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  1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [SP-F17] God Slayer <<Challenge Of Olympus: Tailor>>

    "Don't sweat about it! I taught her all she needed to know!" she said with a bit of a lecherous smile that gave other extra meanings to her statement. "Besides, I barely got any work when I was fully active so she just need to be a pretty little shop clerk in case somebody shows up and...." she found herself involuntarily stop as Dracul, her conversation partner raised his palm to abruptly stop her. Just as Ariel was about to protest and let him hear a piece of her mind, he raised his gaze to meet hers with a serious expression... well more serious than usual anyway. He knew better than to act like that towards her so she decided to let this one slip and hear what he had to say. "What is it?" she asked with a slightly annoyed tone of voice despite keeping her cheerful facial expression.
  2. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [SP-F17] God Slayer <<Challenge Of Olympus: Tailor>>

    "Even though I brought you here with me, you're still doing your best to annoy me." muttered the blonde between yawns. While rubbing her eyes with one hand and navigating through her HUD with the other. "Stop worrying about stuff and relax!" she commanded before finding the most recent message. Glancing through it it was nothing more than a quest availability notice. Prompting it so that her vacation partner can see it as well, the blonde stood up and did some light stretches in a attempt to wake up. "See? just some random new quest notification. I've been getting nothing but those since my retirement. you're such a worrywart without your little geboku* around you." "Hmmm..." he continued while reading the message. "I disagree, while I have complete confidence in Darius to keep my shop in order. I don't know how Claudia fares as a tailor. Also remind me why are you using MY servants as your own????" she asked sarcastically with a grin, already knowing the answer. It surely wasn't the first time the blonde used him or his apprentices for her needs, he let out a soft smile at the rethoricality of his inquire. Geboku - jap. "servant(s)"
  3. Ping! A soft growl was the only vocal reply followed by some light fabric shuffling noise. It's been a while since a certain someone started her 'hermitage' or as another humorously called it 'vacation' or 'early retirement'. This was the first time in a long while that she received a message, the inbox alarm sounding almost alien to her ears. Hastily swapping it to the side with one hand to dismiss it, a certain blonde yawned while turning to the side in hopes to laze around some more in her makeshift hammock. The current residence of the self proclaimed blonde hermit was none other than a forgotten forest in the far north of the 22nd floor. "You should probably get that." came a voice from the side that chased away the last of her sleepiness. "It could be something important..." it continued, fully aware that it would most likely draw the blonde's wrath.
  4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [PP-F17] Achilles <<Herculean Labor>>

    (Its been 87 years.... how does this even work?) After a momentary pause in her actions, that seemed to least ages, the blonde decided to only click her tongue at her fighting partner's 'achievements'. "Pull yourself together or you'll end up cat food!" she shouted in hopes to draw their foes' attention. Lucky enough the stun effect still persisted and she would have a chance to strike them once again. Drawing with her weapon a dark colored arc to her side, she prepared to engage her prey without hesitation however, she couldn't just let Sey get hurt even after her light threat towards him earlier. Returning to a more defensive stance, she took the opportunity and placed herself between the inmoble felines and him. "you okay there?" she asked without turning towards him. The Lion had just unleashed a powerful roar that seemed to reinvigorate him and his mates. Ariel could not help but sigh as her window of opportunity was now closed. "This might take a while..." she muttered with some degree of resignation in her tone. [H:2] Ariel: 1,030/1,215 | 100/120 Lion's Bleed [4/5] [H:0] Sey: 820/820 | 80/82 ID# 105155 BD: 10 (5+2+3) [Lion] ID# 105156 BD: 1 (nat., Keen proc.) MD: 5 (6+2+1) [Lionesses] Sword Art: (18) Weeping Moon - 1x9*(21+5+1+1) & AoE= 207 Raw - 47/82 Mit= 205/170 DMG «Nemean Lion»: 668 /838 HP | 145 | 82 | Mating Call «Nemean Lioness»#4: 307 /512 HP | 170 | 47 «Nemean Lioness»#5: 307 /512 HP | 170 | 47 «Nemean Lioness»#6: 307 /512 HP | 170 | 47
  5. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Re-Evaluations Topic

    Upgrading it to tier 3 using: «Glittering Snowflake»: [A Sticker that can change the tier of an item once. It can be used on any armor, weapon, or shield. It cannot change enchantments, only the tier of the item. This can only upgrade the tier. ] gained here.
  6. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    What kind of gamer are YOu?

