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      Donations and Recognition!   12/22/2016

      Hello everyone! We are becoming a huge community and that doesn't come cheap. All staff here are volunteers and do this because they love the site. Right now, everything is paid out of pocket, by Erroneous. We would love for you to donate in order to help out with the site costs (i.e. Forum License, Domain Name, Hosting) so that we can keep Security and Forum Software up to date and possibly add some new features. If you do decide to donate, we have some fun, snazzy gifts of appreciation for you ;) Please message me (Shark) so we can get you the gifts of appreciation! We thank you for your support! Please use this link for more info   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How To Donate Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the donate button.

      NOTABLE DONORS LIST Here is where we honor the donors who go above and beyond the call of Aincrad! Top Tier Donors! Percival Row  Teayre Nezumi Zandra Alice Arc Atzo Baldur Claim Corvo Dominion Genji Ignavus_veneficus Jomei Kaya Lee Lessa Mack Macradon Nocturn Persephone Piera Ruus Sarial Hawke Shi Unyeilding Vale To express our gratitude, here is a picture of the iconic duo for all you wonderful supporters!
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      The SAO Staff Team!   02/21/2017

      Hello members of SAO-RPG!

      I'm sure most of you (if not some) have noticed or heard changes were made to the staff team. If you are applying to staff, you may have noticed that the application process has recently changed. This has all happened because of a reformation of the staff team and the way it operates. The staff now has separate teams for development. These teams are: Floor Creation Team [Floors, Quests/Events, Bosses], Systems & Clarifications Team, and Player Support Team.

      "Who is on these teams?" Well the answer to that lies below! Floor Team Systems & Clarifications Team Player Support Team * - Denotes Team Lead

      We also have a team to work on and develop the current systems but that team will search for its members and is not allowed to be applied to.

      Now you may be asking, "Shark, how does one apply to the Staff Team?" And I have but 1 simple answer!
      Go read this thread and it may answer all your questions!

      If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I will answer your questions about staff. (Only the format of teams and/or the application process)
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      [Live] 2.5.0 Patch Notes   10/02/2017

