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  1. Zandra

    [F21-PP] The faces that hide

    Zandra nodded to her companions. Hestia said they should continue forward since there didn’t seemed to be any touble for them since eight guards had fallen so quickly. Pinball also mentioned it wouldn’t be much trouble and that she should choose. He sounded a little nervous as well. She had thought a compliment would have helped, but it didn’t seemed to work that well. She guessed it would be best to take the lead then. She rested her axe on the shoulder as her feets started to move her forward. When they couldn’t see her face she let out a soundless sigh. Semme he wanted to be done with this as quick as possible. Was it so terrible to do dungeoneering with her? As they reached the big gate at the other end of big hall she tried to push it up, but it was stuck. She tried to tackled it, but didn’t moved an millimeter. She thought for a few seconds before she took a step back. She activated her charge and most powerful sword art but not even a scratch. That was when she saw it. There was a handle on it. She covered her face with her hair as it turned red as a potato and opened the gate with the handle. As the gate opened a tunnel showed. ‘’I-I guess we should keep going thru this tunnl? Or what do you think?’’ she said without turning towards the Hestia and Pinball. @Hestia
  2. Zandra gave him a warm smile. She knew that her question wasn’t really a question, more like a greeting phrase to be polite that she had learnt from others. And it seemed Stryder knew that as well. She herself didn’t felt so good, but that she wouldn’t have said anyway. She just nodded to Stryder in reply. As Stryder mentioned that he was surprised to see some her level she let out a giggle and raised an eyebrow. ‘’Well look at yourself. What are you doing down here? Most tier two players I see is usually at floor eleven or higher. Since as long as you bring a friend or two those quest and grinding places can be pretty safe. I guess even the harder quests can be relatively safe if getting a full party together.’’ She took a pause before continuing. ‘’Well, I wont sneak away from your question. Myself Im on my way to do a quest that I havet done yet. And to be honest, you should do all quests you can to have as much knowledge as possible about this place. I may sound cliché, but knowledge is power.’’
  3. Up until now, Zandra had been relatively relaxed. She havent chilled thru the first enemies, but she was really confident that they would get thru them without any troubles. And they had done exactly that. Back when she did dungeons daily, there had always been weaker enemies first followed up by a boss. More then once that boss had put her close to death, so she knew to be careful from now on. The tank said that they just graduated to the big kid monster. Even if he was experienced, Zandra didn’t felt about joking. She had put on a consetrated face. She felt her strength increase a bit as he sharpened her. She looked at everyone of the mobs infront of her to see any weak spots. She took a few breath to sharpen her focus before she lowered her stance and with the charge skill darted forward, . Halfway to them, she started activating her sword art and her axe started shine a black light as well as flames appeared on it on some spots. With her momentum she shot off from the ground. As she was right infront of the biggest enemy that seemed to be the mini boss, she swung her axe. It cleaved thru her torso as well as set her ablaze. She used the power of the sword art to swung at the younglings from behind as well as doing a 180 turn. The blade slashed and slised thru them, leaving red marks in their backs as well as a black aura covered them, punishing them and hurting them for standing in their way. As she landed, she was now opposite to Shield, reday to strike again when her sword art would be ready.
  4. Reward: 1(one page)+2(most LD value)+2(mega slime farm)=5SP 400col(1 page)
  5. That man took the lead. ‘’Zita!’’ I shouted as I quickly followed him. I herd flapping wings as the eagle came to my side. ‘’This man know where the monster is. He have fought it and nearly died. I gave him a healing potion though so he would survive. It seems that was the right decision to make. Now we have our own guide towards the boss.’’ It didn’t took long to spot the high tower that was their final destination. To cross the correct bridges was the tricky part thought, but since the man had already been there, it seemed it wasn’t any troubles at all for him. It was almost hard for Zandra to keep up. But thanks to her charge skill she could close in on the distance towards the man. When thay had ran for a bit over then minutes they arrived at the bottom of the tower that was guarded by a huge monster. Roll: ID: 110450 LD: 1+9=10 Total: 104/100 Labyrinth found!