    Eh, its been a while since I actually did a post. My results looked like this so um... yeah I definitely identify as a achiever/killer when it comes to games. Annoying pools are anoying.
  7. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Feeling the soft sensation of the cape between her fingertips, the blonde nodded in thanks to the dragoness then returned the hug and whispered: "Don't worry, neither of us will. That's a promise." Shortly after, the raid 'leader' started laying out the battle plan. After a short glance, the blonde frowned and was about to make her objections like she did once before. But to her surprise, her fiery partner took the lead and kindly requested that the two stay in the same team. Disabling her Hiding skill, the blonde nonchalantly walked behind Zandra and wrapped her hands around her waist and loudly stated "My hero..." Casting a side glance at the orange newcomer that seemed to be the unique variable in their plan, the blonde let out a snort when someone guesses that he would be around at least Macradon's level if he were to be joining him in the 3rd team. A small chuckle escaped as she watched the banter between the different party members, her weapon ready to be summoned in a instant if someone was aching for some pre-battle warmup. Lastly, the teams had ben decided the blonde took only a fading gaze at them before nodding to herself. Shortly after, the boss decided to make his long awaited debut and their team sprung into action. "So these are the new mods..." muttered the blonde as she clenched and unclenched her now reddish fists. "This is gonna be fun." she stated before summoning her trusty obsidian long spear. Dashing towards the equally dark themed dragon, the blonde unleashed her most powerful sword art upon it and a little more damaged than the last 2 attackers combined. This only served more of a ego boost to the blonde as she smirked, putting some distance between her and the massive opponent so that the next team can do its thing.
  8. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Let's Talk About Death_Adder

    I'm with Jomei's second suggestion, have him die or removed until his story is fully fleshed and made public . As it stand now, it looks like he is just another Unknown or Heathcliff, thrown in the boss fight to babysit the front liners.
  9. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR-F21] Paving the Way to Floor 22 (Floor 21 Boss Battle - Tesseleth the Tyrant)

    Making her way though the 21st floor for the first time, the blonde could be seen as in a foul mood. She couldn't care less about not being invited to the meeting but the fact that people went out of their way to actually put a ban on her entrance, really rubbed her the wrong way. She'll need to have a talk with those KoTB stuck-ups and give them a real reason to do so instead of just 'suppositions'. All the nearby NPCs made way for her as she passed through the comercial district before leaving the main setlement of the floor. However, something got her eye and made the blonde turn to a complete halt. It was a small merchant stall 'manned' by a skinny girl that showed signs of sickness but still attended to the few people that would pass by her, trying to earn some money. She approached her stall and after her fingertips graciously danced in front of her, a red banner had materialized in her hand. Expending it towards the girl, the blonde asked, trying not to scowl as to not scare her: "Can you top this for me?" came a simple request from the blonde. One that was answered with a enthusiastic nod and after a few taps on top of it, the little girl smiled while saying: "All done miss!" with no signs of fear towards the frowning blonde. Noticing her col amount dropped by a small amount, the blonde let out a small nasal chuckle and patted the girl on the head. Having returned the banner to her inventory, Ariel turned around and muttered a small word of gratitude as she waved goodbye and left towards the floor labyrinth. ... "You're awfully quiet... cat got your tongue?" muttered the blonde to apparently no one in particular as she slayed yet another dungeon creature. A small growling noise came from behind as Kimba was preparing to take the lead again. "Okay, you go ahead. This place looks already cleared out so some people should already be in front of the room. I wanna try something out!" she then put on a dark colored mask (profile pic.) she won a while back and activated her newly aquired skill. Next she would appear to vanish, apparently merging with the shadows as she continued her way out of sight thanks to the her Hiding ability. But keeping an eye on her familiar as well. Reaching the coordinates Zandra gave her, she'd notice that there were indeed a handful of people assembled there. Most she already knew but she had interest in only one heavily armored dragoness and would get close to that person, speaking from her side but still under the cover of the cave walls: "Hey Z, finally made it here." She sent a party request to her friend and continued: "Apparently I'm not that popular around here so until some more people show up, imma use a little more this new hiding skill I picked up." while @Zandra could not see it the blonde had a mischievous grin on her face, like a kid that was doing/about to do something bad. "Are you ready to have some fun?" she asked with a grin. While not having the same capabilities as Ariel, her white furred lioness Kimba, simply walked in the meeting as she owned the place and started taking in the different participants. She would first go and sniff around @Calrex while making a small roaring sound from behind him, as if asking where Roc is. Then regardless if she would get an answer or not, she would wander around and claw at the walking turtle known as @Shield and at @Beat. Them being one of the few she was fond of despite only spending little time with them. ID# 89884 Stealth Rating: 22 -1500 Col
  10. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: N/AMod(s) Being Dropped: RevealSP Refunded: 9Cost: 9,000 Col
  11. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Fighting SpiritMod(s) Being Dropped: N/ASP Refunded: 10Cost: 10,000 Col
  12. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [PP - F4] This Is Your World {Vanguard}