      <<2.5.0 Patch Notes>> Main Guide: The main rules/tutorial section has been rewritten. Resources: A Resources section has been added. This contains reference material such as the SP/Level chart, Skills list, Enhancement list, individual profession stats, and a new FAQ. General Rule Changes: Word count requirement in Merchants & Shops section has been reduced to 100 from 150. Col logs are no longer required to include in journals. The Banker system will be used to track currency/materials going forward. New characters and Rebirth characters may choose a Starter Package containing a variety of basic equipment, col, materials, and/or potions. NK/KE tags have been removed. The table for SP gain based on the number of players in a thread has been removed. SP gain is now issued at 1 SP per 3 posts, up to the number of completed pages. (e.g. 3 SP for three pages, requires at least 9 posts) A Skill Refunding System has been added. Players may now pay a col cost to remove known skills and receive a refund of the invested SP. Rules on vanity items have been clarified. Health regeneration outside of combat has been adjusted to (10 * Tier) per post. Stealth and Stealth Detection no longer have a base rating for players. Both now use a LD roll plus a Stealth Rating/Stealth Detection modifier. NPCs and monsters still utilize a base rating (10 as a baseline for player-created mobs). 'Using cover' no longer adds to Stealth Rating. Low light or darkness conditions grant a +1 to Stealth Rating, down from +2. Switch has been added as a game mechanic (no longer a skill). Players may call for a Switch when landing a successful attack. If the Switching player also lands an attack, a Switch is performed and the two players may immediately swap hate values. Players are required to post their level, stats, equipment, skills, etc., in their first post in a thread. This should be a snapshot of your character and should not be changed after the initial post. Players are still allowed to declare their characters at a lower level or with fewer items than what they currently have, but may not claim items that have not been approved or were obtained in an unlocked thread. Turn order rules have been modified slightly to reflect the leniency of Boss Raid combat. Players may post in any order so long as each player and the enemy has gotten one action in a single round. Outside of Boss Raids, parties may have a maximum of 4 players. Combat with more than 4 players should follow a Group order similar to boss raids. When fighting multiple enemies, players must now make individual rolls for each mob. This applies to both making attacks against multiple enemies and multiple enemies making attacks. One roll no longer applies to/for all targets. The Running Away mechanic has been updated. Running away from combat now uses a LD roll with a set of situational modifiers. The col/material values and frequency in the loot table have been adjusted. Labyrinth searching rules have been adjusted. The map fragment system has been removed. Bonus rewards for scouting and defeating the field boss have been adjusted. Housing and Guild Halls have been completely revamped. PvP rules have been adjusted. Players must make an initiative roll when engaging in combat with other players. The extended Player Killing rules/restrictions have been removed. Rules on player cursor colors have been expanded. There is now a strike system for criminal infractions that would cause a player's cursor to turn orange. Killing a green player outside of a duel now results in a permanent orange cursor. An NPC Guard mechanic has been added. Orange players may now enter safe zones, but must stealth/run from guards in certain safe zones. NPC guards have a Stealth Detection rating equal to (Floor / 3), rounded down. Added more detail to character death rules. The RGQ system has been removed. Crafting Changes: Fishing as a profession has been removed. It is now a skill. The CD result chart has been adjusted across all professions (except Merchant). Good and Bad quality items have been removed from the CD result chart. Salvage chances have been adjusted. Alchemists now have a chance to salvage one or both materials when attempting to craft crystals. Crafting Die tools no longer have an effect. Consumables, familiars, housing, and some items still provide EXP and Crafting Attempt bonuses. The process of crafting Feasts has changed slightly. Cooks may now take 3 identical food items and spend two materials to combine them into a Feast. A Feast can be used in a thread to provide that enhancement to up to six players. Artisan craftable item types have been modified (Trinkets, Jewelry, Sculptures). The buffs they can provide are largely unchanged. Alchemist craftable item types have been modified (Salves, Potions, Crystals). The buffs they can provide are largely unchanged. Skill Changes: Extended Weight Limit Removed Ranks - 15 SP cost Now adds +3 Battle Ready Inventory slots Adjusted Mod: Large Pockets Now has 3 Ranks Cost set to 5/3/2 SP (10 total for Rank 3) Now increases single Battle Ready Inventory slots to 7/10/15 Removed 'Larger Pockets' and 'Largest Pockets' mods New Skill: Fishing Cost: 10 SP Effect: Use a dice roll to fish something up based on a natural CD result: Gatherer Now has a chance to yield 1-3 bonus materials based on a natural CD result Sneak & Hide Renamed to 'Hiding' Now grants +1 Stealth Rating per rank New Rank 3 Mod: Untraceable Cost: 9 SP Effect: Negates the effect of the Tracking skill against the user. New Rank 3 Mod: Blindside Cost: 9 SP Effect: Gain +2 Stealth Rating. Natural BD rolls of 9-10 reduce the target's accuracy by 1 for one turn when attacking from stealth. New Rank 5 Mod: Vanish Cost: 12 SP Cooldown: 5 Turns Effect: Allows the use of a post action to re-enter stealth while in combat. Getting a killing blow on an enemy allows Vanish to activate without using a post action. Search & Detect Renamed to 'Searching' Now also grants +1 Stealth Detection per rank Mod: Night Vision Now requires Rank 1, down from Rank 3 Cost reduced to 5 SP, from 9 Mod: Reveal Now also grants +2 LD when searching for Labyrinths and allows Labyrinth searches at 15 posts. Mod: Tracking Now requires Rank 3, down from Rank 5 Cost reduced to 12 SP, from 15 Tracking requirements for monsters, players, and NPCs have been clarified. Mod: Detect Cost reduced to 9 SP, from 15 No longer uses or affects Tracking. Now Grants +2 Stealth Detection. Grants +1 LD when searching for sub-dungeons and labyrinths Battle Healing Now recovers 1% of max HP per rank, instead of (Rank * 5 * Tier) Mod: Emergency Recovery Cost reduced to 10 SP, from 15 Now recovers 10% of max HP, down from 25% Block MIT gained is now set per rank: 5/8/12/18/25, down from 1 MIT per SP invested. New Rank 3 Mod: Shield Bash Cost: 10 SP Cooldown: 2 Turns Energy Cost: 10 Energy Effect: Make an attack with an equipped shield. On a hit, deals (Base * 10) damage, stuns the enemy for one turn, and applies paralyze/thorns/flame thorns enhancements present on the shield. Note: When calculating Base Damage for Shield Bash, Weapon Skills do not apply. Mod: Safe Guard Reworked into 'Rampart' Added a 5 turn cooldown Added energy cost of 8 Now uses a post action to reduce final damage that would be dealt to you by 25% (rounded down). Effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn. Energist Removed Ranks - 12 SP cost Now adds (5 * Tier) to total energy, instead of (Rank * 2) Howl Added energy cost of 10 Mod: Focused Howl Added energy cost of 8 Parry Increased SP cost to 12, up from 10 Added a 1 turn cooldown Energy cost has been fixed at 5, instead of (2 * enemies parried) 50% damage reduction has been specified to apply to the final damage (after mitigation). Effect applies to the next attack against the user, and cannot reduce damage from multiple enemies at once. Mod: Vengeful Riposte Increased SP cost to 12, up from 10 Added a 3 turn cooldown Damage reflected is now 50% of raw damage, up from 25% of damage taken. This damage can still be mitigated. Switch Skill has been removed. Two-Handed Weapons The +2 DMG bonus for 2H weapons has been clarified in the first rank of 2H weapon skills. All Weapons The Ferocity and Finesse mods have been condensed into a single description. You must still specify the weapon type when acquiring the mod(s). Mod: Ferocity Rank requirement set to 3, instead of ranging from 1-5 Now increases base damage of all sword arts for the chosen weapon by 1. Mod: Finesse Rank requirement set to 3, instead of ranging from 1-5 Now has 3 Ranks Cost adjusted to 5/3/2 SP (10 total for Rank 3), down from 15 at Rank 5 Now reduces energy cost of all sword arts for the chosen weapon by an amount equal to its rank. Mod: Quick Change Cooldown reduced to 3 turns, down from 5 Now allows the user to swap, equip, or unequip a weapon in their Battle Ready Inventory. Mod: Stamina Now reduces the energy cost of all attacks by 1. Heavy Armor Increased the amount of MIT gained to 8>12>18>25>35, up from 3>7>12>20>30 Mod: Athletics Bonus health increased to (15 * Tier), up from 15 Mod: Stonewall Bonus health has been adjusted to (15 * Tier), instead of equal to mitigation from other skills. Now also grants 10 MIT when wearing heavy armor Now also reduces damage taken from damage over time effects by 25% (rounded down) when wearing heavy armor. Light Armor Adjusted the amount of MIT gained to 5>8>12>18>25, down from 3>7>12>20>30 Mod: Athletics Bonus health adjusted to (10 * Tier), from 15 Familiar Mastery 'Accurate' now has 3 ranks. 'Assistant' now provides bonus EXP (crafting attempts at max profession rank) instead of CD. Meditation Removed Ranks - 8 SP cost Added a 5 turn cooldown Now recovers (3 * Tier) energy. Getting hit by an attack before the beginning of your next turn reduces the energy recovered to (2 * Tier). Survival Added 3 SP cost Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier), instead of 20. Enhancement Changes: Life Steal has been renamed to Vampiric. The Crafting Die enhancement has been removed. Alchemist and Artisan item types for enhancements have been modified. Sword Art Changes: Multipliers have been simplified to a single number (x6) from the two-part formula (2x3). Several descriptions have been updated. Quest Changes: The 'Redemption' quest has been revamped. The level and repeatable restrictions have been adjusted to affect only the bonus SP rewards: The First Few Lessons Are Free The Second Lesson is Also Free The Third Lesson is Just As Free The Fourth Lesson is Actually Free The Venemous Warg Repeating the 'Earning a Living' quest now allows a player to change their profession. Changing professions will reset experience to 0. Repeat completions of the Earning a Living quest will only award bonus materials if the quest-taker is changing their profession. The following quests have been removed: «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.M.H & S.B.» «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures: T.L.C.» «Witch of the West and the Three Treasures «The Falling of Tagas» Housing Changes: The cost and size of Player Housing is now determined by a 'plot size'. The plot size dictates how many room slots, yard slots, and stories a house can have as well as the initial cost when purchasing. Purchasing a PK-accessible home (outside of a safe zone) has an additional cost. Buffs from Guild Halls/Player Housing now comes from the type of room, rather than furniture. Certain rooms for Player Housing have upgrades. Player Housing buffs must be assigned to a player. Home owners may use the Housing Evaluation topic to re-assign a room's player(s) once every 30 days. New/Rebirth Character Changes: Players who have submitted a new or rebirth character journal for approval in the past 30 days are eligible to add one of the starting bundles. <<2.5 Update Survival Guide>> Skills: If you spent more than 15 SP on the Extended Weight Limit skill, refund any SP over 15. If you have spent less than 15 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you spent more than 12 SP on the Energist skill, refund any SP over 12. If you have spent less than 12 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 12 is invested. If you spent more than 8 SP on the Meditation skill, refund any SP over 8. If you have spent less than 8 SP, the skill is inactive until a total of 8 is invested. If you have the Parry skill, you must spend 2 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you have the Survival skill, you must spend 3 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 3 is invested. If you had the Switch skill, remove it and refund 10 SP. Mods: If you have the Detect mod, keep it and refund 6 SP. If you have the Tracking mod, keep it and refund 3 SP. If you have the Emergency Recovery mod, keep it and refund 5 SP. If you had Rank 1 or 2 of the Ferocity mod, lose it and receive a refund of the SP spent. If you had Rank 3 or 4 of the Ferocity mod, you must spend 6 or 3 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 15 is invested. If you spent more than 10 SP on the Finesse mod, refund any SP over 10. If you have the Large Pockets mod, you must spend 1 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 10 is invested. If you had the Larger Pockets mod, it becomes the new Large Pockets mod and you receive a refund of 2 SP. If you had the Largest Pockets mod, it becomes the new Large Pockets mod and you receive a refund of 5 SP. If you have the Night Vision mod, keep it and refund 4 SP. If you have the Vengeful Riposte mod, you must spend 2 SP to continue using it. Otherwise, it is inactive until a total of 12 is invested. Professions: If you had the Fishing profession, all EXP may be transferred to any other profession. If you had a Tool with the 'Crafting Die' enhancement, you may post it for re-evaluation with the Ambition or Crafting Attempt enhancement (item name/description may not change). If you retake the Earning a Living quest in order to change professions, your EXP resets to 0 for the new profession. Edit your existing shop thread with your new profession information. Housing: Existing Guild Halls and Player Housing have been removed. They may be repurchased through the Housing Evaluation template. Players who previously bought a home or hall have been reimbursed for the total col cost in their original housing application. If a guild had shared col lost due to the removal of a guild hall, PM the details to @Teion for review/reimbursement.
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      2.5.2 New Mechanic: Thread Invasion/Protected Threads   11/08/2017

