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  1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion


    leaving here the order for @Vigilon , for 15 Materials or 6750 Col (whatever tier you have, I used t2)
  2. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Ariel's crafts and loot

    Name: Silver Night Profession: Tailor Rank: 9 Roll ID: 157441 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Mitigation | Mitigation | Evasion Post Link: Hyperlink Description: A set of pliable leather armor, dyed silver in color with red accents. The armor itself consists of pliable leather “plates”, four on the front, four on the back, of the torso, along with pliable leather armguards, hardened leather pauldrons, leg guards made with both hard and soft leather, and attached to the torso is a hood made from cloth. In layman’s terms, it’s basically a hoodie and pants with leather armor stitched onto it. Name: Leather Strikers Profession: Tailor Rank: 9 Roll ID: 157433 Roll Result: 11 Item Type: Weapon Tier: 2 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Accuracy | Bleed | Paralyze Post Link: Hyperlink Description: A pair of leather gloves with spiked metal studs on the knuckles, the spikes being short and small, but durable, not to mention sharp enough to penetrate foes.
  3. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

  4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    Ariel's crafts and loot

    Name: Bull's Light Armor Profession: Tailor Rank: 9 Roll ID: 157185 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Recovery | Recovery | Evasion Post Link: Hyperlink Description: A simple but sturdy light armor outfit, which protects Lu Bu's legs and mid-section, without hindering his arm movement.
  5. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

  6. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F01 - PP] A flower is the «Secret Medicine of the Forest» ?

    "You must be joking." she replied with a grin. Slashing the runed blade to her right, as if cleaning it of residual blood then looking at him over her shoulder. "At this rate, I can go on for days." she added proudly as her energy bar barely ticked down. Before she could activate her Tracking mod to spy on potential new mobs, she heard the nearby bush rustle once more. Entering a defensive stance by bringing both her weapon and its saya in front of her, she engaged the new mob with little effort. Using the one single target skill from the total two skill available for the one handed straight sword, it proved more than enough to once again delete the variant mob from existence. And once again, she looked around for the quest mdrop they needed from this specific mob. Failing to see it initially, her eyes flashed green as she activated her Detect mod. "There!" she signaled, pointing next to ChaseR's right. She had no idea how it appeared there but she was happy she had discovered it; not wanting to fight more time than necessary. Ariel activates Snake Bite! Ariel | HP:1590/1590 | EN:141/156 | DMG:19 | MIT:79 | ACC:3 | VAMP OFF:238 | HB:48 | TAUNT | REC:1 | LD:5 | BH:79 ChaseR | HP: 200/200 | EN: 10/20 (+1, -1) | DMG: 8 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 3 | REC: 2 Nepent Variant | HP: 15/15 | DMG: 10 | MIT: 5 Nepent Variant ignores armor mitigation on a natural roll of 10
  7. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [PP-F9] Chasing Anomalies

    The blonde listened and nodded to her initial question and the following insight. It was, in the blonde's opinion, their only option to stay alive and everybody had different methods of coping and adapting with this new reality they were trapped in. Some chose to take permanent refuge in safe zones while others went the extra mile and started clearing floors. She couldn't judge either as she found herself at both ends of the specter since the beginning of this.. 'game'. She continued to listen, learning about a series of quests with a level cap that she was unaware existed. Her raised eyebrows and overall expression gave that fact away before she started talking: "Sounds like a drag, I think I passed over most tutorial quest at the beginning and went straight for the monster hunting ones." she added, watching the girl as she went and collected a material. It was at that point that she was reminded that they still had to fetch some items before going after the phoenix. Curious, she drew closer to the vein that Arabelle just harvested and peered inside the cracks. She was happy to notice another material nearby and picked it up with little effort. She watched Crozeph join their party and offered a wave alongside her greeting: "Hey karasu-kun, just in time to help us look around for these!" pretty much leaving him with no other options, in contrast with Arabelle's words. She threw the small gem she just found in his direction for him to catch. ID# 157172 LD: 13 +5 Material found! 3/5 Quest Materials
  8. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F21-PP] Currency through Blood (Nature's Treasure)

