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  1. The battle against the elfs continued, Zandra felt the stun disapear and she could move again. She pushed herself up, without anyone giving her a helping hand. She looked at her armored feets as player after player charged and delivered powerful attacks. Until it was the first groups turn to engage. Hirru, that Zandra have adventured with only a few times charged the wounded Durares. But instead of slahing down on him, he placed himself in a defensive stance. Zandras eyes widened as she stared on the jade hunter. She felt something coming up but she held it back. Her eyes got teary and it came up again and this time she couldn’t stop it. As the same time that Evahira spoke to her fellow council member, Zandra bursted out in laugh. She dropped the axe and held one hand onher stomach and the other infront of her mouth as she kept laughing. ‘’Really?! What the f*** is this?’’ she took a few steps to the side to Hikoru. ‘’Do you see that Hik? Is he joking or something? First everyone talks to the enemies, then they helping them up and now defending them.’’ That’s when she saw he was stunned. ‘’Oh, come on dude. Move a little.’’ She said and patted him on the back, activating the purify mod. ‘’I cant really consentrate, this is just too hilarious. Wonder why they even picked Mac as their leader when they doing however they want anyway.’’ Zandra use Purify on Hikoru Player stats:
  2. And, the fight has begun. Hazado charged in and the crabs raised there claws to try to protect themselves from the axe that cleaved thru them and leved red stripes on their hard shell. The healht bars dropped but on the third vrab, also the blue bar below the health drop about a third. The three mobs tiny black eyes got focused on the male that had hit all three of them. They snipped and clicked in the air with their claws before they started to run to him. One tried to to hit the axe wielder, but failed, only snipping air. The second on the other hand, saw the guy wasn’t alone and instead tried to snip on a female with pink and brown hair, but he as well missed its target. The third one ignored both the dual hair-coloured girl and the axe dude and instead went for the third participant. But the crabs seemed to be cursed since the tird one missed as well. Not a good start start for the crabs. Players: @Hazado [----] @Neopolitan [----] @Dazia [----] Mobs: Giant crab 1: [----------------] [---] Giant crab 2: [----------------] [---] Giant crab 3: [----------------] [---]
  3. A smile was on Zandras lips, she had arranged three competiotns and the first turned out to be great. Just hoped the next would too. Though the participants was relatively low leveled compared to the players the Berserk healer usually have fought with. So she didn’t knew how much combat experience they had. Luckily, the mobs she had found and captured didn’t had any special rules except the new thing she havent seen before. She had even asked some of her information breakers if they have any clues about it. But the answer had been no. ‘’It looks like you all are ready for the fight. The fight gonna be like any normal fight except one thing. The mobs going to have a breakbar. How to break it and what it does, is up to you to figure out. That’s the challenge in this fight. I wish you all good luck. The price depends how quick you can defeat all of the monsters. There is going to be three waves. I think that’s enough information I will give.’’ Zandra looked at the clock. She had succeded to time this with the spawn rate of the mobs. Since when her talk was over, a bright shine and three giant crabs appeared on the beach. They saw the players on the fields and clipped with their claws, waiting for the players to attack. ‘’Let the battle, begin!’’ Zandra shouted and looked as the five players charged into battle. Combat info: Players: Mobs: Giant crab 1: [----------------] [---] Giant crab 2: [----------------] [---] Giant crab 3: [----------------] [---] Player have 24 hours to post!!!
  4. Zandra was leaning towards one of the weapon stands and looked at the players that franatically tried to find some last minute crystals. Or rather last hour crystals. She opened her inventory screen to see how many was left. She rose an eyebrow of surprise as she saw there was barely any crystals left. Zandra had thougth she would have to gather the last half of the crystals because people would have been to few and got bored of it after an hour or so. But she was happy, except that she would have to finish the scavenger hunt earlier. A girl asked her about armor. Zandra shaked her head. ‘’There won’t be any armor handed out. To be honest, you can fight in your casual clothes or even in your swimwear. There going to be zero deaths today so no need to worry about armor really.’’ Zandra had lept an eye on the weapon stands and it turned out a total of five players had armed themselves. She nodded to herself and mumbled. ‘’that’s a good number. Not to few but not to many either.’’ A few click on the screen and the weapon stands disappeared. A little pling from her screen made her know there was no longer any green crystals out there, and not lon time after the blues was no more either. ‘’Guess its time to finish the first competition just in time for the battle.’’ She jumped up on the table again that she use as a stage. ‘’Want to let everyone know that it’s time to finish the scavenger hunt. You have found all the crystals. It was really much quicker than I expected. Though there was one you didn’t found. This one.’’ She put her hand in the pocket on her short jeans-shorts and pulled out the third white crystal. ‘’Well searched all, now I would like everyone to send the crystals in a mail to me so I can count everyone’s points.’’ That was enough information for the scavenger hunt. Only one thing left to say. ‘’So, can the five battle particpant’s gather here please would be great.’’ @Dazia @Krysta @Hazado @Neopolitan @Vigilon Scavneger hunt note: If you roll a crystal of a colour that is 0 left, it is counted as a fail Combat not: Make 1 post before the combat starts where you walk up to the center of the field and prepares. When all five hv posted I will try to spawn the enemy as soon as possible.
