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  1. As he approaches the wolves they perk up and begin to mirror his gains, the patter of padded feet tap upon the packed dust. Drawing free his tanking blade, the black star in a cool silver grey that reflects the moonlight above it as its torn free he shifts the blade up. They snarl in response as the gap between them closes, Raidou just as prepared as before steels himself for the incoming bloodlust. Placeholder
  2. Eventually, after speaking with the NPC quest giver, Kasumi shows up in tow. Raidou explains further the specifics "There is 4 total, 3 standard wolves and a single alpha. The leader needs to be destroyed first and foremost and that lies to you. You are not allowed to strike the others until the main one falls, move in on the flank and strike when there is an opening. This is the task you are required to undertake to continue your progression with Firm Anima, the hesitation ends here. I cannot have you risk your life and the lives of those around you when the situation is dire. Fail to act but one time and your journey ends. Strike fast and clean without pause, and prove you can stand with the others." he speaks firmly, in a required tone. This difficulty she had needed to stop if she ever hoped of not becoming a liability when creatures became less forgiving to such issues. With the ground rules set, Raidou begins into the clearing.
  3. A simple point to Gatsby with no words spoken, for he could not accept the quest she had to undertake for her as he had already completed it. A shift of his menus as he redirects some of it to the forefront into segments with planning. A scratch upon the paper removes Kasumi from the list of awaiting members as her exam was about to begin. Adjusting the glasses on his nose as he targets his kin, sending her a party invite in haste as he begins to trail away as she should have no trouble keeping up with him after speaking to the NPC as required of her. A slide into the canopy he proceeds on toward the clearing that the wolves had taken fancy to, although he had not a marker to show him where to head he had a concrete memory of its location from repeated travel to and from.
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  5. The young songstress seemed to operate well enough despite a little turbulence in the exam she would prove to be capable enough to do what was required of her. This left the most recent addition left for a test, Sam was striving forward but before he could allow her into a more lethal activity he needed to be sure she was ready. Dusting his hands free of the sediment that had taken hold in the lines drawn upon his palms, a couple more units of plant matter applied into his satchel as a way to spend time without a waste waiting for the wolves to resupply. Simple enough in a path he had taken quite a number of times prior, he beats feet back to Gatsby to undertake the last for now rendition of the venomous warg. A fired line of communication to Sam, rolling on midnight the moonlight was wearing thin. A flutter of his red robe held close to his neck in a bitter chill he leaves the treeline, finding a place to stand in yellow luminosity in the dangling lantern light. Adjusting the glasses on his face, steeling himself against pressing fatigue.
  6. After a rather unorthodox entry into the guild, Gaius had been 'dealt with' and despite his anger he would prove a valuable asset if focused properly. The nomad could sense a sign of overwhelming courage from the guy despite his aggressive tendencies. 11:30 pm, some time saved on this last one as he treks back to Gatsby after a moment of pause in the forest, allowing the creatures to replenish before the next message was sent. This one was to Shiina, the rather obscure and strange little girl that knew him but he could not place how. It was a minute point, however, as now they were in this ordeal together, if she had the ability to proceed forward with the rest of the pack. A transposed message fires off to the girl as Raidou lives in the low light, a dangling lantern projecting a yellow glow along the stone.
  7. Wealth was hardly an issue with enough diligence, Raidou was familiar with a song and dance that kept him fed. Turns out the system had a cycle to which was recurring, a chain to take to convert the chaff to coin to fuel the coffers with no waste as possible. Raidou has to lunge for his rod as a heavy tear at his heel alerts him to a catch in it. Grabbing onto it with his right, Raidou shifts about and begins to fight while prone. This was the second instance of a large fish taking the reel when it was dormant, he really should stop leaving it unattended but if it broke free he wouldn't be too heartbroken by it. Plopping the mass of silver scales to the ground, a wipe of his brow Raidou picks up his book with a quick swipe of his hand "Now where was I?" ID# 151561 results: Craft: 10 3*T3 Materials Obtained Total T3 Materials: 61
  8. A second of pause in activity allows another catalog of this newfound hole in his data, placing the pole down and using a foot to press it down and keeping a potential tug from ripping it into the water immediately if something decided to take a bite. Into his pocket, he reaches and clutches a blackened book of darkened leather wrapping the size of a small composition book. Turning through to a blank page, Raidou transcribes the offering for further theory and inspection as Shield so graciously offers the advice. "Noted, I had not thought that such effects would have a mechanical benefit." Raidou spoke in honesty while Shield was working away at the lake, being rudely interrupted by a massive lugger that just couldn't let the hook through. "Figures." he commented, a pen in his hand as he kept an eye peeled just in case the fishing apparatus decided to take a swim. ID# 151559 results: Craft: 5 1*T3 Materials Obtained Total T3 Materials: 58
