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  1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR-F25] And a Shadow Attend (Labyrinth Guardian)

    Before her next attack, the blonde took in the current status of the fight. 'It's going pretty damn well...' she thought with a smirk while watching the feline like reaction of the dragon. Once again her thoughts went to Kimba who compared to the dragon before them seemed less savage and more noble. 'Should've brought her here to have some fun.' Ariel considered as she braced herself for the second wave of flames. Second time didn't seem as bad though she lightly cursed under her breath for not being able to completely evade the attack, again. Ariel looked at her hands as everyone was engulfed in a green hue, their HP bars being restored by their designed tank. Smiling, she raised a thumb and winked at Hestia in acknowledgement of her statement. She lowered her center of mass and brought her feathered spear behind her as she dashed towards their foe, ready to retaliate. "You're all bark but not bite, my pet cat is scarier than you!" shouted Ariel as she jumped into the at in front of the dragon and activated her sword art, striking its head. She could feel her spearhead not connecting through the obsidian scaled armor but she pushed on and forced herself to redirect the last stab of her combo directly into the dragon's eyeball where she felt the sensation of her weapon piercing the unprotected orb. With hopes that she managed to momentarily reduce its visibility, the blonde used the last part of her telegraphed sword art to distance herself from it. With a little luck its impaired vision would discommode the drake's next attack on Hestia and the rest. ID# 136031 BD: 10 (1+1+3+2, Keen proc.) Dimension Stampede - x15 (24) =360 -150 =210 DMG @Nihilim +1 EN +40 HP | BH + HB -14 EN +2 ACC [3] Baldur: HP 1540/1540 | EN 97/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 3/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX (9-10) 23 -12 EN, +1 EN [8] Hestia: HP: 1970/1970 | EN: 135/176 DMG:17 MIT:214 THRN: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1 BH: 98 Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT redux Hate: +2 Snowfrost: 1/2 fire dmg Antidote: 3 [4] Ariel: HP: 1630/1630 | EN 113/140 | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | Abs Acc +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRNS | +4 FLN (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10) | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 [3] Morgenstern: HP 1680/1680 | EN 110/138 | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10) [6] Macradon: HP 1885/1885 | EN 173/187 | 23 DMG | 127 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 94 BH | 50 Immolation THRNS | 36 Frost THRNS (21 on crit) | 6 Freeze 0/2 | Antidote 1 | Justified Riposte | +12 Holy | Phase | Disguise | +1 Hate | -1 Energy Cost 0/2 | -3 Energy Cost | 6 Recovery [4] Zandra: HP 2,020/2,020 | EN 173/187 | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS | Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants | Well rested 3/3
  2. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR-F25] And a Shadow Attend (Labyrinth Guardian)

    Watching the dragon shake the dizziness away reminded the blonde of the times she had to deal with a wet Kimba... she'd grimace at the recollection and steel herself while inadvertently sighing: "not another one..." She shook her head to banish the association and was thankful that bathing KImba was only a matter of unfortunate happenings rather than a hygiene issue in this game Looking around, she would see everyone get really into the role of the dragon slayer, except for herself. Mac trying to motivate the rest, Zandra and Hestia both taunting the beast while Morgenstern seemed to be more focused on his own flashy thing. She turned towards Baldur and pointed her thumb towards the dragon, she was about to call out a attack plan. Gritting her teeth, she tried to avoid the incoming wave of molten rock, using every bit of a acrobatics but failing unceremoniously as her whole right side got covered in lava. Intense heat assailed her senses and she was for once that the game's unrealistic design. She took a few moments to not shout, out of frustration. As she recovered, with a annoyed expression she continued with her plan. "Let's each take a flank @Baldur. " dashing towards the dragon's left side, trying to damage its underbelly as it was still recovering from the previous attack. As soon as she got into the position she was aiming for, she slid on the ground below the dragon and activated her sword art. The earlier frown turned into a smirk as she saw the critical marker added to her hits. She'd hope it was distracted enough by the rest so that she could remove herself from there or risk being literally stomped on. ID# 135737 BD: 10 (Keen & Toxic Venom proc.) Dimension Stampede - x15 (24 +2) =390 -150 =240 DMG +24 DoT3 @Nihilim +1 EN +16 HP | BH +24 HP | HB -14 EN +2 ACC [1] Baldur: HP 1540/1540 | EN 119/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 3/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX (9-10) 23 -12 EN, +1 EN [8] Hestia: HP: 1696/1970 | EN: 164/176 DMG:17 MIT:214 THRN: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1 BH: 98 Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT redux Hate: +2 Snowfrost: 1/2 fire dmg Antidote: 3 [3] Ariel: HP: 1546/1630 | EN 113/140 | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | Abs Acc +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRNS | +4 FLN (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10) | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 [3] Morgenstern: HP 1680/1680 | EN 110/138 | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10) [5] Macradon: HP 1867/1885 | EN 182/187 | 23 DMG | 127 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 94 BH | 50 Immolation THRNS | 36 Frost THRNS (21 on crit) | 6 Freeze 0/2 | Antidote 1 | Justified Riposte | +12 Holy | Phase | Disguise | +1 Hate | -1 Energy Cost 0/2 | -3 Energy Cost | 6 Recovery [3] Zandra: HP 2,020/2,020 | EN 180/187 | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS | Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants | Well rested 2/3
  3. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F11 - NYL - PP] New Friendships, Maybe?

