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  1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    The blonde was pleased that most people decided to act according to plan. They were in the last stretch and the sooner the big snake would fall, the faster she'd get back home to a hot shower. The amalgamation of elements this boss threw at them wasn't to her liking. She'd always prefer the cold, that's why floor four, despite being on the lower levels, was her favorite. As if her thoughts have been read, the following frost attack covered Ariel in snow and ice. Before her movements wore completely sealed she materialized the last "major" hp recovery crystal she had and crushed it in her hand. Her HP still suffered from the aftermath of the direct hit she took and the constant battering of elements didn't help recover much. And yet again she could only watch in from her frozen cell as the rest were battering at the leviathan, praying that she'd get the chance to repay it tenfold soon. ID# 117710 LD 3 Frozen [0 EVA/-3 DMG] +1 EN +24 HP HB +80 HP (#83536 [Crystal]) -1 ACC/EVA (TR) Inventory: » #53057, #53194, #83535, #83536 (+80 HP Recovery) [Crystal] » #59181, #51093, #59087, #53060, #53058 (+40 HP Recovery) [Crystal]
  2. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    The damage that came took the blonde by surprise but there wasn't anything she could do to prevent it, being frozen and all. She could only watch as the other party's water crystal would heal some of the damage they struggle so much to deal. Once she has released from the temporary stasis, she the a mean glare at both of the bickering "tanks" in her party. Still, now she could act and it didn't taker her long to acquire a target, not that she had many from which to pick. "Can you two make up your mind? I'd rather not get hit like that again!" she shouted at her teammates with (f)ire in her eyes. While she was grateful for the heals, she wouldn't risk it and materialize yet another crystal which she smashed against her chest and let out a war cry as her HP went up a bit. "[Queen's ire] eh?" she asked herself while looking at the debuff icon responsible for halving her resources: "Let me show you mine!" she added as she started running towards the segment. After puncturing the thicc hide with four precisely made stabs she finished with overhead slam. Sadly the fallen effect again eluded her weapon and her damage proved insufficient to finish off the segment without it. She'd turn back @Domarus and shrug off her inability to comply with his wish. Clenching her teeth she looked in the direction of the other team and saw them split their attention between the crystal and the segment and finish off none. "Destroy that crystal CAL! (@Calrex) " she would shout at probably only person who she trusted in the other team, most likely after it healed the boss another time. "Let us destroy our segment then go full out against the head!" Ariel ordered then continued. "Use AoE to lower yours but hit the boss as hard as you can! You can finish it afterwards. We need to do as much damage as we can when we get the chance." this battle has been dragging long enough for the blonde to start predicting their opponents' moves. In the same time she'd instinctively try to take field command of the boss fight. She then directed her own team: "If the pattern holds on, after we finish the segment those fish men will come out again. If all goes well, the other team will have finished their segment and we'd get another shout at the head. I say we do the same as I told them use AoE skills to damage the head and the segment, the adds come second. I know I'm asking a lot but try to ignore them for now." She then turned at @Sey specifically: "When adds spawn next, <Howl> to get their aggro. When you get below half HP, Switch with that guy after a couple of rounds of taking a beating."she'd point @Itzal with her thumb, hoping he was paying attention too. "Hopefully before his HP is in danger we'll have finished the boss or at least clear the adds. When or if they spawn again well.. rinse and repeat! (@Zandra) Z and Domarus, you're on crowd control AoE duty." The blonde had taken notice of Zandra change of armor, assuming that her viability as a tank had been compromised. So she suggested the third best tank alternative among the rest. +44 HP (#83535 [Crystal] + Life Mending) +12 HP HB -1 ACC/EVA (TR) ID# 117558 BD: 7 (3+6-2) Sword Art: Dimensional Stampede x15(22) =330-50 =280 DMG @Segment 3 -17 EN Inventory: » #53057, #53194, #83535, #83536 (+80 HP Recovery) [Crystal] » #59181, #51093, #59087, #53060, #53058 (+40 HP Recovery) [Crystal]
