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  1. I can't wait to see what you have planned for 3.0, ngl.
  2. is it too late to say happy bbbirthday to @Oikawa ?

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      No, but its too late to apologize

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    We did it Reddit!

    @Beatbox @Takao omg same
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    Guess who's back?

    my guy welcome back
  5. Helios

    We did it Reddit!

    omg happy birthday!
  6. a s i w a l k t h r o u g h t h e v a l l e y o f t h e s h a d o w o f d e a t h

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      I take a look at my wife and realize she's very plain

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      but that's just perfect for an amish like me

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      M y w o r l d ' s o n f i r e ,  h o w a b o u t y o u r s ?

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      H e y n o w ,  y o u ' r e a n a l l - s t a r ,  g e t y o u r g a m e o n ,  g o p l a y

  8. I think Erron's is the last one. I honestly don't remember thought :P
  9. @Calrex Why do you harass me with your scores. xD @Hikoru Couldn't forget about you ;)
  10. After looking at everyone else's scores, I stopped trying to win xD
  11. If I don't wish  Erron a happy birthday, he'll smite me.


  13. was fun homies. now ya boy leelee is going on an adventure.

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      Don't let them take your kidney :P

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  14. Upon entering the shop, Helios stepped up to the counter. Behind it was a blonde haired man whom he recognized quite well. The noirette placed a fair sized sack and a rare tier curved sword in front of the shop owner. "For you, Oikawa, fourty-four thousand, five hundred and eighty nine col. Hold onto that sword for me. Thank you for the motivation and training you put me through back when I first met you on the third floor. I appreciate it. Now, go crazy with that money." He chuckled, stepping away from the blonde and exiting the shop for the last time. "Goodbye." He said as he turned to the man, before closing the door behind him. -44,589 col and Kanshou Name: KanshouYour Profession: BlacksmithYour Rank: 3 - Professional BlacksmithID: 36256Roll: 11Item Type: Weapon (One-Handed Curved Sword)Quality: RareEnhancements: +2 DamageDescription: A long, curved blade with extra damage. The black metal has a red hexagonal pattern and a yin-yang at the base. The handle is a polished silver.
  15. Helios

    [OP-KE-F17] Sunset

    Helios stepped up to the edge of the seventeenth floor. Behind him was a fair sized plain with a range of mountains and the safezone of Spartaia in the distance. Underneath him was... well, from what he could tell, nothing. Just an empty void that would soon consume him, just as it did to many others. The noirette took a seat in the grass for a moment and stuck his black and green curved sword into the virtual dirt next to him. Showing off his dark, raven-coloured hair, the swordsman took off his hat, hanging it carefully off of the blade's hilt. Then, he stood back up and pulled open his GUI. He wasn't going to leave SAO behind without sending a final message to everyone he knew. The PM was quickly written and sent to every player who was on his "Friends List". All that was said was, "It was fun while it lasted. I wish you all luck in finishing this game. Adios." The player thought about his time in Aincrad. Had any of it really been worth leaving behind his old life? His mind travelled back to the beginning of Sword Art Online. Helios remembered a blonde dual-wielder, who at the time only used one blade, who had invited him to join a guild that would eventually become the strongest in Aincrad. Maybe that was the reason he was removed from the guild. Back then he was nothing, he was barely even able to challenge a boar or two and exit alive. It wasn't a surprise that he wasn't needed in the group of powerful players. Then his thoughts shifted to another time, not long after he had left Azure. Another blonde man, Oikawa, had asked him to accompany him on the third floor. He had said Helios would be learning how to become a blacksmith. Man, was that a lie. It turns out he was wanted for a secret project that to this day he had no knowledge of. The dark-haired male chuckled at the thought of having trouble killing a small, green dragon on the third floor. Now, it wouldn't have lasted long at all if he were to retake that challenge. For some reason, Helios continued to be curious about the blonde's "project". Although they had spoken countless times afterwards, the rapier-wielding man had never spoken about it again. Months after that he had been recruited to join the Velvet Room with Jomei and Piera. Immediately, he accepted their request to join them as a council member. Unfortunately, that guild did not live long. At some point along the lines, Helios had been removed from the council and reduced to a regular member of the guild. Eventually he had simply abandoned the players, and he wasn't the only one. Lowenthal, the leader of the Velvet Room, had ended up leaving Jomei to lead the guild while he joined the Azure Brigade. One of Helios' biggest mistakes was not coming back to help his ginger friend save the guild, which he had thought seemed promising. There was a time when Jomei and the raven-haired man had spoken underneath the branches of the eighth floor. The man had asked Helios to rejoin their old guild. If only he had said yes. Then, all of the sudden, Zelrius was dead, along with Ssendom, another member of the Azure Brigade. Tristan Delaney had went off the grid and Lowenthal decided to leave the frontlines with Shizuka. Helios didn't understand why Oikawa of all people would have killed the dual-wielding swordsman. Of course, knowing the blonde's reasons wouldn't change anything. Zel would still be dead. It wasn't long after that Manta, a woman who had accompanied him on his Breaking the Unbreakable quest, and Ebony, a healer on the frontlines, had been killed by Calrex's wife, Teayre. Helios did not think about any of this often. Not many spoke to him about it anymore, so he had pushed it out of his brain, much like his identity outside of Sword Art Online. He continued on with his thoughts. All of the quests he had taken, both alone and with friends. The temple on the fourth floor where he had fought alongside Rain. The time he had met Shizuka, a pink-haired woman, on the sixth floor. His meeting with Oikawa and Hunie on this very floor. His long conversation with Teselmar about life in Aincrad. Rusty, the brunette he had taken interest in so long ago. The ice cream he had shared with Kasier, a friendly, very innocent woman. His mind wandered on and on until eventually, it simply stopped. He asked himself again. Was any of this really worth it? He had left behind all of his family, all of his friends. His entire life was gone. It had been gone the very second he placed the NerveGear on his head and said those two fateful words. "Link Start." He whispered to himself once again. Then and there he had an answer. Yes it was worth it. Sure, he had left behind his old life, but he made a new one here in Aincrad. He met new friends and considered them to be like a family to him. All of them fought against the game for an exit, but in the end, did they really need one? They had everything they ever needed here in SAO. And now that I am leaving this world for good, this is my opinion. Although you are hated for what you developed, Kayaba, in the end, I believe you are truly a genious. Helios took his final breath as he stood up and smiled. At the end of the day, this game was not any more cruel than the real world was. He hoped more people would eventually realize this. And with that, he stepped off of the map, falling for a moment before his vision was gone. All that was left was a black screen and three red words. YOU ARE DEAD