    At first, the blonde was a taken aback by the sudden mention of her name and took a hard look around. Considering her recent reputation, it would be a lie to say that the though of summoning her main weapon didn't cross her mind. Just in case any of the inhabitants of this little save haven in the middle of the snow had any ill intent. However she let out a relieved sigh as little by little, the familiarity of the voice addressing her sparked a little flare inside a small forgotten corner of her heart, in the same time stimulating her memory. Now realizing who she was speaking with, the blonde returned a gentle smile to her grinning ex-guildmaster. Adjusting her stance in a knightly fashion, left hand resting against the pommel of her dark ornamental rapier, the blonde brought her right fist in front of her heart and said with conviction: "I will answer your summon anytime you need me..." then her voice lowered, a tinge of loneliness could be felt in her tone. She looked to the side and somewhat downcast, continued: "As long as you don't pay mind to the rumors around me on the front lines." Then the blonde took a seat next to the rest of them and heard each of them out. She had suspected, mainly do to their gear, to be in the lower spectrum level-wise, and honestly... she was a little relieved when they confirmed it themselves. Luckily, the outwear she had donned today was mainly comprised of unenhanced items, so there was little indication of her level... with a bit of luck she could dodge giving a specific number as she felt that it would distance her from them. Adjusting her position on the chair, resting one leg over the other and letting the side slit of her long skirt reveal her bare leg, she tried to smile naturally as she introduced herself: "The name's Ariel.. and the white furball there is Kimba" she pointed at the happy lioness now purring in front of the fireplace, her ears slightly perking at the mention of her name. "You could say I am one who focuses mainly on dealing damage in bursts... as much as I can ." It felt out of place to sing her own praises, she she would stop at that... instead she would direct her attention to something that touched her foot under the table. "And who's this little guy?" she asked with a grin as she took a peek under the table.
  13. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Mod(s) Being Dropped: BullrushSP Refunded: 8Cost: 8,000 Col
  14. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [PP - F4] This Is Your World {Vanguard}

    A bored sigh could be heard alongside snow crunching underneath a pair of army-like boots. "I should stop visiting that old hag..." Despite the strong words, a smile was present on the blonde's expression as she muttered the complain. A small growl came from her side, as to afirme that she was overreacting. Almost obscured by the sound of their muffled footsteps and the harsh sound of the winds swaying through the snow covered tree tops, but the blonde registered her four-legged companion's vocal concern. With a small chuckle, the dark clad figure swiped a stray hair strand behind her back and turned to address the white lioness that was struggling to make her way through the ankle-high snow: "I know, I know... I owe her a lot for helping me out, despite the fact that she is a NPC. Also she gives you snacks every time we visit, so of course you'd take her side." Ariel lets out another sigh before looking forward again: "I wish at least once, our visit wouldn't end with us being send on some wild errand for her though." Although she couldn't complain about their destination, having to descend on the fourth floor which she called 'home' a long time ago before relocating to the 11th floor. Earlier, she had to dispatch some specific mobs near the Glacial Cove in order to finish the errand and was now heading toward Snowfield Village. At the upper left corner of her field of vision a summary note of her stats was displayed, the blonde clicked her tongue as she once again eyed the depleted blue bar beneath her full green HP bar. "It took all my energy to grind before we got the drop that she wanted. A heads-up about that and I would've made some proper preparations. Anyway, if I remember right, this area has a very low mob presence since we're near the safe haven so we shouldn't worry too much. I can count on you if we get ambushed, right?" she muttered. Once again her spoken thoughts were answered with a louder growl this time but it wasn't a reply to her words but to bring something to her attention. Her silver eyes noticed a house not far ahead of them, that must've been the cause. The blonde stopped on her tracks and pointed towards it while looking at the small furball that seemed a bit exhausted despite putting a strong front while making her way through the snow. "Wanna take a break inside there? Maybe get a fire started?" After accepting her offer with a small apparently indifferent nod, Kimba made her way towards the house outpacing Ariel.The blonde couldn't help to track her from behind and let out a small chuckle. Once they were at the entrance, the blonde dusted off the remnants of snow off the crow feathers trim of her cape and off her long skirt then loudly kicked the floor to clean her boots as well. Then she opened the door, not bothering to knock and see if there was already somebody there, despite the smoke coming out of the chimney. In the next second, the floor was filled with the sound of claws scraping against it as her white furred lioness hastily ran inside and after confirming the presence of 3 other people inside, curled up in front of the fireplace like she did back at Ariel's house. Meanwhile the blonde looked at the three people around the fireplace and made a troubled expression before waving and asking: "Um... hey. Mind if we crash in for a while? I forgot how cold this floor was since the last time I was here." she didn't get a change to see their faces well and would most likely stay at the entrance, with the door wide open, until she gets a reply.
  15. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Ichi's Alchemist Shop - C.P.S.M

    (haven't used my stamps in ages >_> )