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  1. Zandra listened as the others went discussed the plan. ‘’Fan, måste verkligen skaffa en sword art som kan stunna.’’ She mumbled to herself as her brain took in the orders from the leader couple. This time, she was a follower, but it didn’t bothered her at all. Not when these was the leaders. ‘’No thorns? I see. Then I better not use this.’’ She opened her inventory and switched her iconic black dragon armor into just some casual clothes. Instead she equipped her half-mask, increasing her ability to spot details in the environment that she would miss otherwise. She looked down on her hand where the celtic ring was that she had bought so long ago. Felt kind of nostalgic to be back in her old scouting gear. That was when she saw something that she recognized. The path they followed splitted into two. ‘’We should take right here.’’ She said to the tank in the front. At least this meant they was on the right track. LD bonus: +3 (skill) +1 (expertise item) +3 (item) +3 (food) Total: +10 ID: 112637 LD: 2+10=12 Total LD: 12
  2. Zandra raised an eyebrow when Ruby said she was responsible for how the fight had been turning out. ‘’Responsible? If anyone should be feeling responsible it would be me. Who is stupid enough to enter a boss fight, even if it is a guardian, all alone? But at the moment, we cant think about that. As long as you are alive and combat ready, that is what is most important at the moment. We shalls how those guys right.’’ Then she looked at Neo. ‘’Nice to meet you again Neo. It feels like out path have crossed quite a lot lately. In a good way.’’ She said before looking back at their leader. ‘’that’s true Hestia, what do you think we should do? So we have a coordinated attack when we arrives.’’ She threw a look up at the sky. A confident smile on her lips when she saw the familiar silhouette of a winged predator. Silently without the other hering she mumbled. ‘’Soon Zita, soon.’’
  3. Zandra

    [F21-PP] The faces that hide

    rolls: The dawrfs was steadily getting shorter. Though it wasn’t quick enough in Zandra’s own opinion. But that was something she kept to herself. But still, these where dwarfs. They supposed to have heavy armor and be hard to bring down. At least they shouldn’t deal that much damage in return. That was when Zandra glanced at the party health bar. Her eyes widened when she saw Hestias health. Zandra looked back on the guards. They was dropping down low, but it wasn’t sure she would succed in taking them down all three. Hestia wasn’t really a dps, so Zandra wasn’t sure she would land a hit. So probably parry or something that would mitigate the attack damage from the enemy would be better. Though to give Hestia the option, she shouted out a single word as her attack had landed. Her attack, cleaving thru all of the dwarfs, shattering one of them into crystals, bring the burning one so that he would die from the fire. Though the leader still had some health left. ‘’HESTIA! SWITCH!’’ she prepared for an incoming attack if Hestia would choose to switch. Though if she had a stun attack, that would be needed. stats: @Hestia
  4. Hestia took command and at this moment, Zandra had not a single thing to say or want to say to argue against it. She just nooded and followed the black haired girl. Ruby sent a question her way if she was feeling alright today. Zandra decided to not hide her feelings or lie. At least not to Hestia or Ruby. ‘’To be honest Ruby, I feel like the opposite to alright. But that is nothing I can care about now. I have to push all those thoughts to the side, I will have enough of time to think and work on that when we have showed the heroes that we peasants isnt in need of their help if we are not split in two groups by this weird system.’’ She she sent a sad but determined look towards Ruby. ‘’Are you okay?’’ she asked with an honest and caring tone in her voice.
  5. Zandra