      Hello Players,
      Once again your feedback is needed, so head over to the thread and tell us what you think. LINK  


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  1. As soon as Zandra had delivered a hard hitting blow on the dragon, she turned around. She had been sure that Ariel would attack together with her. The Lioness and Dragoness, side by side to take down the enemy. But there have been no one there. Ariel didn’t do nothing. The axewoman walked up to her while she kept eyecontact. Well, from her side at least. ‘’Ariel! What are you doing?’’ she said without even the slightliest response. ‘’Come on, whatever it is, snap out of it!’’ when she still not got any answer Zandra took a steady grip of her shoulders and roughly shocked the tailor. ‘’What is happening to you? Wake up! Don’t leave me alone with these people.’’ Zandra kept on shouting. But still, nothing. Zandra got deperate and didn’t knew what she would do. That was when she got abrupted by wings flapping. Glanced over her shoulder and saw the dragon had retreated once more and two knights have appeared. It also seemed to be their turn now. ‘’See, two new enemies. Lets wipe them out!’’ Zandra said, took a steady grip of her axe and started running towards the new threat. She had to take care of Ariel later. Zandra picked up speed towards the two dragon knights and her troubled face got replaced with a smile. ‘’Zita!’’ she shouted as she activated her charge skilled and doubled the speed. Thou that was nothing compared to the arrival of a new threat, a threat to the dragon knights. From the roof of the boss room was herd a loud cry as a kingseagle dived towards the dragon knight in high over 100km/h. In just a second it had landed on the first knight, digged her claws thru the armour and into the flesh, dealing damage to the creature. Before it could react, the feathered predator had, in bare moments, flewed over to the other target and pecked its eyes with her knifesharp beak. ‘’Nice work!’’ Zandra said as she just arrived to her familiar and activated the most powerful aoe attack in this death game. The mighty axe swung in circles, cutting thru the knights and leaving deep red stripes. From only a single attack, the eagle and dragoness had reduced the knights health by a third. ‘’Its now we move back Zita.’’ She said to the eagle and disengaged the two knights, one by foot and the other rode the wind. As Zandra was closer to Shield looked at the tank. She had done some quick calcultaions and saw her energy was dropping at an alarming rate. She started with most energy in the party, hv only did half as many attacks as the other two damage delaers in her group, but still they was at the same energy amount left. ‘’Hey Shield, do you have some of that energy to spare? It feels like it soon going to be needed.’’ She said as she did remembered their hunt for the boss room and how useful it have been to not run out of energy.
  2. Ever since Zandra purified Ariel, she hv just stood there, like in trance and looked at the beutiful woman. She waited for some kind of reaction. Not only from the cleaning, but also from the kiss. She wanted to know if her feelings was the same. Thou there was no reaction. Zandra sighed and looked down at the ground. She herd the battle behind her but didnt really cared. The attack she had recieved wasnt that hard, and the burning she had only enjoyed. "You, I thought we had a thing Ari. Maybe it dosent matter to you, but I want you to know that I lo..." suddenly she herd a familiar voice saying a familiar name. It was Jomei that called out to her, to get her back in the fight. Zandras eyes darted back and forth over the battlefield. The battle seemed to be under control. The alchemist checked her partys healthbars. A sigh of relief when she saw Jomai was unharmed. None in her party was in any need of healing. She smiled and grinned at the dragon as she started to walk towards him. "Hehe, is that the best you got? Ive felt matches beeing hotter then that thing you blew at us." the dragoness said to the dragon as she started a jog. She prepared her strongest sword art, ready to unleash a debestating hit at the fantasy creature. As Jomei attacked, Zandra activated her charge skill and flew past him, letting out a trail of black smoke from the axe as the hidden power got raised. "This world isnt big enough for both of us!!!" the berserk healer shouted. next moment a loud BANG was herd and Zandra flew the lastt meters as if shot from a catapult. "Hahaha!!!" she laughed as the heavy axeblade digged deep into his chest. Zandra delivered another wide swing, wide enough to hit tre more mobs, but insted it only cleçåyaved the air around her. As the damage hv been delivered she backed away. A quick glance told it hv dealt a gnageéépwpr ID 91371 BD 6+1=7 Non-crit hit! Fallen triggered! Charge activated! Explode catapult! 14x44=616-135=481dmg +AoE +stun(ignored)
  3. Shield have got the dragons aggro, Ariel, Jomei and Hirru had charged in and damaged the huge beast. If this fight would proceed like every other battle in this death game, now the dragons counter would come. Zandra placed herself in a steady stance, preparing for the impact if the attack would hit her as well. She had tilted her head down and closed her eyes, but now she glanced at the fantasy monster. When she saw it open its jaws she looked up with a smile.’’Yes!’’ she said as she opened her arms like she was gonna embrace someone. A few moments later, the fire came out of the dragons mouth and Zandras whole party bathed in the flames. ‘’Haha, wonderful.’’ The berserk healer said to herself. Slowly the heat faded away as the dragons attack was over. ‘’That ended way to quickly.’’ Zandra mumbled to herself. But at least she herself was on fire so she still felt some lovely burning heat. But now it was their turn to attack back. She took a steady grip of her axe and was gonna charge forth when she spotted Ariel that was also on fire. She looked back and forth between the dragon and lioness. ‘’Screw this.’’ She said as the axe was planted in the ground and the alchemist pressed four invisible buttons in a circle and finished of with pushing the middle of the now floating yellow circle with open palm. Second later Ariel was surrounded by a yeallow aura for a few seconds, stopping the fire and healed her back up to full health.
