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  1. Katoka

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    Katoka smiled at the thought of having her own potion shop, it would be fun to have a nice little building somewhere that had a cottage look and feel to it. "Yeah, I'd appreciate the patronage once I get situated." she turned back to the area again, "But now I think it's material huntin' time." Marching back to the wooded area she began her search around the trees closest to her. The shade was nice and cool compared to the heat of the sun, so taking refuge while on the search for things was the perfect idea. "Now, If I was a Tier one material where would I be hiding?" she asked aloud to herself as she got down on her hands and knees to crawl through the grass. Near the second tree the blonde spotted a grouping of mushrooms with something glowing amongst them. "Jackpot." she said inching towards them and picking one of the items. Gained: (1) Tier 1 Material
  2. Katoka

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    The blonde crouched down and stared out onto the water watching Vie as she continued her search, she remembered the first quest she had done collecting materials and making potions. "If I had to choose I think Alchemy. It was fun to brew up stuff during the first quest and I think it could be helpful to others." she nodded and stood back up. If she could be helpful not only in a fight, but with support items then it would please her. "It kind of reminds me of messing around in the garden with my family." she said sadly looking at the ground, "But enough about that, why did you pick your profession. Also... What is your profession?" While staying within ear shot Katoka took a few steps towards the water's edge and pulled out another glowing item to add to her growing collection, at this rate she would have a good amount to begin her new job when she started it.
  3. Katoka pouted and rubbed her head after being bonked, after Ruler smoothed out her hair the smaller blonde felt her cheeks flush. "I suppose you're right, I just wanted to hit something at least once." she sighed and followed her companion into town. "I suppose now that we've finished all the starter quests it's all interesting stuff from here on out huh?" she thought out loud as they entered the tavern. "W-Wait, you want me to what?! But I didn't do that at all!" she began to panic, "Can you lie to NPCs? Do they pick up on that sort of thing?" she thought as she looked back and forth from Ruler to the man in the tavern. Seeing her smile she sighed and approached the man, "Sir? The quest is complete and the wolves have been dealt with." she looked back at Ruler and gave her a smug smile. "I can't lie if I technically tell the truth." she thought to herself nodding.
  4. Katoka

