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  1. I really want ta come back... But I'm still looking for inspiration for the place before I try a full return.. I mean the last time didn't end up well when I tried ta force myself to come back since I vanished again very soon after >>

    1. The Black-White Human

      The Black-White Human

      Hold up. Ignore what was said earlier since I've got a ton of ideas now. All it took was a little change~

    2. Pinball


      Well, welcome back! I hope you find it in you to stay! If you have questions, feel free to ask me or any one of our lovely staff members over on the Discord, if you're not already there~! 

      Plus, if you're out looking for a RP partner, I'd love to be a part of that uwu 

  2. Well it seems I am alive yet again. I wonder for how long that will last before my next absence. Hope I'll be bale to last at least a year this time though~

    1. Zeke


      Considering how easily I know you can go from one thing to the next, it won't be for more than a month. Last time we talked, you had just moved on from this site to another Rp, and now you're back again. Add in all the games and music, that makes it an even shorter time frame for how long you'll stay. Welcome back, though.

    2. The Black-White Human

      The Black-White Human

      Eheh. Yeah ya may have me there. ^_^;

    3. Zeke


      It's good to see you back where we first met. Hope you enjoy yourself for however long you are here.

  3. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    "Thanks for understandin beat. And don't worry bout me, I tend ta find people like that quite often so far!" Smiling to them lightly marisa starts to reach to grab another snack before freezing slightly. Then her eyes going somewhat wide she opens up her menu and starts to scroll through it before looking to beat and shield with a somewhat calmer expression. "Hey sorry for this after just startin to talk ta both of you. But I just realized I forgot somethin important back at the place I'm stayin at, so I've got to head out for a bit. I do wish ya both a fun time while your here and I will be back later!" Saying this to both of them Marisa then turns to look at Illiure. "Hey sorry for the suddenness. But would ya like to come with me ze? If not feel free ta wait here or somethin cause I will be back in a bit, but as ya might have heard while talking to those two I forgot somethin really important." @Shield @Illiure @Beat [Marisa has (Temporarily) left the rp]
  4. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    "Eh, don't worry none was taken ze and thanks to you as well!" Even though Marisa herself said that she didn't really like her outfit much to Illiure a bit ago, hearing the compliments makes her smile somewhat more. "Ya know I'm still thinking that my original outfit woulda been perfect as well. But then people would probably think I was a maid or waitress here so I decided against that." Then around the same time as beat's question about them being in a guild is asked Illiure also places herself on the opposite side of Marisa from the two people. Sighing somewhat at this her face still shows a slight smile on it. "Nah I'm not in a guild and I'm ninety eight percent sure that Illi isn't as well. And thanks for the offer but if I join one that guilds reputation would stick with me and people will start expectin me ta act a certain way rather than as myself. So again, thanks. But I'll just stay by myself and adventure with friends I make from people who are in or outside of guilds." And with that the invitation was rejected with a smile and somewhat(?) valid reasoning before marisa looks to shield. "Don't worry bout it, I didn't mind all that much since I already know what my preferences are, Da Ze~!" @Shield @Illiure @Beat
  5. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    "Eh I just like the flavor a lot. Also you can eat as much as ya want here which is pretty awesome~" Smiling at that Marisa starts to reach for another but stops right before doing so. "But now that I think bout it other people may be wantin some as well. So I'll stop grabbin stuff for now." Course hearing the question about what she did marisa only smirks somewhat. "Eh I spose I only did what every other person did. Borrowed a lot of things, studdied, played games and whatever else I did." Waving a hand in the air somewhat dismissively and would mainly listen to what Illiure talking. Course at the inhuman part marisa would chuckle. "Nah I'm just your everyday ordinary human even if others around me may not have been as ordinary." And getting ready to reply once more to the kind part Marisa notices her smile and smiles widely as well. "Allright! I did better than everyone else that trie-" It was around that moment however that beat and shield walked up, most likely making Illiure hide her expression behind a stoic one again. Sighing slightly at that marisa would however quickly go back to being cheerful. "Hello and it's nice ta meet the both of you beat and shield. The names Marisa Kirisame though I prefer ta just be called marisa, and this.." Wrapping an arm around Illiure, Marisa smiles somewhat mischievously. "This is my friend Illiure who is just dyin to meet some more people and make some friends~" Saying this marisa would hear his compliment and laugh lightly. "Nah I don't mind so thanks! Also I have ta say that you both look good as well, Da Ze~!" @Illiure @Beat @Shield
  6. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    At that marisa just shrugs nonchalantly. "Well it's your loss. Course I guess that means I'll just bring ya with me without the kickin or screamin then." Speaking in a somewhat teasing tone marisa nudges Illiure playfully. "Oh and actually I have seen a place like this before. In fact the owner of the place loved sweets quite a bit more than I did." Chuckling at what can only be assumed to be some memories of the past marisa continues to munch on the same snack slowly. Course hearing the last thing Illiure says they would sigh somewhat. "Well I doubt staying with you will make me disappointed in any way. In fact just talkin to somebody is nice as it is. Even if some people may think of them as a stick in the mud.. Also your close to where all of the sweets are so that's a bonus as well, Da Ze~!" Smiling at them marisa pats her shoulder. "Anyways what I've been tryin ta say and what I say to reddie all the time is that they should lighten up and enjoy things as they happen. Cause who knows when or if you'll be able ta have another moment like this in the future be it near or far.. Course that's just my motto to always have fun or a good time~" Laughing off the more serious sounding part as if it's a joke ,marisa finishes the cinnamon roll she had and grabs another one. @Illiure