    The blonde accepted the highly specific reward the old man had given her and nodded with a grateful "Arigato..." sending the slip of paper to her inventory after reading the details. She pondered for a second on how the change would affect her build and if she should trusts the NPC or dig around some more before using the item. Nonetheless she waved and send off the old man with a smile, seeing she had given each of the three a gift of some sort. His words engraved in her memory for the future to come. "Frontlines..." muttered the blonde, a tinge of guilt in her tone. "For a stealth user, I think the greatest help would come in scouting the labyrinth guardian and the way until the boss entrance. Then once you maximize your weapon and armor skills to ensure you're being useful and have a chance to survive the fight." she let the simple yet crucial advice sink in, while the blonde herself took a long sip from her cocoa. @Azhoda @Lethia
  4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR-F25] And a Shadow Attend (Labyrinth Guardian)

    The blonde watched as the dragon dropped from its seat of reign in the skies and instinctively covered her ears and gritted her teeth at its thunderous roar. By the time she recovered, she would watch the other party members charge in and attack de now defenceless drake. Was she the only one hesitant about this? With a sigh, she would watch even the self-entitled red dragoness getting excited over the prospect of slaying the noble animal. Ariel only hoped that they wouldn't meet the same fate as the minotaurs that tried to do the same before them. She took a low stance and charged towards their target. Now, she has to push back her reluctance and commit with the rest. Using her charge skill, Ariel leaves a dark crimson streak behind as she faced their foe and gracefully unleashes her strongest sword art upon it. Despite her doubts, her muscle memory acted flawlessly and with help of the sword arts' system assist she had dealt the maximum damage output as black flames engulfed the golden tip of her new spear, as a sizeable chunk Nihilim's health bars was removed after her attack. ID# 135625 BD: 8+3-1 (FLN & Keen proc.) Dimension Stampede - x15 (24 +4 +5) =495 -75 =420 DMG @Nihilim -14 EN +2 ACC
  5. 11:40 AM. Outside, the late autumn sun was slowly but surely making way towards its zenith above the japanese soil. Bathing the few scattered cherry trees in the garden with a golden radiance, it let everyone know that spring was in full bloom. Silence, the only thing disturbed by the birds that didn’t left for warmer places this year. If one were to listen carefully, they could hear some small echoes of shouting and clashing wood sounds coming from a dojo located in the same garden. A small annex to the main house that was architecturally based on a sukiya-zukuri1 with various european influences, like a chimney. The morning training which usually lasts from early sunrise until noon with a light breakfast pause around half past nine, was almost finished. But neither sparring partner seemed to notice the flow of time as they continue pouring all their focus into their actions: striking, parrying or evading the other in an attempt to get an edge and outmaneuver the opponent; this would happen more often than the two would like to recognize. Usually a certain blackhaired woman in traditional wear, someone dear to both of them, would almost soundlessly open the sliding doors and distract them from their daily routine. Today, following her usual pattern, she would to be coming in around fifteen minutes from now. If you were to watch the pair as they were skillfully exchanging blows, you would notice that one of them had the natural advantage of being taller and bulkier than the other; then after taking a closer look, unfortunately more skilled than his opponent. Usually he would adjust his skills to match the other's but today he notices that his partner was being more careless than usual, making unnecessary movements, half-baked strikes and not paying attention at all to their stance. It was clear as daylight that something was distracting the person and that slightly annoyed him. After easily evading one of the poorly thought attempts to strike his lower right side he seized the opportunity and thrusted his wooden training sword aiming at his opponent’s head, stopping a couple of centimeters in front of the their blue training mask. His opponent drops their stance and lowers their own training sword, their shoulders slumping as they sighted. With a gentle smile the man lightly taps his opponent’s forehead with the tip of his sword, while looking towards the garden, outside. He lets out a short sigh as well, putting away his training sword and removing his red mask: “Okay training is over for today, you're head is in another place and I know exactly where. I know I shouldn’t have agreed to let you get that game. I don’t know why you even play those things when you get real life fencing training with a dashingly handsome master swordsman like me.” he over exaggerated via words and gestures by presumptuously posing, letting them know that despite what he said he wasn't upset at then for it. He couldn’t see right away his partner’s reaction as they both were still wearing mask but later noticed that his words had some effect, as his former opponent lowered their head and turned around, placing the bamboo training sword into its proper holder by the wall. Facing the winner of today's 'match' once again, they begins removing the mask’s restrains. Blond hair starts flowing from beneath until it reaches full lenght, covering their shoulders and a their back. The hairstyle was similar to their mother's in almost all aspects but one, the blonde colouring was one of the few traits they have inherited from the man in front of them, who also started taking his mask off. The second feature that immediately catches any observer’s attention is the color of their eyes, a highly unusual silver nuanced iris with a discreet tinge of sea blue. The owner raiser their eyebrow and after a curt nod their spoke, slight annoyance in their tone: “I understand and I’m sorry, master. Thank you for your ‘kind’ words, I tried to explain that I'm looking for something else in these games but you father, remain indifferent and keep asking me the same question over and over again. I’ve giving up in trying to explain to you what I’m looking for.” “Oh! my Kayla looks so scary when she treats me this way… go and play that game you’ve kept talking about with your mom. You know I’m not up-to-date with that type of stuff, in my times we had computer games true; but not this complex things. From what I heard, this helmet thingy you use, knocks you out, inducing something like a controlled coma. Then feeds computer generated images and sounds directly to the brain, simulating real life sensations to some degree, right? Dad doesn't really like all of this...” Responded her father: Eugene D’Sole, trying hard to formulate his words similarly to what he heard from his daughter Kayla Ariel D’Sole and his wife Hanami. He would hear them talk about the latest trends in fashion (and sometimes technology) throughout dinner, after evening training ended. He too wanted to join them sometimes but those topics were out of his conservative profession's area and he couldn't find the time to 'study' them. He could use his personal computer and the internet for business related affairs but that was about all he used it for. While his wife was very interested in all kinds of articles that she read on a daily basis. He was grateful for that, as they possibly wouldn't have meet if she didn't attend that tournaments that was mostly advertised online. A few minutes after the exchange the two finished cleaning the practice area and would leave the dojo, each with their own schedule. Today Eugene opting to surprise his wife with a kiss on the cheek from behind as he finished earlier. He would hum a slow tune from his home country as he would dance with her around the kitchen afterwards. Kayla would return to her room with a smile, despite her father's musings and prepare for the big day ahead.
  6. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR-F25] And a Shadow Attend (Labyrinth Guardian)