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    "She was just concerned about the little guy that she's slightly scared of," Katoka giggled, "Don't worry your blue head about it." she shook her head at the offered mats, "Nah, I appreciate it though. As for my profession? I uh, haven't actually done that quest yet." she rubbed the back of her head and noticed a shining object out of the corner of her eye. "Oh! Goodies!" she ran over to the nearby bush and pulled out an object. Standing back up she walked back over to Chase, "Don't get too worked up bud, you didn't do anything wrong and there isn't much we can do either. Vie is Vie and she'll let us know is she needs us. That is unless she wants to play hard to get and drops us cryptic hints at things." Katoka lightly punched Chase again and laughed, "Let's find some more goods eh?" Gained: (1) Tier 1 Material
  5. Katoka pouted, "I suppose we can head back, but next time it won't be a draw." she laughed, "Come on you two, maybe we can take some time and relax once you both turn this quest in." she returned her sword to it's saya and turned back to town. Leading the two red heads back Katoka felt happy she could spend time with the two of them. Despite how frustrating it had been in the beginning to miss as often as she did, she still felt warm inside from the bonds they were forming. Once back at the blacksmith the two women turned in their quest and received their rewards. "Well, all in a days work I suppose. What do you say we grab something to eat before we jump right into the next lesson?" she patted Hisa and Vie on their heads. "Unless you'd rather keep going, I don't mind either way." she said before her stomach let out a loud rumble causing her to turn beat read. "Um, I may be a bit hungry." Rewards
  6. Katoka returned her katana to it's habaki and pouted, her cheeks were flush as Ruler rubbed her head. "You did all the work, I basically flailed about the battlefield." she sighed, "But I suppose a battle with no deaths is successful nonetheless." Her pride was more hurt than her actual self, though she nearly dropped to half health. "It was scary, but I had a good handle on my fear." she looked down to her hands that were shaking and curled them into fists. "You were really cool though, you killed all of them by yourself." she smiled and laughed, "I hope I was at least a good distraction. The boss was definitely after these succulent thighs, too bad I was too fast for it." she hopped around pretending to dodge enemies that weren't actually there. "I suppose we should head back to down and wrap this up? Unless you want to take a rest."
  7. Katoka watched Ruler impale the beast on her speak, she yanked the weapon from it's skull but it still somehow lived. Changing up her stance she rushed in with a different sword art charged and ready. Swinging at the creature, it managed to side step out of the way allowing her to strike at empty air. It once again tried to bite her with no avail, if she wasn't going to hit the wolf, there was no way she'd let it hit her back. She called out in a frustrated voice, "I can't hit the damn thing, just finish it off!" Thankfully the poison cloud had dispersed so she could breath normally and see better, not that she was excelling at hitting the monster before her. "What is wrong with me? Why can't I land I hit?" the samurai was beginning to let her failures get the best of her. "If I had done this alone, I would have..." Ruler | HP: 182/240 | EN: 12/24 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 18 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 3 Katoka | HP: 160/240 | EN: 20/24 | DMG: 8 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 2 | LD: 1 | BLD: 12 | REC: 2 Venom Snapper: 30/150 | DMG: 35(50) | EVA: 1 | Poison: 10 (9-10)
  8. Katoka watched as Ruler dance about the battlefield, she was graceful in a way that the small blonde felt she could never be. As the knight stabbed at creature it managed to avoid her thrust. Steadying herself and called back, "Got it, I'll be careful. Don't get hyper focused either, your HP is just as important." she charged in with another sword art. The beast managed to jump back causing her to miss her mark, it lunched forward in an attempt to bite her but the blonde managed to smoothly avoid the attack. Taking a few steps back she coughed at the poison cloud still surrounding her, "If I could just land a damn hit on this thing." she thought to herself as she watched the beast. Remembering her sensei's teaching she observed the battlefield in it's entirety in an attempt to find something, anything at all, to use to her advantage. Ruler | HP: 182/240 | EN: 11/24 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 18 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 3 | [Poisoned! 1/3] Katoka | HP: 160/240 -(10) | EN: 20/24 | DMG: 8 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 2 | LD: 1 | BLD: 12 | REC: 2 | [Poisoned! 1/3] Venom Snapper: 96/150 | DMG: 35(50) | EVA: 1 | Poison: 10 (9-10)
  9. Katoka stayed back as she watched Ruler jump into the fray, she managed to dispatch the Snapper's minions with no problem. While the boss monster took damage from her attack it didn't immediately die like it's companions, instead it let out a growl and opened it's mouth to let poison fill the area. The samurai coughed and saw her HP drop a good chunk, "This is the most damage I've ever taken." she thought to herself , she felt her stomach churn as her anxiety began to take over. "I-I'm fine!" she managed to call out between coughs. With a quick motion she drew her katana and charged in, her sword glowing as she readied her sword art. With the poison gas however it made it hard to see and she tripped on a nearby rock missing her attack. She did manage to tuck into a roll and pop back up onto her feet as the beast tried to attack the two of them, thankfully it missed. She turned back around, her cheeks flush with embarrassment. Ruler | HP: 192/240 | EN: 12/24 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 18 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 3 | [Poisoned! 1/3] Katoka | HP: 170/240 (-10) | EN: 22/24 | DMG: 8 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 2 | LD: 1 | BLD: 12 | REC: 2 | [Poisoned! 2/3] Venom Snapper: 96/150 | DMG: 35(50) | EVA: 1 | Poison: 10 (9-10)
  10. Katoka smiled a bit as Ruler took the lead, she was very protective and it made her feel at ease. The small blonde kept a hand on her sword as they walked, she hadn't had the opportunity to actually fight anything other than on floor one. Even when they were in the desert with Freyd he had done all the work with the sand shark. "I'm not that strong yet, but I'm getting there." she thought to herself as they neared the location of the attacks. The sides of the road were lined with multiple overturned carriages in various states of decay, the most recent looked to have at least two wheels left. "Do you want to head in first and I'll clean up whatever you don't one hit?" she asked as she matched her pace a bit, albeit with a bit of a jog since her legs were shorter than the taller blonde.
  11. Katoka