  4. Before Zandra could say anything else, she got abrupted by a whistle. A pair of crimson eyes looked at the gate as it opened. She was feeling the excitment building up inside her. She would now be able to try out all new mods she have got since last raid. A great smile appeared on her face and eyes shimmered when she saw their opponent. "YES! a dragon!" she shouted of excitment. Her eyes went to the blonde lioness. Their eyes met and Zandra approached her while planting the banner in the ground, damage boosting her whole team. Wyen she was back at Ariel she gave her a quick kiss and moved her hands over her arms, activating her sharpness mod. "Ariel, dont die. I will kill you if you do." After that she grabbed her axe and followed Shield into the bossroom as a faint red aura surronded Ariel, increasing her already high damage.
  5. ---Jomei placed himself between Zandra and the new player that she had never seen before. Zandra let out a sigh and put her hand on his shoulder before she took a few steps forward towards the girl. ‘’Haha!!’’ she laughed right in her face, with a pair of red eyes staring into the other girls with the same colour. ’’I dont need your help newbie. For the first, do you even have the skills to be worthy a place among our ranks.’’ She moved her hand in a half-circle towards the other players. ‘’These are all veteran players that have fought and risked their lives to make people like you...’’ She poked the other girl hard in the chest. ‘’…to get out of here safetly. But what have you done? NOTHING!!. Just run away and let us do the dirty work like we already have, for several years. Also, if you saying that it dosent matter whos team your with, then Im sure you’ve never even been out in a serious fight.’’ When the alchemist was done, she turned to Jomei. ‘’And you.’’ She said to the Irishman. ‘’I still love you, but Ive putted that behind me and I wont make it effect my life nowadays. So, don’t pretend like you know me anymore.’’ She finished off and walked back to Ariel.--- Or rather, that was how she wanted to act. But she new it would ruin the teamwork and probably also the fight, which could lead to the worst possible outcome, player die. Just as she did down at floor four when she broke up with the man infront of her, she locked her feelings deep inside her. Then she placed her hand on his shoulder and gently moved him to the side and took a few steps forward to the other girl. ‘’I’m sorry for losing it like that. But the relationship I have with Ariel will take to long to explain to you now. So lets put it aside for atleast after this boss fight. I also wont blame you for wanting me dead, since your not alone on that. But I would be very happy if you could ignore that desire for now.’’ She finished off. Then she putted on a smile and reached forth her hand.’’party-members?’’
  6. Zandra listened to Ariel with one ear and the other got its attention to a male player behind her. When he had told everyone the new teams, the dragoness let go of the lioness and locked her eyes on Macradon. She glaned at the ultramarine knight as he accepted and said it was all fine. Then she started to walk towards Macradon, her eyes burning and grit her theets. "You..." she started. "What do you think youre doing? What the heck are you splitting up me and Ariel? I know you know our relationship. Both to eachother and to the rest of the players in Aincrad. Thou, Im fine with playing the tank role for..." a quick glance at the irishman."...party three. At least one player I wont accept shatter into crystal." The last sentance she whispered as she leaned closer to his ear. Then she nooded. "Put Ariel in my team and Il ready." The berserk healer finished with a clear and steady voice.
  7. After an hour or so, people finally started to show. One by one they walked up to the area infront of the massive doors. Thou Zandra kept her pose and didnt let a word over her lips. This meant they havent tricked her, but the angry feeling was still there. The dragoness's red eyes scanned each new person as they arrived. Almost all was familiar faces. Thou there was a special face that made Zandras anger calm down."No, what are you doing here?" She almost whispered to the man she loves, the red haired irishman. She took a step towards him to tell him to leave, threaten him if that would ne necessary. Thats when a new voice was herd, one she immediatly recognized. A 180 degrees spin on the spot and she stood face to face with Ariel. "Oh hi Ari. Im so goad to see you." The alchemist said before the blonde started to talk. A grin grew on the brunettes lips. "Hehe. Im always ready to have some fun." Thats when the berserk healer remembered something. She pulled up the mask that covered the lioness face. Now she could see right into the silver globes. "So you have picked up hiding habe you?" Zandra took a step closer as she unbuttoned the cape she had been wearing since that gathering event. Then Zandra threw it over Ariels shoulders. When she did, their faces was only an inch from eachother. Zandras cheeks blushed as she felt the warm breath from the spearwoman. "Here, you will have better use of it to have your fun." She said and took a step back, cheeks red and heartbeats increased as she thinked about how close their lips was only a moment ago. The crimson eyes looked troubled at first and she wanted to say something but hesitated. At least she could hold it back. The axe user embraced Ariel. "Why did it have to be like this." she said so only Ariel could here, her voice sounding sad. "Promise me to not die in there okay."
  8. The brunette stood at the window on the second floor of her beach house. probably the last time she would leave this house for a floor boss fight. She took her leave from the window akd house and headed towards the main settlement of floor sixteen. On her way, the left hand swiped in the air infront of her. One by one, her three gear appeared. Her black heavy armour with dragon theme that covered her whole body except the face with two horns on the head, a large two handed axe matching the armour. And last, her newest item, a metal mask covering some of her face. Like that, she entered the warp gate and exited it five floors above. There she headed to the place where the doorbto the boss room where. When she arrived at the huge gate it was totally empty."What? Is this the wrong place?" she said to herself. Anger started to grow insode her. Have they tricked her? Given her false information to make fun of her? The weins in her armour pulsing increased. "Well, Ariel should show up soon since I gave her these coordinates." So the berserk healer leaned on the cavewall and waited. Stats:
  9. [PP-F4] An adventure gone wrong(?)

