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  1. No one remembers me except one, and I never expected more than that.

    In reality, I'm just cleaning up this previous incarnation and finally getting him officially moved to the dead section/category.

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    2. Zeke


      I thought I had remembered Axios at one point, but I was just confusing members. Hooray for Paglikha. :]

    3. Kiru


      i remember you.

    4. Paglikha


      No Kiru, you don't. I was an illusion the entire time.

  2. It's been a good run as Axios... X_X... Last post ever as Axios... May it forever commemorate his death.

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    2. Khaosclaire


      And 'll continue on his goal; I'll become a merchant buy everyones good items and turn them into rare and perfects for the people of Aincrad in his stead! This I swear!

    3. Lowenthal


      I'll be there! Not doing much....I never met you. Only read your obituary.

    4. Rusty


      Noooooooooo! Axios!

  3. My pyres have been sabotaged... Whoever messed with Lemon's is coming after me...

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    2. XWuZHeAR


      You can not fix a system in which all is fair

    3. Lowenthal


      I'd like to think Calrex says that theyre 'helpful', but he's really stealing all the luck from people to absorb it and become 'perfect' Calrex

    4. Axios Deminence

      Axios Deminence

      Welp... I might join you soon Lowenthal (Lemon_Arsonist)... Welp, if the boar lands a hit on me, X_X.

  4. So... Did we ever find out the guy who messed with the pyres?

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    2. Calrex


      XD usually I make dice god worship pyres to help everyone with their rolls, but recently it seems like they haven't been working.

    3. Leon010


      Ah...ok hope you find the culprit *walks away slowly*

    4. Kotori


      Yep... Considering I've gotten only three materials..

  5. Time to format lots of things so it's tidier... And less sore on the eyes...

    1. Skylar


      BTW It is your turn.

    2. Axios Deminence

      Axios Deminence

      I was already posting before I did the status update. Just kept on bouncing back and forth.

    3. Jomei


      Speaking of that, are we waiting for Hunter to come back on and post before continuing? Or should I just post next?

  6. With finals weak coming up, I dread school more than usual.

  7. Thrown medicine ball + head = It hurts. It's all good though.

    1. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      no no no...= therapeutic(medicinal) head banging

  8. So... In the event of completing all of the SAO floors... What happens?

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    2. Zelrius


      We have to move faster over the Summer. I have a rigourous and almost cruel plan to get us out of Floor 20 by August if not sooner.

    3. XWuZHeAR


      I like zels plan

    4. Kiru



  9. The 40 something guests that are always online... I wonder why it's always like this...

    1. Kotori


      I'm assuming some of the guests are open tabs on other people's computer. We'll never know for sure.

    2. XWuZHeAR
  10. Today... We have lost a friend... Lemon... As of today, I am glad that X hasn't tampered with the worship pyres made for me yet. And now I'm going to die. We shall remember LemonArsonist. Our good friend.

    1. XWuZHeAR


      *casually tosses stolen brick in my hand*

  11. Wow... SPs are good to develop plots and give you more posts... Yet I still feel bad for making one...

    1. Calrex


      Azazel said something similar. I feel like a lot of Calrex's development is either on his own or around Teayre XD

  12. Praise the dice gods! Perfect crafting item!

    1. Rusty


      Join the club.

  13. Calrex and Teayre. If you need something for your wedding whenit happens, just tell me

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    2. Kotori


      I'm surprised Oikawa and me weren't sprawled all over the shipping thread.

    3. Kotori


      Calrex, don't you dare.

    4. Calrex


      *evil grin as he edits his post*

  14. That awkward moment when you realized a thread was your SP and you were waiting for a reply...

    1. Azrael


      LOL. Sounds like something I would do. XD

  15. HALLEUJAH! A rare item and a good item. Thanks Calrex.

    1. Calrex


      Haha you're welcome!