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  1. Zandra saw the boss’s health bar slowly but steadily going down, getting shorter and shorter. He wouldn’t be able to stand up for much longer now. She smirked and took a steady grip of her axe. Thou, before she charged, she felt electricity flowing thru her body, taking away some of her health. But not only that, it also bounced to Shield, applying the static condition on both of them. After this hesitation, she glanced at the healthbars. She was almost certain everyone was more then okay. But that wasn’t the case. The other axe wielder had dropped dangerously low. So, damage the boss or healing her party member? The choice wasn’t hard to make. She stepped over to the purple haired warrior and laid one of her hands on her. It wasn’t much, but at least some health returned to her. ‘’There, go out and show that fairy tale creature the power of an axe wielder!!’’ the healer said to Teion. Action: Bialas stats: Players stats:
  2. Zandra smiled as she glanced at the health bars. All of them was still green. She felt that finally she actually did in a boss fight what her build meant her to do. To keep her group safe and alive. Sadly thou, she haven’t been able to use her supportive skills that don’t involves healing. But thts fine, maybe next raid she will be a support instead of a healer. Thou with her gear that boosted healing, maybe she actually should focus on that. She took another look at the healthbars. Hakais health actually seemed to low. Actually, it wasn’t far from being yellow. Zandra immedialty walked up to her after she had landed a fine hit on the boss. ‘’I wont let you die here. I promise.’’ She said and placed her hands on the other girl. A blue light surrounded Hakai for a few moments as her healthbar was refilled with almost a fourth. Action: Bialas: Players:
  3. Zandra nodded to Shield as he let her know he was fine. Then he told her that Hakai and Beat needed heals while there was still time and that the storm would keep hitting hard. ‘’Oh really? I’m stading a few meters beside you but that was total news to me. And those healthbars is floating to infront of me but I have eyes closed. Good that you let me know.’’ She said sarcastically. Or what she wanted to say. She really started get tired off everyone telling her how to do her role. But instead she was quiet and closed her eyes for a second before they opened, now her crimson sight had chaned to sapphire and she raised her hand towards the sky. ‘’Dwayna, goddess of life, give us our blessing!’’ Thou she didn’t had to say the words, but she preferred to say something instead off just keep silent while the skill channeled. Everyones health went up to full again, except Beat and Hakai. Thou Beat seemed okay, thou it was Hakai Zandra was worried about and looked at the girl with worried eyes, that now was back to their ruby colour. Actions: Bialas: Players:
  4. ’’Time to get it together and land a hit on this little pony.’’ Zandra said to herself and goot a harder grip of her axe. She stared at Bialas, preparing herself to make sure she wouldn’t miss this time. It was right then, when she was gonna charge at him that she hesitated a few moments. Several of her party members got struck by lightning. Thou a quick glance at the healthbars ensured her that noone was in any danger yet. So she could keep up attacking without anyone dying on her. But she got abruppted again as the boss monster shot a lightning at her. Zandra staggered a few steps back from the shock, thou it ran off as fast as it have hit her. Just like a schock in real life. ‘’Huh? What was that? Is that all you can do?’’ she said while looking at their opponents. After that, she followed Beat, Hakai and Hirru to reduce the big health bars. ‘’Since you guys are all well and such, and wont heal you just yet, but don’t worry, I will when needed. Thou right now I will make more use damaging this beast.’’ And with that she relesased her ssword art, one slice that cleaves thru the boss, leaving a long red mark, followed by a shockwave, dealing damage again. ‘’Not as much as I had hoped for. But well, its always something.’’ She mumbled to herself. Static charge: ID: 99336 CD: 10 effect ends Attack: ID: 99339 BD: 5+1=6 Hit! 13x20=260-50=210 DMG Bialas: Players:
  5. As the doors to the the boss room opened the male half of Zandras group was the first to get in there. Zandra smirked at her female teammates. ‘’Seems the boys cant wait to do this.’’ She took a steadier grip of her axe. ‘’Well, not that I can blame them for it. Teion, I hope that axe will serve you well.’’ And Zandra rushed in after the boys. ‘’Avi, I will get out of this alive, don’t worry. I wont let anyone harm you.’’ She said to herself and with her loved one in her mind, she as well entered the boss room, with a steady grip of her axe she was met by… a unicorn? This made Zandra hesitate, but just for a moment. A second later she kept on and picked up speed. She darted forward, charged up her Screw dimension, ready to deliver a devestating blow on the creature infront of them. When she was in range and felt the charge was ready, she activated the sword art. But all Zandras attack cleaved was air. She had aimed totally wrong. A glance at the axe made her realise. ‘’oooh. That’s right, new weapon.’’ she said to herself. Then she turned to the others in her team while scratching her neck. ‘’Hehe, sorry guys. I guess I should have done some practice before going here.’’
  6. "Fan, fan, fan, fan!!!" Zandra yelled to herself as she ran around the estate like a burned hen. A few minutes later she left the house and darted out thru the main entrance. Her hand scrolled thru her inventory to equip all her combat gear. The black dragon-armour with its pulsing glowing veins and horned head. The new axe she had got from last boss battle as well as santas cloak. She did thougth if she should go for her accuracy wristguards, but on the meeting the possibility of high paralyse was a possibility. And this would make her healing sligthly more effective. It was almost time now to enter the dungeon for next floor boss. And this would be so embarrasing, she, highest ranked player alchemist in this world, had totally forgot to turn in her potions and crystals for evaluation. There was no choice, she had to take from her own privat stacks. She wouldnt enter quite as safe as safe as she hoped to. But there was no other ways. Not after what she have done in the past. As she arrived, there was barely anyone there, she could only spot nine players. "where, where is the rest?" WiP: Stats:
  7. [F21 - PP]A Delta of Heroes and Villains