  3. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    A moment of distraction was all that it took for the blonde to start cursing again. The blonde would feel the familiar cold wrapping around her as she took but a glande towards the other raid parties. More players fled, significantly reducing their attack power. Now was not the time to be frozen she thought but sheer willpower couldn't unbound her from her ice shackles. This time, she didn't lose her cool and took a sitting position before the ice completely obstructed her movements. "Remember, two free rounds after this to kill it. Its already won." she muttered with a pleased grin. ID# 117368 LD 1 Frozen [0 EVA/-3 DMG] Scald auto success +12 HP HB -1 ACC/EVA (TR) +1 ACC (KEN)
  4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    "Alright lets wait a bit before finishing the segment, we can do it next round. I want to see what its gonna throw at us before we spawn more adds." she said looking over her shoulder. "Try not to waste too many resources on the fish people last one was a little overkill. We're almost there.." she added, though looking at their party stats it looked like she was the only one in danger of running out of energy soon. With a sigh she materialized another crystal in her palm and crushed it against Sey's shoulder. "How's it feel to have your HP fluctuating so much? Exciting isn't it?" she asked with a grin before starting her dash towards the segment. Her weapon went ablaze in a black hue as she discharged a series of stabs into the segment, depleting over a third of its HP bar. "I think with a couple more attacks its done. Looks like its not going to let us finish it that easily." she said to no one in particular, mentally prepping for the incoming retaliation. +12 HP (HB proc) -1 ACC/EVA (TR) +88 HP @Sey (#83535 [Crystal] + Life Mending) ID# 117056 BD: 9 (6+5-2, KEN & FLN proc) Sword Art: Dimension Stampede x15(25 +6) =465 -50 =415 DMG @Segment 3 -17 EN +1 ACC (KEN)
  5. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    "Well just have to make our own luck then.Let's keep on with it! " muttered the blonde as she, as she passed by Domarus in her way to the leviathan's head. Luckily, she wouldn't have to be concerned about her energy for a while so now she would try to go all out again. She let out vicious warcry as she unleashed her sword art yet again. 'Tsk.' the black flames didn't accompany her weapon this time making her ask herself in jest if this damn unyielding rain managed to extinguish them. Her question was answered the moment she saw Zandra AOE-ing around with the effect she too desired. Despite their odds, they would have to try and see this through since the party was only halfway the boss' main HP. She let out a sigh as she once again noticed that the damage they kept pumping into the segments did seem to affect in the slightest the 'head's' hp, only making it lower down. +1 EN -1 ACC/EVA (TR) ID# 116729 BD: 9 (4+5, KEN proc) Sword Art: Dimension Stampede x15(25) =375 *2 =700 DMG @Leviathan -17 EN
  6. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    The blonde let out a pleased smile as she noticed her energy recovering despite all the debuffs this boss was throwing at them. "Nice.." she thought as she readied her weapon to strike again. A couple of lights caught her attention as she recognized the teleportation visual effect taking place around the battlefield. Until now unconsciously ignored the other parties' health bars but once their 'tank' started dipping into the red zone she glanced around her. While, except Sey, most of them we're doing fine HP wise most of the raid party was taking a serious beating. There was reluctant talks about retreating in her party. "We'll beat it. We can do it! Even if we'll be the last one's standing." said the blonde confidently and albeit a bit more aggressive than she intended. "The rain... not even the boss is the major issue here, our only weakness is that damn freezing blast." she added before running towards the fragment and finishing off its remaining hp with a pole vault, digging the black soles of her military style boots deep into its skin. "If I remember right we have one of the best healers here." she said as she walked in front of @Zandra. Smirking as she saw the segment associated debuff disappear. "Plus I'm here to help with that.." she added as she materialized yet another crystal and threw it, baseball style, at the ice cube that was currently their tank. "Don't get cold feet now, you hear me @Sey!!! We need all hands on deck to pump as much damage as we can." the fragile crystal turned into dust upon impact and replenished some of his HP. ID# 116487 LD: 21 (17+3+1) NO Frostbite +12 HP (HB proc) -1 ACC/EVA (TR) ID# 116488 BD: 7 (7+5+1-2, FLN proc) Sword Art: Dancing Spear x6(25+6) =186 -50 =136 DMG @Segment 3 -6 EN +88 HP @Sey (#53194 [Crystal] + Life Mending)
