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  1. Zandra stared at the horizon. The horizon at the end of the huge ocean that threw up mist in the air from the waves and the tiny waterdrops sparkled in the sun. The alchemist had been sitting in the sand for quite some time by now, and no one had showed up. Her thougths travelled up to floor twenty two and maybe she should go back there to Avilon and enjoy her day with her instead. Nah, she had already sent out the invite, what if someone would show up and there is no one here. Wonder who will come thou. Hopefully some hot girls and boys. Eye candy is always nice. Hopefully some of her old friends will come as well. Mac, Hik or Cal was the first that poped into her head. But nah, they probably was busy with their own business. It was by then that she suddenly woke up when seeing someone enter the water and shouting for someone or someones to get to him. Zandra looked around and saw that several players had arrived. She quikly rose and brushed off the sand from her butt. ‘’Oh excuse me very much. It this heat I dazed off. Welcome to my little party, I hope you gonna enjoy it. Feel free to help yourself with drinks and food. Its on the house.’’ She said with a warm smile and pointed towards the grills and tables.
  2. The gate to the boss room opened. Zandra closed her screen and followed her fellow players inside. Like the participants have predicted, they had several opponents. And it seemed that they had different roles as well. The first round, no one would need to be healed, so Zandra could take this opportunity and reduce some of the oppoents health. Zandras group wasn’t the first to engage, so she had some time to pick her target. The shield wielder was probably some kind of tank so wasn’t that big of a threat. Her aoe was enough to hit everyone of the others. But just as she was gonna charge them, the card wielder got her focus. Or rather, what was behind him. A devil looking creature. Thou it faded away as she looked at it. But not only that, Zandra suddenly felt a strange feeling. She felt, uneasy, worried. Her thougths first flew to Avilon, she must be in danger. Zandra turned around and started to walk back towards the door. But after a few steps she stopped. ‘’Gaah, what am I doing?! Ive thougth thru this so many times. This isn’t the time to go back.’’ This wasn’t a fight to win with weapons, she must let go of Avi during this fight. She closed her eyes hard and shaked her head when she realised what she must do. She started to breath deeper and think back on that moment in the forest with @Macradon so long time ago. She looked at him with her eyes filled with emotions. Fear, anxiety, pain, rage but most importantly determination to stay with her senses. She quickly wrote a mail. This was information he must have as their leader. He also needed to know that she was still her.‘’Mac!’’ She shouted towards the scarlet Templar. She pressed the send button when he looked at her to make sure he would read the message. She didn’t checked if he did. Her focus now went back to the bosses and she activated her charge skill to shorten the distance to them in moments. She swung her two handed axe and cleaved thru them all. Except one that was to evasive for her and the shield wielder that she haven’t aimed for in the first place anyway. Her axe cleaved thru two of them, also setting them ablaze, poision one of them and her fallen damage activated against the other. To make sure she hitted the card wielder she activated her consentration skill as well against him. Her first swung was followed up by another, dealing more damage to the enemy. ‘’Die! Die! Die!’’ she screamed during the whole charge. When her sword art was finished she quickly retreated to one of the pillars that she leaned towards and panted. She was prepared for many different situaitons, but she would never have guessed she would have been forced to awaken this again. The mail to Mac: Stuff: Player stats:
  3. Zandra woke up when the days first sunbeams hitted her face. This day, that had a high probability to be her last one. Her last one in this world of death. So she made sure to enjoy her shower, feeling the warm water roll down her body. She enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the living room. When she was ready for the boss fight, she headed to floor 23. On the way, she consumed several potions. ‘’Goddamnit.’’ She said to herself when she found out she didn’t had any accuracy food. ‘’Have to work without it this time.’’ She had got plenty of orders from other boss fight participants thou. Her focus was on the ordered list as she arrived to the gates. When she had handed them out, she spotted a girl that seemed to be very low leveled. To low for this. When Zandra walked up to her she saw she offered food. And she still had an accuracy food. ‘’Is it okay I take that one?’’ Zandra ask and the girl answered positively. As Zandra consumed the food, she went to Calrex since they would be in same group. ‘’Yo.’’ She said with a smile and then went back to her stats to make sure she had the correct stuff equipped. Stats:
  4. Zandra

