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  1. Heathcliff pushed open the door to the meeting room. He was not clad in his heavy armor, but instead he wore his long red coat over his casual blacks. The coat was buttoned up to check neck, and he strode into the room like he owned the place... which he technically did. Already there were this two commanders, Macradon and Hirru. The Paladin walked over and sat down at his seat at the head of the table before he looked out over the others. It appeared a rag tag sort of group they had, but that was the nature of the front. An ebb and flow of the powerful. It seems the stress of remaining on the front could often overwhelm people's psyche, and they had to take a step back for a while before they could push forward. "Thank you all for coming here." He took a moment to look straight at everyone who had come. There was a girl here he wasn't terribly familiar with, but he was always happy to see a new face, and his eyes showed it. "I am pleased that we have finally found the next floor boss room. As we are on a new tier, I would ask that everyone have a bit more care than usual this time around." The commander turned to look at Hirru and Macradon again and gave them each a nod, letting them know that they could feel free to continue and take over whenever they felt like it as he rested his hand on the table and did his best to measure the capability of the group before him and those they represented.
  2. Heathcliff

    [F3- Event Boss] Asterios- The Bull King

    Seems that near death experience didn't disheartened the members from the commander's team. Though it seemed to make then wiser, by a bit. He would see the ninja boy wannabe going after targets that are more manageable for him. He also spotted a small, what he assumed to be teleport crystal, in the blonde dps' hand before she resumed her attack. The remaining of the team doing what they were assigned to, namely draw aggro and heal whoever was in need; which was exactly what the pair did. It was at this time that he noticed the reinforcements that arrived and quickly getting a grasp of the situation, assigning themselves inside the different teams. "This is starting to look more like a floor raid." muttered the red and white clad knight, a glimpse of a smile creeping on his expression. He raised his shield to hide his satisfaction with the situation and unsheathed his weapon from the unique sheath. He was preparing to attack alongside the group when he noticed that one of the members of his guild had been badly injured by the bull. Mentally clicking his tongue, the commander pointed the slender one handed sword towards @Mack and shouted a stoic expression, his usual commanding tone booming across the battlefield: "Stand back and recover! If anyone can help heal him quicker, it would be greatly appreciated." And with that, he reached towards one of his pouches and produced a healing crystal that he used on his vice-commander. Then he went and attacked the bull head on with a sword art that is simple, yet powerful to rival a dps.
  3. After his last attack the flying floor boss' health continued to drop by the hands of the other front liners, he made a mental note to remember their faces and ask around about them for future plans and maybe engage in some recruitment efforts. But the commander let such thoughts in the back of his mind as his group once again charged at its oversized opponent and he wasn't about to stand by and let some other team get the glory of slaying the beast. He followed the team strategist's urge to attack and did so, noticing that all his party members have acted in the same manner. But regrettably, as the fellow tank, he missed his target and his sword slashed the air pocket left below the moth. Gritting his teeth, the man beneath the commander persona mused for a second, the idea of manipulating the mob's hp so that it would appear that he killed it. But as quickly dismissed the concept as it would be a huge risk that he would be found out way too early in the game. He vented his frustration with a powerful horizontal swing of his weapon, to his right side before returning it to its sheath and raising his shield.
  4. After being the first to arrive to the scene, the commander simply nodded to Baldur's casual greeting as he also directed his attention towards the boss room entrance. Then one after another, the rest of the so called front liners would gather around them and start preparing for the fight. A significant number of members from his guild had joined and were grouped with him. He let out a confident smile and adressed a few encouraging words towards his team: 'We're about to tackle a giant butterfly but don't be fooled by its apparent innocent exterior. This is a the 20% completion marker for this 'game' so who knows what it can happen. Exercise caution over pride and at the first sign that you feel your life is in danger, retreat!" he let out a small smirk before continuing: "But seeing you all here, I'm sure we'll be okay!" A little after that, the doors swung open and the assault commenced. So, far it all went well and there were no surprises except for a shield of sort formed around the boss. This forced each team to deal extra damage, as if they had to spare... He watched as his guild members rushed forward and did the best they could to lower its massive HP bars. Seeing Hirru take the role of the strategist and Morgestern the one of the tank, he looked towards Anemone. She was relatively new to the fronts so she seemed a bit.. overwhelmed by the situation. He simply gave her a confident nod and started walking forward as he elegantly removed his one handed sword from his shield that also served as its sheath. He raises his sword up into the sky as a light blesses the sword as he then strikes down in a vertical motion down the enemy. Its flashy effect was accompanied by a evident diminish of his target's health. ID# 84418 BD: 8 (nat. +8 Holy DMG) CD:12 (+2 EN) Sword Art: (25) Repentance - 27*20= 540 RAW- 100 MIT= 440 DMG
  5. Heathcliff