  9. To another drawn line as Raidou recoils at a sudden built tension, clutching the string with his free hand and dragging it free as the weight was not difficult to unearth. With a splash, another small crab lay dangling latched to the bottle with both claws and dangling legs flailing about in the air. "I wonder if its the material, perhaps the shine is drawing them in." Raidou was curious about it as his reasoning was throwing darts in the dark at the reason, but it was little more than speculation. Shield commented on his basement, a component of his house perhaps? "Basement?" Raidou prodded in a query as it was the first time the subject had been brought to his attention. He had performed expansion of the guild hall to supremes but the finer details had slipped his mind, which notably hardly allowed such an effect to transpire as it was like a record. ID# 151557 results: Craft: 6 1*T3 Materials Obtained Total T3 Materials: 57
  10. In a field of green plants, Raidou was sure that Simmone could run the final steps without him and turn in her quest, half an hour was more than sufficent and she had earned her rest. His gear was still prepared for the task and his fatigue seemed staved off enough to proceed according to plan. Leaving the canopy as he began to transpose the message to Gaius, the hyper aggro barbarian of the bunch. He was subtly dreading this moment, but it was his job to confirm the state they were in and prove true if they were prepared enough or not to attempt more difficult renditions of questing. Gatsby still seemed completely unaware of his presence as he sends off the message to the man. Then adjusting his glasses to his nose as he waited for the worst, it was going to be a long and very interesting night.
  11. Understanding the confusion as his head could not wrap completely around how this day had been headed, it was a roller coaster of ups and downs that had no pattern. A hope in better aspect seemed to sour the results, methods ever changing and small bottom dwellers made the objective difficult. This was substantiated with another hooking, the weight shown instantly that it was no container. A pulled free itty bitty crab like the others, latched on to the side of the glass he was using as a makeshift weight. "Better yes, optimal no." Raidou remarked as he shook the bottle, causing the crustacean to fall and die from the impact with a soft jiggle. A quick overhanded toss allowed the bottle to carry the anchor quickly back to the desired location, as it seemed this was more of a battle of numbers and less of routine. But a definitive way to confirm it seemed ever elusive. ID# 151554 results: Craft: 6 1*T3 Materials Obtained Total T3 Materials: 56
  12. The smith had done fine, a bit of trouble but nothing too drastic Raidou thought as his hands shifted about in the sea of green that he was making fair use of betwixt the examination of the guild's members. A sufficent expenditure of time should have allowed the pack to regrow by now, to this end the nomad sends a message to Simmone. It was now rounding 11 pm but there was still time to spend reaffirming his beliefs and instilling his motives into the bunch. It was late but time awaits no man to be prepared, so by being malleable and always ready, you are never caught off guard. This very lesson showed upon the clock, as who knew when disaster would strike and call them to action in the middle of the night. An adjust of his glasses and a perusal of the remaining, checking his gear and waiting patiently, the budding guild master waits for the black lotus to arrive.
  13. Kasumi's finished respectively with little issue it was on to the next in sequence, Griswold was the followed name on the list. It did not take too awful long before the spawns would return, a half an hour passes by in the blink of an eye with a bit of routine. The act of gathering materials had a way of causing the hands of a clock to turn that much faster. A quick and decisive message to the large man known as the guild's smith. Brawn was not everything, and hopefully, Griswold had a more refined set of skills than simply impact. It's off to the wind with a click of send from his display, as Raidou reapproaches the NPC designated for this quest in particular. Once the man arrived the specific ruleset would be defined, for a continued trip along his and the other's journey. Now was not the time for games, this was now a reality and it held no place for those that were not prepared.
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  15. Eruda's test had gone well, the girl left to her own devices to handle her own wrap up with Gatsby to which Raidou takes to the canopy to kill time to the next spawn. A transposed message which reads as follows: Simple and quick, Raidou deposits the couple herbs he managed in the time between. A still young night with his HUD reading back 9:37 pm. This meant he had plenty of time before the sunrise to finish the placement exams as long as he did not dally, the same extended to those who were being tried. This message was composed and sent to his kin, the cousin that had decided to come in here after him. But now it was she that would be sought and examined, to prove if she was capable of what was required for her to do. As a mirror to Setsuna, she would be expected the same if she were to succeed. A few passing moments break the canopy to Gatsby, the grizzled looking NPC down on his ever persisting luck. A shame really he would never have closure as its required of him to always require aid. He doesn't quite acknowledge the swordsman in red, for his task had been already completed prior. Standing at the crossroad where the NPC took residence he awaits the girl with orange hair, to lay her issues to rest once and for all or be left in his wake.