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  1. Zandra nodded in agreement. Yupp, this quest should be like a walk in the park for the two high leveled womens. In her mind, Zandra had often, and today was one of those moments, wished that there was a way to increase difficulty of quest and in that way increase the reward. But that would probably never happen. She looked down on her axe. ''I guess it is time for you to slay undead again.'' she mumbled quietly to it. Just a minute or two later, they reached the quest area. Four skeleton went out of the river. So this was her enemies. With a quick jog she was in the middle of the group where she unleashed hell with her strongest sword art, the explode cataplt. Her two handed weapon cleaved thru each of the undead monsters surronding her. As the attackanimation was complete, she watched as all the skeletons health bars was dropping at the same rate until they reached zero and exploded. ''Yupp, only the lich left now.'' she said with a smile and thumb up to Mari. Mari [H:0/0/0] - HP 1350/1350 | EN: 132/132 | DMG: 16 +3 for 2/2 turns| MIT: 43 | EVA:3 | ACC: 4 | BH: 67 | BRN: 24 |BLEED: 24 | FLAME AURA: 15 | Zandra [H:0/0/0] - HP 1785/1785 | EN: 152/174 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 99 | BLT: 72 | ACC: 3 | BH: 88 | BRN: 36 |BLEED: 36 | FLAME AURA: 30 | Stygian Warrior 1 HP 0/100 | DMG 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC 1 | EVA: 0 -DEAD- Stygian Warrior 2 HP 0/100 | DMG 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC 1 | EVA: 0 -DEAD- Stygian Warrior 3 HP 0/100 | DMG 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC 1 | EVA: 0 -DEAD- Stygian Warrior 4 HP 0/100 | DMG 25 | MIT: 5 | ACC 1 | EVA: 0 -DEAD- @Mari
  2. ''Hmm, what skills I have now?'' she said as she scratched her chin. ''2-handed battle axe, first aid, charge, search...'' Zandra started, counting the skills on her fingers.''...heavy armor, battle healing, howl, energize, quick change, extended mods and energist.'' she said and paused a bit. ''Yupp, that is all I think.'' She listened to Itzal and raised an eyebrow as he mentioned the event where the players turned side. ''Does that bother you? I mean is that the reason you avoid the frontlines?'' Zandra asked the man with a confused mind. She wasnt sure what to think. Not only that. He didnt liked the drama as well. She shoke her head. No, that wasnt the way to approach him. She took a few quick steps so she was standing infront of him. She placed her hands on his shoulder, her crimson eyes looking into his.''That wont happen again. ''There is alot of new players that have joined the front. I have only been figthing with once or twice, but I could see that they wont do that.''
  3. Tree of the winter was standing on the frosty field, the field that had been the end of summer, fall and spring. Would this be the end for him as well? His blue eyes saw three of the warriors charge at him, their weapons cleaving him again and again and again. The red stripes visible on his wooden skin now when there was no bark protecting him anymore. He felt the stun effect leave him and he once again got control of his body. Immediatly he slammed his right branch at the swordsman. Or that was what he intended to do, but there was no arm there anymore. Instead it was a cloud of blue and white crystals that shattered in the wind. He tried to pierce the pinkette with his other arm, but that one as well, was no more. He felt the panic growing inside him. He had to take at least one of them with him. He took two steps towards the orange haired girl, but his legs shattered just like his arms before he could reach her. Now the only thing left of the once mighty Tree of the winter, was his head that slowly fell towards the ground now that there was nothing to held it up. It let out one final scream, rumbling across the field where six human players had succeded with defeating the tree's of the seasons. The blue and white crystals flowed like a giant wave over the players as it slowly faded out into nothingness. As Tree of the winter was defeated, the temprature started to rise. The frosty field turned into a clear, green grass field as the sun broke thru the clouds and chased them away, leaving a clear blue sky above the players. The painful storm was changed to a mild summer breese. The tall grass looking like waves from the wind. At this time, the black haired guild leader felt the stun effect disapear. Like melted away from the warmth of the sun. She walked up to the players that was still standing there. ''Hi, Im Zandra, the guild leader of ATP. It was me that sent the message. Thank you so much for coming. I cant imagine what the damage would have been if you wouldnt have came.'' she looked back at the guild hall. The huge building was battered on several places where the ents have tried to break thru. Luckily the base was still intact, so wouldnt be that hard to repair. But still, Zandra didnt wanted to even imagine the costs it would take. She looked back on the players. If there is anything I can do for you as a thank you, just let me know.'' Just as she had finished her sentence, a big sign appeared in the air. ''Congratulations!''. It seemed this had been an event, not just some mobs attacking. Infront of each player poped up a reward screen, showing them an item Zandra didnt recognized. ''Treant armor?'' she said to herself. ''Do you know what it is?'' she asked as she accepted the rewards, took out the piece of bark to take a closer look. -----SUCCESS----- You have succesfully cleared 'The forest's uprising part 1'. You are now rewarded with: <<Treant armor>> A consumable that when used, applies a layer of bark on a piece of armor/shield. The treant armor adds one slot of mitigation to that piece for one thread. This cant bring the mit above its maximum(3 slots) -------------------------------------------------- The battle is over and the players have 66 hours(wednesday 18;00 GMT+2) to add an ending post if they so want to before the thread closes and the rewards is handed out.
