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  1. Again and again her blade sank into the skin of Risque, doing virtually nothing if the affects of phase wouldn't proc. Assassin's blood was curdling. Nothing ticked her off more than this person, this monster. She wanted him gone. She wanted him to leave Nee-san alone. Suddenly, she was grabbed and thrown to the ground by her hair. As strands of her lost locks litter her face, Assassin watches the blade sting her chest slightly with every thrust into her body. There's no pain when even on the verge of dying. Curling in her vulnerable state, the orphan wants to reach and nail his foot to t
  2. With her arm ripped asunder, Assassin's eyes grew wide. The pain was non-existent. An entire arm removed from her body and it felt no worse than getting pinched. She turned just in time to watch her appendage flail against the ground and her dagger plink against stone. Nothing could have been worse than the words he spoke, though. Losing an arm was nowhere near as rage inducing has just hearing Risque's stupid voice. "'Pretend family'?" She repeated under her breath, scooping up her weapon. If there was one thing Assassin was good at, it was playing pretend. She would know if her love for
  3. Assassin moved to dodge the strike, unknowing that it wasn't even meant for her. Risque's blade had plunged straight for her sister. Nothing woke her senses more than that. Hidden fell to the floor falling victim of the venom of the snake that was his familiar. I quick blur rusted through the door in the moment, a massive leopard cub. "Ryou, fetch!" She called out as she herself rushed the man who dared fuck with her sister. Still assuming her guise of her sister at this point, Assassin's white clothing frolicked behind her. The darkened blade slashed through the back of her opposer. "If you t
  4. As the girls moved into the inn, Assassin just couldn't get the thoughts of her missing parental figures out of her mind. Something so deep was practically impossible for a child her age to have to deal with. Snow's hand found it's way to Assassin's shoulder and she asked if she would here for a moment. The orphan did so, likely so that the men wouldn't tease her the way they did. After a moment of waiting, Snow came back and told her that she snagged them two beds this time. Leading the way through the upstairs, the blonde Valkyrie pushed open the door and closed it when the both of the
  5. As the fight went on, the child felt the energy leaving her body, but she couldn't just allow herself to fall asleep in this situation. Hidden would hate her for that. Slowly, she would sit up, looking at the chains holding her down. Which ever one on her hands looked weaker, she would place bother feet against and push as hard as possible with her back against the wall. The moment it broke free, she would open her menu and pull out her teleportation crystal. "Floor Thirteen: Angel's Point!" She called out and with a whir of colors, she was gone from the battlefield. The iron clasps that
  6. Even the uplifting tone of Snow's response wouldn't change much of Assassin's tone. Watching the scene of mother and daughter had really gotten to her. The subtle reminder that she had nothing to look forward to in this death trap of a game. Why was she even trying to do any of this? Was it better that she just give up now? Snow would ask if she wanted to go a different place than they did last night and the child shook her head in response, still the dull drag in her voice. "I don't care, let's just go somewhere." The girl said quietly as she started to make way to the inn that they had
  7. Assassin smiled as Snow's hand rubbed across her head, a weird feeling to be sure and she wasn't totally sure how else to take it as anything other than praise. Soon, the group would start making their way back into town. The girl would call her Ah-sis. An odd play of words of her unwanted name. Though, she wasn't going to show that sort of weakness to anyone here so she just kept quiet. Assassin managed to keep herself quiet on most of the way back. She realized that once this walk was over and the day was done, at some point her and Snow would have to part ways. This little girl was bei
  8. Assassin struggled with the chains attaching her limbs to the wall. After several seconds of flailing and trying to break them, she resigned to the fact that she wasn't going to break free. Not only were they too durable, but she was too tired to even come close to getting them off. With her energy completely depleted, the child collapsed on the ground with a soft thud. Her rasped breathing could be heard between the song of singing steel. Witnessing the battle was difficult as she was continuously phasing between total awareness and her brain just completely shutting down, Assassin laid