  6. Zandra patted the man. ‘’don’t you worry. Everything will be alright. Im actually on my way to kill that monster. Im not strong enough to do it on my own. But as soon as I finds it, I will call my friends and we will gather together to take it down. It would be great if you could follow with us. Every extra power would appreciated. I suggest you walk back to town and recover and get new gear thugh. I promise I will let you know when we heading out to kill it.’’ She helped the man up. ‘’It would be kind if you could only show me the way where it is tohugh.’’ The man looked at Zandra. ‘’You, going to kill it?’’ Zandra nodded. ‘’Then lets waste no time. This way.’’ He said and suddenly he had no problem to move. Zandra was gonna say something but decided not to. Total: 94/100 Searching CD: 3/3 -ready for roll next post-
  7. The man looked at Zandra with tired eyes. ‘’Thank you. Thank you so much for helping me.’’ She said and let out another groan. It looked like he was in pain. But since there was no pain in here, it definitely was an NPC that just acted. He slowly raised his arm and pointed on the way Zandra was heading. He cought before he started to talk. ‘’There, on the other side of the water… there was this. This.’’ He took some deep breaths before he continued. ‘’there was this don’t know what to call it. A monster. I thought I would be able to take it down. But I was to weak. Im nothing but a weakling. I should go back and spend my…’’ he cought again. ‘’spend my last days on the farm, doing same boring thing day in and day out.’’ He lifted his broken sword, after looking at it for a few seconds he angrily threw it in the water. Total: 94/100 Searching CD: 2/3
  8. ‘’Hello, can you hear me?’’ she said as she scrolled thru her inventory, searching for a healing potion. The man groned again. He had red markings all over his body and it seemed his health was almost out. ‘’Just, keep it together.’’ Zandra said with a calm voice. As she found the healing potion she took it out and with one hand behind his head she moved the vial to his lips and made him drink it. It took awhile for him to realize where he was. But when he did he started to push himself up. ‘’No wait, relax and heal up some more. Could you tell me what happened to you?’’ Zandra asked the wounded man. She guessed that theses wounds have been caused by the same creature Birgit had warned her for. She wouldn’t let him shatter if she could prevent it. At least not before he had told her what he knew. Total: 94/100 Searching CD: 1/3
  9. She suddenly stopped when she herd a groaning. With one hand on the track she scanned the surrondings. She could se a shadow a few meters away. But if she went there she would lose the track. ‘’Zita, come.’’ She said and the feathered familiar flew down and landed beside her. ‘’Im gonna go and check out what it was that groaned over there. You stay here so we know here the track is. Okay?’’ The eagle let out a quiet cry and nooded. Zandra smiled at the eagle before she went to the shadow. When she reached it she got taken by surprise. It was man. He was well built with well shaped body build. Beside him laid a broken sword and shattered shield. He was wearing a simple chainmail with some armoured boots and bracers. His shoulderguards was made of reinforced leather. Zandra immediately kneeled down beside him. Roll: ID: 110448 LD: 11+9=20 Total: 94/100 Searching CD: 0/3
  10. Zandra straightened her back, which felt good after the unergonomic pose she had traveled with while following the track. It wasn’t that she was in a hurry anyway. So she could take it pretty chill. Her hands behind her head as she walked across the bridge and hummed for herself. Zita had left to circle in the air high above her. She knew she could trust her to warn her if any dangers would appear. Still, Zandra was prepared to react if any unexpected would appear. She had been on the frontlines long enough to have that in mind. As she had crossed the bridge, she searched for the track again. It took a few minutes for her to spot the unregular surface in the other smooth grass that was covering the islands. She did like before, kept one eye on the track and the other on her surrondings as she moved forward. Total: 74/100 Searching CD: 3/3 -ready for roll next post
  11. Zandra pressed forward as she always had one eye on the track to make sure she wouldn’t lose it. But she also kept one eye on the surrondings. She didn’t wante to run into a strong elite mob and suddenly be dead meat just because she kept both her eyes on the track. It maybe turne out to go a little slower forward, but it was still faster then being dead, and it would be hard to keep the track in sight during a combat, and it wasn’t sure if she would find it again. As they had traveled for a while, they reached another bridge. Here, the track disappeared. Though since there wasn’t any other way then the brige where it could have continued, she smirked to Zita I guess we are going this way. She could now keep both her eyes forward since there was no risk to lose the track. Total: 74/100 Searching CD: 2/3
  12. That was when she spotted something. There was something not normal with ground where she was walking. She kneeled down and started to inspect it closer. She didn’t focused on just one spot, but rather on a pretty large area, it would be easier to see any differences if she saw the whole picture then just a tiny part of it. Even though she wasn’t as skilled on tracking as Macradon, she did found out that there was a track here. A track that led forward. She rose with a smile. ‘’Zita, I think this is it. A track always lead somewhere dosent it? And here we are heading north and finds a track that leads in the same direction as we are heading. That must mean we are on the right track right?’’ she said and winked. Zita just stared at the berserk healer with a look that would say ‘really?’ and sigh. Total: 74/100 Searching CD: 1/3
  13. But now she couldn’t care about where she should get a house, and she shouldn’t actually move. Her col was infinite, they will run out one day or another. And buying houses was the quickest way to do so. She didn’t needed another house anyway. So that thought left her mind and she focused on searching for that dungeon. She crossed the bridge to the north, time to continue. As she had left the safety of the safe zone, she equipped back to her combat gear. The heavy axe materialized in her hand, as well as her vanity heavy armor. It felt kinda strange to not fight with inferno equipped, but she needed those two items to increase her searching skills. She moved forward as her eyes scanned the surrondings. She was ready for anything that would be different from the normal, as well ready to defend herself if there would happen to be any mobs lurking around. Roll: ID: 110447 LD: 18+9=27 Total: 74/100 Searching CD: 0/3
  14. Zandra stretched her arms high in the air before she looked around. ‘’So, where do we have north?’’ she opened up her map where she could see everything she had explored so far. She glanced over shoulder. ‘’So ther is where we came from, where we fought the crabs. And to judge from the map, that was south. Then we just have to go thru the island. Though I guess its better if we go around the main group of buildings. It looks like it would be pretty easy to get lost in that town. And with that the two started the second part of their journey. Zandra was walking as Zita lifted and started to circle high above. This was also a pretty comfortable floor, nice weather, nice temperature. She wouldn’t mind to move here when the fight was over. After all, this muct be one of the nicer floors she had visited. Total: 47/100 Searching CD: 3/3 -ready for roll next post