  7. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    Waving to the guy as he left marisa would reach for another cookie only to find half of one left. Looking back at the tabe she would see that the whole tray of cookies is now gone. "Did I really eat that many that fast..?" After a second she just shrugs and popping the half-cookie in her mouth grabs one of the other snacks to start munching on. Going back to looking at the crowd marisa would then feel a nudge to her side and hears Illiure's question. "Well that's an easy answer for me. Then you'd be alone again ze. And don't worry bout that! If I find somebody that I recognize or think is interestin I'll just drag ya with me kickin and screamin" Chuckling softly after saying that Marisa would then go back to munching on her new snack, the glazed heart shaped cinnamon roll. @Illiure
  8. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    "Well from what I heard ya say a bit ago you want ta help fix a lot of things and ya think a lot about how ta do so and other things. And last I think that your kinda cute as well." Taking a bite from her snack again she continues. "Also you'd be surprised ze.. I've ended up in a few situations where things did not work out at all. But hey it's nice ta have rivals as well sometimes and I beat that person up after I untied myself!" Chuckling a bit at the last part marisa notices another person walking over before she can answer the last question. So listening to what Illiure says to them Marisa finally talks. "The names Marisa Kirisame, and unless they hate sweets I'd say just bout anything would be nice ta them." Saying this marisa then grins somewhat. "In fact.. just grab a plate and put a lot on it~" Chuckling lightly marisa grabs another couple from the table. @Hei @Illiure
  9. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    "I'm sure they were all just jealous that they weren't as adorable." Patting their back a bit marisa would grin at her new 'friends' (Be that willing or unwilling) statement. "Well it is always said that the most mismatched people make the best of friends! Or wait... Was it the other way around?" Seeming to ask herself that Marisa thinks on it for a few seconds before she gives a slight shrug and finally releases Illiure from the hug. "Alright, I don't want ta make you uncomfortable else the first expression I see might be a blush rather than a smile." Chuckling a bit at her joke marisa brings her hand to Illure's face and straightens her mask slightly before she brings the hand back down with a nod and goes back to grabbing another snack to eat. "Anyways as you've probably noticed I'm a relatively friendly person, course I spose that could be a good or bad thing if ya think about it. Buut on that note do ya want ta be added to my friends list ze?" @Illiure
  10. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    Listening in silence as Illiure spoke Marisa would nod a few times with a somewhat thoughtful expression with her smile. After she finishes talking there is a second of silence as Marisa just continues to look at her. Then whistling she would finally speak. "Yep I'm sure that you and reddie would get along quite well if ya ever meet eachother. Course for that to happen I'd probably have to be the one to help you both meet though." Chuckling at that statement Marisa squeezes their shoulder lightly. "But about what ya said. I'm sure that if ya try your best things will turn out well. And if they don't you can always lean on your friends a bit as ya both work together to make things better Da Ze~!" After finishing with saying that Marisa's slight smile then takes on a more mischievous grin. "But that is then and this is now. And now is the time ta relax, have fun and hug things or people that ya think are actin adorable~" Right after saying the last part Marisa pulls Illiure into a tightish hug. "And how your actin is just adorable ta me somewhat Illi~" @Illiure
  11. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    "Hmm?" hearing the question marisa looks back to Illiure while lazily munching on another snack. "Technically yes. Course I still don't really know if she actually is in this place or died already. Right now I'm hopeing for her to just not be in this game though." Taking another smaller bite out of her cookie marisa looks back over the crowd with a slight smile. "Then again I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't come here for anything other than the food. In fact they are basically just like you personality wise!" Chuckling a bit at that marisa pats Illiure's shoulder. "But that is them and you are you. Also since I'm thinkin that reddie is not in this world I'll just do my best ta protect what new friends I do make here ya know?" Grinning at that Marisa finishes off the rest of what's in her hand before finally bring her arm off of Illiure. "But what about you ze? Knowing reddie she tends ta be the type of person who hates to show weakness and won't stop at anything to fix somethin that's she thinks is wrong. But once again that's them and you are you. So what are you like and what do you think Illiure?" Placing one hand on Illure's shoulder Marisa gives a slight smile to her. @Illiure
  12. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    Hearing/seeing that the heart cookie is being handed to her marisa's smile only grows more as she let's out a slight whistle. "Dang ya really do act like rei- eh, reddie.. Course I guess that just means that we'll be good friends, Da Ze~!" Saying this marisa takes a bite out of the heart cookie before giving it back with only half of what was left and half of what Illiure bit off of still there. Anyways ya can have the rest of it back now since it is yours, but thanks for lettin me try it~" Continuing to keep her arm's on IIliure's shoulders Marisa would continue to grab snacks while watching the crowd of people. Every now and then while doing so she would smile slightly at seeing two people seem to get closer, course it would mainly seem like marisa is searching through the crowd rather than watching the people in it.
  13. The Black-White Human