    ‘’Zita, its time to head out. It’s return to find a good place for our home.’’ The blackhaired alchemist said to the eagle that rested her head under her wings up on the roof beams. Before Zandra opened the door, she sent a glance at the stairs, leading up to her bedroom. Her bedroom where she slept all alone in a large doubblebed. A sigh and then she turned around and exited the beachhouse on floor sixteen. Her feathered friend flew out threw the entrance like a shadow. As they walked, Zandra opened up her inventory and equipped her gear. A black, heavy armour, with burning weins here and there. On top of her head was a pair of horns and in her hand, a large two handed battle axe have appeared. Half an hour later the pair stepped out of the portal on floor four. For a few minutes, Zandra stood in the feet deep snow with closed eyes and took some deep breaths. She looked at Zita. ‘’You feel that? The smell of home.’’ She said before entering the wild, the eagle letting out a cry in agreement. The couple have walked for about twenty minutes when they saw a shape in the snow with a green crystal floating above. After a quick glance at Zita, their eyes met for a moment before both darted forward, Zandra activating her charge skill, making her cross the distance in just a second. She kneeled down at the same moment the predator landed on the other side of the body. It was a female in an armour looking like a maid outfit.’’Hello, can you hear me?’’ I said and took up a healthpotion and placed it on her lips, waiting for her to react.
  10. Today had been so boring. The berserk healer had only been sitting inside her beach house and stared at a bottle with sake while twirling it. Even after it was empty she just sat there, elbow on the table and resting chin in her palm, sighing to herself. ‘’This is soooo boring. Cant something happen soon?’’ she said. Thou no one answered. Of course. That was when she got a mail from one of her personal information breakers. Slowly like she didn’t had any energy to do anything she opened the mail and red thru it. It seemed that there was a firework-festival sixteen floors down. She took a look around the room. ‘’Well, not like I have anything better to do.’’ And after that she rose and headed to floor one. As the crimson eyed woman stepped out of the warp gate the first thing she saw was a firework exploding and slowly faded out. She took a dozen meters away from the gate and waited for the next one. But there never came a second one for the next couple of minutes. Thou she herd explosion from different directions in the town. She shrugged. ‘’Well, I guess I missed the main event.’’ She said and started strolling around in the town.
  11. [SP-F2(+21)] Quartz for the Dragoness