  4. The tree of winter had succefully stopped the orange haired woman as well as the pinkette to stop moving. And landed hard hits on them as well. The white haired bunny man came on the tree, seemed to try he was safe just because they didnt died. But he would show them, on final strike and they all will beg for him to take their lifes. Thou suddenly, he stopped in his movements when he saw one of the females. She appeared her with raised warhammer. As he saw her, the treant took a step back in panic. He looked from side to side, but didnt saw anything useful. ''Stop! Back away! Dont!'' his deep rumbleing voice shouted towards the charging girl. He saw, almost in slow motion, how the hammer was flying thru the air. As the hammer made contact with his hardened bark skin, a high wooden crack was herd. It echoed over the field and some snow fell down from tree branches on the forest. The ground even started to vibrate. Then the players could see the reason behind the effects. All bark on tree of the winter exploded off from, him and a rain of wooden sticks fell down over them. A moment later, three huge icicles bursted out from the ground and pierced the beast they was figtihing. The mouth was frozen in a painful scream. The only think that moved was the blue lights that was his eyes that darted from player to player, trying to prepare for what would come next. rolling and stuff Stats: Players have 72 hours to reply from now
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    The three kings was flexing, the players was flexing, everyone on the big field was flexing. What was going on he... Suddenly Zandra inhalled as she woke up with a bang. She sat up in her big doublebed and breathed heavily. The pillow and quilt was soaked. She felt her body trembling and her skin was shiny by the layer of sweat that covered her. Her head went back and forth as she tried to orientate where she was. Wasnt she on a field just seconds ago? Wherever she was, she wasnt on a field now. But, what had she done on that field? She tried to remeber but suddenly everything was blurry. Except one thing. She had been wearing that schoolgirl uniform. She quickly left the bed. As she rushed to the mirror, the quilt fell down on the floor with a deep thud. When she got to the fullbody mirror her breath started to relax. She recognized the mirror as her own. She was back in her own bedroom. And in the mirror, Zandra was staring back at her. Those deep red eyes, the long, black hair. And the moonlight was reflecting in her smooth sweaty and [-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------censoured------------------------------------------------------------------------------------].
  6. As Zandra sits on her bed, she picks out a teleport crystal, crushes it, and a few moments later exits the warp gate on floor 24. There she heads to the coordinates Baldur had sent. She enters a ferry that takes her across the water. When on the other side she did herd alot of voices. She followed the path to the source of the sound. There was already almost a dozen players present. ''Hi @Baldur'' she said and gave the samuraj a wave. Except those two words she had been totally silent all the way, and she didnt made any try to start a cinverastion now either and her red hood still up, throwing a shadow on her face.
  7. Zandra nodded as Itzal said capping level at eitghty eight. She put her finger on her lower lip and looked forward as she thougth. ''Yeah, you are right there. Thou I think they should have capped it at eigthy nine or niety nie. Since at every ten even levels we getting a new skill slot. And that would make the gap between just varely maxing and maxing out quite big actually. But yes, why capping it at eigthy eight, most logic thing would be to go up to at least eigthy nine when they passed the eithy line.'' She gave a smile when he asked if she still got skill points after maxing out. She nodded and looked at Itzal. ''Yes I do. I still have one free skill slot left. And there is alot of mods I can get. Thou since I wont get any more slots, I dont know what skill to fill that last slot with.'' So, there was no rewards in hunting player killers. At least not if just sending them directly to prison. ''Well, shouldnt Are get paid for doing it from the prison? That would just be logical.'' She moved on with Itzal thru the forest. ''Level eigthy two? If you work hard you maybe will reach max before floor boss fight.'' she glanced to the side. ''Because you are coming to the boss figth right?''