    [F1-PP] Beauty and Brutality

    Zandra raised an eyebrow as she looked on the samuraj. She couldn’t believe what he just said. She couldn’t totally stop a laugh from escaping out of her. ‘’Haha. Really?’’ another giggle left her lips. ‘’The place would fall apart without me? I think I would make more stuff fall apart then preventing stuff from falling apart.’’ She felt good that he tried out her ‘trick’. She wasn’t really sure if he would try it or just laugh at her about it. But he changed his armor and enjoyed the wind and sun with her. She let out a deep sigh. ‘’But yeah. You…’’ she used you instead of we. ‘’…are kinda in need of more support players. It isnt anything that is very popular. I guess it is because you don’t getting anything for yourself. A tank increase his own survivability. A dps getting that sweet damage. While a support is a s squishy as a dps and deal as much damage as a tank. Not really the most attractive way to choose your skills.’’ She moved her hand thru her hair again. ‘’So yeah, I guess it is my responsibility to join the floor boss fights. At least until other players with support builds reach you on the front.’’ She rose up, turned towards Baldur, placed her knit fist on her chest in a salute. ‘’With great power, comes great responsibility.’’ She said with a jokingly tone in her voice. ‘’I will be there, at least for next floor boss. After that, only the future know. Though to retire is really tempting. And I said to Shield I would join your little group. But didn’t kept that word so who knows, I may or may not show up.’’
  6. Zandra had started to walk towards the outskirt of the town when a pling was herd. A well noticed ping like when you get a message. She hesitated for a few seconds. Then she decided to open and at least read it. Then decide if she would ignore it or if it was something of importance. When she opened it she saw it was from the tank, the healer, the dps, the everything. It seemed like group one was going to return to the frey of battle and show the ‘heroes’ how others fight when they are united and equal numbers. She couldn’t stop a smile from appearing on her lips. She did a 180 turn and started to run. What they needed most of all now though was speed. She opened her inventory and picked out a potion of vicious dragon, drank it in one go and felt her teeths sharpen. She saw the trio of girls and shouted out. ‘’Heyo, we better not keep them waiting.’’ She said with kind of an almost evil smirk, a smirk that wanted revenge.
  7. As Zandra arrived back at the settlement on floor twenty four, she immediately walked out to the nearest bench and sat down, leaning her head in her hands, shaking. ‘’F***! Why? This is so… I cant. I should just leave.’’ She looked towards to where the edge of the castle would be. It was very tempting to head for it and just leave all this behind. To never have to meet them again. Never have to care about how she acts. Leave everything, really everything, behind. She pulled her hand thru her hair. Her shining crimson eyes looked at her armoured boots as her hair fell down and covered her face again, her blushing cheeks was hidden by a curtain of black hair. She knew she had to went back there though. She couldn’t just leave, but it was so tempting. Macradon had done it at the floor boss fight. Though the fight was won, but still. He just disappeared as quick as the last health bar had hitted zero.
  8. Zandra

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    So Ruby and Hestia was gone now. Had used their tp crystals. She giggled inside her head. She ahd never since she arrived in Aincrad, used a tp crystal. So she haven’t bother to even bring one during the last two thirds of her boss fights. Though today she should have done that. This retreat system was harder then she rembered it was back when she was lower level. But it wasn’t really nothing to do against it. She started to take a step back and this time it felt different. It wasn’t anything that blocked her movements. She had an opening now. A smile on her face as she turned towards the guardian one last time. ‘’Singing chieftain or how your name is spelled, I bet you want be able to catch me now.’’ She said as she removed her mouthguard. She strectched out her tongue and pulled below her eye with her finger. A few seconds later she was gone. Action: Retreat ID: 112616 LD: 17 Success!!!
  9. Zandra

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    roll: The boss’s attacks had missed Zandra so many times by now that she actually thought this would be a miss too. Though she was wrong, a wave of water striked her and knocked her down. Though the water quickly disappeared as her armors bursting flames bursted out and turned it into steam, burning the chieftain as well. Her health had not even dropped a fifth though, so she wasn’t worried about her going down. She had herd his words though, as well as Hestia’s. She was gonna retreat but the system blocked her from disengaging. It also removed her ability to activate a sword art. She would have to try again when the next turn was up. She turned to the fishman. ‘’Chieftain. I now see that there is no way we can defeat you. Or no way I can defeat you I mean. And I don’t think the heroes will save me. There is no one that will save me anymore. I am alone in this world. I have no one. So please, make this quick and KILL ME ALREADY!!!’’ Stats:
  10. Zandra

