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  1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Ariel's crafts and loot

    Item Name: Textile Squares Profession: Weaver Quantity: 5 Craft IDs: 160381, 160382, 160383, 160384, 160385 Post Links:
  2. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

  3. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F22] The Black Odyssey (R1/R5[Max]/Merchants)

    With a quick glance over wares, Ariel nods, satisfied with the quality. "Umu!" she adds, making a mental note of the location and the names for the next time she needs a merchant's services. She'll make sure to send out someone in her stead for these more menial tasks as she would soon find herself busy. "Thank you. I'll see that we'll be doing more business from now on." A small wave accompanying her departure, the blonde takes a large breath as she is faced with the slightly chill but pleasant evening wind. "Let's see, where onto now..."
  4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F22] The Black Odyssey (R1/R5[Max]/Merchants)

    It was pretty convenient now that Ariel knew Firm Anima's guildhall was literally in her backyard. It gave her easy access to one of the best mercantile guild, thanks to Raidou. As an event was full ongoing, Ariel decided to stick with her new red flower themed kimono as she took a break from the festivities to do some light shopping. She stood in front of a japanese themed shop for a second, admiring the aesthetics, before entering. A couple of NPC helpers greeting her remind the blonde of of another pair of assistants from a certain alchemist shop, evoking a short giggle from the blonde as she waved at them. With a clear goal in mind her gaze momentarily wanders as she goes to the desk and orders 45 Tier 1 Materials.
  5. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Ariel's crafts and loot

    Item Name: Textile Squares Profession: Weaver Quantity: 7 Craft IDs: 159974, 159976, 159977, 159978, 159980, 159981, 159983 Post Links:
  6. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

  7. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Ariel's crafts and loot

    Item Name: Textile Squares Profession: Weaver Quantity: 8 Craft IDs: 159743, 159744, 159745, 159746, 159747, 159748, 159752, 159753 Post Links:
  8. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

  9. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F21-PP] Currency through Blood (Nature's Treasure)

    Watching him slip, the blonde was about to reach out and ask if her fellow tank was ok but she never got a chance as two of the long legged mobs went for the lioness, catching her off guard. She received the full eight combo hit from from the first one then calmly sidestepped the next attack, evading it completely. "That was close.." she affirmed as she prepared for another attack. A quick check of her health bar showed that she took some damage but she also saw a significant chunk of her health getting restored as her newly aquired max battle healing rank kicked in. She just scuffed and went in for another round, attacking first the pair of mobs that dared to target her, making sure to aim so that she could remove at least a couple of legs. She the backed off as soon as she could move, her breathing steady but with fire in her eyes, similar to Raidou's. Seems they were on the same wavelengths about receiving the attacks. Ariel activates Weeping Moon! (2,2,3,2) Ariel | HP:1435/1590 | EN:104/156 (-13) | DMG:24(+4) | MIT:0 | ACC:4(5) | AA | LD:11 | BH:79 (3,1,1,3) Raidou | HP:1170/1170 | EN:68/114 | DMG:21 | MIT:144 | EVA:3 | ACC:4 | TAUNT | BH:58 | VENGEFUL Spider 1 | HP: 321/1050 (-216) | DMG: 234 Spider 2 | HP: 537/1050 (-216) | DMG: 234 Spider 3 | HP: 555/1050 (-216) | DMG: 234 Spider 4 | HP: 321/1050 (-216) | DMG: 234
  10. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F22 - PP] A solid foundation for a brighter future «King of Lakes»

    As they finished off 'their majesty', the blonde let her tall weapon return to her inventory, freeing her hands. She could see that Assassin felt a little under the weather so she got close and gave her a big bear hug: "It's ok, I just got a scared when the system assist didn't let me interrupt the sword art." she said while gently caressing her hair, her hand landing on her scarred cheek which the blonde brushed against with her thumb. The blonde glanced towards Raidou who was accepting the rewards from the fisherman NPC, her eyebrows slightly raised as she remember something, getting visibly excited as she adressed the party: "OH! Since we're here I want to show you guys something too!" she chimed as she started leading the way through the Forest of Memories. It was a short walk from the lake and the players could hear, alongside the wildlife, the sound of a waterfall in the distance. Once they've reached the intended place, the players could see a small valley extending in front of them with a small river arching along the clearing. Sakura trees covering the left area next to a small shrine, an odd looking abandoned building near the opposite end to where they stood. To the right, they could see the framework for a couple of new japanese style buildings, one near one of the banks of the river that looked like a player housing and another, smaller one, near the middle of the valley next to the crossroads. The blonde took a few steps ahead then turned around and opened her arms: "Welcome to the Shirajishi Valley! Home to the soon to be finished Shirajishi-ryu Estate." she grinned at Raidou: "I put the money we gathered to good use!" Scuffed Map for reference:
  11. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Ariel's crafts and loot