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  9. Zandra listened to as Itzal told her what he had been up to. It sound like he had been busy, clearing the world of Aincrad from player killers and player killer guilds. Zita lowered her head and let him pat it a bit before she went back to scouting, her sharp eyes beeing ready to spot any kind of threat. ''Oh my, you seemed to have been busy.'' Zandra said when Itzal had told her about the player killer hunting. ''Myself I have been kinda busy myself. My greatest achivement thou is a few days ago, I actually hit the roof. I am one of the max leveled players on the frontlines at the moment.'' she said with a proud smile. There have been many years of hard effort and grinding put in to finally reach level 88. ''How is that when it comes to player killer hunting? Do they reward you with any XP or any kind of loot?'' she asks him curiously.
  10. As a guild leader of the growing Aincrad trading post, it came to Zandra to be able to go thru with the requests that rolled in from the pinboard. One recent order have came in asking for some salves and stuff. She herself needeed some merchant buffs as well. So it was time to visit Anise again. That she havent done in a long time. ''Hi Anise!'' she said when she spotted the short red headed merchant. ''Im here to pick up some items for the coming boss raid. Hope you dont mind.'' she said, went up to her and choosed all stuff she needed. Then she bowed and left. -2x Field ration +2 -2x Immolation potion +2 -Double tent -4,200col
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  12. Yupp, Itzal was actually happy. Even if Zandra was surprised, that made her glad. Meaning that what she have been thru a few days hadnt been for nothing. She answered his comment about having many quests left to do with a shrug. ''Well, I guess I am not a big fan of questing I guess. Well, not solo questing. Since that have basivally been what I have done last half a year or so. Out in the wild, hunting mobs.'' she took a short pause before continue. ''solo.'' she finished. As they started walking Zita, the big kings-eagle, flew down and landed on Zandras shoulder. Let out a cry. Then the feathered predators head scanned the forest with her razorsharp eyes that could spot a rabbit a mile away. Now Zandra entered her next stage of calm. She could always relax when Zita was near, because Zita would let her know as soon as there was any threat nearby. ''What I wanted to talk about you ask? Well, I want to catch up. Last time we met was at that Leviathan boss fight wasnt it? What have you been up to since then?''
  13. Zandra almost got a bit surprised when she saw Itzal because he was totally different then two days earlier. Back then he had been sad, in pain, grief, yes every painful feeling you can come up with. The man that stood infront of her now actually looked, glad? She blinked a few times. ''Oh damn. Someone looks to be feeling better I guess.'' she said with a smile aimed at Itzal. He had asked her what she wanted to do. He suggested going on a quest that they havent done, but that it would be hard for Zandra. He probably meant that she had done all the quests. ''Hehe, no that wouldnt be hard. There is tons of quests out there that I havent done.'' she said with a frinedly goggle. ''But yeah, there is alot I would like to chat with you about. Lets do it and go on a walk. Then we can kill any mob we happens to run into on the way.''
  14. Zandra was sitting at the edge of her bed, her elbows on her knees and resting her head in heropen palms. Damn, the day before yesterday had been rough. She threw herself backwards in her big double bed where she crawled over to Avilons side. She grabbed the pillow and hugged it tightly. ''Where are you?'' she whispered as she just laid there, doing nothing at all except thinking back on all the memories they had been having together. After an hour or two she let go of the pillow and pushed herself out of the bed. She had something to do today. She was going to meet up with Itzal again. Or Are, as he wanted to be called officially. There was several things she wanted to talk with him about. They really had alot of time to cathc up on. Some time later she left her estate and headed down to floor of the beginning. She left the town and headed out on the large fields surronding the big beginner city. They had decided to meet up at a special tree. One that was all alone on a big field. She approached it with a neutral expression on her face. Her red hood pulled back and her hair flowing in the wind. She also weared her red skirt with suspenders and black t-shirt. She gave him a short wave. ''Hello there Itzal.''