    The blonde would take full advantage of the set up provided by Raidou and like a shrine priestess, she made her blade dance. Cleanly cutting off all the legs of the upturned monsters with little effort and just a little bit of energy, the blonde watched as the rest of their bodies pixelated brightly and left behind the loot they were here for. With a light humming of an old song she knew, the blonde started picking up the small pouches left behind. She didn't even need to verify by doing a count as she claimed: "We're already off to a good start." Secredly, she wanted to see if there were more dungeon maps. It became kind of her hobby to collect them until the time comes that she'll put them to good use. Her expression momentarily lit up when she discovered one. After cleaning up, she looked at their energy bars and raised her brows slightly in surprise. "Did you get Finesse?" she asked, hoping he would know about the weapon mod and not the literal meaning of the word. Ariel activates Weeping Moon! (3,4,3,3) Ariel | HP:1590/1590 | EN:129/156 | DMG:24(+4) | MIT:79 | ACC:4(5) | AA | LD:11 | BH:79 (6,6,4,6) Raidou | HP:1090/1170 | EN:84/114 | DMG:21 | MIT:144 | EVA:3 | ACC:4 | TAUNT | BH:58 Spider 1 | HP: 126/1050 | DMG: 234 Spider 2 | HP: 147/1050 | DMG: 234 Spider 3 | HP: 216/1050 | DMG: 234 Spider 4 | HP: 165/1050 | DMG: 234
  9. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F21 - PP] Cat eyes looking for «The Hidden Village»

    She eyed the orange haired player, learning a little more of the detriments and frustrations of an orange player, thing that she never really put too much thought into. She found her confession a little enlightening but decided to simply nod in acknowledgement, her arms still crossed. When prompted about their course of action, Ariel opened her wide and surveyed the area. With a confident smirk, she made use of her newly aquired 'tracking' mod, her eyes gaining a soft hue as she scanned the place around for any kind of signs that she wouldn't notice without the mod. After scouting the 24th labyrinth, she deemed this as a essential mod to have in her kit for future expeditions of that nature. "There." she muttered after a few second, pointing at a nearby downhill towards an inconspicuous cave, like the rest of them on this floor. "There are different sized footprints leading that way. Looks like a good place to start as any." Wanting to keep the conversation flowing, she settled to broach something she picked up earlier. "When Crow first mentioned you when talking about Jacob's Ladder, I was a little surprised to hear it. Even so, all the people I meet at Baldur's place during my visit seem like a pleasant company to have around. I'm kind of jealous of what he achieved." she said with a smile, adding. "He always had a good eye for people since I first meet him."
  10. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F21-PP] Currency through Blood (Nature's Treasure)

    "You okay?" she asked more as an unconscious reaction to seeing the tank get jumped on by two mobs, than a solid concern for his health which barely took a dent. It seems that today wasn't the day to set a new record on 'the amount of times they lasted without getting hit'; not with this start at least. She tightened the grip on her white feathered weapon and lunged forward, cleaving her spearhead at his assailants and the rest of their group. Feeling the now familiar resistance at the end of her weapon, she could ascertain that once more she managed to hit all the monsters around them, even without the visual confirmation. She could hear the sound of claws and fangs clicking around them. "It does sound like they're more vicious than before, I'll give you that." she replied as she surveyed the area around them, the cave now echoing with the aforementioned sounds. Ariel activates Weeping Moon! (2,3,2,2) Ariel | HP:1590/1590 | EN:129/156 (-13) | DMG:24(+4) | MIT:79 | ACC:4(5) | AA | LD:11 | BH:79 (3,3,3,3) Raidou | HP:1032/1170 | EN:94/114 | DMG:21 | MIT:144 | EVA:3 | ACC:4 | TAUNT | BH:58 | VENGEFUL Spider 1 | HP: 294/1050 (-252) | DMG: 234 Spider 2 | HP: 315/1050 (-216) | DMG: 234 Spider 3 | HP: 216/1050 (-216) | DMG: 234 Spider 4 | HP: 333/1050 (-216) | DMG: 234
  11. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F21-PP] Currency through Blood (Nature's Treasure)

