around him, Yukiro followed Amara with a slightly irritated look. "...You never said it would be on the fourth floor..." Suddenly, an oddly placed building sprang into Yukiro's view. It was just far enough out of the way that if he hadn't known it was here Yukiro might never have found it. But, despite it's odd position, the warm glow from within seemed all too inviting to the cold, frost-covered boy. "Aha!" Suddenly, Yukiro was dragged toward the structure at a much faster pace that soon lead him inside the door. Warmth rushed through the boy's body the moment he stepped inside. Sighing a bit, Yukiro let his cloak open up, though he didn't remove it. A bit of ice remained in the boy's white hair, shimmering as he looked around at the small shop. A slight smile came to his face. "It's wonderful," he agreed. Amara had really come a long way. "I can still see you sleeping here though."
  5. The boy laughed, bowing slightly to NIGHT. He knew they'd agreed for her to pay, but maybe he'd been a little too cruel. Even so, a good sized meal always put Yukiro in a good mood. "Sorry, sorry! It's been a while since I've eaten anything, so I really went for it. I'll be sure to pay you back eventually!" He snickered a bit. "And, well, now you know why I was always out grinding. I needed the money!" He decided it was best not to tell his smaller friend that he was up for a second round of food. She might actually decide he was a changeling and try to kill him. He'd make sure to go smooth things over with the restaurant someday, maybe pay off some of the tab. But, for now, NIGHT was right. They were supposed to be dragon hunting. "The second dragon should be on the second floor," he brilliantly observed, "It's supposed to be curled up by a tree with golden apples. If it's not there, it'll be nearby. But, ah..." Yuki skimmed the info broker's description again, "Sorry, one second." Stopping in front of the first floor's teleport platform, Yukiro sent a message to Fleur. After a few moments there was a response. The boy visibly paled as he read it. "It, ah... The tree is never in the same place twice. There's no way to know where on floor two we'll find it. But, um," he grinned at NIGHT with childish optimism, "It's probably on the West side of the floor! Probably!" @NIGHT
  6. Yukiro turned slightly red as Cordelia reminded him of the snowball incident. He had hoped he could forget that. Unfortunately, it seemed evident that there would be ample reminders. "I'm pretty sure I can run faster than you, anyway." Wincing internally, the boy attempted a smile and nod. He knew it was meant to be a joke, but to him it was a painful wake-up call. She was faster than him. He'd been gone so long that he was probably far, far weaker than everybody else. How much had she managed to level up in that time he'd spent laying on the ground? ...I guess that's what I get. I'll have to get stronger if I want to be of any help. And fast. Yukiro sighed. He'd have to start getting back into things later. For now, he wanted to give Cor-- Amara his full attention. "Right. Let's go," he agreed softly, "Um... Yeah, I'll follow you." He started after his friend, making a quiet promise to pay her back one day.
  7. I missed a lot, huh? I guess... I guess that's to be expected when you do what I did. Yukiro attempted a smile. It was a bad attempt, but he was trying. He was going to ask what she wanted to show him, but he decided that it didn't really matter. If Amara wanted him to see something, he owed her at least that much. "Alright... Let's go then. The fog... The fog is making it cold here anyway." He added the excuse more to convince him than to convince her. "Make sure I don't try to run off, okay?" The boy unsteadily pushed himself to his feet. Taking a moment to regain his balance and brace himself, he offered a hand to help Cordelia up after him. It made him at least a little happy that things had gone on without him, though that same fact was also a little saddening. But he'd pretend it was a happy statement, if only to make Amara happy. He only wished he had some stories to tell her too. The only thing he'd really done was lay on the ground in his shop. Maybe he could tell her the stories behind all the places he'd visited. "Hey, Amara... Thank you. For being here for me."