  7. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    The latest attack freed the blonde from her ice shell, for which she was grateful but anger quickly returned as she gritted her teeth and eyed her assailant. " How dare you turn me into a aisudōru*. " she shouted, letting her accent unintentionally slip with the last word. She was about to blindly charge at the leviathan that was way out of reach when she noted a new icon appeared next to her status bar. This one lowered her damaged... considerably. On top of that strange new appearances resulted from the boss' body made their way into the battlefield. These new unknowns complicated the already complex situation currently around them and the blonde, against her first impulse, decided to stand her blade. They already reduced half its HP so it wasn't a coincidence that these new water forms, which had hp bars, made their appearance. Decided not to take any chances the blonde materialized a small crystal which she shattered in her hand and afterwards entered a defensive stance. If anything unexpected was going to come at her, she would return the damage in kind. "I'll give ya the next ones." she muttered without a obvious target. She let out a small smile as she heard fellow team members going along with Z's plan. TL Note: aisudōru = ice doll Parry: Vengeful Riposte +40 HP #53058 [Cristal] +12 HP (HB proc) -1 ACC/EVA (TR) +1 ACC (Keen) -3 DMG (Frostbite)
  8. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    What is your/your character's alignment?

    Neutral Evil Neutral Evil- A neutral evil villain does whatever he can get away with. He is out for himself, pure and simple. He sheds no tears for those he kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. He has no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make him any better or more noble. On the other hand, he doesn't have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has. Some neutral evil villains hold up evil as an ideal, committing evil for its own sake. Most often, such villains are devoted to evil deities or secret societies. Neutral evil is the best alignment you can be because you can advance yourself without regard for others. However, neutral evil can be a dangerous alignment because it represents pure evil without honor and without variation. Detailed Results: Alignment: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXX (8) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXX (10) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXX (3) Neutral - XXXXXXXX (8) Chaos --- XXXXXXXX (8) Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXX (5) Neutral - XXXXXXX (7) Evil ---- XXXXXXXXX (9) Well... ummmm... ok... interesting So one of the few things keeping Ariel from being chaotic evil is her lack of "love for conflict", though it was a close result. Also I crossed out the stuff I disagree with in the conclusion.
  9. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    The rain kept pouring mercilessly onto them with no sign of stopping. The blonde would examine the weapon on her hand and pull on her spartan cape, the sharp black obsidian and blood red colors were beginning to get tinted by a horrible rust tone. She would feel her movements get sluggish with each passing second: "This isn't how I imagined my return." she muttered as the blonde pulled up her inventory in hopes of finding something that can possibly help revitalize her. "Maybe I missed something out..." she hoped but to no avail. She would hear faint cracking noises around her, too late noticing that the boss' latest attack managed hit her harder than before. " Hnnngggrrrr. " she futilely tried to struggle against the encompassing ice forming on her equipment. Soon enough her actions were sealed in a block of ice, similar to she had seen happening to people around here. She'd notice a set of debuffs appearing next to her HP bar. All she could make was a enraged expression before completely becoming a ice sculpture. ID# 115695 LD: 12 (8+4) Frozen [0 EVA/-3 DMG] +12 HP HB [+1 ACC Keen]
  10. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    Taking one more look at her half depleted the blonde gritted her teeth in frustration. she'd run out of energy before they got into the last stage of the fight. "Chikushou*..." she muttered as she relaxed her stance; the though of standing by crossed her mind but with even her passive energy recovery denied, she couldn't do it. Giving up wasn't really her style so the blonde nodded @Domarus, once again strengthen her resolve and dashed towards her designated target, the segment around them. With an annoyed expression, the blonde delivered one powerful thrust that barely managed to deal some damage past its mitigation. "Its not much but I need to conserve energy for the big guy. I'll leave the adds in your care." she added in a matter-of-factly. Having a bit of time to think, the current layout of the teams worked against them. Seeing the pattern of the attacks, ideally you'd put all the dps in a group and have them ignore their segment and attack only the head when they others rotate on defeating the segment. *Chikushou! - jap. "Damn it!!" [Burned 2/2] -6 HP= (40-27)/2 (27 PRB & Snowfrost) +12 HP (HB proc) ID# 115567 BD: 7 (3+6-2, KEN proc) Sword Art: Fatal Thrust x3(25) =75 - 50 =25 DMG @Segment 3 -3 EN