    rolling... ID: 88168 BD: 7 Non-crit hit, fallen activated +8 dmg. 36x14=504 dmg +AoE MD: Dead before action Loot rolls: Base col: 3x980x4=11,760 (ID: 88169-88172): Floating crystal 1: LD: 12+3=15 CD: 7 -t3 rare heavy armour Floating crystal 2: LD: 10+3=13 CD: 4 -t3 rare wepaon Floating crystal 3: LD: 6+3=9 CD: 2 -1,960 col Floating crystal 4: LD: 15+3=18 CD: 3 -4,900 col Zandra: 1,239/1,455 +15 regen (7/144) Floating crystal 1: 0/980 -DEAD- Floating crystal 2: 0/980 -DEAD- Floating crystal 3: 0/980 -DEAD- Floating crystal 4: 0/980 -DEAD- Total loot: -37,844 col -9x t3 materials -6x t2 materials -t2 uncommon consumable -t3 uncommon consumable -t3 rare heavy armour -t3 weapon
  12. [SP-F2(+21)] Quartz for the Dragoness

    So, now eight mobs have been taken care of. The rewards haven’t been very exiting, but it is at least okay. Could have been worse. That’s when she closed the reward screen and headed further away from the safe zone. As she walked down a tunnel, the design of the tunnel is like the rest of this beautiful floor. Rocky with shimmering stones blowed in, giving the whole environment a shimmering shine. The brunette actually enoyed being at this floor. If houses wasn’t so expensive and she already had one down at floor sixteen, she probably would have moved up here. When she thinked these tohuths, about fifty meters infront of her, four crystals bursted out from the ground. They looked just like the ones she had defeat twenty minutes ago. Without hesitation, she charged the group and this time let the axe do all the talking, cleaving thru the mobs and leaving them stunned. ID: 88167 BD: 9 crit +1 dmg, 34x14=476 DMG +AoE MD: Stunned Zandra: 1,224/1,455 +15 regen (34/144) Floating Crystal 1: 504/980 Floating Crystal 2: 504/980 Floating Crystal 3: 504/980 Floating Crystal 4: 504/980
  13. [SP-F2(+21)] Quartz for the Dragoness