    Item Name: Textile Squares Profession: Weaver Quantity: 6 Craft IDs: 159361, 159355, 159350, 159360, 159353, 159352 Post Links:
  12. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

  13. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [OP-F24] Casting a long shadow <<Floor 25 Boss Meeting>>

    She would've hoped that everyone would understand where she was going for without Mari having to clarify what removal meant. Nonetheless, while she continued listening to the rest, the blonde noted that someone she wasn't familiar with seemed to ask more details about the scouts' encounter. She was happy to provide answers for @NIGHT to the best of her abilities when prompted: "Empty.. so to speak, except for Orgoth and Shadow... yes. Last thing I saw was Orgoth engaging the shadow and aiding our escape." They shouldn't need to fear the orbs since no more NPCs would be present when the raid happens, the shadow minions didn't drop any when she personally killed a couple. She nodded at the question asked to her and added: "We only saw the minotaurs fighting the dragon drop it, that's all. Also I'd like to mention that he never attempted to possess any of the scouts, at any time." As Mac and Morgestern chimed in, she had to agree with the latter which provided on point boss abilities they had witnessed, so she would nod in agreement with her eyes closed. As the list was being passed on, she took a moment before signing in her place. It felt a little weird for her to put her name in the tanks slot but it was a necessity she would adapt to now that her DPS was maxed out. TANKS -Shield -Morgenstern -Ariel OFF TANKS -Yuki DPS -Mari HEALER OFF HEALER -Mari
  14. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [PP-F9] Chasing Anomalies

    The blonde slightly tilted her head at the name that Crow mentioned then half smiled. She thought that the katana was more versatile than a scythe or a spear but any weapon's effectiveness depended on the wielder so she would shrug off his remark. She instead took interest on Arabelle's planning for their future fight and watched her as she gathered one more quest item. "I never fought with debuffs... Feel free to do what you feel it's best." she said with a prideful smile, thinking that she could handle the phoenix alone if needed. She also admitted the first part halfheartedly, knowing about their existence but never actively seeking to use them. Coining the fact that the pinkette was a performer for another time, maybe she'll start using them more after this fight. "I can handle its aggro." she boldly claimed, raising her hands and spinning the shiny golden ring around her index with her thumb. It redirected the little light around them straight in Crowzeph's eyes to get his attention and proving the item's effectiveness.(item description) "I brought this expecting to tank for this quest." She then nodded to Arabelle's last question. While music wasn't her hobby she found the generic fantasy tunes in this worlds a bit dull and was curious as to what a performer would play. The blonde would then peer around then and pick a item that her search skill prompted. The blonde slightly grinned as after a few brushed it was revealed to be another gem they needed. "I found another one!" she chimed. ID# 159310 LD: 13 +5 Material found! 5/5 Quest Materials
  15. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F01 - PP] A flower is the «Secret Medicine of the Forest» ?

    The blonde returned the nod with a wink: "Yep!" was her curt reply to his question as she'd sprint by his side, catching up in a heartbeat. She found it easy to keep the pace with him thanks to the physical improvements resulted from the various mods she possessed. She once again appreciated his cautiousness, despite being a low level quest where they faced no real danger. Unlike her, he didn't seem to get lost in the bloodlust that overcomes some who start fighting and see how easy is to slay monsters. This was one of her own faults and where others would see see running away as cowardice, she'd see it as a cautious virtue. It didn't take long for them to return to the quest NPC to give them the item. While the blonde would get little to no rewards, she was happy with the thought that ChaseR would've gotten a taste of how combat felt, knowing herself how important that first time was for her. "So, you had fun?" she asked with a grin.