    Lovers Den [F22-Alchemist rank 10]

    rollingand stuff...
  5. Zandra

    [F21 - PP]A Delta of Heroes and Villains

    ‘’Damn it!’’ Zandra mumbled quietly. Not only had these two rouges appeared. Their main target had also disappeared. Well, not yet. But don’t matter how good someones skills are, Zandra doubted Macradon would be able to keep the adders location during a fight. Specially against these two, they seemed to be quite a match for the couple with green crystals. But they need to take them down, or else they wouldn’t be able to get to adder even if they knew his location. ‘’I will be right behind you mate.’’ Zandra said and took a steady grip of her two handed axe. She gulped and her eyes took a quick look at the surrondings to memorise it before her whole focus was on the enemy. The knight started with a brutal attack that dropped their healthbars quite a bit. As soon as he had backed away a few steps, Zandra activated her charge skill and darted forward, making the distance between her and the player killers to mele range in a moment. ‘’Bu!’’ she said, looking up into the huge, stunned Hector, staring at his eyes and half a second later the dark glowing axe swung around, striking both players. But also setting Hector ablaze. Zandra followed her swing with another. At the same time, a kingseagle dived down from the treetops, pecking at the duelist and scratching with her razorsharp claws, reducing his halth even more. rolls: Stats: - Health List - <Macradon> 1565/1565 HP || 146 MIT || 24 DMG || 2 ACC || 6 REC || 142/152 NRG (-16)(+6) <Zandra> 1505/1505 HP || 98 MIT || 19 DMG || 3 ACC || 36 BRN || 30 THRN || 130/146 (-16) <Hector> 648/1200 HP || 79 MIT || 18 DMG || 0 ACC || 2 EVA || 135/135 NRG (-271) - Stunned - -BRN 36 2/2- <Draigo> 662/1200 HP || 79 MIT || 15 DMG || 1 ACC || 1 EVA || 135/135 NRG (-257) - Stunned -
  6. Come and enjoy the lovely summer wheather at floor 16. 



  7. Zandra

    [F21 - PP]A Delta of Heroes and Villains

    Zandra suddenly stopped as Macradon let out a ‘wait’. Zandra herd a bit confusion in his voice. She immediately raised her axe to try and be prepared for anything. ‘’What Mac, whats wrong?’’ What he said as reply, made Zandra starting to feel panic. Her heart started to beat faster. He wasn’t alone… At least two seemed to be with him. ‘’Oh f***.’’ She mumbled while Mac said they would be on gua… There he got interrupted by another voice. It came from behind Zandra so she turned on the spot and looked at a man with a hood and a rapier. Thou that wasn’t the worst thing with him, he also had a orange crystal above his head. Zandra entered a battle stance and was just gonna charge him when he talked to someone and asecond later a huge man appeared with a deep Aye. Zandra gulped as he towered up infront of them without weapon. So probably a martialartist. Zandra glanced at Mac. ‘’Mac, there is two of them but none is adder, your skill knows where he is?’’ she whispered to Macradon.
  8. A twenty minutes walk outside of Zugaikotsushima [phonetic: Zoo-guy-coat-sue-shima] lies a two stories log house with a porch and a threestep stair leading up to the porch. Infront of the house is a long beach with soft white sand. About fifty meters from the water, the sand turns to a big field of green grass surrounded by the forest that covers most of the island. On the field is a few smoking grills and some tables with cold lemonade on them. Down at the beach, two poles with a net between them have been placed with some lines in the sand. A few tbles didn’t had any lemonade on them, thou they have chairs on the sides and a parasol, giving the table a nice shadow from the sun that is shining bright from the sky. The blue sky without even a single cloud. From the sea comes a fresh breeze with a faint smell of salt. The area was completely empty, except for one person. A girl wearing a pink bikini, with long black hair and red eyes with an eye-patch on her right eye sat in the sand with a glass of lemonade in her hand and stared at the horizon. The host of the party. Or, she hoped it would be a party. Thou she was prepared to enjoy this day all on her own. Ten minutes earlier she had sent out a message to all her friends and also put it up on the notice-board in the main cities. Now, the only thing to do was wait. Message: Competitions:
  9. Zandra

    Lovers Den [F22-Alchemist rank 10]

