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Need help updating journal

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Hi there everyone

Back when I went inactive, it was the case that you only got 1 SP per thread regardless of length, I believe.

I'm not sure whether it's an issue with being unable to search using the search cooldown very effectively by me, or whether these threads have been archived somewhere, but I need some help.

I need to find these threads so I can check how my SP would have been rewarded for them, but am having a lot of trouble doing that myself for the above reasons.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided



Thristy? Hungry? Inn

Seeking the Beast on the Mountain

Calming the Soul

Earning a Living

Forever you and me

Birthday Party

Hello there

Search for the Hoya

Secret Medicine of the Forest

Material hunting is a bore

I'm new

First steps in the grassland

Long live the Dovahkiin

Where the grass grows greener

Going hard

Miss Identified

Training Session

Time to Level Up

Hi there!

Loney Loner

Learning the Ropes

Tired of Playing Nice

What did I see


Thinking of leaving

To Begin Again

KoTB Social


Death Game

Planning, Plotting, and Possibly Even Scheming



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Thanks, you've helped me out.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to sort subforum topics to topics I've posted in, it doesn't detect anything

I've managed to search out all the threads I myself have started, however, but I'm still missing quite a few links

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Sadly, sorting subforum topics to topics you've posted in doesn't work if they are archived. My suspect is that it performs a custom search in those cases and will look through your recent activity (which archived threads do not show up in) and display those results.

Do you happen to know which threads you are still missing and which floors those threads may have taken place? I could potentially help you out by manually looking through the list of threads. Knowing which floors they are on would be a huge help. @Ethereal

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