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  1. Heathcliff

    «The Living Legend»

    Raid Stats Heathcliff, The Paladin 404 SP Spent Combat Stats 1715 HP = 1500 (base) + 15 (athletics) +100 (well fed) +100 (Stonewall) 188 MIT= 36 (shield) +18 (armor) + 50 (block) +30 (armor skill) +54 (alchemy) 19 DMG = 1 base + 5 skill + 1 athletics +6 alchemy +6 alcoholic 3 ACC = 1 (precision) +1 (herbs) +1 (enhancement) -4 EVA = -1 (stonewall) -3 (alcoholic) 150 EN 48 HP heal per hit (Holy Blessing) 32 Burn Thorn DMG per hit on HC (Flame Aura) +8 Bonus DMG on BD 8-10 (Holy Damage) Heals 50 HP per turn (Battle Healing) +2 Energy on CD 10+ Immune to all bleed effects Buffs Overhealth (+100) T2 MIT (+54 MIT) T2 DMG (+6 DMG) Alcoholic (+6 DMG, -3 EVA) Herbs (+1 accuracy) Equipped Items Liberator: (1) Taunt, (1) Accuracy, (2) Holy Damage (on BD: 8-10 deal +8 damage)(+1 hate per action) Commander's Heavy Armor: (2) Holy Blessing, (1) Bloodclot, (1) Mitigation (+18) (When hit by opponent, heals 36 HP on Heathcliff's turn)(immune to all bleed effects) Commander's Kite Shield: (2) Flame Aura (+36 Mit, 32 burn), (2) Recovery (CD 10+ recover 2 EN) Dimensional Backpack Dimensional Pouch Skills Holy Sword - Rank 5 (50) (+5 damage) One-Hand Straight Sword - Rank 5 (50) (+5 damage) Heavy Armor - Rank 5 (50) (30 MIT) Block - Rank 5 (50) (50 MIT) Battle Healing - Rank 5 (50) (50 HP recovered per turn) [Extra] Martial Arts - Rank 5 (50) (+5 damage) Switch (10) Howl (10) Fighting Spirit (10) Parry (10) [Extra] Concentration [Extra] Survival =Mods= 1) Holy Sword - Rank 5 Ferocity (15) 2) Focused Howl (10) 3) Precision (15) 4) Athletics (9) (+1 DMG, +15 HP) 5) Stone Wall (15) Battle Ready Inventory 1) (5) T2 Perfect Health Crystals (+240 HP) 2) (5) T2 Perfect Mass Healing Crystals (+90 HP to Party) 3) (5) T1 Perfect Health Crystals (+120 HP) 4) (5) Energy Drinks (+9 EN) 5) (1) Banner of Superior Support (+120 HP to Party)(3 charges) 6) (4) Safeguard Potions 7) (5) Teleport Crystal
  2. Heathcliff

    «The Living Legend»

    Holy Sword HOLY SWORD - Allows for use of Parry and Sword Arts simultaneously. Also gives bonuses to parry rolls. (Parry applies on the opponent’s post following the user’s sword art. Parry rules apply.) Sword Arts: R1- x1(1) Divine Swing - A sword art that releases a small beam of light towards the enemy. x2(2) Angel’s Blessing - Two simple slashes as the wielders blade glows a faint white. Rank 2 x3(3) Crescent Moon - a 360 degree spin hitting the opponent a total of three times in succession. x4(4) Divine Combination - a simple hack and slash combo in which the wielders sword glows a slightly brighter white. Rank 3 x5(5) Moonlight Strike - a vertical slash blessed from the moon above. x6(6) Disarm - a single swing of a sword with a white aura gleaming from the sword to cut off the hand in which the opponent wields their weapon. x7(7) Coup de Grace - a loyal ending combo that serves to end the life of an down enemy that cannot fight back. Rank 4 x12(14) Reversal - A combo typically done after taking a hit, that hacks and slashes away from the enemy’s health using a single strike through the enemy's heart sending a beam of light through it. x13(15) Angel’s Strike - the wielders blade glows a bright white as the wielder strikes forward through the soul of the enemy showing the wrath from above. Rank 5 x17(22) Holy Blessing - the wielders blade glows a divine white as he dashes forward and performs a series of slashes that ends with a downwards slash that sends the enemy away from the wielder. x20(25) Repentance - A sword art that is simple yet powerful, the wielder raises his sword up into the sky as a light blesses the sword as he then strikes down in a vertical motion down the enemy.
  3. Mess with the bull, and you get the horns. If you're not prepared for a fight, you shouldn't go looking for one.

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      Ah, thank you Piera. Didn't notice I made that error. Anyways, I see that Beat agrees with me

  4. Pssst, Commander Heathcliff. Wouldn't it be totally awesome if you let me borrow Holy Sword? :,D

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    2. Rain


      It makes you say no to damage then the damage just runs away.