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    Watching Vie, Katoka realized that she looked worried. The red head had seemed upset that she had somehow caused Chase's familiar to lose it's scale, but the little pangolin seemed no worse for ware. Despite her clearly being afraid of the creature she was still so worried, it was cute really. Katoka let out a soft giggle and stood up brushing herself off. She wasn't having much success in finding materials, but maybe she could cheer up her friend instead. Picking a nearby flower the blonde samurai approached the girl and offered it to her. "No need to get too worked up, Blizz doesn't seem like he's hurt so i don't think it was your fault. Chase doesn't seem to either." she gave her a warm smile, "The fish in this pond wont catch themselves, why don't you see what you can reel in?" Katoka tucked the flower behind Vie's ear and walked back towards the area she had been searching previously in an attempt to hide her flushed cheeks. "Idiot, why did you do that." she mumbled under her breath. Upon reaching the tree she was previously in she found a glowing item on the ground, "There you are you sneaky thing..." Gained: (1) Tier 1 Material
  12. "You stole my kill!" Katoka laughed, riding the boar and kicking it to death was not what she had expected for sure. "I'll catch up in no time, don't you worry." she turned and made her way to another grouping of boars. Once again she collected herself and unleashed another aoe sword skill on the four unsuspecting boars. This time she hit her mark on all of them, sending bursts of polygons all around her. She returned her katana to it's home at her side and smiled, "I believe that puts me at seven now?" Out of the corner of her eye she catches the sight of Vie being attacked by her boar, her clothing being torn and it's tusk damaging her leg. "Vie! Do you need help?" she called out concerned. She didn't want to hop in and take over of she had things under control, however her hand gripped her sword in case she called for assistance. Katoka | HP:237/240 | EN:8/24 | DMG:8 | EVA:1 | ACC:2 | LD:1 | BLD:12 | REC:2
  13. Katoka laughed at her old friend, "Good thing I've got a nice pool of HP so even if I get quad teamed by these pigs I'll still come out on top." She re-assumed her stance and took a deep breath, clearing her mind like her sensei had taught her. The small samurai charged her sword skill again and barreled forwards into her enemies. She cut down three of her enemies but the fourth managed to avoid her at the last second causing her to trip on a small stone and stumble forward a bit. The boar took this opportunity to charge at the blonde but her training took effect and she dodged out of the way with ease, jumping into a back flip and landing behind the boar. "Well, that was better than last time." she announced as she backed up a few feet from her target. "I'm just getting warmed up, I'll catch up in no time." Katoka | HP:237/240 | EN:16/24 | DMG:8 | EVA:1 | ACC:2 | LD:1 | BLD:12 | REC:2
  14. Katoka

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    Katoka giggled and squatted down, patting the pangolin on the head, "I don't mind at all. I don't know why she's afraid of this cute guy." standing back up she smiled at the blue haired boy, "Also, I think that despite this being a game and all, our familiars do feel emotions in some degree. They may just be bits of code, but they're alive in their own way you know?" she turned and waved to him as she went back to hunting for materials. Her search however wasn't yielding much in the way of success at the pond, so she changed locations to an area near some trees. Rifling through some tall grass she only managed to find a few bugs, sticks, and pebbles. "Where the hell are all these materials!" she groaned as she sat down in front of a nearby tree and watched her companions as they fussed over the pangolin. Out of the corner of her eye she saw and glowing item next to her hand resting on the ground, "You have got to be kidding me." Gained: (1) Tier 1 Material
  15. Katoka downed the potion given to her by the man. "Well, I suppose we should head out huh?" she said checking her map location. "It doesn't seem to be that far outside of town, but it will be a bit of a walk." she checked her gear and nodded as she closed her game menu. Walking on the cobblestone path that leads out of town she turned to her fellow blonde, "So I don't know about you but I'm glad we aren't back in that desert. I feel like I keep finding sand in places even though I know it's not there." As the two walked through the town Katoka admired the buildings that filled the area. While they looked like they were thrown together with random stones found in the area of varying sizes and shapes, they still managed to look like complete buildings. "I wonder how the player houses are on this floor." she thought to herself.