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  1. Battle Healing Disable Fades, Focused Howl/Parry/Switch Refreshed, Vengeful Riposte CD [2/3], Concentration [1/3] "That may be, but we are more than willing to learn." Raidou quipped before his attentions shift to Shield who held fast against its latest onslaught. It was getting huffy, it was goading them. But to what end? A flair in his retina and a check of the chamber he took in this moment of pause. Effective output 1490~1610 Assumed Equivalent over four groups, 5960 to 6440 Two Sword Art Cool Down Rotations: 11920 to 12880 for approximately two-thirds HP Total Effective: 17880 to 19320 Remaining?: 5960 to 6440 Energy Remains at ~81% The estimation was rough, some had missed a strike or two and he had hardly enough means to make an accurate estimation. But it was simply a choice made clear. He'd look to Shield and then his attentions sweep to the rest of the group. "Now is the time to enact what we planned. Can you hold him back for one more swing?" He asked Shield rhetorically, he already knew what the man would say here. He was a tank and would expect no difference in the answer. "I am going to establish just a bit more of its attention, But keep you at the helm Shield. Haine, attempt to break its chains. Cast Purify. Everyone else holds, prep for incase it fails. This is what draws the line between mice and men. The ability to think before moving in for a kill." And with that small word to his team, his voice enters a few more octaves and his lips a smile. "Six to Seven Thousand HP remains! If you own Purify, Use it! Heal up, and prepare yourselves. It may not work but we sure as hell need to try." He takes an eye to @Zajcica, @Ariel - The Crowned Lion, @Macradon and notices some to quite a bit of damage wrought on them as well. A harsh swallow in a semblance of worry, but the grin doesn't fade. Trust held his fears at bay. A single swat of his weapon draws his aura in red, a hallow gasps and his HP finds its way back full. His element found, he held fast and wished he could offer the same solidarity here. Basic Attack [x1] ID# 178572 results: Battle: 10, 6-100=1 Damage, Vampiric Offense Triggered! +280 HP recovered! [H:11] Shield | HP: 1985/1985 | EN: 164/176 | DMG: 2 | ACC: 5 | EVA: -1 | MIT: 260 | HB: 72 | VO: 180 | VD: 90 | LD: 8 | PRLYZ | DoT: -50%, 1 HIT, -25% AFTER | DoT: -27 | Dote: 3 | Oxidant | BURNS: -50% | TAUNT | THRNS: 30 | EN REGEN: 3 | RESTED [2/3] | BH: 114 | [KEEN] | [Parry: 0/2] [H:8] Raidou | HP: 1870/1870 | EN: 165/166 | DMG: 6 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 7 | MIT: 216 | VO: 280 | TAUNT | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: - 27 | LD: 8 | BH: 93 | EN REGEN: 3 | [BH Disabled: 1/2] | [Focused Howl: 1/2] | [Parry: 1/2] | [Vengeful Riposte: 1/3] | [Switch: 0/1] | [Concentration: 0/3] [H:3] Haine | HP: 1590/1590 | EN: 113/138 | DMG: 27 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 79 | HLY: 6 | BRN: 36 | VO: 159 | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | LD: 3 | BH: 79 | EN REGEN: 3 [H:5] Baldur | HP: 1650/1650 | EN: 131/144 | DMG: 28 | ACC: 8 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 64 | REC: 3 | BURNS: -50% | THRNS: 30 | Dote: 2 | BH: 82 | EN REGEN: 3 | KEEN: 1 | RESTED [1/3] [H:1] NIGHT | HP: 1790/1790 | EN: 166/173 | DMG: 26 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 94 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 72 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | ENV: 4 | PRLYZ | Oxidant | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | RESTED: 1/3 | BH: 104 | EN REGEN: 3 | [CONCENTRATION: 0/3] [H:2] Kiluia | HP: 1270/1270 | EN: 86/106 | DMG: 25 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 79 | BH: 63 | ABS ACC | REC: 3 | KEEN: 1 | BLD: 36 | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | Oxidant | LD: 3 | EN REGEN: 3
  2. Raidou