    As she was getting closer to examine one of the crystals, it suddenly caught a life of its on, emanating some somber energy. Sensing something amiss, the blonde started running towards the nearest one but failed to grab onto it as it seemed to be pulled towards the dragon's corpse. She watched with gritted teeth as the rest followed suit and merged? with the corpse. The blonde stared as the dragon reanimated itself, roaring a warning showing its intent towards them. "Kore wa mazui....." she muttered as she balled her hand in a fist, the blonde's gaze trailing the dragon. The red marker showing that there was no way they could try to reason with the flying beast. She nodded to Baldur with only a quick glance behind at the ballista and bolded to help him. "I'm with you!" said the blonde as she helped him list a bold and bring it next to the medieval contraption. "Just so we are on the same page... Are we really gonna try and slay a dragon with this?" she asked reluctantly as they carried the bolt. TL Note: "Kore wa mazui....." - 'This is bad. (We are in a difficult situation.)' ID#135329 LD: 2 ( I cri everytim) Baldur HP 1540/1540 | EN 130/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM5 | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX (9-10) 23 Hestia: HP: 1970/1970 | EN: 176/176 DMG:17 MIT:214 THRN: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1 BH: 98 Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT redux Hate: +2 Snowfrost: 1/2 fire dmg Antidote: 3 Ariel HP: 1630/1630 | EN 140/140 | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | AA +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRNS | +4 Fallen (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10) | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 Morgenstern HP 1680/1680 | EN 138/138 | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10) Macradon HP 1885/1885 | EN 187/187 | 23 DMG | 127 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | Zandra HP 2,020/2,020 | EN 187/187 | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS | Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants | Well rested 3/3 Group Total: 21 LD
  7. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [BR-F25] And a Shadow Attend (Labyrinth Guardian)

