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  1. Sunetra and I continued to search for materials with them pouncing on rocks and seeing if there was ore inside. Eventually, I found a handful more and stopped looking across the caverns at Neo’s fight. She had taken the goblin down but then backed off. I wonder if everything is all right. I know she doesn’t need my help with fighting, but is something else going on. Shaking my head, I turned back to follow Sunetra. I’m not sure I know her well enough for her to share if something major was going on. I’ll just wait until she rests again and maybe ask her if she’s okay. Yeah that’s probably the best way to approach it. Maybe she’s just pushing herself too hard to find these weapons. Shrugging to myself I kicked at some rocks and continued in my circuit around the cavern. Hopefully she doesn’t push herself so far that she gets hurt. There’s not much I can do against these goblins. Gathering Roll: @Neopolitan (I'm so sorry, I thought I finished this post on Thursday. :/)
  2. Glancing up at Neo across the cavern, I noticed her finishing off another goblin. I wonder if she’ll want to rest again and go for another round after her energy runs out this time. I know she’s looking for something from them. I could tell she was a little frustrated. Shrugging, I continued to watch Sunetra play with the various rocks while keeping my eye out for good pieces to use for smithing. Sunetra flared up green at one point as they burned through a rock and I laughed. Crouching down I began to toss small rocks through them to see if they’d make any other colors. After the third or fourth they put their ears down in annoyance and gave me a look. “Okay, okay, I’ll stop. It’s pretty neat when you change colors though.” They looked at me with their head quirked to the side and put their paw on another rock letting it change them green. When I laughed they pounced on it, and I just shook my head standing back up and continued my search. Gathering Roll: @Neopolitan
  3. “Oh yeah, no problem. Kirbs I’ll stun it and you go for the kill.” I darted forward, activating my Sword Art, quickly slamming my fists into the weak points indicated by the Art to get the Nepent to Stun the Nepent for the moment. This should be easy. Those other Nepents were nothing and I know Kirbs can finish this one off. Hopefully, we’ll get the drop we need and be done with this quest. As I went to hit the last spot, it rushed passed me and I just missed the last mark. I saw it lunging for Ptolemy and could not do anything about it. Oh no! I mean I know I made his gear, but this is a true test of my skill. I hope it holds up and this thing doesn’t wreck him. Kirbs can still finish it off though, and I’m sure he can take at least one hit. Combat Results: @Kirbs
  4. Finally, I sat up as I received the message from Neo about leaving the materials near to her. I shrugged, and as I left the field of wildflowers stopped to pick a few. As I made my way back to her spot on the lake I managed to forage up quite a bit. I found some mushrooms a little further in the woods, some good strong sticks for the hafts of weapons, and some good ore just lying around on the ground waiting to be picked up. I put my hands in my pockets merrily whistling to myself as I made my way down the path with Sunetra walking next to me, her flames singing a lot of the plants along the way. As we reached Neo, I added my materials to the pile and wordlessly offered her a few of the wildflowers I had picked with a big grin on my face. Gathering Roll: @Neopolitan
  5. As I crept back towards Neo, I saw the same group pass her and drew in my breath waiting. If they all attacked her at once she might be in trouble and I wouldn’t be much help. Luckily they passed without incident as she struck the goblin in front of her again and distracted him. Sighing in relief Sunetra and I wandered back closer to where she was Sunetra once again playing joyfully with no real idea of the threat that just passed over the two of us. I picked through their toys and found some more good gems and ores and put them in my inventory. After that I watched them play for a few moments before reaching down and grabbing a rock and throwing it for them. They scampered off after it and I, chuckling under my breath, followed them. Just not a care in the world other than what is right in front of them. Gathering Roll: @Neopolitan