    [OP-F22-GUILD] A Possible Reckoning

    Unimpeded no longer, Uso Tsuki felled and chieftain saved. A flutter in red painted upon his back, a principle changed albeit slightly still racked his mind. A message that brought and bought the day to his early return. ChaseR, met only in passing and seemed the ample sort. Curious what the boy could have done to beckon such a response from Freyd. Numbers ran through his head and drawn through and placed to the pages of a black book. Uso-Tsuki Acts outside of combat until adds fall Negates Accuracy Benefits, Susceptible to Lullaby Damage <156 Scratched forever into the compendium, a small blue crystal palmed flashes and brings him to Coral. A brilliant red cloak sways, a weapon twists and finds its scabbard. A trivial task ended and recorded for others to benefit from his efforts. Moments later, through a wide array of faces who could not help but peel an eye to the figure in red. Was it his level, or that bright robe upon his back. An omen? Through the double doors and to his seat, the typical between the two staircases that rose to the next floor. In silence it is taken, a pair of lenses removed as was the robe. It finds its place upon the back of the chair he kept warm throughout the night. The glasses find some fabric in a bunch, pinched from his chest and used to polish. Finally, he speaks returning them to his brow. "Take this matter seriously Shiina. I apologize for the wait Freyd. Now let cooler heads prevail." His eyes scan the room to those that had made it, a demeanor that would be odd to most. Adamant and without falter, something was off. Raidou activates Justified Riposte, Concentration Raidou | HP:1730/1730 | EN:165/170 | DMG:18 | MIT:121 | EVA:4 | ACC:4 | BH:86
  3. Simplistic in their approach was a full party, let loose upon an entity that could do little in the way against them. A swell and an attempt to raise itself against the tides that were blazing to meet it. That swirl of red swelled and kindled drawing its ire in the form of imposed blindness. What was an eye seems to dilate and lose all semblance of focus. A narrow gateway of light that offered only Raidou's intense stare and frame through. Beneath the wake, the maelstrom of power imposed by the others of the group, reality slips away as they are erased from Hrym's world. Seemingly possessed, blind to all but the man in red. A heavy pillar rises and descends, the impact heard in a scatter of sediment. But when the dust clears, the only purchase made was against a weapon. The Ebon Star, unwavering and untouched. A successful parry. Raidou casts Howl, -8 EN +4 [2/1/1] Hatred. ID# 178426 results: MOB: 8+3-6=5, Missed vs. Raidou!
  4. A swell a tinge on the air, watching and waiting for things to take a turn for the worse. Everything was shored up and ready to move forward, the swordsman in red and a mass of others only met in passing. He knew them but only briefly, a face alone as was his usual. Bonds formed through a passage with words left unspoken. A flare of red peels from his frame, to those that were accustomed to the male it would not be unknown. But to the very same, something would feel off. A mix of blue amongst it twisting it from crimson to a tinge of violet. A different perspective is hidden in that fury. An insight changed upon ones fate, a glimmer in the rough that all may not be lost to the tides of tartarus. He was ready, but somewhere underneath it all he doubted his own mortality at the helm of this fight. Raidou Activates Vengeful Justified Riposte! Raidou | HP:1865/1865 | EN:165/170 | DMG:7 | MIT:191 | EVA:6 | VAMP OFF:279 | PARA:1 | LD:11 | BH:93 | Toxic Venom:24 | JUSTIFIED
  5. Focused Howl Refreshed! Utterly confused by what everyone was saying, he had no premeditation of what everyone was referring to. Although he may have quoted it, it was an enigma to him. Perhaps hearing it without knowing and having it stored, or great minds and all that jazz. "What?" Raidou offers rather plainly, a soft and emotionless deadpan shared to the party. A flick of the wrist offers Hel a backhand to an attempt through his guard. Even the boss found his words in bad taste, further alienating most of the entities in the room. He was a very effective tank, generating hate without using a skill at all. A flash of light as his bulwark held strong, he takes a step back as a black silhouette appears from the ether. Judgment That smile returns and with a spin of his blade, a single word muttered that causes the boss's attention to shift albeit slightly: "Checkmate."
  6. Raidou

