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  1. rolls and [censored] [H:5] Zandra: HP: 1,511/1,665 EN: 74/150 | MIT: 98 | BRN: 36 | FLN: 12 | THN: 30 | ACC: 5 | DMG: 22 [H:6] Hestia: HP: 518/1830 Energy: 174/174 MIT:169 Thorns: 69 ACC:1 Eva: -1 BH: 91 Heavy Momentum: 1 (+3DMG) Rec:3 Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [Taunt] The Dragon: HP: 583/2,100 | DMG: 525 [MD 9: 462 DMG+STUN + 231 DMG to others] [MD 10: 504 DMG+STUN + 252 DMG to others] | MIT: 147 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3
  2. Zandras axe had cleaved thru the thick skin of the dragon, her first strike had take a big chunk of its health bar away. Her second strike had hit its target and reduced another big piece of its health. Thou her third was laughable. But that seemed to change with her fourth strike. The black smoke that was so familiar by now, surrounded her axe and as always, gave Zandra a big smile. As her axe cleaved thru the dragon, the smoke flowed into it and crushed a big piece of his health. Thou it seemed like the dragon did cared about it, since instead, he raised his big paw, and slammed it down on Hestia, and Hestia did nothing. But her armor did, the thorny armor of Zandras party member dealt a bit on the dragons health. A smile on Zandras face. Hestia had the dragons agro, then Zandra didn’t had to care about defence, just damage and kill! [H:4] Zandra: HP: 1,511/1,665 EN: 89/150 | MIT: 98 | BRN: 36 | FLN: 12 | THN: 30 | ACC: 5 | DMG: 22 [H:6] Hestia: HP: 874/1830 Energy: 174/174 MIT:169 Thorns: 69 ACC:1 Eva: -1 BH: 91 Heavy Momentum: 1 (+3DMG) Rec:3 Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [Taunt] The Dragon: HP: 813/2,100 | DMG: 525 [MD 9: 462 DMG+STUN + 231 DMG to others] [MD 10: 504 DMG+STUN + 252 DMG to others] | MIT: 147 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3
  3. Zandra her a voice and turned her head towards the source of the sound. It was a young, female voice. As her eyes fell on the person, she saw a young girl probably not even twenty years old yet. She felt a faint shadow of a blush as she herd what she said. By some reason, the girl recognized her face. But she had no idea of who this girl was. She was also surprised she could recognize her since during the battle she had been wearing heavy armor covering lower part of her face. Not only that, she also called her cool. Zandra thought to herself that she had to keep a lower profile. First she gets a fan and then someone else calls her cool. Zandras eyes had looked to the side, didn’t wanted to meet eye contact of emberresment that she don’t rembered her. What to say? She didn’t wanted to sound rude like lower tiered players wasn’t worth remember the name of. ‘’Hello there.’’ She started. ‘’Yes I was. I am surprised you remember me. Myself I had my thoughts on the battle so sadly I don’t remember much about the other players that was there. Had all my focus to hold back the skeleton hordes.’’ Then she stretched forth her hand. ‘’My name is Zandra, and this girl is Zita.’’ She nodded to the kingseagle that sat on her shoulder and let out cry as saying hi the the human. ‘’It is a pleasure to meet you, can I ask of your name?’’
  4. The first pack of vicious wolfs had been taken care of without any trouble at all. They was both still at full health and almost full energy as well. But they was also probably two of the best fighters in this game. They could even take out two player killers with ease. Zandra stretched her arms, followed by rolling her shoulders as she listened to Macradon’s suggestion to take a moment or several and prepare. She looked at Macradon as she thought. It would be nice to have the fight finished as soon as possible. But they wasn’t in a hurry, she had nothing planned for today except this, and there was many hours left off the day. And spending time with Macradon was something she always, well, almost always, enjoyed. Thou she didn’t knew what kind of preparations Macradon meant. From the information Zandra had got, this fight wouldn’t be a challenge to the two of them. ‘’Sure, we can take a paus. Will feel good to go in with full energy since I don’t have as good energy recovering as you.’’ She said with a cheerful smile to the young man. ‘’What preparations do you have in mind?’’ she finished off with a glad tone in her voice. 1/2 ooc posts +1 energy 143/164
  5. Zandra listened to the male duo and Ariel in silence. They discussed the coming floor boss fight and who would be there to fight by their side. Ariel seemed to be surprised that it will be pretty few of them, when she was one of those that have ran away. She threw a dark look at her from behind as she followed the trio into the labyrinth again. Then they started to talk about power ranger. Zandra knew what it was but had never watched it so don’t know the difference between them. ‘’It is true we need people to take up their weapon and fight by our side to take it down. But I’m not sure others know how dangerous a floor boss is. Like last fight, we was fifteen or something that was present.’’ She paused as she grit her teeths. ‘’But it was only two. TWO! That came to my shop to order potions and crystals. I don’t understand how they can take it so lightly. Maybe they haven’t fought as many raids as we have, but that would make them even more want to get buffs to be safe. I cant force them to buy buffs. But after seeing everyone that got frozen during the fight, that could easily have been ignored if they just had used an antidote before. I just…’’ At that moment she herd a sound behind them. As she glanced over her shoulder she saw a skeleton with a sword and a chainmail. ‘’You can leave him to me.’’ She said to her party members. ‘’ZITA!’’ she then shouted and exploded forward, her black axe got surrounded by black smoke that flowed into the skeleton and dealt a huge chunk of damage, but not enough to kill. [2]<Zandra> 1805/1805 HP | 22 DMG | 143 MIT | 150/164 EN | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 36(2) BURN | 12 FALLEN | 30 THN <Armoured Skeleton> 274/820 HP | 246 DMG | 0 MIT | -STUNNED-