  11. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Face Claim Thread

    Ariel: Jeanne d'Arc - Fate/Grand Order Variations: Ruler / Archer / Alter / Berserker Alter
  12. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    "You gotta be ******* kidding me!" shouted the blonde as she took almost the full brunt of the boss' new attack. This time she didn't get off so easily as two new status effects were added next to her health bar. Despite the apparent ferocity of the attack the effects weren't that bad, or at least that was what she thought at the beginning. Losing a bit of hp wasn't a bit deal as the blonde knew her cape's enhancements would restore a good amount of it. She was less than pleased to find out that it the amount of hp restored had been halved. She decided to test something out before attacking as their 'impromptu tank' took some beating himself. Slowly walking towards Sey from behind, she materialized a crystal in her free hand and slapped it to bits against his back. "Hang in there champ, we're a long way from being done here." she said with a smirk, eyeing the almost depleted first HP bar of the boss. "Just returning the favor. You need these more than me.. I'll probably have to save some energy for later." she added as she walked past it, the remains of the healing item in her hand dissipating while her cape flared red under, showing that its life mending effect boosted the item's healing output. Next she rushed towards the boss and unleashed the same sword art as she did before. She clicked her tongue as the black spear didn't seem in the mood to show its dark aura as before, still dealing a large amount of damage despite it Scald ID# 115349 LD: 14= 10 +3 +1 (Survival & EVA) [Burned 1/2] -6 HP= (40-27)/2 (27 PRB & Snowfrost) +12 HP (HB proc) +88 HP @Sey (#53057 [Crystal] + Life Mending) ID# 115351 BD: 10 (3+6+1) Sword Art: Dimensional Stampede x15(25) =375 x2 =750 DMG @Leviathan -17 EN
  13. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    For as while, the battle was going surprisingly well... was. The blonde frowned at the chained of events that unfolded in front of her. Luckily their group had been able to destroy their segment but as she saw before, it spawned a party of land walking fish along with the segment part replenishing its hp and gaining a strange glow. She expected them to attack them immediately and braced for it but instead looked at their snake master. "So it wants to go again?" thought the blonde with a smirk, expecting the same water attack. The first players to get hit by the frost wave froze to the ground. She'd notice that even Calrex, who'd be accustomed to taking blows, struggled against the it... to not be turned into a popsickle. Some less fortune souls were instantly eaten by the attack, one of her teammate as well. She'd feel a chill touch her face and her red cape beginning to frost. "Oh!" she exclaimed as one of her buffs was removed. "So no second chances uh? Well, at least it won't take me off guard now." Before she'd have time to think about how to better tackle this situation, she saw her teammates blindly rushing. A long sigh escaped the blonde as she watched them act.. with varying degrees of success. Sey seemed committed to his tank role while Zandra took charge of the fishmen. "Doesn't look like its working for ya today!" she shouted, as she started running towards @Itzal. "Doke!*" she added as she ran past him and jumped on top of the frozen @Domarus, using him as stepping stone to propel herself in the snake's face. Staring the Leviathan dead in the eyes she unleashed her most powerful sword art, once again removing a significant chunk out of its health bars. With a smirk, she blew off the remaining effect of fallen damage off her weapon and watched her party's status. " @Zandracould you finish the other two? the rest of us can probably handle the segment. " she showed a displeased expression as she noticed her energy bar plummeting with each sword art she was using. *Doke! - jap. "Get out of the way!!" ID# 115329 BD: 10 (8+6+1, KEN & FLN proc) +1 HP (HB proc) Sword Art: Dimensional Stampede x15(25+8) =495 x2 =990 DMG @Leviathan