  8. The restaurant was far more lustrous than Yukiro was used to; even before he'd locked himself away he'd never been somewhere so high-class looking. Heck, even his well-off parents had never taken him out to eat anywhere nearly this fancy. The cloaked boy followed NIGHT in, almost having to duck through the doorway. The marble counter and dim lighting caught Yukiro off guard. He took a seat next to NIGHT, accepting the menu from her and glancing over the options. Not that he needed to. "It looks like a pretty nice place, I think. Thanks for bringing me." With an almost confident smile, Yukiro handed his menu back to a waiter. "One of everything, please. Do her's first, if possible," he added, trying to be considerate for his friend's meal. Then, more quietly, he said to NIGHT, "I didn't hold back too much." While the staff of the unfortunate restaurant tried to process the boy's incredible order, Yukiro turned to NIGHT. "Hey, so I heard there are a bunch more dragons. It's supposed to be some kind of pseudo-quest line, I think. Do you wanna start taking care of all those things together?" he asked, hoping she'd say yes. As much as Yukiro knew he'd have to do a lot on his own to really put himself back together, and as much as he did still want to be alone, he knew that the dragons would get tougher. And, more than that, he knew that if he didn't force himself to keep connecting with others, he'd eventually go back to isolating himself. "I know you're way stronger than me now, but I'll do my best to keep up and be of use." @NIGHT
  9. The boy nodded. A good meal sounded like fun. He hadn't had an actual meal in over a month now. It was always just small snacks, if that. Most days he avoided eating at all. Yukiro smirked as NIGHT offered to pay. "No take backs! You said you were paying!" Yukiro snickered, "But really, thank you. I'd love to get something to eat." Bending down to heave his sword up off the ground, Yukiro looked at the sky. Memories of the missions they used to go on flicked through his head. ...I'm not gonna reminisce about something. Fine, I'll skip that part. After thinking about how he used to go eat with NIGHT after their outings, Yukiro let out a sigh and looked back down. Sheathing his sword on his back he turned and started back towards the Town of Beginnings. It was lucky enough that he'd remembered the way back. "Anything you feel like in particular?" he asked, looking over his shoulder as he walked, "Ramen? Maybe enchiladas or hamburgers?" @NIGHT
  10. Yukiro flinched a little as NIGHT brushed the bits of grass out of his hair, leaving only a shiny, light green splotch on his bangs. Slowly, the boy took NIGHT's hand and stood up. The reassurance she'd given him was nice; Yukiro felt like he really could start doing this again. "How'd you end up on the ground, anyway? I wasn't looking." Yuki's face instantly turned a little red. "Uh," he managed, "Nothing. Faulty system. Yeah, that." A small window appeared in his vision. He'd made a little col and gotten a decent about of exp. Glancing up at his level, Yukiro decided that he'd have to do a lot of things like this to catch up. He shook his head a bit and refocused. They had beaten the dragon. Now what? Yukiro had been gone so long he didn't know what to suggest. "Um... Thanks for all of the help here." ...If you don't know what to say or do next, ask her. It's been a long time since I've done this, okay!? "What, ah, what do you want to do now?" he asked. @NIGHT
  11. Yukiro turned a little red as Cordelia pointed out his poor timing. Despite his embarrassment, the change of topic was helping him feel better, if only slightly. Yukiro looked away, staring pointedly at the grass once again. "Amara Le. My name is Amara Le." The name pricked at the boy's mind. Something told him that he knew that name, but it was too vague for him to dwell on it. The fact that Corde-- that Amara trusted him with her name meant a lot to him. Yukiro nodded to the ground, not sure what to tell her. And yet, despite his insecurity, he slowly spoke. "...Thank you," he told her. A sudden feeling of guilt swept over him again. This time, it was the guilt of having left her, and everyone else. "I... I'm sorry... That I left like that. I just..." I just couldn't bear it all. "...I read the messages. All of them. I listened by the door whenever anybody came by. I secretly visited the places I had fond memories of..." The boy's dry eyes got a little wet again as he talked. Taking a deep breath, he looked at Cordelia with trembling eyes. "I missed you."