    [F3- Event Boss] Asterios- The Bull King

    Heathcliff watched as they began to reengage the boss again. He had asked that they all gather together to heal, but it seems Hikoru was desperate to deal deal damage, though their life DID depend on it. The number of actions Heathcliff could take at the moment were many, but for now his primary role was stabilizing the fight so that they could get back to operating at their full potential. This fight could very well end up being the end for some of these so-called frontliners. They were just building moment again, and he didn't want them to pump the breaks so quickly. This fight would, however, serve to refresh in their minds that there was danger if they didn't come prepared. Were their lives so worthless? He had considered letting one of them die just for the object lesson. It had been a while since a boss had killed a player. But this was not the floor he had meant to do that. Pulilng out the banner, he struck it into the ground. The banner of support radiated a green healing light, raising everyone in his party's HP. Not a huge amount, but he also pulled our a crystal and crushed it in his hand, which emanated another green healing light throughout his party. All said and done, it meant that he healed the entire party for 210 hit points. Not a lot by any means, but it should be enough to keep them going.
  6. Heathcliff

    «The Living Legend»

    Raid Stats Heathcliff, The Paladin 404 SP Spent Combat Stats 1715 HP = 1500 (base) + 15 (athletics) +100 (well fed) +100 (Stonewall) 188 MIT= 36 (shield) +18 (armor) + 50 (block) +30 (armor skill) +54 (alchemy) 19 DMG = 1 base + 5 skill + 1 athletics +6 alchemy +6 alcoholic 3 ACC = 1 (precision) +1 (herbs) +1 (enhancement) -4 EVA = -1 (stonewall) -3 (alcoholic) 150 EN 48 HP heal per hit (Holy Blessing) 32 Burn Thorn DMG per hit on HC (Flame Aura) +8 Bonus DMG on BD 8-10 (Holy Damage) Heals 50 HP per turn (Battle Healing) +2 Energy on CD 10+ Immune to all bleed effects Buffs Overhealth (+100) T2 MIT (+54 MIT) T2 DMG (+6 DMG) Alcoholic (+6 DMG, -3 EVA) Herbs (+1 accuracy) Equipped Items Liberator: (1) Taunt, (1) Accuracy, (2) Holy Damage (on BD: 8-10 deal +8 damage)(+1 hate per action) Commander's Heavy Armor: (2) Holy Blessing, (1) Bloodclot, (1) Mitigation (+18) (When hit by opponent, heals 36 HP on Heathcliff's turn)(immune to all bleed effects) Commander's Kite Shield: (2) Flame Aura (+36 Mit, 32 burn), (2) Recovery (CD 10+ recover 2 EN) Dimensional Backpack Dimensional Pouch Skills Holy Sword - Rank 5 (50) (+5 damage) One-Hand Straight Sword - Rank 5 (50) (+5 damage) Heavy Armor - Rank 5 (50) (30 MIT) Block - Rank 5 (50) (50 MIT) Battle Healing - Rank 5 (50) (50 HP recovered per turn) [Extra] Martial Arts - Rank 5 (50) (+5 damage) Switch (10) Howl (10) Fighting Spirit (10) Parry (10) [Extra] Concentration [Extra] Survival =Mods= 1) Holy Sword - Rank 5 Ferocity (15) 2) Focused Howl (10) 3) Precision (15) 4) Athletics (9) (+1 DMG, +15 HP) 5) Stone Wall (15) Battle Ready Inventory 1) (5) T2 Perfect Health Crystals (+240 HP) 2) (5) T2 Perfect Mass Healing Crystals (+90 HP to Party) 3) (5) T1 Perfect Health Crystals (+120 HP) 4) (5) Energy Drinks (+9 EN) 5) (1) Banner of Superior Support (+120 HP to Party)(3 charges) 6) (4) Safeguard Potions 7) (5) Teleport Crystal
  7. Heathcliff

    «The Living Legend»

    Holy Sword HOLY SWORD - Allows for use of Parry and Sword Arts simultaneously. Also gives bonuses to parry rolls. (Parry applies on the opponent’s post following the user’s sword art. Parry rules apply.) Sword Arts: R1- x1(1) Divine Swing - A sword art that releases a small beam of light towards the enemy. x2(2) Angel’s Blessing - Two simple slashes as the wielders blade glows a faint white. Rank 2 x3(3) Crescent Moon - a 360 degree spin hitting the opponent a total of three times in succession. x4(4) Divine Combination - a simple hack and slash combo in which the wielders sword glows a slightly brighter white. Rank 3 x5(5) Moonlight Strike - a vertical slash blessed from the moon above. x6(6) Disarm - a single swing of a sword with a white aura gleaming from the sword to cut off the hand in which the opponent wields their weapon. x7(7) Coup de Grace - a loyal ending combo that serves to end the life of an down enemy that cannot fight back. Rank 4 x12(14) Reversal - A combo typically done after taking a hit, that hacks and slashes away from the enemy’s health using a single strike through the enemy's heart sending a beam of light through it. x13(15) Angel’s Strike - the wielders blade glows a bright white as the wielder strikes forward through the soul of the enemy showing the wrath from above. Rank 5 x17(22) Holy Blessing - the wielders blade glows a divine white as he dashes forward and performs a series of slashes that ends with a downwards slash that sends the enemy away from the wielder. x20(25) Repentance - A sword art that is simple yet powerful, the wielder raises his sword up into the sky as a light blesses the sword as he then strikes down in a vertical motion down the enemy.
  8. Heathcliff was ready. It had been too long since they had last tackled a boss, but he was letting the players themselves drive the progress. It was their lives at stake, their worlds. He had only wound the clock, set the rules, and let the world loose. He wanted to be a denizen of this world, not it's caretaker, and to that end the Cardinal system handled the maintenance. To everyone else, and even himself, he was just another player. The deck was stacked in his favor, but he had wanted to live in this world ever since he was a kid and had come up with the original idea. Now here they all were, prepared to fight for their lives for the sake of themselves and others. There was no end game for Kayaba. This was the end game. Win or lose, there was no making it out of this for him. Tugging on his gauntlets, he surveyed the path through the labyrinth to the boss room. He was apparently the first one here, and somehow that felt right. He had his equipment and consumables ready to go. Now he had only to await the rest of his guild.
  9. Heathcliff