    [PP-F4] An adventure gone wrong(?)

    Luckily Marisa wasn't out of it for long as zandra started to hug her real tight causing marisa's eyes to open wide. "I-I was kiddin, I'm not actually asleep or dead so please stop crushin me alice!" Saying this Marisa would shake her head slightly as the cold hits her face again along with the site of who it is on her reminding marisa where she is at again. "Oh yeah I'm in sword art online still. I kinda forgot bout that." Mumbling this to herself she smiles to zandra and starts to pat her back lightly. "Anyways ya caught me at just the right time.. zandra I think? Yeah it was definitely Zandra course your armor looks a lot different than before that's for sure." Continuing to smile lightly marisa instead decides to rub their back gently. "Anyways thanks for helpin me out there Zan, but I'm sure that ya don't want to be out here in the snow, so how bout we get up and start headin back to town ze?"
  14. The Black-White Human

    [F11] [Event Thread] Masquerade Ball

    "Ehe~ I knew somebody else would get how I feel about fancy outfits eventually!" Smiling all the more at having found a fellow person who also doesn't care for fancy things Marisa grabs another cookie to munch on. "Anyways maybe, maybe not. But hey at least we are enjoyin ourselves with the food here~" With that said she finishes off the rest of the cookie in her hand already and reaching for another one Marisa stops from doing so as the heart pastry Illiure is holding is noticed. Grinning a bit Marisa moves close to her again and places her arm on Illiure's shoulders once more. "Hey reddie... Do ya mind if I steal a bite of that cause it looks pretty good~" While asking this the hand that's on Illiure's far shoulder slowly moves toward the pastry as if to steal take borrow it. @Illiure
  15. The Black-White Human

    Re-Evaluations Topic

    Name: Demonic Eye Item Type: 2 Hand Straight Blade Tier: T1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +2 Dmg +1 Life-steal Description: (This is not remembered due to not having access to the store I got it from.) Post Link: (Honestly I am not 100% sure. But I think it was made by Kiluia Seiko close to when I first joined the site.. Again it could be kiluia or kosan.) To Name: Demonic Eye Item Type: 2 Hand Straight Blade Tier: T1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +2Dmg +1 Bleed Description: (Still can't think of a good one or what it looked like so some suggestions would be nice ^^) Post Link: @Morgenstern