    [PP - F6] Things We Lost in the Fire

    A second only in passing, hatred drawn a twisted amalgamation in kindling: the source. It twists and bends, Riker slinking past with a slide with barred teeth and a growl. Pivot on flank Raidou the same, it had simply failed to realize the blonde's presence. It opened like a clam shell, one heavy downward bisection had it flayed in two halves that scatter on the wind. Mix of blue amongst the orange, a glimmer on the ash. Gone but not forgotten, its hold upon this forest lingered on past its demise. "Efficient." Raidou offered at an attempt at boasting her ability, removing a black book and drawing to its pages a location. One more chore, one more absolution. If he could not prevent it he could at least contain it. The scar she had left in the soil would serve a landmark, perhaps giving him direction once the place had taken regrowth. Now it was only a matter of when.
  7. Vengeful Riposte CD [1/3], Parry CD [1/2], Focused Howl CD [1/2], BH Disable [1/2] Spinning his weapon up in a shower of energy, the lights from the parries casting the darkness to light. The pillar fragment blessing scatters with each concussive blow. With it a redirection into the dust and soil, and one redirection leaves a battered ribcage. A visible punch through its bone, showing a small line beneath its massive frame. A success. "Preach and pull to cause dismay and turmoil" The wanderer began to peel words in a cadence, finding it disgusting that this thing would attempt to demoralize them. For what had it purchased with words spoken in the chamber of his mind. A threat with no ground made, spoken against warriors battle tempered through ages. None of which would fall for such a phrase. "A word uttered in the wisdom of all' Which each flicker in his mind the idiom did well to silence it. Cutting it from his head like a scalpel, a surgical removal. His memory, his age held fast against the tide and wave. Visions of his friends and those he held dear, wash clean the words spoken erasing his fear. "False words, a flop and compel only roil" The red film that covers his frame, tinges that much darker and asserts his claim. A spin of the Ebon Star a weapon forged anew. A line is drawn and an attack would come that would be right on cue. His weapon raised and ready to play, an end to this torment a light this dismay. "Save a wasted breath fool, keep a stance tall" A taunt that came with the pressing miasma blending and burn, a white in Orgoth's eyes caused its stomach to churn. A mental lock: a vice, an anchor. On its back a whole team, a blade, a flanker. Attentions drawn, pulled asunder and peeled away. No harm will befall another in this fray. "Start that enclose your villainy you snake" Drawn ire and hatred to fret upon this stage. A step in the right direction, to free them from this cage. A foot fall and a slide of the foot, a shift. A flicker in his eyes held fast, his blade a lift. "Take heed you misstep your bounds and succumb" His element found, the weapon drawn and a choice made. That very same stagnant air encased him and held him, a fear long dead. His fury unearthed and pressed to a point. Laid to rest in a grave ever so softly, it held no ground here that dread. "Find blade, cleaver, or point. Tear bend and break" It dared to recite such a decree to them? A look to the chamber as all held fast against its onslaught as an army of colors played about the place. A high pitched whirr beneath it all, clipping sizeable portions with each drop of magnificence. A Single grounded punch from Tesseleth. One Shredding blow from Onimaru. following a Break of chains from Zanshin. Demise Swelled While Jack danced and Pride echoed "pitched by us you squander, black fickle scum" That same failure to which they were underestimated. Half lost to never return the plan ushered forth as intended. The specter that held Orgoth's frame had done them a disservice. It wouldn't be long now, and perhaps the had already the upper hand. "Be known your words are wasted on deaf ear" His chant found gravity and solidarity, steeling him against that which assaults his mind as a failure against his body the same. A mental reflection, a parry. Stalwart in his stance, in order: a reversal. One more step, that which binds broken and paid and cast to another. "Try and try your might at failed slavery" A threat with a swell upon a sword bestowed, in violent red hue it screams. Visible to all but important to one, a manifest of his will. It would not deal in the same as those around him. But what it held was an ideal, a proof and a confirmation. "By and By it beckons, teaching you fear" The light upon his weapon blinds out some of the light around it, the high pitch whine distorting and becoming grimace. A same glow casting a shadow upon his face, its crimson color held in his lenses. A tussle of his lenses with an off hand, he was being honest more than boastful. "For yet to see this brand of bravery" Looking to the array of faces that were not paying him any mind. This was not for them, but for his own stance. His defense and his hold upon the ground at which he walked. A path that had lead him here, a journey to which winding road found reason to fork here. "Hold fast vicious creatin I knew thee well" That swelled drawing essence in intensity like blood, matching the tapestry on his shoulders. A birth that gained tenacity with this cadence. It began to become blinding, his spirit offering to the blade in a cycle. The red wanderer found his place. "Raise thy darkness, I will see you in hell" A vile bark and a drop of the hammer, the damage wrought seems to bleed from the ground from which it was made. The hunger in a deep breath, into the fibers of a robe with an owner or two. With a revelation and an inhale, vitality restored and with it a smile through mirrored eye. Basic Attack [x1], Switch {Shield} CD [0/1], Concentration CD [0/3] ID# 177758 results: Battle: 10, 3-100=1 DMG to Orgoth, Vampiric Offensive triggered +280 HP recovered
  8. Raidou

    [F1 -PP] Leveling Up [TFFLAF]

    Pulling out a linen sack, twisting it in his clutches and dropping what he had obtained into it. "Me? I didn't gather really any. You however." Raidou quipped as he dropped his gains into the bag, pulling it shut and tossing it to the girl. A step as another notification went off on his HUD. It was always his intention the moment he met the girl. "Try not to steal, work for what you need and keep that cursor of yours green. You know my name and that will be more than enough to find me should you need it." He had other matters at which to attend, and it was now on to Foto's next leg of her journey. He had not the time to spare to pull her through it all, but at the very least his lessons imparted helped ease his conscious. Opening his menu to read the message, from ChaseR no less. Seems he was needed elsewhere. Raidou hands Foto: 22*T1 Materials
  9. Getting the sense of combat in how the boss had just restored all of its health and before the blink of an eye it was already down to half again. A slight tinge of pleasure took to the fore front of his mind. Flipping his steel over and ripping it up, he takes a hand to his brow. A brilliant flash of light that seemed impossible, as two spheres turn to a flash bang. Raidou speaks "Tried so hard and came so far but in the end, it doesn't even matter." the tussle of his glasses fades to show his face, and upon it a smile. Hel was losing, and she may not even know it. Raidou activates Vengeful Riposte, -5 EN Hel Swirled and swiveled, reeling from the blows paid to it. Her black ichor that peeled forth from her wounds, hid the network exposed beneath it. A simple trick to prove her immortality. But she languished and falters in a way which proves it. Hel takes no action, Stunned fades and is replaced with Stun Immunity [0/3]
  10. Raidou