  5. It seemed that the quest had appeared way after Lowenthals death. Zandra looked at the ground as her brain worked to try to sort out her thougths to make sense of the information she had got. She scratched her chin while thinking. ‘’Hmm… does this mean that I… No… It cant.’’ She mumbled to herself. Then she rembered that the reason why they are here isn’t to solve this question. Shield wanted to know about her, Zandra. She moved her hand thru her black hair before looking back at him. ‘’Sorry. Didn’t meant to drift away like that.’’ She started with a steady voice. This break was good since Zandra felt she had got control of herself and wouldn’t lose it like she was close to earlier. She took a step closer to Shield and grabbed one of his hands in hers. Then her eyes looked into Shields again. The bags was there and her face looked exhausted, but the crimson eyes was clear and serious. She waited a ffew seconds before opening her mouth and started talking. ‘’Shield. I wont harm or kill any green player. When I started this game, I could sometimes go out of control and behave like you described Ariel, but only against mobs. I wont lie, I did attacked a player. Or, a charged him but snapped out of it before I touched him. After that, I worked with it and since then it haven’t happened again. Though as you said, I can be a bit passionate in battle. But against the enemy. I havent attacked anyone in over two years, and I have adventured a lot with other players. So I can make sure, Im not going to try to repeat Ariels action.’’ She started and before she continued, she decided to wait and see what Shield would answer.
  6. rolling and stuff Rolls: Stats:
  7. Zandra had walked to the table and sat on it as she looked at all the searchers with a smile on her lips. Some new players greeted her and she replied with a cheerful tone. This was going better then she expected, that two would have joined the hunt would have made her happy. But it looked like there was at least four players searching for the crystals. Thou noone had found any of the white ones yet. That made her a little curious since so many greens and blues have been found. Didn’t they tried for the white ones? It would probably be easier to find several of the lower pointed ones then the hard white ones. Maybe she should have made the white ones more valuable. Or maybe put them on easier spots. She did wanted to give them more time, but it was time to start the combat. Zandra walked to the middle of the field, there she opened her inventory and placed four weapon stands. Each of them was filled with plenty of weapons, different kinds on each stand. Swords, axes, warhammers and staffs. The table with the combat sign ups was also moved to the middle of the field. She jumped up on it and drank a potion. ‘’Time to prepare for combat everyone.’’ She said loudly and the potion made it so everyone in the area could hear her. She then waited five minutes to let everyone gather. ‘’So, soon its time for the combat competition. Just wanna go thru some quick details. Mor details will come in an hour when it starts. Now you have to prepare by choosing a weapon, each one with its own skills. You can read about the skill on the paper that is on each of the stands. You can take two weapons, one equipped and one in your inventory. After the combat you just put them back in the correct weapon stand that will be moved to the refreshments.’’ She said and pointed where the drink and snacks was. ‘’This will be a co-op, so it communications can be good.’’ She paused a few seconds before continue. ‘’Even if you haven’t signed up, you can do that now on this.’’ She pointed at the paper on the table. ‘’don’t worry, there is zero risk of dying. And the weapons isn’t affected by your stats so everyone is fighting on same terms. Now, pick your weapon and we will start the figth in one hour.’’ Combat(preparations): Crystals left: Combat will start 2018-09-16 23:59
  8. The two player that stood out in nowhere, with the sand blowing around them making it hard for anyone to hear them unless they came close and within sight of the frontliners. Was this just a coincidence or had Shield planned it? Well it didn’t mattered and the thougth left Zandra’s mind as quick as it have appeared. Her eyes have been shiny and her lower lip shaked, the berserk healer have been so close to tears. Her eyes have even drifted off, watching at the ground beside him. But when she herd a few words her eyes went back to him, blinked a few times and her face looked more surprised then anything else, she blinked a few times and the rage and tears that have been so close, left her. ‘’Wait, what did you just say?’’ she asked as he said bloodlust. ‘’She… she didn’t looked alright?’’ As he finshed his sentence, she didn’t herd what he said, a few words got repeated in her mind. Mowed down. Haunting. Bloodlust. ‘’Shield.’’ She gulped and it took a few seconds before she continued. ‘’Shield, when was this quest? Was it before or after Lowe’s death?’’ her eyes looked at the tank. Now though, it was easily spotted that she was worried by something.