  12. The dragon's health had been shot surprisingly low. Had he done that? It was more than the boy thought he could do in one blow. But Yukiro could think about all that later. Right now, the dragon was latched onto NIGHT's blade. Yukiro started to run back towards NIGHT, brandishing his sword behind him and activating a familiar sword art. Naturally, that was when he tripped. Yukiro never found out what his foot caught on. Maybe it was a tangle of grass or a hidden rock. What he did know was that, all of a sudden, he'd gone from standing up to sliding across the ground on his face. The boy's legs pointed up at the air for the few moments that his body was in motion, grass stains turning his white bangs a mottled green. Finally his face stopped skidding along the ground, letting his body crash back down to earth with a prominent thud. Fortunately, nobody had time to think to much about his blunder, because the dragon was on top of him almost immediately, clawing at his back and trying to get through the player's cloak. Yukiro, after a few seconds of struggling, managed to throw the creature off his back and scamper away from it, dragging his sword behind him. He could only pray NIGHT didn't notice the fall. Or the green portion of his hair. That was reasonable, right? @NIGHT
  13. "You're at a loss, huh?" Yukiro asked, the tiniest bit more confidence coming into his voice, "I guess we'll have to start forcing each other to do things." The boy smiled a bit at the ground as he thought about the conversation they were having. Just talking as they walked to do something... Just like back then. "It's good to see you to--" SCREEEEEEEEEEE!!! A massively loud screech interrupted him. A green dragon about the size of a large crocodile had crawled up onto a large rock. Yukiro instinctively pulled his sword from his back and jumped forward, the thick, double-edged blade making a wonderfully familiar shing as it was drawn. He didn't think about it at the time, but it was relieving that Yukiro still had the basic skills he'd honed. It felt like he was given his identity back. The dragon's three HP bars rushed into existence as it and the boy charged each other, both roaring loudly with a controlled yet furious power filling their eyes. Time seemed to slow down as they got closer; two moments before the clash. One moment. Yukiro spun to the left, turning as he sidestepped the monster's rush. His momentum transferred down his arms and into the blade of his sword as he swung it down, cleaving right through the dragon's shoulder, into it's chest and curving out the same side as it rushed by him. He didn't see how much health it lost, focusing on not falling over as he skidded to a stop and turned back around. "End it, NIGHT!" he roared. It was the first time in over a month he'd hadn't sounded at least a little depressed. @NIGHT
  14. "..." Yukiro wasn't sure how to respond to Cordelia. He was at fault... He had to be, there was nobody else to blame. So why was he taking comfort in her words? For a long while Yukiro just laid there in the grass, saying nothing as one arm covered his closed, leaking eyes. Time seemed to move at a crawl, but he didn't even try to say anything until his eyes were tired and dry from crying. With trembling arms Yukiro pushed himself back up into a sitting position. He wasn't sad anymore. He just felt... empty. "It..." He paused. His throat felt dry. Talking hurt. But he forced himself to continue. "...I can't blame... anyone else. But... I'll try." He let out a shaky breath. His entire body was feeling dry and weak. He slowly looked over at Cordelia. "...Cordelia..." Yukiro turned his entire body to face her. He felt like he needed to do something. To tell her something important. He didn't know why it was important, but it was. He needed to tell her. "...My name..." he said, the first thing he'd said with even an ounce of confidence, "Is Kite Junichiro."
  15. Yukiro nearly flinched when Cordelia put the pieces together. He felt bad for not telling her, but he just also relieved that he wouldn't have to say what had happened. Instead, he just nodded to confirm what was suspected. "It wasn't your fault," he repeated in an empty, quiet voice. He opened his mouth to say something more, but nothing came out, so he closed it again. The boy let go of his legs, letting his upper body fall back into the grass. His sad, wet eyes stared up at the sky. Would Tala be happy seeing him like this, he wondered. Would she be proud of him for locking himself away, for avoiding everything he possibly could? He already knew the answer to that. Slowly, words started to come to him again. "I never learned the details. One day she was just... gone. Forever. We never got to say goodbye." Tears started to form in his eyes again. It should have been me, it should have been me, it should have been me...