    3. Seul


      That sounds pretty good to me-

    4. Takao


      It has a special item that acts as both a shield and sword, so it's not that it gives you an extra gear slot per say, just combines two. The addition to stun is nice but not really that useful in practice, since OHKs tend to be the way to go in.

  5. I've had enough of your **** Kayaba!

    Let us log out!

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      And enough about guilds, this Pk talk is much more interesting.

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      There was no mention of a restaurant in the thread @Sinful now face me like a man damnit 

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      im locking this because 40 notifs in a span of a few minutes is insane. T^T

  6. @Heathcliff


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      Can we logout once we die ples? We've got da famiries and we must bring honur to dem

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      Hmm. If we believe that people log out when they die, by Pking people we can feel better about ourselves.

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      Be careful about what you say hakai : ) 




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      Where'd you get this information?

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      Probably because Heathcliff's location is the ruby palace and It is the 100th and final floor of Aincrad so one can assume that Heathcliff is the floor boss.

  8. Heathcliff

    Halloween Event Sign-Ups

    Heathcliff messages "Opal and Azide are given permission to participate. They have the skills required." That is all the message says but it intrigues the meaning of what it means to trust someone.
  9. Join the Knights of the Blood and turn yourself into a strong Front Liner. Help beat this death game and free everyone.

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    2. Heathcliff


      you do not have dual blades

  10. Heathcliff

    «The Living Legend»

    «Heathcliff» The Strongest Man, The Living Legend, The Paladin. Profile » Username: Heathcliff » Real name: Kayaba Akihiko » Age: 26 » Gender: Male » Height: ??? » About: History/personality Kayaba is always very calm, soft-spoken, and has a cool demeanor. Despite being incredibly skilled, Akihiko is not boastful, or arrogant. He seems to be very sincere and thoughtful, as shown when he tells Kirito of his dream about creating a floating castle, as the basis for creating Sword Art Online. Kayaba Akihiko has little to no empathy, no regard for human life (including his own), and instead is completely taken in by the virtual world. He chose to fulfill his dream by making a Death Game which cost thousands of lives, and simply noted that their minds were gone from both worlds. In spite of this, Akihiko has a level of honor, and fairness. He designed Sword Art Online to be a beatable game, by anyone who had the skills. He never interfered with the players' progress to keep them from advancing through the game; in fact, as Heathcliff, he was actually fighting on the players' side, helping them clear floors. » Virtues: Briliant. It took some time but with Heathcliff's smart brain, he was able to create a cool game but later programmed it to turn to a death game. He was able to maintain player trust because of his way of working around in the shadows. charismatic. Heathcliff was able to draw together the 'strongest' Guild in Aincrad, even if he did mostly keep to himself. He was sly about the work he did under the table and was able to maintain his reputation. Driven. Heathcliff was driven to complete his Goal of creating the floating castle. He was never distracted and always finished a project he started. He always works hard to finish a project at at time and not veer off the path. » Flaws: Incapable of understanding human emotions. Heathcliff was never able to understand the emotions of humans because he never cared enough for his own life just as long as he created his floating castle in a virtual game. arrogant and smug. partly because his brilliance is hard to understand, so no one can understand why he did what he did. He never really told anyone why he created the death game. megalomaniac. For years, all Heathcliff could think about was creating his floating castle in the sky. He spent countless days trying to make it and neglected everything until it was done. He was obsessed with his dream for the longest time. Profession: Guild Leader Game Master Skills Non-combat: » Immortality Skill Level: N/A » Over-assist Skill Level: N/A Passive: » Searching Skill Level: Grand Mastered » Tracking Skill Level: Grand Mastered Combat: » Heavy Metal Equipment Skill Level: Grand Mastered » Battle Healing Skill Level: Grand Mastered Weapon skills : » One-Handed Straight Sword Skill Level: Grand Mastered » Martial Arts Skill Level: Grand Mastered » Spiritual Light (Hate Skill) Skill Level: Grand Mastered » Holy Sword (Unique Skill) Skill Level: Grand Mastered Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Liberator Roleplays » » Relationships (optional) » Guild Leader of the «Knights of the Blood» Story Thus Far (optional) » In Akihiko's childhood, Akihiko expressed an interest in reading books. He was not particularly engrossed in games in computers, but he participated in the Mathematics Club of his high school. Later on, in university, he did not participate in any circles because he frequently worked in and out of laboratories. When he began developing Sword Art Online, Akihiko toiled for years to develop the game software. His main goal and dream was to "make Aincrad float" but after he did so, he wasn't entirely sure what his dreams, aspirations, or purpose were. It can be deduced that Akihiko began working on Sword Art Online before his third year in university. His love interest was Koujiro Rinko, who assisted Akihiko for ten years of the game's development, and took care of his body during the course of Sword Art Online.