    Aquan's Evaluation Thread

    Approved enjoy owo
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    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Approved (15 remain until 12/10/20)
  12. Raidou

    [F21-SP] The Thunder Rolls....

    PH tiff Scratching themselves into the monument as life ceases to exist: Foben Senri Alrathi Fusei Hali a.tiff
  13. Raidou

    [F21-SP] The Thunder Rolls....

    A commander among them, a large male with a heavy looking battle axe. While the rest seem to suffer on morale he does not, having slain multiple without a care when they would not fold and give in what was desired. Instead of their coin a life taken, to which a comparison could not be drawn. Material worth was a small pittance in comparison to life, but this group of bestial bipods it was acceptable to make that trade. Drawing the massive cleaver, off to one side as it trickles in an amber hue. His intentions clear. The wanderer flips his grip and extends his left arm, his glare ablaze with an unwavering and cardinal tempered spirit. A sharp inhale in distortion and a soft exhale the same. A rush forward with all the damage he could muster, Ardun went for blood with his guillotine. It connects but with the wanderer's steel. The resulting crash blinds them both, as the player killer is driven into the ground. A riposte. The black sludge that composed his frame crunches and latches the floor beneath him. It produces as spring as it forces him upward, a tinge of static akin the king at which chamber he stood. Driven through the player's abdomen with a paralyzing scream, every fiber of his muscles ripping against him. Within an instant, he was gone. Scratching themselves into the monument as life ceases to exist: Ardun
  14. Raidou

    [F21-SP] The Thunder Rolls....

    A feisty woman with a jaded purple lock, with an accent in red taking line on one side. All of these feigned people that like to pretend, like they were still human. The wanderer found it sickening, unfit that these things could live where others had fallen. It was as if the stroke that removed them, was from these...creatures. She barks some loose language to the others, some sort of leader among them, before rushing at him with a pole arm. A single slice twists her around, and a kindled hand runs through her stomach. A scream, her beloved from the look of it. Rushing with a lack of care, regrets stunk on him like a perfume. A mistake, he learned too late. A single swipe at the wanderer is caught in his web, drug in as he jerks and rampages helplessly. "For nothing, a life taken. A fire burned out too early, a glimmer gone and a lantern sank. How many more will suffer?" slithered out of his maw, it came across rough and condemning. "w-Why?" "Why?" "Why US!?" Intrigued a question brought forth as if there was something to teach, a paraded miasma draws the light from his eyes for all but the wanderer. "Why them? Why are you here? If you cannot answer. You had every chance, and you made the wrong one. I will do you a service." releasing the woman still clinging to her last, Juiblex already consuming what was left. "I can take away the pain. So simple. It's more than I expect you've ever offered." The attack that comes after shakes the chamber. Scratching themselves into the monument as life ceases to exist: Bigron Chia
  15. Raidou

    [F21-SP] The Thunder Rolls....

    Like needles from his form, ghastly and grim a man at his wits end trapped in his own anger. A time to leave a teleport crystal, a mistake. Now he was looking upon an army that wanted his hide. A seething fire burned brightly in his chest, wishing that before long they would retreat. But he was losing himself, drunk on his unleashed capability. At the very least, a silent pleasure in dealing with this problem now before it was worse later. These were traitors No longer men but animals Remorse had no place here, and as three quickly fell to two. Two one. And to nothing. Blade finds purchase through a blonde male, then torn off to one side. A spray in red that cleaves him in two, Sprint triggering and carrying with it his upper half. It shatters leaving a clattering dagger in its wake, before an arm of the next. Clutching through wide dilated eye, the brunette with a bright red bandana. Now disarmed. With fear, a girl with blue hair decks The red wanderer's shape, a flaming green fist that becomes trapped in his molasses like skin. It sucks her in closer, cables running her through and tearing her asunder. It was gruesome, the amber army didn't know how to respond. Some had taken a step back before others would chastise them. "Its just one guy!" Scratching themselves into the monument as life ceases to exist: Drandoor Guvil Nachi