  9. The girl rushed her and the child out of the cave as quickly as she could. It would be bad if one of those bats attacked her when Snow wasn't around to keep their attention. Thankfully though, they made it out with much resistance at all. Soon, the indicator of Snow's health not going down showed her that she was able to take it down. The younger girl had her suspicions "Sh-Shouldn't you have stayed to help her? We just left her alone in there." Assassin shook her head and looked the girl in the eyes. "If we'd have stayed there, we probably would have just gotten in her way more than anyt
  10. Assassin's body was starting to calm down enough to fall into slumber. With everything happening, the fatigue she felt was hardly noticeable. The moment that she was chained down to a wall and unable to move, she realized just how worn out she was. Just as she was about to drift off though, the sound of clashing steel and fighting woke her into alertness. "N-Nee-san?!" The girl said, sitting up slowly with blurred vision. She could barely lift herself up. "Nee-san, help me.. I'm strapped down and lost my dagger... I'm sorry, I got captured..." The girl apologized, tears starting to well i
  11. Assassin watched as tank-lady made her move to engage the enemy before it got ahold of the young girl it was chasing. Just in time too. As she connected an attack to the bat, Assassin moved past it and to the girl. "Don't worry, we're here to help you. Stay behind tank-lady and she'll make sure you don't get hurt." The dagger wielder said before turning to the combat happening behind her. After a deep breath, she threw her arms up to remove her cloak from her front side and assumed a fighting stance. The blood-red dagger sword art pierced the darkened cavern momentarily until it tore through t
  12. With the threat taken down, Assassin could relax a little. She would cover her cloak over her body to hide her weapon and walk with Snow. As much as she wanted to hurry this along, she wasn't really in the position to be leaving Snow's side. Hopefully they would be able to find this girl soon, before she was eaten by one of those giant bats. Just as the child was about to try and respond to her question, an ear piercing scream filled the cave. A young girls voice sounding as though she was in danger. "Tank-lady, we have to go fast! It sounds like she's in trouble!" Assassin said rushing a
  13. Assassin was unable to move for the entirety of the trip. The paralysis lasted so much longer than she thought it would. The moment she had the chance to break free she would. Though before she even had the chance to, they would get her into their hiding spot and toss her onto the floor. She groaned as she collided with the ground coughing as dirt entered her nostrils. Her eyes looked at the remaining time of the status. Before she had the time to react, the man would get her chained to the wall. The stun would wear and Assassin would snarl at the man before collecting all the saliva in h
  14. The shock of being slammed into a tree put Assassin into a daze. Sure there was no actual sense of pain in the game, but her vision was blurred and spinning. Thankfully, her attack sent the stallion packing back into forms of data. With that done, she could finally just relax. The girl dropped her head to the ground and just breathed. Until the massive two handed hammer collided with her back. "Kah-!" Assassin spit on contact. Her health bar slowly dropped into the yellow and she could see the status marking her stunned. Her vision was still blurry. As she was picked up from her prone sta
  15. Though the jungle was silent, the child's mind was not. Cluttered with thoughts and doubts beyond what her barely teenage mind could handle. An overload of things that she hardly understood herself pelted her skull like stones. The girl dropped on her hind-end, staring at the dirt. Focusing every single thought away so she could think clearly was becoming more and more difficult. Freyd was pushing her against a wall that she couldn't escape from. She wanted help, but she couldn't take it. Her hands held her head, shifting her hair from her face as tears fell between her legs. "I'm on
  16. "There's nothing you can do." Assassin says rather quickly in response to Freyd's plea. She stopped for a moment and looked back at him. "We are on good terms, and I value you as an ally, but what's happening now is something that only I can deal with. I need to prove something to myself." She wasn't lying entirely. The problems that she was having with Laughing Coffin were her own business, endangering other players and possibly getting one of them killed was something that she didn't want on her conscience. Hidden still didn't even know what was going on and she had zero plans of tellin
  17. With the situation under control, Assassin was finally able to calm down enough to think reasonably. The girl took a deep breath and adjusted her eyes to be less stab-happy. "I am young. People look at me and think that I need to be protected, that I should be coddled and treated like I can't do anything for myself. Before I started leveling up, so many people would treat me like a baby." She would quietly continue talking while beginning to walk back to the teleporter. "I'm not a baby. I've been training my speed for months in this stupid game. I've slowly been getting stronger thanks to Nee-