    [F3- Event Boss] Asterios- The Bull King

    OOC: I will be remaining in the battle IC: Heathcliff spared only a passing glance as the lower leveled players broke formation and ran, either for their lives or to safety. There was one or two who surprised him by not staying when he had thought they would, but what remained would be enough. Stepping up to the fore between the players who were remaining and the melodramatic Minotaur, the Commander of the Knights decided now was a good time to fully engage, and it seemed more true frontliners were showing up. "Those of you with me, gather up. I will use some of my healing crystals to help you recover." He reached into his inventory and readied a group healing crystal, and waited for everyone to have made their choice of who would stay and who would go. Those who remained he would take note of. Several of the frontliners who had started this fight were battered and broken, but they could still recover considering the arrogance of this monster. A few moments was all they needed to regroup.
  10. Mess with the bull, and you get the horns. If you're not prepared for a fight, you shouldn't go looking for one.

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    [F3- Event Boss] Asterios- The Bull King

    Heathcliff watched as a life was snuffed out. He had no pity for a level 1 player who thought they could get involved in a mess like this. If they were that reckless, it wasn't bravery, but stupidity. It was as if they had no regard for their own life. Such were the players the system was meant to weed out. The frontline was meant for those who had potential. Granted, some managed to cling onto others and ride their way to the near top, but the pack mentality was to be encouraged. There were roles for everyone to play in his world, some just did not realize it. Still, there were others in the new crop of players that he didn't want to see too traumatized by death and see their morale broken, so he planted one red metal clad boot down and rushed towards Nato. His white shield held before him as he drew his Liberator. His holy paladin sword began to glow with a silvery white light as he actived <<Coup de Grace>>, he shield slammed into the minotaur and as they separated he brought his sword across the head of the minotaur, the beam of light leaving a red slash through the creature's form before it disappeared into a shower of polygons. Without even posing for the destruction of the boss mob as every last hit deserved, he turned to the newbies which surrounded him. "Regroup now, while you can, before anyone engages the next minotaur." ID: 80156 BD: 3 +2(accuracy) +1 (concentration) = 6 (hit) Coup de Grace: 19x7=133 DMG - 15 MIT = 118 NET DMG .
  12. Heathcliff

    [F3- Event Boss] Asterios- The Bull King

    Heathcliff pulled at the crimson gauntlets covering his hand.They were emblazoned with the stylized cross of the Knights Templar, but while he wore them almost exclusively, for some reason they chafed today. His steel grey eyes surveyed the players assembled before them. They had found one of the hidden event bosses hidden away throughout the tower. This was becoming more and more regular, and this particular group, the... Celestial Ascendants... seemed to be one of the rising stars. However, now that Mack had resurfaced, Heathcliff felt comfortable in their dominance of the Frontline. Between himself, Mack, and Macradon, the guild was in good hands. Unperturbed and imperious, the self proclaimed Paladin of SAO stood watch over his guild and the assembled players. It had been a while since they had suffered a death on the frontlines, but in order to make his narrative for this world come true, Kayaba had realized that he needed to help foster growth among the junior members. So here he was. He had no intention of involving himself in this fight. This one, in particular, was meant to be a test. Each of the bosses would push the players to the limit. It would not humor the weak and unprepared. It would cull them. At the same time, he could not let this break his investments, and so he stood there, fiddling with his gauntlets and the equipment which seemed heavier today than any other, and he watched.
  13. Pssst, Commander Heathcliff. Wouldn't it be totally awesome if you let me borrow Holy Sword? :,D

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      It has a special item that acts as both a shield and sword, so it's not that it gives you an extra gear slot per say, just combines two. The addition to stun is nice but not really that useful in practice, since OHKs tend to be the way to go in.

  14. I've had enough of your **** Kayaba!

    Let us log out!

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