  6. Zandra had let the rest of the party to take the lead. Shhe had been fighting and her energy had dropped down quite a bit. Unlike Macradon, her build wasn’t very good on longer figths that required more energy. She put all her trust to her high level and high starting pool. It had taken her a long way, a very, very long way. She could fight and deliver her strongest sword art over ten times without needing to rest. She looked down on the black axe that have been with her all this time. But she had told herself that for the next floor boss, Teseleths fury will find another owner. Thou she wasn’t sure who yet. There wasn’t really swarming with tier three players that was using two handed battle axe. But it is long time left,she will find someone, that she is sure off. Thou that was nothing to put to much wweight on now, because now she needed to fight. Fight with three of the most important players in the game. At least to her. 2/2 ooc posts. Energy refilled 1/3 oos posts,
  7. Zandra sat up in her bed, raised her arms high into the air and yawned. Her sleepy face looked out thru the window where the sun was rising over the ocean, and Zandra felt that she should go up by now. She rose and left her bed, headed straight for the bathroom where she went into the shower and turned on the water. She felt her hair get soaked wet and the warm drips of water rolled down her skin. To start the day with a shower was the best. When she was done, she stepped out into the bedroom where she leaned against the window and felt the wind dry her hair. An hour later she decided that she would take herself together and do a quest today that she had planned to do for a long time. So she equipped her clothes and headed to Yogan village on floor nine. She exited the teleportation gate with the kingseagle on her shoulder. She took a moment or two to take in the hot air on the floor she had rarely been visiting.
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  9. She red thru it a few times, then took up her calculator. Her gentle fingers quickly went over the numbers, making sure she would be able to two shot all enemies there. To be totally sure, she recalculated about ten times. When she was certain she would have a better time down there she looked up into the sky. ‘’Zita! It is time to move. We are going down to some floors below. Time to fight some easier opponents. Thou we will meet more. Quantity over quality you know.’’ And with that Zandra rosse and headed back to the settlement. There she immediately headed for the warp gate, that she entered and warped down to floor twenty two. She stepped out and looked around. The kings eagle flew out close after her and started circling in the sky high above her as she turned her steps away, into the wilderness. 2/2 out of combat posts. Energy back to full
  10. The skeleton was almost dead. Zandra prepared to attack again, to deliver a killing blow on the boney boy. But, she didn’t. There was another player, not Macradon, that came in and removed it from the land of SAO. Zandra could just watch for a few seconds before she got herself together. The player that had come was Baldur. With his unique katana, he finished off the axeman. But before she could say anything, another skeleton appeared, this time with a dagger. Zandra prepared to charge it, but before she got the chance, a blonde stepped in followed by a dog. A lot happened at the same time, but as the war veteran she was, it didn’t took many seconds for her to understand the situation. Baldur also added that he didn’t had much to help when it comes to searching. ‘’don’t be silly Baldur. It is always better to be more then alone. You may see something we miss. About that, I think I see.’’ She stopped as her Reveal and Detect mods activated and saw clear as footprints in newly fallen snow. ‘’As soon as you are done hanging out with them, the field boss location is this way.’’ She said to the trio. LD (Zandra): 49 LD (Macradon): 32 LD (Total): 81
  11. Yupp, being a millionaire wouldn’t be impossible. She was almready more then a fourth of the way there. And after she had accepted the rewards from the screen, all the dancing swords suddenly headed away. Leaved the area without a sign of wanting to continue the fight. Zandra didn’t mattered, this came perfect timing. She walked over to a rock and sat down to regain her energy. She had to prepare for the next horde of enemies. Thou she wasn’t sure the next group would leave like this one had done. She started to think. That was when she rembered the loot was easier to get down on. Which floor was it? She opened her guide book and scrolled thru the information about each and every floor. Floor one, no, floor two, no. And like that she contuied. Until she reached floor twentytwo. ‘’There we have it, floor twenty two.’’ 1/2 energy rest