    Oher old friend greeted her abd Zandra replied with a smile and a nod as she looked around to see if she could spot their target. Above them, Zita the kingseagle sat on the top of a broken pillar, observing their surrondings with its keen eyes. "Ive been good. Since last boss fight Ive mainly been out hunting or spending time with..." that when she remembered that Macradons question was probably one of those polite questions you asks during cinversations. Not because you wonder how the other have been, but to be polite. She glanced at Mac."Ehm sorry... yeah, Ive been good. How about you" she replied. It surely felt like before they was gonna take down that elder. And Zandra wished it would be like that again. But would Macradon ever be able to forgive her. "Yeah, even if you habe found him alone, we cant know how quick his companions will be."
  8. [F21 - PP]A Delta of Heroes and Villains

    Zandra was out on the newest unlocked floor, number 22 in the counting. She was testing her new weapon she had got from the latest boss raid. She was very satisfied with its superior damage. It was truly a weapon she would be remebered with. As she shattered the last mob after a two hour long killing spree, she decided to take a break. She removed the mouthguard of her armour and sat down towards a tree. There she clsoed her eyes and took deep breaths. It was then that she herd a notification that she got a mail. ''Oh god, why now? Please leave me alone.'' she said out loud. But she havent got a mail in she dont know how long. So she opened her eyes and the mail and red thru it. As she had finished reading, she rose, wrote a few words as a reply. Since the target was Death adder, noone knew what can happen. Then she attached back the mouthguard and was on her way towards floor 21. On her way she consumed all potions she had that could be useful. This would be the first combat in she dont know how long that must be taken seriously. Almost twenty minutes later she had reached the coordinates she had got from Mac. ''Hi Mac. I came as fast as I could. Whats the current situation?'' Stats and stuff beeing added...
  9. Housing Evaluation

    House Name: Lovers DenLocation: Floor 22Description: Plot Size: Estate (free because of donation)Rooms: (8/15) +20,000 col (6 rooms free because donation): -Bedroom -Upgraded- -Bathroom -Upgraded- -Basic Workshop(Pharmacy) -Upgraded- -Storage Closet -Zandra- -Dining room -Upgraded- -Attic (Storage) -Zandra- -Slime farm -Upgraded- -Basement -Zandra-Room Upgrades: (5 upgrades) +75,000 col: -Master Bedroom -Avilon and Zandra- -Master bathroom -Avilon and Zandra- -Extended worksgop -Zandra- -Dining hall -Avilon and Zandra- -Mega slime farm -Zandra-Total Cost: 95,000 col
  10. Zandra was strolling around on the newly unlocked floor 22. Only a week ago, the floor boss that unlocked this floor was slain. The huge dragon and its knights had put up a thougth fight, but by working together the players had managed to take the boss down. The one that made the final strike was actually Zandra herself. A smile grew on her lips as she remembered the new axe that was in her inventory. This was her second final hit drop, but the last one she had traded away because it didn’t fitted her build as it had unique status effects on it. And other players would have much greater use and potential of it. But this oneshe wouldn’t give away. It was probably one of the strongest weapons in the game at the moment. And it was in that moment, a pling woke her from her thougths. She opened the mail and red it. Got surprised as she saw it was from Ruby. ‘’What? What do ruby want from me?’’ she said as her eyes scanned the letter. She wanted to do a quest on floor 21? Zandra tried to remember what quests was available one floor below her but nothing popped up right away. ‘’Well, not that I have much better thing to do.’’ So she went back to town and warped down. She should wait at the portal at floor 21 so that what she did, looking if she could see the supporter anywhere.
  11. Trade With Me!