    [F21-PP] The faces that hide

    Zandra saw a faint blush on Hestia. She never though she would see a blush on that tank. It may be weird because ofcourse everyone could blush. But she haven’t thought that Hestia would do it from a compliment like that. But still, a faint smile on her lips because she felt happy the other female took it as a good thing. ‘’Focus on the aoe? Roger.’’ She took a steady grip of the axe and charged up her sword art. She saw the ice growing on the commander from Pin’s attack once again. ‘’Nice one Pin!’’ Zandra said to him before she released the Teseleth fury, cleaving thru the whole group, setting one of the guards ablaze and another resetted the duration of the burn. The ice on the commander shattered and dealt a bit more damage. They was getting low. But now Hestia would take attacks from all of the enemies. Even if she was a heavy and durable tank, would she be okay? ‘’Hestia, rember that you have the war rally. Use it if you feel it’s a good time. Even if you may survive this fight anyway, we still want you healthy for the final big boss.’’
  11. Zandra

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    rolling Zandra glanced at the third group and saw something seemed to change. They whispered to eachothers about something. She couldn’t hear what but that they whispered at all was very suspicious. Her focus switched over to the first group. ‘’Hestia! Ruby! Don’t know what but the heros are planning something. Just, be on your guard.’’ After that she turned back to the main attraction. Sje walked up to him with a steady grip of her axe. The axe started to shine as she charged up her sword art. ‘’Dude, what are you thinking you are doing? Did you just ignored me?’’ she lowered her stance. ‘’Im here, right infront of you.’’ Her health ticked up to close to full. ‘’You see my health bar? Its back to full. Come on, hit me already. Make me feel the power of the servant to the wh*** eater!’’ and with that she activated her axe, cleaving thru the boss, setting him ablaze. stats:
  12. Zandra

    [F21-PP] The faces that hide

    As Zandra let the tank do her thing, she herd her call the dwarfs stupid. She let out a giggle. ‘’Hehe, what are you saying? One of the best?’’ she saw the dwarf hammering on her shield, followed by Pin dealing a powerful strike at their commander, freezing him in place. ‘’You mean the, best tank in Aincrad.’’ She charged up her Explode catapult before she darted forward towards the small group of small humanoids. The axe head slammed into the commander with a powerful swing, shattering the ice that had freezed him and doing some additional cracks in his health bar. When the ice was gone, he instead started to burn, unable to do anything though. With the momentum she got, the axe continued to dance and cleaved thru two more dwars, turning one of them into a torch as well. But after hitting them, the momentum wasn’t quite strong enough to deliver a fourth strike so the halfhearted try missed completely. ‘’Sorry Hestia. We could only stop three of them for you.’’ Rolls: [H:3/3/3/3] Hestia: HP: 1168/1705 Energy: 144/154 DMG:16 MIT:171 Thorns: 84 Eva: -1 BH: 79 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) [H:1/0/0/0] Pinball: 1015/1015 HP | 83/96 EN | 20 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA [H:2/1/2/0] Zandra: 1,585/1,585(134/154) DMG: 22 ACC: 6 MIT: 98 BRN: 36 (8-10/2 turns) FALLEN: 12 BRN-THRN: 30 Enemies Dwarven elite guard commander: 896/1575 DMG:420 MIT: 105 ACC/EVA: 2 [STUNNED] [BURN-36(2/2)] Dwarven elite guard 1: 630/1050 DMG: 315 Mit:42 ACC/EVA: 1 [STUNNED] Dwarven elite guard 2: 546/1050 DMG: 315 Mit:42 ACC/EVA: 1 [STUNNED] [BURN-36(2/2)] Dwarven elite guard 3: 966/1050 DMG: 315 Mit:42 ACC/EVA: 1
  13. Zandra

    [PP-22] Alchemy and Cooking

    Zandra watched the slow movements across the lake as she herd footsteps from behind. She putted on a friendly face as she pushed herself. She stretched her arms high into the air to straighten her back before she turned around to face the newcomer. As she had thought it was Neopolitan the cook. She couldn’t say she knew the other crafter just yet, hopefully that would change today. But that only the future knew at the moment. So she stretched forth her hand in a polite greeting. ‘’Hello there Neopolitan. Im happy you could make a hole in your schedule to have a little chat. I bet you have it quite busy in the restaurant.’’ She paused before contuing. ‘’It was mainly about that I wanted to talk to you.’’ She thought about how and what to start with. ‘’So, to start with, I wonder if you would be interested to co work with me for the boss raid?’’