    The blonde watched with repulsion as the minotaurs tormented the dragon with the ballista, a faint smile escaping her lips as they meet their end by its last dying act of rebellion. Her fingers danced through the cooling darkness that surrounded them, eyeing their HPs she noticed that it only affected the attacking NPCs. Next her attention went towards the orbs left behind. Curious how only those were left behind, the timing of the events happening as they discovered the entrance. Taking Mac's example she scavaged her inventory for any leftover items and found but two of them, she'd use one as she listened to the rest strategize. She picked up some extra items from Baldur snf Zandra boosting her stats by a bit. After a few moments she also switched her weapon, seeing this as a good chance to test her new weapon for the first time. She summoned the golden tipped spear and smiled as her free hand caressed the feathered decorations. She noticed someone looking at her and let a smile as the blonde saw the greek markings on her armor. She got close to @Hestia and slightly turning around, she pointed at her red cape... more specifically at the spartan mark on it. "We match." She then nodded to Baldur's instruction. "Leave the boss to me! Ready to go!" Stats Ariel | 1630/1630 HP | 140/140 EN | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | AA +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRN | +4 Fallen (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10) | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 Items from Baldur: ≪Field Rations +2≫ | +120 Max HP [Consumable] ≪Immolation Potion +2≫ | 50 "Thorns" Damage [Consumable] Items from Zandra: ≪Vicious Dragon Fang Potion≫ | +3 Dmg [Potion] ≪Superior potion of hard dragonscale≫ | +30 Mit [Potion] ≪Superior crystal of the Powerful blood dragon≫ | +90 Max HP [Potion] ≪Superior venom protection≫ | Antidote | Antidote [Salve] ≪Superior dragon venom≫ | T3 Toxic Venom Ariel Joins The Fight!
  8. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F02 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.2: Deadly Cuteness <<DHA: 2>>

    The party slowly but surely finds its way towards the small farming hamlet with long rolling fields of crops just outside the Marome fortress itself. Even as she spotted the first houses the blonde noticed a subtle change in the settlement's mood. This didn't feel like the usual happy going typical RPG village she had seen many times before, only black ashes remained of some of the outer crops. The NPCs seemed to avoid going outside and were always in a rush, their eyes mostly on the blue horizon. She'd overlook a faint plume of smoke, visible in her peripheral vision, as someone approached them. It was an elderly looking NPC with a impressive snow white beard that would put even vikings to shame. Leaning on his cane, he hailed the party as he came to a stop and started stroking his majestic beard, concern mixed with urgency visible in his tone: "Adventurers, you should hurry on inside the fortress. I'm afraid it's not safe to hang about this place, we're all in grave danger." The blonde couldn't help herself to softly whisper: "Bingo!" as she listened to him.
  9. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [PP-F24] Deja-vu? <<Raging Rhino>>

    The blonde listened to her words and nodded, after a few cautious glances around them she leaned forwards and muttered in a low voice: "To be honest, this hasn't happened the first time I was here. I left after defeating the rhino with only the crowd's cheer behind me. No extra rounds and certainly no random 'announcer' that seems to be pulling the strings around here." Ariel wasn't sure what to make of it herself, it wouldn't be the first time the Cardinal decided to modify the questline. Maybe this was the price there was to be paid for doing it as a party. The blonde then leaned back and casually looked around the place, past the guards, searching for possible escape routes. She pointed at Cordelia's energy bar while speaking her mind. "You still need some time to recover so open conflict is off the table. Probably the reason we got a pause." she unconsciously began tapping her right index fingernail softly against the table surface. "We didn't have any intel on those creatures before the boss fight, seems oddly suspicious to me for them to appear now. Give me a second." She rose from the table and began walking around, like a tourist visiting a new place, ignoring the looks from the nearby guards. She peeked inside the arena to see what they we're preparing for them. Her eyes momentarily widened then she banished the surprise with a frown, returning back to the table she sat down once more and pulled out a piece of paper, writing some details on it. Her past scouting experience alongside her skills made her quickly assess the threat and plan for an escape route. "We won't survive that place with just the two of us." she muttered at @Cordelia "Do you have the Sprint and Acrobatics mod?" her look fixed at a wall nearby with some vines that lead to a open window in the fortifications. "You should be able to make it even with Athletics." ID# 134858 LD: 17+9 Advanced Dungeon Found! Used <<[T3] Blank Dungeon Map>> to save the location. Acquired <<[T3] Advanced Dungeon Map#134858>>
  10. It didn't take long for the group of four to reach the second floor, as they passed through the town of Urbus and marched towards the large fortress in Marome Village. This time, the position of the next dragon wasn't that easily revealed as this time, the adventurers were facing a giant red circle on their map that covered a small part of Marome Village, the fields and forests near it. So with that conundrum in mind Ariel asks: "So... how do we find it? do we just spend days walking around hoping to see something?" she muttered a bit annoyed. Most of the quest she did until now we're pretty straightforward. Go here, kill this, collect this, go there, kill that, recoverer this, talk to that NPC and so on but now, she was staring at the largest target area since she got trapped in this game with little info on what to do next except tree hugging the whole area. "Maybe we missed something back at floor 1..." she added, turning back at Claudia that once again reassured her that they thoroughly searched the place before leaving for this floor. The blonde sighed and reach out to pick a red apple from the nearby tree. Stats: Quest Details: Extra Challenge: To spawn the Dragon, players need to achieve a cumulative roll of 100+ LD and find 5x T1 Materials individually.
  11. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F01 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.1: The Fall of Typhon <<DHA: 1>>

