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  1. You know school is tough when you cant even afford to make time for one of the coolest groups of people on the earth >.< But I'm back! Here's to some new adventures!

    1. Calrex


      Welcome back dude! #BBB

    2. Azide
    3. Hikoru



  2. Damn alot has changed since I left for bootcamp 0.0

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    2. Helios


      Yo, Welcome back!

    3. Prostatis
    4. Xanatos


      Thanks Guys! Watch was shorter than I thought so I'm on for the night. TO THE GRIND!

  3. Today begins my last day before I am cut off from the world as I know it and sent to Navy Basic Training! I'll try to close up anythreads I have open with you guys and make the appropriate arrangements :) Have fun all I will see you in 2 months XD

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    2. XWuZHeAR


      Just pretty much yell the loudest and you'll be granted the title of 1 at great lakes. I'm not even kidding this is what my sister told me when I asked how she did it.

    3. XWuZHeAR


      *number 1 recruit

    4. Klick


      Good luck. Can't wait to lead you in the fleet

  4. Xanatos

    [F11 - Master Tailor] The Lion's Den (Closed)

    As I strolled in to The Lion's Den I couldn't help but notice the lion cub nuzzling me towards the counter. A bright colored box sat on the counter with my name on it. I opened the box to find my requested item inside! I took the needed materials out of my inventory and placed them on the counter before leaving the premises with my new cloak in hand. -8 Materials +1 Cloak of Righteous Justice
  5. Dang when you really go back as far as when the site started in the forums, it really lends perspective as to how we got where we are today :D

    1. Xanatos


      Also makes me really appreciate the Devs and the GMs not to mention our PST! Shout out to everyone who works hard to make this site better and better!

    2. Calrex
  6. anyone else notice the 4 12 crafting die rolls? 0.0

  7. Xanatos

    [F05] «The Traveler»

    I will be soloing this quest!
  8. Xanatos

    [F05] «Blood in the Sand»

    I will accept this quest solo!
  9. Is there a date set yet on the F10 boss fight?

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    2. Rebekah


      Is this referring to the Event Boss OR the Floor Raid (or both)?

    3. Mari
    4. Xanatos
  10. Darn you Madoka Magica!!!! Making me all sad .-.

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    2. Baldur


      SUCH a good show

    3. Xanatos


      ohh yes Baldur, I love to watch it when my eyes are not flooded with tears .-.

    4. Skylar


      Madoka Magica is the reason I do not make wishes.

  11. So many topic to respond to XD

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    2. Xanatos


      BrosBeforeBit#$% XD

    3. Calrex
    4. Calrex


      Most interesting "philosophical and ethical" discussion going in in our thread there Xanatos XD

  12. Wow...the only member on...kinda feels like I'm in a toy store after closing time

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    2. Xanatos


      Oh God I'm having a Five Nights at Freddys nightdream 0.0

    3. Xanatos


      I swear my laptop just said my name 0.0 *hides under blanket*

    4. Calrex


      Nah that was just me XD

  13. Cal, why have we not had the sanity to do an RP together? Answer me this!!

    1. Calrex


      I don't know man! We should remedy this! XD

  14. Xanatos

    [F04] «Avalanche»

    XwuZHeAR and I will taking this quest!
  15. I walked into the Catfish Sundries/Forge looking for some health crystals. I plan on doing some hardcore training later so I would need the safety net in a tight spot. I looked around the room and saw a stock of Health Potions for a cheap price. 400 Col a piece huh? Well that shouldn't be a problem. I took 3 off the shelf and deposited the Col to the shopkeeper. "Hello Baldur! Long time no see :D Here's 1200 Col for these HP Potions!" -1200 Col +3 HP Potions I waved to Baldur as I exited the shop. Always a nice guy!