  9. Zandra took a deep sigh and looked down at her axe, then on the drakelings. Then back to her axe. She also glanced at her energy, it have reached below fifty percent. She had lost half her health and they have only gotten two hides. If they kept this up, they would hv to be here for days. Luckily though, Hestia had that energize skill. Otherwise they would have needed to take a break quite awhile ago. I guess the only thing to do is to keep going. She thougth and shrugged. She looked back at the drakelings again. Clsoed her eyes for a few seconds before she charged at them. One word left her lips though ‘’Die!’’. Her axe cleaved thru three of the them that is closest and missed the fourth. Everyone was still alive after attack, even if they was down to low health so she would guaranteed kill them with next attack, if she hit… Rolls: Stats:
  10. At the start, there was only three players that had signed up for the scavenger hunt competition, it made Zandra happy to see that two other players had joined the competition now. She wondered if there would be any more sign ups for the combat and swimsuit as well. Though they have been more popular from the start so she didn’t expected that. Someone pretty quickly found the crystal she had hid under the sign up table. One of the new participants was a girl with a child beside her. She did not only signed up for the scavenger hunt, she also asked if it was okay to sign up for the combat. Zandra scratched her neck while thinking. She had put the deadline there for a reason. But on the other hand, this party was arranged for everyone to take a break and have fun. So after a few seconds of thinking she nodded. ‘’Of course you can join since it haven’t started. You know, the more the merrier.’’ She answered with a cheerful smile. @Dazia Crystals left:
  11. Zandra stood still on the spot, her crimson eyes fixed at Shields dark brown. She gulped once as she listened to him without interrupting. She wanted to listen to what he had to say before replying. She grit her teeths as he kept going. Thou she know she must hold back now, don’t lose it. Thou she had have similar discussion with others, though they haven’t given her any time to explain before they turned around and left. Would Shield do the same? To judge from his face and what he seemed to want to get to know, he wouldn’t do that. So when he went silent, she at first didn’t said a word. She wanted to make sure he didn’t had anything else to add, as well as given a proper answer. What she said next, it was high possibility that it would break the friendship the two frontliners had. After quite a long pause she started to talk. ‘’So, what if you haven’t seen me spend time with her, have you seen me spend time with anyone? I maybe is with her all the time when you not see me.’’ She had a short pause before continuing. ‘’So you encountered her before you met me. When was that? Was it before or after she killed Lowe? Yeah, Im pretty sure you know about it, why would someone not trust her if not for that. If you knew I was a friend of a player killer, why did you went out questing with me?’’ she went silence as she weighted his words for a few seconds. ‘’What! Because Ariel killed someone, you think I may think like that too? Is that so? After she did that, everyone turned their back to her. Even for all the time she have been here, ONE mistake made everyone putting her away. Even Hikoru that have been his boyfriend for so long. Everyone, except me.’’ She took a step closer to Shield. ‘’One mistake, and people turn their back to her, leaving her all alone. Who was there for her when she needed someone the most?’’ she pointed on herself. ‘’Me! I was there, because I couldn’t live with watching her alone and doing nothing!’’ Her voice had increased in strength and she pointed back at the town. ‘’And what do people do? They treat me the same way, because I was there for her when everyone abandoned her.’’ She pointed on herself and her eyes got shiny from tears that wasn’t far away. ‘’They started hating me as well, but I hvent done a f***ing thing, except try to help a friend back on the right track.’’ She knew she maybe overreacted, but after taking words, glances and actions from others without hit back, this was the drop. She tried but couldn’t stop herself.
