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  1. I can't wait to see what you have planned for 3.0, ngl.
  2. is it too late to say happy bbbirthday to @Oikawa ?

    1. Jomei


      No, but its too late to apologize

  3. Helios

    We did it Reddit!

    @Beatbox @Takao omg same
  4. Helios

    Guess who's back?

    my guy welcome back
  5. Helios

    We did it Reddit!

    omg happy birthday!
  6. a s i w a l k t h r o u g h t h e v a l l e y o f t h e s h a d o w o f d e a t h

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    2. Macradon


      I take a look at my wife and realize she's very plain

    3. Helios


      but that's just perfect for an amish like me

    4. Macradon


      You know, I shun fancy things like electricity

  7. s o m e b o d y o n c e t o l d m e

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    2. Macradon


      M y w o r l d ' s o n f i r e ,  h o w a b o u t y o u r s ?

    3. Shark


      T h a t ' s t h e w a y I l i k e i t a n d I n e v e r g e t b o r e d

    4. Macradon


      H e y n o w ,  y o u ' r e a n a l l - s t a r ,  g e t y o u r g a m e o n ,  g o p l a y

  8. I think Erron's is the last one. I honestly don't remember thought :P
  9. @Calrex Why do you harass me with your scores. xD @Hikoru Couldn't forget about you ;)
  10. After looking at everyone else's scores, I stopped trying to win xD
  11. If I don't wish  Erron a happy birthday, he'll smite me.


  13. was fun homies. now ya boy leelee is going on an adventure.

    1. Calrex


      Don't let them take your kidney :P

    2. Opal



  14. Upon entering the shop, Helios stepped up to the counter. Behind it was a blonde haired man whom he recognized quite well. The noirette placed a fair sized sack and a rare tier curved sword in front of the shop owner. "For you, Oikawa, fourty-four thousand, five hundred and eighty nine col. Hold onto that sword for me. Thank you for the motivation and training you put me through back when I first met you on the third floor. I appreciate it. Now, go crazy with that money." He chuckled, stepping away from the blonde and exiting the shop for the last time. "Goodbye." He said as he turned to the man, before closing the door behind him. -44,589 col and Kanshou Name: KanshouYour Profession: BlacksmithYour Rank: 3 - Professional BlacksmithID: 36256Roll: 11Item Type: Weapon (One-Handed Curved Sword)Quality: RareEnhancements: +2 DamageDescription: A long, curved blade with extra damage. The black metal has a red hexagonal pattern and a yin-yang at the base. The handle is a polished silver.
  15. Helios

    [R6 Cook-F1] Moonbux Coffee (Open)

    *pick up da item* yeye *waddle away* yeye (+1 Iced Peppermint Mocha)