    She nodded, surprised to see how he's taking interest in not only her endeavor but also his fellow alchemist's welfare. "He was a little bit prehensive on moving out of his roman inspired design shop, to a more japanese aesthetics location. But luckily Claudia and Darius were more receptive to the idea and after some convincing on their part he cracked." she let out a small laugh, remembering how he came to her and accepted her proposition after initially rejecting it. "He even agreed re-open his shop on the school grounds, for some reason changing the name too. From the fancy 'Regalis quinta essencia' to the more normal 'Lion's share', it cracked me up when I first heard the name; considering that my own tailor shop is named 'The Lion's Den'... he's such a fanboy!" she tittered. At this point, they started heading towards the now familiar hunting grounds. The tracks lead them straight to a group of spiders which the blonde wasted no time to engage, already familiar with how their group dynamic worked. Charging in the middle of them she concentrated on the highlighted spider, which was the one leaving behind the tracks, first. After getting an easy hit, she continued spinning her weapon in a wide 360º angle in order to hit all four mobs. Ariel uses Charge and Concentration, activates Weeping Moon! Ariel | HP:1590/1590 | EN:142/156 | DMG:24(+4) | MIT:79 | ACC:4(5) | AA | LD:11 | BH:79 Raidou | HP:1170/1170 | EN:110/114 | DMG:21 | MIT:144 | EVA:3 | ACC:4 | TAUNT | BH:58 | VENGEFUL Spider 1 | HP: 789/1050 (-261) | DMG: 234 Spider 2 | HP: 771/1050 (-279) | DMG: 234 Spider 3 | HP: 753/1050 (-297) | DMG: 234 Spider 4 | HP: 753/1050 (-297) | DMG: 234
  12. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F01 - PP] A flower is the «Secret Medicine of the Forest» ?

    While not 100% sure, she assumed that he referred to the area skill he just used. With a nod of confirmation, the blonde would engage the mobs herself as her Howl was still on cooldown. She'd watch him attack the mobs 'A little stiff but he'll get the hang of it soon' she mused optimistically before engaging the remaining three herself. For the first time in a long time, she wasn't sure if she could hit all of them, considering that she didn't have anything else to this weapon skill than one rank invested. She still went in, confident that she could manage it somehow. She felt rage taking over her senses as she activated her own area attack, the first plant that crossed her didn't even get time to react, same as the second one; the third however managed to dodge the two strikes that the blonde blindly took at it. As the sword art ended she felt her mind returning to a normal state. "Huh?" she muttered, looking at the remaining mob, then at her hands and weapon. This was the first time using the sword art and it felt very different compared to rapier or two handed assault spear. "This will need some time to get used to..." she said, more to herself than her combat partner. Ariel activates Rage Spike! Ariel | HP:1590/1590 | EN:141/156 | DMG:19 | MIT:79 | ACC:3 | VAMP OFF:238 | HB:48 | TAUNT | REC:1 | LD:5 | BH:79 ChaseR | HP: 200/200 | EN: 10/20 (+1, -1) | DMG: 8 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 3 | REC: 2 Nepent 5 | HP: 0/7 (-7) | DMG: 3 Nepent 6 | HP: 7/7 | DMG: 3 Nepent 7 | HP: 7/7 | DMG: 3 Nepent 8 | HP: 7/7 | DMG: 3
  13. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F22 - PP] A solid foundation for a brighter future «King of Lakes»