    rolling and stuff
  10. Zandra looked at the hour glass for two seconds before turning her focus to the papers. When it came to a recipie of this length, she had to plan in advance so the time gated stuff was boiled at the same time to save hours. She red thru it three times before she started. She immediately started picking half of the ingredients required and placed them on the table. She started with throwing down some ogre teeths in the mortar and started turn them into dust. After that she poured the dust into one of the pots immedatly followed by some dired lizard skin and two scales from a basilisk. She then picked a three hour timeglass and palced it beside the pot while walking over to the next section. There she needed a half and finely choppedcentaurheart together with some owlbear blood. After that she turned to the back of page two where you needed to pour some basilisk venom on a phoenix feather and let it dry for ten hours before throwing it down in a pot where some goblin fingers and a hair of a unicorn tail have boild for nine hours. Like this, she went forth and back between the tables and shelf. On the side she made her own special potion that would keep her alert for an additional six hours. Thou it would only be enough for her to stay alert under 48 hours at maximum and after that she would be dizzy and start lsoe consentration. Hopefully she would make it. During the 47th hour she poured the ingredients from nine different pots into one that was a little bigger where she have constantly filled with different potions and ingredients. And the nine pots was the result of each being made with several other pots ingredients. When only five minutes remained of the time, she poured the potions into a vial, placed the corked vial in cold water to cool it off. Then she walked up to Demeter and handed it over. ‘’Here it is.’’ She said and panted. ‘’Good Zandra. Now its time to test it.’’ Zandra gulped and followed Demeter into a room side by side with alchemy workshop. There, on a bed laied a man with white face. He was dead. Thou it must be an NPC since he was still there. Demeter uncorked the vial and gently poured a drip into his mouth. Zandra knew that it would take an hour for this potion to take effect since she have used a special kind of thorns that make someone sleep for a hundred years. So the two females stood there, watching the man for an hour. And then, the man coughed a slowly sat up. Zandra let out a sigh of relief before she collapsed. As she woke up, she was in her bed beside Avilon. Huh? Was it all a dream? She looked in her mailbox and there was the notification. She decided to check her workshop. When she went into it, it was like normal. Except one thing. Her tools have been replaced with the ones she have used to create the potion of eternity. Her heart was filled with joy as she ran back and forth to touch on the tools to confirm they was real. Rewards: +2 (1 page+1 quest) SP +1 CD item, Dmeters couldron +400 col
  11. The goddess smiled at me as I gave her my answer. ‘’The challenge is pretty simple. You should make apotion of eternity. Or rather, a potion that can bring back someone to life.’’ I listened carefully to Demter to not miss any details. But what she finished of with made me cough. ‘’Wait what! Bring someone back to life? That, that is impossible!’’ Demeter totally ignored my comment and a sheet appeared on the desk infront of Zandra. She looked down on it and her eyes widened. This was the longest recipie she had ever seen. Because there wasn’t one page, it was three! Both front and back. Then Demeter continued. ‘’If you can make this potion in 48 hours, you will ne rewarded.’’ Zandra looked up at Demeter. ‘’48 hours! But some of these stuff needs to boil…’’ she glanced at the paper ‘’…for 5 hours each!’’ The goddess just smiled at her. ‘’You better start then.’’ She said and an hourglass appeared. ‘’When the last piece of glass have fallen down, the time is out.
  12. Zandra listened with awe as the goddess speaked about the art of alchemy, she have never thought there would be someone to realise this. Everyone was thinking that blacksmith and the ones that make items was good, just because their items was visible to the eye. And cooks beuty laid in the taste. But alchemy, everyone treated as just something you buffed your stats with. But what the goddess finished off with, made Zandra gulp and be a bit nervous. She would need to beat a goddess in the art of alchemy. She was on way to say something like beat you in the art of alchemy? No way I can do that since you are a goddess. But she didn’t. She just closed her eyes, took a deep breath to prepare herself. ‘’Okay Demeter, Im in. I am having confidence I can do this. So, what is the challenge.’’
  13. Demeter looked at Zandra with a warm smile. ‘’There is nothing to excuse for, it was a long time ago I was someone with your passion about the beautiful art of alchemy in this hall. Sadly, its not a very popular or appreciated kind of art. Noone see the beuty in combining different ingredients and create potions with unexpected results. And they don’t realise that behind every success, lies many fails and tries. As alchemists, we dotn just throw together potions like a cook just throws some ingrediets in a pot and let it boil. No, the temperature, the order you put down the different ingredients, alchemy is the true piece of art so few out there understand. And you, Zandra, is the only one that have reached the grandmaster rank. You are truly one of the best in this world. And for that, I will reward you, but only if you can beat me in the art of alchemy.’’
  14. On the metal net stood several tripods with pots of boiling ater on them. Surronding the fire, stood six tables with different alchemist tools. But not only alchemist tools, they was also of a quality Zandra haven’t seen before. Like with the ingredients, she could stop herself from looking closer on the tools to realise what they was used for. She was basically like a kid in a toy store. After a few minutes she rembered she wasn’t alone in the room. Her face turned tomatoe red as she slowly turned towards Demter. ‘’Ehm, excuse me… excuse me so very much.’’ She said and quickly placed back what she held back on the table and took a few steps back. The tool wobbled a little and Zandra begged to god that it wouldn’t tip over, and she was lucky, it didn’t. She let out a sigh of relief and turned her focus to Demeter.