  14. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR - F24] Paving the way to Floor 25 (Floor 24 Boss Battle - Leviathan)

    Ariel watched as another team finished off a segment and braced herself for the aftermath. The rain seemed like nothing more of a visual factor but the tailor's keen eye would notice the abnormal effects it would have over their equipment. With a smirk, she reiterated and even entertained the idea of changing into a bikini. However all those idle thoughts faded as she saw the boss' head closing in on the players and the health bars turning green. Two of her teammates seem to have the same idea as her and blindly rushed at it, missing their target completely. "You guys should stick to tanking if you're going to pull off stunts like that." Then she would turn around and should to the remainder of the team: "Someone better finish of that segment too!" then she would charge the Leviathan who had been gracious enough to offer her head to her. "Itadaku!*" she shouted with a grin as she unleashed a devastating blow, removing a sizable chunk of its hp. *Itadaku! - jap. "I'll take it!" ID# 115075 BD: 10 (6+6+1, FLN proc) +1 HP (HB proc) Sword Art: Dimensional Stampede x15(25+5+8) =570 x2 =1140 DMG @Leviathan
  15. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    STAFF WANTED- Project "Alicization"

    The latest season of the SAO franchise, titled Sword Art Online Alicization, finished airing a while ago and I for one was pleased with its adaptation. However the anime itself glanced over some details which are actually very interesting. So it has been decided to make an attempt of recreating and developing the <Alicization> arc as a text-based roleplay forum similar to what www.sao-rpg.com is now. Until now, the only material that could be used were the light novels (SAO volumes 9-18) which contain, along the main storyline, a lot of world building elements and descriptions. Now we also have the anime that can be used as a audio-visual 'resume' of vol. 9-14 (though they skipped past half of volume 10), so there is a lot more material to help develop this "Underworld", as it is called. If I were to make a comparison with the flying castle "Aincrad", <Alicization> would be less complex (numerically) and more story driven since "Underworld" is such a unique environment that offers a multitude of possibilities. Less complex means that there will be only a fraction of the stats currently present in SAO. First of all there is no menu window, but a 'Stacia Window' that will show 3 stats for 'people' and 2 for objects. For a resident of the Underworld, Object Control Authority allows you to use a object with equal or lower Class value. Durability represents 'health'. And here's where Underworld adds a element of novelty towards what Aincrad has, the System Control Authority allows you to use Sacred Arts that the residents of Underworld believe to be magic rituals. So yes, 'magic' is a thing and it can be used in something simple as from lighting up a stick or prediction of weather. Up to more complex sacred arts like teleportation, healing, creation of items out of apparently thin air and even something as drastic as altering someone's personality. Lots of possibilities and variations that will be heavily regulated and restricted since magic can be a overpowered element in roleplay. But while magic is diverse «Secret Art Finishing Moves» or just «secret moves» ,as Sword Skills are known to the Underworld inhabitants, discovered through trial and error are usually a one hit combo. To use higher hit combo secret moves requires a higher weapon class and thus the user's own high System control authority. I'm going to let you in on a little secret, even if stats determine the 'power' of a secret move. One could temporarily overcome this limitation and increase the secret move(or sacred art)'s power, if certain conditions are met so that Incarnation can occur. But nothing of the sort will be available at the beginning. ANYWAY, I'm going off topic... you got the gist of it. Developing all this alone is extremely hard and time consuming so I want to assemble a small team to iron out the base of the Alicization universe and do a beta test that will involve a small number of players roleplaying 'the myth of creation'. There aren't any requirements for joining but at least having watched the anime and/or reading the Light novels/manga would make a good starting point. If this post peaked your interest and you'd like to join in the development of this budding project, send me a PM here on the forum or contact me via Discord tag Turbostar#8810. or comment here. I'm open to questions! Website where we're gonna work: https://worldseed.sao-rpg.com/forum/10-underworld/