    Her eyes widened in surprise, seeing Assassin jump in front of her weapon, too late would she let go as the sword art already took control over her movements. It wouldn't allow her to do anything else until the system finished executing the maneuver. Her first instinct was to start giving her a lecture, similar to the one parent give their kids about crossing the street without holding their hand. She stifled the urge and simply let go of the massive spear, sending it back to her inventory. The action she intended to do before the sword art activated. She let out a soft sigh with her eyes closed then looked at Assassin after making sure Raidou was handling the oversized fish. His words, proving that she had no reason to doubt him. "There's no rush Sin-chan, Raidou has its attention so we can attack it one after another. We can practice joint attacks some other time, this guy, despite its appearance is quite tough!" she said in a partially scolding tone, more like a teacher telling a student why they failed instead of the discussing the consequences. With a mere thought, she materialized her weapon again and decided to put the fish king out of its misery with one last sword art. The last action of her five part sword art was skewering the fish with her spear through its mouth, having it explode into pixels when the pole pierced about 2/3rds of its lenght. Ariel activates Dimensional Stampede! Players: Raidou | HP: 1040/1040 | EN: 79/104 | DMG:8 | MIT:86 | EVA:3 | ACC:3 | TAUNT | BLD:24 | VAMP OFF:104 | BH:52 | Parry (Active) Ariel | HP:1570/1570 | EN:114/154 | DMG:19(+4) | MIT:79 | EVA:1 | ACC:4(5) | TAUNT | HB: 48 | BH:78 | +5 LD | Vengeful Riposte (Active) Assassin | HP:440/440 | EN:33/44 | DMG:9 | MIT:23 | EVA:2 | ACC:2 Mobs: [11,4,1] King of Lakes | HP: 205/1200 | DMG:125 | MIT:20 <<Body Slam>> On an MD of 9, the boss will jump high into the air and crash down in the center of the players, sending out a shock-wave dealing 120 AoE damage. <<Dive>> On an MD of 10, the King of Lakes will take the player with the highest hate in its teeth and drag it back into the lake. The player will take 150 unmitigable damage and need to swim back to the shore, missing their next attack.
  14. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F21-PP] Currency through Blood (Nature's Treasure)

    Finishing off a breadstick, she decided to store the rest of the snack for later. After dozing the aftertaste and cleaning her palette with the potion, she replied "It's coming along well, faster than I expected. One of the perks of being inside a digital world I guess." she offered smile, visibly pleased to be prompted to talk about it: "Claudia's been invaluable in handling the logistics after the three of them moved into the estate. Soon we'll be open for business!" She unconsciously grabbed took the golden orb dangling at the right side of her waist in her hand and started rattling its chains as she turned it around in her hand. "The sakura trees next to the shrine are almost in bloom, I plan to inaugurate it with a Hanami event on the grounds. If I learned something from the past, is that people love a good social event." she said with a grin, expecting the viewing ground to fill up with guests. Deciding to put her new mod to use, she started 'Tracking' the spiders they fought last time they were on this floor. To her amazement she could see highlighted footprints on the ground leading to the farming grounds. She stared at the ground for a few moments in silence with her brows furrowed. Ariel uses Tracking > Spider! Ariel | HP:1590/1590 | EN:156/156 | DMG:24(+4) | MIT:0 | ACC:4(5) | AA | LD:11 | BH:79
  15. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

    [F21-PP] Currency through Blood (Nature's Treasure)

    While amidst preparations to move to her new household, the blonde received a message from Raidou. She didn't think too much before sending him a positive reply. It was thanks to him that she managed to buy the plot for the project she was in the middle of setting up. She wouldn't pass on the chance to help him back, gaining a little extra in the process. She started preparing her gear, for a second thinking of bringing her shield and one handed straight sword along but ended up discarding the thought. Based on their previous trip, she would serve as a blade to cull the mobs, the alchemist proved himself more than enough to manage the aggro, Ariel herself having taken no damage while grouped up with him. As she reached the main setlement on the floor below the one where she started laying the foundations of the new martial arts school. It was still a long way from being done, but at least her home was somehow set up. She would look at her health bar and marvel at the new buff icons she now had thanks to her home. Spotting the red clad alchemist from a significant distance, she raise a hand to greet him when she got closer. "Hey, how are you doing?" she accepted the consumables and started nibbling on then, taking extra time to enjoy the palmiers. Ariel consumes: Titan's Strength (+3 Damage/Potion), Well-Done Steak (+2 Protein/Food), Lemon Berry Palmiers (+3 Loot Dice), Cinnamon Rounded Stick (+3 Prosperity), ≪Udon Bowl with Veggies#151902 [Snack]≫ (+2 Accuracy)