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  1. Zeri had gotten a message that his armor was finally done. He walked into the shop and looked at the finished project. "It looks nice." Zeri said as he gave the owner his payment and walked off with his new armor. -1600 col + 1 Dragonic Armor
  2. Zeri

    [F02] «Let There Be Light»

    I will do this with Brax
  3. *is thinking that SAO should have a spring festival*

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    2. Zelrius


      Jomei bb, If you need help buying supplies or need a place to host, as a member of the Velvet room, Azure has you covered BB

    3. Calrex


      Oooh sounds like fun XD

    4. Jomei


      Zel I'll let you know. I'm gonna see if we can run this a different way than usual parties/events and see how it'll work out. 

  4. Can't wait to get me armor!! *looks at Marcradon with puppy dog eyes*

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    2. Macradon


      Don't worry, I'll be sure to make them tomorrow ... I hope. With 7 crafts I can't go wrong, right? D:

    3. Calrex


      ^Famous last words XD

    4. Macradon


      So I jinxed myself. RNGeesus doesn't like me. 7 crafts, 0 perfects.

  5. Now I'm not even sure what profession I want to do anymore...

  6. Zeri walked into the blazing typhoon once again to have something made, but this time this was for him. He grabbed an order form and began to fill it out. Name: Dragonic ArmorYour Profession: BlacksmithYour Rank: 5ID: [Leave blank]Roll: [Leave blank]Item Type: Heavy ArmorTier: 1Quality: PerfectEnhancements: +2 damage migitation, +1 thornsDescription: An armor that was forged to look similar to that of a dragon. This armor can withstand some powerful attacks and can harm whoever that attacks it's wearer. "How much do I owe you this time?" Zeri asked the owner
  7. *wonders if he should become a tank*

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    2. Zeri


      Name: Damage Mitigation

      Effect: Removes (9 * Tier Level) points of damage from every hit to you for every slot used. 


      So 2(9*1) +Y in which Y is the armor skill

    3. Macradon
    4. Zeri
  8. Zeri walks in after getting a message saying that the weapon he had requested to be made is finished. He looks at the weapon and is very impressed by how the owner made it. "Thanks a lot! This will help me out a lot." Zeri said as he put the weapon into his inventory. He gives the owner a wave goodbye as he walks out of the store, but not before saying, "I'll be back soon!" +1 Lion Fang
  9. I have a question. Let's say I'm doing a quest and decided to ended it early, would the people still participating still earn 1 sp and 400(correct me if I'm wrong on this part)?

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    2. Opal


      I believe you need a full page of posts before rewards can be given out. Thats 21+ posts, typically. I've seen people get by on 20 depending if the Mod is not going to be super anal. 

    3. Zeri


      It was 2 full pages

    4. Opal


      That should be enough to pass for rewards then. 

  10. "800 col you say. That's sound like a deal." Zeri said as he gave the owner of the shop 800 col to make his request for the rapier. "Let me know when it's done. And thanks for making it!" Zeri said as he walks out the shop. -800 col
  11. "Hello." Zeri said as he walked into the shop with the intent of having a weapon made for one of his friends. Zeri grabbed an order form and filled it out. Name: Lion Fang Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 5 ID: [Leave blank] Roll: [Leave blank] Item Type: Weapon Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: +1 damage and +1 keen Description: A yellow rapier embedded with the courage of a lion. It gives it's user the courage to fight harder and stronger than they normally are used to. Link: http://img08.deviantart.net/8916/i/2015/110/5/3/scifi_rapier_by_pierrequirion-d8qfrs1.jpg "How much will it cost to have it made?" Zeri asked the owner
  12. *spies on Oikawa*

    1. Grave


      *spies on the spy for no reason*

    2. Zeri
  13. *Is in need of a merchant*

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    2. Hikoru


      Sorry, but it is very complicated, and hard to explain. You just have to do it yourself to figure out how to get it to work

    3. Anise


      I can help you. Post a thread and I'll reply asap :)

    4. Zeri


      Guess I won't do it then.

      I need some time to think it through


  14. I'm beating Reu again :3

    1. Reusririasuir


      Your turn. :p I'm just going to one hp hit you to your doom!

    2. Zeri


      Good luck :P