  6. Walking along, humming to myself with Sunetra by my side I kept an eye out for more good tailoring materials. At least along this part of the path, all I saw was a bunch of trees without anything else very promising. I wonder if this quest makes it harder to find materials. Usually I’d just walk out and stumble over 5 materials that I needed almost immediately but today I’ve been struggling to even find the materials I need. Ah well, I guess it doesn’t matter. I’ve got to do it either way if I want to switch professions, so I’m stuck out here until I find the required materials anyway. Harder, easier, makes no difference if it has to be done. “See anything promising, little one?” I asked Sunetra. They just meowed at me and we kept walking going deeper into the forest proper searching for more cotton or jute plants. Gathering Roll:
  7. Walking a little further on, Sunetra and I finally found some materials for tailoring in the form of some wild cotton plants. Finally, maybe if I get lucky a few more times I can get on with this quest already! I am ready to get back to working in my shop. It is the most restful time of my day and it feels odd to not have it in my daily routine lately. Continuing on deeper into the forest, I kept my eye out for more cotton or flax plants to collect materials from. This is certainly different than collecting ore, and a bit lighter if I may say so. Not as much fun though as Sunetra melting through rocks to find it though. Chuckling to myself, I started humming as I went down the trail, trying to keep myself entertained as I searched for the required materials I needed for this new profession. Gathering Roll:
  8. As I continued walking it occurred to me that I'd have to modify my business quite a bit to make it work. My house is on floor nine which is filled with soot and ash. Not exactly a great place for clothes. But if I could design all of my clothes to be multi-functional, i.e. keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, and then had a place that was kept cool, relatively, somehow so my shoppers could shop in peace. OH! And the lava would probably help dry out materials to make the cloth and armor. Which I guess if you get technical you don't have to refine the process so much but it feels more natural that way. As I was walking down the trail I kept an eye out for materials to gather and for the moment saw nothing. Not having much luck with getting materials so far today though, am I? Gathering Roll:
  9. As I reached the edge of the Town I began immediately to look around for materials to gather up. I saw some boars and wolves in the distance. No monsters here on Floor One would give me pause, but I wasn’t sure where to find things for tailoring. I started towards the forest whistling a tune merrily to myself but at least at first glance I didn’t find anything. Letting Sunetra down I warned them “Don’t burn down the forest, now.” They meowed up at me and trotted alongside me happily. I just wandered along into the forest and kept whistling along enjoying the smaller animals scampering through the underbrush and the birds singing in the trees. This isn’t such a bad day to be out gathering is it? Hopefully it won’t take long and I can go back and make something for Rufus and get back to my business. Gathering Roll:
  10. Maybe if I got them a bunch of steel balls and play things? Or maybe if I caught some other fire creatures for them to hunt? I’m just not sure what would be fun for them. Sunetra pounced on a large pile of rocks half melting into them and just revealing more stone. As we continued, though I kept an eye on Neo, I ranged a little farther hoping to find good materials to bring back. They still scampered around me pouncing on rocks and meowing occasionally. Suddenly we both stopped as we heard another sound. Very quickly, we ducked behind a rock and Sunetra dimmed their light down and some goblins walked by just minding their own business. Maybe I better head back, I might be getting to the edge of the caverns. Slowly, without alerting the goblins I crept back the way I came towards Neo and her safety. Gathering Roll: @Neopolitan
  11. I walked into Rufus’ Tailoring shop in the Town of Beginnings with a smile. I had gotten a lot of questions about light armor and making other things for people lately so I thought I would look into tailoring as a profession to augment my smithing. As I went up to accept the quest, it warned me that I could only have one profession. This I will have to consider. It seems like there are quite a few more blacksmiths around and only a couple of tailors. I tapped my chin while thinking about it some more. All that beautiful lava and heat will go to waste, but I might just get more business than I have been getting. Yeah, okay I’ll giving tailoring a try. I accepted the quest and Rufus told me the first part was going out and gathering some materials. Laughing a little bit I headed towards the gates of the Town of Beginnings. This part I was used to. Quest Objectives: Quest Requirements: Quest Rewards: Wearing: