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  1. A bit of sadness in her eyes. "Well, Jomei was nice. But after that, it have either been the person went thru a change that made us not be able to stick together. Or the person just disapeared. Maybe Im just not meant to have someone close to me. Maybe I should just keep me to myself without bothering anyone else." she snapped out of her sad thougths when she herd where they was going. She got a steady and serious look on her face as she rose and followed the man infront of her. 'To the black citadel' she thougth to herself. Why would he want to go there? What was there to show that would be of any value or matter to her. Had he lost someone important? No, that wouldnt made him bring her to that board. Her brain worked on highest level as she tried to figure it out as Macradon mentioned Alec. "Alec? If he is your apprentice I guess he is a blacksmith. He already is a part of us. And yeah, he is pretty nice." she replied. Her mind was in thougths so she didnt realised he wanted to keep up sime small talk and she went quiet.
  2. Zandra raised an eyebrow as she herd he had been part of several crafting guilds, but they havent been alive for long. Well, Zandra had no plans to let ATP die. She had just got an employee in the guild hall that would take care of anyone that need help finding a crafter or help crafters filling in the application to be signed up on the list. And Macradon had done that to. Her face looked impressed when hearing that. Suddenly she cought as she swallowed the water she was drinking in wrong throat as Macradon said he was getting merried. "Oh damn Mac. I had no idea you was getting merried. Big congratulations mate. Ehm, I mean Macradon. Im really happy for you." whe she herd that she remembered something that made her lower her voice and her eyes got looked like they was making sure they was alone. "I actually have someone I like. It feels like he feel it too. But Im not sure yet so dont want to say any names. But again gratz to you and Kairi." she emptied the glass and placed it on the table, ready to leave if Macradon decided to, but wouldnt look strange if they sat a bit more.
  3. A blush apeared on Zandras cheeks as she got complimented from Macradon. He said he had donated his own col to people more in need then him. As she thougth back what sje had done with hers. "Well, before I was at around half a million. Then I held a competition where I gave a bit over a hundred as prizes. Some expensive items and stocked up for the floor boss. And also paying the whole cost for my guilds guild hall." she took a short pause before continuing. "That is another thing I have done. Dont know if you have herd about it but I have started a guild. It is called Aincrad Trading Post, or A.T.P. for short. I made it to be able to spread the word for new crafters and showing customers the different options they have when buying stuff. It gives some crafting and farming buffs and is open for anyone to come and leave whenever they want." she took a sip of her drink and some chews. "That have taken up alot of time lately. I never thougth managing a guild in sao would be this much work." she said with a relaxed tone and face.
  4. Zandra listened silently to Macradon as he talked. She don’t know what kind of relation they have together at the moment. Not after that, happened. He had called for her when he hunted Adder. But that could be because of her stats. Except that, they havent really done any none-event/raid/tactical talk. She hoped something would make that for the better. But she would probably sound childish if she bringed it up. ‘Hey, can we be friends again?’ she thought in her head. No, not now. ‘’I’ve herd some stuff about that as well. But it have only been small rumors from unreliable sources, so havent cared about it. Feel a little bad I didn’t took it more serious after hearing that.’’ She took a sip of water. He wanted to show her something after they have eaten, so she saved her questions for then. Maybe it would answer them anyway. Zandra scratched her head as she thought. Well, what had she done since last time? A smile grew on her face. She havent said it to anyone in case she would be target for robbers and thiefs. ‘’I…’’ she gulped and got a proud face. ‘’I have… I have become a millionaire.’’ She was now ready for any farming nerfs, and wouldn’t had to spend time on getting col for anything for a long while. She wanted to see his reaction before telling what other stuff she had done.