    The alchemist let out a sigh and looked at the crystals one at a time. ‘’You know, you really isn’t very strong after all. Here I am, at the highest levelled floor. The hardest that is unlocked at the moment. And even when you are four versus me that is alone, you are no match for me. Even when Im actually mainly a support character. Im meant to help other players deal damage and survive.’’ And with those words, she sctivated one of her weaker sword arts, tohu a sword art that is strong enough to make the four purple crystals vanish. But first they exploded into an ocean oof blue and white fragments. As the fragments faded away, a reward screen poped up. The berserk healer looked thru it and nodded. ‘’Well, no items this time either, but at least I got myself some materials now. That is always handy.’’ ID: 88162 BD: 10 Cirt +2 dmg. 30x6=180 dmg +AoE MD: Dead before action Loot rolls: Base col: 3x720x4=8,640 (ID: 88163-88166): Floating crystal 1: LD: 15+3=18 CD: 10 -t3 uncommon consumable Floating crystal 2: LD: 5+3=8 CD: 10 -1x t3 material Floating crystal 3: LD: 5+3=8 CD: 8 -1x t3 material Floating crystal 4: LD: 20+3=23 CD: 6 -7x t3 materials Zandra: 1,209/1,455 +15 regen (61/144) Floating crystal 1: 0/720 -DEAD- Floating crystal 2: 0/720 -DEAD- Floating crystal 3: 0/720 -DEAD- Floating crystal 4: 0/720 -DEAD- Total loot: -19,224 col -9x t3 materials -6x t2 materials -t2 uncommon consumable -t3 uncommon consumable
  14. [SP-F2(+21)] Quartz for the Dragoness

    And there, my charge skill have been landed and all the floating crystals is stunned. This was really a good way to do this stuff. I could deal out a huge amount of damage with my to handed darkened battle axe. As the most effective area of effect weapon in whole this world of a death game. Or that was what the black haired girl was thinking at least. As she stood there and thougth about her capabilities as a area of effect damage dealer, the crystals awoke from their stun and saw the warrior was totally open. Before Zandra got a chance to react or use any skills at all, the four creatures had striked down on her and reduced her heath even more. Thou she was still quite a bit away from being in the danger zone. She only smiled at the crystals. ‘’Pfft, is that all you got?’’ ID: 88152 BD: 4+1=5 Miss MD: 7 Hit 216-147=69x4=276 Zandra: 948/1,455 (72/144) Floating Crystal 1: 146/720 Floating Crystal 2: 146/720 Floating Crystal 3: 146/720 Floating Crystal 4: 146/720
  15. [SP-F2(+21)] Quartz for the Dragoness

    So, since I was on the wrong floor to be able to use my grinding to the best use, I walked back to the settlemesnt and warped up six floors. To floor 21. The only place where it now was able to get any kind of tiier three stuff. Except crafted gear. But for that I would need tier three materials, where floor 21 is the only place to get. So as soon as I exited the warp gate I head out into the wilderness. Just as on floor fifteen, it didn’t took long time until I encountered the enemy. Thou this time it wasn’t mosquitos. This time it was floating crystals. Four purple crystals was hovering about half a meter above the ground. I smiled when I spotted them and the next moment I darted forward, axe raised to be ready to deliver a devastating attack. And it landed, as well as stunned the crystalas. ID: 88151 BD: 8 Non-crit hit, Fallen activated +8 dmg. 41x14=574 DMG +AoE MD: Stunned Zandra: 1,209/1,455 (73/144) Floating Crystal 1: 146/720 Floating Crystal 2: 146/720 Floating Crystal 3: 146/720 Floating Crystal 4: 146/720