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  1. FYI - We need more tanks and healers for the front line! If you're a tank or healer in Tier 2, let me know!

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    2. Neopolitan


      Haz is 31. Cosi I think is either about to hit T2 or just recently hit it. Don't know Kairi well enough. Su is still pretty low, as is Krysta. If you want me to focus my powerposting elsewhere, I can start powering up Katagawa for tanking (she's only 12 right now though).

    3. Hestia


      Kairi is like level 31ish as well but she is more of a bruiser like Hazado is. DPS/Tank. Krysta is borderline T2.

    4. Hazado


      Happy to help here tho as spoken about before, im still level 31 atm but can put in some power postin to go higher