  5. Zandra

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Zandra had attacked, and landed hits on three of the commanders. Still, not a single tick have disappeared from thri health bars. Zandra looked at the others. Macradon had striked the second group so they should all be dead. And they was. But why wasn’t Zandras targets even wounded. Something was wrong, something was definitely wrong. She had no idea what was happening. It may be some kind of lag or bug. If it was a lag, and the first group commanders would lose a big chunk of health in one tick, she maybe would attack empty air. She also only had enough energy for one more strike. She gulped as she redied herself for a counter since she wouldn’t waste her last attack on target that actually isn’t there. She said to her party members. ‘’I did landed attacks on those guys but they isn’t even wounded from it. It may be a lag or they immune to damage or something else, I don’t know.’’ No action taken Energy +1 Party 3: [H: 0/1/1/1/1] Zandra: 1920/1920 HP | 12/162| 22 DMG | 155 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 8 LD | 84 THN | 36 BRN THN | 6-8/12 FLN | 8-10/36 BRN | 96 BH | 9-10/24 TV | 27 PRB [Antidote 3/3][Squeaky Clean] [H:2/0/2/0/7] Macradon: 1645/1645 88/175 | 21 DMG | 131 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | Phase | 2 Holy Damage | 82 Battle Healing [H:0/0/0/1/0] Jomei: 1565/1565 HP | 59/153 | 17 DMG | 6 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 78 B. Healing [H:0/0/0/0/0] Itzal: 1,750/1,750 | 85/160 | 19 DMG | 0 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEEN | 2 BLD | 1 TXV
  6. It didn’t took long until Macradon opened the door and welcomed her in to his home. A smile on her face and wearing a brown, almost black t shirt and a red skirt with suspenders. She pulled back the red hood with an attached scarf as she followed him to the kitchen where it looked pretty fancy with some different dishes and looked pretty nice. And tasty. She wasn’t really sure what to expect but herself she would probably just have made some egg and bacon or something like that. A small sigh of relief they didn’t met at her place. ‘’Have you changed your profession to cooking? This looks pretty tasty and that.’’ She pointed at his apron. ‘’Makes you look almost like a master chef.’’ As he invited her to sit and start eating she sat down. ‘’That you don’t have to tell me twice.’’ She poured up a glass of water and then took a few pieces of the different options as she listened to Macradon that had started to speak. She was just going to take a chew when she herd the name Hector and Draigo. The fork stopped midair and her eyes turned a bit sad as she put it back on the plate, looked at Macradon and waited silently for him to finish. She pulled her long, black hair behind her ear so both her red eyes could look at his. A small shake. ‘’Don’t apologise Mac. I’m glad you did. I would have ran into that situation sooner or later anyway, best to do it when not being alone. Next time I will be prepared. It is what they say, what dosent kill you makes you stronger. Right?’’ with a small pause before she continued she added. ‘’Do never hesitate to contact me again ever if you would be in a situation similar to this.’’ She took up the fork. ‘’But I was quite the crybaby after that.’’ She added with a wink and started shewing to invite him to say his reply. @Macradon
  7. Zandra was standing at the balcony right outside her bedroom. She was looking at the sun that was rising over the lake. Or rather, the reflection in the water from the sun. When suddenly the quiet relaxed feeling got interrupted by a notification. As she was opening it she hoped it was from a special someone. I wasn’t. But she didn’t got disappointed, quite the opposite. ‘’Mac?’’ she said as she opened the mail and red thru it. She rose an eyebrow. As far as Zandra remembered, there was a long time ago since he wanted to talk to her about something. Well, that goes for almost everyone. When was it she lastly had a personal talk with someone except Avilon or that special person. She honestly couldn’t rember. At first she wasn’t sure if she should go or not. After some thinking she decided to accept. A bit over an hour and a half from when she got the mail she was at the front door of Macrdons estate. She knocked and waited for the blacksmith to invite her.
  8. ‘’Yes, there is a lot of different small damage buffs and they are very strong when gathered together. But the sharpness mod, the supporter needs to spend time to buff the teammate, time that could be done attacking. So, the biggest buff is for martial arts, katana and two handed spear. The sharpness would add forty five damage. So unless the supporters damage is lower then ninety after damage reductions, its better to keep attacking instead of buffing when it comes to damage.’’ She replied to when he mentioned different damage buffs and one effect maybe isn’t much but when gathered up together it will be powerful. Then he talked about scouting, that he had the needed buffs and was ready whenever she needed him to go. ‘’Oh, I meant scouting as looking thru tier two players for any guy or girl that will be able to join us for the next big battle.’’ With that she rose again, stretched her back. ‘’Well, was a good talk. We can do some more chit chat on the way. We also need to kill a big bad wolf. Just as you mentioned, the final hit drop isn’t amazing, but together with other stuff like battle healing and regen, it will end up in some pretty neat passive healing. You ready to go?’’
  9. rolling and stuff Loot:
  10. Zandra

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    The t3 players attacks havnt succeeded to take the commanders down just yet. What was Kayaba thinking? What if Zandra and the rest wouldnt have come to help. The commanders was almost full health when they arrived. The players didnt seemed to be in any danger as well thou. That was at least one good thing since then Zandra could let her flames keep burning. The fire giving strength to her berserking personality, didnt had to stay focused and calm. Then mobs that the reiforcements had attacked was down to low health as Macradon charged them again. She would probably only hit shattered crystals if she went that way. So sje engaged the first group instead, let her axe cleave thru the amphibian creatures. She didnt cared a single bit if she would take their aggro and be attacked. Let them come! and with that the black smoke aura went into her three targets and two started to burn as well. Stats: Party 3: [H: 0/1/1/1/1/1/2/3] Zandra: 1920/1920 HP | 11/162| 22 DMG | 155 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 8 LD | 84 THN | 36 BRN THN | 6-8/12 FLN | 8-10/36 BRN | 96 BH | 9-10/24 TV | 27 PRB [Antidote 3/3][Squeaky Clean] [H:0/0/0/0/5/4/5/4] Macradon: 1645/1645 96/175 | 21 DMG | 131 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | Phase | 2 Holy Damage | 82 Battle Healing [H:0/0/0/0/0/0/0/1] Jomei: 1565/1565 HP | 68/153 | 17 DMG | 6 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 78 B. Healing [H:0/0/0/0/0/1/0/0] Itzal: 1,750/1,750 | 85/160 | 19 DMG | 0 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEEN | 2 BLD | 1 TXV