  18. The battle was drawing to a climax. Just as it seemed Nee-san was going to put an end it, the lightning horse was able to give her a rough kick right back into the water. The moment that it was able to breathe some fresh air from being surrounded, it looked like it was going to sprint off. Hidden called out to her younger sister, pressuring her to make sure that it didn't get away. If she didn't hit it, it would run. If she did, there's a chance she could get stunned. Panicked and on a short time limit, her body moved before it could think. A quick burst of speed assured her that she woul
  19. Taking a second to recover from the shock of the explosive lightning, Assassin picked herself up off the ground and dusted herself off. They were almost done, then finally they could go home and relax for once. Well, uh... hopefully. Tightening her grip on her dagger, she would make a slash at her target again. The red beam of light was just short of coming into contact with her enemy. "H-Hold still will you! I just want to activate the freeze!" The girl complained. "Gah! This weapon sucks so much. I miss Shadow's Infection!" It was clear that she was growing used to the paralytic venom t
  20. The inaccuracy of her attack annoyed her to no end. Assassin hated missing more than a lot of things. Watching Freyd struggle landing his hit on his target made it even worse. She needed to continue to get stronger even if it killed her. Freyd made a small, touching comment about how he knows what her worth is in this game. Something she wasn't entirely sure that she knew very well up to now. More things to annoy her. The Monkey King loomed over her. The last thing that annoyed her. "Get out of my way." The child growled angrily as her blade mocked the color of crimson blood. Wi
  21. In the dim light, the girl didn't have much time to react to the oncoming attack. She took the hit like a champ, noticing that it hardly tickled her. There wasn't really any pain to it anyways. Just a numbing tingle on the wounds. "I-I'm fine! Don't worry! Let's finish him off and get to helping this little girl, she's waiting on us right?" From in the darkness, Assassin skulked with her weapon hidden but ready. Her attack was cancelled on the last try because she attempted to use her sword art before her energy was enough to use that sword art. Still, the moment that her energy ticked ba
  22. Assassin sighed thankfully as Hidden confirmed that she was okay. There wasn't much reason for her to be worrying about her sister, though. She had a job she needed to do to help her out. Gripping the dagger in her hand and swapping it to and underhanded hold, she moved closer to the Taneuma. As she was making her move and her tagger was lighting up red like usual, lightning struck around the horse just in front of her. The girl screamed in shock and fell down on her butt, dropping her weapon right next to her. Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment when she realized the scream that she just let
  23. Assassin mulled over his word for a moment, taking it in. "My actions were fairly clear, I stabbed you." The child said in simple response, just wondering how he would react to her doubts. The boss was nearby, hopefully, so they didn't have to worry about it too much. Its not like she was very busy with much right now anyway, even though Hidden wouldn't wait for her to get stronger. "I'm not taking it on by myself, I just don't need anyone treating me like a baby. I'm smart, I'm fast and I can take care of myself." The view of the boss came into play, finally. Assassin was ready to jump r
  24. It was weird for her to be compared to Hidden now of all times. Up to now she had felt like she was already very much like her pseudo-guardian of an adoptive sister. Assassin made no outward reaction to his subtle tease for information but not because she was hiding any information or anything. "Nee-chan is someone I respect. She's had a rough time like me and she's just doing her best to get through it. I'm taking a page from that book." She says without making eye contact and instead looking up to her fancy new head-light. The child sneered. "That's the second time. Would you kill me th
  25. Assassin moved on the opposite side of the horse as her sister began facing it head on. Normally, getting on the hind-side of a horse wasn't a good idea lest you felt like getting bucked, but with the aggro mechanics working in their favor, Hidden was the one to get shoved off. As much as seeing her sister get hit pretty hard, she was somewhat relieved that it wasn't her. The frozen dagger in her hand was feeling useless at this point, but if she had brought Shadow's Infection, it would have been even more useless. The Taneuma was approaching it's final moments. Even with that fueling her
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