    "Ariel." Muttered the blonde after flourishing her weapon to the side, as if to clean any reminiscent filth off it before letting go and returning it to her inventory. "And these..." she continued but got cut off by the blonde alchemist. "Allow me to introduce myself again, as you mentioned I am Dracul and this is my assistant Claudia." he said with traces of a genuine smile. The blonde would gesture 'whatever' like you see teens do and take a better look around the place. Fom stories and legends, dragons usually kept treasures in their lairs and this had to belong to the one they just finished off. However she couldn't see anything and simply shrug. ID# 134813 LD 14 (6+8) No Treasure Chest Thread end 2 SP (each) 333 Col (each) 2x T1 Materials (Dracul) 3x T1 Materials (Raidou)
  12. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [GRANDMASTER MERCHANT] Best Kept Secrets

    It didn't take long for her order to be completed, the blonde made sure to mentally check this area of the city for future purchases, as it had several talented craftsmen worth note. She first picked up the standard merchant items and put them in her inventory. Next her eyes would widen in surprise as the girl identified her item with a unique and not any but one she was well accustomed with. She took it and made a few flourishes by her side, getting the feel of the weapon. "Not bad at all.." she muttered with a satisfied smile then returning to her early inquiry she added: "Calm and knowledgeable. It has a nice ring to it... Thank you for everything." she let go of the feathery spear, returning it to her inventory. As she walked out of the store, she waved goodbye: "I'll see you around Mac!" then added with a wink: "Maybe I'll introduce you to Kimba next time I come by."
  13. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F01 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.1: The Fall of Typhon <<DHA: 1>>

    Despite the blonde's warnings the pair seemed adamant in joining her to fight. She allowed herself a small smile at their attempt to do better where she failed to leave a scratch. The dragon seemed to use its wings to protect the rest of the body, relying primarily on them rather than its claws and tail or even its maw or fire breath. The blonde would take advantage of the distraction that the two provided and go in for a second round of volleys with her spear. But this time she made sure to faint the first strikes and then aim for the unprotected head. Her plan work, to her satisfaction she felt the familiar sensation of blade piercing flesh causing the dragon to let out a final shriek before exploding into familiar pixelated pieces. With a satisfied nod, she turned around to the two men that seemed to have bounded, just a little, during the fight.
  14. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F01 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.1: The Fall of Typhon <<DHA: 1>>

    "That little weasel..." muttered the blonde as Raidou slipped past her and took initiative in fighting the serpentine creature at the end of the long corridor. She dashed forward using her charge skill and attempted to strike at the scaled foe who seemed to have been expecting them. She got there before It attacked and released a sword art consisting of several slashes across its body. She let out a dissatisfied grunt as her spear bounced off its wings that shielded the rest of the beast's body from her strikes... While keeping her busy, the dragon let lashed its tail towards its initial attacker, sending him flying across the room against one of the walls. Dracul and Claudia had entered the room in haste, just in time to witness the violent display. The maid rushed by Raidou's side, first checking his health bar, then letting out a small relieved sigh as the hit barely chipped it.
  15. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F01 - PP] Epic Cycle vol.1: The Fall of Typhon <<DHA: 1>>

    In little time, the four man group has reached the base of the mountain they had previously set as their destination. Using her skill enhanced sensed, the blonde would scout around the area trying to identify some sort of entrance inside the mountain. The rest were left behind for a small break as they continued to chat at a nearby clearing. Claudia was the one to break the momentary silence as as she materialized a small picnic basket and removed a couple of sandwiches, handing one to both her male companions. Meanwhile, the blonde would discover a cave entry with the help of her Reveal mod. Somehow, she felt that being able to see through walls was kind of cheating but nonetheless she marked the area on her map and went back to the main group that seemed to take a picnic break while she was away. She let out a sigh as she joined them, accepting the sandwich handed out to her by the maid.