  11. Zandra

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Zandra watched as the enemy went rampage. Hitting and slashing against the players. She saw the anks getting filled with red stripes from the weapons of the fishpeople. The player that tanked the mobs from the group Zandra and the other t3 have attacked stopped moving and got the effect paralyze on him. She did recognized him, she was certain she had seen himsomewhere else but couldn’t rember where. But not only the tank, Macradon got paralyzed as well. That meant she was the only t3 with aoe this turn. She charged up explode catapult and placed her in the middle of the group where she released her strongest attack. She had miscalculated the distances thou, one of them was to far away to even get touched by her axe. But the other three, either they got to feel the power of the fallen, or like the third got burst into flames. rolls: Party 3:Party 3: [H: 0/0/0/0/1/1/1/2/3] Zandra: 1920/1920 HP | 30/162| 22 DMG | 155 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 8 LD | 84 THN | 36 BRN THN | 6-8/12 FLN | 8-10/36 BRN | 96 BH | 9-10/24 TV | 27 PRB [Antidote 3/3][Squeaky Clean] [H:0/0/0/0/2/3/2/3/2] Macradon: 1645/1645 104/175 | 21 DMG | 131 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | Phase | 2 Holy Damage | 82 Battle Healing {PARALYZED} [H:0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/1] @Jomei: 1565/1565 HP | 77/153 | 17 DMG | 6 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 78 B. Healing [H:0/0/0/0/1/0/1/0/0] @Itzal: 1,750/1,750 | 85/160 | 19 DMG | 0 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEEN | 2 BLD | 1 TXV
  12. So, there was another player that was hosting a beachparty. Last year Zandra did one herself. With a scavenger hunt, a small safe combat and wrapped up with some swimsuit competition. There was some plans to host another one this year too. But she wasnt sure her wallet would be able to match last years prizes. Anyway, since there was another one, she dont have to think about it. Zandra putted on her everyday clothes and headed to floor 24 where the party would take place. As she aproached the area, Zita, her kingseagle familiar, had started circling above her. Zandra stopped as she scanned the area of which individuals that was present and if there was anyone she knew. Several players from her beachparty was there. She could spot at least four of them. There was also Hikoru. She let out a giggle when she saw what he was doing. But just a moment later a faint shadow of pink appeared on her cheeks as she saw the irishman. She hvnt talked to him at all since the latest boss raid meeting. Would she walk up to him now? No, they already seemed to be quite a big group chatting. So she decided to wait for the moment. See what will happen. Zita landed on her shoulder and rubbed her head against Zandras red hood. Appearance(except the gun ofcourse):
  13. Zandra

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Zandra’s axe had cleaved thru the commanders,reducing their health bars with way less health percentages then she had hoped for. She would need to focus her whole being if she would be able to deal some hits on these guys, or girls. Hard to tell the difference since they where fish people. As she had just landed three hard hits on them, even with Macradons warning, she just kept on her attack without focusing to hundred percent. That ended in her attack doing the same as last time, this time she missed three of them, landed one powerful strike on the last one thou. Hopefully it would make a difference. ‘’You was right Mac, damn this things are slippery.’’ Then she turned more to the whole raid-group. ‘’If anyone is in real need of healing, shout out. I wont be able to keep focus on your healthbar and kill these tiny fish thingies at the same time.’’ Actually she would, she was just lazy this time. rolls: party stats:
  14. Zandra listened to Itzals reply. As he metioned the supporters should have the mods as well. As a support herself, Zandra had more knowledge and had probably digged deeper into the first aid skill and mods then Itzals. Just as he probably had better intel about the searching. She gave him a smile and a small shoke of her head. ‘’Actually, several the mods is pretty useless. The damage increase mod, it have such a small buff, it is better for the support to do her or his own attack. The cleanse mod is very, very rarely useful. Since most of the time, it is better to just first aid. The latest update to barrier was a great buff and made it worth to use. But before that, it was not worth it either. Field medic you already know all about I guess.’’ A short pause. ‘’So actually, you only need field medic, barrier and maybe purify.’’ What the scout said next actually made Zandra angry. Before she could stop herself, her hand flew ad slapped him on the cheek. ‘’Snap out of that thinking already Itzal! Your damage isn’t minimal or pathetic at all. I hoped I wouldn’t have to say this because maybe you should snap out of it yourself. That seems to not be the case.’’ She took a deep breath before she started explaining. ’’A few weeks ago, I gathered some players that had grandmastered their weapon skills. We went the entrance of a cave where mobs with crazy high healthpool but very low damage was spawning. There we buffed us up and checked how much damage we could do to the mobs. Everyone with exactly the same stats except weapon skill. I don’t have all numbers in my head, but one handed sword was able to do more damage then martial arts and two handed spear. When they was out of energy, she kept on doing quite a lot of attacks before having to stop as well. So stop nagging about it or I may slap you again.’’ She said the last thing with a wink. Then she sat down again and let out a deep sigh. ‘’Scouting the tier two’s. I guess that will be more work then defeating the floor boss itself. Hehe.’’ She let out a tired giggle. ‘’and don’t bother about the first aid stuff. Was just asking for your opinion is all. Focus on being the strongest one handed sword warrior out there.’’ She finished off with a thumbs up. @Itzal