    you can get it for 2 kisses (1 on each cheek)
  12. [OP-F2] Boss Raid Meeting

    Zandra nodded. Just as she thougth, there was only standard enchantments on the purplehaired girls axe. ‘’Well, if you are interested, I have something that is pretty good.’’ Zandra started swiping her finger in the air infront of her. Scrolling thru the menu’s to find one of her most trusted friends. A friend that have been with her thru so much. After ten seconds or so of scrolling, a black two haded axe materialized in Zandras hand. It had veins of glowing orange in the blade that slowly pulsated. She held forth the axe. ‘’Here Teion. If you want to use this darkened twohanded battle axe, Im okay with it. If we are part of the same team, I want everyone to have as good equipment as possible. Thou you don’t have to. Its just an offer. Its enchanments is two slots fallen damage and a single with accuracy.’’ @Teion …After Zandras and Teions conversation… Zandra turned around and looked at the team list again. ‘’To be honest, I think this looks really good. We have plenty of damage, some steady tanks and everyone covered by a support player. And you have talked about this hooves thing. But I haven’t herd anyone mention that we may be up against a centaur. And the thundercloud just as you all says probably mean stuns. But it could also be that we are up against someone that can control the weather. And if that’s the case, then environmental damage may be a thing. So if you don’t already have it, survival is a good way to conter that. Except that I think everything have been said. This list of alchemical items is retty short, so if there is anyone in need of more, just let me know.’’ With that she had said what she wanted to say and would return to listen to the planning. To herself she thougth: ‘Hmm, no one have asked about Ariel. Have she told others of her whereabouts as well? Or dose no one care about her anymore?’ Crafting items:
  13. (PP-F3) Shenanigans (Hakai, Zandra, ?)

    Zandra listened to Hakai and nodded. ‘’Yes, the floorbosses isn’t that hard actually. But I didn’t said that it’s the mobs that kills you. It’s the frontlines. If someone is just a normal average player, there isn’t really any reason for someone to kill that particular player. But when you join the frontlines, then you start building a name for you, making you more famous and others gets to know who you are and that you exist. And there is plenty of players out there that want to get rid if of the fronliners because they don’t want this world to end. If this world end, they will return to their normal life and cant kill players without getting into jail.’’ Zandra looked at Hakai, so this girl really wanted to return to the frontlines. And she didn’t care about what Zandra have done. The alchemist shrugged. ‘’Well, Im not really in need of any help at the moment. Last months I have learned to take care of myself. But if you are sure you wanna get back into it, sure. So, what is it you want help with mate?’’
  14. (PP-F3) Shenanigans (Hakai, Zandra, ?)

    ‘’Pfft!’’ Zandra said and waved towards Hakai. ‘’We don’t all need breaks. Breaks is just for slackers and losers.’’ She said and winked at Hakai. ‘’Nah, just kidding. Breaks can be good from time to time. But I don’t really get the other thing you said. How can it be healthy to be bored?’’ See said, not joking. After that, she said she wanted to get back in the fight. Back to the frontlines. That meant also back to where you have the most risk of dying. And getting close to other frontliners means you also have the biggest risk to lose someone ear to you. Zandras smile that had been on her lips until now slowly disappeared as she listened to Hakai. Hakai also added the disappearance of friendnames. The brunette gulped. ‘’Hakai, Are you sure you want to return to the frontlines? You know what that means, its full of death.’’ She laid a hand on the blondes shoulder and looked into her eyes. ‘’Also, Im not sure I am the best one to help you get back in the fight. She turned around and looked the other way. ‘’I… I have done things that hade made several players hate me. There is no longer many players in here I can call friend.’’ She said with sad voice. ‘’So if you want me to help you, you need to be prepared for that others way think you weird to teaming up with me. Of course I will help you. But you need to know this first, before you really want me to lend you a hand.’’
  15. Lovers Den [F22-Alchemist rank 10]

    The great and migthy dragon Teseleth had fallen. The final strike was made by no less then the alchemist that was in her new house and shop on floor 22, not far away from the exit of the previous boss dungeon. There she stood and crafted some potions and crystals to stack up for the coming boss fight. Thanks to the new upgrades and the remake of the alchemist crafting results, the grandmaster had almost made enough potions and crystals for this boss fight for the group she was assigned to, in just a single day. ‘’Hehe, this turned out great!’’ ID: 97013 CD: 9 LD: 6 +1x Rare t1 potion x1 -1x t1 mat ID: 97014 CD: 2 LD: 8 -1x t1 mat ID: 97015 CD: 11 LD: 16 +3x perfect t1 potion -1x t1 mat ID: 97017 CD: 1 LD: 4 -1x t3 mat ID: 97018 CD: 1 LD: 8 -1x t3 mat ID: 97019 CD: 1 LD: 10 -1x t3 mat ID: 97021 CD: 1 LD: 15 -1x t3 mat ID: 97022 CD: 5 LD: 17 +1x uncommon t3 potion -1x t3 mat ID: 97023 CD: 12 LD: 20 +4x perfect t3 potion -1x t3 mat ID: 97024 CD: 9 LD: 17 3x rare t3 crystal -2x t3 mat ID: 97025 CD: 8 LD: 10 2x rare t3 crystal -2x t3 mat Total: 1x Rare t1 potion (97013) 3x Perfect t1 potion (97015) 1x Uncommon t3 potion (97022) 4x Perfect t3 potion (97023) 3x Rare t3 crystal (97024) 2x Rare t3 crystal (97025)-3 t1 mat -10 t3 materials+62 EXP