  12. ’’If Im alright?’’ Zandra replied to Shields question. ‘’Well, lets say Ive been better. Hehe.’’ She gave him a faint smile and a thumb up. ‘’Though, I do have some questions to you later I hope you can answer.’’ She said as she followed him when he said they could talk the specifiks on the walk. Zandra was happy Shield took the lead, she wasn’t sure if she would lead them the right way. Not even with the potions. After a little less then a minute, Zandra took out another potion from her inventory. A moment later Shield started to talk. T begin with he informed her of a new guild that would be created, with strong players. So that was why he had wanted her to come. He wanted to have the best healer in his guild. Zandra was happy though that someone wanted her in their guild, but she would be more happy if it was because of her and not her skills. But at least her person or past wouldn’t matter in this guild since it was to be as strong as possible. With a smile she opened the vial. He continued talking and it Zandra stopped in with the potion to her lips and froze in place, looking at Shield. When she herd him mention Ariel, she cough. Then he finished of with saying Ariel’s association with Zandra was his biggest concern. Zandra just stared at the tank for several seconds. ‘’Ariel?’’ she said as her breath got a little faster. Zandra felt anger building up inside her. But before it showed she calmed herself by emptying the potion. ‘’Why does my association with Ariel matter?’’ she answered calmly and with a neutral tone in her voice.
  13. Zandra sat on her workbench in her workshop and stared at the instock list. She leaned back and stared at the roof. ''How can I get these old things sold? Noone on the frontlines want tier two stuff and the lower leveled player wont come here. What the heck shall I do!'' Then she remembered what she did back in the old days, she had held a free giveaway to clear her stocks but also to promote her shop. ''So I buy a shop on floor one and having my giveaway there. Like a fresh start. Well, a fresh start like a grandmaster.'' she said and giggled to herself. She didnt wasted any time when she had decided what to do. She sent sent away an order for a house on floor one then she packed together all her current stock and headed down. Close to the portal gate of floor one, Zandra placed a stand where she placed all her potions and crystals. She also sent a mail to @Macradon if he wanted to join in. She knew he had been in the business for a long time as well and probably haad some gear without any ID's. When everything was done, she waited for Mac and customers to come. Potions and crystals in stock:
  14. The drakelings kept coming at her, they brethed fire at her which activated her flame aura and the drakeling that was almost dead was now dead. The screen poped up and this time it wasn’t empty. They have got another hide. Zandra got a few moments of happiness. They have gotten one more hide, that meant they have doubled the hides they have. Though, on second thougth, they only had ten percent of how many they needed. Why was the drop rte of these hides so low? Or was it Zandra that have been way unlucky with the rolls? There is always those times when you waiting for the drop some players get after one kill and you have to grind for hours. Is this one of those time? Well, it dosent matter, Zandra speckulating in if it was low drop rate or her being unlucky wouldn’t get them any more hides. Rolls: Stats:
  15. Zandra was laying in her bed with face on the pillow when she herd the familiar sound from a mail in her inbox. A sound that have become way less often after that day. That day for so many months ago. The last week she had totally ignored all mails after she have checked who the sender was. Since it wasn’t Avilon, she didn’t bothered to open them. She had almost given up on finding her by now. But maybe this was from her. She pulled herself up and saw the sender. It wasn’t Avilon, but she still didn’t closed the screen right away. It was from the tank she had done the same in just a few days that it have taken weeks for a guild party to do. What could he want to tell her? She didn’t opened the mail but rose and walked to the window. There she stared at the peaceful lake that was the view from their bedroom. After her long days of searching for Avilon and short nights of close to no sleep had resulted in heavy bags under her eyes and a sleepy pose. Then she decided to read the mail. I turned out Shield wanted her to join on a quest. A quest on floor five. Zandra rose a sleepy eyebrow. Why would she want her on a quest down there? She shrugged. ‘’Well, Im running out of place to search for her. As a merchant he maybe knows something.’’ She with a dozy voice. Zandra headed straight for the portal in the main settlement with the kings eagle circling high above her, keeping an eye on the surrondings. Zandra entered the portal. ‘’Floor five.’’ She said as clear she could. When she exited the portal she immediately opened her inventory and picked out a potion. She closed the screen and looked around until she spotted Shield. She opened the vial and drank it when she walked up to the tank. She gave the tank a tired smile and looked at him with sleepy eyes. ‘’Hi Shield. How are you? Whats the plans?’’ she asked as her mind got rid of the doziness and got more clear as the potion took effect. -Potion of the water dragon consumed (good quality potion) -Using mega slime farm (September)